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Welcome to our weekly update on the new Ancestry website. Last week we posted an article that covered the upcoming features and this week we introduced several important enhancements to the Person Page, Facts view and media experience in the new Ancestry.

As always, we have also included links to articles and videos at the end of this post that will help answer your questions and provide more tips on the new site. We appreciate your feedback, please submit it via this form.

Features we introduced:

Navigational changes on Person Page, Tree Viewer and Media – We introduced some additional navigation options. With these shortcuts, you can get to your endpoint more easily and quickly.

  • List of All People – This previously was only available from the Tree Viewer. Members suggested it would save time to have this available on the Person Page, so we added it there too. In addition to easier access to the List of All People, we added the option to navigate directly to the home person of the tree. Click on the icon to access “Home Person” or “List of All People.”

iPad Landscape Copy 8

  • Trees Pages return to the Person Page – The Tree Pages menu options are now available on the person page. To access this, select the name of your tree. To view your tree you can either select the first option in the tree pages menu or the tree icon to the left of the tree name.

iPad Landscape Copy 7

  • Tree Header Updates – In the Tree Viewer, the tree pages menu has been moved and is accessible by selecting the tree name. For visual consistency, we’ve updated the look of the Find Person tool in the Tree Viewer. Other pages from the tree pages menu, such as the Tree Media Gallery, Tree Settings and Tree Overview will get the same update as the Tree Viewer.

iPad Landscape Copy 4

  • Media Viewer “Delete or Save” to Desktop Menu – You can now quickly access options for downloading to your desktop or delete from Tree with this menu. 

iPad Landscape Copy 2

  • Tree Owner Information – We added the tree owner information to the person pages. When you are viewing a tree that you’re not invited to, the “guest” badge will no longer show – some of our members expressed confusion about this, and we agree that it’s important to know the owner of the tree in addition to your role.

Hide/Show Family Events to Customize LifeStory and Facts View –The configure icon for hiding and showing the Family Events and Historical Insights has been changed to “Show” and is consistent with filtering for the media gallery. Checkmarks indicate what content will be shown on the page.

iPad Landscape Copy 9

Media Enhancements

  • All Media Types Available on Facts view If you have previously attached stories, audio, or video recordings to a fact, these will now show as attached to that fact. In addition, any media that you have attached to the person is now available to add to all the existing and new facts you create.

Link Story

  • Undo “Crop” on Profile Image – You can now undo the crop by selecting “Use Full Image” to use the full picture as the Profile Image.

iPad Landscape

  • Mobile-Friendly Media – Now you can see the pictures or their details easily on your mobile devices.


Enhanced Designs – We’ve streamlined the person page with a few minor visual design updates. Text size has been increased, and contrast has been improved. There is also more visual separation between navigation elements and the vital information about your ancestor.

  • Person Header Updates – We’ve removed the background texture from the header of the Person Page to increase readability. The tab background has also been lightened.
  • Less scrolling on the Facts View – Name & Gender are collapsed by default. This way, more of your ancestor’s timeline is visible on the screen. You can expand the name and gender to edit them individually. The display of family events on the Facts view of in your ancestor’s timeline is now more condensed. This allows you to see more information on your screen, with less scrolling.

iPad Landscape Copy 12

Features we will retire:

It’s difficult to lose any features on our site, however, after exploring a myriad of use cases and analyzing how our members conduct genealogical research on the site, we made the decision to retire Story View:

Story View – On the Person Page from the old Ancestry, we had a feature called Story View.  This view helped us continue to refine how stories could be generated based on information about an ancestor and how users could refine those stories.  Those learnings have been applied into LifeStory in the new Ancestry and as we move forward with all users in the new Ancestry by December 15th we will be retiring these pages.  Stories, photos and records created in your Story View have already been migrated to the LifeStory view in the new Ancestry. Links to the old Ancestry Story View of an ancestor will not be available in the new Ancestry but you will be able to continue to access that view via the links that were created and shared until March 15, 2016.  After that time, Story View will be officially decommissioned.


Features we are still working on:

  • Continue Search – Option to keep searching from within your tree versus right clicking to open new records.
  • Family Group Sheet – The functionality of the current Family Group Sheet is duplicated with that of the Facts view, so we do not plan to carry forward the current Family Group Sheet. We will however, introduce a new Family Group Sheet report that offers more information about a family in one glance, and it will be similar to a traditional family group sheet report.


We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to keep submitting it. What do you love about the new website? Did you find a bug? Something doesn’t quite work like you think it should? Please submit it via this form. Thank you. We will be providing more updates over the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Jennifer Drake

    Desperately need the Relationship Calculator to report all multiple relationships between any 2 people and be online. Since FTM’s stopped working and is going to sunset, have no alternative but hand drawn diagrams here.

  2. Patrick

    I see you are no longer working on Quick Edits for family members. This was a feature on Classic Ancestry which made it easier to do a simple edit without having to go directly to the family member’s profile to make an edit. It once appeared on one of your blog announcements as an item you were working on. Has this element been scrapped or are you going to bring it back into New Ancestry?

  3. Ron

    Who else would call reinstating the features available in the old version and enhancement (List of all people, for example). And why not increase readability ( I actually think you mean legibility) by getting rid of the dark backgrounds? And where or where is that curated list of issues and problems? Certainly there can’t be only two items left to fix, can there?

  4. mary

    For one beautiful moment, I though you were going to retire “Lifestory.” One can only keep hoping for a global OFF switch.

  5. MPrault

    Your photo of tree page shows expected navigation bar at top of screen. I went into New yesterday and today. On both occasions, the navigation bar was NOT displayed. I had to go into an individual page in order to navigate. I soon reverted to Classic. Will this be fixed before 12/15?

  6. Walt

    Slow going on the comments front and it’s little wonder why. With tHe announcement of the end of FTM on top of the deeply flawed New Ancestry redesign, your subscribers have pretty much given up. Many of us are pursuing our exit strategies and just don’t care anymore. It’s been fascinating watching as Ancestry has imploded over the last six months.

  7. MartinJ

    See that the date format has still not been fixed, still showing non-genealogical standard on UK version of new & updated collections. First reported at end of August 2015′ 3 months later still wrong. How hard can it be to correct a date!

  8. Ralph

    Just wanted to see if this would post. Apparently Ancestry is flagging all comments in the respective blogs on retiring FTM as spam. So much for having a comment period. Anyway if this gets through checkout the YouTube video on how to download your Family tree to your desktop program which they are discontinuing. BTW, you can export with sources but NONE of the images will go with the export. I highly suggest that if you haven’t seen the blogs regarding the elimination of FTM to check them out in this blog.

  9. MillieD

    I’m not a fan of the New Ancestry, but since it seems to be a fait accompli, is it possible to add the ability to sort the Shoebox by surname? I’ve seen other requests to search it (which apparently isn’t happening), but what about just sorting it to facilitate review of what things are still pending, as well as the ability to find items resolved items that need to be deleted?

  10. douggrf

    Issues that hang and are never given mention -even though support calls, trouble tickets, and chain of evidence prevail.
    1) Comments made in profile views were always summarized in display on the tree overview page until May 27, 2015. Please bring this valuable feature back to tree overview page. This feature is literally so important to the site usage, that unless restored it will be a total deal buster.
    2) Notes view still does not have a flag present in profile to indicate the existence of Notes. In Classic the flag was the word “View” – now in New there is no flag.
    3) Comments and Notes allowable character entry has been truncated in values from where it stood in the Classic. This is unacceptable, and considering the slim vertical window, and limited horizontal scroll allowed in the sub-view window -these features are becoming unworkable.
    4) Make sure that a pointer icon exists in the profile viewer for media that can navigate to the larger entire tree media gallery. Since the profile viewer interface and the traditional media gallery interface differ so much, the only way to achieve fully knowledge and working capacity for media is to create this suggested link.
    5) Provide a global switch for tree owner/editor to turn off the display Lifestory for the tree, then provide local switch within the profile to selective turn-on display of individual LifeStory for guest view.

  11. Marilyn

    So other people, complete strangers, can now look at anyone else’s photos and download them to their computer. That is just one more reason I will never make my tree public. I don’t mind if people add things to their tree from mine, but to do so by this method completely cuts out any credits I have given to those who have so graciously shared their family photos with me. I will not do that. And yes, that’s how it works now – I’ve looked at other people trees and gone to their gallery, and there is the option to download those photos to MY computer. I absolutely will not do that and do not want it done to me. Therefore, private tree. And the lifestory is worthless – it shows my 2x great grandmother’s step mother are her biological mother and says ‘her mother was 7 years old when Myrtle was born.’ Seriously. And of course I’ve emailed them but no response.
    I really, really detest this company any more.

  12. toni

    There are plenty of sites where you can build a tree for free; get hints; actually, you can do everything that you used to do at ancestry. Since ancestry doesn’t look anything like it used to, working on a different site shouldn’t be an issue. Any partnerships ancestry has will only last as long as the contract and you know they will want more money at each renegotiation. High bidder will get the contract. Imagine going through this every couple of years! Let ancestry die. We can build a new genealogy web site by subscribing somewhere else. We’ve done it for ancestry, we have experience.

  13. Crystal

    I still don’t understand Ancestry using the term, “introduced” when announcing features that were in the “Classic” and are finally in the “New” per our constant requests. You’re adding nothing new. Just what should have been there in the first place.

    Just tried printing the “person(?)” page. (And all this time I thought it was a “Profile” or “Overview” page). It still takes FIVE sheets of paper to print, and the heading type size is still GIGANTIC on a printed page. If you must insist on the current layout of the profile/overview/person(?) page, isn’t there some way you can set up your print mechanism so we can print the page the way it appears on the screen? The screen view allows more space for the left-side column, while your print process makes all three columns equal with type way too large.

    And I certainly agree with Walt. The slowdown in comments to your “Feature Updates” blogs is absolutely due to so many of us finally giving up the good fight. I do think most of us still care. But we all know now that resistance is futile.

  14. Billybob

    Dear Ancestry,
    yeah, whatever

    Please do not partner up with anyone else for anything. You have ruined this site so please keep yer dirty, stinkin’ mitts off of all other genealogy sites. Simply put, go away and die.

  15. Diane Turnbull

    I haven’t seen any comments on this, so I don’t know if it annoys anyone else, but I don’t want to see the births and deaths of a person’s brothers, sisters, and children on that person’s timeline. Some of my ancestors had 10 or more siblings and 10 or more children and all these births and deaths take up more of a person’s lifeline than the facts of their own lives. I just want only the actual facts of a person’s life be on their lifeline. If I want to see info about their brother, sister, or children I can look at each of them on their own.

  16. Kristy

    It’s taken years of planning this new site, followed by beta testing, then shoving a site that didn’t work on us, to get to this mess – an ugly version of Classic that probably won’t work as well. I’ve already privatized my trees, cancelled my account, bought new software and made new friends who feel the same. When my last day of subscribing to ancestry comes, I think it will be a relief. From selling DNA, to destroying software and genealogical communications, you’ve been a terrible steward of this community’s assets. Of course you’re a business and should make a profit – IF you provide a service, which you no longer do.

  17. Tina

    I see I’m not alone in disliking New Ancestry. You say you want feedback and yet you ignore all those who complain about the awful ‘white script on a dark background’. It is very hard on the eyes – one of the reasons it was abandoned in early computers – way back at the dawn of computing. Feedback is obviously pointless as it is ignored.

  18. dmarshall511

    I am going to try to offer constructive criticism with polite requests for fixes with this, so I apologize if someone read this as a rant. It is not intended to be that way.

    I finally switched to “New” today. Being an old fart with less than perfect vision even when wearing glasses, I love the changes to appearance – the brown text on white and white text on brown and the change in font size of the person profile page! Please leave that as it is right now and never ever change it!

    Here are some things I noticed right a way that need to be fixed:

    On the Family column involving people with multiple marriages and divorces, some people appear with the first marriage at the top and most recent marriage at the bottom, which is the way it should appear, but I have some people where the most recent marriage shows at the top and first marriage at the bottom. That is VERY CONFUSING! They appeared correctly in Old, so I don’t understand why they are wrong in New Ancestry. That seems like an error in the way the GUI pulls the info from the database rather than an error in the way the data was originally entered.

    For Lifestory, I am not sure what Ancestry uses to generate the individual items, but whatever it uses to pull information from the person profile page needs to be changed to be case sensitive! “Co” is a grammatically correct abbreviation for the word “County”. “CO” is a correct abbreviation for the State of Colorado. Fixing this lack of case sensitivity might resolve a lot of the complaints about Lifestory. I realize I do not have to look at Lifestory if I do not click on the button to show it. But I know anyone else who might be looking at my tree can turn it on if they want to see it. There needs to be a way that each tree owner can prevent other people from viewing Lifestory if the tree owner does not want to use the feature. I am not going to go through almost 4500 people to look for instances of the use of the “Co” abbreviation for the word “County” and change it to spelling out the word. Ancestry needs to fix the problem of it not being case sensitive. And Ancestry needs to provide a way for tree owners who do not like it to prevent Lifestory from being turned on by people viewing the tree, or turned off by people viewing the tree in the case of an owner who wants to use the feature.

    Again on the person profile page – please move the Sources list that is now a separate column in the middle of the page back to the bottom of what is now the Family column on the right side of the page. That will unclutter the view and be a big help for eye strain.

    Also on the person profile page in the Family column for people with multiple marriages – I have a person who’s husband died young and she remarried. The son of the first husband was not adopted and kept the surname of the birth father. In Old Ancestry, that child correctly shows under the name of the birth father. In New Ancestry, that child shows under the name of the second husband. The woman had children with both husbands. It is confusing to see that child of the first husband, who died, listed under the second husband. This needs to be fixed.

    Thank you for not reading this as a rant.

  19. ImLela2

    Why is the worthless “sync” icon on the “NEW” but often broken Ancestry page? You are doing away with that, so why is it there? Doesn’t look like “features” looks like bells and whistles… allow filtered searches and reports like in FTM. I use the Publishing features extensively; now that I have learned ON MY OWN how to filter and get out the data I need for my reports and family newsletter. Work on something actually useful and fix RELATIONSHIPS!

  20. Anne Scott Frankland

    “The functionality of the current Family Group Sheet is duplicated with that of the Facts view, …”

    Ancestry – what does that even mean? The Family Group Sheet and the Facts view could not be more different! The Facts view has only the Birth and Death year – not the full Birth, Death and Place information. I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know that.

    You will manage to give us a crappy alternative to the Family Group Sheet – and YOU will consider it an improvement. Take away something that works – and give us back something that will be inferior. But, that’s what you doing best lately. You have put back LINKS to other functions. Give us back the link to the Family Group Sheet as it is now!

    “…and it will be similar to a traditional family group sheet report.” It’s been a “Features we are still working on” for weeks. Now you change the wording. You probably never intended to put the current FGS back. Are you just stringing us along?

    Most of what you are doing is giving us back things YOU took away in the first place! How magnanimous you are. You probably expect us to be grateful.

  21. Don

    @dmarshall511 Again, the source column being where it is now is the main reason I’m glad old Ancestry is DEAD!!! People whom have built well sourced trees should be very happy that the sources are no longer hidden, but highlighted.

  22. Elhura

    I have had the same problem as dmarshall511. Take care when now adding multiple family members either from a census record or from Find-a-Grave. Whatever is in Ancestry’s left column has a tendency to migrate into your tree, even when taking great care to avoid it. It totally confuses step parents, creates multiple parents for a child of one profile, mixes spouses, etc. I was told this is a problem with the new Index Relationships that can read steps, adoptees, household members, etc.

    Case-in-point, I have found two brothers with one wife each, however both are NOW married to their spouse AND their brother’s, and both women were married to both men. Another situation added the child of a father’s second marriage (already shown as a son of his mother) also as a child of the father’s first wife – giving the same child of one profile page two mothers and two fathers – however the first wife of his father became his father and his father then became his mother! It was extremely hard to fix and done so only by deleting everyone and starting over.

    Re: other concerns, Ancestry, please return the 1935 residence information when downloading the 1940 US Federal Census. This helps in tracking families and even in narrowing the death date of a spouse when a widowed spouse moves in with realtives. This has been an important tool that should not be overlooked.

    Also, please return to DECEASED status anyone over 100 years old. A default of LIVING unless a death date is entered is a poor decision. Remember that anyone without a death date shows up as PRIVATE to others viewing a tree. This effectively takes well-done research on someone who lived a 100 years ago, but for whom we have no death date, out of view, making careful research to “help” others a moot point. Please don’t suggest I manually mark these people as DECEASED. A study of pioneer families of a geographic region, my tree has over 34,000 profiles, making a manual hunt-and-search impossible.

    Please correct the Index Relationships issue and return the other functions out of respect for the hard work and research of so many and as a service to genealogy.

  23. Steve

    Having problems with Tree Viewer “Family View”, the system frequently shows a blank page. I then have to resort to Pedigree View to see my Tree.

  24. Ron

    Better idea here. Don’t enhance, invent, add, change or fix a thing, or reinstate FTM. We can all gleefully watch as ancestry goes down the drain.

  25. Anne Scott Frankland

    New Ancestry – What I still want – Revised list –

    1. Family Group Sheet link on the FACTS page. The Family Group Sheet we have now.
    2. The “Not You?” in the Relationship Calculator”.
    3. The ability to Hide the LIFESTORY – forever! Put it right below “Family Events” and “Historical Insights” on the new SHOW icon!
    4. Put the list of Sources back as a little drop-down in the fact box. Just like Classic!
    5. Put the Media Gallery back on the FACTS/PERSON page.
    6. To be able to save a HINT record to My Shoebox without having to YES-NO-MAYBE.
    7. A Link to an overview of List of all Comments – which you took away months ago!
    8. The new color scheme is STILL horrible!
    9. Put the timeline – year and age – back when printing the PERSON/PROFILE/FACTS page.
    10. Get rid of the Media Viewer page. Go back to the way photos are displayed when I click on one from the full list of photos.

  26. dmarshall511

    Here is a big problem. I am looking at a Census page for a family. Normally in Old Ancestry, when I click the green button to save the Census, I have the options to save it to the person I am working on, save it to another person, save it to my computer, or save it to my Shoebox. In New Ancestry all of those options are gone. All I see when clicking that green button are the options Yes, No and Maybe. What happened here? How do I save it to my computer or to someone in my tree?

  27. WFowler

    Your statement that “The functionality of the current Family Group Sheet is duplicated with that of the Facts view” is not just untrue, but demonstrates that your programmers and designers have little or no experience in actually using this software and that they did not completely review the current capabilities. The Family Group Sheet in the old version shows the names, birth and death dates AND birth and death PLACES of the entire family on one screen. It also provides functionality similar to the facts pages (links to individual profiles, edit capability, search capability, etc.) The facts view only shows the names and dates of the spouse and children, so to compare birthplaces of the children, one must go to each child’s profile view and manually list each birthplace. For a large family, that takes an inordinate amount of time and does not allow for a good comparison of that information. A Family Group Sheet Report would not have the capability to jump to an individuals profile, edit the persons profile or any of the other functions other than providing the same information (assuming you don’t decide to cut that as well). In addition, it would not have the capability to automatically generate the next higher or lower family group sheet simply by clicking on one members profile link. The user would have to fill out the information needed to request a new report. Serious researchers still need the Family Group Sheet as provided in the old version. Please do not eliminate that from you list of projects.

    You have eliminated the capability to recalculate the relationship of a person to the home person. Clicking on the relationship to the home person in the old version would allow you to recalculate the relationship. That was a feature I often used to correct errors in the relationship as generated by the software.

    Please get rid of the links and stuff at the bottom of the tree page to make more viewable space for reviewing and manipulating the tree view. A user should be able to make use of the full screen to view and manipulate large trees. The links are already in the menus on the home page.

  28. Shawn

    Could you make it easier to view document transcriptions while using the Media Gallery. Right now you have to click on the image, select Edit and scroll through a tiny 3-line window to view the transcription. Also, if you do a save at that moment, the system wipes out your transcription!

  29. john

    @Shawn – Being able to view our transcriptions would be nice but the answer to your question is no, you may not have a way to view your transcriptions. The reason I know ancestry’s answer to your question is because I asked the same question back in July. Providing a decent way to view text documents and images is a little out of ancestry’s league. BTW if you would like to view your images in chronological order, you can’t have that either. I am sure you understand.

  30. Chuck Crannell

    Less scrolling on the Facts View – sorta, but there is so much extra white space around text, and then between bubbles, and the header is so freaking huge that even with the recent alteration, it is still massively space-wasting. I have a 27″ iMac, and the page is still not filling up with data. Suggestion – if one has a wide enough screen, perhaps make use of it. The only thing that spreads out is the header, and that just makes it less efficient. Even the legacy version is bloating up with white space…

  31. Carrie

    MillieJ: I’ve been asking for the ability to sort the shoebox, which I do like, for years and years and years… I plead, beg, email, get mad, nothing works so I have over 200 pages. At only about 10 items per page, it would take forever to sort, unless I could do it by surname. That alone would satisfy me. I don’t need the status. I am told it will never happen. But they had time to screw up the site with the new “new!”

  32. Carol

    Diane Turnbull: You can turn off all the children’s and siblings’s births and deaths in the person’s facts column (the one on the left) by clicking on the tiny black rectangle to the the right of the big word, “FACTS.” It’s a switch for showing the family events and the “hysterical” insights, or not. It’s shown in the illustrations in this blog. Not immediately apparent. I complained months ago about that problem.

  33. Henry

    The way Ancestry is posting blogs about how they think they are improving the new site, by giving us back some of what we had, a little bit at a time, is outrageous. It is teasing and emotional torture. I wouldn’t treat a dog like that. Bad business.

    Everything takes more scrolling and clicking like a person had all the time in the world. It does slow folks down; therefore a person will not accomplish as much, and have to pay longer on their subscription. A way to keep customers longer, maybe? I don’t think so.

    If folks follow through with what they post about leaving Ancestry, that will have financial repercussions. It’s a shame such a good site is no fun anymore. The most serious researchers will stay. I just can’t see serious genealogy done on a hand held device for any length of time in one sitting. They are great to take to the libraries when you need a look-up or a reference, and of course the social media will go on and on and on.

  34. Duane W Wheeler

    I completely agree with Walt. I am very disenchanted with Ancestry and your decision to not support Family Tree Maker later in 2016. It is sad but is imploding.

  35. Tom

    Please budget some of your people time to resolving old problems vs new changes. Are you EVER going to allow me to get “Story” hints again. I have about 8K people in my tree. I have NOT received a single “Story” hint in over 2 years. Prior to that I got them all the time. Have no problem with getting all the other hints (about 20K) at this point. Customer Service explains that it is not a problem rather, there are no “Story” hints for me to receive. I find that impossible to believe. I have only called Support about a dozen times. Ughhhhh

  36. dmarshall511

    @Diane Turnbull It is easy to turn that off. Look for a button labeled SHOW above the left column. A check mark showing means it is enabled. No check mark showing means it is turned off.

  37. dmarshall511

    @Don I am not sure what you mean by “that the sources are no longer hidden, but highlighted.” I have never seen them hidden on the Old or new profile pages. Having a third column between the Facts and the Family clutters up the view, and to me seems like a cause of eye strain. Once I have the source citation entered, I am done with it and it is just clutter when I am working through a list of hints.

    Or maybe you and I are actually talking about two totally different things and one or both of us using an incorrect term. I wish we could post print-screens here and other images. Being able to show-and-tell might save some frazzled nerves which there is definitely too much here.

  38. Monika

    @Elhura – That is the only thing I disagree with you on – showing anyone over 100 years old as deceased. My mother is more than 100 years old (and will probably outlive me–particularly after all the grief ACOM is creating for me 🙂 ). ACOM did use that rule at one time and this is how my mother showed up dead in somebody else’s tree who is not even related to my family (that’s the one who also declared me dead that I mentioned in a previous blog where I had to involve ACOM to not show us as dead). At a time where identity thefts are prevalent it is better to be safe than sorry. When I add ancestors that were born in the 17th and 18th century, they do automatically show up as deceased in my tree. I don’t need to press on “deceased”.

  39. Wrenda

    @Tom – I haven’t received any “Story” hints for that long either. 5000 people in my tree and no stories? Until that time, there were fairly frequent story hints. Since then, none.

  40. Elhura

    @ Monika. Point well taken. I have ancestors who lived to 100+ as well. The rep I talked with yesterday made it sound as if “living'” were an across-the-board default regardless of birth year. Perhaps if Ancestry set a specific time well over a century for the cut-off default year – and let us know what that was – it would be helpful. I also agree, the grief created by ACOM all summer with the gut-punch now about FTM can threaten longetivity! Perhaps this issue is moot for me anyway since my tree is going private, plus unsearchable, for now. The issues with the added people and relationships (has affected 3 families I have spotted, so far, in my tree) have caused some misinformation that others definitely should not see.

    I also agree with dmarshall511 that the third column with sources does clutter up the view and add to eye strain. Sources were there all along anyway – first by simply clicking on source in the fact block – but also in a neat list in the right column just under family members. A return to the two-column page, with colors appropriate for good vision would do much to enhance use. This would also include the removal, or opt out, of the purple lines. Like you, when my sources are well-done, I’m done, and don’t need a reminder again unless looking.

    I have suggested many times and via many avenues that Ancestry create a third “working page” for those of use who like the clean, crisp professional look to continue our work.

  41. MKath

    So Ancestry has added features of Old Ancestry to the New site. Wonder why they weren’t included in the first place.? Still needed are a Print Preview feature and refinement of the print option. Printed profile pages are still way too big. The Old way is better. As for turning off Historical Insights, those irrelevant pictures still showed yesterday even after I had turned them off. Dates on captions do not match up with dates of pictured events. Even better, kill LifeStory completely. It’s inaccurate and I don’t have to time to correct all the mistakes. Some are impossible to correct. I miss HOVER function, especially when working with DNA matches. On Old Ancestry, I don’t have to click to look at each name on the tree.

  42. Ed

    This is what happens when managers drive products rather than the customer needs. New designs for the sake of change only! Marketing hype for stupid reasons. My trees are now private and will stay that way until you allow us a way to GLOBALLY strip out all the crap you algorithms add to profiles and you bring back readable fonts and backgrounds. I cancelled my subscription and will not renew until there is clear evidence that you are going to listen to your customers and do all you can to meet their needs.

  43. Ed

    Ancestry used to be my primary genealogy tool. Now it is family They aren’t interested in giving you anything but documented facts and they don’t charge you an arm and a leg for it. I want a pro level tool for genealogical research – not computer generated crap shoveled down my throat using unreadable fonts,backgrounds, and illogical page design. Stupid is as stupid does!

  44. The New Ancestry is to real genealogical research as reality TV is to actual life and scholarly research. It pretends to be something it is not to appeal to the masses. Problem is, no one who has a brain is fooled.

  45. Trisha

    You have managed to keep our BELOVED OLD CLASSIC FORMAT running for months alongside that fanciful new awful thing you call improved ancestry (false description here, it is not improved!)
    Is it because of all the rubbish you have crammed into the new thing that prevents you from letting us continue our enjoyment of working with the classic old site? IF THAT’S THE REASON YOU ARE “RETIRING” THE CLASSIC FORMAT, THE SOLUTION IS EASY ANCESTRY, JUST GET RID OF SOME OF THE UN-NEEDED RUBBISH YOU HAVE ADDED TO THE NEW!
    You have taken it upon yourselves to make a complete mockery of our trees, you have demeaned our ancestors with that pathetic storyline you have created, the mistakes you have made on there are deplorable, you have put maps on there that have no relevance to the person concerned, and hey what do you know, we can not get rid of the map!
    The facts page is so messy now, so full, it’s all over the place, not clear and precise like our old profile page.
    The background colour has been a sore point for months, you think we have just been complaining because we don’t like the colour! THE FACT IS ANCESTRY WE ARE STRAINING OUR EYES JUST LOOKING AT THAT COLOUR ! THERE HAS GOT TO BE AN HEALTH ISSUE HERE! WE ARE NOT DOING OUR EYES ANY GOOD WHATSOEVER LOOKING AT THAT BACKGROUND COLOUR!
    NOT QUANTITY (especially when it’s rubbish quantity!)
    One thing I do like to look at on the new site is the wonderful old photos of Francis Frith, that’s a nice escape from all the clutter, mess and rubbish that is now on your new site, Even the Francis Frith photos
    look out of place on your new trendy site.

  46. Laura Hickle

    I have to respectfully disagree that the dark backgrounds are so horrible. I struggle with “eye floaters”, which are very distracting when viewing text on a light background. For me, the dark backgrounds are better – with the caveat that the text shouldn’t be too small. Adobe software products have options of choosing lighter or darker “themes”; I wonder if it would be possible to create different color “themes” depending on what the user’s visual needs are. And regarding the sources being listed in the center column: I don’t use FTM, so I always enter my information twice (once on Ancestry, once in Reunion). As I have learned more about correct sourcing, I realized that my offline tree is full of sourcing errors, so I am recreating a fresh offline tree, adding in the sources I already collected on the online Ancestry tree. It’s very helpful to me to not have to keep scrolling down to access the sources while I do this. Plus it reinforces the importance of sources. In my case I don’t print my pages, so I understand the concerns of those that do; I wonder if – continuing with my Themes idea – they could make the sections modular, and let the user choose where they appear?

  47. Debrah Hauger

    Now that I’ve purchased a new software program my only concern with Ancestry is that because you all have become “to big to fail” that you’ll want a government bailout.

  48. Cheryl

    I wish those purple lines, octopus arms actually, could reach out from the screen and strangle to death everyone associated with Ancestry, now such a disgusting company!

  49. Don

    @dmarshall511 Yes, we are talking about the same thing. You do not like the sources front and center, I do. The left and right columns are meaningless without the source column filled out. I my opinion having to scroll to get to the sources is hiding them. Had the sources been where they are now when I started I might have understood their importance sooner. I did not start out 14 years ago knowing what I know now.

  50. Henry

    I reviewed the new Ancestry today and I can see they have tightened up a lot of the display. But I still think the colors are ugly and the purple lines unnecessary and useless. The sources would be better under the Family column. I have lots of sources, and the display would be better and look less cluttered if the columns were balanced.

  51. sleuthjan

    Laura Hickle – good point about the color of the background – I’m OK with it. Ancestry has fixed most of the issues I’ve had. Just waiting for family group sheet but I am a happy customer over all.

  52. dmarshall511

    I agree with Laura Hinkle 100% on the colors or “New” Ancestry, and unfortunately have to disagree with Elhura, whom I have a lot of respect for. I have cataracts that the optometrist says are not yet “ripe” or ready for surgery. The white text on dark brown or dark brown text on white is fantastic for Mt view of things. The soft color text on a pastel background (as on this page and throughout “Old”) cause headaches for me after a couple hours use. I realize that does not work for everyone. Ancestry really needs to provide 2 or 3 theme variations for colors to resolve this issue.

    For those who are complaining about text that is too large or too small…do you know that by pressing “Control” and “-” or “Control” and “+” that you can change the size of text. That works in Firefox and Chrome Web browsers on Windows (I am using Windows 7) and Linux. I have no clue whether or not it works with other Web browsers or on Mac computers. It does not, however, change the size of text that is part of an image.

  53. dmarshall511

    OK, this is ridiculous, Ancestry, and needs to be fixed, ASAP! I want to look at a Census record that I hae already saved to a erson in my tree. You have disabled the Right Click To Open In A New Tab function. The only option appears to be to click the View Button with opens the record in a Pop Up. I realize you are trying to build a Web site that works for both PC users and phone/tablet users, but that right-click function to open something in a new tab OR window is a basic function of Internet use. Circumventing that function IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  54. dmarshall511

    After that rant, here is something to help the people who are complaining about “Print Preview” not working. It works if you use the Print function on the File menu. I am using Firefox, and have not tried it with Chrome. If you know how to edit your toolbars, you can put a Print Button on the toolbar which will be in the same place all of the time regardless of what Web page you are on (Windows 7 and Linux).

  55. Ed

    I’m not in any way associated with Ancestry, but work with technology every day- so here’s my guess why the classic Ancestry is going away – it costs them too much to keep them both running and maintaining two versions of the software at once. My guess is that there is nothing we can do to get classic Ancestry to stay, as the money decision has already been made – stupid as it was and is. All we can do is to keep hitting them where it hurts- in their budget! If you want this mess fixed, vote with your subscription – cancel any remaining months and get a refund – then put all your trees private so they cannot use your work to get new customers. When their budget and public tree offerings shrink far enough, they might start listening to their customers again.

  56. dmarshall511

    Another problem that needs to be fixed. Some people, including ma, have been complaining about this for at least a year! Please disable the function that automatically makes any new image added to a person from being the profile image by default. It will save a lot of aggravation by having to opt in for one profile image than having to go to every image that is added to remove it from being the profile image. There are several requests about this on your message boards. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  57. Jim

    I want it to work ‘right’ on my PC, the way the ‘classic’ site does…
    I’ve got one day left to finish grabbing what I can before I stop using the site altogether… My subscription expires on the 29th, but the ‘new’ site makes my head hurt, I mean it causes headaches, actual, painful headaches, after just 10 or 15 minutes of looking at it, so I won’t be renewing, and can’t see myself using it for those last two weeks.
    All this for ‘Mobile’? Seriously? I wouldn’t use the mobile app for any serious research anyway… the app itself doesn’t even work as well as this new site.

  58. dmarshall511

    @Jim. The only thing I used the Android mobile app for was as a sacrifice for learning how to uninstall apps. I really wish they had built a second web site for phone/tablet users instead of trying to be all things to all people. A web site that works right for tablets (yes, if it worked right, I would use it) can’t work right for PC users and a web site that works right for PC users can’t work right for the touchscreen phones and tablets. That is why most web sites are duplicated with a different function set and less graphics for tablets. But it could be worse….some of the other older folks probably remember when web sites designed for Internet Explorer would not work with Netscape and web sites built for Netscape would not work with IE, even when both were installed on the same PC.

  59. When I looked at the DNA Circle for my 3rd great-grandfather William Luther Hixon, I saw 10 mistakes. You said you took your information from 120 family trees. I can show you where there is wrong information. It upsets me to see all this wrong information get out there, because it is coming from Ancestry, everyone will think it has to be right….WRONG.

  60. Laura Hickle

    It has probably been mentioned before, but I want to add my support for having some flag or notification on a person’s page if there are comments or notes added. And I get confused between the two – are notes for my personal research notes, and comments for the general public to see? I have a note feature in my desktop software, so any time I am adding a comment to my online tree it is to show to any visitors things I may have doubts about (and hope for feedback from others if they know an answer). But I often forget when I have added said comment or note, so it would be helpful to have a flag on it, no matter whether it’s new or not.

  61. Joyce

    WHEN are you going to give us a print preview for printing from the FACTS page—I used to be able to copy and paste this stuff into WORDS docs etc for my own records—the LAST time I tried to print fron the FACTS page I got 10 pages of nonsense–that did not include family members OR a list of Census and other ancestry sources I had attached…

    We need PREVIEWS on ALL printable pages so we can see what it is we are going to print BEFORE we waste reams of paper ONLY to find out that the info we were trying to capture is not there…

    There are SO many features that are still absent or NOT working correctly (such as being able to OPEN a PDF on someone else’s tree…

    I cannot believe you are determined to be rid of OLD ANCESTRY even though NEW is not finished yet…

  62. Joyce

    ALSO in the OLD ancestry when adding a document to many people I could keep a page of the family open and simply copy and paste their name in —you can no longer do this…You need to make EVERYTHING compatible with copying and pasting so people don’t need to #1 waste paper & ink #2 jump through a LOT of hoops to add various docs to many people at a time….additionally when adding a document to many people with the same last name, you have the menu SO low on the page that I can only see a few people at a time….I have about 20 people in my tree with the name John Baldwin…BUT with the menu so far down on the page I cannot see but a few to decide WHICH John Baldwin I might want to add something to—Many family names are repeated generation after generation, in many branches of the trees—I always try to do 3 generations along my Pedigree lines and with traditional naming patterns in MANY cultures that means you wind up with a lot of people with the same names…

    You SAY you are streamlining things to keep up with NEWER technology BUT you are NOT—

    You have taken away our ability to copy and paste a LOT of things so we can put them into other programs we have such as WORD–

    Have YOU bought stock in all the paper and computer ink companies?

    You have made “going paperless” nearly impossible to do cuz we cannot copy and paste a LOT of things we should be able to…

    Sigh–you NEVER should have changed to NEW—you did not bring over a LOT of the convenient features such as being able to copy and paste info!

    I prefer MY trees living and growing and doing what they are supposed to help do in saving this planet…

    Yet YOU are making us do so much extra work, wasting paper andn ink, wasting OUR time because we cannot do simple functions such as copy and paste!!!

    1 step forward 20 steps BACKWARD–

    As a whole we SHOULD be trying to cut back on the use of paper–yet you are making it impossible to use our computers to store things in files on out computer—

    NOW in order to store something on my computer I have to print it, scan it, and find others ways of doing things which are a LOT more work and a waste of natural resources.’

    NOT to mention messing up our environment even more because although ink cartridges are not supposed to be thrown in the trash, they should be treated as hazardous waste–MOST people don’t take that extra step and our ink cartridges go in the trash.

    You have not only made things more difficult for us BUT you have made your entire system LESS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY!

  63. Elhura

    Please restore the Timeline column (far left in Classic Mode fact block) on the Facts page to reflect the year and the person’s age calculated from their birthdate.

    The stand-alone year helps at a quick glance WITHOUT having to scan a line of words to determine a date. The calculated age is a useful genealogical tool in assessing if the census is correctly identified. As we all know, ages won’t be exact – but a span of some years difference gives immediate alert.

    Please remember that some of us are trying to use the new Ancestry as a tool to CONTINUE our work – NOT just to LOOK at it.

  64. Elhura

    The printed version of a Facts page (and ideally,the actual page) should return the sources to the column underneath family members – restoring the page to a two-column page.

    This will decrease the visual clutter, as well as make more room for details many of us enter into the fact blocks to print more horizontally rather than vertically – saving on paper and saving on reading up and down rather than across – again a visual improvement.

  65. carolchesh

    i have to say reading some of the above comments i am absolutely dreading the 15th december i have been subscribing since aboout 2008/2009 and it comes up for renewal in january 2016 if my individual ancestor pages look anything like the view of a page ive seen posted above i dont think i have a hope in hell (excuse my language) of using this site anymore let alone all the other comments that are being made about sources relationships going awry etc. most of my ancestors had huge families they frequently remarried when spouses passed away sometimes 3x most had christian names that went from generation to generation which was the norm anyway going back through the centuries i dont want to see historical timelines when siblings were born married or died on everybodys timelines i just want all the fact ive researched and entered there thankyou and on a page i can clearly read and have all my media for that person on that page that i can click onto when i want to to view it and edit it if need be i want all my sources and citations clearly listed on the page but away from the main facts i dont want people to be able to take anything at all unless theyask ME and i choose to give it to them via inviting them as a guest to my tree and i want to be able to uninvite them when i choose. i want to choose my profile picture if any and i want to enter the date as a person in the uk would eg 1st july 1899 or july-sept 1899 if i dont know the exact date or even as it seems to have to be at the moment 1899 july-sept although even that frequently is over ridden to july 1899. i enter lots of info in my description box in the facts for each person such as local bmd refs notes on name variations between sources explanations of occupations for example i hope theyll still be there as its very important to me. If most of the old version of ancestry is not brought back by january i can see me cancelling my subscription because i really dont think im going to be able to physically use it. what was very user friendly and informative seems to have been turned into an unusable farce of a site that is set up to just share records willy nilly to the whole world without any consideration as to whether they are actually relevant or correct and then we have no idea how to upload them so they make sense to us or anybody else at a glance. why fix something that was not broken? what a complete waste of time money and energy. best thing you can do now to salvage this mess is not to switch over on 15th december at all or at least give your subscribers the choice of using whichever new features they want to im guessing the vast majority would choose to stay exactly where they are now because its easy and it works! I have already rung findmypast to ask if theres anyway i can take my complete tree to them as i already subscribe to their site but its impossible even through FTM2014 without losing the documents and media ive uploaded to my trees so guess ill have to download to another software package from FTM not from ancestry website (at yet more cost) and also back up on a flash drive what ive done so far and hope you dont change the format of it all after 15 dec. tbh i dont think im even going to synch anything to FTM after dec 15 in case it ruins everything ive done so far. thats if i can fathom out how to search for an ything after that date

  66. Mary R.

    Trish, if you google family search tree images, you’ll see that their “new” format (2013) looks exactly like acom’s “new” format – dark gray background, black borders.. but circular photos.

    Caroltesh, please spare yourself some grief and download your tree as a GEDCOM from ancestry to your computer now. You can find out how on YouTube or ask here.

  67. CH

    I know we are losing the classic version very soon. So I went to the classic Story View that I never used to take a look at why I never used it. It’s more ridiculous than Life Story in the new version. And I can see why. But that won’t convince me to use the new Life Story. You just can’t “can” a person’s life the way it is being done. They need an English major to do that, not a computer nerd. Whoever is writing that stuff needs to read some real genealogies in books, you know, the paper kind. And even then, the differences in peoples’ lives makes it impossible to write a story that will fit all. Vitals, yes, but not stories. Ancestry doesn’t know that.

  68. Susan Shireys

    List of items still needing fixes in New Ancestry:

    * Ability to be select from a list of people if the right name doesn’t pop up when saving a record.

    * Ability to select a hint item to someone else in your tree.

    * Printer friendly facts page – needs to be far more succinct (1-2 pages printed, typically, as was true in Old Ancestry).

    * Option to use a more pleasant color scheme.

    Thank you for giving this feedback respectful consideration.

  69. Andrew

    What an absolutely horrible mess to inflict on your paying customers. I could spend half a page making complaints about useless features such as Life Story (at least give us an option to turn it off) or the stupid way all Sources are dumped in the middle of the page with purple lines coming off them (seriously ?) or the way you cant even print a decent profile on a person ( what was a 1 page profile in now 3 with no lines or borders). Seriously, why are you trying to bankrupt the company ?

  70. Patricia

    Anne Scott Frankland – No. I’ve downloaded the GEDCOM many times over the years. Just stay away from that delete button 😉 In my opinion WAY too close for comfort. PLEASE let us turn off the LifeStory COMPLETELY! At this point, it is all I ask.

  71. Anne Scott Frankland

    Patricia — Thank you for your response! I agree with you about the delete button. I don’t even like to look at it if I’m on that page.

    Also agree about LIFESTORY. Please give us the option to turn it off!

  72. Vince

    News flash: Looks like Classic Ancestry has already been pulled from the site as of this evening (14 December in the UK). . .

  73. dmarshall511

    Ancestry, please change things so that using a right-click to bring up a context menu with the option to open in a new browser tabs works on everything. All of those pop-ups are VERY AGGRAVATING! Many people, myself included, install popup blockers to prevent them! The right-click-open-in-new-tab (or on tablets a long-press) is one of the very basic functions of Web browsers. It works in every Web browser I have used on Windows, Linux and Android.

  74. Elhura

    Please create a two-column work page without the purple lines and with the sources moved back to the bottom of the right column, under family members. This should also become your print-version format as well, since the fact blocks are too vertical otherwise to comfortably read (and isn’t that part of what printing is all about?).

    Also, please return the date and the individual’s calculated age to the timeline in it’s former space to the left in each fact block. That isolated bit of information is easily spotted with quick reference capability. The age, calculated from the birthdate, may not agree with the census age, but is helpful in comparison and a quick digest of the person’s age.

  75. emam

    On facts view there is view notes, view comments, merge with duplicate, member connect and quick edit (I have show research tools ticked). The line to the left with the dates on has the age underneath. The purple lines only appear if I click on a source. The map is still wrong, showing place of residence as being on the other side of the country and in the USA, which is a place we have never been to. Those are what I have seen at a quick glance, I haven’t tried searching yet.

  76. gem1963

    Hate, Hate, Hate this new meretricious and superfluous style. Been told cannot have refund even though I now have to use a product that I dislike. Continuity of print style now out the window. If there is no way to return or work parallel to the old style I will change my tree to private and will cancel future subscription. Sometimes change for changes sake is not what is needed!

  77. MartinJ

    Well Ancestry D-Day has arrived here in UK, Ancestry Dumb-down Day and the the new site is as bad as I remember it from a month or so ago and no longer able to switch back!!!

    So far this morning I have found a dozen or so faults, some new, some I reported back in August and still not fixed. Given that this was supposed to mack the site more mobile or tablet friendly, 4 of the errors were tablet oriantated, all display issues, can’t they afford an iPad to test the site on?

    Surely going live with a site so full of errors must be in breach of consumer legislation somewhere in the world.

    As for my susbscription, I have a world subscription and will consider my options before I renew in July next year.

    Tree moved to private and now frozen, now further updates, I have space on my own website to which I will upload my tree at some point in 2016, then will think about removal in its entirity. Fortunately not affected by FTM retirement as I have always maintained my tree on my desktop, so not reliant on a single provider for research.

  78. Mary R.

    @Anne Scott Frankland. No, downloading your tree as a GEDCOM to your hard drive will not change anything about your tree on ancestry. Anyone who hasn’t done this, do it NOW, while you tree’s still in the Old format. Within 16 hours, you’ll only have the New format to download. Once it’s on your hard drive as a GEDCOM, you can upload it to another site, should you want in the future. Your tree does not get deleted from ancestry until you press that “Delete Tree” button. Here are ancestry’s instructions:

    Here are YouTube instructions:

  79. Cathy

    In facts view, I have found that the only way to put marriages and children in some sort of order is by inserting an ESTIMATED date if the REAL date is not known. I try to put somewhere in the description that the date is estimated, but it can still be misleading to other researchers who may not notice.
    It would be good to have a way of putting marriages and children in some sort of order without having estimated (FAKE) dates.
    I did not use Story View in Classic Ancestry. I do not like or use Lifestory in the new version. Would prefer an option to turn off Lifestory or just delete it. Why not save some gigabytes or terabytes or whatever…

  80. Anne Scott Frankland

    Mary R – Thank you for your reply and the links. I know I have to do this today. I probably should download my FTM 2012 also.

  81. Shannon

    I want to thank the many people who have shared there trees. ?Because of your kindness I have learned so much about my Family. You have taught me so much about genealogy. It is a very sad day as I finish copying download my GENCOMs.and move on. I hope I find as supportive community as I have found here. Thanks Shannon

  82. Angela

    With all the negativity I do not understand why they are proceeding with it. The CEO must have an ego the size of the universe to think they will continue to be successful

    Can you imagine if they turned it around and made the masses happy what kind of confidence they would instill in many of us???

  83. Like Angela, I am so grateful to the many generous Ancestry subscribers who went out of their way to share information and precious, precious old family photos with me. I wish I could fully repay your kindness.

  84. dmarshall511

    I agree with @Elhura Please return the Person Profile Page to a two column format with the Sources below that names of the family. I have several long names that get hyphenated because of the current 3 column format. That creates confusion AND eye strain.

    Thank you!

  85. dmarshall511

    In agreement with @MartinJ In addition to testing with a iPad, testing also needs to be done on Android, making it Capa title back to at least version 4.
    Thank you!

  86. dmarshall511

    @Cathy If you use “about” or “abt” in front of the year (such as “abt 1823”) you don’t need to make a comment elsewhere that it is an estimated date.

    And on the subject of estimated dates, I realize this is not the best place to ask but will do so anyway, what does “WFT EST” mean? I assume EST is estimate. I saw this last night in a member tree.

  87. Ruth

    Are you going to have a relationship calculator? It was missing the last time I looked at the new format and it’s essential to me with a tree of 20,000 people.

  88. John Brown

    8 months or more now and still the Geography has not been disabled. If you couldn’t correct it last April why oh why have you let it go so long KNOWINGLY incorrect.
    There also seems to be a problem on Ancestry showing dates correctly …… Day before Month and Month before Year, If you know your ABC’s then the date will become clear, D before M before Y

  89. calyx

    Boy, am I glad that I canceled my subscription in Aug 14. The handwriting was on the wall then. Maybe the site will survive as newbies join. Maybe not. Keep tinkering. Genealogy and MyFamily were decommissioned and FamilySearch was the first to ruin its’ site with a redesign. I will tune in periodically to follow the course of this latest disaster.

  90. Gillian Taylor

    Downloading to GEDCOM is not the answer for anyone who wishes to keep their media, text, suffixes, comments etc – it only downloads data. My trees are far too large to do that manually. Has anybody found a fix for this?

  91. di

    Having been a member since 2009 I am bitterly disappointed with the so called ‘Upgrade’ . Had a quick look at my tree with the most basic information that I immediately know to be correct, my grandparents were born, married and died in Scotland. Banffshire has now suddenly been converted to Banffshire in Canada, my great great grandfather who never left the village of Cullen let alone Scotland has now cropped up in Louisiana!!
    Come on Ancestry get your act together or you won’t have any members left. Either give your loyal members the option to go back or expect a mass migration. We pay enough for this service, so if it doesn’t work we’re throwing our money away …. not for much longer.

  92. di

    Wish I had read this yesterday …. fear my tree may have been destroyed forever 🙁
    As I already knew, is geared to the American market with most searches defaulting to US. Contrary to popular belief the USA is not the only country on the planet!

  93. You used to be able to update information about anyone in a family group by using a pop-up window. This was very convenient. Now I have to go to the person’s page to edit vital information, add children or spouses.

    Also, I cannot figure how to add alternate information such as name, birth or death dates.

  94. The back arrows you provide on most pages need work. Often when I have finished one person, by connecting with others who have that person in their tree using Member Connect and have moved on to the next person, once I have accepted a hint, it get thrown back to someone else’s tree that I had connected to previously!

  95. MANDY


  96. Gillian Taylor

    15 Dec 2015 will go down in the annals as the day that countless millions of historical mis-statements were generated by a company dedicated to history.

    The hypocrisy of the new system beggars belief: on the Facts view we acquire a dominating resources column and purple lines to increase our accuracy; at the same time we acquire Lifestories riddled with misinformation on a scale impossible to correct.

  97. Tom Wiley

    Very, very upset that you’re retiring the Family Group Sheet, one of your most useful features! I have found this a great way to navigate up and down through the family tree and catch leaves on family members that are either new or may have been missed before. This new Ancestry format may end up being a deal breaker for me. It’s been nice, but it’s time to move on.

  98. Mark Walker

    I’m screwed. I did not look at it “proposed changes” and so, I didn’t download prior to this disaster.

    So….now what?

  99. Mary R.

    Mark Walker, at least start downloading all your media to your hard drive. There’s always a possibility the sytem could crash.

  100. Eve

    Will be making my 8 trees private and cancelling my subscription..up on Dec 25….what a horrible Christmas present! Would rather have a stocking full of coal instead of Family tree being dropped by Ancestry!

  101. BEA

    I cannot begin to express my TOTAL disatisfaction with this New Ancestry…It SUSKS in ways too numberous to list!!! Ancestry.Com sorry to see your ignorance ruin a once successful website!

  102. BEA

    I cannot begin to express my TOTAL disatisfaction with this New Ancestry…It SUCKS in ways too numerous to list!!! Ancestry.Com sorry to see your ignorance ruin a once successful website!

  103. Trisha


  104. Brian

    The new web site is great! Please don’t change anything. I would gladly pay twice as much for my subscription with all the wonderful new features and enhancements. Can’t wait to invite all my friends and family to see how wonderful my tree looks. The life story feature was a nice added touch to highlight my family history.

  105. Richard

    There is one thing that is missing from the Facts Page that was on classic Ancestry. Google search. I use this feature every time I add a new name to my tree. When will it be added to the new site?

  106. Tessie

    Hi… I wanted to give my thoughts on the new ancestry. I’m not happy with it at all… It’s very confusing and the colors are awful. I think you should aleast give us the option of using the old format or switch to the new look. It’s not fair to make people change something that was easier for them to manage. Please make this option available for those who found the old format easier… I’m very disappointed

  107. calyx

    What happened to the Search the Web link at the bottom of each profile?! I have found that very useful over the years now it doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the page.

  108. Kathy

    The new website page for personal profiles was not beta tested on the majority of your long term users who are mostly over 50. The page is difficult to see and find information easily. The color scheme is uninviting. Light print on a black background is never a good idea. Small print and more content make it difficult to focus on the overall picture and to zero in on what you want to find. This page was designed by younger people (engineer mentality) who think “more detail is better”. Really, “less is more” and the old webpage was much easier to see. Some features still don’t work, such as the notes added to a picture are too small to see, the zoom on an added picture doesn’t work, and there is still no “continue searching” botton. I have wasted a lot of time redoing the edit box every time a go back to find a new source. There seems to be no way to add a picture from someone else’s file if it shows up in a general search. All in all this new website is 5 steps back. Too many problems. Why did you completely change something that was working well. A few tweeks would have been sufficient. Reconsidering my subscription!!

  109. Anne Scott Frankland

    Before the December 15th deadline, I downloaded my GEDCOMS, installed FTM 2012 and downloaded my main tree to FTM. I hadn’t done any of those until now – and, it all worked. Now I’m going to clean up my tree.

    Ancestry – You got what you wanted! The ugliest and click-crazy web site in the world. Congratulations! Now, I will get what I want. It’ll take some time – but it will be worth it. I am removing the blah, blah, blah at the top of every LIFESTORY as I clean up my tree. There will be a white space with the word EDIT in each one when I’m done.

    Still want an OFF switch for LIFESTORY. But, as exceptionally attached as you are to LIFESTORY – I could be waiting a very long time.

    Ancestry – I also still want THE FAMILY GROUP SHEET. You know – the perfect one I had in CLASSIC that you’re going to change. The one you pretended week to week we were going to get back! If you change it – it will be worse and probably way off the mark. Do you even know which page I am referring to when I say FAMILY GROUP SHEET? Your quote “The functionality of the current Family Group Sheet is duplicated with that of the Facts view,…” made me wonder. Will your similar “traditional family group sheet report” include the grand-parents as well?

  110. OK, I’m not sure where to interject here.

    First I do not connect to Ancestry trees, but the problems with the “New” website are riff.

  111. RKK

    I changed my family tree setting to private on Dec. 15. Until ACom makes it possible for the tree owner (do we even still own our trees?) to opt out of LifeStory, I will not risk disseminating all the erroneous data you have added. The little summary at the top of each LifeStory contains such silly mistakes. My great grandfather had ten children and then died as a child at age five?? Really?? It’s a shame that even the dates are so messed up in LifeStory, because I can see this view could be useful, but those intrusive, irrelevant, repetitive history lessons have to go! The so-called historical context points out that a mother who lost four sons in 1860-1865 probably experienced some social instability since she lived in Alabama. I’ve downloaded a GEDCOM version, bought the 2014 FTM before you made it unavailable (and urge others to do the same), temporarily linked the online tree to my FTM program, and now I’m working on “exporting” family group sheets from FTM to a Word document on my computer. When my last FTM software (2010) started randomly reassigning my ancestry lines and would not permit me to correct the errors, all I had left of 30 years plus research was what I had stored in Word documents — and printed! Please do not put too much faith in the FTM if you bought it so that you could keep your tree on your computer.

  112. gerri

    Certainly miss the Classic Ancestry, not impressed at all with the New. I find the glare from the stark whiteness difficult on the eyes. When one reads a book, you begin at the left side of the page to the right, why has Ancestry put the timeline as the first thing to be read, sources in the middle and the names to the far right, it seems all backwards to me. Everything is so spread out for those of us who like to make copies, takes up more pages, which means more paper and ink for the printer.
    When looking at a marriage record a couple of days ago, it was unreadable, could not resize at all. Many of us are in the 60 plus age group, simpler is better, this new program is confusing, sometimes change can be good, in this case “not so good.” The old adage of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” should have applied to those who dreamed up this mess. I truly wonder if anyone at Ancestry really cares what their subscriber’s think, since many tried using the new before we “had” to except it and didn’t like it, went back to the old tried and true. Perhaps there should be a way for those who prefer the old, to keep it, please give that some thought.

  113. Mike

    I used “Story view” every single day. Don’t know if I will even do genealogy any more. You’ve made the entire experience drama, upset and change. The clock is ticking… I gave 1 week before I did anything drastic with my trees. Theres only a couple days left and still no one from management is even replying to any of our concerns, much less giving us back access to the “old ancestry” set up.

  114. David King

    Hi there. I have a question about the new AncestryDNA set-up, because it’s not working the way it did last week. I used to be included in 11 (eleven) “DNA Circles,” and that was helpful in a lot of ways. I subsequently took my tree “private,” for many of the reasons raised by others in previous posts – and ALL of my “DNA Circles” disappeared. Now I’m learning that DNA Circles are only being made available if we have our trees re-listed as “public.” Please explain why that policy changed when the new Ancestry format was rolled out. Is this latest move a heavy-handed way to try forcing our private trees to be public again? Please, please explain why Ancestry is taking away this important functionality for those of us who now choose to make our trees “private.” Please, either answer here or email me directly. Please.

  115. john

    @David King – That is not a new policy. To use DNA Circles, you always had to have your DNA results linked to a public tree.

  116. Dave

    Ancestry, please! “Co” is the common abbreviation for the word “County”. “CO” is the abbreviation for the State of Colorado. You need to make that CASE SENSITIVE!!!!!

  117. Jan Murphy

    Okay, BIG BIG glitch here. Who made the LEARNING CENTER disappear from the drop-down menus on the home page? It is difficult enough walking new users through the New Ancestry as it is! Please fix this so we won’t be telling people to download your research guides from the Learning Center, only to have our friends come back and tell us that they CAN’T FIND IT.

  118. Carmen

    Are you doing away with the Relationship Calculator??? WTH?!!! SO SICK of the never-ending changes and downgrades to this site and the ever-growing mountain of utter $#?@*&! BS we are being forced to endure!!! >:(

  119. Anne

    Relationship calculator is STILL broken. Every time they would switch me to the new site, and I’d switch back to the old one, I would explain it was because the relationship calculator didn’t appear anymore. Now we no longer have a choice, and they haven’t fixed this problem. It is so disorienting to look at names of people and not to be able to see who they are. Is this my 13th great-grandmother ? Or just a stranger? On top of all that, I can’t even tell which tree I’m in because the tree name is truncated in the tiny little display box (my trees have similar names). It’s an entirely disappointing, disorienting experience — they took something that was so much fun and pleasure to work on, and made it into a frustrating mess and a chore. This is the reason I switched from a PC to a MAC this year– got tired of having to relearn and think about things that should just be unconscious, like finding a “Find” button — and why? For what good reason? Why not give us better search tools — or something new and unexpected — instead of just messing with the layout?

  120. When will the relationship calculation be available? This is a very good feature and one that I have used many times on the old ancestry. With all the changes, I really hope you didn’t drop that. Please let me know when it is included.

  121. Jan Murphy

    Why have you changed the time stamps on the comments to “n months ago” instead of the explicit dates on Classic Ancestry? I don’t want a vague estimate of when a comment was written — I want the actual date! Why not spend some effort fixing some of the things that are BROKEN instead of messing with features that were working?

  122. Sally Dannels

    I think thats just about the ugliest thing Ive seen. The gray is awful. I hate it. I just want to change it to white. The gray with the pink and turquoise is hard to look at. I haven’t even gotten past that page. Im thinking of jumping the Ancestry ship

  123. Jim Ackerman

    Just wanted to add that I too am waiting for the relationship calculator to get fixed. I reported this problem months ago. I hope it doesn’t take as long to fix this as the phantom hints problem.

  124. brooksiemama1970

    please return or fix the relationship calculator…. was a much needed feature with the advanced genealogists…

  125. Jan Murphy

    Why have you taken away the ability to mark people as ‘deceased’?

    And if you can’t fix the Relationship calculator, at the very least, put in a text field in the header called “Relationship to Home Person” that the users can fill in themselves.

  126. dmarshall511

    Thank you, Ancestry! I just found a new feature that I REALLY LIKE!!! I accepted a hint for US Veterans Gravesites ca. 1775-2005 which shows “PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II”. After seeing and accepting that, I added a Militay Fact for the person. Then I started to create a source, expecting to have to type everything in as I did in “Old Ancestry”. What did I find? A VERY HANDY checklist for all of the sources that already had been added for this person, including the Veterans Gravesites ca. 1775-2005. I did not have to type it all in. THANK YOU!

  127. dmarshall511

    As much as I hate the ugly snake lines that connect sources and facts, I just found them useful. I have a person with “alternate” birth dates. I can click on the fact for each date and see which sources support which date.

    BUT, I STILL want the sources moved to the right-side column under the family, and I still want the Family column made wider so that names do not wrap to a second line. After making that change, instead of the snake lines, you could have the corresponding facts and sources highlighted with either a different color or simple boxes surrounding each source and fact.

  128. dmarshall511

    Here is a feature I would like to have: PLEASE add a way to import photos from FindAGrave Web site. That should be easy, since Ancestry owns FindAGrave. The import process should also credit the person who added the photos to the FindAGrave page as the original source of the photos. It is very time consuming to save the photos, newspaper obituaries, etc., to the computer, then upload them to the Gallery for the associated person on the tree on Ancestry. Thank you!

  129. karenwilkinson

    I wish Ancestry would figure out why it seems impossible to print out from the new ancestry tree set-up. I recently updated both my computers to Windows 10 (I do not use Edge as my browser when doing Ancestry) I use either Chrome but mostly Mozilla and have find it virtually impossible to print out anything with Windows 10. I was told that they were compatible but it appears not with some features. I should not have to continuously download something into a PDF to get it to print. Please figure this one out!!

  130. Dottie

    I would like to see marriages back in order. now I seem to have the “first family” looking more recent than the newer family

  131. Allen

    Total failure with windows 10 – cannot login with edge, IE or Firefox. Chrome has many problems. Unable to use it at all now.

  132. Virginia Rundle

    Please bring back the relationship calculator. This was a person to person selection of my choice, and so useful.

    Please bring back the comments section on the tree overview page – how easy to find was this tool?

    Please fix up the background which makes me giddy.

    Please prevent others from downloading my precious original records, photos and stories. I took the time to find and collect these off the ancestry site, and I placed them into my tree to share with other family researchers. I am constantly shocked to see my photos and stories are being downloaded and later uploadedrepresented as “new” material on ancestry. I then received these photos and records as new hints for my tree! Really, this is piracy. I placed this information on ancestry to share, not for people to download. It is galling to see my “fact files” about ancestors appearing as “new” material and offered back to me, when I know I have done all the research work! Now someone else is getting credit for it, and purporting it as original. I approached two ancestry trees, actually distant cousins who claimed that their tree was wrecked by a FTM glitch/problem with ancestor duplications, and they had no alternative but to create a new tree and download all records, photos and stories and then upload them to their new tree and at this point they discovered they were then the author. They told me it was easier than taking the records from my tree again at a later date. However to see photos that I have taken and without giving me proper credit given is quite disappointing and surprising.

    Finally, I don’t mind private trees taking my imaged records (these are mostly ones not available on the ancestry site), or my stories or photos, however I would like to see what images they are taking. I often see “5 photos were taken from your tree” on my home page, but I don’t know what they are taking, because private trees are protected. I think ancestry should, as a matter of courtesy, allow me to see what photos are being taken, and see what people are interested in. I don’t want to know about their “private” trees I just want to know what they are taking – is this too much to ask? As a researcher this would be a valuable tool for me. I have made my tree public and am happy to share information and help others.

    Ancestry, please act upon these requests and other people’s concerns. You have a unique opportunity to redeem yourself. The new site is basically good, but take the suggestions that I, and others have mentioned and use them to rectify the errors and glitches. I am a great believer in ancestry which I call “Facebook of the Dead”! Don’t let me down.

  133. Sheila

    This is the worst thing you’ve done to date. I’m canceling after 10 years as a member and never recommending this site to anyone anymore. I’m surprised you haven’t been approached by anyone from the American Disability Act. You have made it so hard for me now that I can’t navigate it anymore. This used to be my favorite thing to do and have even been to Salt Lake City to do research. This is awful. Color is bad. Too much info so you can’t print out person to put in notebook like in past. I don’t like who was born and who died all on same page. Also, the color is bad and if you print out a person to compare you print out a whole ream of paper. Disgusting waste. Bring back the Old Ancestry for those who want the old one. New Ancestry is awful and whoever decided this should be fired. I don’t like anything about this style of ancestry. Listen to your long time customers or soon you won’t have any.

  134. Stanley


    Several months ago I found that certain documents sourced from appeared gray (grey to you UK users) when uploaded back to Documents such as passport applications, probate records, etc. are often difficult to read. I would download these to my computer and enhance them with a photo processing program. When I uploaded them back to they invariably apeared gray.

    I called customer support several times on this issue. The responses were: 1) we will report this to our tech staff for a fix, or 2) there must be something wrong with your computer. This problem began with Old Ancestry and has continued with the New Ancestry. Rumor has it that Ancestry thought gray images looked “better” when viewed in a mobile device.

    I have found two work arounds for this issue. They, of course, involve extra steps.

    1) Dowload the image to you computer and then use the “snip it” tool. For some reason images that are thus processed can be uploaded back to (after using Photoshop or other tools) and they appear white.

    2) After downloding the image to you computer print a hard copy and scan it back to your computer. For some reason these two extra steps also render the image white when uploaded.

    Of course Ancestry could simply fix this problem.

  135. caith

    @Allen – Ancestry has stated they do not support the Edge Browser that comes with Windows 10. I use IE on a daily basis with my Windows 10. No problems except sometimes a zoom problem when dragging which can be corrected with either:
    Control 0
    Control +
    Control –

  136. Sandy

    I have to agree with everyone that dislikes the “new” ancestry. It is VERY difficult to navigate. Please allow those of us that want to return to the old format.

  137. Sheri

    Well if this is better I’ll eat my hat! Sorry, member since 2006 but giving it a try realised not for me . So it’s a no from me.

  138. Carla

    I’ve been a member of Ancestry for 10 years. Used to love it. I have gone through the tutorials, but I think the new platform is not user-friendly. Hate it! I won’t renew my subscription.

  139. Sharon

    Okay, unfortunately I missed the deadline for upgrading to FTM 2014. Now I am unable to fully download my tree to another program. According to Randy Seaver’s “If you have an Ancestry Member Tree with a lot of attached and uploaded media, but don’t have Family Tree Maker 2014, then the only way you will be able to efficiently download that media is to obtain Family Tree Maker 2014 and synchronize it with your Ancestry Member Tree and thereby download your attached and uploaded media. 

    If this is important to you, you could purchase a copy of it, at least before 31 December 2015.  Or you could use a friend’s computer that has FTM 2014, login to your Ancestry account on your friend’s computer, synchronize your tree to FTM including the media, and then copy the downloaded file and the Media file folder to a flash drive to install on your computer.”

    Anyone in Colorado Springs, CO with FTM 2014 willing to help?

  140. This new Ancestry is awful. I cancelled my subscription Jan 1st after being member for 10 years and doing ancestry for 30 years. If they bring the old ancestry back or make a choice I’ll come back. This new ancestry is a disgusting mess and also hard to read and can’t print out just one page. Bring back the old version and fire the person who was put in charge of this change. Surprised the Americans With Disabilty group hasn’t approached you get because you have made it harder for me to navigate with multiple slerosis. The ADA is designed to tell you people to give consideration to people with disabilities. Maybe after hundreds cancel you’ll find out you made a BIG MISTAKE with this new Ancestry.

  141. I still use Ancestry for my research, even though every single day I use it I am angry about things I have identified many times through the Suggestions form, or sent emails to Ancestry or made phone calls to Customer Service trying in vain to get them to fix this terrible “upgrade.” Ancestry programming staff and management should be ashamed of themselves for this mess! Surprisingly though, one “improvement” at a time, the old ancestry is reappearing. Just think, if Ancestry would have kept the OLD Ancestry, all of us would be somewhat happy and they would not have wasted so much of their programmers’ time.

  142. Jan Murphy

    I want to be able to record the different forms of a person’s name on their profile and be able to show which source belongs to each form of the name. Some sources will have a woman’s birth name and some a married name — some records will have a person’s full name and others just an initial. With classic Ancestry it was easy to edit the person and display all the variants, but it was also easy to get the sources assigned to the wrong name. Now it is easy to move the sources around, but it is impossible to see all the variants of the name. Please fix this.

  143. Barb

    To Virginia Rundle: When you first began using the website, you clicked on “Terms & Conditions,” which GAVE Ancestry ownership of everything in your Tree. There was no stipulation, either, that “Private” Trees were any different from “Public” Trees, nor that “Living” persons’ rights (none) were any different from “Deceased” ones. In Classic Ancestry, people were always able to save photos from others’ Trees, download them to their computers as jpgs, and then post them in their Trees. No note of that would have ever appeared in “Hints,” nor to you. Most all photos and documents on all Trees are eventually going to end up on Ancestry’s partner site, “Google,” on its “Images” pages anyway. –Just a matter of time before the programmers get around to it.

    To FB: Permira bought Ancestry in 2012 and is seeking a new buyer.

  144. June S.

    I have had a splitting headache since you changed to the new ancestry. I am so angry that we cannot go back to the old ancestry. I work on my tree daily and most nights as I have insomnia and the night would fly by as I lost count of the time………I loved doing my tree. Now like others have said I HATE it and find it hard to even look at my tree as it is so upsetting and you ruined by best hobbie! I suggested a class action lawsuit and still hold out hope for that unless we get old ancestry back. I hate everything on this new one. It is so disappointing!! I am going to have to stop my subscription as why pay for something you cannot use or enjoy anymore! No one asked me what color to use, etc. The old ancestry green color was so easy on my eyes. Now the min. I look at it I get actually sick to my stomach and have a very painful headache! I don’t want to see the births and deaths of a person’s brothers, sisters, and children on that person’s timeline. Some of my ancestors had over 12 children and 12 siblings……I don’t want them mentioned in the profile of the person I am working on. It is so ridiculous! Go back to the old way……..This idea of putting all these births and deaths take up more of a person’s lifeline than the facts of their own lives. I just want only the actual facts of a person’s life be on their lifeline. If I want to see info about their brother, sister, or children I can look at each of them on their own.
    I was so fed up yesterday I called the support help line……..well I was put on hold for abt 20 min. then the call was dropped…..I had to start over again and was waiting again. Finally after another 20 min. I get a young woman who has no idea what she is doing. I ask her a question and she said we are not allowed to look at your tree for privacy reasons. I said well I am giving you permission to go to this ancestor’s page so I can show you my problem. She refused…..I asked for her supervisor…….she laughed every time I asked a question. I said you may think this is funny but it is not — so please get me your supervisor. Finally the supervisor came on the line…..she was more helpful but my 5 yr grandson could have been as helpful as the support person. So I was trying to find 2 priceless letters that I had inherited and transcribed them to my tree. She went right into my tree and followed along with me and together we finally found them. I need to ck on many things I added year ago but cannot do it with this headache. the 2 letters in question were in the gallery…Low and why I don’t know. ….I went on to request other things and she said be patient we are still trying to catch up and all this is going to take alot of time. I requested that they make a way for us to change the relationship under the ancestor. Such as if they divorced and are no longer in my familysuch as a bro in law etc. Now they should be labeled X husband, X wife etc.
    So while I was waiting on the phone for 40+ minutes. They kept playing music so loud you could not put it to your ear…..I think that is something else Kendall did to drive us nuts and not call back………but I heard a message several times on the recording….. so I wrote them down so I could rem. what it said….I read it to the supervisor and she was appalled by it and agreed that was not a good idea…..”While you were working on your Ancestry tree we have been diligently working very hard behind the scenes to “DREAM UP” more ways to make your family tree more interesting, etc” I cannot they believe they put that statement on there – It was insulting to me and shows their lack of knowledge of genealogy! Well I wish they would quit dreaming up more crazy ideas and go back to the original ancestry. It seems like they are truly trying to bankrupt Ancestry like a hostile take over……change the entire company so it fails and then sell the company and take the profits and move on… like venture (rather vulture) capitalist firms do. The recording also said something like ‘We are going to soon offer an Apple Watch app so you can do genealogy at a glance while on the go anytime anywhere’ Can you imagine thinking this is a great idea? Well I am going to dream up some more complaints. The shakey leaves were the only thing this new director Kendall every did that was worthwhile advertising. But now they don’t have it shakey anymore! Why? I hope he will quit dreaming up things bec. he knows nothing abt genealogy or the people that love it and how it works. The shakey leaf was his claim to fame. So that qualified him to re-vamp ancestry. Crazy!
    Please quit messing with ancestry trees and get out of the genealogy business for good! I wonder how much he got paid to “dream up” new things for our trees!! If he was smart he should go on TV and make an apology to his LOYAL customers and admit it was a big mis-calculation on his part…..give everyone a couple months free access….and let us chose to go back to the original. It would be a start for making things right and also good PR.

  145. I simply hate the new site. It has an awful colour scheme. Who the hell in ancestry thought it looked attractive? The new site is an eye sore and is hideious to look at. I much preferred the old site and managed to find the info I was looking for with no problem. The new site has got a lot to do to improve in my eyes. I preferred the old profiles where it said the relation to me, and now that has gone! I am not interested in the time line or the so called story of the persons life. Could this be removed perminently by ancestry right now? Of which some of it is complete rubbish. Ancestry has actually got a lot of untruths on my grandparents and I haven’t been able to delete it. I did manage to alter it in a small way but gave up half way through it as it was too tedious to do and a bit time comsuming. Ancestry please take note when my subscribtion is up for renewal I will be cancelling my subscribtion if they don’t improve the site by going back or giving the people the option to go to the old site. I will probably go to another site (probably find my past) to research my family history. I did asked to stay on the old site when they began advertising the new one. When I went on the site a few days back I noticed they had changed me without even asking. That is very poor to ignore its members who wanted to stay on the old site. This is what I said to the ancestry “Why have you not given the option of staying with the old site.? Your new site is too eye soreish. Hideous and an awful choice of colour. I opted to stay on the old site after trying the new site. Now I have found that you have now changed me to the new site while I was away on holiday even through I had not wanted to move. No doubt you have been given a lot of bad feedback about this so called improvement to your site, where as in my view it is a bad choice people will opt out of your company. Please could you explain to me why you have gone against my wishes of remaining on the old site and changed me without even asking for my opinion? Thank you.” Ancestry this is a massive big thumbs down for your company from me. The company will need to think about changing back to the old site as it looks like loads of people don’t like your “New improved site”. I have read quiet a few reviews on other web pages about ancestry changing to the so called new improved site, where as people are not impressed with it, and ancestry know it!

  146. Marilyn

    The Newspaper area requires folks to pay for info. Why include this without a warning that it is really not a part of the Ancestry we paid for?

  147. Marilyn

    I miss the area where one could put in a city and country and see which films were available for that area. If it is still there, how do I access it?

  148. dmarshall511

    Thank you, Ancestry, for re-enabling the 1935 Residence fact on 1940 Censuses! It was a pain in the part that touches the chair first to have to type that in for several families.

  149. B

    Today I went to my subscription area to double check the amount that I will need to pay to reup with ancestry for 6 months. The 6 month option has disappeared in the past 2 weeks and the the subscription price has jumped to $389.00 from $300 for a year. I have been with them for 10 years. That says a lot.

  150. Mary R.

    I haven’t seen anyone mention the Shoebox problem. I strongly suggest you NOT save anything to your Shoebox because you’ll never see it again. I have 100 pages, it says. Well, you can only go through them one at a time. There’s NO way to move ahead quickly. Click. Click. Click. I got to Page 4, deleted an item, and was brought back to Page 1. Click. Click. Click. I went through the pages again, found something on Page 5 to delete. I was brought back to Page 1. Over and over and over. So you get up to what, Page 49, and each time, you’re brought back to Page 1 and have to start over? No way to jump ahead? No way to select a group of page numbers to go to? No way to choose items alphabetically or by date saved? I dare one person who likes the New format to tell me one thing positive about this new defect. There can’t be anyone – young, old, experienced, or novice – who’s going to stick with this totally worthless website. How dare they prohibit us from seeing items we saved! How dare they make us pay one thin dime for such a waste of time!

  151. Peter

    I’d like to know why the new Family Tree viewer displays a “Gallery” heading, but fails to indicate for the viewer whether any documents exist in it. There ought to be a number count just as appears for the “Hints” header.

  152. Bob

    Bob I’ve been with FTM since the 80’s also. My genealogy work is sporadic (tending to be in the Winter), but I’ve kept my subscription year round so that I could pick up where I left off. Now, with the loss of the FTM tie-in to Ancestry, I’ll cancel my membership and just re-join whenever I want information, taking advantage of the 14 day free trials! I will SAVE money immediately. Of course, that means Ancestry will lose money. Thanks Ancestry for the savings!

  153. Paul

    I’m finding that the Life Story feature is useful to share my research with family members who do not share my enthusiasm for genealogical research. However, Life Story interacts with media that is dated in some unexpected ways. For example, a media item with a date that is attached to a particular citation which in turn supports different kinds of facts for different people will cause that media to appear in the life stories of all the people. Example: An obituary for John Doe dated 03 Mar 1999 mentions his sister Jane Doe as a survivor and his mother Mary Doe as being predeceased. The clipping is attached to the citation which supports John’s death fact and Jane’s and Mary’s name fact. The clipping will show up in all three life stories. It will even show up in Mary’s life story even though she is already passed in 1999. This can make life stories much more cluttered and, hence, less useful. I can move the media off the citation and attach directly to the person, but I don’t want to rush into doing a lot of work if it’s something that ancestry needs to think through. Is there some future guidance or best practices for how to attach media in light of the new life story feature? Thanks for all your hard work trying to make us all happy.

  154. Barb

    For anyone interested in Kendall Hulet’s ruminations, here’s a portion of the first of three articles about them in “The Ancestry Insider,” Feb. 16, 2016:

    “Kendall Hulet is’s senior vice president of product management. He spoke at a Saturday [RootsTech] luncheon titled ‘Things to Look Forward to on Ancestry in 2016’…

    “Kendall addressed the New Ancestry Experience. ‘We rolled this out after receiving lots of customer feedback’, he said…

    “Ancestry is still trying to address the concerns dissatisfied people have with New Ancestry. There used to be a continue search button and users really want it back. Ancestry has or will soon do so. People have complained about the depressing colors. ‘We’re rolling out themes, where you will be able to pick your own color scheme to personalize your tree experience so that it will work for you’, he said. (That brought lots of applause.) They are adding the ability to pick standardized dates and places when you enter them. They are adding drag-and-drop support for uploading media. ‘We’re going to continue to make improvements and we’re still listening to feedback’, Kendall said. ‘We’re not done.’
    “Kendall said there’s ‘another elephant in the room: Family Tree Maker’. ‘When they announced the discontinuation of Family Tree Maker at the end of 2016 ‘a lot of people felt like they had just lost a good friend’, he said. It was a tough decision, and one that generated a huge response. He received 10,000 comments on the announcement, which spurred the negotiations that were occurring in the background. Just a couple of days before RootsTech, Ancestry announced partnerships with Software MacKiev and RootsMagic…”

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