Posted by Anne Gillespie Mitchell on January 26, 2016 in Ask Ancestry Anne

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which got me thinking about love and marriage and genealogy.

Marriage records are critical in tracking our ancestors – especially our female ancestors. But all states are different in when they started recording them and what they recorded.

When did my state start recording?

The best answer for this is on the Ancestry Wiki. In the search box, type in state name vital records:


You’ll find a page that tells you when they were recorded and what government agency has them.

Are they online?

More and more vital records are online, although not all. The wiki will point to some and you can also try our Free State Research Guides for more information:


What if there are no marriage records?

Sometimes a marriage record doesn’t exist, but don’t despair. Ancestry has an eight page guide Finding U.S. Vital Records and Alternative Sources that will give you new ideas on where to find information on your ancestors’ marriage.


Also, don’t forget to check the Card Catalog on Ancestry. You can filter by Marriage and Divorce and sort by Date Added and keep track of what is new on Ancestry.

Ancestry may have added just the record you are looking for and that record may hold the solution to that brick wall you’ve been trying to tear down.

Happy searching!



Anne Gillespie Mitchell

Anne Gillespie Mitchell is a Senior Product Manager at She is an active blogger on and writes the Ancestry Anne column. She has been chasing her ancestors through Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina for many years. Anne holds a certificate from Boston University's Online Genealogical Research Program. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and Finding Forgotten Stories.


  1. eve

    When will we get an update about the progress of fixes that will be done to make NEW ancestry work satisfactorily?

  2. Clare

    Hi eve. You won’t. It appears Ancestry thinks that if they ignore everyone for long enough we will just accept an inferior product and keeping coughing up subscriptions fees despite the poor service.

  3. Denise G

    Hi Anne, I hoping you can help me. I found Milka Gacesa in the U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims Index 1936 – 2007. She was born in Vojnic, Yugoslavia. Her Father Maksim Gacesa (Maybe my grandfathers brother). The record states that Milka changed her name (I guess she got married) in 1996 from Gacesa to Grujic. I have be unable to find any records in ancestry on her under each name. Can you help me? I use the card catalog daily and nothing in marriage records on her. I do love the marriage records – I have found many of my relatives that way & it’s great to find maiden names that lets you find other records. Thank you, Denise

  4. Mary Ann Monica

    I have a copy of my 2nd ggparents Marriage License. Is there any possibility that there is also a marriage application they would have filled out? This is for Washington County, Indiana, 1851. Thank you.

  5. Barbara West

    Can you tell me how my family photos that I personally entered on my family tree are now credited to other people? The whole reason I put them on line was to find relatives and correspond. It is now impossible for anyone to know I am responsible for the photos.

  6. James Horn

    The story mentions “marriage mills”. In the second half of the 1950s, my father was pastor of a church just a couple of miles south of the Maryland/Pennsylvania border. He performed a lot of marriages of Pennsylvania couples because, unlike PA, MD did not require the blood tests. In the early 60s we moved to a church just a couple of miles north of the border in PA. Dad performed only a small number of marriages, none for out of state couples. Someone having trouble finding a record of a marriage in PA might want to take a look at MD if the couple lived in the southern part of the state.

  7. Roxanne

    Hi Anne. I am doing a family tree for a friend of mine and I am having a dickens of a time finding a lot of his ancestors. First off, it is possible that his ancestors were slaves and a possibility they were given there owners last name. Most of the people with their last names are white or there is no exsistence of them at all. I would appreciate it if you could help me with this and give me some tips so I can find them.

  8. Barbara Filet

    I had my dna done at 23andme. My dad had his male line traced to 1675. From 23andme, I learned that I had one Jewish relative on my dad’s side. How do I find that relative? One other customer at 23andme said that we shared this Jewish relative. She lives in Hungary and said the Jewish relative likely came from around Lithuania.

  9. Diane Vaujin

    Hi! My daughter, Jennifer, got an Ancestry DNA kit from me Christmas 2015. We were shocked that no Cuban DNA was listed on her results. Her dad is 1/2 Cuban, his father, Octavia Vaujin is directly from Cuba as a boy. How can Jenny get more information on her fathers side. Is there any chance to search Cuban records? Please let me know as so far we have hit a brick wall after her paternal grandparents. Thank you!

  10. James B. Jones

    My wife’s ggp, William Wooten (possibly Reverend William Wooten) was undoubtedly married twice, both times to a “Sarah” somebody. Her last name NEVER seems to be mentioned. Any ideas as to how I can find out THEIR last names???

  11. Lee

    Question, please. We have an ancestor who was supposed to be 99% French Canadian and part Native American. However, she looked as though she was part African American in coloring, features, and hair texture. How can I research ancestry to Canada in the 1700s?

  12. Diane

    I wish there was a section where a large amount of text could be entered. When I do come across marriage announcements or obituaries in newspapers, I want to type in the entire article but Ancestry limits the amount of text. The “add a fact or event” section is too small. Need more space for this!

  13. Barbara Metzger

    I am having the same problem as others. Photos that I have posted and others have copied from me (which is fine) are being credited to them as having posted them first. Not too happy with the new platform.

  14. Patricia Clepper

    I stopped using ancestry, unable to find alot of ancestors. Maybe, I’m not understanding how to use the site. Can you help me??????

  15. Diana

    Diane, there is a drop down box labeled tools in the right hand corner of the site where you have your ancestors facts listed. Click on that and it will list “view notes” or “view comments” you can type longer notes there or copy and paste articles.

    People asking Ask Annie to help you find family members is futile. I have never seen an answer on here.

  16. Diana

    Patricia Clepper, take advantage of the tutorials they provide, you can learn a lot on how to use the site that way. Start my entering what you know including all the children of your ancestors. It is amazing what you can learn from them. Take a close look at census records. Who were their neighbors, are there other family members living nearby? I’ve found several brick walls by doing that. Usually newlyweds don’t move to far away from their parents the first couple of years of marriage. Search the web outside of ancestry. Someone researching the same people maybe on another site. Get your DNA done, you will get matches that way usually. Be careful of leaf hints especially trees. Mistakes are often copied from one tree to another. Use as you see fit but try and verify them on your own. Keep a close eye on dates. If a child is born before a parent or to a parent too young or too old, be wary of their information. Just keep plugging away. One of these days you are going to hit pay dirt and you will grow a nice strong Oak tree of family

  17. Denise G

    To: James Horn Thanks for your comment on marriages in Pennsylvania/Maryland. I have a lot of relatives in Pennsylvania and some of them did get married in Maryland. Now I know why thanks to your great explanation. Thanks, James

  18. I am desperately looking for the were about of my father Alan Austin Henry Gill born 7th May 1928 Father was Late Dr John Austin Gill Mother Margaretha (Maggie) Kerstein form Umkaams Natal South Coast. He was married several times and has children form Three wives witch I am great full to have found. He could have passed on I would still like to know were his remains are. I am also looking for a son by the name of Hilton and any other children he might have had. Please can anyone out there HELP ME? I have gained a great deal from looking on sites on the internet and would like to thank you all for you help so far.

  19. Ann W.

    Reply to Barbara West. Re: other entering your pictures. This has happened to me and I find it infuriating. I even complained to Ancestry. I think what happens is that a person copies your/my picture, saves it to their computer and then adds it to their Ancestry tree hence making it look like they originally added it. I don’t think this is done maliciously per se. Perhaps they don’t know now to add someone else’s picture to their tree. I have tried to contact people who do this to set them straight about the correct way to save the picture. I don’t know if this helps.

  20. Thank found out a lot thanks on how every one in my family was so very helpfull in doing all these great thi gs for me. This why i love them so much. Thats way i have alway held them close. Thank you so much for all you do not only one but two kids. And not bad enough thst you Have 8of your own and allways at the store your self. Im glad that you stood by me 100% now lets make you lokk good ms.burns

  21. Beth

    To Diane & Diana — for much longer articles you wish to post on a profile, go to Gallery, then Add (on far right), then “Upload a Story” if you want to add a PDF or Word file, or “Create Story” if you want to copy / type one that can be seen and read by anyone who can access that profile, without having to download a PDF or Word file. Both types can then be “copied” to other people and other trees.

  22. Diana

    James B Jones, do you know where these wives were born? Or their dates of birth? You might be able to search census records back to their parents. Pay attention to the naming patterns of the children, do they have middle names that sound like they could have been last names? I found the maiden name of a grandmother from her son, who was named James Campbell Vincent. Look to grandchildren also, I have a Great aunt who named one of her children’s middle name, Puett. Her Brother also named one of his children’s middle name Puett. There is a Puett who married a man with the same last name a couple generations back, that gives me someplace to start looking for ancestors. I’m still trying to connect the dots, but it’s such an unusual name has to fit in there somewhere. Happy hunting

  23. Dolores

    father’s just wanted to know if there is a way to find my father’s adoption papers which would be 75 yes ago. No one seems to know anything.

  24. Donna B.

    Re: Photos-
    I love to see faces with names & I really appreciate the trouble that people go to add them to their tree! Thanks!

    As for adding photos, unfortunately I have seen many added to Find A Grave & then to see that they were copied & added to people’s trees 2-3 years later w/o referencing the original person that posted it. It doesn’t hurt to give credit where it is due. If people are nice enough to share photos of people that you don’t have give them a pat on the back for their efforts & give references.

    1 suggestion:
    Some people will ‘watermark’ their photos by using a program such as ‘Photoshop.’ You can add a name, date or a logo to the photo (placing it anywhere you like & you can add more than one) it can be very pronounced or very light (depending on which opacity setting you choose) and in any color. Photoshop lets you do several pictures at once.
    There is no guarantee that a watermark is foolproof, but it might help.

  25. Robert

    The DNA service is a sham, I was trying to determine if I am of German, Dutch, or English ancestry. The results said European ancestry which was of no benefit. When I informed never received a reply.

  26. Ancestry Anne: Please resend the e’mail about searching for persons that have several marriages and divorces in his ancesters. Many occurrences of divorces, marriages, remarriages, during the first quarter of the 19th century due to poor communications during WW1 & the prohibition period. Many births went unreported (mid-wives errors). I would like to discuss the “family” name issues also. Your e’mail, unfortunately lost, had many Q’s that I would like to have answered but can’t remember.

  27. Ancestry Anne: the first comment highlights a problem. The site after providing a result (especially when it is an obvious error) will not allow me to make correction to the result. An ex: my name becomes my father’s & my grandfather’s name. Why are edits not allowed?

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  30. Nancy

    Re: Marriages south of the PA border. Many couples went to Hagerstown, MD because the marriage age was 18 and not 21 as in PA. Also a parent’s permission was not required for those underage. When I see Hagerstown as the marriage location, the standard assumption, also, is that the couple eloped.

  31. Joseph Celestino Jr

    How can I find My Grandparents from Italy. all I ever see in records is Italy. Wouid it be in immigration records

  32. Serena Tom

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  33. J

    James B Jones. Diana’s suggestion is done very frequently in my family. Study the names to see if there was a naming pattern in use. First born son: his father, second born son: her father, first born daughter: her mother, second born daughter: his. Another good thing is to start with 1st Sarah’s death. Her tombstone might list her maiden name or even whose daughter she was. She might be buried in family plot of a different surname.. Check her obituary if you can find one and see who survives. Try to find a death certificate. It might be listed there or someone other than her husband giving the information. Check if there were any tragedies(train wrecks, house fires) in the newspapers when she died that she might be mentioned in as a victim or relative of a victim. If you can find the baptismal records for the children you might find a recurring surname or even a designation of grandparent. Check for any baptismal records where she and her husband were sponsors. I’ve found some of my maiden names by them being sponsors before they married. Funerals handled by clergy often give details of family history. If he was clergy there might be mention in church histories. Did he outlive both of them or just the first? Check his obit, will, estate papers they might name children by first wife and second wife. Check the census for years where he s listed as a widower and strange gaps in children’s ages. Look for neighbors named Sarah in the census before and after 1st Sarah’s death. Any missing Sarah might be the 2nd wife. She could also have been a widow. Good luck.

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  35. MerridyJ

    TO BARBARA WEST and BARBARA METZGER: Occasionally I will save someone’s photo to my computer so I can edit it for a cleaner image, or extract my particular ancestor. When I upload it back to, I am always careful to give credit (and a link, if possible) to the person who originally posted the image.

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