Posted by Tim Sullivan on January 11, 2016 in News

2015 has been a great year for Ancestry. We’ve seen incredible successes and momentum, including double digit revenue growth, a net new subscriber base of 150,000 that continues to thrive both in the U.S. and internationally and in just three short years, we’ve become the largest consumer DNA database.

As we embrace a new year full of undiscovered opportunities, we want to take a moment to look back at at some 2015 highlights.


A Standout Year of New Content & Product

One of our most notable initiatives of 2015 was rolling out the broad redesign of our core Ancestry site to allow you to build family stories in a narrative format that is more engaging, story-rich and easier to share with family and friends.

In September, we launched one of our largest collections, bringing more than 170 million U.S. wills and probate records from 50 states and 100 million Americans. We also added a new collection of Mexican records to help Mexican Americans explore their family heritage. All in all, we added more than 700 million total records. Additionally, through a partnership with Gannett, we’re on our way to digitizing more than 80 U.S. newspapers, adding 100-plus million full-page newspaper images, fully indexed and searchable.

Our team has worked hard to streamline and improve the overall Ancestry experience for everyone. While we said goodbye to a few products to better hone our focus, it’s been an incredible year of massive progress, with many other new offerings introduced in 2015 including Ancestry Academy, New Ancestor Discoveries, and we rolled out AncestryHealth in beta, giving a glimpse to the future. We also expanded our international reach with the launch of Mexico and Germany.


AncestryDNA: The One Million Club

We celebrated the incredible achievement hitting One Million genotyped members in our database early in the summer. I’m excited to report that that number has now grown to 1.4 million. An even more impressive stat is that we sold approximately one million DNA kits in 2015 alone. These two accomplishments underscore the growing interest in learning even more about family history and discovering ethnic origins.


Adding to our Rockstar Team

I’m proud to say in all we added more than 200 people globally across all teams. We’re very much looking forward to continuing to expand our team of talented people in 2016 and beyond.


New Marketing Efforts

For the first time, we launched an integrated, multi-product advertising approach including TV spots and a multi-product homepage for non subscribers. In addition, we expanded our TV advertising to include broadcast channels and syndicated programs such as Jeopardy, enabling us to reach an even broader audience.

On the DNA front, we saw a 205% increase during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping weekend and set the record for the number of kits sold in one day, nearly 60,000 globally.


The Year Ahead

This year marks our 20th Anniversary, and we have a lot to celebrate – that’s 20 years of helping customers add more than 70 million family trees, gather 16 billion historical records across 67 countries and collect more than one million genotyped in the database.


Thanks to all of our customers, the Ancestry team, and our partners for making 2015 a great year. We have an amazing journey ahead and I’m excited to bring you along. Here’s to new discoveries in 2016.



Tim Sullivan

Timothy Sullivan has served as President and Chief Executive Officer at since September 2005. Prior to joining us, Tim was Chief Operating Officer and then President and CEO of from January 2001 to September 2004. From May 1999 to January 2001, Tim served as Vice President of E-commerce for Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch, Inc. From June 1991 to May 1999, Tim held multiple positions at The Walt Disney Company, including Vice President and Managing Director of Buena Vista Home Entertainment Asia Pacific from July 1997 to May 1999. Tim holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and was a Morehead Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


  1. Mark

    I had so hoped that all the complaints that have been posted to earlier about the horrible changes that have been made would make you rethink some of those changes and correct them. I can see now that you are absolutely clueless. I have just canceled my subscription. Good bye.

  2. Mark

    I had so hoped that all the complaints that have been posted to earlier blogs about the horrible changes that have been made would make you rethink some of those changes and correct them. I can see now that you are absolutely clueless. I have just canceled my subscription. Good bye.

  3. BEE

    “One of our most notable initiatives of 2015 was rolling out the broad redesign of our core Ancestry site to allow you to build family stories in a narrative format that is more engaging, story-rich and easier to share with family and friends.” – OH BROTHER!”

  4. Crystal

    Hey Tim! There’s really not as much to celebrate as you appear to believe. What planet are you living on, anyway?

  5. Pa

    Since, I have to be respectful so my comments are not deleted: I am sure most know I how I feel.

    Personally, there is more to life than

  6. Crystal

    @Robin – Thanks for the laugh! First time in a long while that I’ve smiled with the Ancestry screen in front of me.

  7. Ron

    WHERE is this guy? Provo, Mars? Guess he doesn’t read his own FB pages or even these blogs! Such sorry “leadership”.

  8. Ron Bousfield

    This guy doesn’t have time in his busy day to be reading about those who are not pleased with his leadership. He has more important things to concern himself with than paying customers.

  9. Patently clear doesn’t understand the UK – or even where it’s towns are. Your dumbed down history of true social life is a mind-blowing travesty of what really mattered. Maybe we should rename Ancestry The new version is an abomination.

  10. gp

    I love some of the comments made by users here. Yeah, right, Pa–there sure is life beyond Ancestry. Who cares what this moron has to say. He’s living on another planet, as Crystal says.

  11. Monika

    The fact that you see what has done to its client base in this manner tells me that you have total disregard for your members. Enjoy your money!

  12. Mark Floyd

    Typical that upper management is disconnected from the reality of the situation and the true thoughts and desires of their customers. Why am I not surprised? Sad…….

  13. Pa

    @gp @Ron He sure is a moron. He is not on Mars but some other planet or in another universe smoking green leaves and sipping Mai Tais .

    He sure isn’t living in the real world, that is for sure.

  14. Jessica

    Glad I cancelled. Now just to wait for the financials to be posted. That will tell the tale. Just a few more days…..

  15. Linda J Barnes

    Tim Sullivan, you are “Clueless in Provo, Utah” if you think that serious genies are at all pleased with what you have done to what was once a genealogist’s mecca. You and your staff have caused a shameful and needless disaster in genie world! It would seem that you and your staff are only interested in catering to the immediate gratification crowd who have no idea or interest in what a true genealogist needs to do to put together a real family history. You have turned a great gen website into a sham. Shame on you!

  16. caith

    Anybody can say anything, at any time, and about anybody, but that does not necessarily make it so.

    I.e., the words are more rhetoric, than reason, and insulting to our intelligence.

  17. Carlos

    The change of the Ancestry HMI doesn’t bug me nearly as much as the discontinuation of the FTM software. That *really* disappoints.

    Do you have any plans to allow another software company, such as RootsMagic,build a software package with APIs that interface with your data? Look at it this way – You won’t have to put any work into it, just allow it and rake in the money.

    • Kristie Wells

      @Carlos: The team is currently reviewing several options for FTM. One is working with other desktop software solutions that would make it possible for their products to integrate with Ancestry. They are also looking at bringing more reports and related functionality from Family Tree Maker into the online service. When we have a more official update to share, we will do another post on the blog.

  18. Unlike many people here I give my full name – so the person behind “caith” can be assured that my comments are based on real life and Walt Disney does not feature anywhere. My life is built on facts – and if my I.T. Team had released this version of software I would need good reason why I should not sack the lot.

  19. Mary Seltzer

    Hey Tim Sullivan,
    Have YOU actually ever DONE Genealogy research yourself??? Obviously NOT, or else you most likely would BE LISTENING to what US ACTUAL LONG-TIME Researchers have been screaming about…. & maybd actually FIX things, or GO BACK to the well-oiled CLASSIC Ancestry!!!


  20. Monica Irwin

    I agree with the previous comments, and put my money where my mouth is (well, in my pocket actually). I quit Ancestry in December after nine years of a world membership. There IS life after Ancestry, but sometimes I feel the need to check-up on what’s happening. Maybe it will come to its senses.

  21. mike

    Hey Tim, you sound like a former CEO of a company I worked for–he was a real SOB like you are. No wonder the company went “up in flames” like yours will.

  22. Amy Lathrop

    Dear Mr. Sullivan;

    So, what is *really* going on with Ancestry. No President and CEO of any company worth a quarter of what your company is worth would blatantly ignore thousands upon thousands of unhappy customer complaints and think they will stay in business. Was there an acquisition that you are attempting to thwart by making your company less profitable, therefore less desirable? Something is just not right and as an MBA, you know full well that this business model is doomed for failure. Since you seem to not give a rat’s donkey about the actual direction your company is going in, I can only assume that failure is the intent, and that sounds like you’ll be looking at some criminal charges. NOBODY sets up their company to fail unless there’s something sleezy going on. What’s so telling that there is something underhanded and possibly illegal going on, is you couldn’t even take 2 seconds out of your spiel to say, “I know the changes are difficult to get used to. I understand that we still have many bugs to work out, and I apologize. But please bear with us as we work out the kinks.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a President and CEO of any company ever be so dismissive and disrespectful of the very people who spend the money that pays for that big corner office of yours. This is called, in psychological terms, “Chaos manufacture.” You created chaos, and act like everything is normal. That is gas lighting and both are signs of a psychopath.

  23. MKath

    Mr. Tim, as I’ve said all along: New Ancestry is a defective product. Please recall until the ridiculous LifeStory has been removed from user trees. I wonder which is greater: the number of new subscribers or the number of users who have quit the site?

  24. Donald

    The new site sucks. It lags and crashes waaaay too much. The search functions suck because it gives you records not associated with your ancestors at all. Some thing really wrong when you search for say a John Wilbur and get a lot of Frank Johnson’s. I literally have to manually look through records to find my ancestors now. But I am quitting Ancestry already signed up for a year with your top competitor and once this subscription runs out I am gone. should be this month.

  25. Lesley Ford

    Dear Mr Sullivan,
    Again I have checked the two blogs that are open, vainly hoping that you or any one in the management team will make a case for your favoured ‘new’ direction of removing Family Tree Maker from your portfolio of research tools.

    At this stage there is 10,422 unhappy users of the FTM.

    Surely some EXPLANATION to convince us that your way has some merit. I have tried to keep an open mind, but find your new format VERY UNSATISFACTORY and deficient; a poor option to offer us.
    While FTM was not perfect, it has been an extremely useful tool, in shaping my Family Story. At this stage, your alternative doesn’t make the grade.
    Change for change’s sake in many businesses does not guarantee success, while short term corporate memory mixed with misplaced confidence can leave you open to repeat and expensive failures.
    If Ancestry is changing its core business plan, I ask that someone within your Leadership Team explain to FTM users where we might fit in your vision. Our past loyalty must surely have some value to this company. If not – say so. I find it insulting that no one from your team has addressed any of our concerns and bravely continued with their heads in the sand. Not a good look!!!!!

    • Kristie Wells

      @Lesley: The team is currently reviewing several options for FTM, one is a potential relationship with other desktop software solutions that would make it possible for their products to integrate with Ancestry. They are also looking at bringing more reports and related functionality from Family Tree Maker into the online service. When we have a more official update to share, we will do another post on the blog.

  26. Mark Floyd

    @Kristie Wells Why wasn’t this all done BEFORE Ancestry pulled the plug on FTM? Why was NO transition plan presented to your customers before the FTM announcement?

    • Kristie Wells

      @Mark: I do not have an answer to the questions you ask. All I know is those discussions are happening. My recommendation is for all to give Ancestry a little bit of time to produce some options for you to then make the best decision for you.

  27. gp

    Kristie, if you think that is going to pacify frustrated users, then you are dreaming. They have since moved on to better sites and other genealogical software options that are far better than FTM ever was. Too little; too late! Users won’t buy that tactic. Your company has strung people too long on a fence and sooner or later, the majority will leave or have left already. Who would trust a company that has pulled all this baloney on the paying public for so long? The interface is terrible and the company has not clue anymore about what “real” genealogists want. Your CEO refused to answer the paying public despite many questions and also a public petetion that was submitted at least 3 times to Tim Sullivan with no replies. They wanted the old classic Ancestry, which they paid for. There are so many things wrong with the new interface, it is too long to list here. I for one, do not use Ancestry but my clients have and gave it up a long time ago. What it amounts to is what you are hanging out there with no real answer as to when is no good…too little; too late!

  28. Sarah

    Personally, I don’t give a rat’s *** about what Ancestry does about a FTM replacement. I am using Legacy Family Tree Maker which is a far superior product than FTM ever was. I could care less about Ancestry and what it does about it’s interface either. I’m long gone and will never again use Ancestry when my subscription is up. Who would trust such an organization who treats their customers like trash. Forget it, I have moved on, as well as, many others have. That dangling rainbow won’t work, we see through the facade.

  29. Mark Floyd

    @ Kristie Wells: Thank you for your response. You seem to be the ONLY person even trying to respond to posters here. Perhaps you could ask the management my questions and have those who were responsible for NOT providing a path forward tell us all the whys and wherefores in a separate blog. Management should recognize it is called “Change Management” and what is sorely lacking in the recent moves made by Ancestry. But regardless, Ancestry has already alienated many of their long standing customers so I fear it is a situation of “Too little too late”. It has been over a month since the announcement about FTM and almost a month since the “New” Ancestry went live. My subscription is due for renewal on the 20th so for me, time is running out. I am not inclined to move forward on faith given Ancestry’s recent moves.

  30. RobinH

    @Kristie Wells While Ancestry is asking people to wait to hear about its announcements (whatever they might be), there have been and will be people who are at risk of losing their data because they need access to an FTM download or CD because they got a new computer or their computer crashed or they need to reinstall it for whatever reason – and they don’t have that access. Not everyone understood that Ancestry’s support of FTM would not include such help when it was needed or even understood that they would possibly find themselves in that situation. People were lulled into thinking that FTM would work and trusted that the announcement would be helpful (and it might be), but they didn’t adequately prepare for the possibilities. I think Ancestry has some responsibility there because the risks were not explained to people who needed to hear them and people were encouraged by Ancestry to wait and see what happened over the next year, but not told to back their data up online at Ancestry or on another desktop software platform. I hope that Ancestry will consider offering FTM as a download or as a CD to people who need it between now and whenever the announcement is made so that people will not lose their trees. It seems like the least you could do to help people out.

  31. Jock

    Clearly, the 150,000 additional casual customers is what it’s all about for Ancestry however anyone who is serious about doing family research will know that, whilst the number of history records on Ancestry may have increased significantly, the quality of that data is becoming increasingly less reliable. is now a place which encourages casual genealogists to wildly cut and paste material from other people’s family trees with no regard to the accuracy of that data. In doing so, Ancestry is doing a great disservice to the genealogy community.

  32. MartinJ

    Take off your rose coloured spectacles and see what is happening in the real world.

    Thousands of complaints about new site and withdrawal of FTM (glad I never used it), lack of care & support for UK customers, blatantly ignore faults being raised by your customers lack of document in respect of new and updated collections, significant errors in the life story function, wrong date format, ugly tree layout, discrimination against those with sight issues in choice of colour, mapping function that ignores the world outside of the USA.

    So Tim Sullivan its not a success is it?

  33. M

    My post from 2 hours ago was deleted. Here it is again without the web address: This petition was delivered Dec 5th 2015 yet people from Canada, USA, NZ, UK still continue to express their opinion about new “Super-duper” Ancestry. I strongly suggest you run BOTH websites simultaneously again for another year.

  34. rose milholland

    and after ONE WHOLE MONTH, and reporting it numerous times, the 2/3s of the right side of the FACT / PROFILE page will not work with voice over reader. this is against the PEOPLE WITH DISABILITY ACT… posted numerious times on FACEBOOK’s page and been told it will be sent to the proper area…right…they hit the delete button…as most of our posts got. if you want us to use this horrible new format, then at least make it so people like me CAN HEAR IT since we CAN NOT SEE it..and from what people are saying..that I am glad I can not see. shakes head. amazing how a once great site can go to hell in a hand basket in one day.

  35. Ross Atkinson

    Tim, are you actually a real person with a brain. You have got to be joking!!! Have you not paid attention to the disgust at the abhorrent changes you have implemented at et al… Now please pay attention to the blogs, your FB page, and all the other places that deride the “NEW ANCESTRY” site. No regards whatsoever, another disgruntled Ancestry user who pays you flamin exorbitant salary.

  36. Denise

    I would like to wish the entire Ancestry team a happy 20th anniversary. As a member of ancestry for sometime I thank you for all the great records you provide us and look forward to many more in 2016. I’m hoping for more records in the states of California, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

  37. Pat Allen

    When I was a management consultant we used to talk about the “iceberg of ignorance”. This assumed that 10% of problems in the organisation were visible and known to management and the other 90% lurked beneath the surface. Never was there a more graphic example than the above statement by Mr Sullivan.

  38. MKath

    I forgot to mention that I am now embarrassed for anyone–especially immediate family–to see my Ancestry family tree. LifeStory has made a joke of my research. It has them living in the wrong places, dying before they were born, marrying the wrong people, fighting for the wrong army during the Civil War, fathering the wrong children. Historical pictures are placed anywhere on the timeline. And my detailed narrative is hidden underneath Ancestry’s second grade sing-song. It ain’t pretty.

  39. Cherie

    great for Ancestry but what did you give your buyers? Truth? Accurate genetic genealogy? I tested with ftDNA, 23andme Genographic, and last year added ancestryDNA. Your product is not only inaccurate the matching is simply fake attachments. And if the trees are wrong in the first place, and then you tout a 500 to 1,000 year distance? One day a wealthy plaintiff’s attorney is going to see this mess and their own ancestors on the wrong trees with the wrong information matching the fake DNA and then then I hope they will have a voice to be heard. All the products y’all have bought and dumped is so sad. There is a long list now. Congratulations on selling.

  40. Nelle

    I hate The New Ancestry! Change it back! Listen to your membership! Tim Sullivan, you were a Morehead Scholar at UNC – well because of Ancestry and contacts I’ve made I found out that one of my grandfathers was on the 1st Board of Trustees at UNC and also on the selection commitee that decided the school would be built in Chapel Hill. He also fought in the Revolutionary War and his name appears in the history books. I had no clue this man existed but thanks to Ancestry I’ve been able to share this information with the rest of my family. As a North Carolinian and a Tar Heel fan, please listen to your membership and change back to The Old Ancestry. You’ll make a lot of people happy. PS – Love Ancestry DNA! Found cousins I never knew existed! Just hate the new format for documenting information. Change it back!!

  41. Russell Thompson

    What planet are you from Mr. Sullivan? You’ve made ten time harder to use and completely ugly to look at.

  42. Margaret

    Mr. Sullivan, Do you have a family tree on Ancestry? Have you used New Ancestry? I’d like to know what “features” YOU love. p.s. BTW, Mr. Sullivan.. don’t look for my tree. It’s private and unsearchable and in a few months will be totally deleted.

  43. Librarian jessie

    I could deal with the loss of FTM if Ancestry could support reports, and if the new design could load my Gallery photos without crashing.

  44. Diane

    Glad Mr. Sullivan is so excited about all these changes. Wonder if he has a tree on ancestry and if he actually does any work on it……………………………….

  45. Maggie

    I’d just like to borrow this quote from above. “Adding to our Rockstar Team –
    I’m proud to say in all we added more than 200 people globally across all teams. We’re very much looking forward to continuing to expand our team of talented people in 2016 and beyond.”
    Perhaps employing people who understand the minds of researchers and not gamers would be advisable. If asked I think we could offer a great deal of advice as to what would make the Ancestry site usable. First thing would be to get rid of the Lifestory feature, totally unnecessary and laughable in most cases.

  46. Dale Wingo

    I let my sub lapse in Dec. I’ve been in the computer business in many different jobs / roles since the mid 1960’s and have never witnessed this kind of destructive behavior from a company. Goodbye…..

  47. MaryAnne O'Neill

    Well, it looks like you are going into the DNA business. That is too bad for those of us who have actually been working on genealogy. I never bought FTM so I can’t comment on that, but I do know that Ancestry’s new format is awful to work with. I have been trying unsuccessfully to add new people to one of my trees. At least fix the glitches. I have spent too much money on Ancestry over the past 10 years to put up with this kind of incompetence. I am about to complain to the Better Business Bureau and I surely will not be renewing my subscription when it expires.

  48. Debby

    Have used FTM since it was a magazine. I have hundreds of disks when they came available. Have always used FTM. Ancestory took all our data so we could share, then began sellings it to people to search their genealogy from what we have shared with them, while making us pay out the wazoo even though we were contributing. I would think they would be making enough money to support FTM. Also, they new ancestry SUCKS!!! I don’t even like using it! I will be one who will cancel Ancestry if they drop FTM. I THINK WE HAVE BEEN SC—ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Amy

    Whoa!!! It looks like good old Tim should have kept his self-serving, self-congratulatory, cheering comments to himself. Not well received at all. Pretty clear from the comment on the blog that no one believes or agrees with any of them.

  50. MartinJ

    What the hell is Rockstar Team? Given current situation re website & FTM, don’t think you would get very far in a Talent competition!

  51. caith

    I have a sense of fair play, and agree with everything being said here except that AncestryDNA is not accurate. It is accurate. DNA does not lie. You just have to know how to use it. Rely ONLY on your matches with 10 cMs or more. Then upload your raw data to GEDmatch to work with segment matching to prove your tree matches. I have also tested at all 3 companies and mtDNA, and I recommend AncestryDNA for testing because the trees of your dna matches are invaluable! I have 9,000 matches here, half of which are private/no tree and many which are useless because they are under the 10 cMs threshold. The end result is I have more good trees than I can say grace over with which to work.

    DNA does not lie, paper sometimes does.

  52. toni

    My DNA account has been removed and don’t look for my tree. It’s private and unsearchable and in a few months will be totally deleted. I’m sure you have a copy of all my DNA results tucked safely away. And BONUS! Since I quit using ancestry I’ve discovered other sites that are better and often FREE. And they have information you don’t have! It’s been a blessing in disguise to have ancestry go down the crapper.

  53. mike

    Hey, toni, the sure have your DNA and will sell to Google’s Calico for “medical purposes” and you can bet that your “private tree” is on their servers to use at whim. Once you put a tree on Ancestry is theirs to use for monetary gain. Anyone buying into this new DNA crap is subject to losing their privacy. Best to keep your “trees” on stand-alone software and just use those “free” sites for records.

  54. Bobby Title

    Today I found proof that Lillian died in OK in 1898, but the new Ancestry posted that she was living with her husband in Ohio in 1900. Last week I found that Ancestry had married Chester to his mother. Guys, I can’t subscribe to you anymore if you keep doing this to the research I have worked so hard to document and get right! I’m not going to live long enough to make all the corrections I’m finding. So sad. It’s been nice, but I gotta’ go.

  55. Monika

    @Bobby Title – Oh, but Bobby, ACOM will tell you that they are not making ANY changes to what you wrote onto your profile pages. Hence, if they put things like that into your LifeStory it MUST be your fault! Strange though, I did not claim that a baby boy who only lived for a few hours was called “Mister Beach” as ACOM claims in his LifeStory repeatedly, nor did I claim that Mrs so and so was “the daughter of her mother”, nor did I claim that people in my tree who had Austrian citizenship (per census records that are in my tree) because they were born in what was then Austrian territory, were born in the Czech Republic. But you and I should not have an issue with ACOM “enhancing” the stories of our ancestors!! You mean to say that they are not doing a great job? As I said before, ACOM stinks at writing the Life Stories of our ancestors and if they have not heard us by now when so many of us say that we want a permanent “off” button for this crap they are writing then they are really tone death!

  56. Monika

    I like to say that I am fluent in four languages: French, German, English and Dog. I speak English and Dog with a foreign accent, but I understand both clearly! But I meant to say “TONE DEAF”! 🙂

  57. Janet

    Since made everyone switch to the “New Ancestry” genealogy is no longer fun. It is aggreivation to use New Ancestry. I have been a longtime member, but now I am looking at alternatives to

  58. Terri

    I have been using FTM since 1997 and been a member on my current Ancestry account since 2001 and had an earlier account for a couple of years. In those years I have spent a small fortune in subscriptions on your site. I am lucky that I have backup copies of my FTM trees, though I had just added a large group of new people right before the switch and hadn’t had a chance to back it up before the switch. Now my tree on line and on FTM have been completely jumbled, since they did a sync before I got online and found out on Dec 15 that my trees were now a big jumble puzzle. Half of my media is now attached to the wrong people, place names are wrong. It is a game of find the mistakes then see if you can fix them. I paid you, trusting that my information would be safe, it was not. You destroyed years of my research. I don’t trust any information on your site as I am sure thousands of the trees are in the same condition as mine, so none of them are any longer reliable. Are you going to pay me for the damage you did to my information, of course you won’t, because you really don’t care, if you did, you would have reverted back to the Old Ancestry once thousands of people immediately complained about the damage that was done to their information in their trees when New Ancestry went live. You should at least give everyone a chance to access to the Old Ancestry so we can sync back to the tree on that system that was correct. Maybe you would be willing to let us go into your offices and throw all of your companies files into the air and leave them where they drop so you have to spend weeks putting them back in order like we have to do.

    Name searches are a joke, you have to go through pages to find matches because they are filled with hundreds of names that aren’t even close to the name you searched. If you put in the name John Brown you get results for anyone named John, John Smith, John Johnson etc. which are mixed in with names that have nothing in common with the search criteria you entered. Even if you put in complete information ie full name, DOB, place of birth etc. you get the exact same results.

    It takes 3-5 clicks or more to do what you could do on the old version in 1 or 2 clicks. I have yet to go on the new version where I didn’t get a page down message every 5 minutes or less. You used to be able to see the majority of the pages in your tree onscreen, now it takes scroll after scroll to see the whole page, it is counter productive.

    There is much more but I think I made my point.

    This is what you get when a large, widely diversified European global investment firm with businesses from clothing to healthcare, snack food to call centers and the list goes on, buys a very specialized company that doesn’t fit into the usual business model. It has been down hill every since ‎Permira bought it out in 2012 and now it is in the dump trash heap waiting to be buried without a chance of survival if things don’t change. Subscriptions are up 65% since they purchased Ancestry and in May of 2015 there was talk in the financial news that they were looking to sell it. I will be watching from the sidelines to see if it implodes on itself which right now is a real possibility. They paid 1.6 Billion for Ancestry and the price mentioned in articles was between 2.5 and 3 billion dollars. Ancestry went the way of many other companies that were sucked up by large corporations, just another thing to own. I wonder in the next couple of months how much their membership will drop, I am sure most seasoned genealogists will be moving on to a site where the information is more trustworthy.

    It is a sad time, that Ancestry a once stellar company, has become the laughing stock of serious genealogists everywhere.

  59. Jen

    Tim Sullivan – You may be celebrating, but I am feeling so very sad at the demise of the old Ancestry. Clearly a double digit revenue growth and large new subscriber base is what you are chasing rather than looking after Ancestry’s already paid up subscribers, however the missive above completely ignores all the very obvious problems that have recently beset Ancestry under your watch.
    I like having access to the great records Ancestry provides for historical research and Classic Ancestry used to be such fun to use as well. For years I have derived enjoyment from building my family tree, however I find the New Ancestry so frustrating and dissatisfying for entering and displaying my family history that I can’t be bothered using it anymore; and clearly I am not alone.
    Although I can see that your new format would appeal to young people (AKA children), for myself I feel a bit embarrassed that any adult family members would think I wrote the life story or chose to display my records in this way and so have made my tree private.
    Rather than trumpeting the so-called achievements of 2015 you should hang your head in shame.

  60. sleuthjan

    I am amazed at the negativity here. I still think Ancestry is the best site for research and making connections. There is still some tweaking for Ancestry to do. Website not working that easily in some respects but I have confidence issues will be addressed. Thank you Ancestry.

  61. Tim – Read your release above and am not sure you will be at the helm many more years, if the board understands that his CEO’s should Know what capabilities his company has the ability to perform. Your report sounds like you made a few $$$ and staff is feeding you hot air. Can you actually post and work a Family Tree? or are you a management type? Could you program? Ancestry has a lot of technical problems and if not corrected in 2 months, you will have $400.00 less in 2016. I will be out of the 15 years I’ve worked on my Family Trees. Will make trees private and go.

  62. Jason Lee

    “2015 has been a great year for Ancestry. We’ve seen incredible successes and momentum, including double digit revenue growth…” So now you have money for a chromosome browser. What are we waiting for?

  63. Caith

    Ancestry will never get a chromo browser. Can you imagine how many more additional staff it would take in the phone center to field the calls re how to use it, and the level of expertise they would need? There is a steep learning curve to the science of DNA and basically it is auto-didactic. Google ISOGG for those who are interested. And transfer your raw data to GEDmatch and use their tools – free.

  64. Barb

    @Sleuthjan: For several months now, you pop in and out, commenting that most of us are too negative about the “New” Ancestry website. Although I have no subscription anymore, I can see your profile and your questions on message boards. You seem to just ASK others for BMD info; you admit you get info from other Trees; and you say you’ve been researching as “advanced” for THREE years. I wonder how you’d feel if you’d done genuine, solitary, in-depth research for TWENTY years longer and then saw Ancestry destroy most of your Tree, most of its info, and give the rest to a genetic research lab.

  65. caith

    There will be a free webinar, “Choosing a Genealogical Software Program” on Tuesday, Jan 26, 2:00, sponsored by the New England Historic and Genealogical Society. Try these 2 contacts:

  66. Robyn

    I hate The New Ancestry..Been a member for 14 years was really happy with your product no complaints for all those years..I have spent a lot of money on Ancestry…New Ancestry is unacceptable …They fix things by saying use a different browsers that’s their solution..I have seen no changes to this site…By the way the colors are horrible…If no changes by my renewal date I will not renew….

  67. Bill_S

    I had forgotten that I had downloaded the Ancestry iApp to my iPod Touch. I use a Windows phone and Ancestry hasn’t seen fit to develop an App for the Windows platform, so the app is useless unless connected to WiFi. Anyway with time to kill last night while on WiFi I decided to play with the self-proclaimed “award-winning app”.
    I had taken my 15500+ person tree off of several weeks ago in response to the bone-headed corporate choices that were made, so used the app to create a new one. I entered myself, with birth information and used a hint to add a public record fact. It took about 10 minutes on a 3.5 “screen, which I could have accomplished in less than a minute with Family Tree Maker on my 22” monitor.
    Great progress, there, Ancestry. You are truly creating what your customers want and need.

  68. Bill_S

    Hey Tim

    Nice Credentials, but some terms are missing such as “family history”, “genealogical research”, “my family tree”, “historical accuracy”, etc.

    Too bad you don’t know the difference between communication to a pissed-off customer base and a report to shareholders.

    By the way, of the 80 comments when I counted, there are two or three from employee Kristie, and three from satisfied customers. That leaves between 90%-95% unhappy customers, ex-customers, or soon-to-be ex-customers such as me.

    Great job at public relations.

  69. Mike Dubuc


    I also hate the oblivious, condescending post by Mr. Sullivan how great everything is at Ancestry. How can the senior executive of the company post such garbage? He might sell that to his board of directors, but he can’t sell that garbage to the users.


    I hate submitting issues to Ancestry’s support, and getting back responses to ‘simply ignore’ the inane functionality of LifeStory. Isn’t that a fine customer service solution? Ignore the junk in our product!


    The most effective way we can get attention of Ancestry management (and I believe that is actually impossible, they are on mission with blinders on), is to tell friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, anyone we can and any time we can, how bad Ancestry has become. I do that every day, without fail.


    I think I will need to start keeping a vomit bag by my TV viewing chair, for when the commercials now come on for Ancestry. The company makes me sick. Sad thing is, I used to praise Ancestry, but no more.

    Oh, did I mention: I HATE NEW ANCESTRY.

  70. Mike Dubuc

    One other thing….

    The last sentence of Mr. Sullivan’s post:
    “Here’s to new discoveries in 2016.”

    May he and the company discover a way to listen to the customer……. it WOULD be a discovery to them!

  71. Marilyn Morgan

    “We really do appreciate your feedback…” They may appreciate it, although it is obviously never read.
    This is just one more example of what happens to a company when it goes public. All that matters are the shareholders and the stock price, not what the customers think. I am a pilot for UAL, and believe me, they do the same, which I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve ever flown with us. But fear not, the CEO and his minions always get theirs.

  72. Anita Lehman

    I am shocked.. shocked, I tell you!!!… that someone from Ancestry (@Kristie Wells) actually deigned to respond to their paying customers on this thread. I’ve never before seen any response from an actual, live Ancestry executive online. Maybe I’ve not been looking in the right places but I’m still shocked.

    It’s almost as if they actually cared about our opinions about New Ancestry (or Crapestry as I call it). Almost, but not quite.

    It’s nice for Mr. Sullivan that he thinks that Ancestry is doing so marvelously under his watch. He obviously is from some other planet though, since his reality isn’t remotely connected to the experience of those of us who pay through the nose to use his website.

  73. Monika

    Uuhh! Here is another good one! I looked at a profile page in one of my husband;s trees. He has a cousin whose name is St. Clair Butterworth. That cousin was born in Crawford County, Iowa. He lived all of his life in Crawford County, Iowa. All of the census records I have added indicate that he lived in Crawford County, Iowa. He died and is buried in Crawford County, Iowa. I indicate this each time by saying “Crawford County, Iowa, USA. Could not resist it and went to look at his LifeStory, where it repeats over and over again that this man waws born, lived and died in Crawford County, Iowa. ……And then, there is the famous map which shows the famous “heart” …where do you think??? In Colombia, South America! For crying out loud, ACOM, get rid of that stupid LifeStory. We should not be paying to ignore it. Oh, …what am I saying? I cancelled my subscription. So I guess I am not paying anymore!

  74. I won’t have to worry about this mess any more. I just got an e-mail. They won’t accept payment by paper check any more. Since my credit card account was abused from this site I will not use one. In fact I don’t have one after being fraudulently charged $8,000.00. Any information still left on this site will be attached to a card that is cancelled. I HATE NEW ANCESTRY ANYWAY. Watch your credit cards carefully. Better yet cancel them.

  75. I’ve been a devoted Ancestry supporter for almost 20 years. I came over when you bought Rootsweb. I still manage some archaic Rootsweb email distribution lists and message boards. I’ve also built a large, well documented family tree. And I’ve bought dozens of AncestryDNA tests.

    I’m not a casual Ancestry user. I’ve spent many thousands of hours doing research on Ancestry and building my family tree.

    I HATE that you’ve killed Family Tree Maker (FTM). That terrible decision makes Ancestry much less desirable to me. FTM allows me to sync my online tree and create reports and publications. Any serious genealogist needs to be able to control their research and use it to create documents.

    The online tree is completely inadequate for controlling my research and publishing reports.

    I have more criticisms and complaints about the changes in the online tree format. I’ve posted my comments for you at

  76. Bill

    After spending thousands of $$ with you, I have CANCELLED. New Ancestry is terrible, FTM going away. Bring back CLASSIC.

  77. sleuthjan

    For Barb. Nice of you to investigate me but you have no idea of the work I have done on my own, the assistance I have provided to others, the fact that I have unraveled mysteries over 100 years old. If I believe a partcular tree is well researched, documented and reliable, I will accept info. Isn’t the idea of hints to get possibly useful info? My tree is private and Ancestry has not destroyed it, nor would I think that to be their goal. Good luck to you.

  78. dd

    I would like to take every negative comment above and multiply by ten. This post by Tim Sullivan is just nauseating. Talk about living in an alternative reality, no wonder ancestry has gone full speed ahead with terrible decisions; they are clueless and unable/unwilling to admit they are anything less than stellar (or as they say, ROCKSTARS!). Keep patting yourself on the back for a “job well done” (remember heckuva job, Brownie from Hurricane Katrina?).
    To all those who say it won’t matter if subscribers cancel, so why bother, how do you know there will be no impact? It certainly would matter if enough did, and even if not, why should people give their hard-earned money to such a company if they are as unhappy as many of us are? may be what you are used to using, but they are far from the only game in town. Trust me, as a former heavy daily user, there IS life after Ancestry.
    I refrained from posting here for a few days because since ancestry clearly does NOT CARE what we think, I am just preaching to the choir, and I have better things to do with my time, but for some perverse reason I still want to continue to make my feelings known. I feel so sorry that employees I used to respect have to work for such a corporation, or should I say, “shill” for them. I won’t even watch the Youtube videos anymore. Bye bye!

  79. Andrew

    The arrogance displayed by Tim Sullivan is simply astounding.

    Complaints all up must be somewhere around the 20,000 mark with user confidence non existent and he thinks he and his team are Rock stars ?

    Perhaps he has an alcohol or drug problem ? I can’t think of any other reason why someone would try and destroy a company of this size.

    Perhaps 60 minutes could do a story on the unravelling of this once successfully company.

  80. caith

    For those with the proverbial “invite” problem, I just noticed that there is a new category under “Update Preferences”. Under “Email Preferences”, be sure to check “Ancestry DNA International”, so you will receive your Invites to see the trees of others.

  81. CH

    To “M”

    I went to your posted addy and yes, those are the nice colors of the classic Ancestry, but…what can you do with it? There is no menu and no access to the the classic.

    How about more information? Not very nice to do that. Hold out the candy and not let us have a bite.

  82. M

    CH- Posted is a frozen page, so we can compare the bright color of Classic to the morbid, gloomy, depressing color of “current Ancestry”. If enough subscribers cancel their membership perhaps Tim will reconsider “flicking the switch” and bringing back the Ancestry colors that ANCESTRY BUILT IT’S SUCCESS ON. (I canceled last Dec.) For an oncore, here it is again:

  83. Gary Bohm

    It is amazing to me that the CEO can talk about 2015 and the future in 2016 and completely ignore the tremendous amount of negative feedback that has dominated the Blog as well as their Facebook page. The whole company seems to be totally insensitive to customer feedback. I do see that Ms. Wells posts that they are thinking about ways to address their customers concerns but when leadership decides to ignore the customer response it speaks volumes!!

  84. caith

    @Monica – We cannot let the weekend go by without a bit of laughter in this forum, and in that spirit, and your reference to speaking 4 languages, including Dog, may I ask you a question? Exactly what dialect of Dog do you speak? Is it Hi Dog, or Low Dog, or just Doggie Dog? LOL

    If this is a lame attempt at humor, forgive me.

  85. Monika

    @caith – No, no. It is a fair question! The answer is – just plain Doggie Dog! I only switch to Hi Dog when it is absolutely necessary!

  86. MJD

    Ancestry has ceased primarily being a Genealogy purposed company, replaced by a marketing company that has a genealogy-related product to sell. How unfortunate for the customers more interested in accuracy and usability, than a site created by the ‘rockstar’ team. I don’t want a ‘rockstar’ site!

  87. calyx

    I understand that Ancestry wants $$$$, but I do not understand how changing the look and functionality of the site is supposed to accomplish their goal. Obviously, from the comments throughout, that tactic has backfired. I look forward to reading/hearing that the CORPORATION has tanked. In fact, I hope that EVERY corporation tanks. That model/mindset has ruined the USA, particularly in higher education which has now become BIG BUSINESS.

  88. gd riggs

    Tim, you and the crew showed very poor judgment re the new ancestry. The question now becomes, will you guys step up to the table and fix the problems, maybe even return to old ancestry. So far, not much hope.

  89. mike

    What a load of old cobblers, Tim.
    You really are going down in history as one of the most ignorant CEO’s of a business. Of course, the salary will be easing the pain of your customers comments!

  90. Tom

    Sad to see the issues raised by others regarding ftm will not be addressed. I’ve cut my usage of this site way back and may pay for records a few months here or there but I will not need the use of a longer term membership ongoing anymore.

  91. Gary H

    Just received an email from you thanking you for “your continued passion, enthusiasm, and most importantly, all of your amazing dedication”. And for that I got my software taken away and replaced by a changed website that is extremely difficult to use! So, thanks for nothing.

  92. Rob

    Tim, you should have talked to some customers before making the disastrous decision to discontinue FTM. I was a Product Manager for many years in high tech industry. If FTM did not satisfy your financial goals and did – please consider what happens when the lack of FTM means people no longer have a use for My anniversary date for renewal is in early July. I was going to upgrade from US databases to the International packages. Now I plan to NOT renew. I will be busy migrating my data and pictures from FTM to some other desktop package. I will also be deleting my data from if possible. Tim, did you ever hear about “new coke”? When they realized their mistake, they went back and fixed it. It is not too late yet!

  93. Ed McVey

    Here we go again, round two, same as round one. I was really hoping that there would be some kind of statement that Ancestry was rethinking its decision…(wishful thinking on my part.) I have downloaded the free Legacy & I can live with it, My Ancestry account expires in Oct. & I will be gone after 23 years of FTM & a few years with Ancestry. Nothing is forever…sad,sad,sad.

  94. mike

    Ed, you may not know it now, but you are far better off with Legacy for a lot of reasons that I have stated previously in other posts. It is not sad at all; you are the winner for finding a program that at least conforms to industry standards, unlike FTM. Consider upgrading to the paid version of Legacy and be sure to check out the Facebook page for the Legacy Group. Take advantage of all the free videos to help guide you along the way.

  95. margaret

    Researching takes much longer now with the much slower new designed website; multiple clicks to see something; no quick edits for children; no family group sheets!

    My number one pet peeve is the loss of the family group sheet and all the extra clicking! In addition, can’t attach a photograph to a fact at this time. The new design is more like working in a electronic medical record than an enjoyable day researching my ancestors. I think I am still at work, click, click, click. I want to see things face-up on a desk top or a laptop computer. I do not do serious research on my Ipad or my phone!

    I do like the shared matches with the ancestry DNA, but would still like a chromosome browser and a way to search by user.

    I have currently found two of the suggested ancestors helpful in leading me the correct direction of the location of my actual ancestor; however, the suggested ancestor(s) weren’t the correct folks, but as I said, with a common name, it did take me to the correct family and 2 more generations back, I think I located my man, now to find the total proof that he is the correct man. That is what I am always looking for: more primary records!!!! Not compiled records, but primary records like wills, probates, marriage records, death certificates. We especially need more Southern USA records such as newspapers and death certificates and deeds and chancery court records would be an added bonus. Thanks for the opportunity to voice my humble opinion here. As a 10+ year subscribing member of ancestry, it would have been nice to have been asked my opinion prior to your multiple changes to a clean, easy to use system.

  96. unhappy

    Ancestry’s GREED has certainly made many of us long-time customers EXTREMELY unhappy!!! Those of us who have brought so many in to be tested, and who have hundreds of trees on here are being thanked by the shitiest new software program, ever, slowing down out work to a near standstill — What a DISASTER New Ancestry has been!!!! But as we all can plainly see, corporate GREED has trumped customer wishes & satisfaction!!!!!

  97. caith

    Ancestry does not have a chromosome browser and will probably never have one. So? There are “work arounds in life” and more than one way to get from here to there. Get thee over to GEDmatch where you will have 1500 matches. That should keep you busy for a while. It is free the loading to there takes less than 15 minutes.

  98. bailey

    I think Tiny Tim celebrates his exorbitant pay check at the expense of serious researchers with this new abomination called New Ancestry. He appears to have distanced himself from the customer base that pays his salary. So, if he works for us why does he not do what we want? And that is classic ancestry, FTM, and better search engines. I have continually said the money spent on this silly website would have been better spent on a more robust search engine. I’m tired of looking for Abigail Abbott and getting Jim Smith.

  99. MJD

    Thanks to you Mr. Sullivan and your ‘rockstar’ team, you have taken away the enjoyment that I found working on my Ancestry tree by going to new Ancestry. I can’t in any extent of the imagination believe that you seriously believe that you have improved Ancestry by going to new Ancestry. Frankly, the product stinks. Its format stinks, LifeStory stinks, colors stink. Everything about new Ancestry stinks. I hated it when I first saw it when it was first introduced. I would not voluntarily switch over, and now that it has been rammed the customers’ throats as of December 15th, I still hate it. Mr. Sullivan, you have defaced what was a wonderful product.

  100. Elhura

    For anyone attempting to edit the Ancestry-done introductory paragraph of LIFE STORY, beware of any changes you may have made in the last few days. The system is very slow to take any changes, if at all. If you are successful in making and saving the changes, they are likely to disappear in a few hours. Two such edits I made yesterday are completely gone this morning. Thankfully, I had saved both to COMMENTS so if and when the problem is corrected, I can recapture them.

    And to the individual who chided me for continuing to use Ancestry the last time I posted a comment on this blog – don’t bother. We each have our reasons for continuing to try to use the new site, including tree size, nature and number of self-added media, in-depth analysis of geographic family relationships, detailed narratives in story form, etc. Only when many years of such research and data entry can fully be recaptured and displayed in a clear way by other products will I be able to move on. The very size of my tree, a “labor of love” for my native region, precludes rebuilding elsewhere, person by person.

    With that said. I do not like the new Ancestry. When it works, it is slow and is difficult visually. Use is cumbersome and time-consuming. Too many clicks are required to accomplish simple tasks. The pop-ups and constant cursor-caused motion of the FACTS page are distracting and break concentration. Unless fully reviewed and edited by the tree owner, LIFE STORY can contain too many errors and misleading statements to be trusted by the public. One year ago I would not have believed a site such as could have thrown out so much good for such poorly thought out changes. They have lost the trust and use of so many good researchers and, to an extent possible, the availability of good trees that have been made private and unsearchable. So sad.

  101. Ross J

    After being a member of Ancestry for many, many years, I have just canceled my subscription. The company’s new website and actions related to pulling the plug on FTM are the reasons for my actions. Yes, there are quite a few other sources of genealogy software out there and I’ll find another one. But the availability and ease of use of FTM brought genealogy into the mainstream of current society. FTM built the industry with this clientele and many of us may drop the hobby and migrate to something else. Anyone home at Ancestry, are you listening to these comments?

  102. M. Dubuc

    Anyone who has been in a corporation knows that performance and bonuses are tied to performance plans. We can only conclude that the Ancestry mgt team had in their plans to (1) kill FTM and (2) switch all customers to new Ancestry, within 2015. It’s the only possible explanation why new Ancestry, though obviously flawed with a customer support group overwhelmed with problems, was nonetheless slammed in by year’s end. It’s not really important whether the product installed (new Ancestry) had (and has) problems, just that it did go-live for all customers. So we can expect that the Ancestry mgt team (rockstar team, per Mr. Sullivan) was able to give each other high fives on a ‘successful’ completion to 2015. The unfortunate thing is that, what was success for them is a mess for the customer….but then Ancestry management just doesn’t care about the customer experience. What else is the customer base to conclude?

  103. Anne Scott Frankland

    Elhura – I’m still on Ancestry for many of the same reasons you are. It’s amazing what a pitiful site it has become.

    I have been editing the really poorly done introductory paragraph to Lifestory for all the people in my main tree. Began editing the Blah, Blah, Blah paragraphs in mid December – and most of my edits have gone back to the original. So, the undoing of the edits has been going on longer than the past few days.

    My “edits” are really about removing as much of the story as possible – so it’s easy for me to tell if Ancestry has changed it back to the original story — that they had no right to tell in the first place. A Hide button for Lifestory would be great!

  104. Vince

    To Elhura & Anne:
    Regarding edits to LIFESTORY narratives, I replaced the introductory paragraph in several profiles on January 2 with the disclaimer language that JM / UK suggested for what he called “Liestory” in the “All Members Now Moving …” blog started on December 14:

    DISCLAIMER: “LIFESTORY” is an computer-generated page which is often inaccurate and incomplete. The map may display bogus geographical locations for an individual. A story is created which frequently has references which are irrelevant to the person concerned. Any “Historical Insights” you may see will not have been added by the Tree Owner. To see the Tree Owner’s research results, please click to the “FACTS” view.

    Happily, that text has remained unchanged in all the profiles I’ve checked. But a switch to turn off the LIFESTORY tabs entirely across the whole tree is sorely needed.

  105. Anne Scott Frankland

    Vince – Nice to hear from both you and Elhura.

    Great suggestion! Think I’ll try using the “Disclaimer”. It is so perfect. It removes Ancestry’s words AND makes a statement. I was leaving very little in place of Ancestry’s fictional paragraph — but most of my corrections have reverted back to the original nonsense.

    Sad that Ancestry won’t let us Hide the Lifestory. Change their web site for the worse? They had a right to do that. Bad decision – but they had the right. But I didn’t ask them to write my story and I feel they had no right to do so. Ancestry is not my family. (Thank goodness!) My story is mine to tell or not tell. Ancestry is so happy with themselves.

    Thanks for the new intro paragraph.

  106. M

    GOOGLE, FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ARE FOLLOWING ANCESTRYS’ LEAD AND HAVE ADOPTED “PRISON GRAY” AS PRIMARY BACKGROUND COLOR….. NOT. What’s the use of the “show” button in the gallery if you can’t save the setting ??? I want only photos and stories. They dilute it with census and voter reg., which are already in the “facts” page. It seems ancestry management is resistant to ANY kind of CHANGE !!!!!! the only “constant” is CHANGE….Tim.

  107. c.

    @M. I, too, want ONLY the stories and photos that I have added to show in the gallery and NOT the census records, etc . added by ACOM. Those items are unnecessary and just clutter up the place. Also, ACOM needs to add some kind of indication on the facts page that there are items in the gallery!!! And, yes, the gallery’s “show” button is a JOKE because the settings don’t stick! You’d think by now these often-requested improvements would have been implemented…but it looks like ACOM is pretty much satisfied with their fricking new site as there have been no changes at all lately!

  108. Carmen

    The site is definitely much slower than before. Feels like dial-up!

    I constantly have to refresh the page to get anything on it to work! It seems like this usually happens after I use my browser’s back button, which I have to do a lot now since I can’t open Suggested Records in a new tab from inside the document viewer.

    And for the love of God, please get rid of that annoying pop-up in the bottom right corner EVERY TIME I save something to my tree! It’s IN THE WAY and it’s driving me nuts! And after all of the other frustration, it’s a short drive!

  109. Clare

    I keep checking to see if anything has changed following all the impassioned feedback, but it appears not. Our WWDL subscription does not expire until September, and I imagine that many other people will be in the same position, so Ancestry won’t know the true effect of their changes for full year. By that time it will probably be too late. I have removed a post I made some time ago supporting Ancestry when it was bagged by a consumer’s program on TV and no longer recommend it to anyone. We have removed our trees from Ancestry and will be investigating new off-line programs to migrate data from ftm as I assume that over time, if it is left unsupported, it will become unusable. It would be honorable of Ancestry to sell ftm to someone who is prepared to continue to upgrade the program as I have used it since it first came out and have always been happy with it. In between, I have uploaded my trees to drop box plus made a copy on a usb stick to protect them instead of relying on Ancestry for that function. In September I am looking forward to subscribing to alternative sources of original information such as British newspapers on line and SEAX (Essex record office – brilliant site for researching ancestors in Essex). After so many productive years with Ancestry, sharing my research and contributing hundreds if not thousands of transcription error corrections, I am sad that it has come to this and appalled by the ‘doublespeak’ of the blog. The nasty side of me wishes Ancestry will collapse over this, but it might take time and may not happen and by that time I will be long gone and won’t care. Kind regards to all the folk who set up the site and made it great, to the people who made ftm, to the subscribers who collaborated, corrected errors and shared their research. It was nice while it lasted.

  110. Elhura

    Thanks to Anne Scott Frankland and to Vince for your replies. I appreciate both.

    The disclaimer idea is excellent and, Vince, I love your wording. I have been adding a similar statement in the introductory paragraph, alerting readers the page is Ancestry-generated and may have discrepancies. I usually point them to the FACTS page for the tree owner’s actual research and also give the name of my tree and user name since Ancestry has omitted that ownership in the printed versions of the LIFE STORY and FACTS pages. Like Anne, time only permits my editing of the introductory paragraph for main profiles and not all.

    It would be nice if Ancestry created a Disclaimer block for LIFE STORY that was available to every tree owner – one that we could generically do our own wording and then opt it across-the-board into all the profiles in our trees. I doubt Ancestry would we willing to offer this, however.

    I also agree an opt out button that viewers not see LIFE STORY would be good – especially if no disclaimer is there. As a tool in the hands of the tree owner, LIFE STORY could actually be quite nice, but is way too time consuming to review and try to edit (sometimes extensively) each individual page. So many of us are already witness to the ways LIFE STORY in its current state can distort, misrepresent and outright err in presenting information.

    With regard to the Family Events and the Historical Insights, I long ago turned them off in my view, but, if I understand correctly, this is an individual option for each viewer. Just because I have them turned off does not mean someone else viewing my tree will not see them – unless that viewer has also opted out. In my opinion both Family Events and Historical Insights are unneeded and should not be there – period! The family events are redundant and lend too much length. The historical insights bear too much room for inaccuracy and pure conjecture that taint our trees. It is our ancestors and the flow of their lives in which we are interested – not a history lesson that might or might not be relevant.

    And one more thought – is anyone as bothered as I am with the constant movement of the FACTS page. You cannot move your cursor, check a source or add a record without in-your-face colors, lines and pop-up information blocks. Oh, for a clean, crisp, uncluttered work page once again!

    Lastly, as of today, my edits to the introductory paragraph in LIFE STORY seem to have returned. Hope they stay!

  111. Mike

    There have been numerous comments on here about the dislike of LifeStory, and the desire of many to have a way to remove it from their trees. I myself have submitted a number of such requests to Ancestry Support, only to get the lip service reply that they have submitted it to the developers. The amount of IT work necessary to provide this ‘turn off’ if desired is technical miniscule. So what are we to conclude: that Ancestry mgt loves the inane LifeStory functionality and doesn’t plan to do squat about providing us a way to turn it off. Perhaps they think it will grow on people with exposure. Well, if I am burned once, exposing me to fire again and again isn’t going to make me like it. And I do consider that Ancestry mgt has burned me with New Ancestry and its terrible layout and functionality. I hated it in December, I hate it even more today.

  112. Pa

    15 days since this announcement, and we still have NEW ANCESTRY CRAP!

    Fix the issues, glitches, and problems.

    Eliminate the gray color forever.

    Get rid of the Life Story.

    • Kristie Wells

      The product team will have an update around features they are working on for the new Ancestry website in the next couple of days. They continue to monitor this blog and all the related posts for comments and feedback and are taking it all under consideration. Keep sharing what you like, what is causing you a little grief and features you would like to see added to the site.

  113. Martin

    6 weeks have elapsed since last progress update,one can only assume therefore that no progress has been made in resolving the faults and issues the site is still riddled with. I submitted a number of errors back in September, to date at least 75% have NOT been fixed.

    As for the suggestion box, given the number of times I & others have requested a total opt out of life story and still no response to it, can only assume suggestion box is a sop to placate ancestry members and nothing comes of any suggestion sent in this manner.

    Referred to devolopers is another oft quoted Ancestry response, do they exist or are they a figment of someone’s imagination, if they do, they aren’t doing their job.

  114. Ed

    Hype and spin – that’s all the original post is – must be learning his management style from Washington, D.C. Namely: 1) Do what you want, 2) lie about what you did, 3) say everything is okay.

    I say again, people. If you do not like what Ancestry has turned into, call, cancel, your subscription and demand a refund of any prorated time you have left on that subscription. DO NOT WAIT! DO IT TODAY!

    I have canceled my subscription and am so glad I am no longer supporting the salaries of clueless people who run their businesses contrary to the wishes of their long-time, best customers. When people learn how successful I have been in researching my family tree, they ask for recommendations about how they can get started. I used to recommend Ancestry as their best, first resource. Now you are not even on the list. Get back to your roots and do genealogy right, and I might start recommending you again. Now you are worse than a joke.

  115. Ed

    Well, you screwed up the hints section – even more than it was. I have tons of photo hints that keep coming back, even after clicking ignore – and it eventually gives you a NEGATIVE number in the summary hints totals. You people don’t know how to fix the current problems, and actually create more!!!!

  116. gp

    “A little grief?” You gotta be kidding! The site is a mess and you well know that. Users have asked for the old website and you went ahead with this ridiculous new interface that nobody likes. Your so-called product team is in outer space and know nothing about genealogy. They know dam well what people want and they are paying customers! They are just arrogant and all they care is about the bottom line and that is $$’s! Even your search engine is useless now and that it all I use it for. Ancestry’s reputation has taken a nose dive. It is practically useless now with all the glitches and so forth. I and many others want no part of it!

  117. peggy

    The Print layout is dreadful. Th old set up was SO much better, I could print a concise biography of my person, the sections were balanced and the layout was readable. This new one has the photos gigantic, huge amounts of wasted paper, paragraphs are cut off and run on to the next page with great gaps of space. It is totally useless. I was ready to start printing with ‘old ancestry’. The new non-adustable layout is completely useless to me. I’ve been a world member paying for 8 years. If I hadn’t prepaid an annual membership right before this awful change over, I’d not be a paying member any longer. I no longer recommend people join ancestry. The bugs should have been worked out BEFORE making changes and real users should have been tested with proposed changes. Why can’t the ‘programmers’ understand this!?!

  118. B.

    @Kristie Wells…so, the product team will have an update in a few days on what they are working on??? You must be kidding. Have they not done anything in the last months or so to fix any problems with the new site, but may have spent their time monitoring the blogs???
    I have submitted feedback numerous times, but my first and foremost request is that the product team get off their duffs and give us a way to hide the atrociously awful Life Story so that no one viewing our tree can see it. My second recommendation is that the product team completely stop these computer generated biographies in Life Story and in DNA Circles and New Ancestry Discoveries. I am sick of seeing my third great grandfather’s family merged with his brother’s family and showing three wives and over 20 children.
    I have many other complaints and suggestions but I will just end it here with these significant observations:
    -really good trees are disappearing from this site or have been made private
    -I manage four DNA kits with huge match lists, but with an ever increasing number of matches with no trees whatsoever or private trees. Old “Classic” Ancestry was far easier to learn and use, subscriptions are expensive, and some people have even bought into the fantasy advertisements that Ancestry will build their tree for them. Plus there is absolutely no way to search for a DNA match by user name.
    I could go on and on about how dreary and funereal and cluttered New Ancestry looks, how clunky it is to use, and what a headache the search engines can be, but I will re-state my biggest need: Ancestry, stop trying to write my family history for me..get rid of Life Story!!!

  119. Elhura

    @KristieWells. I am taking you at your word that the product team will not only review what is found on this blog, but will take heed and use suggestions constructively to improve the new Ancestry. The following issues have certainly caused me more than a little grief. It would be more accurate to say the announcement some months ago of its impending demise and the ultimate loss of Old Ancestry have caused a tremendous collective grief across the genealogy community.

    (1) Color Palette. A return to the colors of Old Ancestry – a proven combination – will be a small first step in the right direction. We are hopeful that you will, indeed, provide that option for those who choose. You cannot work from something for very long if you cannot easily see it.

    (2) FACTS Page Motion. Of equal visual importance is the constant motion of the Facts/Profile page. The page is alive and in-your-face from the first moment to the last. Cursor movement inside the periphery brings sudden black outlines to the description box and a flash of appearing-disappearing Edit buttons. A click on the description box brings immediate multiple purple lines across the page and a glowing purple background to the narrative box. The addition of a record brings a pop-up “saved” box in the lower right corner, obliterating children’s names. A second pop-up box totally obscures the work page. You must click both away. To get rid of the purple, you must also click and sometime double click on the description box. And just when you are ready to work again, the same process resumes. It is an unending battle with your FACTS page just to work – a battle that impedes vision and thought as well. Cognitive time should be spend on the analytical nature of our trees, not on how to maneuver an unpleasant work site.

    (3) Viewing of records and transcriptions now require multiple-multiple-multiple clicks to view a record transcription, view the record image, make alterations, save the record and, once-saved, to edit citations, make comments, etc. You are all over the page to accomplish a once straight-forward task. Also, sometimes the first record box that appears when viewing a source and the successive “view record” transcription do not record family members in the same order between themselves – nor in the same order as the original image – further adding to confusion.

    (4) Many have asked for an additional Work Page – one without the color, motion and multiple click issues cited above. Surely your tech staff can design something clean and crisp as an added fourth page – a work page that will make recording our research a straight-forward and enjoyable process once again. Just look to the elements you once had for the features this page should contain.

    (5) Life Story, only in my opinion and not necessarily of everyone, can be a bane and a pleasure. Done well, in the hands of an editing tree owner, it could be fine. Left with Ancestry-added maps, locations and narrative statements that are often incorrect or downright misleading makes a mockery of our ancestors’ lives and of a tree owner’s work. The “family events” and “historical insights” added by Ancestry are, in the opinion of many, totally unnecessary and make for a too long page with potentially irrelevant conjecture stated as fact. This is NOT the lesson you want to teach your novice Ancestry members, the new generation you claim you want to reach. You should be teaching them to hunt and search and analyze for themselves. You should not be making it easy for them to see something totally misleading which they accept for fact.

    (6) A right step was to allow the tree owner to turn off “family events” and “historical insights” from both Life Story and the Facts page. This is a help from the tree owner’s view. It is NOT a help if the “turn off” does not extend to other people who are viewing your tree. If the viewer must also turn off those features, then I have no control over how others are viewing my work. The turn off button of “family events” and “historical insights” exercised by the tree owner should extend to viewers as well.

    (7) Likewise, the tree owner who does not wish Life Story to be viewed at all by others should be able to opt out self and all others viewing the tree.

    (8) I personally would choose to keep the Life Story view open for me and my viewer – but only when accompanied by a disclaimer as has been so well suggested before. The disclaimer should in the least note that “Parts of the Life Story page are Ancestry-generated and may differ from the tree owner’s actual research in terms of locations, mapping and historical events.” It should refer the viewer to the tree owner’s Facts page for actual research content.

    (9) I would prefer to write my own Life Story Disclaimer from a main box, opting it in simultaneously across-the-board into every Life Story in my tree. My tree is too large to do otherwise. In addition to the above wording, I would add the name of the tree being viewed and the user name of the researcher-tree owner. You have omitted that identifying data from the printed versions of Life Story and Facts in an effort to do away with printing the heavily inked banner. Printed pages should be recognized as someone’s work – not Ancestry’s “magic genie”.

    (10) When viewing other people’s trees or when someone is viewing mine, it should be clear when comments have been made or when photos or self-added media (not census records) exist. The tree owner has a tool bar to this effect (alerts only to number of comments) at the top of the Facts and Life Story page. The tree viewer does not see this feature and must open a dropdown tool box to discern if comments exist. Both tree owner and viewer should be able to see at a glance (without opening a dropdown box or tool bar) that both comments and owner-added media exist. You need features that streamline reviewing our own and each other’s work – not making it harder. Without such, valuable comments, photos and stories will be overlooked.

    (11) When photos from other trees appear in Life Story in my tree (and vice versa), the name of the original photo submitter should be visible. Credit is deserved where credit is due. Otherwise, it is the “magic genie” effect again with no quick knowledge of another researcher’s existence.

    (12) Lastly, Member Connect messages should never disappear, unless deleted by the tree owner. We should also not only be able to see by recent receipt as is done now, but also to sort by sender-receiver. These messages are of great importance to the real researcher and review of that detail is often helpful much later after memory fades.

    These are the foremost things that come to mind at the moment. I am certain I have missed important ones that can be expounded upon by others. But I do hope, Kristie Wells, that you and the team behind you truly do want this input and are open to well-meant suggestions to enhance the new Ancestry experience and promote genealogy as it is meant to be.

  120. Sue Petersen

    So Tim, exactly how many long time, paying members must quit before you listen and give us back the website we loved? You got duped with your IT programmers – they should all be fired! I can’t wait to see your bottom line.

  121. mike

    Elhura, why don’t you just come to the realization all those suggestions have made numerous times over and over and Ancestry does what Ancestry wants, when it wants. You are wasting your time. People want the old interface and more specifically the old search engine back and do not want to be guinea pigs for this lousy organization.

    I’ll never understand why certain people pay for a service they are not getting and yet continue to make pleas and suggestions that are not heard by management at all. It does not make any sense!

  122. Lisa Lichtenberg

    @Kristie Wells, what Elhura said! Plus, if you really listen to all the problems we have with the “NEW”, the color, too many clicks, the page layouts, the broken hints, the ‘jumpy’ pages, etc., etc., etc., it would ALL BE FIXED if you gave up on the ‘new’ and brought back ‘classic’! You guys have ruined a working website, and don’t seem like you are in any rush to fix it, why? Everyone hates the colors, and a rookie programmer could fix that in seconds! It almost seems that ACOM is sabotaging itself……there must be an agenda that all your ‘ex’ loyal customers don’t know about!

  123. calyx

    I find it extremely interesting that, while Ancestry won’t bother to respond to customer complaints, they still continue publishing “articles”. The latest funny one was about “transparency”. Transparency is supposed to refer to profits and salaries not the crud in this article. And if the police, FBI, IRS, and CIA want to use Ancestry to track people, THEN THEY SHOULD START THEIR OWN DAMN GENEALOGY SITE. Also note that the transparency article has 2 comments and no way to post another.

  124. M

    It’s such a pitiful shame that subscribers were once able to focus ONLY on family genealogy. Sometimes it takes inspired insight and creativity to reach new conclusions. However “credible” trees continued to grow. NOW WE WASTE OUR TIME HAVING TO TELL ANCESTRY WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEIR WEBSITE. The problem with current ancestry is that it doesn’t LOOK or operate like CLASSIC ancestry. GOT IT ????

  125. Monika

    With the money I save by no longer being a paying ancestry member I can now go to the Spa! 🙂
    @calyx – Re: the “transparency” article, I find it interesting that ACOM stopped the opportunity to add a comment immediately after receiving the first two comments in that blog. I had my purse stolen once, and the police officer told me that a thief/purse snatcher will go onto to see whether (s)he can discover the maiden name of the card holder’s mother because most people use that maiden name as a password for their debit/credit cards, etc. Guess what? That was exactly what I was doing until that time. Needless to say, I have changed my password and made my trees private for more than one reason! Why the police would need to verify that with…that I am not too clear on!

  126. Jennifer

    With all due respect, you have read thousands and thousands of comments about what is wrong with new Ancestry. I have submitted several comments before. Classic Ancestry is superior. Please bring it back for serious amateur and professional genealogists.

  127. Thomas

    Fix the hints. Why are you messing everything up in the last couple of days when nothing was wrong??? Bring back the list which shows total number of people with hints. Add the ability to search by hint type instead of having to use yet another work-around. Regarding the trees I hope you will be adding a find and replace feature plus a location feature so we can universally correct all the location messes caused by the hints.

  128. mary

    It’s not a LITTLE grief; it’s a WHOLE LOT of grief – for which we’re paying! Don’t minimize it. The complaints above are all valid; I especially have a problem with Lifestory existing at all. I want a global, permanent, OFF SWITCH for it. While we’re at it, I have many thousands of DNA matches garnered by the multiple tests I administer. I desperately need some sorting tools: by shared matches and by surname or family branch for starters.

  129. Please give us a button that we can click to PERMANENTLY REMOVE (not HIDE or IGNORE) all Life Stories (which are full of errors), Historical Photos (which should have been placed in the Card Catalog for members to peruse and CHOOSE), and maps (which are usually incorrect). I cannot re-visit, proof-read and attempt to correct almost 42,000 Profiles Much of the text is permanent and cannot be corrected, although it needs to be. ….Also, I am very happy to see that you kept the photos I attached to the Events in the Facts page. I spent hundreds of hours searching the internet and the Card Catalog for photos that are APPROPRIATE to the people in my tree. Please increase the size of these photos by at least 50% so we can actually see them….. Photos in the Gallery look horrid. Are you compressing them to save space? We used to have good, square photos, where the viewer could see everyone in the picture…Now we have elongated rectangular photos that cut off the sides, so that parts of bodies or whole bodies are cut-off. This is totally unacceptable considering that my photos were all edited and cropped before I attached them to the tree. Now they look really crappy. Plus, you have reversed the order in which I placed these pictures. Why should I have to go back and re-arrange everything that you have done? I would like my work on this tree (about 15 hours a day for four and a half years) to be restored, be intact, and be RESPECTED. I was always very fussy about what went into my tree, and now, you have inserted lots of unwelcome material, much of it false. This is NOT what a genealogy company should be about. Your role should be to provide records and support, not to play “in loco parentis” with your subscriber as if they were children and morons….Oh, and if you say that you appreciate our feedback, then why will you not take our feedback seriously and listen to it? And why are YOU not respectful to your subscribers?

  130. JM / UK

    @Vince ~ Thanks for transferring my Disclaimer here – I’ve only just come across this blog. [See Vince’s post here on January 24, 2016 at 9:22 pm] I’m still adding it to every profile I open. This is a tedious task in itself, but now I have another to pursue as well. Because the description boxes for profile events are so limited in character allowance, I have in the past added a comment to my tree to add extra information, with ‘SEE COMMENT BELOW’ in the description box to indicate that there is more to see. However, the Comments are no longer at the foot of the timeline as they used to be, neither is there any indication to a visitor that there are any Comments to see. So now, wherever there is a Comment attached, I am having to replace every ‘SEE COMMENT BELOW’ with “See Comment – Click ‘TOOLS’ [above right] then click ‘View Comments’.”

    Proust summed it up – “Soon, what was tedious was everything.”

    On a lighter note – assisting my grandson with homework [write about a family member who was in WW1] I read out the Liestory account of one of my uncles. His response? “Nanna, that sounded like a robot wrote it!”

    Out of the mouths . . . . . .

  131. @ Vince and JM/UK and others: Why not type the Disclaimer into the space that is provided on the Home Page for the description of the family tree? You might have to shorten it a bit, since only so much space is allowed, but it would refer to ALL Profiles in the tree.

  132. B.

    I’ve been trying to work on my tree for the last two days and have been running into many issues with Hints. So, today I checked out my “All Hints” page and this is what I am getting:
    “Our hint system is temporarily offline. During this time, hint notifications may not appear and existing hints may be inaccessible. We thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.”
    For me it’s frustration after frustration with “New Ancestry.” I’m paying for a service that is only partially usable while Ancestry and it’s IT team continues to dither around.
    And to quote JM / UK grandson re: Lie Stories: “Nanna, that sounded like a robot wrote it!” Out of the mouths of babes…never were truer words spoken!

  133. Vince

    To geniusogy:
    Regarding the position of the Disclaimer, I did some time ago add the following sentence to the limited space at the top of the Tree Overview page (not HOME):
    “Please ignore the so-called LIFESTORY pages that has forcibly injected!”
    I preferred to use most of that space to actually describe my tree. Also, this is a space that people might easily miss if they enter the tree at a specific family or person view. I wanted the Disclaimer language that JM / UK provided to appear front and center to anyone who stumbles onto one of the LIFESTORY views. Unfortunately, I’ll never get around to manually adding it to all of more than 8,000 profiles. That’s why I’m still hoping (and, Ancestry, asking yet again) for a switch I can engage to prevent the entire LIFESTORY view from appearing at all to anyone who views my tree.

  134. @ Vince: Thank you for correcting me. Yes, I agree with all of your points. I have almost 42,000 people in my tree, so typing in the Disclaimer would be a tedious task…..I also want a switch that would PERMANENTLY DELETE (not HIDE or IGNORE) the Life Stories, inappropriate Hysterical Insight Photos and incorrect maps. I would like the photos that I attached to the Life Events on the Facts page to be enlarged so that they are visible. I spent hundreds of hours searching for them, editing and cropping them, uploading and attaching and labeling them for my tree. They ARE appropriate to my relatives. Historical Insight photos should have been placed in the Card Catalog in a special section so tree owners could peruse them and CHOOSE which ones they want to add to their trees. The tree owners should be expected to know what is best for their individual trees and their choices should be RESPECTED and not altered or manipulated by ancestry.

  135. Carmen

    Land records for an area of Mississippi that was once Pike County but is currently Lincoln County are being transcribed with the current county name despite the fact the original document has the name that the county was called at the time the land transaction occurred. That makes no sense whatsoever! I can only assume this is part of Ancestry’s idea to standardize everything.

    And why is it that when I want to save a record a large percentage of the time when I hit the save button the tree that automatically shows up is a tree I never, ever work on. I wish the system would remember which tree I’m working in.

    And PLEASE get rid of the pop-up box that tells me I just added a record, etc. Its IN THE WAY!

  136. mjd

    Here it is, Feb 1, roughly six weeks after ‘new Ancestry’ was rammed down the customers’ throats. And we have yet to hear the first peep (how appropriate of a term) from Ancestry management about the outpouring of complaints. Tells a lot what they think of the opinions of their customers…..

  137. M

    Interesting… here’s the main reason ancestry is so thrilled about it’s “new” format: “Ancestry also monitors what websites you visited immediately prior to visiting one of the Ancestry websites. They track the MAC of your network hardware, “your computer type, screen resolution, operating system version and Internet browser.” They track your device type and IP address.”

  138. caith

    And, just a caveat, especially for women, who sometimes use their full and real names, the google “crawler” is picking up some of posts from forums. I used a pseudonym on several forum sites a few years ago, and now I can google that name and it pulls up a page of my posts under that name.

  139. caith

    And, if you opt out of their promotional materials, that means you are not able to receive invites to see the private trees of others. My experience.

  140. Thameslass

    Rockstars are notorious for smashing things up, so describing Ancestry’s team as ‘Rockstars’ is more accurate than the CEO intended.

  141. P J Evans

    Hint system is still broken – it worked long enough to clear some of the hints.
    I know it’s just a big index file…but it’s useful. Sometimes. The months when it works.
    However, unless performance (and appearance) improves, I won’t be renewing my subscription.

    (Advice: Don’t make people mad who are (a) experienced genealogists and (b) familiar with computers, software, and databases.)

  142. Alan

    I don’t know if this story has filtered across to my fellow American customers of Ancestry but Ancestry need to take notice of what has happened in the last few days at Liverpool Football Club that is owned by an American company.
    The owners wanted to increase the entrance prices by a huge amount for next season. So on Saturday fans protested with banners and 10,000 supporters walked out 15 minutes before the end of the game. Liverpool were 2-0 up but lost their concentration with the unusual sight of departing fans and promptly conceded two quick goals and drew the match.
    However within a couple of days the owners and management had acted and have now withdrawn any price increases as well as offering fans further guarantees of holding prices for a further season as well. ( I don’t know all the details as I am not a Liverpool supporter)
    With their swift intervention they attracted a lot of positive press and reaction from the fans having the balls to reverse a decision that was obviously unpopular.
    Can Ancestry learn something from how their fellow countrymen reacted to their paying customers? You would hope so but you are not going to hold your breath are you!

  143. Mdubuc

    Have been using ‘new’ Ancestry as it is the pitiful solution that Ancestry management has provided the users. I hated it the first time I ever saw it. I hated it when Ancestry management made it the woeful solution in December. I STILL HATE IT.

  144. calyx

    Random surveys on the site are woefully inadequate. The programmers should have sat down with longtime users and observed how they navigated through records—what was useful and what was not. However, I believe that Ancestry was not in the least interested in serving its longtime customer base. They wanted more $$$$ and more $$$$, not even understanding that in attracting newbies and dabblers that they were going to ruin their own site. They made it more and more difficult for the serious researcher while they turned their site into trash. At the very least, they should have sprung “New’ Ancestry on the latecomers instead of forcing longtime subscribers to endure this crud. They would have done better to separate the site into beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

  145. BEE

    These VERY OLD “phantom” hints are beyond annoying! Years and years and years! and I still continue to have them.

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