Posted by Jessica Latinović on April 26, 2016 in Research

Loretta Evans, AG ® specializes in researching the Midwestern United States. We had the pleasure of interviewing her recently about U.S. military pension records.

Tune in below to see why pensions are among the richest family history records and learn about some of the often-overlooked details that can be found in military pension files.

Search Ancestry’s military pension collections here.

Hear from more knowledgeable experts by visiting our ‘Family History Expert Series’ playlist on YouTube.


Jessica Latinović

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  1. Janice

    My great-grandfather’s wife applied for her husband’s pension and I have those records. My great-grandfather served in the Indian Wars but disappeared in 1885. His wife had to try to establish that he was deceased and had never applied for the pension. How do I know if her application was approved? Thanks.

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