Posted by Ancestry Team on February 2, 2016 in Family Tree Maker

Since our Family Tree Maker announcement last December, we have continued to actively explore ways to develop and support Family Tree Maker and ensure you have choices to preserve your work in ways that matter to you.

Today, I am pleased to announce two options for desktop software that will work with Ancestry.

Software MacKiev

Software MacKiev, with whom we have a long-standing relationship, is acquiring the Family Tree Maker software line as publisher for both Mac and Windows versions. Software MacKiev has been the developer of Family Tree Maker for Mac for more than six years and is thrilled at the opportunity to publish future versions of Family Tree Maker for Mac and Windows.

This new agreement means you will receive software updates and new versions from Software MacKiev, and have the ability to purchase new versions of Family Tree Maker from Software MacKiev as they are released. You will have continued access to Ancestry Hints, Ancestry searches, and be able to save your tree on Ancestry with Family Tree Maker moving forward.


We have made an agreement with RootsMagic, a leading genealogy desktop software program publisher, to connect Ancestry with the RootsMagic software by the end of 2016. With this new relationship, RootsMagic can serve as your desktop family tree software, while having access to Ancestry hints, Ancestry searches, and the ability to save your tree on Ancestry.

These new agreements will make it possible to preserve your work on Ancestry and Family Tree Maker, and enable future features and benefits to help you discover your family history. Be assured that Ancestry, in cooperation with Software MacKiev and RootsMagic, will continue to support you as you discover your family history.

We ask for your patience as we work diligently through all the details to make these solutions available. Be sure to check back here on our blog as we share more information about Family Tree Maker in the next few months.

For more information on Software MacKiev and RootsMagic, click below:


  1. Sheila Most

    That’s just great! After I purchased Legacy. So, how much will your two solutions cost per year?

  2. Sue

    I cannot imagine the amount of negative comment you must have received at the when you announced the demise of FTM. However the solution you have come up with looks like a reasonable one. Please keep listening to the people who support you and your products.

  3. Arleigh

    You just can’t imagine how happy this makes me to know they will still work together. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  4. Ted

    Thank you, thank you. Very reassuring. There are bugs to fix right now but we can work around them…Thanks again.

  5. Steve

    Thank you VEERRRYYY much for listening to your customers regarding the retirement of Family Tree Maker. This goes a long way to ensure my loyalty as a customer. Well done!

  6. RJAllen

    Good to hear this. Should have been done BEFORE making the last announcement. Assume Both successor companies will be in contact with registered users before the last date of support by Ancestry?

  7. Greg

    Congratulations, Kendall and team. This is great news and news that I fully expected you to release in good time.

    I just hope, now, that the thousands of supposedly loyal users who jumped on you in December might have the grace to admit they overreacted and will come and apologise and thank you for your prompt resolution.

  8. John Bromilow

    This is great news. I will now reconsider pulling the plug on Ancestry. The only only problem now is which to choose between Kiev and Roots Magic? John

  9. Scott

    This is promising to say the least. I was very disappointed after the last news. Hopefully one of these can take up the slack and be the answer for the future. Thank you for listening, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Some people were quite mad from what I read.

  10. Angela Faulconer

    I am so grateful! I have been hoping for Rootsmagic integration for years! This is the some of the best news an Ancestry subscriber could possibly get. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  11. Michael Moore

    Great news, thanks very much for supporting your long-term customers who want to continue with a desktop solution.

  12. Carole Pearson

    I am soooo happy that you are keeping FTM! I was very distraught about loosing FTM, because the combination of FTM and is just wonderful. I had started to look for stand alone software. I had chosen RootsMagic, but had not purchased it yet. Now when every thing is in place it will be GREAT! Thanks very much for listening to our concerns.

  13. Barbara Taylor

    Great news 🙂 Will those new versions and agreements allow for us to continue to sync our trees to Ancestry as we do now with Family Tree Maker? That was not specifically mentioned so I hope it was an oversight.

  14. Wilson

    Is there a program, or will there be in the future, that allows us to search for a specific name in our DNA matches and not just the surname search?


  15. Tyler

    Will Software MacKiev also be inheriting all the suggestions received on the Suggestion Form over the years and your entire bug database?

  16. Liz Dorland

    Hooray! Very good news. Please resume software updates and sales as soon as possible. I use the latest Mac version, and had not even been able to download the second copy of FTM Mac 3 that I had paid for. It’s a great relief that all my hard work will likely not be lost.

  17. rp

    Well… I had already decided to go forward with RootsMagic. Unfortunately, my total disgust and distrust foe Ancestry is making me question this move. I don’t want anything to to do with acom.

  18. Lily

    THANK YOU! The anxiety this has caused me. These solutions are great and thank you for listening and supporting your customers!

  19. Tracy

    Sheila, that you’ve purchased Legacy was your choice; ancestry, right after the announce the discontinuance of FTM sales, said that they were exploring options. Many in various genealogy communities advised not hastily leaping to another software program, but to give ancestry an opportunity to explore their options and to bring those options to the subscribers.

    It was your decision not to wait. Legacy is a very good software program.

  20. Andrew

    Nice one ancestry, you’re listening to your customers and I’m sure we will all look forward to hearing what this actually means to us in due course.

  21. Kasandra Van Keith

    Just wondering what the international rate that I currently have will be going up. Perhaps a special rate for long-time customers? Would recommend Ancestry to everyone.

  22. John Baker

    Still boils down to customer service which has been non existent regarding both FTM and Ancestry. Hoping RootsMagic does a better job.

  23. Ian Thomas

    Commonsense prevailed. You have a good product and have now ensured my continued membership for the coming year. Now look at our costs which include Family Tree Maker and/or Roots Magic. These tools are required for publishing which is not possible in

  24. Ian

    Sounds like good outcome. How is it that Ancestry misjudged the views of its subscribers so badly in the decision it took? Either it did not get the pulse of its subscribers or it was too focused on the money-making side of the business!!

  25. Davida Noyek Handler

    Does this mean that we HAVE to post our family trees on Ancestry, or do we still have a choice?

  26. Nancy

    Thank you for listening – being able to sync is soo important! I’d quit doing anything on my trees until a workable solution was available.

  27. Jane Riley

    Thank you so much for making this available to those of us who have come to love FTM and it’s features. I am assuming that syncing updates from both Ancestry and FTM will still continue? Please advise what we could expect to miss from this transistion! Thank you!

  28. Gary

    This is good news. Too bad you didn’t think of doing this before your earlier announcement. Would have avoided a lot of grief.

  29. David Abernathy

    Thanks for finding someone that will continue to develop and support this fine product.
    I have been a long time user since the DOS days of this product and have not found any other program that I fully like for a replacement.

  30. Ken

    I am glad to see the effort to make FTM useful again as long as the sync feature is still there. That is a must for me.

  31. Ron

    Good news. Obvious remaining concerns are cost and features of new software. Do you plan to put out information on those in time for us to evaluate them? Also, good questions from other bloggers regarding compatibility and cost. Will you be addressing those soon?

  32. James

    Too late now, I switched to Legacy. You should have thought this out before jumping in with both feet. Must have been a lot of people leaving Ancestry.

  33. Alan Roach

    I love ancestry and use my smart phone alot to search when away from the desktop. But I am unable too combine duplicate people when as I find them. Please fix this. Thankyou

  34. fhusers

    In reply to Greg (previous post). It’s good that this is being done but would have been done if thousands of people hadn’t complained? It’s a great shamebthis wasn’t thought of before the announcement was made about FTM’s demise.

  35. Wolfgang W

    It may be a bit churlish after this new announcement to say that this whole affair still amounts to a lesson in ‘Customer Relations 101’ of how not to do it. Many of us have lost goodwill and trust as it relates to Ancestry and have migrated elsewhere since that ill advised decision in December.

  36. Jack Morton

    Very happy to see this development as there are many features in FTM that will likely never make it to the web product. I’m just moving from Windows to iMac – where can I find info (& pricing) on the Mac version of FTM?

  37. Terry

    Common sense prevails. The only remaining question is, What on earth possessed you to think that you could just drop it and think that no-one would notice? These arrangements should have been put in place BEFORE your December announcement

  38. Ian Davidson

    Great news! I’m still astounded you could have misread your customer base so much by making the announcement last month without making these arrangements in advance. How much angst and negativity you could have saved yourselves! I look forward to more details in the near future.

  39. Mr.Junk

    I’m so glad to hear you are working to preserve all the work your loyal customers have invested countless hours of time on.
    In your announcement below, you highlight some areas where we’ll continue to have access. What I’d like to see in the near future is a complete list of Family Tree Maker features in one column and a second column showing (with check marks, perhaps) which features will continue to work under the agreement with MacKiev and which will be dropped, if any.

    Your loyal customers would want transparency during this transition so we all understand what’s going to happen.

  40. David

    I read with disbelief that Ancestry was going to depart the off-line world like so many US companies but I knew the community would react with dismay. What a great shame that Ancestry is so disconnected from its community that it has to go into ‘damage control’ in order protect its subscription revenue. I do welcome third party solutions connecting into core repositories such as Ancestry …..

  41. Zoe

    Thank you Ancestry! Your concern is appreciated. Since FTM will continue, I hope this means that my current version will continue to work without interruption (or additional purchases!)

  42. Janet H

    Thank you very much Ancestry for your prompt dealings with enabling Family Tree Maker to be able to continue. It is terrific news and I thank you for taking on board everyones comments, listening to your customers and finding ways to keep Family Tree Maker going. Thank you for finding the new deals, its just so good to hear such wonderful news.Thank you so much, as I just renewed my subscription to Ancestry, even better news for keeping customers happy. Thank you again.

  43. kiki

    Thanks so much for listening to your customer base. Soon we’ll be able to print off all those family trees that our seem to need for school projects.

  44. Midge Burton

    This is great news and I am so glad you took the time to listen to what your loyals were saying. My next question is…will you explain the differences between MacKiev and Rootsmagic and the pros and cons of both programs. I don’t know that much about software, but I DO know I want to be able to keep my FTM files on my personal PC and be able to sync with Ancestry. Just not sure what the difference is between the two new ones you mentioned.

  45. Zac

    Good news that these improvements are being offered up, one of the FTM advantages has been the lengthy subscriptions offered with the application. I hope in addition to the APIs you will be allowing vendors to offer bundles too. Otherwise the subscriptions are now getting a bit on the high side compared to other vendors, especially as you have a fairly US centric view of the world.

  46. John

    I am pleased to read this news. I was very disappointed in your decision to dump the PC based FTM software and I discontinued my subscription to Ancestry. And no, we/I did not jump the gun. The connection with Kiev and RootsMagic should have been started and completed before making the announcement last month. I went out and purchased RootsMagic so you really would have lost me as a customer. But with this announcement, I will be waiting to see how the deal with Kiev goes and if it is successful, I will resubscribe to Ancestry.

  47. Richard

    Great relief. Sounds like we have cut out the middleman between the users and the developers. I too will treat always ancestry itself with great mistrust. It will be a while before I feel confident to load my deeply researched trees to ancestry, which is a shame, because sharing is what this hobby is about.

  48. Will Fookes

    This news is very welcome. I particularly like the fact that there will be two apps supported. Thank you for sorting out this mess!

  49. Rob

    For me, too, this is too little too late. I have lost all trust and respect for Ancestry. I’m glad I left while it was easy. This just makes a further mess of everyone’s migration plans…

  50. Rick

    Still need to review my options, but perhaps this is a step in the right direction that might hold me. What was not clear is if FTM under new company and/or RootsMagic will have the same present sync options/

  51. gvp

    Thanks for listening. I will see how well it plays out, before making any exit decisions now, as I have not moved yet.

  52. Bill Lindsay

    I was one of the thousands of disappointed customers who responded to the bad news at the end of last year that you were dropping FTM. My membership was to expire last month but I renewed it in the hope that sense would prevail. I’m pleased that it has. It however hasn’t stopped many customers leaving and with so much negative press. It was explained to me that the decision to jettison FTM was because only 3% of customers used FTM (rather than on line Ancestry); it might have made business sense but I certainly didn’t feel valued. However that is now in the past and I appreciate you working out a solution. Thank you. As always though, the proof will be in the pudding.

  53. Jessica McManus

    I’m still removing my trees and not renewing. The “New” Ancestry still is horrible and should have NEVER been forced on us until it was fixed.

    I’m waiting to see what the 4th quarter financials have to say. From these new announcements, I would have to think it’s going to be very interesting to see.

  54. Kristie Wells

    We want you all to know we are reading your comments and understand many of you have questions around support, future costs, releases, etc.

    I am not able to answer many of these questions right now, but do want to reiterate that Ancestry will continue to support Family Tree Maker through the end of 2016, and will be working closely with Software MacKiev to ensure a smooth transition for 2017.

    We ask for your patience as we work through the implementation of these two agreements and promise to share more information over the next couple of months.

  55. Chris

    Thanks! Nice to hear! Folks who made knee-jerk reactions and are still complaining….goes to show patience pays.

  56. David Gardiner-Hill

    So Kendall, please confirm that Treesync will be provided by and in co-operation with both suppliers, ASAP

  57. Linda Zambrano

    The people who have been committed to ancestry for many years do not need to apologize for anything, we did not over react. Ancestry made a bad decision when they made their decision to discontinue their software without a back up plan for their supporters. I can now thank them for listening and I will continue to use their software. I am sure the new company has to catch up on new updates and I hope they will listen to new suggestions and the person making decisions be an avid user of the software to really understand our needs

  58. Carl

    Great to hear this option is happening! I have been using Family Tree Maker since before Ancestry acquired it. Struggling with choosing another program is over. Looking forward to the new version!

  59. Marianne

    I am glad Ancestry has come to its senses. You should have worked this out for Family Tree Maker before your fist announcement. I have 33 years hard work invested in this and it definitely was by the old way of doing genealogy, not through Ancestry. Family Tree Maker was my way of storing my family data.

  60. David Gardiner-Hill

    Kristie, I have just seen your post – this is no good – you need to answer these questions NOW – it is no good setting up another ‘customer suspense’ epic. There have been two serious mistakes – that’s enough.

    • Kristie Wells

      @David: All I am able to discuss [right now] is what is available in this post. In December we stated we were exploring options and we asked our members to be patient as we work on solutions. Today we note we have two solutions available and will be sharing more information on these agreements over the next couple of months. Nothing changes for existing Family Tree Maker customers until December 31, 2016 when Ancestry no longer supports it. There is a lot of time between now and then and we are not in a position to discuss this in any more detail than what is shared right now. I thank you in advance for your understanding.

  61. CarolM

    Thank you so much, Ancestry, for listening to your customers. I postponed buying new software and it looks like the wait paid off.

  62. Glen Pierce

    2/2/16 I hope that the new firm will make a new report that FTMaker lacks. I would like a report that has 3 lines, showing a person, his parents, his spouses, his dates (birth marriage death) and burial place. Followed by a break between each person. Could be landscape if you need to.

    And get this. I would like the option of having ALL my people printed out. Regardless of blood. I have 11,000 people connected in my tree. Inlaws, etc. It is embarrassing to show the printouts to inlaws and their names are missing in your reports. Looks like I did not care about them.

  63. David Snell

    This is a start. Based on the overwhelming majority of comments on all blogs, I hope you will consider allowing customers a “reversion” option to the cleaner, simpler, faster version of Ancestry which you dumped.

  64. Stacey

    I just purchased replacement FTM earlier last year (in the summer) from you-Ancestry. Was this not known to be in the works?

  65. James

    The power of tbe customer has prevailed, we do not need to apologize for this company making a rash decision in December that left us all bewildered! Now after our feedback and the fear of losing most of their many loyal customers and the yearly subsciptions that come with that they have forseen the need to rectify the situation, surprise surprise!

  66. Char

    Thank you for listening to all the feedback re FTM and for not letting some of the more rude comments stop you from working for those of us who understood but were very disappointed in the loss not only in the ability a sync, a great feature many of us use daily, but the loss of support as computers and devices continue to change.

  67. David Gardiner-Hill

    CHris we know what they are saying – read what Kristie says above and be worried- they MUST start to be CRYSTAL CLEAR – no more ambiguous BS – we have had enough!

  68. Alan Clark

    I am glad to see that reason prevailed and that provisions are being made to continue working with software on our computers. Will the new versions and agreements allow for us to continue to sync our trees to Ancestry as we do now with Family Tree Maker and /or Mackiev? That was not specifically mentioned in your announcement.

  69. Teri

    Wow, at last! Ancestry you have restored my faith in your company!
    Thank you so much for listening to your customers! Good timing too as I was on my way to Roots Tech and was heading right for the Ancestry booth to voice my opinion about this very subject. Look forward to what software MacKiev can do for us. Hopefully you have related to them how passionate your customers are about the family tree software. And yes I agree you should have made this a seemless transition without upsetting so many people!
    Thank You

  70. Pam Mastin

    Thank you, Ancestry, for listening to your customers. You’ve done the right thing and I appreciate it.

  71. Pippa

    I am cautiously optimistic that FTM will continue with integration into the Ancestry site. Dare we hope that we will have the full range of integration that we currently enjoy? A shame that Ancestry couldn’t announce these alternative options at the time they announced they were stepping away from FTM. Would have saved them and their subscribers a lot of angst.

  72. Exceedingly good news for this 81 year old who has been using and upgrading with FTM via TWR Computing UK my software dealer since 1996. Much relieved I don’t have to tree something different!

  73. i have been with my family since the beginning and so far you have shown no consideration for your member. you just delete. i hurt our burch family a lot when you got rid of my we no long communicate with each other. now every family tree maker you com out with you drop the support. how do we trust you any more. next will we have to buy your new support soft ware? i for one am on my last leg with you and your software?

  74. Tom

    Good news Ancestry…I am pleased to know that we will be able to continue to download our trees from your web site to our computer. Thanks for listening to our concerns.

  75. betsy3b

    A lot of comments, pro and con, but none about the fact that, on top of the HIGH subscription rates, we will “have the ability to purchase new versions of Family Tree Maker from Software MacKiev as they are released.” What? No updates? We have to pay still more “out of pocket” for to use ancestry? I don’t THINK so! Totally unacceptable!!

  76. DaveR

    This is good news for now – but for how long? It is tempting to stay with FTM in its new incarnation, but long term maybe RootsMagic is the more secure way forward??
    One has to question that if Software MacKiev can make it pay why could not Ancestry have gone forward with their help as they say they have until now in the MAC version? I am not sure whether either solution will be available longer term and that means some more concern – not the widely expressed relief. On top of that subscription costs are another concern – the hike in the World subs suggests that depending on any solution might eventually prove disappointing. I hope I am wrong.

  77. Audrey

    I am happy that you have listened to the thousands of people who responded about you not continuing FTM. However, upon looking at the new company’s website, I am more than a little uneasy about dealing with a company who does not even post anything about their company or any contact info on their website. Makes you wonder how good their product will actually be and what kind of support you will get.

  78. Greg

    Thanks for this info. Glad we will have some options moving forward. Hope future decisions such of this will allow for consideration of alternatives ahead of the announcement!

  79. Nick Veit

    Like David Gardiner-Hill, I am far from rejoicing. “…to save your tree on Ancestry” is very different to the continued provision of TreeSync which necessitates a commitment from Ancestry, not just the two software suppliers….will two-way sync (inc images) and preservation of hints still work the same way?

  80. Steve Rockhill

    Thank you and thank you! I just spent several hours over the past two days doing a lot of research on and was thinking that I was really going to miss the Sync feature. Thank you for providing not one, but two software possibilities for people to choose from.

  81. This IS really good news… I have had visions of loosing all of the research I have done in the past and loosing my tree on line. I have used Family Tree Maker since its inception 2001 and have many records stored and have shared. I am happy to have the ability to continue.

  82. Susan J Hannah

    I have been a supporting continuous subscriber since the early days of, over 35 years. When came on the scene I had both subscriptions. With a tree of over 11,000 names, (and as a senior age 67) I do get weary of ever more frequent changes made to the screens and functions and ability to search, while I do appreciate added info in the library, I feel like I am re-inventing the wheel with every change made to how we gather and save the info to our trees. I find it very distracting to researching . Could we just have a good solid product like in the early days? Keep it simple is not a bad thing. I am grateful for Sync and hope you do keep it, I am not a fan of always having to upgrade to windows latest products, but I do understand you have to keep on top of the game.. Looking forward to April in Salt Lake for the seminar and a trip to the “LIBRARY”

  83. Aileen

    Since I was one of the shocked ones who wrote within 24 hours of your original posting about FTM being phased out, I figured you equally deserve a “Bravo” for finding a solution for so many users! I wish you had had this in place before you made your original announcement, but I am happy it all eventually worked out. Thank you for listening!

  84. Richard

    I’m looking for a solution that I can run in Linux. Are either of these companies planning for that?

  85. This is great news – although I am still bewildered about why the original decision was ever made in the first place. It makes me wonder how well Ancestry understand their customer base.

  86. Heather

    Well that’s just great Ancestry! And gee, wouldn’t it have been better if you’d given alternatives when you first let us, your paying customers, know that FTM would no longer be supported. You know, along the lines of “we won’t be supporting FTM from the end of 2016 but here are the alternatives”???? Instead of just dumping on us! We take our genealogy research seriously – you could have saved us a lot of heartache and for those of us who bought other software as a result, a lot of dollars! Will watch this space closely…

  87. Gayle

    Too little. Too late. I switched to RootsMagic and after putting in some time on learning it, am not switching back. I have noticed how many public family trees on ancestry are such a joke. Too much attaching of “shaky leaves” and not checking to see if it really does fit. Also, is one third the prie of ancestry. That and the will do it for me. I may use a month here and there, or I may go to a library once a month or so, but no more yearly subscriptions for me. I had been a yearly member since 2007.

  88. Michael F

    This is great news! Thank you for listening to your customers and working with the other software vendors that will benefit us (your customers), you, and the other vendors. I have been a Family Tree Maker user for 20+ years, and I was really upset about the potential of losing the ability to quickly and easily reference over 20 years of research. I am looking forward to the next release of Family Tree Maker that hopefully will exploit Windows 10.

  89. Gillan

    I am delighted to receive news that FTM will live on in one way or another, however, your announcement carefully avoids the word SYNC, preferring instead to use WORK WITH – please clarify whether or not either of these solutions will SYNC perfectly with Ancestry as FTM does now.

  90. Maria

    How soon will this be available? Will it be on the Home page of or do we need to go to their site to purchase?

  91. Bettie Jenkins

    You have made my day! I have used this product since version 3? and will continue, however I did purchase Roots Magic, a very good product.

  92. Glen

    Very good news…. and appreciated… but yes we need tree-sync. It’s in’s interest to support this so that we will continue to use and contribute our updated content to the site. In short, tree-sync insures that Ancestry will always have best and current research and content.

  93. Rebecca

    Well, as I began reading the message today I felt my blood pressure begin to rise because due to the former announcement, what I thought was a recent waste of money buying FTM, I then purchased RootsMagic – both in the same year, mind you. Thankfully, as I read, I learned about the RootsMagic agreement. So, looks like I’ll have both options now – not that I need both. I guess it could still be viewed as a waste of money. And this message today came just as I was about to cancel my membership to Ancestry after working to transfer all of my data and stored records out of there. Frustrating! So, I suppose a thank you is in order. I’m happy that you’ve listened to your customers – too bad there wasn’t a way to have avoided all of the headaches and confusion. I think your long-time users should be given some financial incentive to stay.

  94. J Ugarte

    Great news but still there are lots of questions. I made great progress with FTM and other sources of info – I do not need Ancestry but do need FTM. Ancestry hints are usually worthless to me – the majority I ignore – more a hassle than help. Wish Ancestry improved their search engine to be more attuned to geo locations. Too expensive for the value as I need a World membership.

  95. Douglas B

    This is great news (although it should have been developed before panicking so many). Looking forward to the improvements and continuity.

  96. jb

    “Lightbulb” to “Ancestry”, if there were no workable software to maintain tree’s in sync with Ancestry then customers meaning us would need to explore other options. This means a boatload of trees would mass exodus Ancestry, yes you know the trees what we were allowing you to use as a selling point to fill out new customers trees. Yes your service even after we provided you the endless hours of research consolidating the trees and we had to pay you lol now isn’t that funny to only have our own research presented back to us as “hints”. Your decision was quite simple either find a answer to to our dilemma or face millions of lost trees from your most details genealogists with their best work. basically over represented their contribution to just why they are a success, without details research consolidating data Ancestry was basically just loose raw data in no shapeable useable form.

  97. Di

    Many of the questions on here are the same as my own. There doesn’t appear to be any answers from Ancestry though. Why not and where will the answers be?

  98. AllyneCM

    Thank you so very much for being so responsive to your public. I will allow my auto renewal to continue!!!

  99. Kristi

    Excellent news … I believe that your December announcement really opened a few eyes and made us aware that as genealogist and research consumers we need to be diligent in how we both conduct and save our personal research. It is nice to know that Ancestry listened to its consumers and worked to find a solution that is both beneficial to their Mission and Vision, while giving all of their customers what they feel they need to be successful. Thanks for listening. I look forward to many productive years with both Ancestry and FTM. Time to get busy and find more amazing history!

  100. Crystal

    Thank you, Ancestry. It’s nice to get some good news. It will be interesting to see if these alternatives will actually be ready by the end of 2016. I guess hope springs eternal.

    But just a note to Kristie Wells: Considering what needs to be done, there really isn’t as much time as you might think between now and the end of the year.

  101. Kristie Wells


    Family Tree Maker will continue to have syncing capability with Ancestry trees, however this feature may evolve as Software MacKiev updates the software.

    It will use different underlying technology than our current TreeSync but it effectively provides the same basic functionality of allowing the user to keep data in their online tree and data in their desktop tree consistent.

    Same for Rootsmagic.

  102. Michelle

    Glad to hear this.

    That said, a company that is in the legacy business would do itself a favor to view their customers’ work — their legacy — with the same respect the customer does.

    Throwing out MyFamily, the shutdown of the Sorenson DNA database and Y DNA, the the Christmas FTM announcement (a bit like Matthew Crawley getting killed on Downton Abbey) has greatly eroded my trust with Ancestry.

  103. Marylyn Harshman

    I too am very disappointed that you have come to this decision! Our records are just as important to us and the work we have put into them as Ancestry is to you. We have put years of time, struggle and money as well as the enjoyment we got with FTM and Ancestry. The updates you have done to FTM over the years have not always been attractive, but we had to go along with them. I feel like it has once again been all for naught. AND you have not indicated how many dollars this will now cost us. has been very expensive each year not to mention that now we will have to update to a another new software. And December 2016 will be here soon. January is already gone.

  104. Gary

    This is excellent news. Each software package has advantages over the other, and if I can link both of them, I’ll have the best of both worlds. Thank you!

  105. Anne L.

    I echo the thanks everyone has given here. I applaud you for making the right decisions and listening to your customers. I am impressed and happy. Thank you so much!

  106. As a customer since the initial release of FTM, this announcement is much appreciated. As everyone has noted, your two-pronged strategy of preserving FTM with a third party and also integrating ANCESTRY with Rootsmagic is very encouraging. This is indeed appears to be roadmap with value. Please be vigorous in your support of both in 2016.

  107. I am very GRATEFUL for your solution to this problem. It’s a shame you couldn’t have made this announcement at the same time you announced to discontinue the software yourself. I can’t tell you how horrible it felt to be dumped after 15 yrs of loyality. In my opinion, this was managed very, very poorly. Again, I am excited about the new solution, and am hopeful again.

  108. Pam

    Sounds like a plan in place, excellent news. Will watch with interest for future updates. After many years of work on my “trees” with Ancestry I do hope to be able to continue my research and to be able to pass on my research to our children and grandchildren.

  109. Arabella

    I would prefer that Ancestry allowed the Reunion for Mac to be allowed to re-develop a Reunion for Windows version. And also encourage the people at My Blood-line to be encouraged to continue developing their windows and mac genealogy software.
    Reunion for Windows if created by the existing people who make Reunion for Mac would be so far ahead of any other genealogy program that it would underline while the people at Reunion should be allowed to bring out a windows version

  110. Luan

    I don’t know what everyone is so happy about. Now we have to buy and learn a new system to replace FTM. Will the new system sync with ancestry.?

  111. I don’t see anyone asking some very important questions: If the online tree will be able to be synced with the desktop version, does that mean that the New Ancestry changes will be syncing into our desktop trees? If they will be, I do not want the desktop version, no matter whose software it is. And if not, can a subscriber re-link their online tree to the desktop software again?

  112. Arabella

    Because currently, due to the agreement in place the Reunion people are not permitted to develop a windows version of Reunion any more. As Ancestry would be well aware of this direction to the Reunion people.

  113. David

    I THINK it is good news. However, you cannot deny that your decision was solely based on money & the want to make more revenue, can you?

  114. Derric

    Thank you for listening to your customers and for considering other options! As one who has used FTM since the Broderbund DOS version, I really appreciate it!

  115. Judy West

    THANK YOU! Really, I have lost sleep over this! I am so very thankful for both of your solutions. Roots Magic, which I have been playing with is good and I liked the screen in Legacy too, BUT I LOVE FTM and the sync. I don’t mind AT ALL having spent money on Roots Magic. I’d pay it ten times over to keep FTM and to have sync. Heck, I’ll sync to both and have all sorts of publishing options! THANK YOU!

  116. Shane

    That’s good news – but it would have been even better news a few months ago before I, and I suspect quite a few others, wasted time and money trying to move my data from FTM to another product.

    Many thanks, Mackiev. I hope we have a long relationship.

  117. Linda Windmoeller

    I cannot believe people are falling over with thank-yous to Ancestry. This should have been included with the first announcement, not saying that Ancestry was discontinuing FTM with no alternative given. Shame on you Ancestry! I hope you’ve learned from the public relations nightmare!

  118. Linda Windmoeller

    wikipedia: “Software MacKiev is a company specialized in consumer and educational software development and publishing for Macintosh, Windows, and mobile platforms. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Software MacKiev has its main workshop in Kiev, Ukraine.” Just like I thought, in the Ukraine.

  119. Ed

    It’s all about TRUST, You burned me once I will not be burned again. I will check you blog for updates and I’ll make a choice to stick with Ancestry or drop you. I know me dropping you will not make or break you. But it’s all about TRUST

  120. Kathy

    After the December announcement, I took the opportunity to research other software and settled on Legacy. I’m extremely happy with my choice. My data sits happily on my laptop, on a backup drive, and on a jump drive. I share what I want to on The site is now so difficult to search and navigate, it’s hard to say if I will continue to subscribe or go to my local library on occasion to do research there. Whether these new developments save FTM and synced trees remains to be seen. At least it’s a start.

  121. Roger Steinbach

    You just saved an Ancestry World subscription. I was going to let it lapse due to disappointment over discontinuing FTM. I already bought RootsMagic as a replacement and was going to just do without Ancestry’s resources, good as they are. This is good news.

  122. Susan

    Thank you for listening to us. With social media, customers have the power to effect positive change, when a company goes in a direction that we do not agree with. I applaud your effort to represent your customers views in the future direction of your comoany.

  123. Henri

    I’ve purchased twice FamilyTreeMaker for Mac. Haven’t yet downloaded either to my computer. Wanting to weed out duplicates. Will Software MacKiev be willing to help an oldster like me?

  124. Judy

    Actually, I think that you have put together 2 very viable solutions. I have been waiting for a software package that I can sync with both Ancestry and FamilySearch. With the connections through the websites, I am able to do a fair amount of work very easily however, it didn’t give me the option to have everything on my computer when I’m not online. If things go the way that I suspect they will, I will only need one of the two software programs that I have, which in the long run, will save me a bit of money. I have already been to the RootsMagic website and they do say that their program will be able to sync our online trees in Ancestry. I have been waiting for this for over 5 years.


    Please note: I said should not will.

  125. Will

    Thank You!!! I was in a panic a few months ago thinking that our several very extensive trees would be forever “locked” in the cloud with no further way to have an alternate storage (local PC and removable drives for backup), nor to have publishing options. However, I am concerned about the following: (1) The high cost of an account, (2) the fact that a family (which may need one for each spouse for example) would have to pay 2x the high cost, (3) the ADDITIONAL cost of FTM for each new version (no updates?) and (4) Sync-ing needs work (needs flexible control over which side is Master at any given time, and manual conflict resolution). Bottom line, I am grateful that FTM will continue to be supported in one form or another, but unhappy with the existing problems and pricing structure. Perhaps in the months to come, those may get resolved as well…?

  126. Jan Melville

    Well I’m pleased you have listen to your loyal members. I did jump to Rootsmagic and will maybe rejoin Ancestry when my subscription is up in April 2016.

  127. Martha White

    It’s interesting how others are so eager to compliment Ancestry on reversing course, which they seem to have done only after they saw how much money they were going to lose with their ill-advised decision to retire FTM without any migration plan in place. I can never go back to those halcyon days when I thought of Ancestry as a benevolent entity helping me research my family and share what I found with others. I am still mortified that I didn’t read the terms of service thoroughly, and it is only through the blog comments of others that I found I had given Ancestry the right to use anything I submitted to their website in any way they wanted, forever, even if I deleted the original information. In the future, I might occasionally use their website for research, but I’ll never go back to automatically renewing a yearly subscription and I’ll certainly never go back to having family trees on their website so they can exploit my extensive research for their financial gain. Trust lost is hard to regain, and so long as no one at Ancestry has lost their job over this fiasco, no genealogists have been asked to help guide their future, and the onerous terms of service remain unchanged, I don’t see much to rejoice about.

  128. douggrf

    I am holding back my thank you for this development as I know the devil will be in the details. Pricing of the software releases will be an issue as well as the methodology, if any, lent to getting support. To me the hand-off of a major key software package to a small firm with little resources and lacking the marketing power of Ancestry organization can not bode well. Something has to give. I wonder if development will be turned to a hold phase rather than expansion and real bug fixes that are needed.

  129. Randy

    This is good news. It would have been so much better to have to have made this partnership before your announcement to stop supporting FTM. A lot of anxiety, unhappy customers, and tarnished reputation could have been avoided. No mention has been made as to whether tree sync will still be functional. I hope that it will.

  130. Laura

    Software Mac Kiev site has an ad for Family Tree Maker that says it has Tree Sync with Ancestry. Will it really? Or did they just slap their logo on the old ad?

  131. Gary Wilkinson

    I’ve got to completely agree with Martha White’s comments above. Seems when a big company gets something going good for their subscribers, they’ve got to make big changes to foul everything up for the long-time users. Not a happy customer.

  132. I have not commented on the closure of FTM as I was holding on to hear what Ancestry was going to put in it’s place.
    And I am quite happy in the decisions you have come up with.

  133. Chris

    Am very pleased to hear that a viable solution has been found. Thank you for listening to your wide spread customer base. Interested in time to learn what the costs will be.

  134. RH LeSesne

    Your announcement of December on FTM was quite disappointing. The software was beginning to work in a truly effective way and it is very disturbing that it will be moved offshore where quality may drop and security and privacy will likely be compromised. I’m afraid you will find your move to a cloud-based subscription service may not be as lucrative as your forecasts have led you to believe. I for one, will freeze my on-line tree once the deadline is reached.

    The real answer would be for Ancestry (per LDS strategy) to become a leader and promoter in open source standards for genealogy, thus allowing open source software and more and more users to subscribe to the site for research, etc. Trying to control the trees by forcing them on-line, IMHO, will result in reduced customer satisfaction, privacy and security of the data.

  135. Sandra

    I am pleased. I was waiting to see what happened and have joined Find My Past in the meantime along with Ancestry, to see what would happen between now and November when my subscriptions lapse. Like others I am pleased but will wait and see how it works out. I really like Family Tree Maker and am happy it will be supported somehow, hopefully the cost is reasonable.

  136. Terry Bond

    This is great news. I bought both RootsMagic and Legacy to try them out in case I needed them, but if FTM is now going to still be supported by Software MacKiev I’ll stick with it. I’m not upset that I spent the money to buy them. It wasn’t that expensive. The silver lining in all of this for me is that the thought of losing FTM and it’s ability to sync with got me branching out and looking at what else was out there that I didn’t know about. I absolutely love the webinars that I found at I have listened to several and have found out new ways to do research and have found out info about my family that I didn’t know before. The original announcement was very upsetting, but I am pleased with how things worked out.

  137. Cheryl

    Thrilled FTM will live on. However, will it continue to “sync” once Software MacKiev takes over FTM?

  138. RH LeSesne

    The recent announcement is news, but not necessarily good news. It does not provide any assurances that the software will be continued at all. In addition, the software development is being moved to the Ukraine, a politically troubled area where hacking and other unsavory activities may compromise privacy, etc. We also have no costs and we don’t know the track record of Software Kiev and Roots Magic with no committed assurance on a continuing of fixed term basis that Ancestry will maintain interfaces for these two vendors.

  139. Cathy

    Great news! I’ve used Print Shop by Software MacKiev for many years and know what excellent software they produce. Thanks Ancestry for finding a solution for FTM which I also enjoy!

  140. I am so glad to hear to read about these changes. I own both software and love the fact they will both sync to our trees. I’d like that since RootsMagic also connects with familysearch.

  141. stan wilson

    Time will tell….Initially, I was more than appalled at the bad business decision by to terminate FTM. I cancelled my World subscription; and since I had not yet posted my tree on their website, I decided not to. Now with the literally thousands of protests, they would have had to be stupid not to do anything to mitigate the decision to terminate FTM. Now let’s see how their apparently viable alternative works. It’s to soon to tell, but the signs are promising. Maybe it will all turn out well. I certainly hope so. But my naive opinion of as a respected website has forever been lost. Those folks are cold hearted business people.

    This would be a nice case study for business schools.

  142. Michael

    Wonderful news!!! You have restored my faith in Ancestry! It’s nice to know that an organization is as loyal to its customers as their customers are to them. Thank you for listening to us and I’ll look forward to many years of both Ancestry and my Family Tree versions of desktop software!

  143. Kitty

    Like everyone else, I have concerns about losing the sync between Family Treemaker and Ancestry. I tried Roots Magic some years ago and found it difficult to get used to the different format. Also, I have spent much money on many different Family Treemaker software programs to keep up-to-date over the years, and it seems now I’ll have to pay again to switch to another software program. Like others, I have concerns about the longevity of any replacement programs at this time, and you haven’t mentioned whether my tree can be synched to these programs and I could with Ancestry….to have to manually type in changes to my own tree, then again to the online tree is totally unacceptable, as we all know how much time just one entry can take, with links, etc. So, for all of your faithful customers over the years, I hope you will come up with a better alternative. I have over 12,000 people on my tree, and I find it difficult to accept that all my hard work could possibly be diminished, or go down the drain. I know it’s all about money, but still…..well, think about some better solutions that won’t cost US money.

  144. Bob

    What a difference 60 days makes. Too bad you didn’t have all your duck in a row before you dumped all you loyal customers. What a poor way to do business. You have lost my 24 years of loyalty.

  145. Jerry E. Gibbs

    I bought two of your Family Tree Maker packages back quite a few years ago, and never got around to using either of them. I have lost 4 computers over the last 20 years or so and hence all of my research at one point I had close to 3000 people in my tree. now all gone except for a few I had paper printed on, I had ties into the Mormon records in Salt Lake. the loss had a great deal of crushing weight on my mind. I had put avg of 12 hours a day for 5 years on my tree. just to loose it as I was going to upload it to my online tree. but a day late and a dollar short as the old saying goes. Jerry

  146. Laura

    I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. In Dec I felt like a good friend was dying. Now I have hope for the future again. Well done Ancestry.

  147. Jessica McManus

    Why don’t you just go to the links provided if you want details about things like if the trees will Sync. IT’S ALL THERE ALREADY!

    From the MacKeiv link:
    Sync desktop and online trees and keep your tree up to date wherever you are. Update your tree from any computer with an Internet connection and Web browser or from mobile devices. Share your tree easily with your family and work on it together. Family and friends can view the online version of your tree without software or a subscription.

    From The Rootsweb site:
    Search – RootsMagic will be the only software besides FTM to search Ancestry’s extensive collections of historical records from around the world and let you download those records into your own file.
    Sync – RootsMagic will be the only software besides FTM to let you share data between your RootsMagic files on your computer with your personal Ancestry online trees. You’ll also be able to download people, events, and even pictures from Ancestry onto your computer through RootsMagic.
    Import – RootsMagic will be able to directly import your Family Tree Maker files, without having to go through an intermediate GEDCOM file, giving you the cleanest, most complete transfer of your data. RootsMagic will also be able to download your online trees from Ancestry.

  148. Kitty

    Another question: Is there a program other than Family Treemaker which can show all my family in a spreadsheet that lists, for example, Person’s Name/Maiden Name/Birth & Death dates/ and place of burial? It would be great if that list could be sorted by different choices, such as Surname or Place of Burial…that way, I could take the list to a cemetery and have names for everyone buried there that I’m looking for. I know I could not create such a list on Family Treemaker…is there another programs that will do that?

  149. M. Paul Cook

    I’m glad that Ancestry took a 2nd look at Family Tree support. I’m not enamored with the latest change to the Browser version of

  150. M. Paul Cook

    Cont’d … Ancestry and have heavily relied on Family Tree to correct errors, deal with duplicate persons, etc.

  151. Kathy L

    You must have worked around the clock to negotiate all this. Pity it took a backlash from loyal customers to make it happen. Glad it has made some of you happy but for me trust is something that doesn’t come back just because you get back what was taken from you!

  152. Peggy

    I was completely unaware of the demise of FTM. Certainly am happy to receive this email! Looking foward to more info.

  153. Pat

    This is very good news! I am so glad that our concerns were heard and honored. For those of you that were wondering about tree sync, if you go to the link to MacKiev, it looks as though there will be tree sync. I did not check out Roots Magic for tree sync as I plan on staying with Family Tree Maker at least the way things appear to be playing out so far. I do not want to go through the anxiety of going to a completely new program and having to transfer my hundreds of people, media items, notes, etc.

  154. Chuck Crannell

    Although I am encouraged by the announcement, has trained me well to wait for the details. I truly hope a complete sync function will remain without additional caveats or expense.

  155. Craig A

    Too little, Too late. Your attempt to undue the damage you did, when you decided to blow off thousands of loyal customers is not impressive. I’ve already moved on to a different program and happily deleted familytreemaker from my pc. Hasta la vista, ancestry.

  156. Tim Corcoran

    Thanks for listening to your loyal customers and coming up with this solution. I was one of the distressed users, and as a preparation for the inevitable, I made trial purchases of both Legacy and RootsMagic programs and tried them each out for a couple of weeks. Both good programs and I learned a lot, but both inferior to Family Tree Maker in my mind. I particularly would have missed (among other things) the ability to click on a source citation and immediately see everywhere it was used. So I am overjoyed that not only will you be working and TreeSyncing with RootsMagic, but that you have also provided a continued path to use FTM. Because of different features I’ll probably use both. Thank you thank you thank you!

  157. Jill Jessen H

    Thank you. Dec 8 2016 turned out to be the worst birthday of my life. Now, one major lifes problem of my plate. May sound dramatic it was dramatic! Genealogy is my connection to family Gone. Thanks again.

  158. Carolyn

    I am glad FTM will continue to be available. However, I won’t jump to conclusions too fast. Will the sync feature still be available and also would we still get new hints to our email??

  159. Richard is late in announcing their fourth quarter financials. I’ve been waiting to see if, and by how much, subscriptions fell during the fourth quarter. I suspect this had a lot to do with this announcement and the rapid backpedalling from the December decision to drop FTM.

  160. lgwt50

    Yes! Thank you for being responsive to your long-standing customers. So very happy to know you listen to your customers as well as providing a viable solution!! TY!!

  161. Marian Parkinson

    FANTASTIC NEWS! Always reassuring when a great company such as Ancestry actually takes notice of its customers!

  162. Judy Hanson

    You have no idea how happy this makes me!! I was one of the very disgruntled customers who let my feelings be known when it was first announced. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  163. Denise

    Well, you will keep me as a customer! I was working diligently to fill in some gaps as I was not going to renew once I completed my switch to RootsMagic. Now I don’t have to spend all my free time working on this. Thank you and I look forward to continue working with Ancestry.

  164. Eddie J

    I was prepared to dump FTM and just purchased Roots Magic. The new partnerships are good news however you should have had these “in the bag” rather than upsetting so many of your longtime customers with you initial announcement. You really blew it this time.

  165. Angela Buchanan-Bloch

    I purchased RootsMagic after your announcement. Does that mean I’ll need to purchase an upgrade after they build in the features to work with Ancestry?

  166. James Brown

    After your announcement I immediately acquired Legacy and I already had Roots software. Ancestry is not worth the cost anymore so I will not be renewing my World Ancestry subscription. Discontinuing FTM with a backup plan was a terrible marketing plan. This bad plan is totally the fault of Kendall Hulet who has served as our Senior Vice President of Product Management at Ancestry since March 2015.

  167. Teresa

    Thank you for listening, Ancestry. In reply to Greg @3:12pm… there was absolutely no mention of even a POSSIBILITY for alternatives in Ancestry’s announcement to retire and orphan FTM. Unbelievably bad PR. The only reason these options are now in the works is BECAUSE the thousands of loyal customers “jumped on” Ancestry in December.

  168. Linda Windmoeller

    Merton Minsky – “after retiring from the footwear industry, he served as chairman of the board of directors of the Software MacKiev Company, a leading developer and publisher of consumer and education software founded in 1997 by his son, Jack.”

  169. zhybeck

    The anouncement of new support is missing a critical feature. There is no mention of saving Ancestry data to the new providers. That would make it very none friendly, and is a major problem to ancestry dropping support.

  170. Alan

    Wish you had thought of this on your own without all our help, but at least you eventually responded…thanks!

  171. Jack

    Where are MacKiev and RootsMagic located? Are they both contained completely within the USA and have USA corporate operating status? E.g., I wouldn’t want to expose my computing equipment to a software company located in Kiev, Ukraine (MacKiev).

  172. Carol Runnels

    I am delighted to hears that you have addressed this issue. I have been looking at my alternatives. How much extra will this cost? Is Ancestry going to modify their renewal prices for no longer providing this service ?

  173. FRS

    Am taking a wait and see approach on whether to switch software or not. Cancelled “auto renewal a month ago. Not sure I will continue my subscription to Ancestry. They handled the FTM situation poorly.

  174. calyx

    Ancestry does not deserve any thanks or compliments. They were supposed to be providing a service, and a pricey one at that. So they “own” everyone’s data, the terms of contract only apply to the customer–they have no responsibility despite collecting millions of dollars, etc. It took me a long time to dump Ancestry, even after the numerous crashes, unscheduled maintenance, scheduled maintenance, loss of total and completely PRIVATE trees, overpriced fees and sneaky renewals, and features that did not work and weren’t fixed for YEARS. Not to mention that they ate and disabled better sites like MyFamily and I wouldn’t go back to Ancestry unless they gave me 10 years FREE to make up for the 10 years that I was overcharged. It will be interesting to see if there is any new competition after the fiasco of “New” Ancestry. They did their best to eliminate/swallow whole their competitors. I’m glad that I invested in personal software years ago. Six months from now, Ancestry will have tanked.

    Did they ever hear this one? “The CUSTOMER is always right”.

  175. Marion

    Although Greg said on February 2, 2016 at 3:12 pm “I just hope…that the thousands of supposedly loyal users who jumped on you in December might have the grace to admit they overreacted and will come and apologise and thank you for your prompt resolution.” This is neither prompt, nor should I apologize for a corporation’s own incredibly poor PR judgment.

  176. Jay

    Ancestry ‘management’ has finally made a good decision. However, due to the horrendous marketing and customer service debacle they just created by pulling FTM, many of their long time customers have lost faith. Now, they will have to prove themselves competent for us to entrust our families to them again, if ever. This experience has shown me how precarious it is to trust a company or website with my hard-earned research. If the sync feature is not maintained, then they lose the one service they offer that no one else has. I am glad that FTM will continue. It makes it possible for us to interact with the Ancestry site, which otherwise is disfunctional in the way it operates and offers a poor excuse for the storage and sharing of family information. Time will tell if they backtracked fast enough to bring back the thousands of loyal customers they chased away with their idiotic decisions. I personally have opened the door to looking at cheaper alternatives, as Ancestry is one of the most expensive options on the Internet. At least someone with some sense has made a right decision by making sure the FTM continues.

  177. Michelle

    Glad you listened. Very happy that you’ve been able to respond to our needs. Lesson learned – probably should have looked for partners before you announced you were getting out 🙂

  178. Robe rt

    To everyone posting that it states, on MacKiev’s site, that there is tree sync. Remember this is for the current version, that Ancestry is still responsible for through 2016. Therefore it is still legitimate for customers to have concern as to whether or not tree syncing will still be available once Ancestry has completely stepped away from the software (December 31, 2016).

  179. Helen

    Whilst I can’t thank you enough, it would have made sense to identify these partnerships before you made your Announcement. I have paid out for another family history software so I could commence transferring my 20 years of data across… Very bad customer communication

  180. Enfrance

    With so little clear info about this deal I will not be renewing my annual sub. I would have thought that Ancestry could have learned from other instances where companies stopped suporting popular software ie; MS Money, and set up the backup plan before dumping on their loyal long term customers. Now we wait for the detail as apparently the elementary questions about the future cannot be answered yet. More cliff hanging in a silly saga. Sadly many of us are finding good alternatives and won’t be back to FTM or Ancestry.

  181. Trevor

    Kitty (February 2, 2016 at 6:55 pm), Family Historian does exactly what you are asking, plus lots more besides.

  182. nadinemi

    I’d like to congratulate you on your PR genius: specifically waiting 8 weeks after you announced discontinuation of FTM to announce replacement arrangements with two outside companies. And I’m so filled with gratitude over this that I’ll definitely be patient with you while you work out the details. I’m so thrilled with this new development I’ve decided to forgive you for selling our dna results to Calico last July. It no longer matters that you refused to acknowledge receipt of petitions to save Old Ancestry. I’m going to let bygones be bygones and overlook all the annoyances of New Ancestry and the fact that it’s a terribly clunky interface. Heck, I think I’ll re-link my tree to FTM. And even though I canceled my subscription I’m minded to renew it continuously for months at a time. I think i’m ready to trust you again so I’ll re-link my family’s dna results to my primary tree–the one with all the detailed information–and make that public again. I’m so happy for this latest development brought to us by you and the rock stars at Ancestry. Not.

  183. Lynne Moses

    Thanks for caring about how we like to record our family trees. I have recently put it online once news of you’re ceasing to support FTM came out, but I’ve never been entirely happy. Now I can be assured that I can work on my tree without the mistakes that online trees have.

  184. Hubert

    Thank-you, I think. Just bear in mind people only live a fixed number of years. Understanding, recognizing, & comprehending changes, and dealing with such can get a little frustrating not only for end-users but their old or new computers as well.

  185. johnhutch45

    All very nice, but let us not cheer too loudly just at the moment . . . The latest announcement referring to both Software MacKiev & RootsMagic mentions saving your FTM tree data to Ancestry. . . As far as I can see there is no reference to being able to continue to perform the important process of linking our Ancestry & FTM trees so that information added to our Ancestry tree is transferred to our FTM tree. . . Which was the main reason I selected FTM over other genaeology software several years ago . . . Fingers & toes crossed in the hope that this function is maintained.

  186. I agree with Kitty’s comment above that the synch feature between Ancestry and FTM is very important for tree development. The current announcement does not mention it: I trust it can be preserved somehow.

  187. Patti Lee Salter

    Thank you for listening, another customer who will now stay with you, but still not happy about the new layout of the site also will tree sync still be working as that is one of the most important functions of FTM, and without it there’s still not much point.

  188. Roger

    As a long time user of FTM, I am very pleased to hear the communication yesterday about the link up with MacKiev and Rootsmagic.

    However, it would have been much better if the arrangement had been made BEFORE the announcement to shut down FTM, thereby avoiding disappointment and hassle for all your customers.

    What is even more annoying is that I have bought an alternative software package and started transfering the database and attachments to the new software package.

    You may say I jumped the gun, but the tone of the original FTM communication was very “final” and did not lead users to believe there was any chance of a reprieve.

    My choice is now to either stay with FTM or move to the new option permanently, on the basis that Ancestry / the new owners may spring another surprise in the not to distant future !!!!

  189. BarryD

    Encouraging news but I’ll be reserving judgement till I see how these new arrangements work and costs etc. Also not too impressed with overhaul of web version, takes me longer to do things now…

  190. AFS

    Good news at last – shame you hadn’t done all this before announcing the demise of FTM, you wouldn’t have upset so many of your loyal customers, some of which will never come back!

  191. Conrad

    That’s excellent news and thank you, Ancestry, for listening. I am still concerned, however, that there is no mention of Treesync. This is a great feature that enables FTM and Ancestry to complement each another as an integrated package. It sounds as if uploads from deskop to Ancestry will be possible, but full 2-way syncing will not. Could you clarify this, please ?

  192. dmarshall511

    This news is a Win Win! If i understand corre tly, RootsMagic has the ability to sync with FamilySearch and My Heritage. I have bought RootaMagic but have not yet installed it due to having an overachieving case of “winter lazies” Now I think I should go ahead and learn the program so I will be ready to switch when the time comes.

  193. Bryan

    Hooray!! Well done at creating options instead of having an excellent supporting program die out!!! Kudos and Than You!!

  194. Barry

    It would seem that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I tried MyHeritage but found that it really does not compare on its style or range of record coverage, particularly in the UK. Fortunately I was able to cancel my subscription and get a full refund.
    I see thet the MacKiev software needs at least Windows 7 and above which means that my ancient Vista will be obsolete. Just need a new computer then! So that’s alright !!!!!

  195. C Cook

    Ancestry has made a major PR faux pas over its decision to ditch the FTM software, presumably in an effort to encourage all its subscribers to upload their trees to their website. In my opinion the facilities offered by Ancestry for the recording of data on their website is woefully inadequate compared with that in FTM and in encouraging their subscribers to upload and add to public and private trees, they have created a monster of inaccuracy.
    While they gain access to vast quantities of private research, they have absolutely no control over the accuracy of that information which is, in many cases, as spurious as that which used to crop up on the before they did their recent revamp of that website.
    It would appear that Ancestry is trying to become the Facebook and Google of the genealogical world and their commercial decision no longer to support the software linked with their website is based on the belief that the future is definitely “in the cloud”.
    There is absolutely no reason why FTM cannot be used for the foreseeable future as a repository for research. I will not be syncing my tree(s) to Ancestry but I do hope that the compatible software now being developed will allow me to transfer my thousands of linked documents, photographs and notes, something which I don’t believe is possible at the moment.

  196. WEndy

    Thank you so pleased to hear the news I have had FTM since 2005 and was worried about loosing it but all ok now Thank you again

  197. mike

    This is just plain nuts! I don’t know how you users could fall for this ploy by a company that you cannot trust. It is like dangling a fuzzy toy out for a kitten to play with! Have you investigated this software manufactured in the Ukraine? All you users have been complaining about this Ancestry site for months! Do you realize what this will cost you for an inferior product? No, instead you just put in all these “glowing” thanks. It is nauseating. You fall for this ploy and you’ll get what you pay for and that will be PLENTY!

  198. Alan

    All that we ask is that you don’t pull the plug on the “old” until the “new” is up and running.

  199. Larry

    The horse is out of the barn. This conversation should have taken place 6 months ago. I am gone. Thanks for the memories.

  200. Dave Deeming

    OK, I’ve had my moans about Ancestry’s decision to retire Family Tree Maker, but now they’ve come clean and acted upon our complaints. Thank you, Ancestry – and thank you, MacKiev and RootsMagic. All I ask at present is that the sync feature remain in perpetuity. As for many other commenters here, this is my principal, current reason to stay attached to Ancestry and FTM combined.

  201. Judith Knight

    Is there any reason you could not have given your users an indication that you were in discussion with various vendors for continued support? I spent days reading reviews, comparing software and finally spending money purchasing Legacy software. HAD I had any indication from your company that your cessation of support was going to transition to another vendor I would certainly have tried out Legacy before buying it. It seems to be a wonderful software but if it does not sync to the database I probably will not use it–any chance of you refunding the funds I spent for Legacy? Or, even better, exploring the option of offering the sync function to other software vendors????

  202. Jim Orrell

    At least this whole debacle and Ancestry’s mismanagement has made FTM users look at what else is available and many have already realised that FTM is way behind the likes of Rootsmagic and Family Historian, unless you really need a 2 way sync with Ancestry trees. But can we trust Ancestry anymore, Ancestry might have a lot of info in their database, but they no longer have the level of empathy towards genealogists that they had; my suspicion is that the recent takeovers and venture capitalists want to make every last penny they can from it. How is this relevant, potential users should be very wary of any of their enterprises, especially if by ditching one of them it leaves you stranded. should at least have an ‘escaape route’.

    If they were loyal to ALL their customers, (and I would imagine they make far more out of annual subscriptions than any software they might sell), they would open up their API and let other developers interface too, and in the long run that should surely create more ‘regular’ subscriptions and income.

    But why use Ancestry or any online trees. I am a long time subscriber to Ancestry and have had my uploaded tree there for many years and made many contacts and am grateful to others who also share their data. Online trees can be excellent as a ‘shop window’ but to me keeping your ‘Master’ online is asking for trouble. I can see the temptation, easy to drag or click items etc, but what if you have no internet and how do you: back it up, revert to an older version, share, migrate to another product. In particular Ancestry has never divulged its API and its own export (and import) Gedcom is not very good. I don’t know how it syncs with FTM now, but in the past when I tried, it was a nightmare and they openly admitted that things like notes just did not sync or got truncated.

    But one thing I have learnt over many years in IT and home computing is that 2 way syncing is the best way to either loose data or duplicate it, and sorting out the mess can waste a lot of time.

    So for me, Ancestry is still a good database and ‘shop window’ for a copy of my tree (even then I prefer Rootsweb trees), but I would rather keep my master tree on my PC/Laptop where I have control over it, in a genealogy program that does a far far better job at reporting, printing trees, data manipulation etc etc. For me the answer is Family Historian, and Rootsmagic was a close second, but for those who go down the Rootsmagic path in order to sync with Ancestry trees, TAKE GREAT CARE, if possible I would suggest you treat Rootsmagic as your ‘master’ and only sync 1 way from it to Ancestry, and take a backup before any syncing. This could be a good opportunity for Rootsmagic, but it could also be a nightmare, I just hope they can do it better and in a much shorter time scale than FTM did!

    And, as many pundits have said, there is no rush, the dust is still settling, make this ‘forced opportunity’ an opportunity to reassess how to store/ share your data for the long term.

  203. Carol

    This is nice, but what about the many of us who already bought Legacy? Do we now have to buy Rootsmagic? (which I did not like one bit), or this new software program I have never even heard of?

  204. Carol

    I have to apologize. I did not read the above news correctly. I thought this mackiev was a new software, not taking over FTM. Ignore my previous comment, please. 🙂

  205. jaybird

    On your announcement, I moved everything over to Heredis. NOW you tell us FTM will remain. Wished you had said something about it on the original announcement.

  206. Jane

    Thank you for listening, however that kind of hook up must have been in the pipeline when you told us you were pulling the plug, so you could have told us that you were looking for a long term desktop solution last year rather than annoying us all and potentially losing customers. There is a lesson here for you, listen to your customers and keep them informed. We would not have got so cross if you’d told us you were looking for an alternative.

  207. Lesley Plant

    Hmmmmm. Good news, but once bitten, forever sceptical and unbelieving. It was basically a commercial restructuring exercise by Ancestry; like airlines, get the customers to pay for every little element of “service”, when what we had before was just fine and rather more in our interests. I will take my time to decide on what to do next. No, Ancestry, you no longer get my hard-sought data for free.

  208. Judy harrelson

    Thank you. I hope you have learned your lesson in customer relations. Are you going to give two companies all the programming and allow the same degree of interfacing as we now have? I can not imagin that. Nor can I believe two different companies wanting its competor to have the idential programming. I know things have changed a lot since I retired 20years ago, but when I was programming writing code to do all the functions of FTM would take longer than a year not to mention getting it bug free. I sincerely hope this solution will work but I wait with baited breath. I really love FTM and dont want to lose it. I enjoy, but I now think my best interests are not a priority.

  209. John Sutherland

    It is good to see that customer pressures have forced Ancestry to do the right thing for its customers regarding FTM, regardless of the ‘new’ Ancestry marketing plans. I can’t help but think how stupid dropping FTM cold appeared to long time Ancestry/FTM customers like me. Good grief. Anyway, regardless of your reasons for doing so, thanks for remaining supportive of your customers, many of whom were ready to leave Ancestry, I’m sure.

  210. Rich Brooks

    Still a disappointing result. MacKiev’s software is ok at best. I won’t be expecting any improvements and certainly hope they at least maintain the current level of usability. And get ready for the push to charge for upgrades! Ancestry should have kept FTM in their offerings and wound it down over a few years as the PC platform gradually shrinks.

  211. Debra K

    Thank you very much for heeding our concerns about FTM and accessibility to still sync our records on our desktop to I am very pleased that I will not be faced with losing information I find on Ancestry compared to what is on my desktop tree. Now that two programs will have syncing access that will make this much easier. Bravo Ancestry for caring about your customers.

  212. Bob Banting

    Well after the cold and shocking news about the future of FTM released in December I do not believe any of this announcement. Where does this leave Legacy owners. Will these new folks survive. Is dumping FTM, which was working well with Ancestry, a cost saving measure or a plan to get everyone to work on line! I for one am looking for a way out of this which does not include Ancestry.

  213. Carol Cox

    Are you kidding me? Why in the world did you announce that you were killing Family Tree Maker when you were in negotiations on other options. Couldn’t you have waited a little bit. Everyone seems so grateful that ancestry listened to them. I am just pissed that they did such a stupid thing. Thank God your announcement led me to RootsMagic, a wonderful product much better than Family Tree Maker and with amazing technical support. Thanks for the memories. I have moved on and truly wonder about management and their concern for their customers. That is not new news.

  214. Al Froeschl

    Thanks for finding a continuance for Family Tree Maker. This will give us hope to continue our genealogy research. Will we be notified by both companies about their support? Also, need info about RootsMagic; I am not familiar with their products.

  215. I have despised FTM since it was first launched (during the mid 90s). After buying just about every genealogy software available. I finally decided on ‘Reunion’ by Leisterpro. Somewhere around 2000, Leisterpro stopped supporting the PC version. That’s when I switched to MAC and have been a Mac user ever since. Ancestry, did you even approach Leisterpro about leaving FTM?

  216. Sue Salter

    Glad Ancestry have finally seen sense on this matter! Since cancelling my subscription, I have upgraded my Roots Magic programme. Once the two become compatible, I shall consider re-subscribing.

  217. Suzanne Schlabs

    THANK you for putting together a way for your loyal customers to continue with FTM and a tie to (Customer since 1995) Just like our family trees….it goes on and on and on

  218. Janet

    Will either of these work for Mac? I agree with others that an alternative should have been in place before announcing the demise of FamilyTreeMaker — particularly since many of us have been users (and buyers) of FTM and Ancestry for several years. Disappointing — but the customer service with Ancestry has slipped over the past few years. The main reason I continued to subscribe to Ancestry was for the tree sync feature with FTM. I can find most new leads for my family tree through free websites, such as and I have a marketing background as well, and this situation may just end up as a case study for my students as an example of a company not considering its strongest customer base before announcing a change in service. (The Netflix debacle from a few years ago is another example of this. They recovered, but only after back peddling and receiving a lot of bad press). I am seriously debating whether Ancestry is now worth nearly $300/year. I’ve been a loyal member since 2003, and have volunteered for beta testing with FTM for Mac in the past. My guess is that Ancestry just got tired of constantly having to upgrade FTM with every Windows and IOS software change. FTM for Mac always had glitches, and I don’t hold out much hope for RootsMagic or Software MacKiev to do much better. So, I’ll be researching genealogy software programs, and will access whether Ancestry is worth my time and money. Very sad.

  219. Skipper

    FAILED TO MENTION THE SYNC FEATURE! Will it or will it not???? This is a heck of a way to run a business with loyal customers. Why not work all the details out and then make an announcement as opposed to ticking off all your customers with an announcement we are doing away with FTM. Why abandon FTM to begin with? Obviously a business decision with little or no forethought. This whole thing is a debacle!

  220. Byron Lewis

    mackiev web page about FTM.. YES, it will still sync your FTM tree with ancestry only tree!!! Great News!!!

  221. Liz Fay

    Thank you for listening – this is such good news for a – I was dreading the future without being able to sync Ancestry with FTM. Well done. Another customer satisfied – and I will stay with you!

  222. Gene

    Like so many others here, I have to admit that this comes a bit late – the trust is gone. Ancestry has been my primary site, and the one I always recommended, but no more.

    This is probably good in that it highlighted the danger inherent in putting almost all your faith in one vendor. I won’t do that again. To that end, I intend to let my Ancestry subscription expire at the next renewal and, essentially, treat Ancestry as just another site.

    As regards FTM, I’ve already bought RM – I don’t believe in waiting to the last minute, so I’ll give that a fair try and see how this Ukrainian sourced company does with FTM.

  223. Many changes, upgrades and mergers may not be the best for Family Tree Maker users as myself. Each change, update, etc creates a new learning curve. I hope this is in the best interest of FTM and ancestry.

  224. Mary

    I am glad to here that FTM will continue in some capacity. Thank you for listening to your long time customers. However, after reading many of the comments, there seems to be hard feelings on the part of many. Perhaps as a gesture of good will, Ancestry can work out a reduced rate for RootsMagic for those who wise to try, as well as a reduced rate for FTM. Even if not possible, I am pleased that FTM will continue.

  225. Barbara

    This is wonderful news. I didn’t make any changes in hopes you would come up with a better solution. Thank you for listening to us.

  226. Helen Dugan

    I don’t have a web site I just use ancestry and family tree maker as my Genealogy site This is the first time going into something else. We have a lot of family listed so this should be interesting.

  227. glassgal

    Well well! I don’t understand why everyone is so appreciative of this “sudden” announcement. What is being done for ethose of us who got suckered? I mean really! I immediately yanked my private online tree and spent hours and hours researching a new program and decided on Legacy which is a huge learning curve. What was the point in taking up program space with something that would not be used anymore. I was a devoted customer for many many years and now feel totally ripped off. Are you planning on giving us a break and or planning on forcing us to purchase a new licence if we decide to take one more chance on you and your decisions??? Not likely eh?????

  228. Maria

    Thank you for listening to your customers! All I wanted was the connectivity between FTM and Ancestry to be intact. I could of continued to use FTM for life. But, to have a software company continue to make improvements is icing on the cake. This goes a long way to ensure my loyalty as a customer. Now I can get back to my research and let you guys work out all the details. Well done!

  229. Jane

    To give credit where it’s due, I thank you for finally listening to your customers. I have already switched to Roots Magic, so that is likely where I’ll stay and watch what happens. If you would listen to us about the functionality of the “New” Ancestry and fix that mess, I’d be more likely to reconsider my decision to leave when my subscription is up. I’m not sure what you would have to do about the trust issues.

  230. Sue

    Thank you soooo much for your decision to continue to support & link to some form of Family Tree Maker. You can’t imagine the time & patience it would require to transfer 10,000 family members to a new software program, especially since NONE of them support the attributes added in FTM. After years of paying your subscription fee, it’s nice of you to heed your customers.

  231. Cheryl

    Don’t get so excited everyone. Went to Kiev site and found no support for Windows and no place where you could download this on line. What a pain.

  232. Robert

    Kendall Hulet is probably patting himself on the back, reading all these (foolish) “thank you’s” here – completely clueless as to the underlying damage done.

  233. Sally

    I am so relieved that Family Tree Maker will stay around — and still link to trees on Ancestry. We spoke (in numbers too huge to ignore), and you listened. Thank you SO much for having the good sense to listen to your loyal customers!!!

  234. J Nich.

    whew – I just spend two hours in the attic trying to find my ftm 10 install disc as my computer crashed – I had backed up data. Then the new install went south and I became scared. But it looks like I will be able to buy a current version soon. In any event I would pay money right now to get FTM 2014.

  235. SusanB

    As with many others, I am appalled at the PR mess from As a long long long time user of FTM and, the December announcement was a huge blow. And now this…. 2 months later. This announcement should have been done at the same time that Ancestry announced that they would no longer be involved with FTM after the end of 2016

    As to the 2 new options, FTM owned by MacKieve (a company I have never heard of and now learn is located in Ukraine – and unstable part of the world with many hackers) and Roots Magic – a software program that I am not familiar with….. AND… a total lack of details about what will stay the same, what will change and the timing of it all……. It is all unsettling to say the least.

    I have seen recommendations for Roots Magic, Legacy, Family Historian and others. Can someone please tell me where I can find knowledgeable, objective and current reviews of these various desktop genealogy software programs (for Windows) ? Thanks in advance. ( a senior citizen who hates this change) I need help with the software options. Thx.

  236. Cathy

    Too bad you didn’t put this all into place before you decided to abandon FTM users. Once you announced that you would no longer support FTM, I bought a different software, Reunion for Mac, and have transferred everything over. It is working well. I will not spend any more money on your new solutions. I also dropped my subscription to I am finding alternatives, and will only use ancestry as a last resort. You could have saved me, and I imagine a whole lot of other users, if you would have come up with a solution beforehand. I suspect you have so many subscribers, we are acceptable losses to you.

  237. Cathy

    @SusanB…MacKiev: “a company I have never heard of and now learn is located in Ukraine – and unstable part of the world with many hackers”. Glad you posted that bit. I would be hesitant to use this software, even if I were thinking about it, which I am not.

  238. Debbie

    Have been researching since 2001, and benefited immeasurably from the many features (vast array of sources, input from others by having my tree on-line) of Ancestry. Yes, the cost of Ancestry is higher than any other service, but I’ve gladly paid it While I’ve found some of the “improvements” to the website be annoying, I’ve grudgingly adapted. Tried several desktop programs early on, finally landing on FTM because of the synq feature, while maintaining a Legacy tree because of a couple features not shared by FTM. My research will continue, but I will certainly be keeping a watchful eye on developments with Ancestry! If the new incarnation of FTM promises a seamless transition (and not a lot of $!), I’ll stick with it. Am unfamiliar with Rootsweb’s program, but will check it out just in case.

  239. Dale Withings

    Thank you ancestry for your INITIAL announcement to discontinue FamilyTreeMaker. You made me look for an alternative and would you have not discontinued FTM, I never would have found MacFamilyTree. This is worlds better than FTM and I am so glad I ditched FTM. If anybody is interested, you can find their website here:

  240. Phyllis Stice

    I’ve used FTM for Mac since it started and don’t have any concerns about hacking or where its developers are located. Macs themselves are generally fairly well protected. I am pleased at the announcement. I admit I was considering returning to Reunion, which is an excellent genealogy program, particularly for Mac users, but there was no hurry. I was interested to see if Ancestry would respond to the wailing and gnashing of teeth, and it did. And in fairly short order. Ancestry remains the best single place to go for online researchers. It’s pricey, but not so pricey as having to purchase plane tickets and hotels to do local research – prohibitive for many of us. Nothing comes for free and I value the work Ancestry has done and I believe that the efforts of the Ancestry staff and its developers is unsurpassed in the web genealogy world. Nobody is trying to screw around with anybody here – this is the forever evolving nature of the interwebs – changes come and are dealt with in the best way possible. Ancestry is a still a good deal and if Ancestry finds it more financially sustainable to build partnerships rather than devote $ to maintaining outside software, it’s a reasonable choice. I’ll look forward to hearing from MacKiev with any updates for my FTM for Mac software, which so far is just fine for genealogy work. Thanks, Ancestry, for considering the true ramifications of your earlier decision and for seeking a solution that we can all live with.

  241. Anne042068

    I agree with the others- would have been smart to consider this before “dropping the bomb” on us in December. I certainly hope syncing will continue. I don’t really like the looks of your online tree- preferred the former version. I also wish we could print a Pedigree tree on FTM that includes a group of siblings at the base rather than just one person as we were able to do prior to about 2010.

  242. geniusogy

    Does anyone know whether the NEW Ancestry changes will be synced into FTM after these new options are made available? My present (unlinked) FTM desktop tree is free of the New Ancestry additions which I find very unfavorable. I do not wish to import New Ancestry to my desktop tree.

  243. You should have found a route like this before traumatising FTM users. You obviously lack sound Management Skills – so suggest you fly to UK where we can teach you these and good manners too.

  244. Deborah

    Thank you! News is welcome. Hope The switch will include being able to migrate FTM data easily from Microsoft to a Mac. Our next machine will be a Mac because Microsoft has gotten too big for their britches. Hate Windows 10. Love FTM and Ancestry!

  245. Kendall

    Thank you for finding a solution to this very terrible issue. I give you kudos for that. I would like to mention, however, that it might have prudent to have found the solutions first, then make the announcement. It would have saved a lot of anger and heartache.

  246. John McC

    Ancestry is to be commended for finally seeing “the error of their ways”. Unfortunately the damage has been done – many users have jumped ship to other providers (online and desktop) and those who are left now have a clearer understanding as to how Ancestry treats its customers.

    It still amazes me that on December 8 when they made the fatal announcement they did not also make it clear what the impact on users would be. People are still confused. If you had a working FTM2012 or FTM2014 on your computer (and preferably a backup copy that you could reinstall if necessary) then nothing was going to change at least until Dec 31 2016. You would still be able to sync your trees (online to desktop or vice versa) and you would still get support. Even after that date you could still maintain your tree on your desktop (and online if you wanted to duplicate your changes there). TreeSync would no longer work and you wouldn’t get any support. If your desktop software was working OK on Dec 31 2016 there was no reason it would not still be working Jan 1 2017 (or maybe even Jan 1 2027 for that matter). I’m still running Microsoft Office 2007 on a Windows 10 machine!

    So now with the Feb 2 announcement we know TreeSync will still work after Dec 31 and not only that we don’t even have to stay with FTM. It’s not a huge learning curve to move from FTM to RootsMagic and you can rest assured you will experience a better level of support there. Moving your data is a bit techy but I’m sure there will be lots of help available this year to do that. If you do it right all your media and sources are transferred as well as all people, facts and placenames. Software MacKiev is based in the Ukraine. They do have an address in Boston but I suspect that is a one-man shop. Phone support (if any is planned) might not come immediately.

    By the way to those worrying about the effect of New Ancestry on FTM (or RootsMagic) don’t worry. It is merely a new visual format of the same data that was there before. The data that currently flows between FTM and is independent of formatting. After all that’s the only way FTM and RootsMagic could simultaneously accomplish TreeSync.

  247. Vicki Fermil

    Thank goodness you did listen to your customers. We are very loyal and will stay with you as long as you treat us with the same loyalty. Thank you!!

  248. Fred Feldman

    This isn’t an adequate solution. As I understand the proposal, we could now have our family trees on other software (MacKieve; Rootsmagic), but if we do work on , it still won’t sync with FTM. That’s not good enough. It’s the synch function that’s valuable in FTM. If I don’t have the capability to synch with work on, I’ll switch to another on-line genealogy search engine.

  249. bark

    What a difference 60 days makes. Too bad you didn’t have all your duck in a row before you dumped all you loyal customers. What a poor way to do business. You have lost my loyalty. That’s what happens when you’re blinded by GREED

  250. Sharon

    How about allowing Legacy software to sync with Ancestry as well. Legacy has many, many users who have been using Legacy forever, and you would receive a lot of commendation if you allowed Legacy users to sync with Ancestry, too.

  251. Valerie

    I am beyond ecstatic!! Thank you, Ancestry, for listening to your loyal fans who have stuck with you all through the years. I kept hoping you would come up with a viable solution and I’m happy to say your announcement has restored my faith in your company.

  252. Peter

    Let’s hope we see a universal app that not only caters for desktop but mobile and tablet devices. This is 2016.

  253. creekx

    I am still very leary…..cautiously waiting for next announcement. Your customer relations was handled very badly without forethought. It seems to me that Ancestry needs to look over the horizon.

  254. Debra

    I am so pleased and could not be happier with your decision! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for listening to your customers and being concerned about what matters to us! And for making it right and coming up with what sounds to be very great options!

  255. Becky

    You know… this announcement is too little too late. I already found a replacement for Family Tree Maker. I downloaded Family Tree Heritage and it works great. I imported my data from FTM and have everything saved on my computer. It was really easy! So thanks but no thanks, Ancestry.

  256. Andrew Hatchett

    Perhaps people should visit the FTM for Mac message boards and see what a *RAGING success* that program has been over the last 6 years before being thankful that FTM for windows will henceforth be done by the same people… be very, *VERY* careful of what you wish for!

  257. SusanB

    Andrew – That’s what I’m worried about. I see nothing on the MacKiev website that gives me any confidence that they will be good stewards of Windows FTM going forward. I have spent the day looking at alternative Windows desktop software and have narrowed my search down to either RootsMagic or Legacy. Does anyone have thoughts – pro or con – on those 2 software programs?

  258. Richard

    That is good news. I am cautiously optimistic. Will wait to see how this actually works out before I throw a party. The hints and sync function are what’s most important to me. Thank you for listening to your loyal customers.

  259. Kathy

    I closed my ancestry account because of the December announcement. If the money I paid you over the years wasn’t good enough a month ago, it still won’t be good enough. The only connection you maintain with me is my work for free as a contributor to Find A Grave. How unfortunate that you didn’t appreciate your customers earlier… It’s definitely a case of too little too late.

  260. Kathy Ulrich

    Thank you! I really didn’t believe you would do this. I have not updated my Ancestry tree ever since December. when you come out with the actual program, I will go back to using ancestry again. I would have thought you might have considered the negative effect created by handling all of this in such a backward way. I think it will be awhile after the changes are instituted that your long time users will trust you again.

  261. jj

    Just a note…when you announced in Dec 2015 the end of FTM you had 9371 comments on one blog and 1487 on another..Well my post brings the welcome back crowd (mixed comments at best) to 374 comments.
    I have found happy hunting with another program, that was happy to get my business. A side benefit, to my surprise was that THEY ARE BETTER than FTM. Oh…it isn’t RootsMagic either

  262. geniusogy

    @ John McC: Are you saying that the dreadful additions NEW Ancestry has made to our trees will NOT import from the online trees to the FTM desktop trees? We will only get data (like in a GEDCOM file) and media items? (Many of my media items that came from ancestry to my FTM desktop tree now appear as icons of a magnifying glass!)
    I don’t want any Life Stories, Historical Insight Photos and/or incorrect maps to be transferred from the online version to my desktop tree. I would rather add data manually than sync to prevent this from happening.

  263. rob

    I’ve downloaded and test-driven RootsMagic, Legacy and FamilyHistorian for almost two months now. I was all ready to move to RootsMagic – but not now. The “deal” with Ancestry is a big negative to me. I don’t want ANYTHING to do with them if they’ve “partnered” with I’ve shifted gears – to my “was a very close 2nd”, FamilyHistorian.

  264. Chuck Crannell

    I guess the demise of the desktop PC was vastly overstated? Now if only the website worked properly for iOS devices before the demise of the tablet market sets in.

    Let’s wait to see where this announcement takes us on 1Jan 2017 after Ancestry’s support officially ends.

  265. Kim

    Fire, ready, aim. I’m hoping “be able to save your tree on Ancestry” means the same as sync. I will wait and see before jubilation.

    • Kristie Wells

      @Don, etal: REGARDING TREESYNC

      Family Tree Maker will continue to have syncing capability with Ancestry trees, however this feature may evolve as Software MacKiev updates the software.
      It will use different underlying technology than our current TreeSync but it effectively provides the same basic functionality of allowing the user to keep data in their online tree and data in their desktop tree consistent.

      Same for Rootsmagic.

  266. Tammy Horak

    Little too late. After 20+ years, Ancestry was leaving us all high and dry. Why wouldn’t you try and make this solution happen before you announced you stopping FTM? Maybe because it wasn’t your plan, instead, you felt it in the pocket of all the cancellations of the long running subscriptions, like mine! I’m choosing another software, and I don’t plan on using ancestry for some time. I’m still not a satisfied long time ex-customer.

  267. Larry

    Will FTM 2012 and 2014 stop syncing at the end of the year and will we be required to buy a new version of FTM from Software MacKiev?

  268. Gordon

    First you change the name to just “Ancestry”. Then you drop FTM, just drop it, nothing more said. Then after receiving truck loads of letters from around the world you realize the $ worth of FTM, so you sell FTM instead of dropping it. Others, I have read here (but not all of them), seem to be happy with that type of business management and are staying with Ancestry. I could not stay with a company that operates in a way such as this; a company who has no thought as to what their product means to their clients. Their product is known as the “best” in the field it is used in, yet they announce that they are dropping it with no more support and now months later they are proudly stating that they have fixed OUR problem. I find that I cannot stay with a company such as this. I wish you all well. Good-by.

  269. Russ

    Thanks, Ancestry! Did not want to really have to learn another genealogy software product! Will “sync” still be available, with new FTM provider?

  270. William Moss

    Thank you for a good response to the very large amount of negative customer feedback to the original “Kill FTM” announcement.

  271. CD

    Many thanks for this notification and listening – much more like your service of old; it looks to be a step in the right direction.

  272. Mark

    I’m not surprised customers are outraged at Ancestry abandoning them high and dry. VERY POOR customer service. At least you have listened and now provided a solution – a solution which should have been on the table BEFORE setting everyone adrift. I hope the Ancestry employee who made that decision has been moved on. Lets all hope this all has a happy ending.

  273. mike

    SusanB, For one thing, Andrew Hatchett make more sense than the most of the posters on here. Legacy is the only way to go, if you are serious about genealogy and want to do things right. That software follows industry standards; whereas, FTM and some other programs are concerned. It as based on the book “Evidence Explained” by Elizabeth Shown Mills, which is the bible for all genealogists. Both Ancestry and FTM do not follow correct format for sources. You will find the source writer in Legacy is designed to comply with EE. However, there is a learning curve and one has to be willing to study all in ins and outs of this powerful program. Their how-to videos are unsurpassed.

    However, if you are like most users on here and just copy Ancestry sources and other fairy tale trees, forget it and go with some program similar to the useless FTM. I suggest you try the free version of Legacy and watch the free learners videos. I am not familiar with RM and as a professional, I have always strictly used Legacy and accessed “some” of the Ancestry databases and disregarded some of the useless ones. There are plenty of other places to get genealogy information. You just have to work harder as this means, it is not a “click” away to obtain your facts along with their sources. REAL Genealogy is hard work Ancestry does not format them correctly anyway but that is a whole other subject. Maybe some sensible person can give you advice on other software on this forum or seek out information elsewhere. Have you checked out the Legacy group on Facebook? There you will find a wealth of information and they are very helpful to users of the program.

    I am totally floored by the responses here regarding Ancestry’s offering of this FTM by some company based in the Ukraine. If you go to that website, MacKieve, you even have to search to find out it’s cost and it’s a whopping $100. Nowhere do they give important facts about the software; for example, how many downloads will you be able to do. One of the drawbacks of FTM in the past, was the fact you were only allowed two downloads of the program. Also, what will it cost if there is an update to the program? There are other many open-ended questions regarding FTM and Andrew is right…”be very careful what you wish for.”

    There are other questions in regards to the Ancestry interface also. There are so many things wrong with it and the search engine is almost useless. They have dumbed down some of their previous databases to just indices which are useless to real genealogists. Ancestry has been fooling the public for months and you give “thanks” to what? All they want $$’s. Of course the new FTM will sync to your tree/s on Ancestry as that is how to maintain a customer base. I am surprised that people on here are so frickin’ gullible.

  274. SusanB

    Mike – thank you. I am serious about wanting to do genealogy correctly and never take something I find on the Internet – whether it is at ancestry or anywhere else, as the gospel truth. And I do record the source(s) of my facts…. although not to the standards of the Mills book (which I own.) I am in my 70s and running out of time, so my main goal is to find my family and let others attend to the details at a later time. But I want to leave them a good solid road map and foundation to build from as my 2 grandmothers did before me. As to a software program, I want one that is “stable” i.e. created by someone who knows genealogy and a program that is good for intermediate level hobby genealogists, but has all of the features for more advanced genealogists. And I want a program that will continue and be supported and updated for years to come.

    I downloaded the free version of Legacy last night. At first glance, it looks really good. I’ll be test driving it over the next several weeks. Thank you so much for your input !!!

  275. Evan

    While I welcome Ancestry’s decision to find alternative providers for FTM, I do complain about the way they went about it. At no point in their original e-mail (8 December) did they offer this option. Users had every right to complain to Ancestry. I suspect that Ancestry were taken aback by the extent of the complaints from users. With hindsight I suspect that Ancestry regret the content in that original e-mail. I personally will await user comments prior to deciding which option (if any) to choose. In addition, I am still unsure whether to renew subscriptions to Ancestry, and will await events over the next couple of months.

  276. Steve

    Thanks Ancestry for listening and responding positively. Unfortunately, you now have a great deal of work to do to restore trust in Ancestry. May I suggest a more frequent (monthly) email to your registered users keeping us up to date with what’s happening and restoring confidence amongst a band of largely friendly folk who feel a bit bruised by the last couple of months. We want you to be successful and we know that you have to turn a profit like evryone else – but take us with you on that journey. Successful companies are those who look after, not alienate, their customers. So, good luck, and keep us posted!

  277. Ed Yeutson

    I know I would like to be able to have 2 computers to sync with ancestry, a pc because I work from it and a Laptop that I can keep updated when I go on family vacations and family reunions without entering it twice or 3 times. I know I don’t work on family history as much as a Genie proble does. I do work on it 8 hr. a day trying to get all family photos and doc. that family has given me and what I research over the last 40 years. I have over 23,000 images and many boxes of documents to put on Ancestry. Hopefulley this will come about in the near futhur. Ed Yeutson

  278. Robert

    Kendall, Wow! all I can say is what a lesson in real life customer service. I hope you now understand what we as Veterans learned a long time ago. All the Attaboy’s go right down the drain when you get ONE ah s—!
    All that matters is what you do right now, today. Hard fact, but it’s true.

    Anyway, let me thank you for listening and responding. We’ve all learned that the order in which you do something is as important as the thing you are doing.

    Look forward to more great research and discoveries!

  279. Ghs

    Do you think I would wait until now to see if you would come up with a solution? You have broken our trust and a mere last ditch effort because of a resounding negative return does not re-establish that trust. I have found a back up program affiliated with a much more trustworthy organization. I will continue to update my FTM but like the new program much more! And if I am content with basics and don’t need all the bells and whistles it is free! No more suck ’em in and bleed ’em dry!

  280. Regina Sherratt

    Wow! People are not use to being heard. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been a customer some you went online & I’ve used FTM since it’s been out. Very happy about this!

  281. Raymond

    Thank you for your true customer service by providing these alternatives. I’ve used Family Tree Maker for many years. It is a good product.

  282. jjriley

    Pleased to see that FTM will still be valid and operational. Does that mean that all items on FTM will be automatically transferred to Ancestry dot com?

  283. dsmit

    I have been lead to believe that the purpose of Ancestry discontinuing support of FTM is because Ancestry wants to force everyone to save your tree “in Ancestry” (on-line) in order to expand Ancestry’s data base. Family Tree Maker gave us the ability to save our tree to our computers in our own data base, and Ancestry wanted to eliminate the private data bases. I believe these 2 new software options will force you to save your tree to Ancestry on-line and remove our ability to maintain our own data base on our personal computers. We all have some things in our trees that we don’t want to be made public to the on-line versions (personal photos and documents) and that’s the purpose of buying the desktop FTM software and maintaining our own data. If these 2 new “options” will also allow us to continue to save our data on our computer without saving it “to Ancestry on-line”, then good, otherwise, I don’t believe we should be using software that forces us to save our data on-line where it can possibly be hacked and abused.

  284. Jill

    Interesting turn around. Worried about lost revenue from people who were all set to jump ship ? I will wait and see how things go. Can you now sort out the problem with hints please ? Long overdue .

  285. Rita

    What bothers me is the 1st, very quiet announcement that FTM is going away; the lack of forethought on what loyal customers who have been using FTM for nearly 20 years would do next; and how many online genealogical, history, research sites Ancestry has gobbled up which they now limit what was once available on Ancestry while commanding the same subscription fees and double down charging expensive subscriptions for those other sites. I’ll be interested to see how the MAC version gets attention as it’s not up to the standard of the PC program. Still grumbling about the whipsaw decisions made by Ancestry. They probably toted up at the potential eye popping subscription losses.

  286. Tracelines

    THANK YOU for working out these options for your loyal customers. Most professional genealogists use FTM as a standalone program (without syncing due to client confidentiality). Now there is real hope that our favorite program will live on.

  287. It’s really good news to read! I still hope that Ancestry not only stick to legacy but make it stable and bring the api to standard and start partnering with other 3rd party genealogy software developers.

  288. mike

    Traclines, correction: Most professional genealogists DO NOT use FTM at all. It does not conform to genealogical industry standards! It was designed to work with the old interface of Ancestry and heavens knows what changes will be made by the makers, MacKieve that will target the new interface which is a disaster.

    Rita, you hit the nail on the head. Ancestry was worried an the powers to be thought things out on how to appease users of FTM to retain their subscriptions. My prediction is the manufacturer will be given a deadline to get the new FTM in operation and it will be another disaster in the making. You made a good point about databases on Ancestry, as they are quickly disappearing or are just indices only that I previously mentioned in another post. They want to charge extra for certain ones and more will be forthcoming. It is a site no longer for the serious genealogist and quickly becoming a joke to us professionals. There are plenty of other places you can look for records but it means more work but that is what genealogy is all about. It is not supposed to be easy.

    dsmit, you also got things right. Anyone that has put trees on Ancestry with photos and documentation give up their right to ownership and Ancestry can do what they want with it. Also, there will be even more phantom trees w/no substance at all. The best thing to do is NEVER put any personal information on the Internet at all, if you value your privacy. Most people do not even read the terms and conditions that Ancestry can change at will anytime they want. Once you hand over the credit card number of yours, then you are at Ancestry’s mercy and nothing you can do about it other than cancelling your subscription. If you have/or had trees on Ancestry, despite deleting them, they are Ancestry’s property, like it or not.

    Who knows what this “new” FTM will entail either. For one thing, maybe it will not even work unless you have a tree on Ancestry. It would not surprise me one bit as Ancestry is not doing this for their customers but they are worried about the bottom line of lost revenue from others that have just left the “fold.” Ancestry must be pleased that a lot of you just took the “bait” without even questioning the reasons behind it all. Meanwhile, they still have not solved many of their other issues with their interface that users are still complaining about.

  289. Linda

    Thank you so much for this new plan – I have happily used FTM for many years and hope to continue to do so. Happy Day

  290. Anita

    Such good news. I have signed up with Software MacKiev for news about when they will be rolling out updates or new products. Glad I headed the advice of the experts and did not make a decision to change just yet. Ancestry did say the would continue with Tree Sync till Dec 2016.

  291. Erik Nielsen

    It was a poor timing decision to announce the dropping of FTM if this deal was in the works. I think the Roots Magic solution may be the best one with linking and downloading from FRC, My Heritage, and now Ancestry.

  292. Bram

    Too little too late! I have been researching alternative software solutions and chosen Legacy 8 Deluxe which I have purchased now. Why do we have to buy Software Mackiev just because you say so? Legacy is a better program and the sooner I get rid of my FTM files the better, such thoughtless greed and no clue as to public reaction.

  293. Susan Clarson-Griffin

    SENSATIONAL NEWS _ now Ancestry should do a deal for ALL of its MEMBERS who choose to eventually purchase one of the proposed PROGRAMMES for a discounted rate.
    I have already paid [Twice] for FTM3for Mac _ $100 Aus when the first version came out and then all over agin when the Real Mac FTM3 came out. TRUST is what the Ancestry Board need to restore.
    Looking forward to continuing mohave the ability to Sync with my FTM3forMac until 31 Dec 2016 as promised.
    Susan in Western Australia

  294. dmarshall511

    One thing that I hope will change with the Tree Sync function when Rootsmagic and the Mackiev version of FTM come out is the ability to sync multiple trees. My tree has grown to almost 6000 people and is getting difficult to manage because of it’s size. If I had the ability to sync multiple trees, I would split it.

  295. Mike M

    It’s not the detail where the devil lies – there is an obvious omission in the announcement. Being able to save something is not the same as the synchronization feature that sat at the core of the Ancestry/FTM handshake. Until that is clear it’s a bit of a pig in a poke.

  296. Peter

    The worry now is will Ancestry now decide to control Roots magic and take over more control of our data and options! It seems that they want all our information under their control. They dont understand individuals concerns about privacy. For many people the latest announcements came too late and the worry is that Ancestry wants to grab your data and sell it to the highest bidder.

  297. John

    I’d like to add my thanks to those above. I agree with most of the comments, except the one accusing us “loyal users” of over-reacting; had we not reacted as we did, nothing would have been done. So thanks for listening to us. Dare I assume that we will be offered a significant introductory discount when we come to buy the new software by way of compensation?

  298. Clare

    Humm. Not convinced. The blog message isn’t honest. Why pretend that they had a plan all along when they clearly didn’t? And why sell FTM to another company rather than keep it in-house? I don’t care that Ancestry can make money from my 40 years of originally -sourced research. Always been happy to share and I have no ability or inclination to make it pay myself. BUT I do care that Ancestry is dumbing the site down, supporting sloppy research and revealed their total lack of understanding of core customers – the very people that give the business credibility. The good thing about all this is that it has forced me to explore other options and glean useful info from all the posts. I have decided to move to another software program in the longer term, have cancelled our automatic subscription and won’t be placing my trees back on Ancestry as I don’t think they are being anywhere near transparent enough.

  299. Linda

    I’m not happy about this new Ancestry. My 36 years of my family research i have put on makes me sad that i can not click on to my pictures a black page shows up. I can not see the hints page. It makes me sad that Ancestry talked me into this on January 4th,2016. They told me nothing would change. I am to old to start over. They have to many problems with this program.

  300. Renee Burry

    I hope this link below works. I already joined Roots Magic & My Heritage Family Tree Builder in Dec. 2015, because they both sync together. My Ancestry Account is up Feb. 27, & I did not want to leave getting all my info out & closing the account to the last minuet. Ancestry really does not care about us, it was our money that spoke for us. If they cared about their loyal customers they would have never had taken that step back in Dec.

  301. Kathy Q

    SUSAN B- ROB- BRAM- and especially MIKE- I DO have thanks to give but, not to ancestry— the thanks goes
    to the blogs that were created because of the FTM announcement and to the many people who posted on them.
    They alerted me to the fact that I have created somewhat of a mess with my trees in FTM. Many people have
    commented that the info in ancestry is junk and after investigation I find it is true! For many years I
    refused to link my FTM to ancestry web just because of the privacy issue. I only used ancestry for it’s
    sources and now I find that they are not up to industry standards either. WOW what a mess. I tried to keep
    my tree as as private as I could and in the process I created a monster. My fault entirely for not doing
    due diligence and really looking behind the curtain as to what was being put out by ancestry data bases.
    I am a LUCKY genealogy person in that I have large boxes and boxes of prime source material handed down
    to me- obits, documents, scrapbooks and esp. photos from all 4 of my grandparents back to middle 1800’s.
    This I used to start my tree and now due to my foolishness I have mucked it up. I put in ancesry junk with
    all of the great ephemera I have access to. That info comes from all sides of my family. When I realized
    how ancestry has messed this all up, it made me stomping MAD. And all because I had gotten lazy and choose
    to do things the easy way. Then the decision came that I HAD to use another software program to put my
    tree into and try to clean it up. I wanted a software program that had nothing to do with ancestry web so
    I could then work on cleaning up this devil of a mess. My objective in taking up genealogy in the first
    place was to create trees for the generations to come that are accurate and true.
    I took this past 2 months to investigate a couple of programs and picked Legacy 8. The chance to put my
    30+ years of research into. a software program that is accepted as industry standard by the professionals
    was just what I needed. I am not afraid of the learning curve and the time this will require.
    I am in the process of transferring info atm. I am really glad that Legacy is NOT associated with FTM.
    Would I want to mess these trees up again if Legacy uses FTM/ancestry stuff. NO THANK YOU. It will take me
    the better part of a year to correct all this anyway.
    Susan you would be soooo happy with the support you will find by using Legacy. In the past 2 months I
    have used the Legacy facebook support group to ask questions. Beginner noob questions. The professional
    genealogists on the Legacy facebook site have answered all my noob questions with NO hesitations at all.
    They are so patient. (Try to get help from ancestry like that) And I have looked at some of the free
    beginners videos as well- I am going to LOVE this powerful site. I have already learned so much.
    Bram you have made a GREAT CHOICE. You will love the professional look and feel of Legacy.
    Mike thanks goes to you esp. since you have tried to warn people to go slowly and really look at what is
    being offerred by FTM/Kiev people. It is almost scary.
    One aspect of the ancestry plan going forward is to sell the DNA info it has on everyone in the DNA
    program to Calico (see the ancestry announcement) for MILLIONS. Do you think our little piddling bit
    of money will hurt that bottom line?? I think not. That is one reason they want to make happy the
    customers they have insulted already. So that DNA info will continue to be forth coming to them. I don’t
    trust them ONE BIT.
    Then in conjunction with Calico they will use the DNA results to create a data base of info for a longevity
    study. hummmm do I smell insurance companies-big brother- putting their noses into that data base to exclude
    people from obtaining sufficent insurance coverage or to reduce their coverage based on how long they can
    be expected to live. Just my thoughts, but, I am a retired 50 year medical professional and I have seen MANY
    medical Orwellian ideas come to pass that NO one thought possible several years ago.
    (***pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling the literary work of George Orwell or the totalitarian
    future described in his antiutopian novel 1984 (1949).)
    Just the ramblings of an old lady who is tired of getting shafted. lol lol well will get off the soapbox
    and go back to my first love putting my genealogy info into Legacy.

  302. Anne

    Kathy Q…I SO agree with you! This whole “dust up” made me sit back and evaluate what I was creating on Ancestry and FTM…and it is a LOT of crap! Despite my better knowledge I started “happy clicking” on all those shaky leaves and it became a huge race to accumulate quantity, not quality! I no longer feel a connection to the people on my tree. I started this whole journey several years ago with the intention of being thorough and accurate and it has morphed into an ugly mess. I am taking this opportunity to carefully move my tree to a new software; in my case…MacFamilyTree7. This software allows me the flexibility of saving my database to iCloud which allows me to work on all my devices, but keeps the information under my control.

  303. Andrew Bradbury

    I am pleased that Ancestry has responded positively. I shall continue to use it for now and see how it progresses with the new software.

  304. Char

    So glad to hear. Was waiting till after tax season to start shopping around for new options of online–desktop programs available. This is so much better–too bad it couldn’t been announced at the same time as the discontinuance…

  305. Doris Johnson

    Thank you for listening. I have not found ANY way to create and print reports via, which I have previously used on Family Tree Maker. I hope report creation is a significant part of the new versions!

  306. Bob T.

    I marvel at this tap dancing performance by Ancestry. All of us had the rug pulled from under our feet by your abrupt change in direction. Now, you are attempting to convince us this was your plan all along. It’s more like the second coming of “New Coke.”

    What is really inconceivable for myself is that many of us have pored thousands of dollars into the Ancestry coffers because of FTM and its integration with Then we were expected continue our subscriptions without the ability search from within FTM or sync our records. One must really question the wisdom of the Ancestry management when witnessing what has transpired.

    However, I am pleased to learn your realization that this disruption of services represents a grave miscalculation. Probably because subscriptions to your service were quickly being dropped. Just the same, some sanity has prevailed.

  307. Mary

    Everyone should go to the Mackeiv website. They are the company who has put together FTM for several years for Ancestry. They show it as FTM and good info.

  308. Mary

    I would use Legacy if they had a native Mac version. I did buy Roots Magic and their version is not native Mac, but can be used for Mac. I liked FTM better. Roots Magic 7 did not bring but about half my media on my Gedcom. Also the screen freezes and I cannot Shut Down without turning off the Mac. Does anyone here use Reunion for Mac or the version from Apple?

  309. Cathy K

    I am a long-time Ancestry subscriber. Bought FTM on multiple CDs years ago. Got a new PC in late 2013 and upgraded to FTM 2014 -purchased via on-line download. Stupidly, didn’t order a CD (extra charge) or the 2 year “replacement plan” which would have expired before I needed it anyway. Copied my tree to my new PC. FTM didn’t work. With assistance from Ancestry techs (I believe) I additional software patches were downloaded to make the 2014 version work. In December 2015, my PC was hacked & the cure is worse than the disease — the operating system needs to be reinstalled. FTM no longer worked. I contacted Ancestry & they sent me to Nova, claiming I purchased the product from them. I went to Nova. They can’t help me either and sent me back to FTM. Honestly, I don’t know from whom I bought FTM. Since I can’t open FTM without the .dll or .exe files, much of my research (which I never downloaded to Ancestry) would be lost. In the absence of assistance from either Nova or Ancestry, I searched for FTM software from other sources, got lucky, found it & bought it. I just want FTM on my PC — I’m not contributing my research — not now anyway. To all of you who have made comments about Ancestry lowering its standards & allowing the publication of really speculative, largely inaccurate “genealogy,” I concur. There is so much garbage on regarding my family — lies, half-truths & inaccuracies — all of which will be viewed as gospel for generations to come. My subscription is due for renewal in March. Haven’t decided if I’m going to pay again or not.

  310. Anne

    Roll on July when I shall cancel my World Subscription with Ancestry. It costs a lot of money and nor much dialogue with the organisation that runs it, including the demise and selling of family tree maker to some other group. Much on this URL is said about it great being amalgamated but cannot see much on who then owns my own family tree information. Who are these other organisations ?

  311. Jane

    Thank you Ancestry for listening to your customers and for finding a solution This is great news and a great relief too.

  312. Roger Snook

    I sincerely hope MERGE of records doesn’t get lost in the software shuffle. It’s a capability that only is available in FTM today (supported with “find and merge duplicates” feature), and I WISH this was available on the web. Does anyone else agree?

  313. JD

    While this is a great step I fear we are still being led to slaughter. No where has it said whether we will be able to download media from ancestry to any of the solutions. While being able to access hints helps during research, that appears to be the end of benefits to us. The message says we will still be able to sync with ancestry and that means UPLOADING YOUR DATA to them for their use. I will reserve judgment until the details are released but don’t expect we will have access to media downloads.

  314. Sandi

    I don’t care about syncing information from Ancestry with on-line family trees. I have no family tree on Ancestry and never will. So what advantage is there for me to stick with anything connected to Ancestry? I can have my subscription and search records and save them myself to whatever database I choose. I guess I can switch from FTM to either Software MacKiev or RootsMagic, but think I’ll await future comments from users of those software to see how well Ancestry can interface and download record information to them before paying for new (to me) software. I’d rather go with RootsMagic, so hopefully current users will let us know how that goes.

  315. Cathy

    Thank you for working out a solution with MacKiev and RootsMagic software to keep FTM viable with tree sync and other great features. It would have been a great disappointment to lose all the work that have been put into our projects via the software.

  316. I just want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly… So mackieve is taking over the existing family tree maker software right? So my favorite report that has both the family group sheet and family tree all on one page should still be available and I will still be able to sort by location right? Through them? Roots magic is a new software that will now connect to ancestry, right? I just wanted to make sure I got clarification and was reading this right. Please respond.

  317. Karen

    I’m gratified to hear this. Yes, Ancestry handled this badly by not having these options in place before the big announcement in December. And yes, there are details that need to be ironed out. But I’m relieved. I did NOT want to lose FTM.

  318. Marlys

    I am so upset. Attempted to learn ancestry, then late fall signed up for tree maker(attempted to learn this program) and now have to learn new program. What a waste of my time and money

  319. Chris

    Clearly you need to address the sync issue as there are MANY of us asking this question. Will we still be able to sync our trees using one or the other of the two options mentioned in your post?

  320. PaulW

    While I am *very* thankful for the news update that FTM will be Taken over by MacKiev and It will continue on. And that Rootsmagic will gain the ability to link to our Trees; on must wonder why this was not announced as “in the works” in the December 8 announcement?

    This sort of collaboration with two different companies is not started suddenly and this had to have been already in progress on December 8th? Why leave it out and generate the worst Customer Service DISASTER in Genealogical history?

    And the folks working about synching. for Goodness sake… If you do a Control-F on your web browser and put in “sync” you’ll find about 20 posts where it is spelled out in many ways that Sync will be there in the Old FTM, the New FTM and Rootsmagic. Heck, if you go to for 2 minutes you’ll get hundreds of article spelling out these answers.

  321. Andrew

    I was one of the users who complained when you were not continuing with Family Tree Maker so I wanted to add more voice of support for this wonderful announcement! This makes me very relieved and happy. Thank you!

  322. Carole

    Having just bought FTM recently and having Ancestry for many years, i also bought a new laptop with Windows 10. Guess what, i cannot download my FTMonto new system. So my decision has been made for me and when subscription to Ancestry runs out I certainly will not renew. My only decision is what I turn to now.

  323. I can not tell you how upset i was when I received you Email in January. I did send an Email which reflected my disappointment with Ancestry. However after reading you Email which corrected a big mistake. I once again WILL continue to use FTM & Ancestry even if I can not combine the information from Ancestry to my the FTM in my Computer I will still be able to view what I wish to in Ancestry and if i desire copy and past After useing FTM for at least the last 20 years I was not looking forward to making a change to some other Program. Thank you for seeing the light. Regards Kerry Australia

  324. mike

    Moderator: There have been many posts on the Ancestry forums that are nothing but scam artists as the one here from mccart. Get rid of them now!!!!

    • Kristie Wells

      @Mike: We have removed the last batch of spam that hit this blog and believe we got every post. If you happen to see something that does not look right, we encourage you to keep letting us know and we will address them one by one.

  325. Barbara James

    please please the price is my main objective , i cant go any higher , i have the top but on a limited income ,as i believe are alot of the members, so please please think of the cost ,everything is going up but the peoples raises

  326. Cathleen

    @Mary. You said, “Does anyone here use Reunion for Mac or the version from Apple?” Back in Dec. when the FTM end was announced, I switched to Reunion for Mac. I love it. I imported a .ged file from FTM, and most everything copied over. Some of the comments under the photos I uploaded got truncated, but wasn’t too difficult to fix. Everything else was intact. My biggest problem is that I cancelled my Ancestry subscription, too. And once you disconnect the link, the Ancestry sources are meaningless. I am in the process of replacing all ancestry links with links through familysearch or other places. I won’t rely on ancestry anymore, and will only use them as a last resort.

  327. gp

    Cathleen, may I ask why you think all your Ancestry sources would be of no value to you? Once you save

    data and their citations with the source material, it does not make any difference should you cancel your subscription or not. I am not quite clear on what you are saying. For example, say you have saved out a Fed. Census to individuals on your tree, then maybe it no longer links to Ancestry, as far as the actual
    “media” but you still have your source material. It is always wise to save any media to your computer, if
    that is what you wish, and then upload it to your software. Please explain further as exactly what you mean. I am not sure what you are explaining in your use of the words, “links.”

  328. Nancy J Norris

    Thank you so very much for helping us all out. You have wonderful programs and some things about each one we probably would like.

  329. Kathleen B.

    Thanks Ancestry! I actually bought both Legacy and Roots Magic – my curiosity got the better of me. Still I love the look of FTM (and it is a sentimental favorite) and so, if all goes well, I’ll probably stick with it. Now if it could just develop a better way to do sources which I have always struggled with.
    Maybe I’ll just learn how to run two different software programs – am leaning toward Roots. Anyway thanks for figuring out a solution to the uproar you created – don’t do it again and perhaps you have learned something from the experience.
    PS I don’t “sync” my tree although I do have a tree on Ancestry (now private) – still prefer the old fashioned software program.

  330. Sharon

    To Carol(dated February 6th): I too just got a new laptop with Windows 10 and my FTM loaded just fine and runs like it always has. Because I got the new laptop Dec 1st and spent the rest of Dec and part of Jan down loading my backup, I missed all the up roar and handwringing about the end of FTM. I’m glad someone picked it up.

  331. Paula Kelley Ward

    Thank you so much for listening to your users/members. Tree Sync has become part of my routine and makes my research very efficient. Knowing that some change wouldn’t take place until the end of 2016, I am glad I didn’t react fast and purchase another software. I’ve used FTM since version 1 (in the 1990s) and didn’want to start over with another software. I’m pleased that I can now continue my research, using FTM and Tree Sync. Thank you!

  332. David

    I saw a posting on here Monday with a link for FTM users to buy Roots Magic with a £10 discount but it appears to have been removed?

  333. Mary

    I have communicated with MacKiev and found them very helpful. They will continue FTM as it is and they are the people who have been doing it for years. It will still be called Family Tree Maker. There will be a free Upgrade on March 1st to current FTM customers. I use FTM for Mac and glad to have it. I don’t like Roots Magic much, don’t think it is as user friendly and hundreds of my media items don’t show after my gedcom was imported. I tried several times so I will continue with FTM and MacKiev.

  334. Helen

    Thank you for the good news about FTM! I was worried about not having my family tree connected to ancestry. Looking forward to all my future hints!

  335. Bill

    Ancestry, thank you for the two options. After more than 20 years of using FTM, I was very disappointed and angry about your December announcement. So I am glad that you are finally listening to your customers. Please continue to do so.

  336. Chuck Crannell

    The Tamura Jones interview with MacKiev was really pretty good. It’s nice to see MacKiev commit to FTM. But, the devil is in the details. The transition to 2017 with the new API has no detail yet. We don’t know how (or if) our tree SOURCES and MEDIA will actually be treated post-transition. Our “trees” and our “sources” are different things. Key point in the interview:

    TJ: will continue to support TreeSync this year, but they plan to replace TreeSync with a new API, let’s call it TreeSync II for now?

    JM: Well, yes. TreeSync goes unsupported at the end of 2016, and a different technology will replace it.

    TJ: Why?

    JM: Why make a new TreeSync? Well, that’s a good question to ask Ancestry. I really don’t know. I’ve just assumed it was to make a better one.

    Really, it’s too early in the process to say exactly what the final result will be like, but our goal, and we believe it’s realistic, is for the new technology to do everything that TreeSync does now to keep users online and desktop trees consistent, but with the stability and reliability that FTM users are looking for.
    And we promise it won’t eat anyone’s tree for lunch.

  337. Debneale72

    Thank you so much for listening to your customers. I have been an Ancestry Member for years and a Family Tree Maker user since 1994. I am so happy that I can continue to use my FTM. I look forward to many more years with Ancestry.

  338. Linda W.

    It’s incredible that the company that trashed millions of family trees with its “New” format, un-linked millions of pieces of media from them in order to supply them as “Hints” sourced as “Ancestry Family Trees,” uttered not one word of apology nor explanation for the stress it caused, and which OWNS EVERY KEYSTROKE OF EVERYONE’S DATA, now has subscribers falling over themselves to say “Thank You.” After weeks of the same people crying and threatening, praise for peaks because it found the cheapest of off-shore (and highly unstable) outsourcing. Except for a few, the majority don’t seem to care that by staying with – and syncing to – this company, they’re selling themselves, their children, and all members of their future families down the Identity Theft River just so they can waste time now on a genealogy hobby.

  339. gp

    Linda W., Amen to you. Great post as that is exactly my thinking. How can they be thanking a company that had them off the deep end one minute and then thanking them profusely the next. What a bunch of gullible people!

  340. Kathy Q

    GP good morning!
    I completely agree with the post above that says “how can people trust a company like Ancestry and sing their praises” when it
    willingly puts users through such trauma as the past couple of months?
    I am an old lady who LOVES finding my ancestors and fleshing out their stories. Been doing this for at least 40 years. There was
    a genealogy poem posted many years ago that stated the people who do genealogy are called by their own ancestors to “tell our
    stories”. Such fun that has been!! Wonder what our ancestors would think of us if we now put their stories back under the influence
    of such a company as Ancestry? I for one cannot bear that thought!! I have spent the past 3 months mining Ancestry for any and all
    the source documents I could to add to my ancestors to flesh out their stories. TODAY I am finally ready to put all my PRECIOUS
    info into Legacy8. (Legacy assures me they are NOT cloud based and only software on your personal computer.Hurrah)
    The one piece of source data that has helped me the most add flesh to my ancestors is Find a Grave. But, if you just depend on
    Ancestry to give you all of that information when you use their merge factor you are missing sooo much. I have found many detailed
    stories in the bio. section of find a grave. And most important you find photos of your ancestors and entire families outlined for
    you. Granted these are essentially hints for you to follow up on. But, SUCH hints. When you are in the merge feature of Ancestry
    you need to click on go to the find a grave website itself. After you arrive, look at the info. and if you want to keep it,
    you will need to click on the Find a Grave tab that says ‘share’ and then send a copy of what you find to yourself. That is
    important to me since I do not intend to come back to Ancestry much any more when I finally export to Legacy. Thus I can work on
    those E mails later and take the hints and fly with them. I actually found a brig. general from Civil War who is a relative
    with a complete genealogy. I NEVER could have gotten that much data from the simple Ancestry merge feature itself.
    I want to publically thank GP for helping me sooo much to have the courage to take on this daunting task. She has supplied me
    with information how to sucessufully import info, then how to create my gedcom and export it but, especially the encouragement
    to stick with that daunting task. You are great GP!!!!
    I thought many times of figuring out ways to hold Ancestry accountable for this fiasco, but, another smart IT friend of mine
    told me something that brought it all into focus. And helped me close this chapter of my ancestor search and thus to proceed with
    something much more exciting. When I asked him about data, privacy, the cloud,– this was his reply:
    “This is what it boils down to anyway. Going Cloud you are giving away all of that to
    They want it cause its worth a lot of money. They can afford to upset their customers, if it means they will
    own their customers data in the end. They will argue that it was theirs in the first place anyway.”
    I thought long and hard about his statement and it let me decide it is not worth expending anymore of my energy on this
    Ancestry problem. His statement about the data belonging to Ancestry in the first place is the hard part to stomach.
    When we take the data from Ancestry to incorporate it into our ancestors lives it seemed like it some how really belonged
    to us to begin with and no one else. When in fact what we actually did was arrange that data into a workable timeline for each of our
    ancestors and then willingly gave it back to them. (or did they take it from us and require us to pay for the privledge of
    seeing it again???) Sooooo very sad I did not realize this before.
    So I am off to Legacy8 and VERY happy about my choice. Again thank you GP.

  341. gp

    Thank you, Kathy Q for your nice comments. I was wondering how you were doing with Legacy 8.

    Ancestry terms and conditions clearly spell out the fact that they “own” your tree once you put it on the site. That has been the case since its inception.

    As to Find-A-Grave, be cautious about the memorials as they are often not sourced and people take the information from other Ancestry trees. Also, if you download any photos from the website be careful to note that some of them require permission to use from the owners’ of the photos if you are publishing your tree/s anywhere. If it is for your own use, then be sure to give the photographer credit, as it is only common courtesy to do so. When it comes to the memorial information, I personally never use the site as a source. I will mention it only if I use photos of gravestones or cemeteries. Others feel differently but I always get my sources from other places. Gravestone inscriptions are sometimes incorrect also; plus, make sure the cemetery itself is correct. However, with that being said, the site can be clues to more information.

    You do not have to go through Ancestry, as of now, but go directly to the site to find information:

    There are other ways to find out more information than relying upon Find-A-Grave. You might want to try Billions of Graves and Dead Fred sites too if you are looking for cemetery information.

  342. Kathy Q

    Thanks GP for the reminder about Dead Fred’s site. I have not used that in awhile. And the reminder about only using Find a Grave for HINTS. I feel the stones can be used after getting the correct address of the cemetery. I really only use the photos that are actually mine or my immediate family. Looking forward to working with Legacy.

  343. gp

    I never had too much luck with Dead Fred in the past but you might find your ancestors on that site. Let me know how you are making out with Legacy. Just be brave and get into it. Good luck with it all.

  344. Arnold Garson

    I have more than 150 customized family tree charts saved in FTM. What will happen to these with the change to Roots Magic? Will they continue to exist in my family tree and continue to update as I make changes and additions in my family tree?

  345. gp

    Arnold, Roots Magic is just another software program that will sync with Ancestry. It is not a replacement for FTM at all. The new version of FTM will be offered by another company and you will have to pay for that version. Not sure how it will work w/the new interface of Ancestry, only time will tell. As far as your customized charts are concerned, even if you keep FTM, you will still have to create them again if you add or change individuals to your tree. The only thing you can save is your settings in the present FTM. Does that answer your question?

  346. mike

    Quote from the MacKieve site:

    “As Ancestry has announced, you will continue to be able to access your data through TreeSync through December 31, 2016 using current versions of Family Tree Maker. After January 1, 2017, while TreeSync will not be supported by Ancestry for the version you have now, you will still be able to access your trees on and keep your online tree consistent with the one on FTM through new technologies being developed together by Software MacKiev and Ancestry.”

    The question begs to be asked, what new technologies are being developed and that leaves people to question why this new version by MacKiev if it is not fully complete when it is released? Anyone who buys this version has not really looked into this new software offered soon by MacKiev. Why pay 30 bucks to upgrade if you already have FTM from some outfit that is off-shore, if it is not complete with the sync option not even working? I have no interest in any of it as I am a Legacy user from way back when. So for those of you who are singing the praises to Ancestry for making this deal, think twice about it. You can read all this yourself by check out the site:

    I don’t know anything about Roots Magic other than what I read and I see nothing about syncing your tree w/Ancestry. As far as I can tell, it will only afford you the opportunity to save records from Ancestry to your tree on Ancestry, if you have one on the site. I want no part of any of it. Sounds like it is all a shady deal shrouded in mystery.

  347. mike

    I wish to correct one sentence I wrote and it should be “the opportunity to save records from Ancestry to your Roots Magic software.”

  348. PSGeni

    Without reading all 400+ comments, I’d like to know if one of the 2 options mentioned will let us sync our tree on Ancestry, to our FTM, (or whatever they will call it). I just updated FTM in 2014, will I have to pay even more with the options offered?

  349. Fran

    I’m confused. “Sync” to Ancestry means you find new information, whether from Family Search or Ancestry, say, which means you’re online, and you add it to your online Ancestry Tree. Then you “sync” that Ancestry Tree to your FTM Tree, and you can afterwards view it from the FTM Tree when you’re offline. So why did so many hundreds of people write that they’d never put their information on an online (Ancestry) website? And why does everyone not know that ANY time you “sync” with Ancestry, what you’re doing is just providing them with all the information , new and old, on your Tree? This information is all they want. They don’t care if they have to fetch it from a computer in Kiev or from RootsWeb. And they don’t care if you delete your Tree because they already have a copy of it. Very confusing!

    I noticed they have no differentiation anywhere about any living people or Private Trees being off-limits to their computer that gobbles up your entries and stores it in their database.

  350. anne

    ^Fran…many people say that because they use FTM independently of Ancestry. They do not link their desktop tree to an online tree.

  351. Janet

    THANK YOU for coming up with a workable solution for keeping FTM in the Ancestry world. I look forward to updated programs. I sympathize with and understand those who have moved on. But I am glad I waited. ANOTHER REQUEST for FTM programmers! Please fix the book program within the Publish section of FTM. I have a book waiting to be published for two years! I cannot produce a PDF in the Preview Book section: either it says “not enough memory” or it magically produces the preview into a PDF, but all the photos overlap and duplicate. PLEASE FIX. P.S. Yes, I have tried ALL the suggestions. Thanks.

  352. Kathy Q

    Be careful with that thought Fran. I changed from FTM to Legacy and I had to sync my FTM tree to the ancestry tree to get all of my data to show up in the new program. So guess it depends on if you are going to move to another software program any time in the near future. Just remember over this next year the FTM software features you are used to using will slowly go away. So at the end of the year you will have a software program with all your info in it that is stagnant.

  353. Nicki

    From “The Ancestry Insider”:
    RootsWeb Update: Still Down and No Known Resolution Date. Posted: 26 Feb 2016 04:28 PM PST.

    RootsWeb has now been down for over two days. It went down before 4pm MST on Wednesday, 24 February 2016. I asked’s spokesperson, Matt Deighton for information and he issued this statement:

    “Our development and web operations teams are working on the problem and will have it resolved as quickly as possible. We do not currently have an estimated time that this issue will be resolved, but we will update the site as new information becomes public.”

    The unavailability of RootsWeb may not seem related to the New Ancestry, but in a way it is. While we think of digital information, including systems like websites, lasting forever, in reality they don’t.
    •File formats are replaced. When the software programs that read the files are gone, you’re toast.
    •Software programs becomes obsolete. When the operating systems that run the software programs are gone, you’re toast.
    •Operating systems become obsolete. When the hardware that runs the operating systems is gone, you’re toast.
    •Manufacturers create incompatible hardware and stop making old models. When obsolete hardware dies, you’re toast.

    A computer website has to be rejuvenated every decade or less or it will die. That may be one reason why Ancestry produced the New Ancestry. However, there are times that companies transition a website—under the covers—so seamlessly, users don’t know anything has occurred. Ancestry obviously should have done that with New Ancestry and then introduced improvements gradually. (I once programmed a system that made millions of dollars [none of which went into my pocket] because people will pay good money to avoid change. But I digress…)

    Since hasn’t invested any money (visibly, at least), in RootsWeb in very many years, it is now a ticking time bomb. Or rather, it was a ticking time bomb. It has exploded and we wait nervously now to hear how much damage ensued.

  354. Jack

    Kathy, many people do not want their data on Ancestry. I do NOT sync my file to Ancestry but I continue to update it. You can still search Ancestry without linking to it.

  355. Hopefully things get corrected soon, I started with the desktop version in 1989, some folks a lot lot longer. If family history research is truly what the company is all about, then you keep all your tools that allowed you and us to do that. You still develop more and future research options, as you are doing, but keep your original blueprint. Thats what made you!
    You are taking away the very substance, that has feed you from the beginning, even though you have plans on selling it off to other companies. Ancestry is just following the blue print direction of what all companies and institutions have gone, Cash flow first.
    The human race is just a number on a projection flow chart.
    The world has gone this way and Ancestry has stepped in line.
    In my opinion only, All we can do as a consumers is search out other options to continue our research….
    I always call this “life crossroads”,
    You can go left or right or forward…
    it might be time to take a turn………

  356. Rip

    Well… Who’d ‘a ‘thunk it? The promised FTM update (01 Mar) from Software MacKiev hasn’t happened.

  357. anne

    ^ ooops…spoke too soon…they are selling full versions not, but the upgrade for current users is still not available.

  358. anne

    ^ ooops…spoke too soon…they are selling full versions now, but the upgrade for current users is still not available.

  359. Rip

    OK. They released it at the close of business, 01 Mar.
    But this is only the download of new purchases. The “update” to existing (Ancestry-version) installations is forthcoming still.

  360. Bill_Sieb

    Thank you for finding a solution to the FTM fiasco and making the announcement well before your self-imposed end of 2016 deadline.

    I among many others had very harsh words in blogs, forums, and Facebook about the bomb you dropped in December.

    Some commenters to this edition of the blog suggest that we over-reacted. This could not be farther from the truth. We reacted as we did because a valuable tool was put into jeopardy with no assurance that a solution that allowed us to combine a powerful desktop software application with ancestry’s vast database was on your radar as a priority. This was not an over-reaction but a large spontaneous voice demanding that we be able to continue to do serious genealogical work using a platform that allowed us to analyze and use our databases, as well as generate meaningful reports.

    As such I will not apologize for any negative comments that I made, rather I will feel pride that my small voice was part of a loud collective voice that you heard. I do commend you for hearing that voice and quickly acting in accordance with it. Finding a way to continue FTM, albeit under new management, may have been in your plans in December, but that was never communicated to us in any way other than a vague mention that the possibility would be explored.

    I had every intention of not renewing my annual membership when it expires in August and have been working diligently to clean up a lot of the redundancies in my tree in preparation for using a different program. As a result of this latest news I plan to renew my membership since much of the data that you supply is not available elsewhere. I had also cancelled my Fold3 account (within the 30-day window) and decided not to subscribe to I will once again consider subscribing to those also.

    Once again thank you for finding a solution and not waiting until the last minute. I look forward to continue to explore my large family using the combined powers of Family Tree Maker and

  361. Chris W

    So glad to hear this news! One of the features that I enjoyed was being able to volunteer to transcribe data from handwritten docs to typed ones.

  362. P_K_Yates

    Oh My Goodness Gracious !!!
    You have answered my prayers and now I feel that the 1 year subscription I just renewed is worth the $. I’ve been using familytreemaker software since at least 1996 and have extensive work collected in it. Thanks a million!

  363. Carole3375

    Ancestry’s vision is “the cloud” and not the desktop. Desktop functions are delegated to associate companies.
    What’s wrong with that?
    First, prices, dates and future compatibility are in other hands and are not assured. Those things will be sought by Ancestry, announced by Ancestry, but the whole objective of the December announcements is to get Ancestry fingerprints and control off FTM.
    Second, the cloud does not have universal availability or performance. My media galleries have been unavailable for months. Without my FTM files, I would have had no access to my media.
    Third, Ancestry continues to jerk around its GUI. The “New Ancestry” is dumbed down for the newbies, burying features sought and utilised only by dedicated genealogists. Comments have been made global, littering my tree with inane comments mostly about someone else’s relationships. The changes to “media” have ruined its availability, so the only way I can add new stories or pics is to add them via FTM and Sync.
    Fourth, future changes to the Ancestry GUI will threaten the compatibility with the new desktop products and any and all failures become “Somebody Else’s Problem”.
    Fifth, Ancestry has run its flag up the mast and we can see it is the Jolly Roger and what the customers want (and paid for and invested in) is an afterthought. Customer loyalty has been greatly damaged and Ancestry’s product management reputation has declined.
    Can Ancestry recover? Watch this space.
    Would I invest in Ancestry’s Cloud vision? No way, never!

  364. Gregory Winters

    Apologize if this question was answered in the previous avalanche of blog posts, but would like to know if either the MacKiev solution or the RootsMagic software will permit the actual *download and integration* of the online genealogy data and digital images the way that it does now. This is first and foremost why I continued with FTM after v16. Any comments will be greatly appreciated!

  365. Mary

    There is a March 2 posting on this site about MacKiev upgrade being done free. Everything remains the same on your FTM plus improvements. I suggest you go to their website.

  366. Gregory Winters

    Hi Mary. Thanks for the response. Before I posted, I indeed examined the MacKiev website (as best I could), but this is all I could come up with: “[Y]you will have continued access to Ancestry Hints, Ancestry searches and are able to continue to save your tree on Ancestry and keep it consistent with your tree in Family Tree Maker.” There is nothing in this language that infers that we will still have access inside the software to actually *download* information and images. Has anyone here actually installed the new product and can verify that this feature is still available and works properly? Thanks.

  367. Edward

    Sooooo now we have three fees to keep the same amount of access? This is not a happy thing folks. Eventually there will be three fees to pay to keep this level of service. I’m disgusted I just spent a lot of money w ACOM. as a new member. If this is going to be a centralized document collection service I can do that. It will just be a PITA but will save a lot of money.

  368. Brenda

    If you are FTM user and are thinking about going with Roots Magic there are problems…I purchased the RM when the annoucement came out that RM will be working with Ancestry, but failes to let you know of several problems. I installed RM to my PC, transferred my FTM went over just fine but media will not transfer over, my media file within FTM are stored as JPEG…but it seems that RM cannot transfer the media because of a problem with the way it is stored in Ancestry??? RM states they are trying to get the problem fixed but will be later in the year…also Syncing is not available working on some problems there as well….and the biggest surprise is customer service, you cannot call and get a live person, you will be able to leave a phone number and they will get to you in a day or two, or go to help/support to leave a email and they will get back to you in a day or two…or go to theknowledge base and find the problem yourself…the problem they work M-F 7-5 and no one works on the weekends…so if you work during the M-F hours??? I guess no and since no one is there to help on weekends????the program and book for RM does not have anything on problems with the media, or addresses syncing…or anything else that is associated to FTM o r Ancestry…its the cart before the horse senario…instead of waiting til the kinks are worked out they are intising FTM users making you believe it is all up and running smoothly….I finally got a call back from my message i left on friday…I went through my concerns about the customer service and was told they only have 10 persons in support and are being bom-bared with FTM problems and calls…which is not my problem, I thought they were a little on the rude side and told me I had to be patient til the bugs are worked out….Tell me Ancestry…why the annoucement about FTM now can have all they had before it nothing is working…and what are you going to do about the media transfer problem??? how long do we wait

  369. Bill Hardy

    Has anyone else had their version of FTM just stop loading w/o any errors? Mine just did and I did a reinstall and it still doesn’t work all.

  370. John Acocks

    This is a huge disappointment and will causes hundreds of us genealogists to be inconvenienced. It will stop or setback process we have made by months if not years.

  371. Carole3375

    It is no surprise that media files will not transfer and Roots Magic is down for days, with no help available.
    It is no surprise that FTM customers (was there anything wrong with their money? No.) are not getting individual messages and advice, but must search for
    “announcements” from Ancestry about the future of FTM.
    Product management at Ancestry has been serially botched, with Media, Comments, New Ancestry and FTM all hopelessly mismanaged. Even worse, the grand vision, all Ancestry products in the “cloud” is already suffering availability and reliability issues.
    I am manually copying media (over 500 stories) because FTM will not do what I paid for. And it is going to get worse, because we have more company boundaries involved in coordinating a solution.

  372. Carole3375

    One of my major trees has been uploaded from FTM to Ancestry online. It is linked and In Sync.
    Those stories which were attached as .doc or .pdf files have (eventually, at snail’s pace) uploaded to the online tree.
    Those stories originally created by typing text into an Ancestry online data entry box and then downloaded to the FTM tree would not upload to Ancestry online.
    Over 500 of these stories I am now having to manually copy to the online tree.
    Can anybody explain please?

  373. Vince

    To Carole3375:
    During beta testing of FTM 2014 in the summer of 2013, I noticed the problem of stories that had been originally created by typing text into an Ancestry online data entry box not uploading from FTM to a new on-line tree at Ancestry after having been downloaded to FTM from an older on-line tree. Here’s the explanation I got from Duff Wilson of Ancestry’s development team on 23 July 2013:

    “Thank you for your feedback related to syncing stories between Ancestry and Family Tree Maker. Unfortunately this is not something we can address in short order. Because the Ancestry Member Trees system creates stories in HTML format and because HTML files can include executable code that could be harmful we do not upload them. They are safe to download because Ancestry controls how these are created and we can guarantee that Ancestry stories won’t include anything harmful so we know they are safe to download. But once downloaded, a person with malicious intent could put destructive code in them that could harm other computers. For this reason we have taken a very strict stand on not uploading HTML files from users.

    “There are certainly other options we can consider from changing the format for online stories to creating a new shared format for both systems. This is certainly something we will continue to follow and work to improve.

    “I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you.


    After learning why Ancestry would not allow HTML files to be uploaded from FTM, I resolved to not create any new stories by typing text into the Ancestry on-line tree but to instead make and upload new stories as PDF files. I’ve also intended to go back through older text stories in my tree (fortunately far fewer than you have) and convert them to PDF, but I have yet to follow through on that project. Your approach of manually copying your text stories to your on-line tree (into the data entry box, I assume) will eventually get the job done. But you would run into the same problem again if you have to re-build your online tree from the FTM copy in the future. If you put the text stories into PDF files and upload those to the appropriate profiles of your on-line tree and sync it to FTM, you could get them all into a new on-line tree by upload from FTM later if needed.

  374. Vince

    To Carole3375: How soon we forget — I actually have 440 HTML format stories in my FTM 2014 tree that were downloaded from my on-line tree. Guess I’d better get busy converting them to PDF!

  375. Carole3375

    Thanks for that very complete, very unsatisfying answer.
    And instead of fixing it, instead of warning FTM customers, the boffins at Ancestry spend their days turning Comments into global trivia, and repainting the colour palette on New Ancestry? (Because the SVP Product Management says that’s what’s important).
    Where do I sign up for the class action?

  376. Carole3375

    I spent hours on the phone to FTM Help. I spent months waiting for FTM to upload the rest of the Media in the background, and nobody said “Sorry, we have sabotaged your stories.” It is just one outrage after another from Ancestry!

  377. Carole3375

    Having to download files to read stories is annoying and totally unnecessary.
    Ancestry could have made .rtf files from their data entry box and avoided the problem and the risk.
    Ancestry KNEW when they launched FTM 2014 that this was a fault, and provided no warning.
    It’s a scandal.

  378. Carole3375

    To Vince:
    “Your approach of manually copying your text stories to your on-line tree (into the data entry box, I assume) will eventually get the job done. ”
    From the original online tree, I am saving stories to the same people in the new online tree. 506 HTML stories saved to an average of 2.5 people per story is a week’s full time work. On top of months of work to identify the problem and the best solution.
    Ancestry makes me incensed ! And the changes, putting more company boundaries in the way, is only going to compromise performance, complicate explanations and delay improvements.

  379. Laocoon

    Ancestry and FTM are a combined disaster. I work using them independently and have never uploaded a tree. The new Ancestry online trees are a total mess, encouraging careless researchers and name collectors to post unsourced/unverified information. Moreover, I will not cede my information (compilation) copyright under Ancestry’s EULA. The two-month panic we were subjected to re FTM is among the worst customer relations episodes in the history of ever. I’ll be migrating to another software. What a disappointment that Ancestry has totally gutted any professionalism and ethics. All it is now is a social media site for sharing largely bad information. And people wonder why I don’t “share.”

  380. Gary

    I have been a loyal FTM user and bought every upgrade for at least twelve years. I have been a World subscriber for at least five years. You folks are idiots both for the move, as well as the way that it was handled. Hell will freeze over before I use your cloud system. My only question is whether to stay with the new software developer, or whether to move now to one of your competitors.

  381. mike

    Gary, I think you answered your own question. Get some decent software such as Legacy Family Tree that at least conforms to Industry Standards. It is stand-alone software and no frickin’ cloud involved. Check out the free software by going to their site where you can try it out. Customer Service is excellent and you’ll find the group on Facebook to be very helpful. At least you’ll learn how to source correctly as the program was designed to follow Elizabeth Shown Mills genealogical standards. Ancestry sources are not accurate in wording at all. You’ll learn how to do things the correct way, if you haven’t already.

  382. mike

    Laocoon, you are so right in all your examples, except for one thing…AMT’s have always been a disaster since Ancestry implemented an “easy click” to add to public and private trees. It is appalling whenever I am so inclined to check out public trees. They are a total disaster with few sources or none at all or even useless ones such as citing other Ancestry trees or the atrocious Family Data Files which are nothing but a collection of randomly-selected “facts” just taken from other pubic trees. The search engine on Ancestry is not what it used to be and you can get sources from other places other than Ancestry. I hardly ever use them anymore. As I said above to Gary Ancestry does not follow industry standards and neither does FTM. Good are are just moving on. As I have said numerous times on various Ancestry forums, not only would I use FTM or certainly would never entertain buying any software from this questionable company, MacKiev based in the Ukraine. As a professional I never share clients’ work anyway nor my own. I use Legacy exclusively and would not consider a change. It does take a learning curve but it is a very powerful program. Good luck to you both in your endeavors.

  383. Donna B.

    Recently purchased FTM for Mac and am pleased with it so far. Only concentrating on one tree for now and appreciate that I have the option to not connect it to ancestry. I’m working separately on my private ancestry trees. I now try to use only the clues and facts that have sources I can check out unlike when I first began in 2007. I’m much more selective than just adding anything when I first started. Am trying to clean up my trees on ancestry. Still have a lot to learn…

  384. keith mccarron

    what has happened to all my family information on family tree maker please contact me via e-mail as i am not phoning you at 40 cents a min i can find no other way of contacting you or if it is the case that you do not want to answer so be it but i feel that ancestry are not giving answers e-mail me and i will give you my phone number and you can pay for the call

  385. Mary

    It is March 20th and I have not received my update for FTM 3 for MAC. MacKiev doesn’t give a real answer. Have any of you received the update of FTM yet?

  386. mike

    Keith, what happened to your FTM files? Fat chance of Ancestry calling you w/answers. What is your problem, specifically and do you have a backup of your FTM file?

  387. keith mccarron

    No i have received nothing from anyone
    The files just disappeared as for back up i did not have any lesson learned i am 75 and not all that computer literate i did not dilate them as i have not looked at them for about a month when i did they were not there i can only blame ancestry for the problem do you think i an on the right track

  388. Peter

    I’m not wasting any more time with Shaky Hullet and this comapny. I’m out of here from now.

    Cancellation Details

    Your transaction confirmation number is 138470831

    Premium membership

    Expiration Date – 17 September 2016

    Refund Amount £0.00

    Your subscription has been cancelled successfully.

  389. mike

    Keith, Let’s see if I can help you out here. What OS do you have; Windows or Mac? What version of FTM do you have, 2014 or an earlier version?

    On your system, go to the FTM file on your computer and see if there are any files listed in the folder. You should be able to see a media sub-folder and one that had the green leaf on it (ftm file) with the name of your tree. Right click on that one to see what the properties are by selecting “properties” from the drop down box. See if the bytes are empty and then you know you have lost your file for some reason. If lists the bytes (size), then you’ll know you haven’t lost it. Also, there should be another file listed that will have a green leaf on it that says the name of your tree and says “Auto-backup.” If you discover that and your other named tree is empty, then all is not lost. If you have a Mac, then I do not know how the files are set up and maybe someone posting on here can help you.

    When you were using your file, did you remember to “compact” before exit? You always have to do that and then it give you the opportunity to back up your file at that point which you should always do. About how many individuals did you have in your file?

    However, if you have Windows, then if you discover that auto-backup file you could try to do a restore from that file. Let me know the answers to the questions I asked here and I’ll tell you how to proceed from here. If you have any questions regarding the above, let me know.

  390. mike


    I meant to ask you if you have a family tree on Ancestry itself and were you linking your FTM to that tree?

  391. keith mccarron

    Thanks Mike for the information i will be unable to do it myself but know someone who will i do have my tree on Ancestry and my FTM is 2014 and my system is windows 10 so have not lost all only FTM if you could tell me the best system MacKiev or Roots Magic and will it do the same as FTM how to get it and the cost as i can not find the cost anywhere and do Ancestry members get a discount if not we should i think and you are right i have not had any answer from Ancestry

  392. mike


    So you no longer have your data in FTM? Did you unlink your tree from Ancestry? Keep it simple and do not go with Roots Magic at this point. You need to use FTM to get your data back into the program. The only way you could go with Roots Magic is to create a GEDCOM file from FTM, so forget that idea.

    The problem might be Win 10; so did you change your operating system recently? It’s good you will have someone assist you. I think from what you say, the best thing for you to do is get your data back into your tree somehow. Do you have trouble at all viewing your tree on Ancestry and what browser are you using; IE, Chrome or something else?

    Is your tree still linked to Ancestry or not? Did you check to see if your data file is still in your FTM folder? To do that open your documents and navigate to the folder that says “Family Tree Maker.” Click on that folder and look for the file that has a green leaf on it. Then right-click on that and you will see a drop down box where you select “Properties.” In that box you will see “file size” and if it is “0” bytes that means you have lost your data completely. However, if it says a certain amount of bytes, then you know you have not lost your data.

    If you cannot do this, then direct someone that can help you to follow the above instructions. Do not even think about the new FTM from MacKiev until you do the above. The update will not help you, if you have lost your data. Can you even open FTM and what screen do you get? Please answer the above questions before we can do anything further. If you have further questions, then I will give you my email address where you or your help may contact me for further information.

    As to update from MacKieve, it is free for FTM2014 and as far as I know, it still has not been released but regardless, you have to go to the site and register for email where they, supposedly, will notify you about it. However, as I said, previously, we have to solve your issue first.

  393. mike


    I meant to ask you also if you navigate to your Family Tree Maker folder in documents and open it, do you have any media included in that folder? Click on it to view any files. I might add that creating a GEDCOM file to use for input into another program like Roots Magic will NOT include media as a GED file is just a text file.

  394. keith

    Mike thanks for all your info but i have stumbled on how to do it i do not know how i done it but i have somehow i did and still have ancestry and linked to FTM do not think i buggered any thing up fingers crossed again thank s for all you have done

  395. keith

    Hi Mike all seems to be working ok now when i got it to work it told me to back up ancestry that i did and i think it backed up in ancestry as i now have two family trees in ancestry that are the same i presume that is what happens could you let me know if this would be the case thanks again

  396. Angela Boone

    I was extremely disappointed to hear that FTM was being discontinued; while I am all about the web, I love my desktop software options and really loved this product. I’m glad to hear you are listening and coming up with options.

  397. mike

    Keith, Sorry I am not really understanding what you are saying. You mean you backed up your tree and if that is the case, it is backed up on your computer. I think you need some personal help understanding the ins and outs of your software. I don’t know why you would have two trees on Ancestry, if you just backed up your tree in FTM. The only way you could end up with two trees on Ancestry would be to upload your present one from FTM and give it another file name. Please explain more fully what you mean. so I can try to assist you better.

  398. keith

    Mike i do not know how i could explain fully what has happend as i am not sure myself but appears that my FTM is working perfectly and as i said i have now 2 ancestry trees 1 with a tick against it and 1 without a tick one has more information than the other my FTM is the one i have had for about 2 years ie FTM2014 and it is working perfectly and i have not brought any extra software i am going to leave both ancestry trees as is until i take my laptop in for service. PS……..If the ancestry has backed up into my laptop i wonder where it is??

  399. mike

    Keith, What do you mean by “tick?” You are saying you have one tree on Ancestry that is “linked” and the other one not? Well, you have until the end of the year to work with it but after that, unless this MacKieve update for FTM is realized (it is not available yet), then you will be out of luck.

    As to backups, they are located in your FTM folder under “documents,.” as I explained earlier in some other posts. I have no idea how you ended up with two trees on Ancestry without uploading to the site unless you had an earlier version of FTM and started with that. It would explain why one tree has more data than the other.

    Why do you need service on your laptop and just hope you are taking to someone who knows what they are doing. Have you backed up your entire system on an external drive or somewhere else? If not, for one thing, if you lose your FTM software for some reason, you are only allowed 2 installs of the program and an update of it will not do you any good, so you’ll have to purchase the new version. At the very least you should have a backup of your FTM data files onto some other external drive or some people prefer to back up to the cloud (I don’t do the latter but instead have another computer that I back up all my data to on a daily basis and also back up all information on my computer to an external hard drive regularly.

  400. Barb

    “Permira Scores 3-Times Return From Selling Ancestry Stake to Silver Lake, GIC.
    April 01, 2016 (c) 2016 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
    Permira scored a three-times return from selling the bulk of its stake in online family history platform operator LLC to Silver Lake and fellow company shareholder, GIC Private Ltd ., Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, said a person familiar with the situation. said in a news release Friday the deal valued the Provo, Utah, company at about $2.6 billion….”

  401. Barb

    I tried hard to start up my family tree again (I’d deleted it last summer) on the new pages. I got as far as entering 10 people, then had to type in a 2nd wife for the head of the family. At that, the 1st wife disappeared with all I’d typed in for her, leaving her children hanging onto the 2nd wife. That does it! Never again will I waste hours on this pathetic site. For anyone interested, here’s a nauseating article about the new owners and one of the new subscribers praising Ancestry:

  402. Peter

    Gone but not forgotten, my subscription to Ancestry has been cancelled and years of work has possibly lost. At least I have the opportunity to start again to make sure everything is entered correctly. Soon there will be no trace of my trees on Ancestry.

  403. mike

    Peter, Although you have cancelled your subscription you still have access to your trees unless you have deleted them. Do a GEDCOM file download at least , so you do not lose all your data. It will not include media but at least you have something you can put into other genealogical software or to another online database. Then if you do that, you can clean up what you feel necessary. I certainly would not throw away information you have worked on for years. I cannot stress more than anything for people to download any “trees” they have on any site to genealogical software and back up regularly to an external hard drive or to a cloud, at least, on a regular basis.

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