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The unique stories discovered in our family trees are what continue to inspire us to dig deeper. We had the pleasureo of interviewing Lonnie Bunkley, veteran family historian and author of Journey to Freedom: A Genealogical Study of an African American Family at a recent family history conference.

Lonnie shares the stories of his close family and their movement across the South, including the especially powerful story of why his great-grandfather had to move in the middle of the night to avoid being killed after a confrontation with a white neighbor.

About Journey to Freedom,

In Journey to Freedom—which traces eight generations of the Bunkley family, from Hertford County, North Carolina, through the Deep South and Texas, and to Southern, California—you’ll see an African American family move through slavery, emancipation, poverty, and discrimination as they strive to triumph over the adversities of racist legal, social, and economic forces. This well-researched genealogical study also chronicles the more general African American experiences of each historical period, linking the family’s generations with the contemporary political events of their times.

Journey to Freedom lets readers draw strength and inspiration as they observe the family’s struggles and victories: from Ike’s run into the night “between suns” to escape the terror of 1892 to family celebrations and other successful ventures. The Bunkley family’s dreams and hopes, which are shared in common with generations of other African Americans, are filled with optimism and success.

You can purchase Lonnie’s book Journey to Freedom: A Genealogical Study of an African American Family and the Political and Social Issues That Impacted Their Lives, 1778-2013 on



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