Posted by Ancestry Team on April 20, 2016 in AncestryDNA

We’ve been refining and expanding the science behind DNA matching to find your relatives. And we’ve got some exciting improvements coming your way soon.

These advancements are expected to deliver more-precise predictions of whom you are related to, and how closely, among the million-plus others in the AncestryDNA database. And we will be making this update for free to AncestryDNA customers.

What does this mean for you?

Your DNA match list will automatically show the new results when the update is available.

Of course, we can’t make your list of DNA matches more accurate without removing some of the less-accurate ones. So, while you’ll have new DNA matches to research, some of your current DNA matches may no longer appear as a relative. We’ll be providing a way for you to download DNA matches that you marked with a star or have added notes on the site that no longer appear on your updated list.

Also, if you recently sent in a DNA sample and are waiting for your results, your DNA matches will automatically include this update when your results are ready. While we complete the update for all existing customers, we will not be posting new results for this brief period of time. We appreciate your patience as we work to make these updates for all our AncestryDNA customers.

Stay tuned, we will provide an expanded update soon.


  1. John

    I assume “Stay tuned, we will provide an expanded update soon.” means more info about the AncestryDNA update will be coming soon. Right?

  2. MKath

    We need to see more accurate genetic matches, so I’m looking forward to this. While you’re doing that, please find ways to make searching easier. I have over 300 pages of matches for each of the four people whose DNA is attached to my tree. There are few ways to find a particular tree unless it’s at the very top (Extremely High)of the list. Using “Shared Matches” doesn’t work very well because only the highest matches are listed. I have common surnames in my family, so I’m faced with as many as 20 to 30 pages of listings when I put one of those surnames in the search box. How about a SEARCH BY USER NAME search box for those times when I need to review a tree I’ve seen before? Or one that uses first and last names? At this time, I’m overwhelmed by DNA searching.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @MKath Thanks for your feedback, we certainly want to make working with your matches as easy and straight forward as possible and we will pass your feedback on this to the development team.

  3. Karen Stevenson

    While it is nice to finally hear something about the lack of new matches for the last 6 days it would be nice if you could give a time frame on when this will be complete. So many people wait on these results, praying to finally answer questions of who they are and many of us are searching daily for loved ones.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Karen We appreciate your concern about this Karen, please be assured that once we have more specific information about a timeline for the update we will be sharing it here on blog.

  4. Jacky

    It would be really helpful if there is an indication on our DNA pages or by email when the update is in effect for each of our tests. Thank you.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Jacky Thanks for the feedback, we will certainly pass your suggestion on for you.

  5. Caron

    When will the update start?

    Also to follow up on MKath’s comments. It would be great to have a way to identify matches that does not depend on the user name. I have run into a number of matches that I made note of but could not find later only to figure out that the user changed their user name.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Caron No set date yet but we will be providing an update here when we have more information. Thank you also for the feedback about identifying your matches, we will pass your suggestion about the current system to the development team.

  6. Pattypye

    I am delighted with the updates. I am concerned about the matches that will be deleted because it is my habit to write notes on those pages that explain the match. I do hate to lose those. Some of those distant matches have valuable information and pics.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Pattypye Thanks for getting in touch, as part of the update we will be providing a way for you to download DNA matches that you have ‘starred’ and/or added notes to that no longer appear on your updated list. We will have more information on how exactly this will work soon so please keep an eye on the blog.

  7. Amera Wild

    I am hopeful this will reduce my list of matches in a more workable way. Too many pages and no way to properly filter them. Hope you can work on a filtering system next and a way to create a list of matches on your own based on findings.

  8. Fran

    Will you still be providing information on distant cousin matches? These have been very helpful with several of my “brick walls”. And in several instances, they aren’t as “distant” as indicated.

  9. Fran

    Also, it would be very helpful to be able to search “new matches” and at the same time filter out those with no family trees.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Jason Thanks for the question, the way we run Timber hasn’t changed.

  10. Jean

    I wish you would expand the “in common with” shared matches beyond the 4th cousin level. Without the benefit of a chromosome browser, that would be very helpful.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Jean Thanks very much for your feedback, we are always looking for new ways to improve the system and will pass your suggestion on to the team.

  11. Trish

    It says business as usual but that’s not the case. There haven’t been any matches and based on the online post there’s been no results since 4/14. When will new matches be available?

  12. Patricia

    Someone mentioned Timber on the facebook page a couple of days ago, and now you, Jason. What purpose does Timber serve?

  13. Kalani

    Unlike others, I don’t obsess over the distant matches since many of my closely predicted matches are actually distant. So the real question is, how do you determine what is true 4th cousin matches vs. an endogamous 2nd cousin prediction?

  14. Molly

    I have a DNA test that has been lab processing since April 4th. Am I correct in reading that those DNA results are delayed because of the updates?

  15. RB

    I have a DNA test (currently “processing”) for which I was expecting results within a week or two. Does this mean that there will be a delay in the posting of the results, even if the test is completed within the expected time?

  16. Janet S Johnson

    Well, all of you who have done ANCESTRY DNA, beware!. that is all I can say. Ancestry will shortly roll out a new format to the matching, and more than likely you will lose all or the majority of your distant 4th generation plus matches on Ancestry DNA. According to the corporate offices, “if you star the matches you will be able to download these matches, after the new software update”. Tell me why you should not be allowed to download them BEFORE the update? This is the same company that just lost a MAJOR piece of Rootsweb data. We all entrust our family trees to, we use it for data collection, data retention, and storage of vital information. Yet their board DOES NOT have ONE genealogist on the board. The board is filled with individuals from the tech world:, Ebay, equity firms,etc. The company officers are no different but they have multiple individuals interested in your DNA (they have a medical research specialist, but NOT one Genealogist?). We all know what software changes can mean, there is a risk of losing data. The past 3 major debacles with Ancestry tell me that they are not concerned with the data loss, nor their customer concerns. I spent an hour with them today. I got 27 “We are very sorry for the data loss on Rootsweb and the data loss our clients incurred with the 2014 Nov. patch to FTM”. But I do not get the feeling that they are very concerned with the probable data loss to this “upgrade”.

  17. Joe

    We need better search functions on AncestryDNA, such as the ability to search for usernames within our matches, the ability to search for ANY event instead of only the birth state, the ability to search for first names. Chromosome better needed too.

  18. Kristina

    For those who have been anxiously awaiting completion of DNA tests, a more detailed date would be appreciated. Are test results being delayed by a couple of days, a couple of weeks, a month? For kits that have arrived and have not begun processing, are these also being delayed? If so, for how long?

    I will reiterate what many have already stated…a chromosome browser providing specific DNA segments between matches is a key missing tool to AncestryDNA. Knowing person A and person B are related to me and to each other does NOT tell me that the 3 of us share the same common ancestor. The only way to deduce that is to show that we all 3 match on the same DNA segment and then work from there.

  19. Karon

    Help Desk Agent supervisor said it would be seamless. Worked in automation 30 years and never saw a seamless overhaul. LOL

    Need more ways to indicate Bookmarked (how ’bout multiple color codes to be user defined). I can’t use your suggestion to “bookmark” the records/matches that I want to download after the matches are TIMBERED from my result. I use the “bookmark” to indicate “Europe East” since there’s no way to query on any specific ETHNIC designation appearing in the results. And yes, I suspect my Eastern Europe matches will be those slashed the most. These would be cousins to my grandfather who was born in 1893. Closest cousin relationships in this country are 2nd cousins and we’re all in our 50s to 70s. The cousins left behind in Hungary in the early 20th century would now be 4th, 5th and 6th cousins. Bye-bye to my Eastern Europe “Distant” Matches. Time to work with whatever info remains in that downloadable list of former matches. Thank you to”The Powers That Be.”

  20. RB

    FWIW, I just called the telephone number and spoke with a representative about pending DNA tests. She said that the rollout of the new matching algorithm would have NO effect on processing times OR results posting times. To the Member Services Support Team: could you confirm whether this is correct? Thank you!

  21. Barbara

    AncestryDNA is great if matching cousins have decent public trees, which isn’t the majority of trees. Without those, we can’t tell how solid a match is without detailed chromosome data, which Ancestry keeps refusing to provide. The ability to download matching chromosome and segment data so we could run it ourselves would go a long way to filling that gap if Ancestry is unwilling to provide a chromosome browser. I have some matches that are solid (more than 20 cMs) that don’t match at all now on Ancestry yet match on other services. I do hope this latest change will bring those into the tests I manage (now 13 on Ancestry where they were taken. And, I have a whole lot of matches that are so small that I hope will go away because they are too far back or too obscure to be helpful. I would also like to see different color stars so we can color code matches in a better way. Being able to search on more fields would really help as many have mentioned. Several of my tests now have more than 15,000 matches each, so it is quite a data management job to be able to use them. I’d like to see the Confidence Score roups more realistic. “Good” is now 6-12 cMs – not really a very good match in my humble opinion. More details about the science behind the latest change might help people understand why it is being done and what will happen, rather than just saying it will be better. Thanks for listening 🙂

  22. Gmunk

    What you really need is a chromosome browser. That is what makes FTdna so appealing and useful. Easy to spend money when you get what you want!

  23. JM

    Having received some results on Thursday, I was expecting more results from a tests received by you three days after the first one. I had hoped they would arrive any day. I also have two more tests awaiting processing. Some idea of the delay would be welcome. Not particularly happy about the lack of notice.

  24. Diane Speigle

    Searching results by admin would be very helpful but my #1 wish is some sort of folder system to organize by – currently I have to “remove” matches that I have resolved, or matches with no trees – I don’t want them deleted in case the eventually add a tree, but I get tired of them clogging up my results list

  25. Angel Cochran

    I think it would be great to have at least 4 sets of different colored stars to make it much easier to know at a glance which family member fits to what line…

  26. Brenda

    I would LOVE to be able to filter a search by a location IRREGARDLESS if a person was born their or died there. I could care less if they were born there…what I want to know is were they ever, at any time, IN a location, or had the chance to procreate in said location.


  27. Staci

    With nearly 2 million customers for this update needing to be rolled out to, please tell us what constitutes a “brief” period of time.

    “While we complete the update for all existing customers, we will not be posting new results for this brief period of time. “

  28. Maureen

    I second the users who have requested better search capabilities of DNA matches, especially by username. I often know a user and want to find out if he/she has tested…with 147+ pages of matches this is not practical. Or being able to filter out matches with no trees or by any location. All good suggestions I read above. Thanks.

  29. Julia

    I agree with Brenda above, would also appreciate being able to filter a search by ethnicity area – e.g. who in my matches has DNA from Africa, versus having to search person by person. Looking forward to the changes!

  30. I have spent hours researching my matches and have started those that I have researched and successfully determined the connection and documented them in notes. Please do not lose this information.

  31. My request: Please add the Chromosome number and start and end locations of matching segments. Thank you for the segment cMs in the information circle; just add these 3 additional facts . Start/End locations could be in Mbp, which is good enough for genetic genealogy analysis. Thank you for considering this request.

  32. Alan

    We definitely nee a better filtering system to eliminate matches we are not interested in like private trees.

  33. Cathy

    Thanks Ancestry for continuing to improve. Excited to work with the new improvements coming our way!
    It was not clear if we would lose the small matches that we have starred and made notes to. Will they still be able to be seen with the rest of our matches or will they only be in a folder to be downloaded?
    Also would like some organizational tools to be added. Some way to mark if a match is paternal or maternal would be nice. Also colored stars that we could designate what they meant. If I am working on a “brick wall” project I would like to be able to pull up all of the marked matches for that project instead of continuing to search for them every time.

  34. Vanessa

    I manage about 15 tests and I’d like to add my support to those who suggested adding color to stars. It would help immensely with match organization. I’d also like to search by user name. And please Ancestry, can you do something to incentivize or encourage folks to reply to messages? I think many individuals just don’t understand the message system or their email filters the ancestry messages into their junk inbox or the email address held by is no longer valid and the user hasn’t updated. There must be a way to reach these individuals.

  35. I have two matches (1st – 2nd cousins) that are not attached to a tree. With only their identifying name, is there any way to get which circle of relatives they are connected to?

  36. Dominique Vaughn-Shadd

    How come ancestry is still not getting that we want a chromosome browser and better search options and filters? Haven’t we asked enough? How can it be asked more than 1,000 times and not get addressed? I hope that it’s in the works. I can’t even look up a match by their user ID and if they don’t have a tree, can’t use a surname search either in which I’d have to know a name in their tree to search anyway, surely isn’t made to be easy.

  37. Joyce

    Most sites use 6.8 or 7 cM threshold…that is the industry standared. The last I saw ancestry uses 8 cM which gives is LESS matches. I don’t want distant cousins taken away…at the point I am at in my research I need to see the distant cousins. I wish you would go with the industry standard and let us see ALL our matches…there are some of us advanced enough in our research that finding distant relatives is important…I usually know the closer ones without even looking at DNA…PLEASE start using industry standards. I have DNA @ 23and me, FTNDA andn also ancestry. The other sites show more matches BUT their other functions are not as good as ancestry. I LIKE the options at ancestry and face it–there are more trees there, in an easy to understand format than any other service–BUT you need to go to industry standard which is 6.8-7 cM’s–otherwise we are missing out on matches that might be valuable to us. MAKE ANCESTRY DNA “THE” PLACE TO GO–

    An example is we had a family story that we were part Native American. Ancestry did not show it, nor did FTDNA or 23and me…BUT when I uploaded my DNA to GEDMATCH the “4% unknown”on ancestry was suddenly “found”–

    I showed 1.03% Native American ancestry which means our family story was correct.

    The ethnicity reports we get are too vague on ancestry.

    Make yourselves the “Industry Standard” and dig deeper into our ethnicity reports.

    Clearly that 1.03% was part of the 4% Ancestry did not identify.

    When a FREE website, run by volunteers who are dedicated to DNA results can find things like that, YOU should be able to.

    YOU should be the BEST—but you are not when it comes to your ethnicity reports–and NOW you say you are going to “dumb it down” even more?

    Just not acceptable when the science is out there.

    We are missing a LOT in our DNA results with you folks BUT the features that you have for DNA (being able to see trees in a decent format—being able to see who matches along the same DNA) are invaluable.

    Please–we don’t want less, we want more…

    I have several things that show up on GEDMATCH based on my 23andme Test that don’t show up on my Ancestry test on GEDMATCH.

    All because you are not using the industry standard of 6.8-7 cM’s.

  38. Cathy

    I look forward to the upgrade, and finding higher value matches. But we also need the distant cousins for deeper links in the tree, so I do hope you keep those available.

    I would also agree with others comments, that we need a way to mark or designate our cousins according to family line. Changing the color of the stars would be one good way to do it.

    I downloaded and copied my DNA results to FT-DNA where they have a chromosome browser, but that only helps if relatives are on both FT-DNA and Ancestry DNA. So I would also vote for the chromosome browser for better analysis.

    And finally, it is confusing that my ethnicity results from FT-DNA are different than those on Ancestry. Out of curiosity, I hope to take another test or two for comparison. It would be helpful if Ancestry could explain why we get different results.

  39. Ruthie Meng

    My hubby did his DNA with you a few years back and the only info he got says something like J2D. Will that be updated?? You did mine earlier this year and that actually gave nationality.

  40. Joyce

    Cathy: re: It would be helpful if Ancestry could explain why we get different results.—some sites go into greater detail for smaller
    matches to ethnicity…those of us going far back need more specific ethnicity reports. Ancestry’s are entirely too vague. Do yourself a favor up upload your results to GEDMATCH where they do a much deeper analysis.

  41. Joyce

    I looked at the link you recommended Ernie and this is a quote from there–I have the same concerns—I want to see matching people no matter HOW far out they are…I have gotten well beyond 4th cousins in many lines—-ALERT! The very last statement is where there may be an issue for most people. Remember that we can only use the Shared Matches tool to see shared matches that are fourth cousins or closer. If many of our fourth cousins shift to distant cousins – and possibly the majority will – then we will lose the ability to see these shifted fourth cousins as shared matches with the Shared Matches tool. This is my biggest concern about this shift, as much of the value and discovery I’ve made with AncestryDNA has been with this Shared Matches tool. My hope is that AncestryDNA will allow us to use the Shared Matches tool to see every shared match, not just fourth cousins or closer, understanding that many of the shared matches with very distant cousins will be fraught with risk. This hope was adamantly expressed to AncestryDNA.

  42. I would like to see a search function for user name as easier to find known matches rather than scrolling through thousands of matches. The other thing is that I WISH ancestry could refine the email notification system and that emails sent to matches went directly and not in an ancestry generated email which is difficult for one to notice. This is very frustrating especially if the match is a close one and emails sent aren’t being attended to by the other party. Gedmatch and FT have a system in place where emails go directly when sent.

  43. dolkin

    I wish there were some way to cull out the “No Family Tree” and the ones that are padlocked. I spend a lot of time paging past these people. Sometimes I do look at the “matches,” but with the hundreds of hits I get it becomes tedious.

  44. Helen

    I would like to see a default profile image on each person that gives the relationship to the home person, who hopefully is the DNA tested person. it is so easy to get lost on your own tree as well as others, when trying to locate the matched ancestors. Of course, the option of putting your own image would still be there.

  45. Anna Mary Ellerbee

    Please give us a chromosome browser and the ability to communicate with matches directly by email instead of the message system within ancestry. Many do not check ancestry messages, but do check their email. Thanks so much. Looking forward to more relevant matches.

  46. Joe

    I would like to see some better ways to sift through the mounds of matches I have. It would be nice to filter by common surnames of if that isn’t possible, ow about the ability to “Tag” matches manually and then sort/filter on those tags. Note just don’t cut it and with 125 pages @ 50 a page, its way too much data to be usefull without betters ways to search and report on it

  47. WF

    If you can provide us a method to download our matches that no longer show up in our results, why can you not provide that capability for the results currently on our page and at any time we wish to download the information? Since you don’t provide any means to search for matches by user name or categorized matches by more than a star or deletion, we could do all that with a spreadsheet of our downloaded matches. It would be nice to at least be able to prioritize our matches for our research and be able to more easily find a match at a later date. Need at least four or five different indicators that we can assign to a match and the capability to search and sort them.

  48. Beverley Pritchett

    My gg grandfather came to Aust 1853 with his “father” who I don’t think was. I need accurate 5th generation or more to sort out this brick wall. Please give us these matches, not lose them.

  49. Eralia

    I am so excited for this. When I first took the test last year, I was a bit confused by some of my results? Lots of Italian? Irish? Where did the Polynesian come from? My dad’s family are Mexican American my mom has a lot of German and Dutch ancestry so I was expecting more Europe West and Iberian so I wonder if I also have Basque, Filipino (DNALand said that I matched Ami and Atayal Taiwanese which similar DNA to Maori and the DNA is also found in the Philippines. I found an record that one ancestor went there their daughter could of possibly been born there but some info was missing or unsure) or Portuguese Jewish from Azores or Madeira ancestry I didn’t know about that others suggest the test is possibly hinting at due to some family background. I read that the tests are available to more parts of the world now, so that might help out a lot. I also gotten some Native American from my dad’s side and hoping to see more updates about that someday.

  50. Price Collins

    (1) After your throwing out the Version 1 pre-2014 results, now you’re tossing the Version 2. It’s time for you to show the centiMorgans numbers so that we can draw our own conclusions.
    (2) In surname searches, please add the ability to ignore matches with no tree, private trees, and trees with fewer the a user-input number of persons.

  51. Deborah

    Is this update the reason the number of my shared ancestor matches has dropped by at least 10 people?

  52. Gerri

    He’s hoping the proposed changes will be an enhancement for the Ancestry DNA users. An enhancement like:
    ‘Search by Shared Matches’ would be most useful.
    A way of adding DNA matches to Ancestry tree would also be most useful.
    We all pay out lots of money to be part of the ‘Ancestry family’ and members are what makes Ancestry the business it is today. Hope my comments and suggestions don’t end up in the recycle bin

  53. Gerri

    Another very useful thing would be the ability to use the ‘wild card’ surname searches on the DNA page

  54. Judy Williamson

    I find it really frustrating that I can’t check my DNA with all my Family Trees, that I can only check it with one Family Tree. Why can’t this be changed. I am not prepared to undertake 10 DNA tests so that I can apply each one to the relevant Family Tree that I belong to. Due to this issue I am not prepared to recommend DNA to anyone else and have them disappointed and “ripped off” in this way. Please reply if this is not right, but it was confirmed to me in a phone call to Ancestry

  55. Donna

    So many keep asking for Ancestry to give the ability to search for user name or information inside the notes section. Many of us use an extension on the Google Chrome browser called “Ancestry DNA Helper” which allows you to do those things. Too bad Ancestry doesn’t have it incorporated in their DNA pages.

    I also want to add my vote for a chromosome browser or more info about matching segments. I have transferred my DNA test to Gedmatch and FTDNA which has helped me find information needed for dead ends. Regretfully not all of my matches under Ancestry are there too so it would help if Ancestry included it too.

  56. Donald

    Finally this is something I’ve been waiting for as about 30-50% of my DNA matches are not real matches at all. I notice a lot of people griping about this update and posting on blogs that this is bad and the end of the world yada yada yada. But it is not, the matches you will lose are most likely matches not really related to you and are false matches they are just refining the matching process to get rid of garbage matches and should not affect your genealogy except make it easier.

  57. Tom

    I haven’t done any DNA tests and most of my big trees are private. But if I received an email via Ancestry’s message system, I would respond and share.

    It sounds like Ancestry is changing the matching system to not include the very distant possible relatives, and even with my limited knowledge I think that is a bad idea. It doesn’t encourage me to do DNA tests.

    In doing just genealogy research, many times I have been able to find people who are close ancestors by way of the very distant ones.

  58. Muto

    I also vote for the Chromosome browers and make it public. My tree is private, but I do it because there is some names of some that can’t be shared, but I am more then willing to share and help others. I write to matches nearly everyday, finding matches for them beyond what their trees have and I always email people to let them know what the shaking leaf match is.

    A chromosome brower (which I have uploaded my data to GEDmatch) doesn’t bother me public as it is only data and numbers. I would like to do this better the GEDmatch and actually let up label to matching segments. Now when a new cousin match pops up, public/private or no tree or admin test attached to the wrong tree, and if it falls on the same same segment the common ancestor match is found (or a trigulated match can be made with other matches on the segment). No more people gripping about people not replying, private or no trees, ect. This would also let us catch those true 4th cousins, but their DNA makes them look like a 6th or 7th cousin. I had two cousin matches who were brothers but their cM count was very different too me. Had it not been for shared matches, one of them would have been so low down on my list to grab my attention.

    I would also like to see ancestryDNA allow other test companies to download their data here, instead of us going to GEDmatch or 23andMe. I want as many matches as possible here on for the ease of use and tree connections. Lets make AncestryDNA be the place people want to be, not chase them away with limitations and lack of features.

  59. caith

    Ancestry – Please give us some definitive clarity on the message system because your link does not.

    Is this a correct statement? As a subscriber although I can send messages, the recipient cannot respond to me unless they are a subscriber?

    I am trying to find the answer to my very recent no responses. Thank you.

  60. Cathy

    Several years ago I tested numerous elderly relatives at FamilyTreeDNA. They are now deceased. Is there anyway to transfer the FamilyTreeDNA test results to Ancestry? This would be a great help since they are a generation or two closer to my matches. This would also benefit others who have common ancestors.

  61. Debbi

    Ancestry: please read all the comments being posted under the new Ancestry Support. There are all kinds of problems that need to be fixed; please let us know you
    will be fixing them. Should not have rolled out until all the issues were resolved.

  62. Dennis

    My tests are still in Lab processing so I am brand new at looking at the matches and circles, but I was a guest on a cousins site and was looking at the previous comments, I believe a folder system like the one on the messages system, would be good way to store your matches based on a common ancestors name or a surname. Leave it up to the individual what to name their folders and make it easy to view all the matches in a folder together.

  63. RNE

    Went? It’s hard to be excited about something that has no time frame of went it will be roll out. How will your matches be effected.

  64. RLH

    So, um… What’s the holdup? The new algorithm hasn’t been rolled out, but we’re also not getting any new results. How about sharing the anticipated rollout date so users don’t feel quite so hopelessly caught in limbo?

  65. Kristina

    What is a “brief period?” Is it 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months? I have checked through some of my 20+ AncestryDNA kits and see that not one kit has had a new match in over a week. We need specifics here not generic statements like “coming your way soon.”

  66. Michelle

    Please give us an estimate of when this update will be done. Some of us are waiting for results that would have otherwise been ready. I am also eager to see my new match list and appreciate the effort toward improvements in matching.

  67. Joanne Moll

    I would love to filter out the people who have no tree or a very small one. Many people who want to know their ethnicity, have no interest in genealogy.

  68. Don Worth

    My request would be for you to simply offer the segment data as a download. No chromosome browser needed. We can do that somewhere else if we have the matching DNA segments by chromosome, start, end and cM. If you bury it in SETTINGS there isn’t going to be a substantial impact on your customer support desk. If you do that one thing, I bet you’ll be everyone’s recommendation for the company to test with first.

  69. B.

    The limbo you have placed your DNA test customers in is also apparently affecting you subscription customers. I’ve been trying to work on my tree and add records and check other trees related to my ancestors. More often than not I’m getting “This feature is unavailable.” When I try to attach a record, the Drop-down list to choose which tree of mine I want to save the record to comes up totally blank, which means I can’t even add the records at all. I also not only want but NEED chromosome listings for DNA segments I share with my matches. “Shared Matches”, great improvement that it is, just isn’t cutting it!

  70. RJ

    hmm….i see a lot of good information here…but only from about 3 posts. the rest of you might THINK you know what you are talking about….but to anyone familiar with the DNA process, or how DNA testing works…its very clear that you do not understand the way this process works. Comparing the accuracy of AncestryDNA to a (below average) matching database like GEDMatch?? FTDNA? lol…23andme? 23andMe and have different focuses.. Ancestry is focused on Genetic Genealogy…23andMe is not. You are comparing apples and oranges my friend. Im looking at you Janet Johnson…

  71. B.

    @RJ…I beg your pardon, but there are times when there is no way to assign shared matches correctly without chromosome and segment length info. Take the case of half siblings who have the same father but different mothers, who all come from the same three local area, settled by “Old Colonials” with a large number of endogamous marriages, and where pedigree collapse is the norm. Say, for instance, that two half siblings match the same person and have 12 shared matches to this person with one half sibling having 15 total shared matches and the other half sibling having a total of 18 shared matches to the person. However, the person’s tree has one line of ancestors related to the mother of one half sibling, and the person also has one line of ancestors related to the other half sibling’s mother. There is no way to sort this out without chromosome numbers and segment start and stop points, and then it’s still a challenge.

  72. caith

    Joanne Moll – You can move unwanted matches to another file by going to the match page of each person. At the top you will see the name of your match and to the left, you will see a star, a circle and a waste paper can. Click on the can and that will remove and put your match in another file. I did this with more than 10,000 of my matches (and it took a lot of time); and now have only 400 people in my file, those with whom I have found tree matches and/or have an interest.

    You can retrieve all of those in the removed file by clicking at the bottom of the page if you want to again view them. It is not sticky, so when you refresh or log out, they will go back to the removed file.

    This is less overwhelming. You can also retrieve any removed match and put back in your working file, by clicking on the waste paper can.

  73. Kathi

    I would like to be taken back to the same spot on the match list after looking at a match and hitting the back button. As it is right now, it takes several steps every time you look at something, which is a real pain!

  74. Kathi

    I would like a way to save matches into folders according to the ancestor who is matched… All of the Smith matches into one folder, and the Jones matches into another folder, etc.

  75. Stu

    Ok, you have told us This is coming soon, and then radio silence. Meanwhile, our matches aren’t being updated and tests aren’t being processed. Perhaps the next time you do a system update like that you do your testing first, get everything working, then tell us that a change is coming on a specific date. Guys, you have left all of customers hanging in limbo. C’mon, help us out.

  76. Mary Yetter

    I am getting tired of waiting for new matches, too Also, I am very anxious to see how the new improvements are going to affect my current matches. This is taking a lot longer than I expected.

  77. redbird061

    I would like to see if the developers could put a button on the front page for the DNA findings for just new matches. Now I have to go into other matches then find the new button. Thank you.

  78. Kathey Brennan

    Could there be a possible way to develop a method of “tagging” known relatives that also have done ancestry dna to your own tree? For instance,I manage mine, my husband’s , kids & 2 mother in laws (bio & step), my aunt manages hers, my grandmother’s, her daughter’s & grandson’s kits. If she scad I could “tag” those kits to our own trees, it could help us both in our research, as well as help ancestry develop better methods of calculating relationships from known relationships .

  79. Charolette Kaster

    Here is a little trick for those of you using Ancestry and checking out DNA lines. When I find a “common ancestor” with someone, I have a special pic of DNA that I attach to the common ancestors. Then I have another DNA pic I attach to the individual who has matching DNA (the one who did the test). Now if I want to see which lines I have proven with this method all I have to do is look on the Common Ancestor DNA pic in my media file and I get a list of all my ancestors who have also matched with someone who’s DNA matches mine. Same thing for individuals with matching DNA, I can look on that pic in the media file and see tested individuals who have matched me and we have a common ancestor.

  80. Michael G

    The current system only permits marking DNA matches with the Goal Star or use of the blue bottom. Please give us a method to mark and sort our DNA Matches.

  81. caith

    Charolette, exactly how do you attach a pic to someone on your match list (the person who did the test?) Many thanks.

  82. Kristen

    I would love to have more than just a “gold star” as the way to indicate something special about a match. I would really like to maybe have a color coding option (let’s say 4 colors… 2 for paternal grandparents and 2 for maternal grandparents) in order to better indicate the relationship of the match quickly. A gold star doesn’t help me keep track very well of why that match is important to me.


  83. Grace

    Please have people opt-in to tree sharing, and if they do not, they can’t see others’ trees. It’s completely unfair for them to gawk at my tree and not even reply to requests to tell me our shared ancestor leaf hints.

  84. Grace

    Also, this should be a no brainer, please have the option to share our trees ONLY with our DNA matches, rather than the entire population. That should have been set by default.

  85. Sharon

    We are all still eagerly awaiting word from Ancestry on when the update will be implemented. Please provide us with the latest information on the timeline for the rollout.

  86. Karen Stevenson

    Well it has been 5 days since this was posted, 7 days since I called ancestry to find out why it had been a week since I got any new matches. Today I cannot look at any of my dna matches. I really wish there was another company like ancestry because I would move today. I do understand there are updates, but this lack of communication with your customers is unacceptable!

  87. Michelle

    Respectfully request an update on progress. My family is awaiting dna results on a cousin and match for a potential sibling, we are on the cusp of solving a mystery. Please, when will matching and results resume? I would have thought we’d see something today as it’s National DNA day.

  88. Valerie

    Please Ancestry make it easier for all of your customers by overhauling the search facility, you have acknowledged there are issues with it and a chromosome browser with Start & Stop Segments as you are falling behind your competitors.

  89. Suz

    Hi, I am waiting on a DNA to start the “Process”…its marked “arrived 4/8/16” and its into the third week. I keep looking for an update. Something to keep us updated and something new on your expected release date. Just a nibble would be wonderful. Thanks

  90. Tim Gray

    I’m with others, colored stars to signify family line and a chromosome browser. Ancestry has a unique set up that would make a chromosome browser and triangulation even easier. Would be great to have that added here. And yes, it’s been a week since any new matches have taken place. Way too long for an update.

  91. John

    It does seem that whenever any frequently used website initiates major changes, there is often a big outcry at first. While most posters here seem to accept the fact that things will be changing with the Ancestry DNA results, a few seem needlessly upset about it, in my opinion. For the most part, I have been very happy with my Ancestry DNA results, and look forward to seeing new matches from the new process. I am very excited to see what the new changes will bring. I think anything that helps to more accurately match me with other cousins, of whatever distance, can only be useful. I will go for more accuracy over what I am simply used to any day.

  92. Donna

    I too have not received any new matches in about two weeks to either test that I manage though I did learn this morning that a cousin of mine has been getting matches – even ones this morning. I’ve called Ancestry 3 times and asked what is going on and each time I’m given a rehearsed answer that not everyone will get results every day. I stopped the gal mid sentence this morning and she finally admitted that Ancestry knows that a problem exists. No time frame on when this will be resolved. Initially I thought the lack of postings was due to their upcoming change, but if that is the case why are some people getting new postings and not others? What is really going on here?

  93. Tim Gray

    I have no problem with the update myself, more accurate results should always be applauded. But why shut down adding new kits in the meantime? It’s been a week or so. Is it a way to add them at once while eliminating the others, which I assume is the 5-8 range cousins, so as to make it appear you didn’t lose much? If so, that is crazy and not helpful at all.

  94. Donna

    Yes, I’m all for the new and improved version too. However, it doesn’t explain why only some testers are being affected.

  95. Tim Gray

    I have 5 tests on here and none of them have had a single person added in over a week. And I have an outstanding test that is way overdue to be added. So obviously they are holding back. They say they are backlogged with tests and I never go a week without a couple hundred new matches, mostly 5-8 range but still nice to see and review.

  96. Tony Gray

    I’m trying to help a lady who was adopted at birth find her paternal side. I would think that the ability to import all say 4th cousins and closer, with their trees, into a combined tree would be a great help. Right now there’s like 200 people but since I have no idea who her father is I am having the dickens of a time pulling the data together. It shouldn’t be this hard.

  97. caith

    Tony Gray – If you have not already, you might consider uploading her raw data to GEDmatch. There you will get 1500 of her closest matches from Ancestry, FTDNA and 23 and Me.

  98. Gillian Leavesley

    Match name and administered by name searches would be extremely useful, but Ancestry doesn’t seem very keen on providing search or query facilities on any part of the site.
    What would be useful is to be able to attach a public “skeleton” tree – i.e. with vital data but no more. I have created a DNA tree which is public but it shows only my direct lines and has no places on it. My trees are normally Private.
    This “major changes” issue presumably explains why samples submitted a few days after the first one have yet to be completed, or to have the results made available. Having sold me the kits, why does Ancestry think it is acceptable to just not provide the results because it is busy doing something else. The only test for which I have received results has not had any further updates, in spite of the fact that I have opted for e-mail notices.
    does the fat that commenting is open until 19th July 2016 indicate any sort of time-frame for these changes to be implemented and for paying customers to get what they are paying for?

  99. Tim Gray

    If you guys download google chrome they have an app on there that does exactly what some of you are talking about. It’s called AncestryDNA helper

  100. mb

    It’s over a week…unable to do any searches in the DNA site. Customer Service knew nothing about this, in that I was still being told to change my web browser last week. When will we be able to search in the DNA site?

  101. Richard Martin

    I like the idea of “tagging” with stars especially since we often can’t identify matches by name…some use initials and screen names which tend to be hard to remember.

  102. Alice

    Is the update also delaying DNA results? I’ve been waiting weeks to see if my 87 year old great grandmother’s sample was even able to be used. I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to share the results with her or retest. You must have some idea of the time frame for the update. I would appreciate even the vaguest estimate.

  103. Michelle

    Looking at the responses to this blog post, I see that six days have passed since customer support has responded to our concerns on this thread. How it is acceptable to ignore customers for six days? What is needed is an update on this project. Please also consider partial refunds for April due to the reduced functionality of this site (there have been issues with many areas of Ancestry, not just in the DNA section).

  104. Millie_D

    While I have no quarrel with changes that truly improve accuracy, I am concerned because, in the previous change from v1 to v2, I lost real matches that I had verified through family trees, and if I remember correctly, even some that had Ancestry “shared ancestor” hints. I am African American (per AncestryDNA, 67% African, 30% European, 3% other), and quite a few of these removed matches were people related to two known slaveholder ancestors. It is highly unlikely that I will find a birth record or other documentary evidence that a specific enslaved ancestor was fathered by his or her slaveholder, so these DNA matches are the only hard evidence I may ever have to support the family lore. I still have a few of those matches left, but will be livid if they disappear. It is also important to me that I retain as many VALID distant cousin matches as possible so that I can (1) pursue similar analyses once I identify the final slaveholder (or at least narrow down the candidates to a manageable number) in three other family lines, and (2) continue efforts to confirm the identity of my third great grandparents in a family line of free persons of color. What I’m trying to convey here is that valid distant cousin matches can be extremely useful and shouldn’t be discarded. I also agree with those who have requested shared matches even for distant cousins.

  105. Janet

    Please post dna results for people that have been waiting!!! I’m done with ancestry after all this mess is over. My sister’s results will let me know if we’re half or full siblings. My mother is 86 years old so my time is running out to talk with her about this. I haven’t slept well in day’s from anxiety, thinking I’ll have the results the next day. Please have compassion for those of us who don’t have lots of time left with family members that could give us answers about our families.

  106. Linda

    Wish someone would please let subscribers know what’s going on. No new matches in almost 2 weeks and as of yesterday, can’t see DNA matches using iPad. Will Ancestry be issuing a credit for this unproductive timeframe?

  107. David

    Its funny about people who are complaining about 4 days without results.. Instead, think this is totally AMAZING that this can be done! chill…

  108. Lisa Still

    Ancestry, thank you for updating your technology and your continued interest in the needs of your subscribers. I look forward to more updates in the future and I am sure they will include many of the suggestions offered here

  109. MKath

    When will this update occur??? In the past few days I’ve had queries from people on my DNA matches list. It’s possible that when the new matches roll out, I won’t be related to these people any more. I don’t mind waiting a reasonable length of time if DNA results will be more accurate. However, we waited about six months for New Ancestry to become the only platform and the website is still not fully-functioning. Let’s hope that’s not the case with the DNA update. And please, Ancestry, don’t give us any DNA LifeStories.

  110. Donna

    Coming up on 3 weeks and still no new match postings. I don’t mind waiting for the new and hopefully improved version to come out, but I DO mind that I’m not getting new postings while other cousins are still getting theirs. Yesterday, I was told it might be weeks before the new version rolls out. Ancestry, you need to fix this issue of only some of us not getting new match postings. It should have already been fixed two weeks ago.

  111. Dottie

    After five days of no new matches for either myself or my husband I called Ancestry to see if the problem was on my end or theirs. The lady I spoke to was very nice but told me obviously everyone that was a match to me must be done testing. I said that might be the case for myself, but didn’t think that would be the case for both myself and my husband. She assured me that was probably the case. After a couple more days I decided to look around on the website for a clue. I had never visited this blog before and it told me what I needed to know. It has now been 14 days with no new matches. Some don’t understand why this is a big deal. Well, I finally had both mine and my husbands matches down to a day or two worth of new matches to look through at a time. Now I am wondering how many pages and pages of new matches there will be for me to have to click through. I also have my grandson’s DNA processing so I will have to start from scratch going through his matches when it is finally available. (Good thing I am retired and have a lot of free time)
    I have always been a staunch supporter of, but I think it is not fair to leave us in this limbo of not having any idea when we will be receiving new matches again. And I also wonder why someone who answers the phones for them couldn’t tell me why I wasn’t receiving new matches, obviously she was as clueless as I was. I am hoping for the best, but beginning to wonder!

  112. Tim Gray

    Bingo Dottie. They should just let us know something, anything. I too have DNA waiting and it should be ready but it’s obviously being held up. and like others, it’s a family member who is of ill health that I was hoping to get her some answers she had questions to. This is really throwing a kink in things. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were more customer friendly and explained what’s going on.

  113. sharonleef1

    Clearly, I am not the only person addicted to working with my DNA results, including new matches, every day! And clearly, Ancestry has run into some problem with its roll out, otherwise they would have a timeline to report to us. Here is a suggestion: while we are waiting, let’s work on the trees attached to our DNA results. We can check them for accuracy and maybe even extend some lines out another generation. Then, when the DNA site returns to being fully functional, we will have the added benefit of better trees. Better trees means more results from matches.

  114. Roy Edwards

    Ok, was really, really perplexed why its been weeks and I haven’t seen a single new match on 9 tests I administer.

  115. RLH

    Why are DNA tests results being held up because of the algorithm update? I’ve called twice and been told that DNA test results are being released as usual, but unless lab processing times mysteriously more-than-doubled between the last week in March and the first week in April, that’s just not true. Please give us a timeline!

  116. Sharon

    Spoke with a lady at Ancestry day before yesterday and was told new results would roll out today, April 27. So far…nothing new. This is seriously taking a bite out of my subscription time. What’s up with that?

  117. John-David Rott

    Ancestry, you really should give a credit to subscribers for the time that the DNA matching has been off-line. Very frustrating.

  118. John

    I’m all for being patient, and I think I have been for the last two weeks, which was the last time I’ve seen any new matches, but I do think folks at Ancestry are not helping themselves at this point by no longer responding to messages posted here, and by not giving out any information about when we can expect to see any new results. Just take a few minutes, let everyone know where things stand, and then we’ll know. This is the point where it might start to hurt their brand and cause some people to reconsider whether to order another test or continue with their subscription.

  119. Tim Gray

    The responses to phone calls differ by the support person you talk to it seems. Something, anything that is truthful is all we need.

  120. B.

    @John…I couldn’t agree more. Ancestry just rolled out another new blog entry: “4 Easy Ways to Label Family Photos,” but continues to remain totally silent about the status of the roll-out of our new match lists. While waiting for my new match list, I’ve tried to spend some time doing more research on my tree, but there are daily frustrating issues with this too. My subscription renewal date is May 2…will I or won’t I renew????

  121. Sharon

    Just spoke with Ancestry again got info, some good, some bad. I asked that they post here so everyone could know what’s up. I was told that was a good suggestion. I will wait and let Ancestry get everyone up to date but if there is no response by tomorrow. I’ll post what I was told myself.

  122. Michelle

    Sharon, I would like to hear what you heard too. On Tuesday I called the 800 number and heard that the “conversion” of existing users happened on Tuesday and that it could take an additional two weeks for things to return to “normal.”

  123. Greg

    Interesting, if the conversion of existing users happened on Tuesday, it wasn’t much of a conversion. Of the 12 tests I administer, there were no changes to matches 4th cousin or above. I had understood that, as a result of the changes, we were virtually guaranteed to see come change at the 4th cousin level. Also no new matches on any of the 12 tests. As the warden said in Cool Hand Luke: “What we have here is a failure to communicate”

  124. Alice

    I have 4 tests on my account and am waiting for 2 more to process. There has been no change in any of them for two weeks except for the DNA circles. About two days ago all 4 tests have completely different NADs. Has anyone else noticed this? I will direct that question to the other users since it appears Ancestry is no longer reading the comments. It also seems that each customer that calls is told something different, either the change will take a few weeks or has already been done, the tests are processing as usual but no one that I can find has received results in a month. I look forward to seeing what Sharon was told.

  125. Michelle

    Greg, the rep did not elaborate on what was meant by conversion. It couldn’t have meant that the new match lists are available to existing users because mine hasn’t changed at all yet.

  126. Lord Baltimore

    @Alice – I haven’t. Our DNA pages have been in limbo for a couple of weeks and will remain that way until the new matching algorithm is implemented. @Sharon – Please don’t share the bad news.

  127. Anne

    Waiting for some definitive word from Ancestry is a fool’s errand. Over the past two weeks I have vigorously encouraged at least five different customer reps to let customers know what is happening with the frozen matches. Nothing. They know we are upset but really don’t care. For what it is worth, when I asked for a credit for this disruption in a pre-paid service, I was given a month’s credit toward my renewal fees. Great but what I really want are THE MATCHES. Ancestry seems to care about is BBB rating. Perhaps that is how to get their attention.

  128. Stu

    OK guys. Its been over ten days since you made this announcement and even longer since we have seen any forward movement on our hints. FURTHERMORE you have been sitting on goodness knows how many pending DNA tests, INCLUDING on from my 91 year old cousin who is hospice. The woman wants to see the results before she dies. I’m not joking. If I had know that this was going to happen in advance of this type of shut down I would never have shelled out the money to Ancestry for the test. I would have gone to FTDNA or 23 & Me. Patience is running very thin, PLEASE advise.

  129. DJM

    I add my request to the others posted here, please communicate with your customers. It’s a little thing that pays big rewards. Customer satisfaction starts and ends with communication. You communicate with us about the update status, and we’ll be happier about having given you our hard earned money. This is important to us or we wouldn’t be asking, but we shouldn’t have to beg.

  130. John

    I agree, DJM. A little communication goes a long way. Any day now, Ancestry, we’re waaaaaaiting… (he says while twiddling his thumbs)

  131. Penny Bergman

    Some sort of time frame would be nice, a week a month etc. I feel very put out that as I pay for the membership I get error after error message, some sort of a time frame would go along way to making people happier. Maybe a sale for members effected would be nice as well!

  132. Linda Farhang

    So Sharon….what did Ancestry tell you. Ancestry still has not posted anything about this coming update since you posted yesterday.

  133. Sharon

    How disappointing Ancestry has not apprised its subscribers here and to the membership at large by email the status of the update. As promised, sans word from Ancestry, I would let you know what I was told. The good news, as Anne already stated above, Ancestry is willing to offer a one month extension on membership. I believe this will be something you will have to ask for and make sure you get an order confirmation of the extension. The bad news is they have no idea how long it’s going to take to get things back up again. If the update goes past one month, I will be calling to receive an additional month of subscription time.
    I’m sure Ancestry is inundated with complaints due to this issue but there is no excuse for giving misinformation as I was on my original call on the 25th or outright ignoring us as demonstrated here. I did not mention the fact that I’ve yet to get a response from the email sent regarding this problem on the 23rd of this month. Why send me an email with a case number and a promise to be in touch shortly if you don’t intend to do so? This upgrade better blow our minds to negate the tarnish to the Ancestry brand.

  134. Donna

    Yes, definitely disappointing. I don’t know what Ancestry hopes to gain by keeping silent. My suspicion is that they got in over their heads. They ran ads and specials and have added impressive numbers to their gene pool results. The timing of this change and preparations for it was very poor. They continue to make matters worse by neither informing their staff or us of what exactly is happening. The first two times I called I got frustrated with the staff for telling me it was business as usual when I knew it wasn’t. The next two times I called I admitted up front that I was frustrated, but not with the person I was speaking with. I made it clear I was upset with Ancestry. Now I am convinced that the staff was left in the dark and pretty much left to fend for themselves. That’s a horrible way to run a business. Ancestry should be ashamed.

  135. Judy

    I too contacted customer service about the lack of DNA matches on 4/20 and received a case number on 4/21. As of today’s date I have not heard back from a customer service rep. At the time I sent the question, I thought it was a problem with a setting on my end. I finally found this blog and realized that it wasn’t just me having problems. I am irritated with the lack of information coming from Ancestry. I can understand that an update might take longer to roll out than anticipated, but to give us NO information is bad customer service, especially when it sounds like many have either questioned or complained. I really don’t understand why there has not been a mass email or an announcement from Ancestry about the upgrade. They are not helping themselves with their cavalier attitude towards their customers.

  136. Robert Hanscom

    Sharon — thanks so much for the update. It’s certainly not great news, but at least we now have some perspective. I think, for me personally, I’ll need to stop checking things on a daily basis. Better to just forget about this whole mess — at least for a while — and hope they get their act together. It sounds like they’re in way over their heads on this one. (I will definitely pursue that additional subscription month though.). I too am very disappointed in AncestryDNA. With that team of smiling faces (pictured above), you would think that at least a handful of them would have a clue about good customer service/ communication. This radio silence has definitely turned me from a fan to a critic.

  137. MK

    So, no update on what the matching algorithm update and new matches are going to happen? Very frustrating that they are delaying matches until they launch the new matching algorithm.

  138. MK

    As for the hope of a chromosome browser, it’s never going to happen, especially after the lawsuit FTDNA is facing in Alaska. Too many people think that letting others see any of their DNA is a violation of privacy and all sorts of crazy ideas like their health insurance rates going up because their insurer learned they have a certain gene.

    Chromosome browsers are nice, but the problem is they tend to show more of the genes shared by a community than the genes from a shared ancestor. On Gedmatch, I have exact segments I share with 200+ people who also have Jewish, Irish or Quaker ancestry. I exclude these genes since all they signify is that the person also goes back to a community.

    I have three 4th cousins on Gedmatch and none of us have the same segment from our common ancestor. We all inherited different segments.

    While maybe you can luck out and find common segments from a distant ancestor with a chromosome browser, more than likely you find common genes in a population.

  139. Redmond

    I’m not angry, just very disappointed. That’s what my father used to say to me and now I say the same to Ancestry.

  140. Nathaniel A. Gray

    These comments I am making have nothing to do with complaining about not having received my DNA test results back yet. I wanted to make that clear, hoping anyone skimming through all these posts might stop for a moment and read this.
    I received my Ancestry test results last November (2015); my uncle received his the last week of December. Since then I, along with most members who have commented here, have spent a enormous amount of time searching through potential matches for any match in our male (Gray surname) family line. I have 256 PAGES of matches and all the ones I’ve checked are all related to my mother’s side, my father’s mother’s side, or are wives or their ancestors of my male ancestors who go all the way back to the early 1700’s. At first I thought I had taken a mitochondrial test instead of an autosomal test! That’s a joke, by the way.
    Although there have been some insulting and condescending comments by a few who’ve commented on this blog (see RJ on April 22nd) who said other tests aren’t designed for genealogical research like Ancestry’s autosomal test, I can only ask: “Is the Y (male only) DNA test offered by FTDNA not related in any way to tracing one’s ancestors?” In fact, by taking that test I have gotten more matches to my male ancestral line (male ancestors with the last name Gray) in the last two days since receiving results than in the five months of exploring matches under the DNA tab on my Ancestry account.
    And for anyone who might suggest that not a single person related to me through my male (Gray surname) lineage has ever taken an Ancestry DNA test but did take the FTDNA test, I can assure you that is not true. I have exchanged emails with most of those who just recently have shown as matches via the FTDNA Y test, all but one took the Ancestry test in addition to the Y test.
    Here’s another intriguing fact: They have found matches with others who have Gray family members who appear in each other’s famiy trees, and many of those same family members appear in my tree as well.
    I called Ancestry today – the first phone call I’ve made to their support team since early January, but all she was able to do was refer me to this “New Advances Coming Your Way” blog, which I had read on Apr. 20th when it was first posted, but had not returned to read more before today.
    I join everyone in hoping the anticipated “advances” will actually be improvements in the quality of yielding more accurate match data. BTW, I agree with Donna, who commented at 11:13 today: I also am convinced the staff is in the dark and left to fend for themselves while the management team is entirely focused on marketing and profit margins.

  141. Tim Gray

    I have taken my YDNA test as well but it serves a different purpose than the Autosomnal test. Both are very useful

  142. Chick

    I join the ranks of many with dna results caught in the update. The test also involves an ill person of advanced age who could finally confirm their parentage with the results. The recent member connect activity is a minimum of 2 weeks old when I virtually have someone able to benefit from my tree on a daily basis. I’ve been a member of Ancestry for over 15 years and am beyond frustrated with the lack of respect shown to your paying customers. Release the dna test results so that at least we can take the raw data some place else to determine our immediate matches. Give us what we paid for and stop hiding behind your 6 to 8 weeks mantra when we fully know these test are complete. Suspend selling new kits so that people have the option of using other testing companies who can meet their immediate needs. Play fair.

  143. Josh

    My DNA test went into processing on 04/07/2016. I still don’t have my results. But I am within the 6-8 week time limit still.

  144. Muffy

    I’d like to transfer my pending test to Family Tree ASAP. I spoke to Family Tree customer service and told them to anticipate a call from you. It is the least you could do for taking so long with my results. Their number is 713-868-1438. Muffy McLean, Bradenton, Fla

  145. Dovie

    My hubby has xerostomia so it was very difficult to test him. I sent in a sperm sample, no jokes please, because I read a DNA blogger said samples could be taken from blood/hair/etc so I figured this may be our best option as my hubby is desperate to know any family (he was adopted). So far, the test is processing, so I think Ancestry deserves a break everyone. For them to accept my husband’s test even though his xerostomia should count him out? I consider that a wonderful business. I am going to buy another kit to test my brother.

  146. TF

    Step 1: download google chrome
    Step 2: Download the AncestryDNA Helper plugin for your browser.
    It has most of the features you guys are looking for….and you can even search matches by last name, first name….username. It has a lot of extended features for the AncestryDNA test…including a chromosome browser. Just remember DO NOT contact Ancestry if you have a problem with the plug-in….they did not develop it. It was developed by a DNA user like yourself….who also happens to be a programmer. It is very useful though…and 100% secure and safe to use on any computer.

  147. Donna

    Questions for tphelan62. Did your matches ever stop coming and do you have the new version? Still no matches for my tests.

  148. Denise

    I am a little discourage awaiting test results. Sample was received early March 13, entered processing stage on April 1 and still not results 🙁

    It would have been nice if the would send out emails to those awaiting the results informing us of this delay because of the new software.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Denise: We’re sorry to hear that you’re discouraged. Once the results start processing please allow up to 6-8 weeks before you receive your results. We understand that your looking forward to receiving them and we greatly appreciate your patience.

  149. Doretta Irwin

    AncestryDNA team, I am wondering if you are able to yet elaborate on the download we will be able to do of our current matches that are Starred or have notes. With that downloaded list, will we be able to View the Matches as if they were still in our Match List? If not, what is the point of being able to download a list of matches about whom we can no longer view their potentially helpful information. Looking forward to further explanation. Thank you for always striving to improve your product!

  150. tphelan62

    I’m sorry – they weren’t new matches. My old matches were all updated it seems. They all have the blue “never viewed” dot now, but my husband’s matches have not been updated yet. I noticed two new DNA circles yesterday.

  151. tphelan62

    Haven’t had a chance to go through and see if the matches have changed since the dots added.

  152. mb

    nothing new or changed for me either… This isn’t making look good. You should a least put some sort of a notice on the opening page so as to be straight with your subscribers.

  153. Ed

    I don’t know lots of matches removed last time who had a known connection to the family of interest or even a known Common ancestor was removed. While Sharing DNA results and working on one family I have come across some of those matches who share who were removed and shared the same family or shared a Common Ancestor in that family. Ancestry needs do something about the clutter meaning matches who are not sharing with those of us who have put time into making a tree. Tree’s that are private, DNA not linked to a tree, and under a minimum number
    I remove matches under 32 people which covers the parents for the first five generation.

  154. Donna

    Thanks for the clarification tphelan62. mb, I forgot to mention that the last time I spoke with someone in customer service I was told that we would be receiving notification. That was 2 days ago, but still nothing…

  155. Elizabeth

    Wow. This is interesting. I have been checking at least once a day for new matches or the new updated match system. No change for ??# days but today–of the 7 family members for whom I am admin. DNA results most had an additional 1 or 2 leaf matches but ZERO changes in the # of “4th cousins”. However total # of dna matches for each of the 7 increased ranging from 150 to 300 total #. Most curious!

  156. Pat

    45 pages of allegedly “new” matches, most of which I have already viewed. Many that I have already starred and attached notes to. But I have to open each and every one of the more than 2000 matches because doesn’t provide a vehicle for simply unchecking the blue “not previously viewed” button. Come on, Ancestry — join the 21st century!

  157. Pat

    And spend some money to hire decent programmers! After all, we’re paying you an arm and a leg year after year after year . . .

  158. Donna

    @TF I’ve used the Ancestry DNA Helper under Chrome for a long time but I’ve never seen where it has a chromosome browser. Can you explain how you found one there? Thanks!

  159. Dan

    @Donna and TF, it does not have a chromosome browser, never did, never will as it’s been pretty much given up on by Snavely. DNAgedcom also has the same set of tools as the Snavely add on but easier to DL and use. The only way to see the autosomal chromosomal comparisons is if your match has uploaded to

  160. John

    I am looking forward to the updates. I have a brick wall with my paternal great grandfather. I would love it if you would open up the option for a yDNA test at

  161. Ursula

    Me too. Im grateful for more accuracy. I haven’t had much success yet. Not in any circles and no green leaves…
    40 4th cousins most of them with private trees…

  162. Donna

    Thanks @Dan. I had transferred my Ancestry DNA to Gedmatch and FTDNA a couple of years ago. I then went to DNAgedcom to do the more detailed comparison of the segments. All 3 sites also have the email addresses which has been a big help for actually getting people to respond. It has helped me find the information I needed to get through a couple of dead ends and know for sure I’m on the right track. If we could just get everyone to transfer their AncestryDNA to Gedmatch then we could stop begging Ancestry for a chromosome browser.

  163. Alice

    I completely agree. I would love to see AncestryDNA bring back the Y-DNA and MTDNA tests. Otherwise I will have no choice but to order them from FTDNA or test with 23andme.

  164. Naomi pompeo

    I work in IT. I know IT stuff takes a while and glitches ect… But this could have been all done and tested in a testing environment prior. Upgrading a system does not need to shut down a complete company for two weeks and counting. Especially without continued customer contact and updates. It’s kinda bull.

  165. Beth Leger

    This is getting to be on a joke.This is taking way to long for paying customers.I except a refund or extend my subscription.Or I will no longer buy a anther test or subscription from you.I know I don’t count because of the millions of people who will still buy you products but this is just a joke.

  166. Lord Baltimore

    There is no way that ancestry DNA was ever intended to be shut down this long. Obviously something did not go well. Keeping their customers in the dark is basic ancestry operating procedure. I do believe that once they get this new matching algorithm operational, that it will make ancestry DNA much better. Ancestry has an incredible team of geneticists and the future looks bright. I feel for the programmers who are trying to get the ancestry DNA portion of the website debugged.

  167. Melvin

    I am adding to the MANY who have stressed the need for a chromosome browser. It’s vitally important with genetic genealogy. If a small team who produced GEDmatch can provide one, can’t a major corporation (Ancestry) do so, too? Though I appreciate the Shared Matches tool, it can be misleading. Had two DNA matches whose family tree revealed that we share ancestors on my mother’s side. AncestryDNA also gave us an Ancestry Hint to these ancestors. However, after uploading to GEDmatch, these two people match my father, and I match both of them via my father, after looking at the segments on the chromosome browser. Genealogically, they are still related to my mother. I can give several more cases. Please consider offering customers chromosome browsers to make a good product great!

  168. Anne Chandler

    It has been three weeks since I had my last match and I am beginning to wonder if there was a glitch in the upgrade that is causing the delay. I had a nightmare that my 2nd and 3rd cousin matches disappeared after the upgrade! Is there anyone who can provide a time frame when we can expect the upgrade to be implemented?

  169. Stu

    Dear Ancestry DNA,

    I am writing this because TEN days after your announcement that something big was coming, nothing has happened. Five days ago your customer service representative said that the launch should happen by the first of month, and nothing has happened. AND IF IT HAS HAPPENED, I can’t tell.

    Here is your problem and this is something that Ancestry seems to have an ongoing problem with: Communication with your customer base. Its evident by the comments on this post alone. Ypu make an announcement and then nothing happens. The announcement doesn’t happen. Then radio silence from the people at your HQ in Provo.


    MEANWHILE, all of us who have been hanging on with the announcement have seen at present ten days of paid membership frittered away. Ten days when there have been no new test results released. Ten days without any explaination on the DNA page as to why matches haven’t been updated.

    I have worked in computer support and conversions for financial institutions. I understand how web based banking works, how accounts work. I understand thatbthere is web site build, and the database upgrade.

    This hasn’t been handled correctly, and the longer you go without explaining what is going on, the less confidence people have not only in your product, but the less confidence they have in your brand.

    Again, as a 16+ subscriber, as a DNA particpant, and as someone who has a gravely ill elderly relative who wants to see her DNA profile that you have suspended in your “limbo” pending the launch of this new platform, you need to do SOMETHING, even if it is as simple as saying we’re working on it.”

  170. Alice

    I was hoping the upgrade would come quickly, when it didn’t I started reading DNA related blogs. I show some screen shots taken around February claiming that some Ancestry members had gotten previews of an update to the ethnicity estimates. I guess they were supposed to keep it quiet but didn’t. I hoped that this might be why the update was taking so long. Does anyone know anything about it? It would make the wait worthwhile. Ancestry seems to like to keep things under wraps but it seems the customers would prefer to know what is going on, even in the vaguest terms.

  171. Cathy

    Also agree with other comments that we need a way to turn off or ignore or filter out matches with no trees or locked trees or that we have been able to otherwise eliminate from further research.

  172. Really Annoyed

    Heard through the grapevine nothing will be out until at least June 1st. Hope that isn’t true and maybe it isn’t since everyone in customer service has a different alibi. Good luck to all.

  173. Anne Chandler

    I am trying to understand why commenting on this blog is open until Tuesday, July 19. Is there something magical about that date, for example, do we need to wait that long for the rollout? It would be good customer service to offer a credit to all current customers for the wait time until the rollout.

  174. Michelle

    Looking at other recent Ancestry blog posts, I think that their blog posts are open for comment for 90 days, thus the July 19 date.

  175. Robin

    Is anyone else getting this pop-up when trying to access DNA results?

    “Uh-oh. It looks like you caught us just after we rolled a site upgrade. In order to continue, please refresh your internet browser. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    I don’t want to get anyone excited and then it turns out we don’t get the update for another week or month, but I’ve gotten this a handful of times both yesterday and today.

    I have access to the matches of 14 tests and just checked them all and am still not showing anything more recent than 2 weeks ago.

  176. Alice

    @Robin I have noticed the error message a couple of times yesterday and today. I don’t know what it really means as far as the upgrade. I have seen a couple of comments where people say they have seen a couple new matches. Maybe not everyone gets the update at once.

  177. Dianna Harbin

    Please add all of the functionality of AncestryDNA Helper to AncestryDNA. No reason not to do this. Jeff Snavely is your consultant and he’s easy to find. And also, I want my low confidence matches back.

  178. allpeas

    The bad news is I am coping with withdrawal symptoms from my daily routine of checking trees. The good news is I can now clean house, garden and communicate with my husband. ;>)

  179. caith

    Donna – yes, the GEDmatch upload takes only 10 minutes and you get 1500 matches from FTDNA, Ancestry and 23 along with email addresses. It is free, basically.

    It would be convenient if we had our own DNA postings that we could access through our DNA accounts instead of having to scroll to find this one which gets further down the chain…..

  180. DH

    My sentiments exactly allpeas! I should be thanking Ancestry for weaning me off their site.

  181. Kim

    I’m reading the blog hoping that Ancestry would provide a ball park figure of how long they’re expecting this change to take – days? weeks? months?
    I initially thought the site might be down for a few hours or a day, while they made the changes. Even a couple of days – I wouldn’t have been surprised by that. It’s been over two weeks now – and I would at least expect that Ancestry would make some sort of announcement telling us what’s going on and how much longer they expect it to take.
    I normally check my new matches and their trees a couple times a week – but now each time I check, there is nothing. So what’s up? Should I check back next week? Or should I give y’all another six months or so?

  182. John

    After reading through a few messages I see that a lot of people are recording the user name to try to find a tree later. Instead of recording the user name I record the address of the DNA match from the address bar. It starts off like “” and then continues with the identifying information. This allows me to go back to that DNA match through the link. I place the link in the note section, for a particular family member, of family tree maker, on my computer.

  183. mb

    Seriously, someone needs to give an honest estimate of when the DNA site will be ‘fixed’. Just straight-up rude now.

  184. Jim

    Ancestry is to be responding, in the last 12 hours, to questions on Facebook as to how long this upgrade is going to take with; “we’re very sorry that we don’t have a time frame for this but we’ll keep our members updated as soon as there are any changes. ”

    If they really have no idea that is scary from a software deployment point of view and I have 30 years of experience in software design/development/implementation. Upgrades can go amiss for numerous reasons. Because of that a rollback plan for mission critical systems is standard. Ancestry it is time to rollback or share the estimate with your own customer service and ultimately your paying customers.

  185. Bridget

    I can’t believe the ancestry facebook site is directing people here for updates….” two weeks ago new matches were stopped for the new update to the algorithm that calculates the matches. Unfortunately we don’t have an exact date when the update will be complete and when you will receive matches. You can check our blog for up to date information.”….This post is almost two weeks old and ancestry hasn’t posted any answers.

  186. Sharon

    Wow…a response but nothing to do with the main topic. What about not getting new matches? It’s been well over two weeks.

  187. Anne Deibert

    What’s funny is that the “message ” above from the support team on Facebook is what many of us will recognize as the boiler-plate auto-reply they send out to anxious test-takers waiting for results. It has no relevance whatsoever to customers like me, who took the test a year ago and are looking for the continuous stream of matches that Ancestry promised to provide when they took my money. This is a classic example of mismanaging a product update. They must have some real rookies at the helm over there. A large technological snafu with a major update and you have no Plan B? Wow. While a little customer TLC might have helped before, it is too late for that now.

  188. Keith

    @Dovie: I’m beginning to think you’d be a great employee given how they jerk us all around!

  189. Alice

    Ancestry finally responded to a comment on Facebook saying ethnicity estimates will be released when they are finished but the matches will be held until the update. So I can see my tests but can’t confirm if they are in fact my relatives…whenever they get done testing them. It’s been six weeks on Wednesday. Yes, I’m counting.

  190. Janet

    Nothing against Denise, but it would have been nice for the support team to reply to all of us in one response, what jerks, to only address one person!!!! No apologies or we’re sorry guys or NOTHING! WOW this company is something else.

  191. Lord Baltimore

    Just read “The Case of The Missing Ancestry Update”. A masterpiece if ever there was one. Now I have two blogs to keep me entertained while I wait for the DNA update.

  192. RL

    FWIW, we’ve had another about-face! Ancestry has now deleted all of its prior answers to Facebook queries that had stated (prior to deletion) that DNA results would be released in raw/ethnicity form only pending completion of the update. NOW they are saying that no results of any kind will be released to anyone until after the update is complete, even for users who’ve been waiting more than 8 weeks! Absolutely unbelievable. I’m a long-time subscriber and former supporter of Ancestry, and you can bet that I will never give them another penny of my money, nor will I allow any family members to do the same. Pack up the house, kids! We’re moving to another vendor.

  193. Lord Baltimore

    Welcome everyone to day 13 of the DNA Update Hostage Crisis. Please everyone pray for his soon release and that he will emerge unharmed and in good working order.

  194. Reen is doing its very best, you guys. This is such a small hiccup for us to have better, more nuanced DNA profiles that will likely have us finding and understanding our matches in a way we haven’t been able to before. All the knee-jerk reactions in the world won’t hasten a quality product of which we are all deserving and soon shall have at our fingertips, and for most of us, from the comfort of our homes.

  195. Duke

    i bet obama did the test for next season of WDYTYA and it was found out he is 100% from kenya so froze every ones are tests to stop his matches from seeing and revealing this fact. this makes sense because ancestry would have to delete the test from the system without us seeing it from happening. i read it on facebook.

  196. LadyJane

    Reen, your point would be well taken if all we were talking about was a brief lapse in the reporting of new DNA matches. But Ancestry is holding hostage the results of all DNA tests that have been processed during this time, refusing even to release the raw DNA data so users could take the information for which they paid and have it analyzed elsewhere. They have repeatedly refused to tell us when those results might be released, even in the face of pleas from some purchasers who have testers lying in hospice beds who might literally die before Ancestry ever released their results, even though Ancestry has those results at its fingertips. This is simply not acceptable.

  197. Lord Baltimore

    @reen My comment was meant in jest. Forgive me, I can’t help myself, I find humor in the fact that ancestry can’t relate to their customers. It is like the ancestry decision makers are from another planet and if their customers have knee jerk reactions to their decisions, maybe they learned it from the KING of knee-jerk reactions… ACOM. Remember some of ancestry’s more recent blunders. Ancestry thought it was a great idea to do away with My Canvas. That went over real well with their customers, but that didn’t stop them from implementing another great idea a little later… that was to stop selling Family Tree Maker. Both of those announcements on this blog generated thousands of negative comments that made them rethink those ideas and eventually both My Canvas and FTM were sold. So did ancestry learn anything? Apparently not, now their newest knee jerk decision is to put a hold on all new ancestry DNA tests until the new matching algorithm is up and running. That decision is also not going over well with their customers. What is ancestry’s secret number? How many times does it take before they finally learn? I have decided if I am going to continue with ancestry, I need to rely on my sense of humor.

  198. I talked to customer service early last week and they said it would be back running toward the end of the month (April). My mistake for not asking what year. Ancestry’s announcement said there would be no matches for a “brief period of time”. Ancestry can calm a lot of our concerns by just responding system-wide about a realistic target date. I submitted a complaint on Friday, requesting a credit for April and May and received a case number. I have no real expectations of a response.

  199. Dottie

    I pretty well voiced my main concerns with having to go so long without any DNA matches to review in an earlier post.
    I don’t understand why Ancestry just didn’t post a notice across the top of the DNA home page, something like they do when they are letting us know of scheduled maintenance, telling us that there would be no new matches until further notice and giving a short explanation as to why.
    As it was, after several days of no new matches I had to look around the website to find out that I wasn’t the only one having this happen and then wondering as many others are as to WHAT is going on and why is Ancestry not letting us know something official.
    The old expression, “the natives are becoming restless” seems to apply here! 🙂

  200. Member since 2000

    Definitely not a hiccup to anyone who works in tech. Problems should have all been found and fixed in a separate testing environment before going onto a production environment. This botched roll-out should be a call for everyone to bakc up their data by downloading your DNA results file for upload to gedmatch and downloading your gedcom files too. Would hate to wake up one day to find a mismanaged upgrade has wiped out all our data.

  201. P. A. Miller

    My new stuff just came on (10:05am PST, 3 May). Lost three hints, lost a couple of the bizarre NADs, lost 4 good circles (I’m thinking some circles may come back after further processing, but a couple of them were only emerging). So far, no big whoop on relationship prediction changes that I’ve seen.

  202. Anne Chandler

    Hooray! Thirteen pages of new matches! No significant relationship changes that weren’t expected.

  203. Junior

    A lot of more unaccurate the relationship prediction from my several test on charge with at least 40 real third cousins relationship only the 10% is suggested like 3rd cousin the most of them are suggested 4-6 cousin or distant. The real 4rd cousin only the 35% is in the 4-6 range and around 40% are suggested distant, and 1/4 no detected at all. To have the “sharing with” option limitated to “ancestry detected 4rd cousin” has not sense at all because they are failing detecting them.

  204. caith

    My new matches are in. 54 pages. But my very last match (and it has a leaf) has only 6.0 cMs.

  205. Stu

    Thank you Ancestry for FINALLY updating my DNA profile. HOWEVER, we still do not know if you have updated everyone, or is this is a roll out that being done in segments. If you are reading these comments, this has been a very frustrating experience for a great number of people. You need to apologize to the faithful.

  206. P. A. Miller

    Yep, the drop down in relationship prediction renders the shared matches even weaker. Also the total cMs and number of segments has changed. Have only checked a few: the totals are up by a cM or two but the number of segments is down one to two on my strongest matches so far. Some nice circles are gone, several legit members of others are gone, and almost all the relationships to the circles are downgraded significantly. The “new science” doesn’t seem to be recognizing my legit documented cousins nearly as well. Thank heavens for a recent re-scan via AncestryDNA Helper. And, as always, come on folks, get on gedmatch for some real info!!! And be sure to link your kit to your tree at gedmatch!

  207. Kristie Wells

    As many of you have discovered, we did release this update today. Read all about it here:

    Please note: This update is rolling out to over 1.5 million customers, so it may take a little bit of time for the results to show in your account. We appreciate your patience and understanding, but it is coming!

  208. Kathy Cook

    Just got my results for the first time! No DNA circles, but I actually match my first cousin! Now to try to figure out what I am looking at! 🙂

  209. Janet

    Do you know how long it may take for all of the updates? I got the dna results for my mom and sister they connected them both to me, but they haven’t connected them together on their dna, and I’m 100 percent sure their mom and daughter. And I love all the new updates so far. I gained a little and lost a little on my matches, but that’s ok, I’d rather have more accurate results. Thanks in advance for your help.

  210. Bev

    Overall I think the revised results are going to be much better. Thanks Ancestry for trying to improve.
    My tree is public and I like to share but there are a lot of others who do not feel that way and won’t share or communicate.
    Would like an option to turn OFF sharing ONLY with those who do not share and do not have public trees attached to their DNA results.
    It is totally unfair that you have created an environment that those who do not share can see the trees of those who do share and those who do share cannot see the trees of those who won’t share.

  211. Annie

    To date, I have found one known 2nd cousin and two 3rd cousins on AncestryDNA. One of the 3rd cousins I recently found while looking at shared matches for a presumed close (2nd-3rd) cousin. That newest find for me of this 3rd cousin was quite exciting as she appeared as a mutual match with the presumed 2-3rd cousin, and also showed as a match with the other known 3rd cousin of mine. Now after the AncestryDNA change this week, my newest *known* 3rd cousin is showing as a 5th-8th cousin. And I fear that soon she will totally drop off my match list. HELP!!!!!!!

  212. Sue

    I was curious about my father and when he had passed away. When I found what Ancestry had for information, I notified them
    to have it corrected. There is a big mix up!
    Nothing about my brother who has passed. Somehow it shows my dad passed on the exact day as my brother. Not true!
    How do you get your information? I have been a member for quite a few years!

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Sue: We’re very sorry for any confusion caused and for your loss. Can you please send us an email to including a link to where you found this error so we can take a closer look at this?

  213. Pat

    Come on, programmers!!! It’s been more than a week since I asked you to provide a fix for the fact that previously reviewed matches have reappeared. If nothing else, let us un-check the blue dot as easily as we can check or un-check the star column. This isn’t rocket science. I’ve been complaining for years that Ancestry’s searches aren’t Boolean (we should be able to search with AND, OR, and NOT, at the very least), but unchecking the dots would be so easy!! I really wonder if Ancestry has just posted this blog so that customers can vent. Does anyone from Ancestry actually follow up on any of our complaints???

  214. Pat

    Since whoever runs Ancestry obviously doesn’t read or care about our complaints, would someone out there please buy and fix the multitude of problems that exist? Its subscribers would be ever so grateful.

    Note to Ancestry’s programmers: Either Ancestry has instructed you to make search results as futile as possible, or you take no pride in your work. I’d really like to know which it is.

  215. Pat

    To everyone who is reading and posting here: Please upload your results to It’s free, and ever so useful!

  216. Joyce

    I wish we had a way to put matches we have already looked at in a separate folder. I come from Pilgrim and other very old lines and do to endogamy these folks clog up my results. Once I have looked at a match and determined it NOT USEFUL there should be a way to put those results someplace else yet still be able to access them.

    I am REALLY sick and tired of seeing DNA matches ad nauseum with NO trees or Locked trees–THEY do me no good either…so we need 2 places to put these matches. One for known distant relations who show up as 4tn cousins even though the matches are VERY fare back and one file to put all these folks with NO Trees or LOCKED trees…

    Personally I would like a way to BLOCK those folks from seeing my tree.

    WHY should I give up my data to them when they are not courteous enough to put their info out there for others.

    I understand some of them are adoptees…but geex Louise I have pages of matches without trees OR matches that actually lead to common ancestors in the 1600’s and 1700’s and they are clogging up the works–I want to be able to put those matches somewhere else as I have pages and pages of them due to endogamy and distant relatives showing up as MUCH closer than they are.

    I wind up looking at the same folks over and over.

    Give us a way to put those matches someplace else PLEASE…

  217. Sharon

    So…no new matches since May 3? Is it happening again? Anyone else have the same experience?

  218. Bob

    Since the update, my DNA page will not load. I get the spinning arrow/ball at the top of the page and it just sits there. Doesn’t even time out. I cleared my cache and temporary internet files to no avail. I don’t have any problems with my tree or any other area of ancestry. I’m using IE 11. Any suggestions other than use a different browser? Thanks.

  219. DH

    Hi Sharon. I’ve not had any new postings since Friday, May 6th on any of my accounts. They could have stopped posting earlier, but May 6 is when I made the notation. I tried to send an email to support regarding this situation, but got a message that I had to resend it another way. Went to that link and saw a message stating something to the effect of ‘heavy volume’ of emails…

  220. Anne

    Since the update was finally released, I can’t get the search by birth location feature to work – ask it for Jensens born in Iowa and I get a bunch of matches with Jensens -but not one born in Iowa. It keeps happening. I don’t believe it to be operator error because I’ve been using the feature with mostly success for a long time (pre-update). Any one have any ideas/thoughts? Thx.

  221. DH

    No date shown, but this alert is on the Ancestry Support page “Service Alert – DNA Matches
    We have received reports of issues with DNA results where a small number of previous matches, including close relatives, may not be appearing. We are working to resolve these issues and expect the matches to show up properly once again within the next 24 hours.” I don’t know if in servicing this, other aspects will be addressed as well. Fingers crossed.

  222. Anne

    Customer Support just told me that I cannot search my DNA matches using a surname AND a birth location. It’s “one or the other, not both.” WTF??? Maybe I’m crazy but I thought I was limiting my surname search by birth location all this time. Wrong????

  223. DH

    UPDATE: Now some matches are showing up. Anne, I thought that you could search surname AND location. I think I’ve done it before.

  224. Anne

    Thx DH. Yes, I’m certain I’ve done it before too. Dead certain. It’s tricky – if you enter a surname and a birth location and there are no matches for that combo – it won’t accept the search. It drops the location and searches the name only. But – if there is at least one surname-location match in your results, and you hit Return after entering both name and location: voila. Worked like magic. Until the update. Doesn’t work AT ALL now. Aggravating.

  225. caith

    You can remove your unwanted trees/matches to another file and retrieve at any time.

    To do so, look on the page with the name of your match. To the left, there is a star, a circle/dot and a trash can symbol. Click on the trash can symbol. Then if you want to retrieve those you have removed to look at, at the bottom of the page of your matches, click on “View Removed Matches”. This file is not sticky so will remove itself.

    Removing each one at a time is tedious. I just got 54 pages of new matches, most of which are private or no tree. The mickey mouse tools they give us here are shocking, really shocking, and very painful to use. Obviously, not one programmer has ever worked a tree or had a dna account to navigate. My personal opinion.

  226. Pat

    I agree wholeheartedly with the previous comment made by caith. Ancestry’s programmers should be compelled to build trees of their own. Then perhaps they’d begin to understand our frustration and implement the extremely simple fixes we’ve been asking for.

  227. Linda

    I recently lost 26 out of 30 Discovery Circle matches. Matches that were related to my Grandmother’s paternal side and so I was thrilled. Little did i know these would be snatched from. The 4 matches I was left are people I cannot connect to anyone in my lines and I share less DNA or small amounts, My sisters Discovery were seriously reduced to two Matches. I am very upset….no furious. Where’s the improvement in this?

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