Posted by Ancestry Team on February 19, 2016 in Website

We recently released several changes to Hints and wanted to make sure you were aware:

Navigational Change on All Hints Page: As part of making navigational changes that allow you to get to endpoints more quickly across the site, we introduced the ability to access a list of all people on your trees in the upper right hand corner of the All Hints page.  Previously it was hidden under the hints leaf at the top and now it is accessible across all pages.


Simplified experience on the All Hints page: Previously there was duplicate functionality on the All Hints page.  In order to create the foundation for introducing more ways to filter and sort your hints, we’ve removed the duplicate features.  We removed the alphabet at the top of the screen and allow you to type in any letter in either first or last names to bring up a list of people with hints.


You can also sort the hints by first or last name in order to see all people with hints.  Look for more ways to filter hints on this page in the future!




We are also working on new features based on your feedback and will have news on the availability on these in the next couple of weeks.

Customizing the color palette: There will be five options you can choose from, including SAND!



Date format: Developing tools to simplify and improve entering date information accurately.

Updates to the Media Gallery: We will introduce drag and drop to make it easy to upload multiple files



We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to keep submitting it via this form, and we will continue to update you on major features we are working on that will help you discover, share and preserve your family history. Thank you.


  1. Kathie

    Would be nice to let us know of changes ahead of time!! Have spent the last 2 day wondering why hints are not working.

    Change is good – just let us know a week in advance.

  2. Rosarii Pearce

    I concur with Kathie – I felt I was wasting my time –nice to know. Would like to know before the changes. Thank you

  3. Char

    If they are asking, I would like to be able to do more than just stop hints from other trees. I would like to be able to stop hints from any and all of the types of hints, should we want to.

    I would also like to be able to ignore batches of hints for an individual, rather than one at a time.

  4. Gaye Tannenbaum

    Is there any way to set up a global gallery for frequently used images? Many of us use the same icons for DNA matches, direct line ancestors, immigrant ancestors, country flags, etc. It would be nice to have them all in one easily accessible place rather than having to hunt down the other people we used it for.


  5. Sharon

    It would be most helpful NOT to get Hints for items that are already attached to people in my tree. I sometimes forget that I have attached a file/picture and end up with more than one that just clutters up the space. Is there anyway to add a filter that will not show hints for things we already have…thanks.

  6. Diane Langeneckertq

    Would it be possible to have color options for the ‘stars’ of our starred matches? One could then categorize according to ethnicity, parental/maternal or whatever the need may be.

  7. Renee M Boudreau

    Nice! Thanks!
    Would be GREAT (for those of us who have DNA linked to people in our trees) to simultaneously see if; while working in our tree formats (adding parents; connecting tree hints etc) if an individual we are merging/connecting has a descendant who Also has done a DNA test who IS on our Match list; example: John Doe who is in 12 other trees; in the view trees page; it would show; John Doe has DNA descendant(s) who are in Your/Janet Doe *your Moms profile* match list; would you like to explore this?; Clicking on a link would open a new tab/page in your browser; showing you the match and their path to the person in your tree (be it you or some other persons kit you admin) then have an option to add a ‘fact’ or something like that like “DNA Evidence” or something. Maybe too complicated, but I hope I explained it right. THAT would be SOOO helpful (says the daughter of a man who has 3,515 DNA matches on Ancestry)

    • Kristie Wells

      Thank you all for your feedback, especially around features and product ideas. Please keep them coming as we are curating all your comments and will share them with the appropriate teams who will take them under consideration.

  8. Brett Lowry

    How about searching the people in my tree by location on the web site? I was always directed to use Family Tree Maker, but now…
    I use the web site most. How about adding some location searches? If you can search by name I don’t see why location would be that much more difficult.
    Searching by location is important and valuable.

  9. Julie Simmons

    Would like to know why my shared ancestors on DNA aren’t updating…that is a really helpful feature!

  10. Kathleen

    Yes! Color Options for Stars in DNA matches! Large text box next to Star to readily display surname notes (instead of having to click a tiny page icon in order to read notes). Eventually, ability to click and drag matches to Surname Folders to replace endless scrolling.

  11. Monelise

    The changes are great! I did notice though, and this happened at the same time the changes rolled out, that if I access my British tree, then move to my US tree, suddenly (like instantly) I have new hints pop in for US people to British vital records. Something slightly wonky happened there.

  12. I love the idea of no repeats on the hints we have already attached to our tree. I too, end up with multiples of the same thing. And love the color choices!!! Thank you!!!

  13. Michelle

    I think it would be great if we could have color choices also for our typing in names. It would make it so much easier to see where the direct lines are. You could separate your maternal and paternal family members and be able to see that quickly when looking at all people in the search. Love the changes that have been made and looking forward to seeing how much more is coming. Also having a lot of the features that are on FTM put into the on line would be awesome. When switching from one to the other it can get a little tricky to remember which one we have to be in for some of the features. Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing.

  14. Lorie

    It would be nice to be able to attach two trees simultaneously to the DNA if they have the same “home” person. This would be a nice feature for those of us who have a different tree for each of our parents.

  15. WatsonOnCall

    How about getting rid of the POP UPS. Every time I save a record I have to see a POP UP. I really hate them. Remember pop up blocker, ad blocker. Most people hate pop ups. It actually slows everything down. Thanks

  16. Ania

    Bring back the hints by person, I LOVED that function, it was extremely useful

    What would also be awesome is hints by record type.

  17. Phil lewis

    I would like to see more analysis tools of your tree to review issues, actions required and logic flaws.

  18. Lis

    I would like not to get hints of photos and documents that I have personally taken or bought and posted coming back to me as hints when someone else ‘Borrows them from MY tree’ …. Also sine change over to ‘new’ ancestry I have a LOT of double ups entries

  19. iain

    as you have hidden comments under tools could you not have something like the shakeing leaf to say you have comments ?

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @iain: You can click on the “Tools” tab and select the option to “Show research tools”. This will make the comments available directly under the profile picture for that person, we hope this helps.

  20. ARF

    Breaking news! We have known about the improvements and new features on the Hints page for weeks. Problems have been reported since it was dumped on customers. I particularly enjoy finding hints for Mr. Comma and Mrs. Null in my trees. And even the fact that I can ignore them today and they are back tomorrow is a plus! How can any of this be called an improvement? And yes, this has been reported, with screenshots. Geez.

  21. Therese DeSanto

    Could you have an option to indicate common law marriage when entering marriages. You may have done this but I haven’t seen it. Also children of unmarried parents selection. I just don’t know what “identification” label you would use. I don’t like to see spouse when they are not, only the parent of a shared child. Hope this makes sense .

  22. Ed Byrnes

    I would love to see the ability to compare my tree to a certain collection with a single push of a button. For example, if a new collection of Ohio marriages comes out, let me push a button that says “compare to my tree” and have all names in my tree checked against that collection.

  23. john

    I appreciate ancestry giving members a color scheme option and I agree with Diane Langeneckertq’s comment. Having multiple color “stars” to color code our DNA matches is a great idea and should be easy to implement.

  24. I would love to be able to print out addresses for a list of people – some kind of ‘sort’ system so if I am visiting a place, I could print a list of people who lived there and go and check out their homes/my heritage. Might be possible now, but I don’t know how. x

  25. Linda Brown

    On the DNA matches, I would like to be able to change your predicted relationship to the actual relationship. I enter it into the notes, but would like to see it on the match list.

  26. Mary Anne O'Neill

    Why can’t we have the choice of a white background to view and print trees? I know you can print with a white background but when you switch to that you lose the photos. It makes no sense. When are you going to give your customers what they want?

  27. Cathy

    I’d like to be able to see hints prioritized by either direct line or by degree of relationship. I’m most interested in new hints for my direct ancestors. Next, I’m interested in new hints for people I’m closely related to. Currently, I need to scroll through hundreds of hints for the husband of my great-grandfather’s daughter by marriage to find hints for my great-grandfather because Ancestry treats them all equally. Is that possible?

  28. Alan

    Diane Langeneckertq – Yes, I love your idea of colour options as well.
    On the main site there should also be a field of some sort that you can use as a “flag” for whatever you want. It could be a star that could be set to various colours. It would allow you to group people in whatever way you felt was important to you and would introduce more flexibility. Thanks for considering!

  29. Theodore Rogers

    I like the changes BUT I still get all them ghost hints and round robin hints you cannot get rid of. I started a new tree and got to less then 500 people and back the problem came.

  30. Theodore Rogers

    Can you install a reset button to bring all hints back to zero. Sure would be nice to not see any false hints or stuck hints. Like looking at hints say 164 of them for total and knowing that 54 of them are not hints at all. PLEASE. Been this way for several years.

  31. Margaret LaPierre

    It would be great if we are able to have more than one window open at a time. It would save a lot of bouncing back and forth.

  32. Frank

    I’d like to see ALL relationships to a person instead of just first cousin if there are other relationships. FTM 2006 does that, but no versions since then. I have 5 other relationships besides SELF, that I know of. I don’t think I’m the only one who would like to see this.

  33. trini

    One of the functions I am really missing is when entering information in a field, like date or description, previously entered data does not come up. It really saved on retyping over and over. For example, when going through an obit, I will add the date and residence to the living relative’s profile with a description of “father’s obit” etc.

    I would also like to be able to turn off hints from databases in which the data has been pulled from other family trees, like we can for family trees themselves, as many contain incorrect information. There are so many of them.

  34. john

    I would like to see a DNA icon added to ancestry members’ trees who have taken the ancestry DNA test. You could use a double helix for the icon. FTM users who use tree sync have an up/down arrow icon visible on their ancestry trees to identify them and I think it is time to identify ancestry DNA users. This is another idea that would be very easy to implement.

  35. I’d love to be able to search electoral rolls by address instead of name, even just street name as not all houses were numbered. Find My Past has this option on their census records. Electoral rolls are all typed, not handwritten, so the OCR should be able to handle it easily. Thanks 🙂

  36. Ann Lamb

    I would like to be able to hide No Tree and Private Tree matches. I would like to see my DNA notes if I hover over them rather than having to click. I star people I identify, but I would like a few more options so I could see whether I identify them as paternal or maternal line.

  37. margaret

    I want to see the features that people have listed above!!! No need to re-state these excellent requests. Especially, I’d like to NOT see ‘hints’ that are items I ALREADY have in my tree!!! AND being able to get rid of ‘groups of hints’ for a person I’m not interested in, instead of one at a time. Thank you.

  38. Anne Scott Frankland

    We’ve already been working with this new All Hints page for weeks — since you took away the “People with hints” (not a duplication) option earlier this month.

    The color palette option is listed as a NEW FEATURE COMING – not a done deal. There will be thank you’s all-round when the option shows up.

    We still don’t have the Family Group Sheet. They have supposedly been working on that for a very long time. It’s not even listed as a feature they are still working on! All they have to do is put back the link for the old Family group Sheet while we wait for the new improved FGS.

  39. Cathy

    I’d also like to be able to set my preferred standard for things like dates (I like three character month abbreviations) and places (I like town, county, state, USA). I’d like to be able to state my preferences and have the popup suggestions be in that preferred format.

  40. John Ahrens

    It would be nice if sources got shared when accepting information through member trees so that we can have some reliability with such transfers, without having to re-research that information ourselves just to validate it.

    I would also like if there was a way for members to visibly indicate the degree of confidence in their tree relationships. I am thinking maybe changing the colors of the boxes around the individuals – Green being a solid lead, Red being an uncertain lead or maybe just a guess, Orange or Yellow being something in between. As it is, people use either the image or the Suffix to indicate that they are a DNA confirmed match, or are uncertain about that connection.

  41. Gwenda Malnati

    Thanks for making the changes for hints. I can see that many above me have some great ideas. Love the fact that you have finally listened to all of us and are allowing us to choose the color background of our pages. Thank you so much for this. You are going to make a great many people very happy. After a while you should check and see the popularity of each color and post the results. Please make sure that everyone who has a tree is notified when they can change the color of their background. Not all get this blog.

  42. Elhura

    One question. How do these colors play out on the page once they do finally arrive? From the preview, they look like they come from the same intensity as that now offered by Sand. If the options don’t improve vision issues for those finding the current shades problematic, then you have just traded “pretty” for “more pretty”. I hope Ancestry has given some real thought and study into what colors and background combinations are truly eye-friendly.

  43. Beverley Pritchett

    Like trini above, I would like the Autofill function back when keying in residences. I have been reporting this on your Facebook page for months and have had replies, but still not fixed. I believe the problem is in the fixed tick, needs to be removed.

  44. Rhonda

    I don’t know if this exists yet, but I’d like to see a way to easily find trees that I’ve looked at with hints – I’d like to find them again and once I’ve looked at them, they disappear 🙁

  45. Joyce

    TOTALLY agree with posts above : Sharon It would be most helpful NOT to get Hints for items that are already attached to people in my tree. –

    Brett Lowry How about searching the people in my tree by location on the web site? I was always directed to use Family Tree Maker, but now… I use the web site most. How about adding some location searches? –

    Julie Simmons Would like to know why my shared ancestors on DNA aren’t updating… –

    Dan Davidson Please, please stop giving me HINTS that I have already applied

    BUT I have some more suggestions

    #1 DO NOT call “family data collections” SOURCES-these are NOT sources–they are merely an amalgamation of what other people have put on their trees–while they can be helpful to look at to get clues they are NOT SOURCES.

    I often look at “tree hints” to see if others have discovered some sources I may have missed…but there should be a totally different category for these.

    TOO many times I look at a HINT that is in Ancestry Family Tree HINTS on my HINT page–and click on one that seems to have a lot of hint ONLY to discover they have added only to discover that have added “Family Data Collection” over and over and over.

    This is also misleading for new researchers. These are NOT and never will be SOURCES…figure out another name for them and categorize them as such–they are wrong many times and they certainly are NOT SOURCES.

    #2 We USED to be able to see a preview of the facts page and in that preview it had a truncated view of a person that was only 2-3 pages that included LINKS to the various Census docs and other sources you have added.

    This was most useful as I could copy and paste into a WORD document or email for my own files or for a file I was sending to another member. NOW I cannot even see what the print would look like and I cannot copy and paste in WORD or an email,

    Before a person’s “profile” page was a few pages…and we could see before we print, we could copy it into out own files and still have the links to data work.

    NOW we get TONS of pages, we cannot copy into WORD or whatever program we use for our personal files—

    I don’t need 10 pages of stuff on every person–I want a short version as we used to have, and I want to be able to copy and paste that complete with LINKS (these links WILL work from a WORD doc as long as you have an ancestry account.

    Paper print outs don’t stand the test of time AND I don’t want to print out 10 pages on any person in my tree–esp when the SAME info used to take a page or two, include parents and siblings etc.

    MOST researchers do not ONLY keep records on ancestry–they also keep them in their own files!

    Give us BACK a truncated print view, with the links to sources.

    Not only can we not SEE and copy what we are printing, I prefer my trees growing…I have a LOT of ancestors going back to the pilgrim era, I have researched overseas a LOT and I want to be able to save this info to MY files as well.

    My descendants, who have been left my tree in my will may not be able to afford an subscription! I want them to be able to at least SEE what is what through WORD files…until they can afford to take over the tree I have left them in my will…

    I want them to be able to SEE the resources.

    Although I HAVE FTM I prefer NOT to leave it in sync mode as I do not trust it–for many reasons but on BIG one is what if those programs are not around when my 10 year old nieces and nephews are old enough to take over my tree?

    I don’t want to have to print off TONS of confusing files for them. NOT TO MENTION printing off all this stuff only lasts so long–eventually it will not be readable–and I don’t want them to have to start over.

    Ancestry might not BE in business when they are 30 years old!!! and what then?

    My hard work for the last 20 years will have been totally LOST

  46. Joyce

    Re my comment re “I prefer my trees growing” I meant int he sense of growing REAL live trees–not using so much paper—and that paper is not going to last generations anyway…

    This is the digital age–I want to stay AWAY from so much paper that won’t be able to be read in 20 years anyway!

    Right now, I have NO way to save the FACTS page info on folks to a WORD document…that includes names/date of parents and children.

    I want that function back

  47. Susan

    I appreciate the changes you have made and are making. I want only one thing: chromosome numbers so i can make use of the cMs and number of segments that you already provide.

  48. Barbara

    My hints screen features have not been updated. Nothing new, still have the alphabet at the top of the screen.

  49. Ann

    I would like to be able to search my DNA matches for those which have a specific surname in their family tree.
    I would like a filter option that would allow me to ignore the DNA matches who have not posted family trees.

  50. carmen

    I’m glad that some changes are being made to the new site. I hope it will continue to improve to be as good as the old site.

    Something I am NOT HAPPY about is Ancestry taking OUR PHOTOS we submit and creating their own collection out of them and calling it “U.S. Family Photo Collection.” The ORIGINAL SUBMITTER IS NOT SHOWN. Before, we could see who originally submitted a photo and use the link to go to their tree to see the connected family and contact them if we wanted.

    It seems very disingenuous to me to take our photos and not even give credit to the original submitter. Not only that, but people are allowed to click on the name and submit alternate names or corrections!! >:(

    At least before we could see if someone saved our picture to their tree and if they had added it to the wrong person, etc. we could be aware of it. But you are making that impossible now.

    I’m sure many people don’t even read the description of Ancestry “Collections” and where they come. They just assume it’s a legitimate source because it comes from Ancestry.

  51. mary

    When will Ancestry acknowledge the fact that many of us have requested a global OFF switch for the ridiculous Lifestory?

  52. charlotteharrell

    My hints are a mess. One tree reports 81 hints when none are available for example. I liked the simple profile page that we once had.

  53. dianeturnbull1

    In Gallery view I would like to be able to have the drag and drop option so my photos and records, etc would in the order I want them to be in. Media Type, Newest, Oldest, and Alpha order are not nearly as helpful as drag and drop would be.

  54. Brenda Nickles-Balint

    As far as Search Filter by location…can you please make it so we can search ANY locations in a tree … NOT just locations where a person was born. Where they DIED is also important.

  55. Ron

    So everyone is drooling about something that never should have been “improved” on, like the background colors. And no one has noticed how screwed up the hints are. Interesting.

  56. Linda E

    It is just very annoying when I am working something and then to be unable to find what I know I have added to the tree in the past. Please get the bugs worked out soon, I am getting very frustrated with the new site.

  57. Elhura

    @dianeturnbull1. Good case in-point about dropping and dragging photos and records in the order I want them. I have a few multiple-shot cemetery photos that when placed in order give a panaramic view of the cemetery. The effect is lost when the photos appear at random in the Gallery.

  58. Elhura

    On second thought, the photos as they now appear in the Gallery have gray bands and don’t appear in-full when viewing the total Galley at one time – so the effect is lost anyway. Would still be nice, however, to be able to line up our photos in chronological order, etc.

  59. Denny

    I would like to see additional hint filters like direct ancestors or direct descendants of an individual in my tree so I can more easily filter my research.

  60. Karen

    I would like to be able to generate a chronological list of dates of birth and dates of death for all people in my tree like I had on Brother’s Keeper when I had it.

  61. spotter4

    I want a global check all individuals for hints button in my tree. I was out of ancestry for a few years, now have 14,000 plus people to go through to see what my hints are.

    I also would like a review button for all ignored hints, maybes, etc. Last it would be nice to have a way to delete hints from your tree you absolutely know are not applicable to any of your lines. Also I get as do others many hints of the same thing, from many trees, we need a filter on all of these duplicate hints.

    As for color just put up a settings page with color palette and text size and let individuals choose their own styles, colors for backgrounds, text, and border frames. This way there is no bitching about any of it.

    Also different colors for paternal and maternal lines would be great, both text and / or background colors.

  62. spotter4

    One thing I really want to see, if my tree is public I do not want people to be able to download / save my my pictures and other items to their computer then upload it later claiming it is their original document.

    I do not mind if they use my data but at least have it so they give the person who originally submitted it credit.

  63. Franklin McClintock

    Would be very nice if we could have access to a free online family tree form so that we can save and print out our latest family tree information.

  64. tom

    Your link for additional comments takes us to a less than helpful site. If you truly want feedback don’t be so elusive in having a useful site.

  65. Anne Scott Frankland

    I would like to be able search the List of all People by birth or death year, County and State.

  66. spotter4

    Please ad in your site setup page a way to select a global day/month/year format.

    This way each person has a way to get the date format they like.

    It has to be for all dates across a persons tree.

  67. Suzanne

    I appreciate the change in the color background – now if I could just print the page again – I have an old computer – and the print is garbled. If you can’t do that, then I’d like to be able to cut and paste into Word.

  68. Monika

    For those of us who do not appreciate LifeStory, please provide a “block” feature that removes this encroachment that you are forcing on those of us who do not appreciate someone else taking over our ancestry trees and adding things to our trees that we do not want. This block should also exist for anyone who is invited to our trees. Thank you!

  69. dmarshall511

    Ditto what Ann Lamb said!. Please remove “Private Tree” items from Hints and Searches, or give us a button to hide them.

  70. dmarshall511

    It looks like you are developing a tool for entering dates. That is very much appreciated! Hopefully this will standardize dates throughout Ancestry for each user with the option for numerical or spelled out dates with either three-letter abbreviation or full word, the option for day-month-year or month-day-year.

    A pet peeve is the 1940 Census. When adding other year Censuses to the tree, when I change a recurring date from three-letter abbreviation to spelling out the month for the first person of a family, that change is automatically repeated for the whole family. But on the 1940 Census, when I change the “1 Apr 1940” to “1 April 1940”, I have to manually make that change for every person. Fixing that would be a huge help!

  71. dmarshall511

    I hope your list of things to work on includes standardizing place names and eliminating abbreviations. This should eliminate the complaints about people showing up in places where they never lived, like maybe someone who spent their entire life in Ireland showing up in the state of Colorado. In the USA, the word County follows the name while in Ireland it proceeds the name. For the State of Louisiana, it should have the word Parish instead of County.

    This would have to be case-sensitive…”Co” is the abbreviation for “County” and “CO” is the abbreviation for Colorado. Taking the option of using abbreviations away might make some users unhappy, but it would fix a problem.

    A pet peeve with me for place names involves pre and post Revolutionary War. Before the end of that war, for example, there was no such place as “New Garden, Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA”. “USA” should not appear on as part of pre-Revolutionary War places.

  72. Wrenda

    I would like to see a drag and drop function, chronological sort or a left-right toggle, similar to FTM, for the gallery.

  73. dmarshall511

    For your upcoming improvements for the media gallery, please bring back thumbnails on the Profile/Facts page. My preference is that these thumbnails not include images of records that are part of an event/fact and source.

  74. cwool

    It would be extremely helpful to know if items are in the GALLERY without having to open it, like the HINTS box that shows the number of hints. Also the same for “View Notes”. Knowing if something is in those areas without opening them would save a lot of time as I won’t open them if nothing is there. A quick way to chose an item in the Gallery for the profile picture would be useful. The name and info box at the top is too big and takes up too much of the page. The search person button is in an awkward place and would be better grouped with research tools. A lot of people may not know that under “Tools” there is a choice to “Show Research Tools”. Why not make the default that they are shown and people can chose not to show them.

  75. B

    I am once again requesting for the umpteenth time that Ancestry provide a button to block anyone viewing my tree from viewing Life Story. I’m absolutely fed up with being told I can just ignore it if I don’t like it, when the reason I don’t like it is because Ancestry’s computer generated narrative for an ancestor and map locations are so very often wrong, and I do not have the time to correct all of these problems that Ancestry itself has generated for me. I do not have time enough left on earth to go in and standardize the location on all the census, marriage and death records that I’ve attached to my ancestors.
    I’m also not happy about some of the serious bungling of ancestors going on in DNA Circles. Once again I will cite the instance of having a DNA Circle for my 4th great grandfather R. I open the Circle and who should appear but his brother J showing 3 wives, one of whom was the first wife of R. and J.’s brother F. I descend from brothers R. and F. Yes, Ancestry uses 100’s and even thousands of trees to compile an ancestor for both DNA Circles and New Ancestry Discoveries (which can be horribly misleading, especially for adoptees). Many of those trees used in compilations are “click happy” trees done by people who have never looked at original census, marriage and death records, but have merely copied a bad tree from someone else. I personally have some leaf hints to trees for one particular ancestor, and every single tree has the mother born after the child. So much for trusting info from compiled trees. However, for my DNA Circle for R., what I do have in common with most of the people in this DNA Circle is that we share my 5th great grandparents, the parents of R, J and F. Ancestry often does not handle marriages within endogamous populations and pedigree collapse well at all.

  76. Ann Lamb

    I wpould be very happy of the New Information Saved box which appears when you add a Hint would go away forever. I can see that info was saved and it means one more unnecessary click.

  77. Carmen

    I have also been asking for the ability to search & sort the List of All People by birth, death & state. That would be unbelievably helpful!

    I also renew my request to remove the pop-up after saving new information. It truly is in the way.

    And, again, I’m asking for the ability to open in a new tab the Suggested Records which are shown after clicking the Related tab in the document viewer. This is already possible when opening the link to another user’s tree from the document viewer but it’s not possible when trying to open a suggested census, etc.

    We also need more effective ways to search and sort our DNA matches. We should be able to search by a match’s username. A way to search by ethnicity would also be great.

  78. Anne Scott Frankland

    Lifestory is horrendous and a joke. Those who like it – great! Those of us who don’t like it should be able to HIDE IT, REMOVE IT, BLOCK IT or TURN IT OFF! Whatever it takes to keep it from being seen by anyone. One little click is all it takes to get rid of that computer generated tripe.

    If I want to tell my story – I’ll tell it. You – Ancestry – are not my family. You do not have the right to “tell” my story. I pay you for access to the databases. From there I build my trees. is simply the tool I use to build those trees. My subscription is not an invitation for you to intrude into my life – and trees – with your take on my stories.

  79. B

    I just noticed that Ancestry has altered the color scheme for my DNA ethnic admixture regions. No more green for Ireland. It’s now a very light blue. Don’t the programmers at Ancestry have anything better to do? I was one of the original DNA Beta testers at Ancestry, and in all this time we have begged and begged for something besides one gold star to sort our DNA matches by. I have 275 pages of DNA matches, 50 people to the page. There is no way to search by user name. Also, a surname and location search cannot be done on those who have not attached a tree to their DNA results. I have matches I want to see again, but I can’t find them unless I previously gold-starred them. This is just totally ridiculous after this many years.

  80. dianeturnbull1

    I don’t know if anyone else has this situation in their family, but I have several instances where sisters and brothers in one family have married brothers and sisters in a different family, making me doubly related to them. For example, my Mom’s sister married my Dad’s brother. Sometimes the Relationship Calculator says my Dad’s brother is my Uncle and other times it says he is the Husband of my Aunt. I would like to see both relationships when that situation exists.

  81. B

    Ireland is once again green in my DNA ethnic admixture map, and my other ethnic regions have returned to their original color maps. Just what was the point of the brief change??

  82. dmarshall511

    Joyce, I agree that the “Family Data Collections” are not SOURCES, but they do sometimes provide very useful information. Just a few minutes ago, a Family Data Collection hint helped me realize I had a typo in the names of a person’s parents – Hogg George Gregg and Sarah [Unknown] were actually George Gregg and Sarah Hogg. So please don’t knock them too harshly! Use them for what they are good for – maybe call them a fact check or whatever.

    Maybe Ancestry could add some sort of a “folder” or “individual shoe box” or something at the bottom of the Sources column to store these “sources of information” that are not really SOURCES.

  83. Monika

    I would like to see a greater contrast between how the spouse and the children show on the profile page. Sometimes, particularly if there are many children, my eye has to search vigorously to find the name of the spouse on that page.

  84. CH

    To dianeturnbull1: Yep! I have the same man in my mother’s tree and in my father’s tree, with a different wife and children. The man’s first wife died and he married a second time and had more children.

    When I found that name, it looked familiar and I said to myself, “Where have I seen that name before?” The two trees are separate, so less confusion as to relationships.

    I also have some first cousins marrying, and lots of second cousins marrying, the latter being mostly in the 1600s and the 1700s.

  85. Barbara

    I saw a comment suggesting that the show research tools choice being the default and ancestry members can opt out. Crista has suggested that if we contact a tree owner about an error and get no response and the correction is not made, we make polite notes on other trees that have an error with corrections or give the other folks viewing the incorrect information our contact info. If the other tree owner hasn’t activated the “show research tools” how will anyone else know that your note is there?

  86. Barbara

    I have mentioned this in the past. Since I don’t consider other Ancestry trees a source, I would like to eliminate the hints that only have trees as sources. Also, I would like the trees for my ancestor sorted by the number of sources (Ancestry AND uploaded). Those of us who actually do research, have no need to waste time looking at a tree whose only source is our own tree. Since individually uploaded sources are in a different category than Ancestry sources, it seems as if it could be done similarly.

  87. MDubuc

    I agree with Mary and Ann, that a user configuration option is necessary to turn off LifeStory globally across one’s tree, should one choose. Personally I think that LifeStory is inane, and frankly I am embaressed by it being in my tree. So far all I have gotten from Ancestry Support is that LifeStory only represents what I have put in the tree, like it’s my fault it’s there! I have pointed out the error in their opinion, but so far all I have gotten after that is that it will be submitted to the developers for consideration. Since they are making changes for colors and hints (without acknowledging they messed up in the first place), perhaps there is hope that I will eventually get LifeStory out of my tree: I HATE IT.

  88. Debra

    Before Ancestry goes and adds “colors” why don’t they fix all the problems they have created since Dec 15th? I
    I was told today the option to recalculate relationship codes in our trees is not available with the new version when I called ancestry. The lady who answered the phone told me to just add notes how they are related.
    How can Ancestry sell a product and tell you just to work your tree and do within a relationship code for that family, which was a great grandparent?
    I also called last week about turning the hints off or on and I was told that can’t be done anymore either. Does anyone know what is going on.
    I just pity the poor customer service reps that must answer all the complaints everyday.

  89. Monika

    @MDubuc – IF LifeStory is just a repetition of what we have already put into our trees, why impose a repetition on us. Why ENCROACH onto our trees as if we had no right to decide how we want our family tree to show. And, having said that–ACOM’s claim that they are only using things that we put into our trees is incorrect. I have never called a newborn baby “Mr. Beach”, I have never claimed that my ancestors were born in the Czech Republic and no, my husband’s ancestor who was born, lived and died in Iowa and has absolutely no mention of Colombia, South America, anywhere in the entire tree, should not have the “heart” on the map showing that he lived in Colombia, South America. And, as those who have been on these blogs for a long time already know, I have a husband who has Stage 4 cancer and I have my hands full being his caregiver, I should NOT have to invest my valuable time in changing and correcting these LifeStories that are forced on me on trees that I have worked on for ten + years. ANCESTRY.COM HAS NO RIGHT TO ENCROACH ONTO MY TREES. I CREATED THESE TREES AND I HAVE A RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT IS IN THEM. Where do they come in thinking that they have that right? …Just because they can??

  90. MDubuc

    Monika, I am agreeing with everything that you are saying. LifeStory is an insult to us all. They did have no right to put it into our trees. I hate it. I understand your frustration. Just knowing that LifeStory is there in my tree, even if I don’t go to the tab, sickens me. I HATE LIFESTORY!

  91. Cathy Ferrere

    I just found this blog. Here I was thinking it was my iPad app that needed to be reloaded. I have been working on my hints and they keep appearing and disappearing without any logic. I, too, have photo hints for , and null and null null and I can’t get rid of them. Please reload the software that worked!

  92. Simon

    Unfortunately the “simplified hints” is rather the opposite – it hasn’t simplified anything! Please please please reintroduce the “People with Hints” function on the All Hints page. With 2,215 Hints it was so useful to see the number of hints by person so I could prioritise the individuals with the highest number of hints. Before I used to have 6 or 7 pages of people, but now have 111 pages of Hints. This is completely unworkable. I cannot manage or simply navigate such a vomit of data. Please please please reintroduce the “People with Hints” function on the All Hints page (and maybe make that a sortable field too). Lastly, on the All Hints page, please allow an option to “Expand/Collapse All”. You are currently presenting far too much data to the user and it is overwhelming.

  93. Marti

    Is there any way to have the name & date of the original photo poster stay with the photos so we can contact them with questions? I know it might be impossible for those who “borrow” photos, add them to their own computer files, and then upload as their own. Those folks can’t answer questions as the original poster might be able to do. Thank you for reading comments and making the changes you’ve done.

  94. DeDe

    Ancestry could care less about those who don’t like LifeStory. From the Ancestry Insider article about Kendall Hulet’s talk at a RootsTech luncheon: “His last tip was directed at those who don’t like Life Story. Ancestry wanted to jump start the story of your ancestor. What they present isn’t fixed in stone. It’s easy to edit. ‘But if you don’t like that tab, …just don’t go to [it]. … It’s an easy answer. Select the Facts tab; it will stay sticky.'” So, Ancestry’s EASY answer is “JUST DON’T GO TO IT”. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t reflect what you want in your tree. It doesn’t matter that you have hundreds or thousands of “LifeStory” messes to edit. It doesn’t matter that you don’t want anyone else to see something that is trivial or in error. Just ignore that big, ugly elephant in the room. “JUST DON’T GO TO IT”.

  95. CH

    To DeDe: You are so right on! My feelings exactly. I have been ignoring Life Story. I want it totally gone. I don’t have time to edit it every time I add or change something, and it changes to a more stupid story!

    Since Ancestry is considering adding media, visual and audio, to Life Story, I don’t think they will give us the ability to make it totally gone from our tree(s).

    They are insulting up by saying, “Just don’t go to it.” We already know that! WE DON’T WANT IT IN OUR TREES! Leave it there for ONLY the people who do want it. We need an Off button that does not allow it to be seen by anyone!!!

  96. calyx

    Feb 25 update: The people who own and run Ancestry have never used it. Not when it was first launched in the late 90’s, and not when they first start screwing around with it about 10 years ago. What if the people who build cars never drove one? What if the people who make ovens never baked? It’s not easy to ignore the elephant in the room, and even more difficult to ignore the peanuts on its breath!

  97. Monika

    @DeDe and CH. I wonder what would happen if we went to a restaurant and ordered a quality steak and the restaurant served that steak and added a glob of stinky tripe right next to it. Then when the customer complains and says “I did not want tripe with my steak!” the restaurant owner says “That’s how we serve it! You don’t have to eat the tripe!”

  98. CH

    Monika: We all know what would happen. We’d eat the steak and leave the tripe. But…we would never go back to that same restaurant. At least I would not! And we’d tell our friends and relatives about the quality of that restaurant and the BAD ATTITUDE of management. (Don’t blame the cooks or the waiters/waitresses.)

    Also we wouldn’t buy a car that had no brakes, expecting them to be installed later! And we would not appreciate a car dealer or manufacturer saying , “We are working on getting you brakes!” We expect all the parts to be on the car when we sign the purchase agreement.

    A Genealogy site is very unique. Ancestry can get away with things we would never tolerate in other services and products. They have gobbled up some really good sites and shut them down. Why? Money of course, and they don’t hide that fact. We lose some valuable resources because one size does not fit all in research.

    Ancestry is a for profit business, not a conscience driven service and consumers are on the lowest rung of the ladder.

    I have used Ancestry since 2002 and I still think there are good things about it, but I have seen the quality go down while they are adding unnecessary bells and whistles for the instant gratification generation crowd and less dependability for the real researchers.

  99. Monika

    @CH Very well said! And there is no doubt that it is a difficult job to satisfy ALL of your customers, from the newbies to the experienced genealogist. But anyone who understands computer programming knows that it would be quite possible to create an “off” button that sticks that would allow those of us who do not want this repetitive nonsense, interspersed with errors made by ACOM in our trees, to get rid of it. Let those who find value in this enjoy it on their site, BUT DO NOT FORCE IT ON ME ON MY SITE!

  100. B

    @CH. Yes, you have said it very very well!
    I might also add that Kendall Hulet’s “just don’t look at it” cavalier, dismissive attitude toward those of us who have found significant errors inserted into our Life Story narratives, DNA Circles, and New Ancestor Discoveries, is akin to infecting our trees with a deadly, incurable virus.

  101. Victoria Sigler

    I just want to know when the hint section is going to be fixed please because its Messina with my family trees very badly thanks in advance

  102. MDubuc

    Regarding Kendall Hulet’s reported talk at a RootsTech luncheon about LifeStory, “just don’t look at it” , it that is truly what he said, we have a disgusting view of how he views the customer base. It is apparent he is of the mentality that he believes he knows what is best for us and our trees. We must be a bunch of dummies in his eyes.

  103. Kathleen Hoffa

    Questions – why aren’t there any updates on DNA matches lately and why are the hints ‘unavailable’ most of the time in the past month or so?

  104. Allan

    Color palette idea is great, but the colors are too intense, they need to be much lighter or pastel. As someone else said, ‘sand’ is the only color where to background color does not overwhelm the data on the page.

  105. dmarshall511

    This comment will probably drive many of you and especially our much respected @Elhura one step closer to total madness, but I have to admit to finding a new and valuable use for those otherwise aggravating purple octopus lines that sometimes connect Facts/Events and Sources on the Facts page.

    Using those lines to show which Sources link to duplicate facts (in this case two listing of a Marriage event), it is easy to eliminate the duplicate Fact/Event. Once you figure out which Source(s) cause the duplicate Fact/Event, hover the mouse pointer over the offending Source, click the EDIT button and then click ASSOCIATED FACTS. Then you can add the Source to the preferred Fact/Event and then after closing the EDIT popup, you can remove the duplicate Fact/Event and all of the Sources will connect to the remaining Fact/Event.

    I am not going to go back through nearly 6000 people looking for and fixing duplicate Facts/Events, but I now know how to fix them in the future!

  106. dmarshall511

    I agree with @Monika – there needs to be a more obvious difference between the Spouse and Children in the Family column. Quickly finding a second spouse in farm families where there were a lot of children with two (or more) spouses is a problem.

    In addition to the spouses being slightly offset to the left as they currently are, maybe they should have a differently shaded background or something else to highlight them. Anyone else have a suggestion on this?

  107. Monika

    @dmarshall511 – I agree with all three of your last e-mails. I have been building up the courage to tell my very much respected Elhura that I have learned to like the Octopus for the same reasons you do. I am glad you got ahead of me! 🙂 Hope that they will do something to make the wives stand out more on the profile page and still HATE LIFESTORY as much as ever. Shame on you, Kendall Hulet!

  108. Don

    @Monika & @dmarshall511 for those of us that used new ancestry before being forced that is exactly why we liked the purple lines also. Which is why we were upset with the calls to eliminate them.

  109. FamGen

    Upcoming Date Format Change: I hope the format includes dd mmm yyyy. Two-digit days are CRITICAL. It eliminates the possibility of an omitted 1, 2 or 3 — i.e., if I type 01 Jan 1943, you know I did not mean to type 11, 21, or 31 for the day. I always type a 2-digit day in order to be concise, and would not want any auto-format to defeat my effort.

  110. Amy D

    1. Please give us a way to ignore hints associated with other family trees without having to go in and ignore every single hint. When “hint” trees are clearly NOT related to my ancestor, I don’t ever want to see them again.
    2. Enhance the UI so that those matches with a tree that is not linked to their profile are easy to differentiate from those with no tree at all. I hide the matches with no tree at all because they are of no use to me in my research.

  111. Elhura

    @Monika and dmarshall511. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. Believe it or not, I, too, have become more accustomed to the purple lines and don’t mind them nearly as much now – or at least now that I expect them. They can be kind of nice when used as a quick reference or a ready link to my sources. I am still bothered, however, by their automatic return after adding a source, as well as the “Record Saved” boxes that also appear and reappear post source addition. In those respects they are still troublesome for me both visually and functionally. I suppose I am saying that I would like to control the purple lines’ use and the times I want them to appear.

    I, too, agree that the spouse should be more discernable from the list of children and also hope Ancestry will do something to make that happen. And to add to the list, is the very minimal size given to the census year in a record transcription. I find myself hunting and searching for the year on screen or in the printed version. The printed pages of our trees also continue to fail to carry the name of the tree or the tree owner. Hopefully, in time and with continued input, Ancestry will make needed changes.

  112. Monika

    @Elhura! Re: the printed pages: Ditto! Also, there has to be a way of printing out a profile page without ending up with pages and pages. We used to be able to do so in the past. This is silliness. I do not understand what ACOM’s motivation was to make the printing out of a profile page so disadvantageous.

  113. Elhura

    @ Monika. How right you are about the printed length of the profile page. I compared the profile page of an individual previously printed via Old Ancestry. It totaled 2 pages. Printed via New Ancestry, total length (without Family Events turned on) was 2 1/2 pages. With Family Events allowed, total printed length was 5 pages. It did not matter if I printed straight from the Profile or if I used the Print Friendly button – they were identical today. Both versions included sources.

    The font size is a bit larger in New Ancestry and I am sure that increases length a bit, but is still a definite improvement for my part. The real problem seems to be in the three-column page. Sources were originally below the children’s names in the second column. Now they are in the middle column and family members become a third. As a result, the timeline blocks in the first column become short and choppy. I feel sources should be kept in the printed version, but that the Print Friendly version should return to a two-column page. The other problem, of course, are the redundant Family Events that make reading and printing more tedious. Simply turning them off in this one example made the reading content more digestible and cut the number of printed pages in half.

  114. Barbara

    I would like the ability to do a more complex search in my DNA matches. For example using first and last names along with location. Realizing that we get the “shared ancestor,” it would be great to find an uncle or cousin. Users don’t always finish out family lines or it takes months/years for them to get around to it.

  115. Ani

    The individual who’s profile page is being viewed should be retained in the right side of the page, listing of all family members, when the profile page is open. That’s the only way users see the full scope of the family and individual years parents gave birth to children. It’s extremely confusing now that the profile individual disappears from that list when his or her profile is being viewed. Is this a bug or new adjustment to the program? When I open profile pages the profile person being looked at is no longer listed in the family list of the right side of the page.

  116. Monika

    The “Hints” section really needs to be worked on. You are throwing “Hints” at us like vomit these days. Gives the impression that we have far more data available to us than we really do! If a generation of people in a family were born in Pennsylvania and their parents before them were born in Pennsylvania as well, I do not need to get a “Hint” from someone by the same name and the same birth year who was born in England!!!! Thank you for considering an improvement.

  117. caith

    Since I do not know where to post this, I am doing it here. We need somewhere to report trees that should be taken out of the Public arena because of egregious timeline mistakes. There are too many sons marrying their mothers! In one of my dna tree matches this morning: Richard Tydings 1640-1687 married his mother, Charity Sparrow 1640-1687. What? Richard’s father was born 14 years AFTER Richard was born. What? There are too many of these bad trees in the system, and there are definitely too many sons marrying their mothers. These trees deter from the credibility of AncestryDNA. This is meant to be constructive. Thank you.

  118. emam

    When saving a person to another tree, it used to save birth, marriage and death information along with the wording in the description box, also the profile photo would carry over. This is not the case now. I have had to manually copy and paste the wording in the birth, marriage and death boxes, then again save the photo to the other tree. This is once again a backward step to what we had in old Ancestry.
    The ability to copy all of the facts (not just bmd’s), on a person including what is written in the description box from one tree to another would be much appreciated. This could be done in the same way that you add a whole family from census records with check boxes for the information that you want to copy over.

    Also the ability to add information like photos and sources from a private tree that you are invited to view to your own tree. This is important because if you are invited to view a tree it is because they have the same family members.

    As the description boxes only allow so many characters to be written in it, often what I want to add needs more than one box. The trouble is when I try to add the next bit of information it does not save in the correct order. So I end up with information that does not make sense. Please either make it so that more writing can be added into a description box, or some sort of continuation button so that the information carries on in the correct order.

  119. geoff

    Ah! the description box! This is, to me, my place, nobody else’s; and in it I put what I want – usually street addresses if it’s a piece of census data or something similar, sometimes it’s narrative, as for military history. But some time ago Ancestry helped us by deciding that what we needed was not a qualification of the data in the census image or whatever but a description of the ages of the people and their relationships to the head of the family ; and most data entry forms don’t need that, so we don’t need the spaces to put anything in. Nonsense. The trees are ours, and we will have in them what we want. What I want is for the “description” field to be (preferably blank, but…) available for editing whenever I’m saving a record a record OF ANY KIND. Now, many records don’t give me the opportunity to add “descriptions” at entry – I have to go back later to do that.

    Please, Ancestry – I know it’s an impossible request – recognise that that you are a service provider, not the arbiter of methodology or anything else. By all means add functionality to your site (but PLEASE dump Lifestory – it’s fit only for the first week of a person’s experience of family history work and doesn’t qualify as functionality) but never, NEVER, remove anything that your clients have grown accustomed to. So, for example, add colour schemes (yes, I spell like an Englishman, for good reasons) if you like, but always leave the option of not changing.

    Next time you change anything, make sure it works before you impose it on your clients; when people complain that things don’t work properly (as I have done) don’t pretend that nobody else has the problem and ask for details. APOLOGISE for screwing up, not for failing to comprehend what the problem that presumably thousands of other people have drawn to your attention really is, and tell people what you are doing about it and when you expect it to be fixed. If you can’t do this …

  120. Monika

    @Geoff – WHAT?? You mean to tell me that you do not consider the information valuable that 4 year old Timmy was still “single” in 1940??? But, in all seriousness, the tragedy of ACOM is that they have forgotten how to be merely a service provider and they have DEFINITELY forgotten that the trees are OURS! Choosing to do so allows them to impose LifeStories into our trees and the text that tells us that little Timmy was still “single” when he was four years old. When they made that specific change, I just learned to “swoop” over that text. I am only leaving very specific information in, e.g., if he was a “Boarder” in that specific household, etc. The way I extend my “description” box is by going to the “Add” icon on the Facts section, then I ask for “Custom Event”. There I type in the same date as the date in the category I wish to continue– so, e.g., “Residence -21 February 1870 – cont’d” and I continue writing what I could not finish in the other description box. Seems to work for me. Try it, but, please, please, do not hold your breath waiting for ACOM to APOLOGIZE. You will die of asphyxiation before this happens. I did not renew my subscription to ACOM when it expired and will not renew until and unless they get rid of this idiotic LIFESTORY or at the very least provide their members with the option to block it from their trees. I am one of the thousands of people who have tried to explain to ACOM where they went wrong. And either they do not have the brain capacity to understand what thousands and thousands of people are complaining about or they do not care what their paying members do not like. I suspect it is the latter. And it saddens me. Because the “old” ancestry was one of the highlights of my life.

  121. emam

    Monika, I have tried that, but it doesn’t work for me. I had to use 3 boxes to fit all of my information in and the last box appears first on the list and the first box appears last on the list. The only way I can get the info to appear in the right order is to keep adding a day onto the date, which then makes the information wrong.

  122. Monika

    @emam. Sorry to hear that. Most of the time I only add one additional description in the category. But I admit I have been creative in my attempt to avoid getting things out of order. E.g., when I add something in the description of “Birth” in 1581 and I do not have enough room in that description section, I will make call the second section “residence” (since, if he was born in a specific location in that year, he resided in that location in that year) and then I say 1581 (cont’d)…and I continue my text. Unfortunately we have to resort to this sort of stuff because of the lack of interest ACOM has in straightening things out that they messed up. Instead of tampering with quality trees and degrading them with their LifeStory, they should “police” the junk trees and not put them in our “hint” section as if they were a viable source. I just got a leaf for an ancestry tree which shows someone whose parents were born and died in England, but the son was born in 1581 in MINNESOTA. First, I have heard of difficult births, but I do not think that you can eject a baby from England to Minnesota. Second, history lesson for this tree owner: The first Europeans that settled in that area which is today Minnesota were French fur traders who arrived in the 17th Century. Here ACOM is imposing the kind of language onto our trees that I would expect from a first grader by creating LifeStory, and then adds “hints” that should be an embarrassment to ACOM to have on their site. I stopped looking at “Family Data” and other people’s ancestry trees a long time ago. Most of them are not worth my time. Neither is LifeStory.

  123. BEE

    Oh joy! a “hint”!! but it’s NOT for that person – it’s for their son or daughter!! I suppose it would be helpful if I were searching for the name of the parent, but obviously, if the “hint” comes into that name, that means I already have the name of the parent!

  124. Madeleine

    Please, please, please bring back the ‘All People with Hints’ list. Because it narrows the number of pages to look through when deciding which person to work on. There is little point in having a filter for a person’s name when you can’t even see all the names.
    Please, please also consider changing the logic used for hints, like some of the previous contributors I am sick of getting hints that bear no likeness to the person being hinted on. For example, I have an ancestor born abt 1797 and several of the hints were census records, including 1911 – hello??!!
    On a more positive point, I am pleased with the ability to choose the background colour.

  125. BEE

    Why isn’t the “edit search” tab working?
    What is the point of some of the search filters, when nothing comes up if they are checked?

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @BEE: We cannot seem to replicate the issue that you’re having with the “edit search” tab so can you please follow these steps to see if that resolves the issue?: You can also adjust your search criteria once you have the results and you can find more information here: We hope this helps.

  126. BEE

    Thank you for your response, but this “problem” and others – error pages, etc. happen on an off seemingly for no rhyme or reason.
    I’ve been at this long enough to know that the very first thing to do is “clear cookies, cache, etc”.
    I checked everything with Firefox, and everything is activated and up-to-date.
    I don’t know why you can’t duplicate the problem, but I just tried it again and it works for some names, not for others.
    Actually, I discovered that the ones I thought “didn’t work”, if I scrolled down below the page, it was there!
    Now I have another problem! The first thing I go to each day on ancestry is “Recently Added and Updated Collections on Ancestry”, then go to my trees.
    When I opened that site yesterday, it said I had to sign in. I put in my user name and password, but nothing happened.
    I click on “search”, and I AM signed it! So why is “”Recently Added and Updated Collections on Ancestry” showing I’m not??
    Another problem has been an error message when trying to check “hints” about Bremen ship manifests lists or indexes.
    I finally gave up and clicked “ignore”, so I don’t remember the names of the people the “hint” came to.
    I’ve hated the “sliders” from day one, and most times find them useless.
    That is why I have to “edit search” and un-click everything, and often remove the surname.
    Another useless thing is the “exact”.
    Even when I have the correct information right in front of me, I have to “un-click” before I can find what I’m looking for.

  127. BEE

    Amazing – now I’m “signed in” to “Recently Added and Updated Collections on Ancestry” – ‘ray!!

  128. Vince

    I noticed just last evening a tic box on the Tree Settings page and found that clearing the tic mark removes the computer-generated narratives from the beginning of the LIFESTORY pages and from all the facts shown on those pages, leaving just whatever text the tree owner has entered on the associated FACTS pages. I regard this development (if it remains in effect) as a significant and welcome response from Ancestry to the thousands of complaints since last June about misleading or inaccurate text automatically added to the LIFESTORY pages. Now, those pages do appear to show only what users have have entered, instead of trying to regurgitate and embellish that user-entered data. I see that invited guests can still choose to view or not view Family Events and/or Historical Insights via the SHOW drop-down menu at the upper right of the LIFESTORY pages. But, as before, no Historical Insights will appear for invited guests unless the tree owner or an editor has activated them. Hoorah!

    The map view that many people have criticized in some cases as being wildly inaccurate still appears at the beginning of the LIFESTORY pages, so that criticism will probably continue. But I personally don’t mind just skipping past that feature. Overall, this option to turn off the computer-generated narratives goes a very long way toward allowing me to return my trees to public view from the private setting I put in place last summer to prevent dissemination of the useless, misleading and often downright false data displayed on the LIFESTORY pages by Ancestry’s automatic computer algorithms. I will keep checking to see whether this option remains available to tree owners.

  129. BEE

    Unfortunately, the “photos” are still there, and have to be “ignored” one at a time for each person. – WHY would I want a photo of “The End of Prohibition” inserted into the history of a man who died in 1939?? I will continue to “ignore” “Lifestory”……………

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