Ancestry is proud to have made a significant investment this year to bring valuable new content and records to the Ancestry site. In 2015, we’ve made 220 million searchable historical records from Mexico available, more than 170 million pages from the largest collection of U.S. will and probate records, among others. We’ve also introduced new features such as Ancestry Academy and major advancements for AncestryDNA.

We remain dedicated to helping people gain new levels of understanding about their lives, and who and what led to them, harnessing the information found in family trees, historical records and genetics. As a company, we’re also continually evaluating ways to focus our efforts to provide the most impact and best product experience for our users through our core offerings.

True to this focus, we’ve taken a hard look at the declining desktop software market and the impact this has on being able to continue to provide product enhancements and support that our users need. With that, we’ve made the decision to stop selling Family Tree Maker as of December 31, 2015.

Our subscription business and website, on the other hand, continue to grow and we are doubling down our efforts to make that experience even better for our Ancestry community.

Ancestry will continue to support current owners of Family Tree Maker at least through January 1, 2017. During this time, all features of the software, including TreeSync™, will continue to work, and Member Services will be available to assist with user questions. We will also address major software bugs that may occur, as well as compatibility updates.

These changes are never easy, but by focusing our efforts, we can concentrate on continuing to build great products for our loyal Ancestry community.

If you have inquiries regarding Family Tree Maker, please reach out to our Member Services team. We’ll also provide updates on our blog as needed leading up to January 1, 2017.



UPDATE: Please note we have curated your feedback and provided some additional answers in this post.


UPDATE #2: On February 2nd we announced two new agreements that provide choices to preserve your work in ways that matter to you:

(1) Software MacKiev is acquiring the Family Tree Maker software line as publisher for both Mac and Windows versions. This new agreement means you will receive software updates and new versions from Software MacKiev, and have the ability to purchase new versions of Family Tree Maker from Software MacKiev as they are released.

(2) We have made an agreement with RootsMagic to connect Ancestry with the RootsMagic software by the end of 2016. With this new relationship, RootsMagic can serve as your desktop family tree software, while having access to Ancestry hints, Ancestry searches, and the ability to save your tree on Ancestry.

You can read the whole announcement here:

We ask for your patience as Ancestry’s product team works with Software MacKiev and RootsMagic. As soon as we have an update, we will make another announcement. For now, just know these options are coming and will be in place before the end of the year to ensure you do not have a break in tree syncing and preserving the work you have already done.


  1. Sylvia Nosworthy

    I was just about to start a project of searching for anomalies which seems only to be available in Family Tree Maker. How do we accomplish that now?

  2. C Maarie Steele

    You folks are eliminating the best part of the Ancestry tools! I actually HATE your child-like new interface! It takes up too much real estate and it harder to navigate. As a software developer for the past 25 years, I can understand the time and costs associated with maintaining a trained and effective staff as well as

  3. Barbara Combs

    I am so deeply sadden by this news, if it turns out to be true, I will no longer use Ancestry for ANYTHING, I have worked for 25 years on my history, and PAID ancestry ALOT of money over the years, we BEG you not to do this.

  4. Michael

    Very disappointed to hear this. I use Family Tree Maker to produce hard copies of my tree information for (1) backup and (2) reference when not online (I don’t always have access to internet). I hope Ancestry will consider building in some of the reporting features of Family Tree Maker so that we can generate similar info to print.

  5. Jane

    Oh NO! So sorry to hear the news about Family Tree Maker, especially TreeSync. What will I do without TreeSync?

  6. melinda Bice

    My concern is being able to access the trees I’ve created while having a membership. The reason I have the desktop is to preserve my work outside of the dependency of Ancestry to view and add to the content of my trees. Will this be possible as a “guest” user?

  7. mike wolfe

    what am i going to use after december 2015. is there going to be a new program available, or am i just stuck and have to give up on my files.

  8. Dave

    Any chance you’d open up the TreeSync as an API for third party desktop tools that would like to integrate with Ancestry family trees?

  9. Well I do understand but I don’t like having my only copy on the web site or via an app. I like controls that the desktop application gives me for custom books and making my single large print outs that the web interface doesn’t do right. So with that I think I’ve made as much forward movement can with Ancestry. I’ll be dropping my subscription and we’re cancelling our DNA searching at the first of the year since there is no reason to continue. Thank you for the help over the years but time to part ways. Happy Holiday’s to you as well.

  10. David

    What you do not explain here is how Ancestry subscribers and FTM users will continue to develop and maintain their family history records. I’ve been managing my research through FTM for many years but you offered no explanation of how we go forward. Please enlighten us.


  11. Karen Kryla

    I am at a loss to understand this move. I have invested much time working with the Family Tree Maker and will be lost without its link with Ancestry. Please provide what alternatives you will support to help integrate the production of family trees reports etc based on the work.

  12. Andrea

    Okay, no more Family Tree Maker. So how do you propose we copy our trees off your website – no website is 100% infallible – and keep that copy ourselves?

  13. Doc

    I will not be renewing my Ancestry membership. With the decision to stop Family Tree Maker, the software that makes it useful, there is no point in anymore. What a tragic and greedy decision.

  14. Is you discontinue family tree maker, I assume you will still have one world tree. Will there be some way to group family date for printing.

  15. Linda Wagner

    How will I be able to do reports, charts and all the features of the software program that are not available on line? I don’t want my tree to be available only on line. I’m very sorry to hear that you are doing this.

  16. Jean Larkin

    You have basically made Family Tree Maker obsolete. I have been a user since 1995 ish. But as the free service became entwined in the membership service, you have basically killed off the software buyers.

  17. Steven Hinton

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed in your decision not to support the desktop. Your web based software is a piece of junk compared to your desktop software. I guess I will be looking for a new desktop based software.

  18. Nick Coleman

    I have all my family tree records here on FTM 3 on this Mac. Looks like you’re abandoning me and millions of others.
    Can I continue to access my family tree research on this Mac? What will change – apart from you ceasing to support the product you sold me?

  19. Ed

    If you think you’ve made it clear how we will manage and research our family trees, you’re very much mistaken. The iPad app is, frankly, crap.

  20. Paul Hellyer

    Very disappointed to learn this, although it isn’t a surprise. I get the cloud thing and why many vendors believe that is where the future lies and that desktop software is declining. Maybe, but this decision is made for purely commercial reasons and shows no respect for your users or the loyalty and information they have given you. If you wish to have a purely transactional/monetary relationship with your users, so be it but you reap what you sow.

  21. Barbara Koch

    I love the additional features of ftm! It helped me weed out duplicates and other oddities. It also meant I could save my tree elsewhere. Please don’t do this without offering something else!!!

  22. Robert Harding

    How do I move my family Tree Maker to Ancestry?
    Or do I just loose all my info that I have spent decades working on? This is very upsetting – Hopefully I am not understanding this?

  23. Lana Rodlie

    This sounds like another gimmick to make us all switch to some other genealogy program, which we will have to purchase. I’ve continued to pay the monthly Ancestry tab even though I don’t use it a lot. But I’ll seriously think of quitting now.

  24. Bob

    I think you should expand FTM and work harder in making sure this works properly. The website is poorly designed and does not do everything the laptop program can. Please reconsider.

  25. Connie Waite

    I am disappointed. I like working with FTM much more than the ancestry online. Also, we won’t be able to work on it offline. Been a loyal customer for many years. Very disappointed

  26. Deborah Stott

    Without the Family Treemaker graphic database, where will users of put the data they find?

  27. David Clark

    You’re kidding, right? You’re eliminating FTM, with its powerful desktop capabilities, a UI consistent with Windows standards, and graphics capabilities that can only really be supported on a PC.
    Are you saying that your web site is going to include all the features of FTM?
    Do you realize you’ve caused what will be a mass exodus to other competing products like Root Magic.
    I might as well switch now!
    You need to do a better job of communicating what you will offer instead, and match its capabilities to the existing FTM.

  28. Louise

    I hope you will help us transition to a new software. I have over 2000 names in Family Tree Maker and I don’t to have to enter it by hand into another program!!!

  29. Sharon

    I only personal data/history on my Family Tree Maker and not on my tree at I believe that Ancestry is making a mistake by eliminating Family Tree Maker.

  30. John Rowe

    As a long time user of Family Tree Maker (beginning with the first Banner Blue version) this is very disappointing news. I do not always have internet access so online is not always the solution for me. It as appears I will need to find another err t software supplier.

  31. JD

    So you are retiring software that I paid my hard earned money for! You marketed this product to go hand and with your online service and users are supposed to do what exactly? What are you offering/recommending as an alternative and how are you proposing to offset my cost for new software to perform its role for off-site trees?

  32. Mike Cruz

    I can never understand the decision companies make… I think it always boils down to money, not the loyal users of your products. So sad…. I have been using FTM for YEARS. I guess I know what your company’s bottom line is NOT…. NOT the loyal users.

  33. Peter

    Just bought family tree facker this past year…so now what…will you refund my money? Lousy business decision on your part. I have loved Ancestry, but this is just dumb!

  34. Marian

    I have been promoting your software for years! Is this just a plot to make people subscribe to Ancestry so that they can have something to create a tree on??

  35. Awful. Your website is an ADDITION to my personal information organized in the desktop software. Does this mean I will have to pay HUGE annual fees to access my own information???!!!! I will NOT be renewing my annual subscription if such is the case. On to other software!!!

  36. Trudy Hamilton

    My Family Tree Maker hasn’t worked for six months. I can’t understand the directions to fix it so I just wasted my money. Will you include the reports that FTM was able to generate on Ancestry at one point in time? That was the one feature I used many times. Also, the duplicate persons report. I was very unhappy when it wouldn’t work anymore.

  37. BrendaShank

    I’m really sorry you’re dropping Family Tree Maker. Will Ancestry be adding the graphical presentation capabilities to its service? They make a huge difference to myself and, I’m sure, many others.

  38. David Lynch

    This is not a good thing at all. Your Ancestry site continually freezes and I need to close it and restart. No such problems with Family Tree Maker. Family Tree Maker software needs to continue and Ancestry are the ones who need to keep it going. Not happy at all. I have a Mac so maybe I should now look at moving to the Mac software and cancel my very expensive Ancestry membership.

  39. Sherry Breeding Chandler

    Good golly I can’t believe this. I moved to FTM from a discontinued software assuming it would be around. How on earth are we to keep track of our research?!?!?!? Don’t do this to us!

  40. Angela

    This makes no sense as it is a great tool. Absolutely the wrong decision. Ancestry needs to hire someone who knows what they are doing to properly run this company.

  41. Chris Nelson

    Another profit driven decision. Looks like I will no longer be an member after 2017.

  42. Donna Bjore

    Does this mean I have to pay an Ancestry membership every year for the rest of my life in order to access the information I have given Ancestry for the last 15 years ? Your response please

  43. JIM

    So all my years of work in trying to trace my family roots and develop a tree(s) goes down the tube? WTF? What is Ancestry going to replace it with?

  44. Chrissy Grigsby Lucas

    Why??? What am I to use now? All of my years (25+) of research is in my Family Tree Maker. This has been the best software and have used and upgraded faithfully since Day #!. I have always been a full paying member of Ancestry and when it was around. Please reconsider this.

  45. Jeff Severson

    This is a horrible idea. Family Tree Maker provides a great way for printing out various reports that can be shared with family. Not to mention the ease of adding information from additional sources. What software will be used as a replacement?

  46. Mindie Kaplan

    This is horrible news. I feel like you are trying to force us to upload our trees which I will NOT do. Instead, I will be transitioning to other software and considering whether I am angry enough to cancel my Ancestry subscription.

  47. Kim Oswald

    I am very upset with you guys discontinuing that program which I’ve been using for years is very poor decision on your behalf to do that for people use it all the time it is a great tool you need to rethink that

  48. Brian

    To discontinue Family Tree Maker now after you siad at WDYTYA in Birmingham that you did not have plans to discontinue it – well. Disgraceful. Find My Past will benefit from my custom.

  49. Mike

    You just got rid of the one reason I chose to use Ancestry in conjuction with FTM. Time to shop for a new host for my tree and future DNA purchases. Horrible move.

  50. Rowena

    Very disappointed in your action doing away with family treemaker.. what will it be replaced with for the desk top user? I will be cancelling my subscription if it is not replaced with anything suitable.

  51. Eve

    wow, this is disappointing. I hate to have all my research existing in the cloud – only on, which is what will happen once treesync is gone. A for profit site, that could cut off access at anytime. Don’t think they plan to, but didn’t think they would get rid of Treesync either. I have organized my stuff the way I have because of the way is set up. It isn’t enough to just download a gedcom, there is a lot of other work there, and files, that come from ME and not from some ancestry database.

  52. Michael Parsons

    This is a big blow to folks that working on genealogy. This is amazing software that should not be discontinued. With all the security breaches going on in the world, I do not like storing my data especially ancestry data on storage that is not my own. This will make me reconsider any online service from this company.

  53. Eileen

    Unless you plan on supporting all the Tree management features (Merge, Import, Branch Extraction, etc.) that FTM has now in Ancestry Trees, this is not good news at all.

  54. Stephen Dunn

    I am unhappy with this. I have a loyal user a long time and I will miss the opportunity to maintain an offline tree.
    Plus – what about the formatted report printing options?

  55. Without the Family Tree Maker, some people will be forced into a very expensive membership with Ancestry. That’s why they are discontinuing the software. It all comes down to $$$$$.

  56. John

    I have loyally supported you over the years and find your announcement very disappointing and somewhat unethical. Why not either sell that portion of your business or charge more if necessary. Please don’t leave your customers stranded.

  57. Linda Mullen

    This is heartbreaking news. The data on Family tree won’t translate to other software programs and we run the risk of loosing all our data. I use the program to help find family members. If we can’t search trees and other data, I won’t be able to find family members and no one will be able to use my data either. If you do this, I will cancel my membership, as it won’t be really any use to me.

  58. Diane Marcotte

    Are you assuming we will all put our trees online with Ancestry? If so, you are mistaken. Legacy… here I come.

  59. Dennis Grubb

    What does this mean to those who have been working without uploading a family tree? Will they be able to continue to use the desktop program and use ancestry as a search facility? I assume that the new face of Ancestry will be providing the current full facilities? I feel others like me will want to work offline too.

  60. Ian Cornish

    Have purchased your software and used it for years.
    This is shameful and hopefully I will find another provider and cease to use your company

  61. Barbara

    What is Ancestry really saying here? That people do not use software anymore? Or do they just want us to use their online medium? Very disappointed in this.What alternatives can anyone suggest for a Mac? I used to use Family Historian but it had so many upgrades all the time and then a course I was doing asked us to use FTM.

  62. Guy

    Is this anything other than a scheme to force me to pay a steady stream of money to you to access my own records and information? Do you now consider yourselves so established and powerful that you can hold my records ransom? I do not see how the consumer benefits from this.

  63. Cheryl

    You didn’t hesitate to take my 79.00 just a few weeks ago. I too will not use Ancestry for anything if you take away our ability to use this tool.

  64. Joe Soap

    This news has come at a good time for me, my membership is to be renewed on 31 December , needless to say I will not be renewing

  65. John

    This is very annoying. The on-line features are too simple-minded and unprofessional to compare with what Family Tree Maker offers. I have no intention of getting permanently into a simplistic and proprietary subscription based system.

  66. Amy McIlhaney

    Seems like a bad move to me. I too have been disappointed with the website “improvements”. The software side was what kept me coming back. I DO NOT want my research and info in a web based format. I like it on my own server/hard drive. If this is the direction you are headed, count me out. Very sad indeed.

  67. Valerie Thruelsen

    First you wiped out my life stories when you brought the new interface and didn’t carry those life stories forward…and I’d been working for years, days and hours neglecting my health to put those life stories up. Now you’re stating that you’re going to do away with Family Tree Maker…something people have used and upgraded since its inception. I don’t know about others, but I’ve spent literally thousands with you over the years. I’m seriously considering whether I want to go forward anymore.

  68. I am so sorry to hear this, I love my Family Tree Maker, use it daily. I am the Local History & Genealogy Librarian here in Jennings County and it makes it so much easier to help our patrons. I also compile names in it connection many county families. I use it also as a member of the Indiana Genealogical Society and the official Jennings County Genealogist for them and as a County Coordinator for INGenWeb. In my opinion all the mobile stuff is a good addition but I still use my desktop and Family Tree Maker more than anything else. What are we to do after January 2017?

  69. Roger

    So you’re saying everyone is now supposed to use your website to keep their family tree? Is everything that is in Family Tree Maker uploaded to your site? Doesn’t sound like this will work. Can’t believe you are totally abandoning the software people used for many years.

  70. Adam Bendinsky

    This is very disappointing. The website is a poor substitute for the FTM software. The software should not be discontinued until the website has the same functionality. It is currently not even close. You are also removing the ability to work offline, constant internet access is far from universal.

  71. Michelle

    So, now what? What am I supposed to do with my data? Like Barbara, I’ve spent a enormous amount of time and money developing my family history. Are you really just shutting this down with no alternative for us?

  72. loreen

    I have Just brought the Family Tree maker $170.00 NZ. I mean JUST brought. Just loaded two days ago 🙁

  73. Kris Webber

    There are charts/reports/forms we could print out from FTM but not will you be adding those at all??

  74. L. Walters

    I’m so much disappointed with the decision to discontinue Family Tree Maker, as I am equally disappointed and dissatisfied with the redesign of the Ancestry website. I had hoped to have a portable software product for the long haul and a website that a partially blind can see without all of the clutter. I have to reevaluate whether to continue my yearly subscription because of the website design alone because the difficulty in viewing it online over long stretches of time. Now this…discontinuing the software that provided relief to the eyes.

  75. Gary Algier

    I purchased the software because it was the only way I could backup or otherwise preserve my research. If i let my membership lapse, what will happen to all the content? Will there be a way on the web site to export everything? I want to be able to keep a copy offline. Besides, Internet access is not ubiquitous. My summer home has no networking or even telephone (the Adirondacks are a dead zone).

  76. Cynthia cook

    So is the net on this that everyone will have to maintain their ancestry online going forward and pay recurring fees in order to use it? Are they adjusting the fee structure accordingly since you will no longer have to support the software after 2017?

  77. Mary Cappas

    I think you’re making a big mistake! Family Tree Maker has been an invaluable companion to Ancestry. Please reconsider! Thank you!

  78. Karen Cabrera

    FTM was THE BEST software out there. Retiring it is a huge mistake and a huge set back to us, users who’ve invested a LOT on it, not only in terms of money. That is why less and less people like

  79. David

    Very poor decision. I too prefer FTM and want to have the software on my computer. This is a veiled attempt to force everyone to maintainan a paid subscription to access our hard work. The time to move to another organisation seems to be now. We need a software compatible program !

  80. Walter Nieber

    Dumb, dumb, dumb!
    I don’t keep all my info online. When I travel to visit relatives it is the laptop with FTM that comes out. A quick search for their relative in FTM and we are ready to go. We add photos and notes easily, print out genealogy reports or outline.
    This is a really stupid idea.

  81. Charles

    This is a horrible decision that seems rooted in a desire to trap your content on your website. Professionals who have been using your tools for years need these capabilities. What’s next? Eliminating gedcom exports?

    Will the reporting capabilities be moved online to the website? The only reason I use the website is so that I can then export the results into Family Tree Maker via the synch function, so that I can make reports and publications.

    The website is the research tool, and the Family Tree Maker software is the way to work with the records in aggregate and make reports and hunt errors efficiently.

    Those of us who pro-actively hunt for errors and vet the data you make available to others are performing a valuable function. Without the ability to do so, you will increase the amount of poorly sourced research that gets propagated by the “leaf generator” algorithms.

    Bad, bad, bad idea on your part…

  82. George Schulman

    It would be helpful if you would tell us where we can keep our research after January 1, 2018. On-line tree? Other software? Scraps of paper? Telling us that you will discontinue support of the software without telling us the alternates is not helpful.

  83. Phil Harris

    OK, I understand this and the reasons why. I maintain my tree on anyway and only sync to FTM on my computer to be able to do family history reports, which does not do. So, that begs the question – will add printing of reports on the website once they do away with FTM?

  84. Sharon Francone

    Please do not do this! I have been a loyal customer for many years. I actually had Legacy at one time and went back to FTM because I really liked the program. This is so sad.

  85. Joseph Larson

    I went thought the loss of Master Genealogist and shifted to Family Tree Maker. At least I had a fall back to a system that I like. It is hard to believe that there is no market for a desktop based program.

  86. Rosellen Weider

    This is sad in many ways. For one thing, it means researchers cannot work on their material without a fast Internet connection. It also means a lifetime commitment to continue Ancestry membership to access one’s stored information on a computer. Is it cynical to suspect that was the driving force behind this move?

  87. J. Holmes

    Though it is disturbing that the desktop application is being discontinued, I am glad to see that support will be provided through 2017.

    I recently purchased FTM and I enjoy the Publish features. Will this functionality be integrated into the online version of

    Also, I downloaded FTM and do not have a physical disc. What happens in the event I need to download the software again?

  88. Pietro

    Very disappointed. I bought Family Tree Maker in Oct 2015 after much research on what software was best suited for my needs. I was very happy with the features, it’s probably the best software in the market. This is a mistake, seriously.

  89. Steve Roberts

    So how will users view and maintain their family history data if they happen to chose to not continue their Ancestry subscription at all times? Can they “take it with them” in some format or file?

  90. I am saddened to learn that the Family Tree Maker software will no longer be sold or supported. Perhaps if you hadn’t found it necessary to release a new version every year, you’d have the resources to continue the best genealogy software. Having said that, I sincerely hope that another company will take over the Family Tree Maker software (after all, took it over from another company at one point in time). It seems that since was sold to new owners it has continued to decline in popularity and customer satisfaction. Apparently the new owners don’t understand the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  91. James Golden

    I agree that Ancestry ending Family Tree Maker is a mistake and a loss to people who pay a lot for your service. I think the value of what I pay for was just reduced. I protest your change.

  92. I am also saddened by the news that Family Tree Maker will no longer be supported after a brief period of a year or so. I have found it much easier an interface than your Ancestory web based data services, which to me, leave much to be desired. Especially when compard to the Family Tree Maker software.
    It seems to me that you should at least make the or .com websites as fully capable as is the current version of Family Tree. makes it difficult to merge duplicate data, eliminate errors, remove or consolidate duplicate individuals, or to determine the precise nature of the relationship between individual in different branches of the tree.
    It is also frequently unavailable due to network problems or server problems, which I hope you fix.
    We know that desktop applications are gradually being replaced by web based access services, which is generally a good thing. However, if you want to retain your loyal customers you had best continue to improve your online programs.

  93. muataa wefe

    It seems that you want to emulate by ignoring and disrecting your customers too. Why? You have funds to allocate to health info – which most of us will never provide….do you really want to lose your core customer? New executive management team needed – one with some understanding of the market that you are in….

  94. Louann

    I agree wit C Maarie Steele, the new Ancestry format is really hard to use and annoying in that so much space is taken up. Also, I have a need to print off family trees and how are we supposed to accomplish that now? If we have to pay a membership we should be able to print from your site now.

  95. Mary

    While I enjoy using the online tools, my husband (who is the primary person who is interested in Ancestry) is not very computer literate. He does not understand or want to use the online tools. He has used Family Tree Maker and will probably always use it. It is the only software that he has ever learned to work. This makes me sad. If you quit using Family Tree Maker and make it where it doesn’t interface with we will probably leave the service and go back to researching the way we did before there was an Thank you.

  96. Linda Lee Henriksen

    How disappointing to hear this news. I transferred all my records to Family Tree Maker and I do not wish to use the awkward Ancestry interface for recording the results of my search. Please do not assume that all information has been gleaned and recorded on your website!

  97. Mike

    I thoroughly agree with earlier comment. FTM is an essential element in working on ones family tree and should be retained. While working on it, try Windows 10!

  98. David

    I guess those of us who have chosen not to publish our FTs online are expected to find some other software (do you plan to offer any guidance?) or to take the plunge and go on line. Is this your intention? BTW I agree with C Maarie Steele’s comments about the new interface.

  99. Bill

    Sadly, I’ve been using both and FTM for a while. Due to the changes in I was contemplating dropping my subscription and just using FTM from now on. Now FTM is no longer a long-term option. Very disappointing…

  100. Nancy

    I really don’t care one way or the other. Don’t know what you have in mind, but you will never get another dime from me. Cancelled my subscription when you no longer supported my version of Family Tree. What are you thinking?

  101. Mark

    When the syncing stops, so does my subscription. If I can’t have an automatically updated tree on my hard drive, Ancestry loses the edge it has enjoyed up to now. FTM maintains extra information, especially with media, that Ancestry doesn’t provide. Very disappointing.

  102. John Parker

    Thanks for nothing!. There is no way I will continue using your web site or any future mobile app for research.

  103. Connie

    I am very unhappy with this decision! The report functions of family tree makers is a perfect match to the poor print capabilities of Ancestry.I too like the old Ancestry format as concise and easier to navigate with edits. Will you have the array of reports eg duplicates of places and people?

  104. David K

    This is so sad that I will need to look at a different site or start my own company. The software makes it great to work when you don’t have internet and then sync later. This is a very dumb move and I will let people know it!

  105. ralph greenwood

    I don’t understand.

    Does mean that we will not be able to sinc our changes to the central file? What if our personal computer should crash? Then our years of work will be lost. Is that correct? How can you allow that to happen?

  106. Lthorndyke

    If we are forced to only be able to keep our tree online in the Ancestry “cloud” I will discontinue my subscription. I want my tree to remain private & I want it on my computer.

  107. Craig Hunter

    This is why I dropped my subscription. I could see the writing on the wall. I’m guessing you’re going to try and wrangle those leaving back by demolishing Tree Maker. I won’t be one. I’ll be converting my trees to other APPS, leaving is not hard to do, as your products are over priced and buggy. No problem there are others out there ready to support FAMILY research.

  108. Gareth Jones

    This is terrible. Absolutely terrible. The desktop app is so much more capable, and responsive. Esp when you don’t sit on a massive pipe to the web. And 1 year of further support is laughable – not even Microsoft are that bad….

  109. Roger Straw

    Incredibly poor decision. Please reconsider. My family tree belongs under my own roof, not up somewhere in the cloud.

  110. Lynnette

    I have used Family Tree Maker since it’s original release. I also work with computers and software daily, so it’s not that I am not tech savvy. I still like the software interface and navigation better than the online tree. I also like the fact that I can change a location description, and it will change it across the board in my tree with the software. I have not found that this is an option online. I do not care for some of the preset locations (for example, USA on the end), nor the fact that they are not standard throughout the website. I realize the decision is already made, but feedback should have been a first option before that decision was done. Also, I feel Tree Sync should be available indefinitely even if you no longer offer the software for those of us who enjoy the functionality and interface of being able to also use the software.

  111. Pam

    Really Really Really cannot believe this .it is a step too far .You will loose a lot of Customers on Top of the ones that have already Flown …………. Shaking Head in disbelief along with everyone else ……… Very Very Sad …………..

  112. Kate

    I am extremely disappointed in ancestry’s decision to drop family tree maker, unless they plan to incorporate ftm’s features. I find ftm much easier to navigate.

  113. Quentin Schmierer

    This is a terrible decision. What is to happen with all of the FTM files created up to now? What is the replacement? The online Ancestry tools are not that great and offer none of the capabilities of FTM. You may not be selling many “new” copies of FTM, but you have an enormous installed base and you are basically throwing them into the trash. I am seriously considering dropping my subscription. You have made it quite clear that you are in this for the maximum profit and to hell with the customer.

  114. Patricia Smith

    What on earth are we going to do with our trees. Is it going to be possible to convert them over to your new system – whatever that is going to be.

  115. Cindy

    What will happen to our family trees? Will we stop being able to access them in the family tree maker software we are currently using. If so how are we going to document our searches.

  116. Jerry

    What the h are we supposed to do now? I have hundreds of our into building my base on Family Tree Maker,
    am I supposed to just flush it down the toilet?

  117. Michael Iverson

    Been using FTM since the first version, sad to see it go, but then again it is not surprising as the current interface hasn’t really worked for me. Guess it’s time to what the other vendors have to offer…

  118. Alan Lathrop

    This sucks to have two weeks notice after all of the money I have spent here over the years. I have no idea how to replace FTM but seeing as search has also gone to hell I will be shopping for both. Thanks for the notice

  119. Laura

    I’m very disappointed to hear this! I have been an Ancestry member for over 14 years and while I still do almost all my work and research on the Ancestry site I find Family Tree Maker incredibly useful because of some of the tools that the Ancestry site lacks.
    If you are getting rid of Tree Maker I would hope that you are going to be adding some of the features to the Ancestry site. In particular, the ability to correct/standardize a place name throughout your tree with one click, the ability to see all facts linked to a specific place (INVALUABLE when planning a research trip or searching a new location based database!), the relationship calculator and all the reports (particularly the Data Errors report and Kinship report).
    Family Tree Maker was one of the main reasons that I love Ancestry – the ability to view different reports and search my large database of people in different ways. You are taking a very valuable tool away from your researchers. If you want to improve the functionality and value of then consider adding some of the tools that you are taking away from us by taking away Family Tree Maker.

    Thank you,
    Laura Buchanan

  120. Gemma Allen

    I find the removal of ftm disgraceful – why promote something for years and then just remove it? How can users run reports and print trees Once this is no longer available? I wouldn’t pay to use ancestry if I didn’t have the facility to export my tree into ftm or similar whenever i wished to do so.

  121. Jackie Larkin

    Ancestry has been an invaluable tool in reconnecting with family. To pull the plug on the software now jeopardizes all the work that I have put into the program. There has to be a solution to keeping the software viable. Please reconsider the decision.

  122. Carol Borrelli

    This breaks my heart – i love using Family Tree Maker in conjunction with Ancestry. This is the only way I know how to put it all in a language understandable by many and shared by many. I’m able to see my relatives in a tree form and how we’re related for which I have done several for family members – and your going to stop it. BAD move unless you have a program that will replace it and do the same features!! I’ve had it for YEARS and it is still so very useful and helpful keeping relatives in order. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS !!! I too have been using Ancestry for a very long time, I would hate to have to stop using your site because then I will have no where to put the information in a form that can be read by all.

  123. Peggy

    Bad decision. I use the software all the time for entering in data and printing. There are still many times that I do not have an internet connection and not being able to enter data in “offline” is a major issue.

  124. Susan Frank

    Really disappointing news, since there’s no way to extract/print family tree info from your EXPENSIVE service. Unless you plan on adding that function to Ancestry?

  125. michael

    Big mistake Ancestry! But I understand why you are doing this…you want all the family trees on-line so that people are locked into your annual subscriptions. FTM gives people to have an off-line database. Very devious on your part! This decision reveals the kind of company you are. People can take action as they see fit.

  126. I JUST renewed my ancestry subscription. At that time, I complained to the representative that I have to use FTM to create even the simplest of reports because there is no way to do it in Ancestry. So now it looks like I won’t be able to do it anywhere. I guess I’m going to have to consider a complete change.

  127. Burt Peterson

    Obviously others are as upset as I am about this. It is a very short-sighted decision, to say the least.
    I strongly encourage you to regain the confidence of your FTM-using customers by rescinding this announcement.
    While the ‘cloud’ approach is easier for a company to support, it is not what all of your customers want.
    Moreover, the reporting and research tools of FTM are in many ways superior to and in other ways complimentary of the online tree facilities on
    Do the right thing and do not cut your customers off by discontinuing FTM!

  128. k ashley

    We need the ability to download all of our work to our own computer. Things happen to online work. Sometimes we can’t afford to continue the subscription even though it is well worth it. Please consider an alliance with another software maker. Synching the tree is really important to our work. Please.

  129. Thomas Ladner

    Great! I have been using Family Tree Maker & for almost (2) Decades now & have built one of thee largest trees online. Which, total now over 155,000 names. I’d like to know also. What can I use to continue using? Now that your stripping Family Tree Maker from us. Note: I have noticed of late both Owners, Administrators with Findagrave & Ancestry have been swifting away from being user friendly. This isn’t healthy. Greed more like it! Just my personal observation.

  130. Peter Lyons-Lewis

    This withdrawal of the best bit of your product is a very bad decision. You will be out of business within 2 years.

  131. J V B

    Very very upset about this – have built up an enormous family tree using FTM over more than a decade. Very confused and feel betrayed: won’t be using Ancestry again as can’t trust anything now.

  132. Drew

    This is shattering news and I feel compelled to implore you to re-consider this action. I have updated to every new version, subscribed to the World Membership for many years AND taken one of your DNA tests but this has to be the worst kick in the teeth possible. PLEASE reverse this decision…..

  133. Lee Mellinger

    You have not answered the single most important question — what software will replace Family Tree Maker. I have and 25+ year investment in this and it is a real blow to all that work.

  134. james R. Wilson

    What a shock and disappointment to learn this just a week after purchasing a new version of Family Tree Maker! I wouldn’t have bothered if I had known this.

  135. Tory Moore OD

    I think this is a critical mistake. Serious genealogists rely on multiple backups. If the tree is only on the cloud, that is not good enough as sites crash or end leaving you with no information. I RELY on a separate version on my computer with it’s own software(Family Tree Maker) and print out update paper copies of each family line in binders for a fail safe backup. You are prohibiting me from protecting my 35 years of research totally. I see a great opportunity for other software and genealogy websites to make HUGE inroads with this decision. Even more reason to have multiple backups if your website becomes obsolete to other competitors. Please reconsider this terrible decision.

  136. Kay Gray

    Please do not end this. I have spent endless hours on my tree. Such a shame to end this. I also know if others that were going to start it. Please don’t stop.
    Is there any way we can print our information out?

  137. Craig

    I’m confused. So how are we supposed to maintain and add to our trees and update what we already have up on Ancestry? So other than perhaps continuing on as an online research tool, you’re abandoning us?

  138. Connie

    Are you going to replace it? It will be much harder to assemble the sources you provide without a program like FTM. What will we merge to now?

  139. Linda

    The only reason I keep my membership with is the way it interacts with Family Tree Maker. I have exclusively used Family Tree Maker since it’s inception and am most disturbed that you are discontinuing it. Family Tree Maker is the product I’m interested in moreso than!!!!

  140. Theresa Herron

    This is really a shame. All the work that has gone into developing our family tree will be for nothing, when this tool ceases to work. This a VERY POOR management decision on your part, but some other company will pick up the slack–no doubt.

  141. James

    I will continue to use FTM to organize my family tree information and this just shows my decision to NOT put the information on your on-line site correct. I would never use your on-line site for anything other than information gathering. You don’t want to support it – fine, but I also will not support you.

  142. Virginia

    What do you recommend as an alternative for longtime FamilyTreeMaker users? Not asking for a product endorsement, but a general recommendation for users to transfer all their data, etc., to a new software that will work with your Website. Thank you.

  143. H B

    This seems unthought-out. How are we supposed to work on our trees? develop alternate unverified trees? We should work on them up on your site? Stored out of our control? Not everyone wants data in the cloud…. secrets let out…… or always has internet access. THAT is a big issues in the rural west.

  144. Stephen Harris

    Guess you can count me as another lost revenue stream. Sorry to see your shortsightedness prevail again.

  145. Barry A Fertterman

    A very very BIG Mistake. I have been using Family Tree Maker even before it was named that since 1990. After several buyouts and name changes we can only hope you sell the rights to some one or company that really cares about the people that do a majority of the work and not just to pick our pockets.

  146. Judith

    VERY upset, what are we supposed to use in it’s place? We all have extensive trees and use family tree make to merge with ancestry. As I can’t get a refund I will have to continue using the ancestry site. Once it is done no more. You have no respect for your customers.

  147. Cheryl McClure Baker

    So disappointed to read this news, only bought the software recently and can no longer afford ancestry subscriptions. Big thumbs down!!

  148. Don Deck

    This is a serious mistake on Ancestry”s part. The TreeSync capability is a major part of why I have an Ancestry subscription. It allows me to have everything that is in my Ancestry Trees and allows me to print a great variety of reports that are not available on Ancestry. Please DO NOT DO THIS.

  149. William

    I find the discontinuation of family tree maker software very poor as this is your way of forcing people to subscribe where a lot of people including myself do a lot of research of line if you discontinue this I for one will be forced to use other software therefore you will receive no further business from me and I think a lot of people will follow suit

  150. Marietta

    I’m stunned and ticked off. I’ve been using Ancestry for a long time, but if you actually do this deed, you’ll never see another dime of my money

  151. ckwatson

    So, how are we supposed to manage our databases? If you all think I am going to trust my data to Ancestry online you are off your collective rockers. I have faithfully used FTM from the beginning. Although I don’t particularly care for the changes in the interface, I find your discontinuance of the software disconcerting.

  152. Fm is the only reason I have a tree on Ancestry, I keep the tree only but most work done on desktop. I will have to pull my trees as I will be unwilling to manually update them. This is the most retrograde change you have made

  153. Gary Smith

    Family Tree maker is my permanent tree. I use ancestry to search and only sync when I am sure the data is correct. I can also toggle between the two to check on info elsewhere in the tree while I search Ancestry. Will this be available (split window like) if we only have Ancestry??

  154. Pat DuBose

    This is like a kick in the teeth for me and people like me who depend on the important link between and Family Tree Maker. Instead of offering this death knell, give your subscribers some idea of what will replace FTM. I need to keep my records safely on my computer and be assured of having the info within my reach instead of at the whim of some programmer somewhere.

  155. I am absolutely APPALLED! I have anxiously awaited the NEW version of FTM (whenever that was going to occur). I use it ALL the time (inspite of its deficiencies) to sync with my trees and generate the MOST AWESOME reports. I am speechless. And SO VERY disappointed in your decision. How on earth will I ever be able to continue my nice orderly documentation of my research, generating gifts for family members, etc. I have paid for International Membership since I got on the site in 2007 and I am FLOORED at what use that will NOT be to me once I can no longer use tree sync.

  156. Andrew

    An extremely disappointing decision. As a very long term user of Family Tree Maker this move will leave me looking for alternatives.

  157. Ken Manery

    Will I still be able to have a book of my tree printed. I have 3 grandsons I want to give the tree to.

  158. Sue Edwards

    Really confused. Can we then no longer use the family tree we’ve worked long and hard to put together? What’s the point of getting rid of it!

  159. James Mortimer

    I am really sorry that you have seen fit to do this. FTM is exceptional for organising the Ancestry information into the different formats required as well as finding anomalies in the information that has been found. Do you have any intention of replacing FTM with anything else or are you just going to leave us high and dry?

  160. Bryan

    Please reconsider. There are many useful features on FTM that make Ancestry that much better. At least, please maintain the synch capability going forward.

  161. Paul H. White

    I just purchased FTM a few weeks ago to transfer my files from Reunion for Mac to it. Does this mean I can get a refund if I need to go to another software program to share with family?

  162. wayne williams

    I am disappointed, there are features that are not included on your website software (reports, books, mapping etc), I look at the two as needing one another and they sync well, I understand the costs (SD for over 25 years) but there are still a lot of DT users out there, mobile is two small for the work I do with tree. short sighted view IMHO. Forgetting about the people that created the buzz about ‘ancestry’, the decisions when are you going to place all the features from tree maker into your online version, this is why I have both, fully paid up member, and paid user of tree maker….have to think about membership now….

  163. Alexandra

    I’ve wanted to switch away from Family Tree Maker for years. Thank you for giving me a reason to finally leave. Here I come RootsMagic!

  164. Kevin Myers

    I have used your software for years. I have no interest in maintaining my extensive database on your website. It is safer on my computer. This is very sad to hear. I can only hope your competitors step up to fill the gap you are creating. They will be very successful.

  165. Chris Davison

    For several years I have used Family Tree maker in parallel with the subscription service of Ancestry. I used the online service for much of my research but carefully kept my info under my control using FTM so I could at some future date stop my subscription to Ancestry without losing my data. This is a trick to try to get us to continue using Ancestry.
    My loyalty has been cut at one fell swoop and I will now look around for alternatives to FTM and the online service. NO more tricks by Ancestry!

  166. Betty

    I have been fortunate to be able to pay for Ancestry but so many cant and really depend on their FTM software. Please don’t take it away. This is crazy

  167. Jason

    I agree with other people’s comments about functionality discrepancies. There are some ways to research anomalies in my thousands of family tree members only via Family Tree Maker.

  168. Teri Kelley

    I really think this is awful. I have been a customer for many years and count on my desktop software. I dislike your new structure on the website. It is just too cluttered and difficult to find what I am looking for. I hope you will reconsider retiring Family Tree Maker Software.

  169. Debbie

    TERRIBLE NEWS ! This is the most important aspect of I have been compiling information that I was going to have my entire tree published into one of the compilation books $$$ Family Tree Maker offers. Now what? Who is running the ship over there? I agree with previous comment about eliminating all of the historical illustration/commentary before eliminating Family Tree Maker. Poor decision.

  170. A. Gentile

    At the very least you owe your loyal customers who have purchased various versions of Family tree Maker the courtesy of outlining what other software is available for the construction of family trees and indicate compatibility and migration issues.

  171. Patricia C

    Hoping this is someone’s idea of a joke. I have about 2,000 hours invested in FTM with 4,000 hours to go. I’m abandoned mid-ocean! Ugh

  172. Dee Prewett

    I have belonged to Ancestry since 2001. The best thing you came up with is Family Tree Maker and the ability to merge trees. Since you merged your data with Family Search, the format is less friendly and that is why I don’t use Family Search. I will try hard to complete my Family Tree before you stop supporting it. i think this is a mistake for you and you will lose a lot of user.

  173. Brian Hunt

    This is a shocking decision, devastating to the user community and demonstrating a complete lack of faith on your part. Like many other long-term genealogists, I have thousands of individual ancestors and tens of thousands of facts stored in my Family Tree Data Base. Through your action you have destroyed fifteen years of work.

  174. Michael

    You force a poorly designed interface upon us and now you take away the best way to use Ancestry. I guess you want us to use someone elses software now to access your site. I guess all you care about is the money, which as soon as the software support goes away so will my money.

  175. Kathy Smythe

    Sure would of liked to have known this before I upgraded by 2012 to 2014 last week.I hope you reconsider as I find the Family Tree Maker to be the home of my research and Ancestry just the vehicle to get there. I really dont want to have to switch vehicles. BAD IDEA guys.

  176. Douglas

    Use RootsMagic Genealogy software program. I found out that FTM was limiting how many people one could put into the software. As for DNA testing, do it at FTDNA because who knows when Ancestry will pull the plug yet again like they did before.

  177. Bob Turpin

    Thoughtful (I’m being sarcastic) to allow me to buy the software so soon before you were ready to announce you’re closing the site.

  178. Rose Barnstable

    This is terrible and disappointing news. I use the link between FTM and ancestry all the time. With FTM gone there will be less desire to use ancestry. Nice run but my ancestry subscription will probably end when FTM ends.

  179. Michael

    Extremely disappointing. Family Tree Maker offers many options that I don’t find with Ancestry online. At least sell the software to another entity that would be willing to continue it. I like Ancestry for research, but Family Tree Maker is the hub of my Genealogy records.

  180. Mike

    Now that you are shutting down the Family Tree Maker, at some point in time in the future, the program will no longer work the “next generation” of operating software. What does Ancestry recommend for those wishing to continue developing family trees for their families?

  181. Martha

    Looks like no one is happy about this because Family Tree Maker does things that can’t be done on I sure hope you give us some money back for this inconvenience!

  182. Penelope Jones

    Disgusted by this decision.FTM is the main reason I use Ancestry and I will be deciding whether or not to continue once support has been withdrawn. I also do not like the the new interface and do not use it. If it becomes compulsory then that will be another reason to leave Ancestry.

  183. Marge

    I don’t like the new format of Ancestry that we are being forced to switch to and now they are taking away Family Tree Maker. I will be moving all of my records to another site and quitting Ancestry as soon as I am done. I have been a long time member so I hate to have to do it but Ancestry is no longer leaving me a choice with their new changes.

  184. Mulley

    Everyone I know keeps their records on their home computer. Having the ability to sync the records between ancestry and my computer was the only reason I renewed my subscription last time. I was not going to renew after you changed to your new and unimproved web site. The “lifestory” tab is a waste that I looked at once and never looked at again. Unless you can come up with new software that works similar to FTM there will be no reason to keep paying your overpriced fees. I usually work with FTM open in one window and ancestry open in another. Maybe it’s time to look for other solutions.

  185. John Nicholls

    As both an Ancestry customer, and Family Tree customer, is there any intent to incorporate some/any of the reporting from Family Tree into Ancestry? This would be so much a Win/Win decision.

  186. Bryn Jones

    I have just purchased online the latest version of FTM which included worldwide membership to Ancestry for 6 months. Will this membership remain valid, also for anyone purchasing said software in 2016 would that membership be entertained.

  187. John R

    I’m appalled by this. I joined up to Ancestry specifically because it offered offline use through Family Tree Maker. The software has much more functionality than that available through the website and for me, on rural broadband, the web experience is too slow to comfortably work with on any kind of continuous basis.

  188. Tom Whedbee

    Very disappointed. As one of the many purchasers of your software that have put in a tremendous amount of work compiling family information, I’m feeling distressed at the thought of being “orphaned.” Again, very disappointed.

  189. Joanne Peterson

    I, like many others I am sure, am very sorry to see this move on the part of the owners of Family Tree Maker and Ancestry. I do almost all of my work in Family Tree Maker then upload to Ancestry after I have determined that I feel information is correct. Having to work directly in Ancestry will not allow any of us the option of doing corrections BEFORE it ‘put out there’ for others to view and utilize for their research. I strongly hope that this decision will be reconsidered.

  190. Gordon

    I am very disappointed, I have been using Family Tree Maker forever, paid a lot of money to you, what software will I use to for my Family Tree??

  191. Julie

    I am glad that I have not invested any additional money into Ancestry. Overpriced & is getting worse every time I turn around. Getting rid of software (albeit software that is not as great as it used to be) is just the last nail in the coffin. Next thing we know, will be closing down entirely.

  192. Patti

    This is upsetting. But seems ancestry has been heading this way all along. Forcing folks to pay an annual fee just to maintain a database/tree.

  193. Frederick Finger

    What happens after 2017? Will my version still function? I don’t have a ‘smart phone’, nor do I want one so I have no need for an ‘app’, nor do I have a laptop. I’m a dinasour with a desk top unit and work with disc programs. They are handy when the system has problems and has to be re-installed. I have been with Ancestry for a long time. I was disappointed when the wiggling leaf went away and took some time to figure out the current format which I am just now beginning to work through. Now you are going to change it again? What was so wrong with the current system? Is this your way of weening out your old customers who have not adapted to “wi-fi” or “cloud” (what ever they are)?

  194. Jan

    I am very disappointed to hear your announcement. I understand that it has been difficult to synchronize the “shaky leaves” with FTM but sorry to hear that you are giving up on that. I have held off looking at other products but now feel that I will have to. The tools for assessing and improving my tree are just not on your web version.

  195. Ken

    I think you are making a big mistake. One of the best features of FTM is the ability to print so many different reports. I don’t see that capability online.
    You need to find a better way for people to easily keep a hard backup on there own computer of documents searched or your website will become less valuable and one may need to look else where.

  196. Chris

    The website is great for sharing with friends and family, but the desktop application is much better for updating and maintaining your family tree. I sincerely hope the TreeSync functionally remains available far beyond January 2017.

  197. John wulfken

    I am very saddened by this news. You have no other way of saving information directly on to my iPad or computer. This hard copy saved my tree one time. An error caused my tree to fail. I was able to use the hard copy and had my tree back in no time at all. If you must end the software at least provide a way to save a hard copy. Thank you

  198. Shannon Flynn

    This is an extremely disappointing decision. You’re alienating a still considerable market and trying to drive more to the website? What about folks who prefer to do much work offline and have trees that are in the hundreds of thousands? Maybe I’m too cynical but these seems more a move to force everyone to upload their trees and make YOUR tree more vast and less a move to make the lives of actual genealogists (amateur and pro) any easier. Shame.

  199. Pauli Driver-Smith

    I’m really disappointed that you are planning on discontinuing Family Tree Maker. I find your new online interface difficult to maneuver, it is harder to find contact information for the tree owner, if I have a question or added information, and moving around in someone Else’s tree, seems nearly impossible as I can only see part of their tree, and moving up or down their tree, is an exercise in frustration since you can’t (a bug?), so why bother.

    It is so much easier to work in a format that I understand and use and then sync my changes to my online tree.

  200. Natalie

    I’m wondering what other software you will be providing in place of FTM? We can’t do everything in the cloud. This doesn’t make sense.

  201. Keith

    This is a terrible blow. I have used ancestry and family tree maker for many years I will have to change my genealogy programme and web sites I use. You have lost another customer. The worst thing you could have done.

  202. Jenae

    I think Ancestry’s focus on innovative, new cloud-based offerings and interfaces this year shows just how much user experience and design research has been done. I think the site is great and am looking forward to seeing more from your continuous improvement!

  203. Cheryl

    TreeSync To Family Tree Maker is the very best feature of the Ancestry service and is why I have subscribed for 10 years now. There will soon be very little reason for me to continue my loyalty to Ancestry without this feature

  204. Hi! Before you retire FTM, please build its “Relationship Calculator” and its “Date Calculator” into the online platform. Thanks! Also, could you please return the font in which the names appear back to the way it used to be? Ancestry used t have a sleek, easy-on-the-eye look to it; now it’s all clunky and blocky. Thanks for this, too!

  205. Barbara B

    Your memo says nothing about the alternative means of accessing and accumulating information and images. Nine years of FTM has given me/us 6,000+ interrelated folks: what now?

  206. Karen Clark

    What a disappointment. Will Ancestry now include Family Tree Maker utilities like Publish? I rarely use your site anymore, using FTM instead. Funny, my subscription is due for renewal in a few weeks. Time to download my tree and move on to other software.

  207. Bruce

    Used Family Tree Maker software my genealogy for over 20 years. You took a great product and ruined it. Now you are destroying it and the work of it’s user’s research. If you could be shamed I’d say “Shame on your!”. The least you could do is put the bloated program code in public domain, so other interested parties might serve us.

  208. LeeAnn

    Does this mean all of our hard work is going to be gone? What will replace it? What about those of us knee deep in research?

  209. Mary

    Such a short-notice, drastic action requires that you recommend a workable, stable software alternative to FTM. If you are hoping that this action will cause all record keeping to shift to Ancestry’s site, I think you’re sadly mistaken – it does not provide the same tools, as you know. Most software providers, upon killing off their product, take responsibility by having researched available tools and coming up with a recommendation for an alternative. I suggest you do the same thing.

  210. Craig Hunter

    To the concerned. The APP Tree Maker will still work, but won’t sinc with the Ancestry web site. You can still add info from other sources. My guess is that somebody is going to fill in the APP gap.

  211. Lisa

    I have used FTM forever and cannot imagine being without it. Please rethink your decision or at the very least create a comparison. It’s the perfect organizer of all of my family entries/photos/stories.

  212. Amy

    Argh. I JUST bought and moved everything over to family tree maker because the competitor software was so terrible. This is awful news. I need the software version as well as the online because I do different things in each, I have a LOT more research and things only of interest to me in the software version and it’s sometimes the only way to keep all the winding branches straight! The ability to see my notes on each person at a glance is invaluable!

  213. Lynnette

    Also this decision saddens me from the standpoint of reports and charts I am able to create with the software, and most of all, having a good backup of my 30 years of work and able to work on it when there is not Internet access. The whole world is not plugged in 24/7.

  214. Nancy

    I have used Family Tree maker since version 2 when it was owned by Broderbund.. This is a real NASTY turn of events. Where program can I transfer to. Yes I still use a desktop computer as well as an android tablet but I prefer the desktop I have also been a subscriber to for many, many years. Maybe that will go away to. I could certainly do other things with my $299.00 per year.

  215. John

    This is dreadful news. Surely to maintain FTM in current state cannot be a major cost in your overall business

  216. Jon Wilson

    This is incomprehensible! I, too, have invested plenty in many of FTM’s versions, and recommended it to so many others because I NEVER thought anything like this could happen. Do we understand correctly that you have no alternatives to offer? No suggestions for us? Really?

  217. Dale

    You state that you intend to continue your subscription business and website. If I do additional research after 1/1/17 and want to incorporate info I find via those tools into my FTM files, do you intend to provide any mechanism – other than manually – to do so?

  218. Peter

    Ancestry was built on the backs of all the loyal FTM customers and this is your thanks…hope you choke on your profits!

  219. John B

    Will provide a utility which will allow a local backup of family tree structure and content?

  220. Robert Maleszyk

    I have a great deal of information on Family Tree Maker. It took me many hours of effort to load it in. Guess what I think of your products. I will NEVER do business with Ancestry. I will find another product by another company who will remain loyal to their customers.

  221. Norry Sponse

    There is no “declining desktop software market”. Mobile devices compliment and supplement the desktop. They in no way replace it. The desktop is the only legitimate tool for serious constructive / creative work such as the management of vast genealogical resources.

    Your mobile app is great for browsing and research (generally much better than your web site), but neither it nor the web site are credible tools for managing expansive databases, trees, and media effectively.

    Unless you plan to invest heavily in expanding your cloud and mobile products to replace functionality and capability of FTM without loss of control, fidelity, and flexibility, you are doing a great disservice to your clients. As your announcement says absolutely nothing about positive improvements and instead only announces negative reductions, there is no reason to expect you will attend to your customer responsibilities going forward.

  222. Brenda

    Disappointed, but I will adapt. They really need to make some major changes so we can print out all the special reports and charts that are available in FTM.

  223. Sally

    I’m not at all sure what this means in relation to researching my family history. Can you be more clear? How do we build our trees?

  224. Howard Jones

    This announcement saddens me greatly. I would only hope that the product remains available – albeit without support and updates – and that we are given the right to retain a copy of an installable software for use when we acquire a new computer from time to time. After years of work and the expenditure of a lot money, I hope you don’t deny us the right to use what we paid for in the past. (I have no intention of going to “the cloud” and will unquestionable continue to use my laptops for my work.)

  225. isobel

    Oh no! What am I going to do with all that hard work from the last 20 years and my mother’s efforts of 30 years. It has been such a great way of organising our family information. I especially like that I don’t have to give away everything I know about us online – which I guess is the way you are going. My first reaction is to find another product and I’ll continue down that line if you don’t replace this product with something which is at least equivalent. Please don’t leave us high and dry!

  226. Heber MacWilliams

    This is devastating news. I have been a FTM user for 20 years. You continue to dumb down your web site so as to be nearly useless. Some of us don’t want our work out on the Web. We want access to your historical records without the “Mickey Mouse” (my apologies to Mickey for the comparison) interface. Now I am forced to try to find alternative desktop software and try to make the transition. I hope a competitor will see a business opportunity and offer a reasonable path to those of us who continue to be disappointed by Ancestry’s attempts to grow market share.

  227. Bob

    This is truly bad news. What will replace Family Tree? I have years worth of data on this. Please reconsider.

  228. I’m sorry to hear Family Tree Maker is going away. It allowed me to do research without an internet connection. I always worked off line and then would sync to the online software. Sorry to hear this is going to happen.

  229. I have found that the new pages are so difficult to find error and process changes that I keep going back to the old ancestry. I think you should allow those of us who have been with you (me – 9 yrs!!!) to keep the old ancestry. I have lost so much info when I change over to the new. I spent all kinds of time connecting pictures and moving them into the correct area for the story and when I went to the new ancestry it was all gone!!!! I was so mad! Why would you take that away to give us junk like what was going on in history at the time. I wanted it personalized not generalized. I also sync with Ancestry Family Tree and hate the idea that you waited until less than 30 days to announce it would not be available any longer!!! What you have added is not worth the money you are now charging. There are large growing FREE databases out there now with as much information. Think about Find A Grave. That is kept free and volunteers keep it up. Why do you charge so much?? I’m a long time database programmer from all the way back to the 90s and I could build my own database on Acess that would rival what you have. I guess it’s time I tried doing just that. I stupidly paid for 1 yr of Ancestry this year instead of 6 months. I will spend the time I have making sure I have downloaded all the data from your sight so that at least I will have spent well over $2000 for the junk you now offer.
    You got all my information for free. You keep it and I can’t take it away from you. This hardly seems like a good trade off.

  230. Carl Evans

    As a longtime user of this software, I am very disappointed with this decision. I assume that the only option is for users to manually transition all of their documents to your online site?

  231. Dennis

    Its taken me weeks to learn the new web interface, and although a few items are better, mostly its more time consuming than the previous interface. Also, retiring FTM is not a good thing. I use it to print Trees and reports. What is the proposed replacement? Please don’t say its a pay-for-use third party app. and FTM weren’t broke – stop fixing them.

  232. Peter Smtih

    Very disappointing and poor decision. It will almost certainly mean ending my Ancestry subscription. I find FTM so superior to working via the ancestry site directly. Whoever made this decision should be out looking for another job!!

  233. Susan Pennie

    What exactly does this mean to me as a Family Tree member? Am Iosing everything that it has taken me years to get together? How can I print out what I have in my extensive Family Tree file??

  234. Donna

    I’m shocked and really disappointed by this decision. I don’t use my FTM terribly often, so I’ll survive, but I see no other software that can replace it in its feature of sync’ing with the Ancestry tree. Declining desktop software market??? I know of a LOT of people using FTM. Totally surprised and disappointed.

  235. Ken McDonald

    So after working on Family Tree Maker for many years to get my family history on file you are going to now stop selling and eventually stop supporting the software. This is a bad decision on your part and no doubt will have an impact with customers leaving Ancestry (I will be one of them). This product is one of the best tools to use when organizing a family tree. Someone at Ancestry had better review this decision.

  236. Sharon

    I have purchased family treemaker and upgrades for many years. And I am very disappointed with your decision to eliminate the software. If I cannot use the software to make my own trees, there is no need to pay my subscription to ancestry online. You are eliminating a whole segment of researchers who do not care to post their research on line or in a cloud somewhere. In my opinion this is a bad move.

  237. Carol

    This is a sad move. When doing research one cannot always be connected to the Internet so a local copy of data is essential. How will we achieve this if you retire your software?

  238. Karyn Stevens

    If you are retiring FTM does that mean I have to find a separate family history software to use? Is FTM going out of business? What is going on? So many changes all at once.

  239. Keith

    It would be helpful if could outline specific future efforts to significantly enhance the customer experience of the web-site software.

  240. M.Galt-Martin

    Does that mean that after Jan 1 1917 one can not long TreeSync to another computer? If so I have not install Family Tree Maker(it is still in the box) on the other computer & will not if it becomes useless in a few months.

  241. Jeff

    I was planning on buying FTM during the holidays, but now I probably won’t. I’m hoping for an explanation if all the features are going to be browser based? If so, then I’m assuming I will always be able to edit my tree online. But without explaining this, you are scaring people that have put years of work into their tree.

  242. Jock

    Many of us have invested huge amounts of time to build family trees based on this software. It is outrageous that would announce a withdrawal of the product with their announcement not even providing a suggestion as to how we are to continue maintaining our tress in the coming years. If it’s Ancestry’s intention that we use the web interface then what are the alternatives for producing the various FTM reports? What a despicable act of betrayal to loyal users.

  243. Bruce J Kent is assuming that they are the end all in genealogy research. the web site is fine for amateurs who don’t do any offline research. the web site is cumbersome and slow. is simply cutting off their loyal base.

  244. dana haskins

    you charge a lot of money for your stuff but the average person cant afford it.why cant you slash your prices in half?

  245. John Keegan

    I lost over a thousand records when you stopped supporting one of your earlier versions and my data was irretrievable. I was assured however that by purchasing the current version this would not happen again. Foolishly I complied.

  246. Frances

    I am extremely annoyed by this news as I have just purchased Family Tree Maker for my sister as a Christmas Gift. I now feel it is an utter waste of money and would not have bought it if I had known about this. I shall now seriously consider not renewing my subscription.

  247. David Thiessen

    I agree with C Maarie Steele 100%. I personally felt the product going down hill fast after FTM16. I am not a fan of

  248. jim j

    Wow, you guys repetitively sent emails to me to purchase Family Tree Maker this year… So I did at the end of August 2015. I’m with others and expect a refund! I Should have listened to friends and purchased the competitions product.

  249. Janine

    So what do we do moving forward? Is our only option to continue to add information to our family tree going to be a subscription to your website? This is not an acceptable option for us.

  250. Jill Moody

    I am very sad to hear this. I was planning on buying your next version, since I skip every other year.

    I do not use your web interface. It is HORRIBLE!!!!! Over the years it has gotten worse and worse. It is slow and hard to navigate, as well as very unintuitive.

    I also do not have internet access at some locations that I visit. Without software, I do not have access to my tree.

  251. Wayne Weide

    I really do not believe this !! I can only hope that there is enough backlash to overturn this unfair decision. We have a smooth system right now, and you plan to disrupt it totally. Unbelievable !!

  252. Catherine

    I am so disappointed to hear this news. The ability to sync with the online tree and the possible matches facility has been an invaluable tool. Please reconsider this. It will be a real loss to lose this.

  253. I Messina

    I too am deeply saddened by the news that you will no longer be supporting Family Tree Maker after 2017. Like many others , without your support of FTM, I will most likely be dropping my Ancestry subscription.

  254. Margaret Anderson

    I am greatly disturbed and saddened by this decision. While I appreciate the advances to the online resource, IT IS NOT my first choice when entering and maintaining my family data. I have been a faithful FTM user for years and agree with some of the earlier posts that the new interface is time consuming and more difficult for advanced users. Also, I don’t always have access to the internet when I am updating my FTM file – so what will I do in 2017? Please reconsider this decision.

  255. So how long are you going to support the existing 2014 ftm software or older for the user of Ancestry to be able to continue to gather research and collections?

  256. Cynthia

    This sucks! Ancestry is trying to force all research and trees to go public and be posted on I find too many people on public trees who don’t do their research. They just grab the first person with the same or similar name and put it in their tree and run down a wrong descendant line, then everyone copies it as “fact” to their tree. I can’t count the number of times I have corrected trees who have added incorrect data and people from my family and got it wrong. The desktop version protects my researched files. I don’t have a tree uploaded on Ancestry. I have been a subscriber for a long time and was a subscriber to before it succumbed to Ancestry. I pay $400 a year for the World membership. Loosing FTM is incredibly frustrating. FTM is what helped build into the success of the website.

  257. Andrew

    I have used family tree maker for about 10 years. I greatly prefer using it rather than the online ancestry program. I hope you reconsider!!!!!!

  258. Stephanie Woods

    This is terrible. The desktop software is the only way to retain a copy of all our work. All websites are vulnerable. It is important for us to easily have our own copies of our continuing work.

  259. Grant

    So now what? Guess we switch to other software.? I have used this software forever and I don’t want all the fancy updates – I want to collect track and access my data. Very disappointing!!!

  260. Mike Shults

    Does that mean the only way to work on family tree is to pay you every month? So will your service look like family tree maker but just be on ancestry? Why don’t you sell family tree maker to another service? You will see a steady decline in your service for making such a foolish mistake. Family tree maker is why people go to ancestry. BIG MISTAKE

  261. Dr. David Chobar

    All of a sudden it appears your focus for Ancestry is more about money than really serving people to assist them in genealogy work! Thus, you’re abandoning the desktop software area for a more lucrative orientation. I can’t believe with the background of how this started, and how it’s related to the Salt Lake City Mormon archives, that you are suddenly getting out of “home ancestry!” Like other comments before, we feel betrayed that all of our years of ancestry work may very well “dissolve” after January 1, 2017 because of lack of support! Did you do any “focus group” analyses before making this decision. I cannot believe for all the many programs you have sold you are now leaving the market!!! Sad!

  262. tracey johnson

    Will we still be able to synch to our ancestry trees using FTM after the 2017 cut off?
    I have only just got FTM to back my tree up – are you going to be recommending a similar replacement software? i know that with the best will in the world several people have lost months of work because of software glitches, and having an offline backup is a great feature.

  263. Mike Rose

    Why I do with all the pictures and records for my family and my wife family. I little more notice should have been given. Again how do I save these records. Quit advertising on TV if you plan on jumping ship.

  264. Alan

    I find the decision and explanation really rather odd – presumably there’s a lack of expertise within Ancestry to take the program forward ?

  265. Alan Page

    Terrible news. I use it as a repository of lots of additional information – plus questionable data I need to check out. Surely the alternative is not back to a paper based system.
    Corporations need to appreacite that a loss making part of their business maybe the reason people are actively involved in other parts of the business. It’s the whole package!

  266. Betty

    How sad. This will definitely reduce the value of for me. I am extremely reluctant to centralize all my research in an offsite database at which any time the owner/company can simply decide to shut down. I expect this will simply mean that I will no longer share the majority of my research online with other ancestry users. The big loss will be to the online Ancestry community, not to the individual family tree users.

  267. Jackie

    Will Ancestry facilitate printing personal family trees or will you also end that capability too. What a waste of hours and hours of input and research. You are a real disappointment.

  268. Deb

    I have paid a lot of money to ancestry over many years, and unlike ‘find my past’ I can only see saved original records through my family tree maker, unless I am actually paying an ancestry subscription. If you are taking away tree maker you need to allow us full access to records that we have added to our tree over many years of paying subscriptions, even when we are no longer paying a subscription. This is daylight robbery. My tree is way too large to do hard copies and I can’t go through life permanently paying subscriptions when I now only use ancestry irregularly

  269. Karen

    The things we have acquired as decedents of our ancestors are all tangible. There is no guarantee that generations behind us will be able to access digital files of various, possibly archaic, mediums. My mother handed me a 3.5″ floppy she was proud to have saved over the years, but I no longer have the drive that reads it. What lasts are printed things — pictures and stories — and this is what the software was providing for me. Now, we will have to pay to retrieve our uploaded photos and stories to output them to print media. The Family Tree Maker application allowed us to save all the census records, pictures and stories in a folder on our hard drives, where we could print them. When the desktop software is gone, all the material will be out of our hands — accessible online only and to be printed for a fee. I see where you’re going with this.

    I also wonder how many generations it will be, before Facebook sells back all the material we are inputting for free today. Print, print, print, people! It’s the best way to pass information on to our future generations.

  270. Not very happy about this. I have used some version of FTM since 1998. The only reason I upgraded to the newest release is so I can sync my tree on Ancestry. Will there be a replacement?

  271. Monica Pattangall

    If you do this, it will prove devastating to my research database. Please tell us to which desktop program you recommend that we migrate. I will be sorry to give up the Ancestry integration, but it is a requirement that I be able to work in local mode. I do not always have internet access.
    I do have a paid copy of Legacy, with which I have spent very little time relative to my FTM time. It will be torture to migrate all my research to that — but there is no other choice, eh? Please give this a second thought.

  272. Gina Anderson

    I echo these sentiments. I hate the new Ancestry and avoided it as long as I could because it is too child-like, too “big” on the screen, too much wasted space, the data displayed is not concise, and I rely very much on the syncing of my tree between FTM and Ancestry. I have been a loyal customer for over a decade. Between the website change and this announcement, I seriously have to reconsider. I already stopped my membership until after Christmas, but now I just don’t know if I want to renew any longer. Change can be good when there is an improvement in service. Dumbing down the site and abandoning FTM is not good change. I feel so lost….

  273. Tony Mooar

    In NZ what you are proposing is termed:”Cutting off your nose to spite your face.” Think again or release your replacement for FTM. You know the one that starts::”In response to user demand Ancestry will release ..”

  274. Elizabeth

    So to continue working with Ancestry, we must upload (give you) all our personal family pictures and data, etc? This does not seem right.

  275. Richard Werbin

    Don’t do this.

    There are important reasons to use both a family tree at for research purposes and to sync it to FTM 2014.

    It is much easier to track and annotate detailed source citations in FTM. This is critical.

    Also, there are important tools in FTM 2014 that are still missing at Reports. Relationship calculator. Place tracking & mapping.

    If you stop adding features to FTM 2014, I will be disappointed. But I can live with that if you support synching with forever.

  276. Beverley

    So how do I print a tree and how do I then check for locations and how do I then check for anomalies etc etc etc. How do we get these types of functions online???

  277. Ian McDonald

    I use FTM as an intermediate device for getting the information – including a large amount of images – from the (non-Ancestry) database on my computer to my online Ancestry tree where other Ancestry members can view it. How am I supposed to do that without the use of FTM? I don’t want to use, and have absolutely no intention of using, my tree as my main database; how could I trust Ancestry not to do something equally pernicious to that database, thus destroying many years of hard work? The idea of scrapping FTM is absurd and a betrayal of the trust of those Ancestry members who use it; I shall never again have confidence in Ancestry.

  278. Marilyn

    I am speechless. Since the New Ancestry interface requires more steps to complete tasks versus Classic, it will only be useful to me as a source to search records. I purchased FTM last week in order to download my trees into what was going to become my workplace for anything requiring extensive data entry. Guess I will need to purchase ANOTHER software package since it seems foolish to invest effort into a product (FTM) that is being retired. Anyone have suggestions for another alternative?

  279. Paul L

    This is a very shocking decision on Ancestry’s part. I value the privacy I can maintain by keeping my data on my computer and not on the web. I value the richness of tools FTM offers. And yes, I value the integration with the web services, but I do not value this decision and short timeframe before you terminate the integration.

  280. Steve Pinkoski

    Thanks for the update. I would never use only an online tool for recording my family history. I was planning on entering a major branch of my tree over the holidays but I’ll now do that in another tool, whether or not it can be uploaded to Ancestry.

  281. Chrissy Grigsby Lucas

    add this to my previous comment. What do I do with all the info in my program now? Seriously folks! I could not possibly print all of this out and all of the extra possible family lines.

  282. Mark Stenhoff

    I would like a refund on my investment in Family Tree Maker. Please reduce my Ancestry subscription accordingly.

  283. Peter Rousseau

    Bad choice!!! The new website format is slow & cumbersome on older computers. Besides, where are the reports & such on the website that you can only run in the FTM software? What about your customers who are actually doing off-line paper & book research in libraries & clerk offices?

  284. Jan Groshan

    Oh no! There are so many wonderful features of the Family Treemaker software that’s website doesn’t provide that I’ve found it extremely useful to be able to use both. (Primarily the various report features of Family Treemaker.) Will the Family Treemaker software still be available through other vendors? If not, will be developing it’s own software? this is TERRIBLE news. I am so disappointed. After 20+ years of using both Family Treemaker and, the thought of changing to another provider is less than appealing.

  285. Susan

    Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2015 17:03:56 -0600
    Subject: Re: Ancestry to Retire Family Tree Maker Software
    Well that was a waste of my money. It doesn’t work half the time for sync, etc. and no “support” to solve it. Another reason to pull away from Ancestry

  286. carol thomson

    I too am greatly disappointed. What suggestions do you have as to how I can continue to record my family history

  287. Gary Algier

    Maybe this should be where people can post alternative products? Perhaps some will sync with Ancestry or at least import from FTM?

  288. Kevin

    So very sorry to hear this news. As far as Im concerned the best part of using Ancestry… Hope you have a re think !

  289. Barbara Terry

    I’m so sadden by this e-mail, I have researched my ancesters since 1979 I have over 60,000 plus persons, and over 30,000 pieces of info, pictures, obits, & history. I have spent over $200.00 a year. I sure hope someone comes up with a new program. All I can say to other members you need to start printing.

  290. Robert Loomis

    I join with the above. I started with ancestry years ago with version 1 and have, an extensive heavily documented (on my desktop) database and related files. I linked to the online and used restricted access as another backup to my primary efforts. Your online does not take many of the notes (marriage, etc) or my related files so without desktop version I will have to find another home. I agree the new interface is way below par and “childlike”. DON”T DO IT!

  291. Michael La Vean

    I would have to agree with the comments so far. Your new format is juvenile and the “information” is so simple as to be useless to anyone doing serious work. I was consoling myself in that I could do work in future using Family Tree Maker.

    My family trees contain a lot of documentation that is original from me. This builds value to the entire system. I have added wills, documents, articles all of which were not shaking leaves on anyone else’s trees.

    Your decision to go for the casual user is a business error. If you lose someone like me who pays you more than 300 a year along with a a lot of new content, how many newbie I will try this out kind of people do you have to recruit to make up for me. As it was I feel cheated. I paid for 11 DNA tests and will not pay for another, I will not renew and I may just delete all my original research and let your newbies just go with the shaking leaves and all the other bad information out there.

    It is the serious folks like us that give you credibility and your changes will lose us.

    There is an old saying…dance with the one that brung you. Did you research the changes with the people who are spending money now?

    An absolutely stupid business decision.

  292. Stephen Rockower, MD

    And this is why I never wanted to upload much to the website. I want my own control of my information. Will be looking elsewhere…

  293. Ty Peterson

    This is very concerning, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see how you plan to transition EVERY capability available in the software TO the website. Things like reports and graphic trees, backing up periodic archive trees, applying events and sourcing to multiple people, exporting subsets of data, sharing files, importing those shared files, etc. Please put together a transition outline so those of us who have used Family Tree Maker for MANY YEARS (15-20+) can determine a way forward without losing capability or data. I would also like to see a capability map showing what features will be added to the website (and when) as well as those features that will disappear after 1 Jan 2017.

  294. Char

    Oh for goodness sake!

    I know people that only use FTM and do not use the tree function on Ancestry, even if they have a subscription to Ancestry.

    I know people that use it to create all sorts of charts they can not create on Ancestry.

    I know people who love many of the features that I have never even taken the time to learn how to use.

    In my case, the major reason I use it is to find errors and clean up my tree, which I have the option to do either on FTM or Ancestry, once I create the list I want through FTM. And, if Ancestry is glitchy, I can still use my FTM.

    I will manage without it, but I am disappointed. I will not cancel my subscription to Ancestry.

    Are they planning on incorporating some of the features currently on FTM into Ancestry itself? That would be nice. I know a lot of people ask if they can do someone on Ancestry that is only available on FTM.

  295. Nancy Leathers

    I have read the comments above, and must concur with almost all of them. I would ask that you reconsider this action. This is a real disservice to those of us who have relied on your program for many years.

  296. Grant

    Your business plan is to push us off our personal devices and onto your server where we will pay a monthly fee to work with our own data & tree. A very bad plan. We will now seek other options, personal devices are not going away, only getting better!! I have bought many versions of FTM starting before Ancestry became involved, and I am not going to trust my tree to your server now!

  297. Linda

    I ad my plea to the others. I have a lot of time and effort invested in my FTM. Have used it for years and love it. Between Ancestry and Family Tree Maker I lots of information. Please reconsider.

  298. Marilyn

    Oh that’s just great Ancestry. First you muck around with your website and make it more difficult to use. Now you’re ‘retiring’ Family Tree Maker. I hope you’ll give me a refund of the $92 I paid for my copy in 2014. I am just about to give up on Ancestry altogether.

  299. Janna

    No, No, No – Don’t do away with Family Tree Maker!!!!! I started using it when it was a Broderbund product. Now I will have to find another software program for my genealogy. In order to purchase new software guess I will have to give up for a year…. Any suggestions for what genealogy sofware to switch to?

  300. I work only in FTM desktop software since the website lacks functionality and navigation is not user friendly and SLOW. The tree map is so confusing when multiple relationships occur between its members. It is impossible to follow. I upload to the website for sharing with family ate some future date. Views and report capability are poor. The retirement of FTM is not for our benefit. Very disappointed and annoyed with ancestry for this decision.

  301. Linda

    But you sold it to far as I am concerned, it is a large part of my enjoyment of ancestry. You sold it to me! And sold me the upgrade again and again. And
    just like that? What are you providing instead.

  302. Julie Jakings

    Please don’t retire FTM. The reporting functionality within that product is simply not available in Ancestry. Please reconsider.

  303. Jean

    Absolutely disgusted at your elimination of Family Tree Maker. At least in that program I can ensure that all the information has been personally researched and is correct. Not copied from other trees with disgusting errors. The small time researcher is nothing in your eyes. I will not be renewing my subscription after all these years. It is too expensive for incorrect information supplied by your customers. Your website only continues by the goodness of us genealogists. Try and give us something back.

  304. Megan Cooper

    I also am very disappointed in this news. My family and I have been using the Ancestry software since it first came out! I rely on FTM to give me more functionality and options for editing my tree that I feel the online Ancestry lacks. I have a very difficult time navigating the online tree and avoid using it when possible. Please please please don’t take FTM away!

  305. Mike Smith

    I too wonder what will replace FTM. Is the Roots product also effected? So I understand, are you simply not going to further support the FTM interface but the databases will continue to be updated and available in the future?

  306. Robert

    Just like all other big businesses. No concern or support for the populace, just the big bucks. Glad I didn’t renew my Ancestry subscription this year. Thankfully if Family Tree is on the computer you can still use it…without Ancestry.

  307. Donna

    I am VERY dissatisfied with this! This software and its ability to interface with is the main reason I keep an Ancestry account. Most real genealogists want to be able to interface with Ancestry AND store their research, notes, photos, etc on their own computers as back up and for privacy reasons they don’t always want everything uploaded into the cloud. THIS DECISION IS A GRAVE MISTAKE on Ancestry’s part.

  308. laurie eggert

    Please advise all of your loyal customers who have put all of their information onto this program how we can salvage what we have spent all this time working on. I would not be satisfied with a suggestion that we just upload onto ancestry since much information would be lost.

  309. Matt Hall

    I have been using this software for 15 years and have upgraded with each new version. The web version does not allow to store notes and stories like the software. This is a very bad decision on your part. I will continue to use the software after 2017 and if it is not workable will find new software to use, it just means that my online tree will not get upgraded and all the information I find will no longer be shared with the rest of your Ancestory community. I use the software to search by death dates, so that I can find who was alive during 1940 census so that information can get upgraded. Website is NOT user friendly for any of that!!! You can’t search for mistakes on the website. You can’t search other websites that are not connected with Ancestory like you can using the software.

  310. Harold

    The FTM software is one of the best parts of ancestry. It allows me to work on finetuning the tree when internet access isn’t available. Might want to rethink this decision. Also, all the printing and organization options are on FTM, not online.

  311. Stephen Guthrie

    What do we replace our current software with? I’ve been working several years on my family tree. What if anything will be available to us users to continue our search and building our family tree? I grant you I won’t use your services for anything if you do away with Family Tree Software and/or don’t offer an alternative!

  312. Jeffrey Williams

    I think this is a very bad decision. Quite often I use FTM to enter information when I am not able to access the internet and then sync it to my online tree later. Also, if my Ancestry subscription lapses, do I lose all my information and photos? Please rethink this.

  313. Andy Bernard

    As others have said – a very poor decision. FTM is much more powerful than your web site. Not happy,

  314. I hate this decision as I have added 33 years data to all my trees to share with others. I have posted many notes on individuals that can’t be found most places. How are we supposed to share now. ?

  315. ECarter

    This is tremendously disappointing. I do not expect that I would do research in a form that is stored only on someone else’s website. This information is too precious for that.

    I have been able to stand back and ignore a lot of the vitriol about the limitations of the website because they simply haven’t mattered to me – because I access it through FTM. WIthout FTM, I do not see how I will continue to work with you.

  316. Shannara

    What is replacing this software? Are you looking at selling it off to another company? If so, let me know. I am interested …

  317. Connie

    For those of us in rural areas with limits on our Internet to do everything online is cost prohibitive as no service is unlimited, plus it’s so much easier to make corrections in the software. I love the android version for what it does but you can’t make many of those corrections at all in it either. Fix the online abilities to make corrections in every format just like FTM does it or the notoriously bad ancestry trees will just get worse not better.

  318. Martin

    I have been using FTM for 13 years in different formats. While Ancestry is brilliant for searching to update details I find FTM so much easier to do Inc photo’s etc. There are a lot of details you simply cannot add directly to ancestry. So your asking get us to not do our research properly in the future as we won’t have no where to store that odd bit of info. Please rethink this.

  319. Joanne Simpson Bitonio

    I hate the online interface, I want to be able to see my data as data, not as a story. I want full visibility when merging a document source to my tree, I want to run reports on whatever I wish, I want to create my own sources quickly and easily, and I do not want to do that from the Web interface. I feel that you are catering to the lowest skill set family genealogist, and dumping those of us who are trying to achieve skilled, sourced, thinking genealogies.

  320. Peter Hill-King

    The desktop for me is the ‘base’ of the system where I create GEDCOM backups. As these don’t have all the notes etc then I will need to print the entire tree with all notes? I was thinking of renewing my subscription in the new year to add further people and detail – but why bother now? Better to just find a new provider and move to them.
    The app is really just an easy-access “nice to have” for me

  321. I have just bought this software a refund would be a good as it was only a day or so wich paid so come an show some good public relations from Ansetry.

    Disgusting trading will take it up with Paypal I think.

  322. Sarita

    What happens to our software program, Family Tree Maker after Jan, 2017? What happens to all the information we have there. I presume the only way we can access this information after 2017 will be to pay I also find the new format not as user friendly.

  323. Karen Kelly

    This is absolutely ridiculous! I agree with all the other comments. Where are the answers from Ancestry to all our concerns??

  324. Bill McLean

    By making it a total web based design you take away the option of a function when internet is not available. I take my laptop to Scotland regularly and uses it at our family reunions…that will be eliminated. I take my laptop into the Register House and then later sync it to ancestry. DATA COST is NOT CHEAP when overseas. Poor business decision that will cost me more than it is worth after doing this nearly 20 years.

  325. Donna Mosier

    Shame on you, it was we the customers that made you the company you are. If not for the vast number of people doing the searching and donating the information you would not have what you do. And you still had the nerve to charge us a monthly fee to do so. Now that you have pretty much gathered numerous donated files you desert us. I have been a customer for many years due to the fact of Family Tree Maker and I for one will be gone to another company if it no longer exist and taking my files with me.

  326. James Mahood

    The web site is far superior to FTM in my opinion. All that is needed on the web site is the reports. Recently I used the relationship report to show a tricky DNA relationship that was via in-laws. A couple got married that had the same last name.

  327. John Sutherland

    Interesting change, eh. I don’t trust anything digitally, and so I depend on my desktop FTM and online trees to back each other up. I think this is a mistake on Ancestry’s part. I would have made the bond tighter between the two.

  328. Steve

    So what are we suppose to do after 2017?!?!
    What will be our options?!?!

  329. Jenny

    What? I use Family Tree Maker and love it. I do not use except via TreeSynch. How is that supposed to work now? How would I print reports and create trees for family members like I do now. Please PLEASE CHANGE YOUR DECISION. If you refuse, please let me know which of your competitors is most like Family Tree Maker so I can leave you and go to someone who will offer these services I demand.

  330. C. Gallagher

    Wow, after you endlessly promoted it to me and I paid $70 for it a few months ago! It has many features that are better and different than the online experience. I am totally disgusted with this announcement. If I had any idea I would have bought one of the competing products.

  331. I share the seminates above. I have used Family Tree Maker as the primary source for family records for more than decade. I thought there was some permanence here and spent a lot of time correcting some of my own mistakes and errors made by The money for a hobby seems high but I paid it anyway. Sad to see all that going up in “smoke”.

  332. David Hoffman

    This decision is a big step backward. I have had the most expensive subscription to Ancestry for several years now. I have found the functions available through the Family Tree Maker software to be absolutely invaluable in working on my tree – especially the ability to create certain reports.

    As noted genealogy commentator DearMyrtle has often noted, genealogists deal with information arranged by place. New databases are generally geographically oriented, so knowing which members of my tree were located in a certain area assists my searching. The reports available in Family Tree Maker allow the user to inspect persons connected with certain place.

    I am also a subscriber to There, I can use these search functions in connection with a new newspaper to search for articles that mention people that I find through the reports.

    FTM is also very valuable because it allows the correction of errors, consistent designation of place names, etc. all from one console. This is more or less impossible with the web interface.

  333. Marty

    I really hope this isn’t true. Some functions of FTM are simply not there online, and some that are there, are more difficult to navigate. Also, while my data limit is quite high there are some people who have a low data limit with their carrier, and may have a problem doing all work on-line. Retiring FTM is a bad choice.

  334. Michele Gibbs

    What about the Mobile App? Will it no longer be valid either? I use both! I am not happy about this either. I have used Family Tree Maker since 1995 and like to be able to access it at reunions and such where we don’t always have internet access. Ancestry has gotten VERY greedy. I can remember searching and finding results and not having to pay for anything. This is very sad!

  335. Lorraine

    This is certainly a huge mistake on your part. Please do not take this away from those of us who use Family Tree Maker. I can access Ancestry.Com through my city library and will strongly consider stopping my home subscription if you discontinue FTM.

  336. Bob Hahn

    Well, without FTM, I doubt if I will have any use for website to maintain my tree, and no desire to continue to pay for a yearly subscription. It only worked well as an integrated operation. I could work on my computer on my software. Don’t want to work on the website – it is unsophisticated.

  337. David Crank

    Your web tools don’t come CLOSE to replacing the functionality of the FTM software. Is there other desktop software on the market that can interface with your trees and search your data?

  338. Paul

    This is very disappointing and I share the views of most commentators. I have been using Ancestry since beginning my family history research about 30 years ago (V.1 or 2, as I recall) and have tested other software, including programs that save to the Web. None equal this program in my opinion and its loss will seriously affect me and other historians.
    I think this is an ill-considered decision that will turn many away from Ancestry to your regret and ours.

  339. Darren Wheatley

    I can only assume you will be releasing an API for other third party app developers. Could someone comment on this please?

  340. Susan Aduddell

    This is horrible! I print various reports all the time to show to other people and to find errors in my tree.

  341. turnpikeab

    The retirement of “Family Tree Maker” software is very disappointing!!!
    I use the desktop software for all my building of my Tree, cross referencing data, checking the validity of “hints”, attaching notes, photos, scanned records. I also use the program for printing charts, and etc.
    “Ancestor” works well for research, but doesn’t provide the above mentioned uses that “Family Tree Maker” makes available. “Ancestor” also makes a good “Cloud” backup, and tree sharing facility.
    If not “Family Tree Maker”…… please recommend an alternative.

  342. James Eubanks

    As others have asked, what software are we supposed to replace FTM with? It is important to maintain a local copy of my data on my PC – and be able to access that data without internet. The answer to this question determines whether my Ancestry subscription is renewed.

  343. Mark Robertson

    Thank you for ripping me off by allowing me to purchase your software. Never again will I subscribe to your services.

  344. Luther

    I use FTM for looking for folks, and open a new tree almost every day to make DNA connections. I’m afraid you will end up with tens of thousands of 20 person trees. Not really that useful.

  345. Derek Ewing

    I also am in shock over you dropping Family Tree Maker. I have spent 25 years and many dollars with you to have what I have of my family history. What am I to Do Now! What are my options that you are offering or at least suggesting? How will I continue to research and update my Family Tree Maker??? The more I think of this the more angry I am getting!

  346. Ron Walker

    You are doing away with the easiest to use part of your research program. Your updated program is confusing and takes up too much extra time. If you must make a change I would rather pay more and keep it as it is.

  347. J V B

    No way do I want to store all my personal tree information in the cloud – if the US government can’t keep the hackers out, no chance Ancestry can. I want to be able to work offline. Ancestry, you really don’t understand your customer base.

  348. Ken

    It’s a shame this is being discontinued. I agree the new interface is a joke. I pay Ancestry $300 a year to only utilize Member Connect which has not worked for me in over a year. I believe I’ll just cancel my subscription.

  349. Dirk Heinen

    Well, reading through the comments, I haven’t found one person that applauded this move. If Ancestry is serious about supporting its user base, it will continue to offer a desktop version that allows users to host critical family trees locally and not rely on Ancestry to make some capricious decision about access to user’s own tree information at some point in the future. It also eliminates the possibility of updating family tree information without an internet connection, something that can be challenging for field research. This is a horrible decision that I hope is quickly reversed.

  350. Nick Gomersall

    This is a disastrous move. First, FTM offers options for analysis not available on the web version and, second, it’s available when I’m offline. Somebody has really messed up here. This is a “New Coke” moment for Ancestry which will lose the company decades of goodwill.

  351. Jim

    This is terrible. I’ve been using FTM and its variants for 15 years. What do I do with all of that information now? This is extremely short sighted. What good is when I’m at a cemetery???


  352. Jim

    How do you propose we back up our data, sources, documentation, etc. without Family Tree Maker? Are there other software programs that will interface with for this purpose? Having Family Tree maker allows me to share my discoveries with my elderly mother and other family members who do not have internet access (yes – there are people out here who do not access the web). and Family Tree Maker go hand-in-hand like a symbiotic relationship. They make each other better. Why do you insist on tearing down your own creation? The new website is horrible and not user friendly. You have done away with some of my favorite features. And now this. Are you trying to destroy yourself?

  353. Rita Hallett

    A few years ago you did away with, now you are doing away with Family Tree Maker. Not happy!! I usually add things to Family Tree Maker and then occasionally sync to Ancestry. Of course sometimes I find things on Ancestry that I sync to Family Tree Maker. Don’t know that I will continue with Ancestry now! There are other web sites that have basically the same info as Ancestry & if they won’t sync anyway, why spend more on Ancestry??

  354. Ian Davidson

    Oh NO! I can’t believe you’re doing this! FTM has charts, reports and many tools that simply don’t exist at all in the web interface. Furthermore the latter is so slow to respond (even on a fast broadband connection) it’s almost painful to use, and what about offline usage? PLEASE reconsider!!!

  355. DeWayne Thomas

    How about releasing FTM to an open-source community? Unless there are 3rd-party licenses involved, this would be a ‘good faith’ move on your parts to not leave current users ‘high and dry’.

  356. S Johnson

    Do NOT do this! Not everyone has good consistent access to internet! A desktop tool to help with recording family tree information is an absolute necessity. Anyone know of any good alternatives?

  357. Bill

    I suspect this decision is tied to a larger goal of subscription based software, which tends to be the direction the industry is leading. Doesn’t make it right, just another greedy decision. I agree with the comments against your decision to remove the desktop from your product mix. I prefer to have my data more readily available and secured on my own source than a cloud base system which I believe the direct you heading toward.

  358. I really can’t believe that after all these years of loyalty you would do such a thing. What software do we use now? There is no explanation of what you suggest we do. There are people out there who are not Web obsessed. Please re-think this decision.

  359. Diane

    I am very sad to see this! I have spent years adding information to my Family Tree software! Will our current software continue to work on our computers, or will it stop functioning?

    As with the others who have commented here, I believe that we all purchased this software to be able to have our family trees available when we wanted to print them…now I feel that you have let us down and we have wasted our time and money using your product!

    I am very disappointed in you and your company!

  360. Alistair Grant

    Well Goodbye! Customers will vote with their feet and I’ve already cancelled my subscription which will not now renew automatically as in the past. Going to archive all the stuff I can and look for a more caring company who are concerned with their customers needs. This decision of yours is madness probably on the part of a ‘Marketing Guru’ you are rely on for advice.
    Sad so many companies are ruined by mistaken market research.

  361. Frank

    After 2017 what will happen to my program with thousand of names? Whether a desk top or lap top you need a program to place your family names in order.
    Is there a decline in membership? Are there less people using the sight to find people?

  362. Erin

    Wow, another sucky change!! What’s going on with Ancestry. It feels like you don’t listen to your customers. Very saddened by this as well as being forced into the “new” Ancestry!

  363. Jill

    I agree totally with all the comments I’ve read here. Talk about hang us all out to dry after you’ve taken our money. Sorry, but it’s all corporate speak and there is another plan afoot to rip us all off. Discontinuing seems the way to go.

  364. Pat

    I’ve been using for over 15 years and rely heavily on the sync feature between FTM and Ancestry. The price of membership has gotten extremely expensive the past couple of years. Without the FTM sync, I’m not sure it will be worth it.

  365. Kevin Cook

    This is devastating news!!
    Being able to keep a local record of your family tree for posterity and as a legacy for your family, was wonderful!

    I am saddened.

    So, does this mean Ancestry users are ‘tied in’ to a perpetual online cost in order to be able to access, and more importantly, carry out research, add, update and edit records?

    From January 2017, the records held on users Family Tree Maker software, will gradually become historic and out of date, and will only be a ‘snapshot’, not ‘real time’ anymore.

    I have not looked at online Ancestry family tree chart creation, but can you create printable ancestry charts online?

    With the retirement of Family Tree Maker, will your online Ancestry family tree remain intact for posterity, i.e. never be deleted?

    Sad day

  366. Bryan

    Why I’d like to know was I not told of this when shelled out the $67.18 less than two weeks ago? If you do not at least continue to support the product to the extent of continuing the interface to sync it with your site I personally would consider this to be a case of your defrauding me. Its bad enough that you are forcing paid subscribers to be your unwilling beta testers of a very, very poor attempt at programming v/v your “new experience” now you are further robbing us of service we are all paying good cash for. Please do not consider this an ideal threat it is a promise. If you do not indicate to us your subscribers that you have reconsdered the rashness of your decisions and will at least allow the program as purchased to continue its interface and ability to sync with the site for as long as the site exists I for one shall remove my tree from the site and do everything I can to encourage everyone I can through social media and any other means available to me to do the same. You sell or at least once did a service you now seem to have become too big for your britches and forgotten that the single greatest thing going for your site is the interface between the trees of your subscribers. If those trees go… so too does your ability to be in business.
    I challenge one and all of the subscribers to join me in underlining the foolishness of Ancestry’s stated intentions. The trees are ours folks not Ancestry’s we can and I will remove it from the site if I don’t see some inkling of sanity return. I’ve suffered the growing pains of your bastard child in the new profile but this is beyond the pale.
    Lets show them the error of their ways folks join me and echo my words.

  367. This will mean that I lose years of work invested in FTM which does not completely translate to Ancestry. It is distressing to say the least.

    Is there a replacement for FTM? Maybe a better question is what’s an alternative to Ancestry? I will certainly be looking.

  368. Carolyn Johnson

    Just bought FTM 2014 last year after holding out since the 2006 version. It sucks. Few of the things I had in the scrapbook on the older version transferred. I’m still in the process of reloading all the pictures, etc. Do we get money back?

  369. Bill

    My impression of ANCESTRY has suffered virtually every time you’ve come out with an “improvement”. Most businesses try to help their customers, not frustrate them.

  370. Barbara

    One more very BAD business decision by Ancestry. I have already cancelled my subscription due to the mess with the online trees.

  371. Sharon Toler

    Now what do we do? I’m sure there are many many people like me who still use software programs including Family Tree Maker. Wrong move Ancestry. Wrong move.

  372. Marcel Belanger

    I too am not too pleased with Ancestry. I too spent a lot of money with Ancestry and now after 2017 what are we going to use ? With all your advertising on TV, I feel that is a blatant false advertising. I’ve been a customer for many years and now i’ll be left with nothing, no software, nada. If this is the case, then I demand that you remove all and any of my data from as well as any other pertinent information regarding any and all my family trees from your file. I will never use any product from Ancestry again, so don’t bother sending me any news letter. All I hope for is your answer stating that you removed any info from my trees that are currently on the website
    Marcel Belanger

  373. Disappointed. My solution will probably be to abandon FTM and Ancestry entirely and rely on my own website which uses TNG software and Google to make connections. A lot cheaper of course.

  374. Jack

    Doesn’t surprise me but Ancestry’s greed will have people abandoning the site as they download broken GEDCOM files they spent a small fortune at and unrecoverable hours building. Truth be told, those that became rich from government records should be thankful because the government should have been competently providing access to those records to all Americans from the start. with it’s records is not a long term business model but competent desktop genealogical program and scrapbook maker is. you can only ride the coattails of privileged access to government records for so long. An actually product created by is needed and one that is better than what your competitors offers. That product was Family Tree Maker SW but not for long we see. I recommend Gramps SW as a replacement.

  375. Alison

    Seriously…I use this to produce charts for the books I write. I also hate the new website interface. I don’t understand why you would pull the plug on this on such short notice .

  376. While I understand that hard decisions have to be made regarding costing and building products, I feel you have failed to see the true impact of your decision. There are thousands of uses of your Family Tree Maker who continue to update and expand their research daily. Please please do not stop this part of your very successful business.

  377. Sandy

    I am retired and my income has greatly been reduced. I have always felt that at least I would have what FTM sinced last. If I can no longer afford Ancestry I will lose all the work I have saved to my account. Likewise the gift memberships I have given, if not financially maintained will lose all their work. How can this support the genealogical community? What plans do you have to upgrade your site to print reports and filter info as FTM currently does?

  378. Bill Darron

    All of us deal with archive materials that are old. Some things that are 100 years old. The one thing that strikes me is that the Internet and web has completely replaced hard copies of most records. The only one real reason why Family Tree Maker is great is because you can print out the information so 100 years from now people can actually see the information. Who knows how the website will do this 100 years from now. We have troubles already with the death of floppy drives, CD’s and some hard drives and it has been under 50 years time!

    Please improve a web way to print the reports found in Family Tree Maker.

    Also needed are the global correction tools, merging and many other features that are very helpful.

    You have much work ahead if you want to replace this desktop offering. Personally, I would prefer if you kept supporting this for the “professional” community. Look to how Intuit handles these issues for some clues.

    I think we should pay for the services we use, not make the software so cheap that it isn’t sustainable.

  379. Helen Ball

    Just so that you can have everyone’s family trees just on your website. SHAME ON YOU. Shoddy commercialism. No regard for your customers who pay you so much money for an increasingly shoddy and clunky service.

  380. Richard Holt

    I think you are under estimating your current users, who use and depend on this product. Most have worked with product for years, and some like myself, predate Ancestry’s aquistion of this software. We have seen many upgrades and improvements over the years, but to drop what has to be the most popular and easy to use method for doing your genealogy is a major let down for users and a big mistaken for your company. PC’s aren’t going anywhere. They are not dinosaurs, but getting rid of this software is making it seem like they are. This is a bad decision and one I hope you will reconsider.

  381. Michael Orr

    You must have a way for all the people to continue keeping their tree updated, I would think. But the statement about not serving at all after Jan 2017 makes me wonder about your choice. If you do not have a replacement program, you would , more than likely, loose many current users.

  382. Dr. Robertson

    Your decision to leave everyone in the lurches doesn’t seem ethical at all. Has the LDS Church become corrupted by the $$ ??

  383. Lesley

    FTM is so much quicker for adding information to compared to Ancestry – example – adding photos – much quicker – tweaking addresses to multiple family members at the same time and so many other points – being able to print off different branches when required (for visiting family members etc) by using a specified person as head etc.

    I depend on FTM for so many different features that Ancestry just does not have. I agree with other comments in that I don’t like your new interface – your life stories feature is terrible – it changes peoples address – example – I’m UK based and say I have someone born in Birmingham, your life story lists it as Birmingham, Alabama! It does this for a few address’ (different towns) – so annoying!

    I agree with the other comments on here in that it would be a real shame if you do retire the FTM software – I find it invaluable and having spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours as many of us have, it would be so upsetting.


  384. Diane E

    I guess I don’t understand exactly what this means. Will I still be able to get access to documents, etc. via – but I will be forced to use FamilySearch or Geni or some other vehicle for the actual “tree”?? I don’t understand how can continue to provide information, but no longer provide a vehicle for logging that information???? Please explain more – I am definitely not happy with this announcement! My husband and I have spent hundreds of hours working on our family trees using this software!

  385. SW

    So will Avanquest continue to supply Family Tree Maker? I think it is extremely poor customer service to inform subscribers only 3 weeks before you cease supply. If I had known earlier I’d have invested in copies as gifts for relatives.

  386. Margaret C

    What is difference between Family Tree Maker and If they are the same, what will you be offering to replace it?

  387. Don Natale

    To the management of ANCESTRY. It appears from the respnses on this subject that you have made a poor decision. However all is not lost – – YOU CAN ALWAYS REVIEW THIS AND ADMIT YOU MADE A MISTAKE ! ! I shall keep my Family Tree Maker and not renew ANCESTRY.COM.

  388. Andrew Mann

    This would be a very SAD day if you decide to go through with this. I have been a loyal user of FTM since when it was still under Banner Blue. Your website is very hard to look at a tree. FTM is a means of looking at information in a very easy way. Not complicated as on your website. This is a large step backwards as far as genealogy. FTM is the best tool you have in getting your info to the masses. Very SAD day !!!!!

  389. Dear Folks: I am an archivist and the webmaster for the Caswell County Historical Association (Yanceyville, North Carolina). We built our genealogical service around Family Tree Maker and have owned every version of the software. This decision by is upsetting. Being able to access directly from Family Tree Maker is one of the most valuable parts of the subscription. I cannot imagine doing without the “hints” feature. Please reconsider. Thanks.

  390. Cheryl Outon

    I too have used Family Tree Maker since the first version and have even been a beta tester a few times. I am very disheartened to hear this decision! I have no intention of ever being web base only on my research! This will certainly add extra steps to anyone who uses and don’t see how it could possibly increase your sales or business!

  391. Kim Penrod

    The interface on is horrible compared to family tree maker. I do not want my research to only be accessed through the website. You will need to come up with another software program or reverse your decision on FTM as I will no longer be subscribing. I have been a loyal subscriber and defender of but no more. Poor business decision.

  392. David Murray

    This is a horrible decision on your part.

    I have decades of research invested in Family Tree Maker going back before was even involved with the company.

    When a company tells me that my investment in them no longer matters, that tells me a great deal about the leadership of the company. I’ll willfully stay ignorant of my ancestry before I give your company another dime.

  393. James C. Freudenburg

    Oh, swell. I have used Family Tree Maker software for years and love it. I got linked to Ancestry a couple years ago and hate it! It mainly seems to be a gimmick to milk more and more money out of the users for “upgrades”. If you can’t be bothered to support the best part of your service, at least be good enough to find a company willing to take it over and continue to support it. By the way, won’t be renewing my Ancestry membership.

  394. Lee Ann

    After being a LOYAL customer for many years of FTM and….what good will your website be if you can’t sync your tree any more and what will happen to the YEARS of work that I have put into research. To say I am disappointed doesn’t even come close to how I feel….I can’t even imagine. I will be cancelling my subscription as well if you decide to go ahead with this foolish decision. What will be the use of having it if it will not sync with your software. I am totally upset over this. Please reconsider what you are doing to the research that so many people do that helps others find past family and even living family members….

  395. Jan

    I am disappointed with this corporate decision – all of my extensive research is on Family Tree Maker, and not on – Fully 3/4 of my 40 years of research will not be published because of this decision. I do not want to publish anything without verifying the authenticity of my citations. I have been a subscriber of Ancestry for years – I even made a commercial for Ancestry back in 2004 in Portland, OR – to make this decision without at least giving your subscribers at least 6 months or even a years’ notice so they can migrate their research, is inexcusable. What software is going to replace FTM? You are disenfranchising your client base; the ones without access to iPads or tablets….the ones who have been faithful to all the versions of FTM through all the years.

  396. Kittie

    I had requested another years gift subscription to Ancestry from relatives but now I don’t want it and will let them know. I will cancel now because I won’t be able to use my FTM GRRRRR that’s maddening I would not have spent so much time with it and PAID to get it if it was going to be useless

  397. LMV123

    Congrats on a super efficient way to alienate a large portion of your customer base. I assume that’s what you were trying to do, as no other motivation makes any sense. I’ll step back now & watch the waves of outrage crash upon Ancestry’s shore.

  398. Dwaine Thomas

    I foresee everything still working, including Treesync as still working after 2017, what do you foresee?

  399. Angie

    I am extremely disappointed in this news. I’ve been a faithful user of FTM since 1995. Ancestry is an addition to my work, while FTM is everything. This will make me seriously reconsider my subscription to Ancestry. I truly hope you reconsider.

  400. Vince Skahan

    I don’t know how to provide my feedback in printable for polite company form, I’m THAT unhappy with how you’ve killed what used to be the best product available.

    When will you Open Source all your data formats and interfaces so somebody can write a ‘quality’ desktop product that can handle the millions of user-years invested in something you’re just tossing out with the trash…..

    Your web-based interface with its ridiculous cartoonish commentary threads is just horrid. I don’t have any idea what to do at this point. Beyond unhappy with you guys at this point. Beyond unhappy.

  401. Paul

    Family Tree Maker is why I use Ancestry in the first place. I’ve always though the Ancestry subscription was too expensive; now you’ve made my decision easy. When Family TreeMaker goes away, so do I.

  402. Sheila

    Well, I won’t be renewing my subscription once you do that! My use of FTM precedes, by some years, the link between Ancestry and FTM and I guess this is true for many other users. I will make sure I have backed up and printed all I need by 2017!!

  403. Mark

    It sounds as though you are saying that you are ending sales of TreeMaker because it isn’t making money for you. Are you sure that you’re not loosing sight of the bigger picture? I suspect that users of your on line business will now feel that you offer nothing more than other companies and you will slowly loose your market share. Targeting short term gains often marks the longer term decline of a company. You certainly aren’t going to win popularity points with this decision and it should have been announced sooner.

  404. Robyn

    Im disgusted in this thought I have used family tree maker for years! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO REPLACE THE PROGRAM WITH A FREE UPLOAD I HOPE. If not my whole family tree/s I will delete on Ancestry and go elsewhere. “NOT HAPPY JAN”

  405. Jim

    So how do we get the functions we used Family Tree Maker for? Are you offering a “non-desktop” alternative? if not, please recommend a competitor whom we can use that has access to ANCESTRY.COM’s data base of our data!

  406. Sue Gill

    Ancestry want us all to use their clunky online interface so they can share our research with everyone. Just because they’re no longer supporting Family Tree Maker it doesn’t mean it going to stop working. If you’re happy with it just keep using it. Unlink it from Ancestry it’ll be just fine, you just won’t be able to see you tree on ancestry. Silly decision, think I’ll move my business to Findmypast instead only, of paying for both.

  407. Paula

    I certainly hope you will develop on the website the ability to create the various charts and reports that FTM can produce! And Tree Sync is so important! I don’t understand how you made this decision – is it that all you really want is the names to be added to the LDS database, and you don’t care about the individuals who, like me, have devoted hundreds if not thousands of hours to family research? It’s not much use to me just sitting in the database. I want to be able to print reports and family trees!

  408. Alan Knight

    Do you intend to provide an API so other software can sync to the online tree? The online tools are insufficient to maintain a large tree.

  409. Deb

    Question: After Family Tree Maker is retired, if I, a paying member for years, decide to stop re-joining every year, 1) will I have access to my own informaton forever? 2) Will others be able to see my info and contact me? 3) Aren’t there some reports options on Family Tree maker that are not on Will I still be able to print reports, my galleries, etc from Ancestry if I am not a member?

  410. Bill Wilson

    This is a very unwelcome decision. I like the FTM interface much better than the new Ancestry online interface. I also like having a copy of my tree on my hard drive, compeletely independent of and any decision the company thinks would improve the bottom line. I also keep my tree on iFamily for Mac, which is a delight to use, not to mention much less expensive than Ancestry. Please reconsider what I believe to be a bad long-term business decision, no matter the short-term saving in development costs.

  411. HollyC

    I just bought FTM3 within the last month – you could have given more warning on this than a few weeks! Your current website is not as clear a place to enter data, the display is so cluttered with unimportant timeline additions – I have to believe you will lose any clients who are trying to be professional in how they research with this decision – a very poor idea!

  412. James Mahood

    Another feature to show tricky relationships would be the ability to put anchor individuals in a group. Then show a tree that showed only people in this group and people that connected them to each other.

  413. Karin

    I think this is a huge mistake. Very disappointed after all of the years and money I have spent keeping up to date, only to be in vain. Will look into using a different site.

  414. Joan Dougherty

    I have used Family Tree Maker since before it was an Ancestry product. Although I also work on my tree, Family Tree Maker provides me with the reports necessary to further my research. I think is a very poor decision on your part. I know many people who are not Ancestry customers who are dependent on this software to forward their search.
    Where are we to go now to print the custom reports we need. I also do not like your new format. It’s bulky and confusing!

  415. Brendi

    I think this stinks unless the printing things can be made available on the site and a way to back up years of research. I am at the thinking of cutting my losses now and finding a new site!

  416. Birk Binnard

    This is a truly stupid decision motivated by greed instead of customer service. What a catastrophic mistake for your company. The least you could do is give everyone who wants one a free copy of the most current version of the FTM software.

  417. Carol Stewart

    Following such an unpopular announcement, I believe you would be wise to post some information on what you propose to offer paying members who, like me, have paid a great deal of money to you over the years to research their family tree. I don’t believe your simple “We aren’t going to do this any more” announcement is going to satisfy the general public for very long. Come on! Step up to the plate with some offers on what you DO propose to offer!

  418. Sharon Higbee

    Apparently your research did not include the opinion of the customers who support I doubt that I will continue my subscription much longer if I cannot continue to use Family Tree Maker or a similar product that can receive/organize ancestry data, including photos, notes, stories, documents, duplicate entries, etc. If you need to increase your income in order to continue to include Family Tree Maker, I suggest that you initiate a referral program that pays/honors your long-time supporters. We can bring in many more subscribers.

  419. sheila

    I agree that the new interface is not the best change that Ancestry has made. I also notice that no responses have been made to any of the legitimate questions asked. Sounds like they will simply turn off the Family Tree Maker function. I suggest everyone grab all their in trees, information and documents while you still can.

  420. Henry

    Not a smart decision with out an alternative does this mean back to hand written records? I am very uncomfortable having all my research in a cloud

  421. Roger

    I think a very real problem of not having FTM is that there will be NO other mechanism to keep a local copy of your records and information. Having everything on line is great but when I want to exit the service or stop paying for a while, then how do I exit and take the tree info with me? I don’t see the web having a full export to GEDCOM feature? Is that coming?. If not it will seem as though the service has me stuck.

  422. Deborah

    Ancestry wants our work and info plugged into “their system” which they will then OWN ….. I will be switching to Legacy for my files and will be removing any personal notes and research from As a member of Ancestry since they first came online, I am quite disappointed in this lack of regard for their customers. DONE !!!

  423. Gene Theroux

    I’ve used FTM for many years and like the program. To me, this is a terrible business decision and enough for me to kick to the curb.

  424. Ian McDonald

    Incidentally, I use Brother’s Keeper as my PC database, and have done so since long before the arrival of the Internet in the UK. I find it simple to use, with every function I require, and without all the unnecessary, pretty, “all-singing-all-dancing” complications of FTM. The only thing it won’t do is sync to Ancestry, which is why FTM is essential to me.

  425. Kathy

    I appreciate the honesty of announcing that profits are the motivation for discontinuing FTM. We will now have access to all that new information and no format to input it. Guess those little leaves commercials will go away. I’ve been a member for over 20 years. Disappointing in every way. Best wishes for your profit margins.

  426. R Greene

    will there be a way for me to sort and structure my records or will I have get another data processing system? Will I be able access Ancestry with FTM even after you no longer support it? Will I be able to access new content with FTM? Will Ancestry provide the means for me to share research and discoveries with other users?

  427. Ken

    One more thing. Will you give us a very good explanation of what things FTM does that online can’t do and how you are going to accommodate these things. Your current explanation doesn’t tell us what you are going to do to replace the things missing onlne that FTM does.

  428. Andrea

    Truly horrible decision. Ancestry is clumsy and I want parts of my files to remain private. Ugh. Awful.

  429. Teresa McGiwin

    I am disappointed as I have used FTM for the past 16 years. I want my tree on my desktop, not on This is really unfair to those who have purchased the software as well as purchased every upgrade that came along. Please reconsider.

  430. Ann

    As a member and user of FTM for over a decade, I echo everyone else’s disappointment. FTM offers things your website doesn’t. This move has certainly disappointed your members and customers.

  431. Terry

    This is a poor decision which will hurt most users. I for one do not want to have my family tree maintained by Ancestry. Please reconsider dropping FTM, or like many others I will no longer continue my membership.

  432. Lynn Wells

    Perhaps if I had started my tree on and had never used Family Tree Maker, this wouldn’t affect me, but I find it infinitely easier to enter information into FTM. If I need to search my tree for any ancestors in a particular location, I can do that on Family Tree Maker. On, the only way I can see to search my tree is by person. If I want to print a report, I can do that in FTM. If I want to do that from, I have to use MyCanvas.

    I suppose I will continue to use Family Tree Maker as long as I can, and duplicate the entries in I can only hope that you will incorporate some of the wonderful search features in FTM into the online, or I will be searching for a new program.

    Lynn Range Wells

  433. Wilfrid

    What a disaster. Refunds are due to all who bought this year. Then we can go to the competition who support us.

  434. This is crazy. I have spent many years and lots of money on this and would like to know what we are suppose to do now. I expect a refund.

  435. Chris Bryant

    Truly disappointing. FTM allows me to take my research on the road on my laptop. It was great to be able to visit gravesites and double-check the info. Not every place has cell coverage and the phone version isn’t nearly as feature rich. Nor is the web version.

  436. Stephanie

    So unhappy with this decision. As we all know, if it’s digital there is always the chance something can happen to your files…need the backup! As well as the other options FTM provides!

  437. David

    So what do we use to do our deskwork? Only your site?
    Gee, just what I really want to do – have ALL my data stored online – NOT! This is TERRIBLE!!!! Oh yeah, no sites have ever crashed or been compromised. RIGHT!!! Sounds like greed to me. You used us and our FTM info to build your “empire” and now you’re ditching us. Thanks

  438. Sean T Traynor

    I was just about to renew my subscription to Ancestry, again a withdrawal of a service with no notice to us users. I don’t think I will bother with renewing. Ancestry obviously think they have us over a barrel. NOT GOOD!>

  439. Scott Lackey

    What a horrible decision. you make your website nearly unusable with a lot of big graphics and now you want to cancel a program i’ve been using for 20 years. Please quite your job immediately

  440. Judith

    The info provided talks about ‘apps’, You can’t use your phone to keep the files. My files are enough that I use a back up drive. They have not said if you still have the program you will still be able to ‘sync’. Otherwise it means would have to enter info twice. I can still use FTM, but make it harder. Will canx membership with Ancestry when subscription ends. NO THOUGHT HAS GONE INTO THIS DECISION.

  441. Janice Schmidt

    This is a BIG mistake! I think those in charge need to rethink this. Or, those of us who routinely use FTM to interface with Ancestry may need to rethink our subscriptions. This is a very poor decision. I hope based on all the comments you have received that you will reverse this decision.

  442. Bill

    What you do not explain here is how Ancestry subscribers and FTM users will continue to develop and maintain their family history records. I’ve been managing my research through FTM for many, many years but you offered no explanation of how we go forward. This hurts deeply!

  443. Michael Dixon

    If you retire the core product, where researched data is held, then genealogists will naturally revisit other market sources for raw data. It seems like your new corporate strategy will necessarily reduce your competitiveness! Have simplification policies obscured the ultimate effect on your Market Position and your eventual fall in revenue?

  444. DeDe

    One more nail in the Ancestry coffin. They want us all to use their STUPID new online product. I had switched to using FTM as a front end to avoid having to go into new Ancestry, now that will be taken away. I will never trust Ancestry again.

  445. Andrew Jolly

    What’s everyone morning about – just because FTM is being retired doesn’t stop it working on the desktop. Presumably only the syncing will.

  446. Brenda Lefley

    Ooooo mmmmmm gggggg ! My daughter has literally just bought me ftm for my birthday ancestry are really winding me up now . I asked for ftm for my birthday because I hate the new ancestry and hoped to manage by using ftm. Ancestry. …you are now persistently not listening to your customers. Why? We have made you who you are and now you are treating us very badly.

  447. Carolyn

    I’m extremely disappointed with this decision. I use both online ancestry and FTM & find FTM has much better functionality in report generation and maintenance. I’m very uncomfortable with losing the option to store my precious information on a hard drive in addition to online.

  448. Toni

    Are you just stopping support of FTM or the interface to FTM? Is there a suggested replacement? Am I suppose to keep my tree on your site and if so, wouldn’t you own it? Have you ever been successful with vague communications?

  449. margaret

    I’ve invested well over $200. US for Family Tree Maker for Mac and updates. Your decision is outrageous. You are kicking all your loyal and paying customers who have got the company to where it is today. Clearly you have no regard for us. I’m so angry I must stop.

  450. Brenden Preece

    Can you clarify that we will still be able to use FTM in its current version on our PCs. And if so will we still be able to search Ancestry from within the program?

  451. Steve Wynn

    Currently the content accumulated over the past 8 years lives on my hard drive. Content found after Jan 2017 belongs to who? Will new subscribers then never have the ability to capture the data and only visit it as subscribers in perpetuity?

  452. Debra

    This is an unbelievably harmful decision for those of us who use FTM as a backup for what’s in Ancestry and for FTM’s ability to print reports to share with others and for our own purposes. All digital data is at risk from loss, even with backups, and I depend on FTM for that added measure of security and control.

    Perhaps your vision is to port FTM’s capabilities to the online experience, but I don’t have high hopes for success there given the problems with the new Ancestry (functions that remain absent or don’t work consistently, for example).

    Over my years on Ancestry, I’ve seen more “dumbing down” of the interface than I have seen improvements. FTM was truly a bright spot for its flexibility in reporting.

    Please reconsider.

  453. Jodie Zoeller

    I am very disappointed to hear this announcement. I have been a user of both FTM and the website for many years. I think you are making a big mistake because serious genealogists use FTM offline with online backup. At this point I’m going to have to rapidly merge my trees which aren’t merged yet.

  454. Marianne Hale

    I’ve had FTM since #1 came out – which was then owned by a local company, Broderbund. They sold out to Mattel – who quickly sold it again. I’ve upgraded every time since then, and noticed that after calling tech service last month, a new company takes care of it now. I would have at least figured Ancestry could afford to carry this vital program, because you’re the most expensive genealogy website, and like many other researchers, I have supported you all this time by renewing my subscriptions. So Ancestry… what happens when FTM errors out on my 35+ years of research? Maybe I should just chuck my renewal to Ancestry, and get it at the library for free. Or maybe you’re just trying to get everyone to upload their family tree research to Ancestry by getting rid of FTM. Lame move.

  455. Sandra Holt

    This announcement makes me very sad. I have been a Family Tree Maker user and a paid Ancestry user for about 14 years. I am very computer literate, an like a lot of others here, prefer to work on my desktop for genealogy. Apps are fine for travel an such, but does not meet the need of a genealogist for every day entry & out pit. I have tried some different software & was not pleased with the look, ease of use & output of print items. This will probably prompt others like myself to go to one of the other paid genealogy sites. Please rethink your decision. I know you are coming from a “money” viewpoint, but that isn’t everything.

  456. Judith Campbell

    I am horrified! I want to own my own data! How dare you make this kind of a decision. Guess I move on. Your research tool is topnotch but as a historian your are now of no value to me for my own work. I will keep my account but will now need to build another repository for my data.

  457. Madeleine

    I find this outrageous. How can you do this? I use FTM to make books of my ancestors and descendants. I think the reason you are losing people is that your family trees are not private enough. Your so called private trees are available to the public. How is getting rid of FTM going to rectify this? I have been a FTM user since 10. After you took on Roots. There are things you can do to make FTM more usable one is to allow insertion of documents and pictures into genealogy reports . Books can do this with inserted pages but this does not satisfy the closeness of documents and pictures in descendant and ancestor genealogy reports. What do you propose to fill the gap in software for tablets and phones that will take the place of FTM on Desktops ?

  458. Dawn

    I have been a subscriber of Ancestry and Family Tree Maker since you purchase Roots program. I am terribly disappointed in this discussion to cancel Family Tree Maker. Please provide an alternative so I can transfer my information from this program. This was such a slick way to access Ancestry. I can not see once continuing with my subscription once Family Tree Maker is no longer useable. One very disappointed long term member.

  459. Mark

    Please give us the specifics about what will replace FTM. How will we be able to perform specific and detailed manipulations of our tree data without a feature-rich software program? Surely you don’t expect the Ancestry applet to do these things? If so, goodbye Ancestry, hello competition!

  460. I don’t get this. It is because of your Family Tree software that I USE Ancestry. Not the other way around. So what happens now…we lose all our data on our trees? I take it you are abandoning us.

  461. Jeannie

    Unbelievable I cannot believe y’all are expecting us to put our information out online for people to be able to access it and get more information for victims of identity theft I do not want my tree online if I did I would use it in the first place instead of buying your software which I just bought and I would like a refund as well you will have a lot of people using other means in search bad idea

  462. Cole

    If Family Tree Maker is to be retired, its functionality should be available on Reports in particular are the main reason why I use the software.

  463. Daye Irving

    I just purchased an upgrade for my FTM. I want a refund, s within a month you have made it redundant.

  464. Brian Richards

    Dear Kendal Hulet, I think Ancestry needs to do a lot more to explain how they will replace the functionality of the desktop software with online services or do you have no plans for that?. I expect that many users will not want to continue to trust Ancestry with holding all their private data files and notes unless there is an assurance that we will have unlimited access to these whether or not we maintain a continuous subscription to Ancestry Databases.I agree with C Maarie Steele’s comment above about the quality of the new online interface which fills people timelines with lots of uneccessary data about events that may not even be relevant along with the birth and death of every family member. Unless Ancestry is able to provide the level of control that we have at the desktop level in a future online environment I expect you will see many users moving away from Ancestry altogether. You need to make your plan clear from the start otherwise I guess we can assume you have no plan.
    Regards, Brian Richards

  465. Laurie Ulrop

    I seriously hope you are reading these comments!! How could you do this? You will be destroying everyone’s family tree that they have stored on your site? To what end? Are you going to increase the prices and expect people to stay? Sorry, that’s not going to happen. I hope you go through these comments and answer each and everyone one of us. We need to know what to do…..

  466. John Kenneth Fisher

    This is incredibly disappointing. FTM was an essential part of my Ancestry use. I think you’re making a mistake, as no serious user is going to let be the sole repository of their data without the ability to keep an uptodate copy locally as well.

  467. rosemary

    so disappointed FTM is so easy to use. How will we take our FTM on Laptop to a library, archive or relative, open the section we want and do the research there & then. Archives and relatives don’t all have wifi to hook in to. I’m disgusted with such a self serving decision by Ancestry. So FTM is useless I suppose and Ancestry’s hints are worthless as is their ‘new look’ for idiots site.

  468. Bob Butler

    I am amazed at the lack of foresight in making this decision. I cannot understand how Ancestry could not understand that although the majority of research takes place on line the recording and maintaining of records relating to the family tree is primarily stored on a computer – online trees are only used to assist in the search. The way FTM and Ancestry work together was my main reason for choosing this combination. The break in the link will reduce my reasoning for maintaining my Ancestry membership.
    A great disappointment.

  469. BJ Mills

    Can you absorb FTM into Ancestry so it will remain available? FTM is my #2 genealogy tool. Ancestry was my #1.

  470. Susan

    I paid AUD $90 to download FTM in August from the Mac App Store and now it is no longer available. If my software becomes corrupted how am I supposed to restore it? A Hugh majority of people researching are older and don’t have unlimited access to the Internet and small data plans. I am extremely disappointed.

  471. Grant

    I’m not comfortable with this. Since you’ve already decided please give us a way to remotely and independently back up 100% of all our data, links, photos at a location we choose.

  472. AP

    FTM was the only way to manage trees with thousands of people effectively. If you aren’t going to support it anymore, support the sync API and open source the software on GitHub.

  473. Terry

    This is a mistake, so now we will only be able to store our info online. I’m with the others, I want refund on Family Tree Maker. The most recent changes to the website are terrible.

  474. Gwen

    Another bad business and PR decision from Nothing else to do except wait to see who will take over this market.

  475. Ruth

    I am very disappointed that Ancestry has decided to no longer support Family Tree. I have been a subscriber of Ancestry for many years and have thousands of hours invested. I will be extremely hesitant to commit my research to any future Ancestry programs or projects given the likelihood of another abandonment. I realize this is a business but continued support for legacy programs is part of maintaining a company’s business and good name.

  476. Marcel Jusaume

    I along with the many who have already commented think this is a bad business idea on many fronts. I have been using FTM since DOS version 3.0 and Ancestry since 1999. I rely heavily on FTM for my research and data entry. I use ancestry to look up records. I do a lot of detailed editing and note taking in FTM. the Fan charts and group sheets I produce and use are invaluable. If Ancestry is going to cut us off at the knees with no other options I think this is a very bad idea! I will have to seriously evaluate other PC based software this year and start migrating my research and $$$$$ to other resources!

  477. Chris Luppens

    I bought my first copy of Family Treemaker over 20 years ago. There has never been any indication of financial issues. I can generate reports etc with the software and yet there are errors etc that are on the versions of my trees on the website. So suddenly we go from being able to do things consistently to hopefully someday being able to do some things correctly. I am looking for another place to continue my work. How disappointing.

  478. Steve Rudge

    I too will stop using if this is to occur. I have purchased several versions of FTM in addition to continuing to pay for Ancestry over the years and having my DNA processed through Ancestry. I depend on the sync the Ancestry tree with FTM and have no intention of having my only tree being kept on your website. I will be withdrawing all of my association with if this is carried forward. I too am not a fan of the “new” in that I don’t care how pretty it looks or that you can insert items of your choice into my timeline/story, but I will live with it if I still have FTM. I am guessing that I am now on my last subscription to

  479. Don Inbody

    I am exceptionally disappointed with the cancellation of FTM. As stated by several commentators above, the online Ancestry is junk compared to the capabilities of FTM. I hope you will reconsider this decision or, at least, provide us with alternatives better than the online web-based access.

  480. Diane

    None of you really think anyone at ancestry cares, do you? Do you think you’ll get one answer from them? You won’t. They’re money hungry jerks who could not care less about their customer base. The only way to fight this is with your wallets and pocketbooks. Stop subscribing. They’re banking you won’t, but show them you will. Bankrupt them, don’t send them to the bank with your money.

  481. Mike

    Ancestry is going downhill fast. The layout of searches, the auto-fill that is inadequate and now this. I am totally disappointed and disgusted and will cancel my membership. I have invested a lot in Ancestry and Family Tree Maker – seemingly to be lost through your inability to understand members needs. Read all of the above comments.
    How selfish of you not to consider the wishes of hundreds, if not thousands of members.

  482. Rhonda

    I have notes in FTM that don’t sync with Ancestry. How do I keep them? Please reconsider and keep FTM. People still use software. How would I print group sheets and trees? This is not a good decision! Please reconsider this move.

  483. This will be the second time that Ancestry has screwed us over. The first was MyFamily and now your closing out FTM without a suitable replacement. If you continue down this path you will not receive any future moneys from us. Have you received any positive feedback?

  484. JMR

    I literally thought a family member was terminally ill & dying when I read this. I have talked more people into using Family Tree Maker and have updated every time there was an new update. It is better than anything out there and easier to use! Very Sad!!

  485. Jimmy Deas

    I have used the Family Tree software for years and have built a large file of my ancestors. I do not have my data posted on I am a paid subscriber to,

    I am shocked to receive this news of this software being discontinued. You say that the users of your software is getting smaller and smaller. I find that hard to believe. I hope you will reconsider your decision.

    What software on the market do you recommend users like myself use?

    Also, I cannot help but wonder if this is not your way of forcing us Family Tree software users to dump our genealogy data on

    Please provide me with your response.

  486. Joyce

    So disappointed! It really frustrates me about this decision…FTM is so useful and I definitely will take my family tree down if this isn’t resolved.

  487. LLeon Nickels

    I really like he ownership and comfort of having a backup of all my hard earned data. What will be done to replace this?

  488. Joe soap

    I think anyone they requests a refund should be givin one . Shocking news, I have been using family tree for over 10 years , and I will not be changing , so it looks like I’m not renewing my membership at the end of this month.

  489. Joshua

    I am with a lot of other users and think that this is a bad idea. There are things that I prefer to do online but the sync to the software allows me to backup data, sources, pictures, etc. automatically to the software so that I do not loose them. The ability to create different reports are also a plus with the software that is not available online. I also use the date correction, location correction, and duplicate finder in the software as things copied from certain sources are not always formatted the same. I hope that you reconsider this or look at the things that people use in the software and add it to the online system.

  490. Bill Woodard

    I just want to add my voice to those who are extremely disappointed in this news. My suspicion is that virtually all of your serious users are desktop users of FTM. It is just so much more powerful than Ancestry online. I am also not a big fan of most of the new online interface. One of the other comments referred to it as childlike and much of it is.

  491. Vince

    No problem. When you stop supporting the software, I will stop supporting Hopefully a viable alternative appears shortly after.

  492. Lynda

    Wow – I was just ready to re-subscribe to work on mine! What the heck does this mean? All our hard work gone? Hello? No real explanation here of what will happen – we need more information – what a terrible thing to leave us hanging here!

  493. John

    Ancestry users have spent a lot of our time and money building a database that Ancestry charges us to use. We have added pictures and documents that are used by others who also pay to have access to our information. This change will disenfranchise many of us who made Ancestry what it is today. I for one will make my tree private and I may eliminate it from your website all together. I will contact customer service and let them know I don’t want to automatically renew my subscription.

  494. Amy Hewitt

    I am very disappointed. I started using over 10 years ago when the software came with some CDs. The CDA are no longer available because everything went on the web. I have only used the software programs for my family research. What is the software version going to be replaced with? The software programs helps us keep our information organized. Again, I only use the software programs.

  495. Do you have plans for new software to replace FTM? If not, do you have recommendations for desktop software that will be able to work with syncing with our tree on

  496. Angela Walker

    I have used ftm and the ancestry site together for over a decade. I can understand business decisions even if I dont agree. But giving less than a months notice is appalling. I will be cancelling my ancestry subscription.

  497. Joe Springer

    If this is true, and the sync option is no longer available after 2017. I will expect a refund for the software I have purchased. If no refund is given I like the idea of putting false information on the site well I keep the correct information in my own personal records. Let’s see how long your company last after 25% of us choose to do something like that.

  498. Jane Cooper

    As I read through the comments most of them seem to reflect my own concerns about what will become of all the work I put into FTM over the years – and what the options will be. Will any of these questions be answered or is the comment section intended only as a place for us to vent while ultimately we will be left high and dry without answers?

  499. Jim F

    This is a total disaster. Ancestry is difficult to use and I do everything I can to make sure someone picks and continues FTM. YOUR company is making a stupid and in the costly mistake.

  500. Kev

    I must say I’m disappointed to hear this. I use FTM for all my research, the online version is crap compared to it. I’ve been looking at alternatives and will probably switch to another service sooner rather than later to iron out any problems transferring data across. I think MyHeritage looks good as a paid service as they have software to use with it too.

  501. Audrey

    Apparently you didn’t ask your customer base as to what they thought of this idea…So very this is the best software available!

  502. Karl

    So without Sync ability, you expect me to continue to update my tree online for your benefit only? Fat chance.

  503. David Poole

    Very disappointing. The website is great for research, but working on the tree is quite difficult as compared with the software. I find it hard to believe you did any market survey on this move.

  504. Don

    Did not see that coming. Please reconsider. My decision as to renewing my membership just got made for me.

  505. C. Parquette

    How about a refund or credit towards for people who paid money to buy this software within the past year?? If you were even thinking of discontinuing it you should not have been promoting so much to your members!!!!

  506. Patricia McLoughlin

    Sad news. I have used Family Tree Maker for more years than I wish to remember and have found it to be a wonderful tool! What alternative are you suggesting for the future following Jan 2017, please.

  507. Keith

    This has got to go down in history as one of the stupidest software decisions ever. Are you crazy? Couldn’t you find someone to pick this up and offer it going forward? Did you ask us, the USERS? NO ONE ASKED ME! Where am I supposed to keep my tree info, if you kill this product? Unbelievably stupid! Remember “New Coke?” That pales by comparison to your poorly timed, terribly DISORGANIZED pronouncement!

  508. Robert

    I have researched my ancestry since 1982 using FTM v1.0 from Broderbund. I have upgraded numerous times since and now use FTM 2014 from Ancestry because of the sync feature ( of which I have experienced numerous problems). Now what ? Will you be adding features to create PDF files ? What other enhancements are in the works ? Also the cost for monthly/yearly premium access I find too costly. It seems this change is driven by $$ and not best product experience for users. I echo other comments–PLEASE RECONSIDER THIS CHANGE.

  509. Carmen

    Bad move. It seems Ancestry wants a monopoly on all things genealogic. By dropping support for the most popular tree program, they will lose many of their subscribers. The next thing I want to hear from you is that you have changed your mind about this.

  510. SW

    I, like others, prefer not to store my family history research online, but on my personal computer. I suppose if we are all forced to use online software, it will be accessible to ancestry staff and hackers. Appalling decision.

  511. So they need to give away or create an open source version and let the community take it from here…then offer services we can still plug in to for a fee…everyone happy

  512. Clyde Defnall

    This is a real let down. I probably won’t renew next time. Maybe you will provide a FREE replacement.

  513. Sharon

    I am not happy with this decision either. I regularly use FTM for maintenance work as the online version doesn’t let you look at sources, facts, places like FTM. And I regularly print reports which you can’t do online.

  514. Melvin C. Eley, Jr.

    I too am extremely disappointed with this decision … for the reasons cited repeatly by my counterparts above!!!

  515. Susan

    People, don’t lose sight of the fact that there are OTHER desktop genealogy software programs. I switched from FTM to Legacy some time ago. This move doesn’t surprise me in the least, except for the lack of notice to its faithful users. The sync was nice IF it worked, which more often than not mine didn’t. Produce a GEDCOM and import it into your new software. Easy, peasy.

  516. Richard Rowland

    Very disturbed. Even thought the Mac version has major bugs it’s all I have and I’ve invested so much time building my tree with pics and documents. I Ancestry won’t work the same way with other software I will surely be finding a new place to do my research and finding new software. I think you have made a greedy huge mistake here.

  517. Kristine

    This is a HORRIBLE mistake by you. What do you think your demo is? Do you think it’s hipster Millennials or do you think it’s people quite comfortable with using desktop software??

    This is just an ill-informed move on your part. Family Tree Maker has so many tools available, so much organizational things to use, places for records and photos, all in one place.

    What are you replacing it with?? Or are we all supposed to now pay $30 per month to use your site directly??

    If that’s what you expect, no wonder you’re trashing FTM. It’s all about revenue.

    You’re hurting your customers with this. FTM provides entirely too much for it to all just disappear.

    I sincerely hope you plan on replacing FTM with similar software or an app–something that will NOT require a monthly fee!!

  518. Robbin

    The online trees are fine as long as you pay the yearly subscription – but you need a software package on your own laptop/desktop when you decide not to renew that subscription as you will not have access to your own info that you have provided Ancestry over the years if you don’t pay the fee!

  519. Allen

    This is a big mistake, the online version can’t do half of what the program can do. In addition you are alienating people like me that can’t get high speed Internet and are forced to work offline most of the time.

  520. Ruth

    Terrible decision. Leaves us without anyway to save our trees to our hard drive. It’s like you want us dependent on your site. I like saving the tree to my hard drive as a backup to the web site. You’re just abandoning you customers that have paid for the software,

  521. Bijou

    Learn a lesson from Coca-Cola and turn back now. It’s not too late to rescind this decision. Obviously, you have many FTM fans.

  522. Ruth

    Please reconsider. I love family tree maker. It is easy to use and the reports are awesome. I don’t always have online access so you’ll stop me from updating. I also will drop Ancestry January 2017.

  523. Mary Langsdorf

    I am so upset about this . I too think the the sync feature is what keeps me subscribing to ancestry. I will not only keep my tree on ancestry website. I want one on my computer. Please reconsider this decision!!!

  524. Helen

    I CAN NOT believe you are going to do this. I have been using Family Tree Maker since it came out and Ancestry as long. I always bought the new editions when they came out, even thought sometimes the upgrade was not significant enough to warrant the cost of a whole new product because I appreciated the software. I love that they will work together. When this runs out, am I suppose to type in all my information all over again in a new program, because FTM gedcom doesn’t copy everything? Gee Thanks!

  525. Alan Clark

    As a user of Family Tree Maker for over 20 years I am extremely disappointed to hear you are discontinuing it. This has been the best tool connected with Ancestry. I do not like the interface provided online with Ancestry and find it totally inadequate for anything but a quick look at ones data. If you persist in discontinuing FTM I will be looking for another program.

  526. Mac Hamlen

    Looks like a lot more people are finding out that Ancestry only cares about money. Treemaker was a rip off just as DNA is. Regardless of input from members, you continually do as you want. Looks like a lot of pissed off members who also will not be renewing their memberships. Kind of like a Ponzi scheme, you better be banking on those who have not figured you out yet. Will be real interesting on the 15th when you implement the New Ancestry, which we also don’t want. oh well, it’s all about you.

  527. Deb

    I’m very disappointed by this decision. With other users, I prefer my Tree to remain private and only make it available as I see fit. Also prefer to work offline prior to uploading. I will be sourcing another software package and will reconsider my subscription.

  528. Lee

    This is an extremely stupid and greedy decision in your company’s part. I will definitely rethink my use of Ancestry.

  529. Andrew P

    Guys – this is not a big deal, there are loads of other packages around – most of them better than FTM. The only advantages that FTM ever gave was the ability to add sources automatically (but the notation was always dreadful) and the sync to the website. The sync was handy but frankly you can do the same with loading a Gedcom file.

  530. John Butt

    I, too, am disappointed. We have used The mater Genealogist until it was discontinued this year, We transferred (not easily) to FTM 2014. Where to now? I can see Findmypast or Myheritage stepping in with a replacement but again with more expense for the end user.

  531. Scott

    I’m very disappointed and amazed that management doesn’t seem to understand what we use FTM for–as has been noted, creating permanent records, books, charts and printed reports of various types for various purposes–the Ancestry website and FTM are not interchangeable. The website is designed for searching, and excellent for that. It is not how I manage what I do with the information–that is what I use FTM to do. All the new things mentioned are great, but have nothing to do with replicating the features of FTM that are not available online.

  532. Though your decision has been made already, I respectfully request you reconsider … Yes, many things are going mobile, but the best tool I have to organize and come back to to use WITH is the FTM software and to be able to sync the information I want to upload … it is a sad sad day to do away with FTM … I don’t think you can promise to do the exact same things online as you can with FTM that many of us have used and relied on for … well some of us … more that 25 years … I began using FTM when it was DOS!! … some items I have within FTM do not translate well into the online sync, but I like to use FTM for my research …. fix and set, then sync. It really would be a mistake not to allow some form of FTM to continue … I use it on my iphone as well … every tool at my disposal is best! Please reconsider.

  533. John Richardson

    I see that you have disabled our subscription page, I have an Auto subscription which is due any time now, I wish to stop that auto payment so I can use it to subscribe to another provider. I am sorry you are shutting down, I now start my search for a replacement.

  534. Dennis Knight

    Count me out of the next yearly subscription. I have every Family Tree Maker revision to make my family tree a great one. This move by Ancestry serves me no purpose now. Do not praise your giving us over 70M family trees and turn around and abolish what got you go where you are. Who did you query of declining desktop software sales. My master program is on desktop and use a netbook until I transfer update to the desktop. Time to shop for another program.

  535. Dianne

    I can only echo what I have read above. I have used Ancestry and FTM for 15 years and have loved both. Now what? I am very unhappy at the thought of having to only work online and ONLY with a subscription. I hope you will reconsider this decision.

  536. WHAT?? I do not – and will not – put all my information online, anywhere. I spent months trying to find a good alternative to FTM when I switched to a Mac and in the end I bought FTM for Mac because it was quite simply the best out there with the nicest interface. NOW what do I do? I doubt you’re very concerned but quite frankly my future subscriptions to Ancestry are serious in doubt if you are not going to continue with FTM. So many other good sites out there. Very disappointed and also feeling betrayed.

  537. Nicholas Rassel

    I have read through most of the comments on this page and still have yet to find one that supports your decision. FTM truly was your best product and I am astounded that you even remotely think this is a good business decision. So many of us are working on projects that require the features that are only available on FTM and will still need to use those feature past 2017. I, along with every other FTM user, will be expecting a recant of the statement you put out today. This isn’t just something that your loyal customers are asking for, it is something that we are DEMANDING!

  538. Elizabeth K.Hall

    No Comment. Please tell me how to transfer my trees from Family Tree Maker to Findmypast or Familysearch!

  539. Marjorie Williams

    I use both Ancestry and FTM because I want to be able to have my tree under my control. I want to be able to print charts/trees without cost to me. I want to be able to add my notes and pictures that I don’t want others to see. I am sorry that you are giving up on FTM, it was a great product. But it looks like I will have to look for another desktop program.

  540. Jim

    I am retired and have doing genealogy and used Ancestry /Family Tree for more years than this person making the decision has worked. I have over 35,000 im tree and it did not happen by “Ancestry” dropping these names into my file. I started knowing only my grandparents names and nothing else, perhaps if you, Mr. Hulet, had done so and “built a tree”, you would look at it with, in my humble opinion, other than money and look at it at knowledge. I know change is inevitable, however this change, is moving in the wrong direction and appears to misdirected. At my age I used data instruments, some mobile, to build what I hope my descendents find useful. I just downloaded, about a month ago, another version so I hope I have my work done before another “thinker” has an opportunity to do more harm. If this was done with the support of leadership, perhaps you also need to reconsider your approval.

  541. Alistair

    Very disappointing news. i do not want my only source of family history on a third party site where it can be potentially mined for information. I have many more pictures and documents on my desktop version and choose only to put select content on the web to help with matches, which by the way are few and far between.

  542. Denise

    The volume of comments (234) that have been posted in the short amount of time since your announcement a few minutes ago speaks loudly about what your customers think about your decision to abandon the software. Since I have been waiting for the promised 2016 version of your software, I must say I am disappointed by this news– Can you tell me whether any of your competitors have a product that can be used in conjuncture with your site?

  543. Theodore M Seeber

    Since you are no longer interested in continuing development on Family Tree Maker, is the source code and copyright for sale? I may be interested in puttting together a consortium to continue development on this iconic product that has been around for over 20 years.

  544. Ted Georgas

    This news is depressing. After so many years using Family Tree Software, how can they do this to me and all of the other loyal users? Now what am I going to do to save my years of research?

  545. Ross

    I’ve got LOTS of concerns, and LOTS of questions. Pending their answer (which will be a VERY troubling time for me), and hoping for the best: here’s my feedback: 1) this is a terrible move away from FTM, 2) I need a desktop data base that sinc’s w/Ancestry, 3) there better be $0 for me to access my tree on Ancestry after Jan 2017, 4) forget a refund ! These issues are ALOT BIGGER than $40 !!, 5) the Ancestry view of my tree and it’s info is infantile (ie: VERY poor). I’d frustrated, and DONE. Address these questions, then, no doubt, I’ll have a bunch more……resolution: you guys are leaders, don’t screw that up !!

  546. Laura

    Unbelievable! We have used FTM since 1994 and have over 9000 names! I have just been asking for major updates to families to make a new book. I respect people’s identity and do not put it online. WHAT are you thinking? Why can’t you at least keep what you have and keep it accessible to further update, i.e. Windows this or that?

  547. Cynthia

    I join the voices here expressing deep concern over this notice to retire Family Tree Maker. Most of us purchased it because it syncs with Ancestry…so it not fair to suddenly drop the service. We pay– what for many of us–is a lot of money for Ancestry’s services. I have been a member since Ancestry was in fledgling stage, and have seen many improvements. Function and reliable sources of information as more as more records are digitized — and ability to work offline and sync information online–are the most important aspects of Ancestry. Please reconsider this idea.

  548. Judy Neese

    I have been a user of FTM since the mid 1990’s, upgrading almost every time a new version came out. Many features that I depended on from earlier versions were removed and I had to learn how to get around it or mostly just do without. When you tied it to ancestry online, I was not a happy camper. Very rarely am I able to get features to work right online. I work at it and work on it with no success and finally give up. Each time you make changes, the learning curve is too high and takes away from my albeit too short time to work on building and proving my trees. If you don’t make things work better and make it easy, I too will be forced to drop the expensive online subscription.

  549. Ryley

    I am so clueless about computers that I have no idea how this will effect me. Please send out a detailed explanation!

  550. Tom P

    Not much I can add to what’s already been said here. I think this is a horrible move. You can’t work on a website offline. There is no better way than FTM for tracking, labeling all the attached media. It’s also been the best way for a complete, safe, backup of all of the trees data. FTM also makes charts, and more that the site will never be able to do. Altogether this is a really bad move.

  551. Absolutely gutted by this news. I and many others prefer to keep our data stored locally, not having to maintain a membership to be allowed to access our own data. I have been using FTM for over 10 years now and WILL switch to another software product that allows me to do this. If I switch software then I wont be using Ancestry in the same way as I do now. No more Syncing.
    Sorry Ancestry but this is not the way forward for me 🙁 sad sad day, It could be a blessing in disguise though as it will force many to swap to other software packages that are more compliant. \

    BAD MOVE Ancestry!

  552. Michael Blake

    I too find this a most retrograde step. FTM is a vital platform for me. I have paid out a great deal to Ancestry over about six years and see this move by Ancestry as a rather self-serving effort. It will discourage many from staying with Ancestry and will reinforce my own feelings about moving fully to fmp.

  553. Peter

    What a half-baked announcement! If you were thinking more from the perspective of the FTM user (I have been using this software since 1998) you would have illustrated some recommended paths for the thousands of users who now feel let down and confused about how to safely maintain and protect all their hard work and intellectual property.
    You have decided to move away from FTM for your own partly articulated reasons, but you have made no effort at all to explain to your customer base how to feel better about your decision. Poor communication!

  554. Sharon

    Well, I guess after January 1, 2017 I won’t be a customer of Ancestry. I only use the online services as a complementary aspect of FTM. The online services are not nearly as useful as the computer program. There are also many times when I am working on my tree and do not have internet. This is just completely unhelpful.

  555. Andrew

    It is really difficult to understand recent Ancestry decisions. It is almost like someone is trying to crash and bankrupt this company. The “New” Ancestry is absolutely horrible to use and now the only other viable option, FTM, is being removed as well. I doubt even the most emphatic Ancestry defenders will bother trying to justify this after the “new” debacle. What an absolute kick in the teeth for customers. I might as well just pay you $50 and you come around to my house and kick me in the groin.

  556. Peter Crick

    This sort of thing always happens when commercial confidence overtakes the original intention to serve the customer. I’m sure it will do you no good.
    You boast of your assistance and hint programme — every single one of your hints has been a relationship that I had already found and installed in my tree. Probably an automated pickup ! I’ll use what you have available, but will cancel my direct debit immediately so you don’t wxtract anything further.

  557. Sherri

    As a loyal user of FTM since version 1, I’m incredibly disappointed! FTM is far easier to use and navigate than the online trees. Plus FTM allows me to work on my family tree without needing internet access. I also like having the security of my own copy of my tree that isn’t dependent on having a subscription to Ancestry. I guess I’m now on the lookout for software that will allow me to retain control of *my* research. I’ll also be reconsidering renewing my Ancestry subscription. TreeSync was the main reason I stayed a loyal customer.

  558. Nancy Dudak

    I am VERY disappointed and will need to look at migrating to a different desktop software. There are times where I work on my family tree when I do not have the option to be connected to the internet. Sometimes I need to look things up and don’t have an internet connection. We would all lose the ability to do that if you make this change.

  559. John Thompson

    Your got to be joking. I have used this for 15 years and love it. Don’t do this it the best thing going for genealogy.

  560. Dave

    If ancestry wasn’t so expensive I’d be happy to subscribe to it. It’s just a money making racket now.

  561. Richard Rowland

    I want a complete GEDCOM transfer of ALL my data and pics when this happens. I am also considering on organizing a class action law suit against Ancestry.

  562. Dennis Haarsager

    Are you guys nuts? Why would we want to trade the intuitive and fast software platform for a clunky web platform that may force us to putting all our data online? Sorry, but this is a big mistake.

  563. Scarlett

    I have many Trees on Ancestry. I use the Sync feature on FTM and this is invaluable as saves so much time. There have been problems in the past with Sync but that seems to have been dealt with. I like to use FTM to make reports, etc. Bad decision on your part. Bad Karma in store for you…you will lose business!

  564. Carolyn

    I’m eager to see the responses to these comments. On first look it seems like a lot of people are being left in the lurch but I can’t really believe ancestry would do that. Would you? btw, I really loved the old format of your website. I really don’t like the new one. Seems like it’s harder to find possible records.

  565. Annabelle

    Ancestry……..are you listening? Time to reconsider and do an about face. Your customers have spoken!

  566. Matthew

    506 comments in about 20 minutes…. this is not going to go the way you wanted. This might be a great time to reverse the decision and gain some good-will from your user base.

  567. Susan Lee

    Without FTM we will no longer be able to customize reports or make books without paying Ancestry. It is a financial decision to make more money rather than helping the people who do genealogy that goes into their computer banks. Your financial decision is going to loose more paying customer overall UNLESS you plan on making ways in for people to create reports and customized books or papers without charging them more money.

  568. Sue

    So then what?? What software are your replacing FTM with? Anything? Ancestry doesn’t have the flexibility that FTM. We need to have something we can use to keep our own information that’s not on the internet. Very poor decision.

  569. Linda Naranjo

    I feel this is a very poor business decision on your part. Many people loyal to Ancestry have invested precious money for many years because of the home software. Now, you pull this tool out from under us? Where is your loyalty to your customers? Apparently, like other American companies loyalty is far down on your list of priorities.

  570. Gwen Dade

    I have spent the last 3 months fixing my database of 22,000 family members that was corrupted by trying to do a Tree Sync, because I was told by you I had too many media files. I’m STILL working on correcting this. And now you want to force me to pay 200.00 a year to have access to the hints and MY data. I don’t think so. I was already frustrated with the corruption of my file and now this!!!

  571. Karen

    I can not believe this! I am in shock.. this is the main reason to stay with I really hate right now, but plan on checking out MyHeritage tomorrow.. if I go that way, I wonder if will miss me as a customer because it is hard to do trees at more than one place for me. That is why I loved because it and my software worked together. If anyone finds a place that looks better than or my heritage please let me know.
    to Alan, please if 40$ is all you have invested don’t feel bad, a lot of us have full membership at over $300.00 a year and use FTM… so thanks for nothing!! we can go to, fold3 and newspapers on our own and find software and not use you at all. I am like Barbara Combs, for over 25 years I have I history with you and spent a lot of money, PLEASE don’t do this!

  572. Sandra Goodrich

    I have used FTM since the very first edition, as well as having subscribed to If I only have the web version available I will abandon ancestry for another product. I want to have a software version available. I find ancestry’s web version very rudimentary and not very inspiring to use.

  573. Guy

    Just bought this and have not used it yet. I would like a refund since you are discontinuing the product. Had I known, I would not have purchased it!!!

  574. Edson Gould

    My Tree goes back to William the Conquerer. Do not do this; it is a terrible business mistake and will cost your company dearly.

  575. Violet V

    What a sham! I’ve been using FTM and recommending it to my friends and family and boasting about what a great system it is and you discontinue it!!! The end of FTM is the end of my use for Ancestry. Good bye.

  576. Monifa Marrero Brathwaite

    The software is actually better than the Web site! I’d be lost without it! This is so upsetting. Really bad move Ancestry!

  577. Kevin Scott

    I have been a FTM user since last century and have upgraded may times. I am absolutely stunned at this decision especially after the website debacle. Why are you deliberately alienating your loyal customers. Is Ancestry really intent on suicide?

  578. Anne

    This is heart wrenching news! I am terribly disappointed in the decision and wonder what to do with all the work I have done with FTM over the years. Terrible decision!

  579. Amy Wilson

    I do not have FTM but I want the option of getting my Family Tree onto my computer for a backup. Have been planning to do this. Is this my last chance? Currently it is only on Ancestry.

  580. I think this is a poor decision. After searching for genealogy software I have been with FTM almost from the time it is has been out.

  581. Stella

    Time to move to another program quickly! I will not be ‘owned’ nor will my hard work since 1998 be compromised by this decision. I am very sorry that I upgraded to my last edition. I debated over and over to buy another product but went with FTM because of the easy sync. Now printing hard copies of everything just in case.

  582. Glennys

    I am disappointed with this news. I was intending to hand what I have done to my grandson to continue.

  583. Sandra

    Please reconsider dropping Family Treemaker without an alternative. Your customers pay huge amounts in fees.

  584. Jessica Murray

    @Dave – We do not have any plans at the current time to allow an API integration from other software companies.

    @Dale – Ancestry will continue to support Family Tree Maker owners that have purchased the software by December 31, 2015 through January 1, 2017. During this time, all features of the software, including TreeSync™ will continue to work, and Member Services will be available to assist with user questions. Ancestry will also be addressing major software bugs that may occur, as well as compatibility updates. If this happens, Ancestry will release a patch through the software to fix major breaks.

    For those asking about how best to backup your trees and data, you can download your GEDCOM to your desktop from Ancestry. You can learn more about downloading your GEDCOM here. Features such as TreeSync will continue to work through 2016.

  585. Charles K

    I am sorry to hear you will not be supporting FTM. I have been using it for years and find it easier to use then going on your website. Will you keep supporting the ability to upload my info to the website? I find I cannot navigate or correct mistakes that I make on the website. I like the access to the databases but now I will have to manually retype the data into my software, my soon to be outdated FTM or something else that I can find. How will I keep data that I need to keep track of but don’t want out there for public consumption? Bad decision on your part. I guess I will have to begin to look for some other place to share family trees.

  586. Andrew Peel

    You will be forced to reverse this decision simply by the number of Members like me who will leave pure and simple. Probably your shortest tenure as a Senior VP enjoy it while you can 🙂

  587. Terry Douglas

    I believe this is the worst corporate decision ever made in the genealogical world! All of us that have bought FTM over long period of years have been abandoned. You used our money to help develop and then cut us off. I echo all the above remarks about having control of my information on my desktop. I for one don’t want to spread my families private information throughout the world on the internet!!! Most privacy and security questions for banking and credit cards ask Mother’s maiden name, date of birth or maternal grandmother’s name, etc for security and displays all that information throughout the world!!!

    I certainly don’t won’t FTM to go away and I hope you will reconsider this move. Otherwise, I will go back to using some other companies desktop software.

    Sorry to see FTM go!!!!!!

  588. Noel Dowling

    Noel Dowling I think this is a disgraceful & highhanded decision and demonstrates a level of contempt for your customers that is hard to fathom. Customers who bought this software and worked hard to build their ancestral tree wanted sole ownership of their family tree for the benefit of their own family. This is their constitutional right but it seems as if feels empowered to usurp this right. Profit comes from customers not before them; if you lose sight of this fact then you have no raison deter for your continued existence.

  589. Alicia

    Really unfortunate decision and means a step backward for those of us who use the tree sync feature – back to before that feature existed, which was not that long ago. I agree with many people here – we should always have a copy of our research somewhere else, in fact, in a couple of other places, because websites do fail, internet access does get interrupted, and we need to back up the YEARS of research we have done. However, there is no real need to panic here. There are lots of other programs to keep track of your research, and I’m sure most of them will allow us to upload the gedcom files we can extract from FTM already. It’s a matter of switching programs and entering information in a different way. I, for one, will be syncing my trees and backing up all of my work this month to prepare for this change. Meanwhile, Rootstech is coming up – I bet there will be a lot of great blogs that review other programs coming soon, too!
    Having said that, as for a lot of the changes to Ancestry recently, I fear that in dumbing down the process for some people, you’ve left the more serious researchers with new problems to manage and are not really educating the newbies properly.

  590. Jan C

    I, too, have been a faithful purchaser of Family Treemaker for many years and find this decision very, very troubling. It reminds me of their decision to stop offering the MyFamily.Com service. Without Family Treemaker, I too, will look for some service other than Ancestry.Com. And it is very expensive.

  591. Peter

    I just want to add my voice to the many other complaints. I guess I will start to look for an alternative to Ancestry now. I simply do not want all my research just on the Ancestry cloud – too much of a risk.

  592. Marla

    Announcing this way, with NO indications of HOW you will replace the unique functionalities of FTM with the features available online, is really disrespectful, and is going to drive users to seek their own solutions elsewhere. Apparently have no problem excluding a lot of internet-poor folks who have to work offline.

  593. Brian Hill

    What a dirty trick. I don’t want my tree on the cloud at the mercy of third parties, I want them on my own computer. Will we be able to export our FTM files to other software provided by more accommodating companies? You’ve not been taken over by Microsoft have you?

  594. Gene Hays

    This is not good news for FTM users. What this means is you will have to purchase instead of a one time yearly purchase of FTM updates. When they say it’s not about money – it is!

  595. Serena

    I am not a fan of online family trees as you have to sign the copyright away when you enter them and I fail to see the benefit of not being able to maintain an offline copy of my tree which I can keep separately. I use this tree to export a GEDCOM version into another app which I use to make my tree portable. This is very disappointing. I was thinking about moving to a more UK based software package and now it seems like that will be a good move to make now you have made this decision. Have you canvassed your users before making this decision?

  596. Amy Urman

    Does that mean that Ancestry will now make available EE quality citations for sources since FTM will no longer be available to cite sources correctly?

  597. John Watts

    The idea of ceasing to provide and support FTM absolutely stinks. The website lacks equivalent functionality and is not adequate for my use as an experienced researcher. I can see yourselves going out of business very quickly.

  598. Donna Hart

    NOT a good choice. It looks like you want to keep control of all of OUR work on YOUR website. You need to change your mind. Obviously, from all the above remarks, this is not a popular move.

  599. David Mitchell

    Ancestry is making a terrible mistake. Removing FTM from the tool kit takes away many features that are essential to genealogists. Tools like maps and place name edits, duplicate individuals, data error reports and the entire Publishing suite are not available on Ancestry web.
    A much, much wiser solution would have been to announce the integration of the FTM tool kit into the Ancestry web environment. This would provide a more stable platform, reduce Ancestry’s maintenance costs and meet customers expectations. And it would have positioned Ancestry in a highly competitive position – the most comprehensive data with a modern, integrated tool kit.
    I would urge you to put more thought into this move. There are too many benefits that you and your paying customers are going to miss.

  600. Robert

    The announcement was apparently poorly thought out, offering “THE END” of what is known, offering no firm introduction of what is to follow. I’m certain the board of directors will have something to say.

  601. Arik

    The cloud doesn’t bother me, since you can still download the gedcom.

    However, I use FTM for reports and for searching for duplicates. You will need to add that (and other functionality) to the website!

  602. Karen

    Devastating news! I am terribly disappointed in this decision. Actually, I was just wondering when a new update for FTM would be available. I am not a fan of having all my genealogical information in the cloud and I’m not a big fan of the tree format on Ancestry. I like the way FTM lets you print out family group sheets and various reports. Please, please rethink this decision!!!

  603. Bruce Frobes

    Shocking…feel like I have been orphaned! After many years and 3900 names on FTM, this is terrible. At 75 I want my family to enjoy my dedication to the family research and you have destroyed that dream. Please give us a “sync” to a competitors product. What are you thinking? You have always improved your products…this is going to cost you a lot of future business.

  604. Michele

    I can’t believe it — I read your email several times thinking I must be misunderstanding your announcement to discontinue FTM a mere year from now. I’ve used your software for approximately 20 years and paid for a subscription for many many years. What will happen to all the “notes” that don’t appear on your website? FTM has many features that your website does not. I have over 25,000 people in my file! Please reconsider this decision. I will not continue to subscribe to Ancestry if FTM is no longer integrated. I will move my information elsewhere if it takes me the rest of my life. I was under the impression that Ancestry was a reputable company that cared about its customers. I guess I was wrong.

  605. Brett Lowry

    If you abandon the core and serious members of your site, your profits will soon go out the door too. The subscription profit should not be the only measure of the value of the FTM software. If there is no way to save my entire work to my laptop, I too will be searching for a new main place to do my research and provide my contributions. Expect your main core user base to join me moving elsewhere for our real work, our real help we provide to others and where our recommendations for purchases will go if the features we use and the value of saving all our work locally for safety are removed.

  606. Judy Ruf

    Have used FTM since 1999 and have over 15,000 persons in my file with thousands of stories, obits, marriage announcements and on and on. I have subscribed to World Ancestry for many years. You are really letting the genealogy community down. I am not pleased with the new search on Ancestry so what is going on with your organization. I can see based on the comments that you did not make any friends with this decision and you can count me as another loss.

  607. Sandee

    Judging by the number and level of the above comments, it looks like the excrement hit the proverbial oscillating blade. I second/echo most if not all of the above comments. I also lament that I will have to spend the money within the next 3 weeks to upgrade my 2011 version of FTM to the 2014 version so that I can download/sync, since I have been working almost exclusively on since I discovered it.

  608. Chrissy

    Is this because it is not compatible with Windows 10?
    I have lost everything I worked on. Have not been able to access it. I also want my money back. I have only had it 2 years. I agree with all that have posted on the fact that this is not a smart decision. Please make it compatible with W10. I feel like I wasted the money.

  609. Dick Leurig

    And when Ancestry sells, as it will in the future to someone, they may decided to kill all the databases. Nothing like DNA, Web Pages, trees, information, is secure as long as controlled by someone else. Welcome to the Cloud age.

  610. I’m very upset about this. I’ve been using Family Tree Maker for quite a few years. It is the place that I keep up with my notes on where I found information and write the story. This is such a bad decision. It truly has not taken into consideration your customers needs.

  611. Geoff

    Surely the decision to drop Family Tree Maker means that you have surely lost the plot! Please reconsider this as FTM is the reason I use Ancestry – not the other way round!

  612. Barbara Braswell

    If someone knows of another site or program where we can put all of our research that we have been working on for 20 years or more I would love to know of it. This is almost worse than terrorism.

  613. Susan Copple

    From my understanding, the current version of FTM will continue to work on our desktops, however, it will not sync with our Ancestry trees. This is such a disappointment. Many of us do research in facilities that do not have internet access. And if we keep using FTM to access the database utilities and reports, we will be required to do double entry to keep our Ancestry trees current. This is quite a disappointment.

  614. Harry

    This is an extremely troubling decision on behalf of Ancestry. You appear to be more interested is saving a few bucks visa vie providing service to your customers. Show me how the website can produce the reports that FTM can produce. Show me how I can keep a copy of my expansive tree on my own PC so I can utilize it without internet access. FTM has many features not available from the Ancestry website – where is the announcement that all FTM’s features will be available from the website? Looks like I’ll transfer to

  615. Chris Wattle

    I believe that you are making a serious mistake in discontinuing FTM. I have used it to desktop publish some 12 books and have 4 more in progress – and I am just one individual. Your loyal customers deserve better from you than this. What will be the next service to be discontinued? Profits come from customer satisfaction and this one customer is definitely not satisfied.

  616. David Kemp

    This is a really disappointing piece of news. I very rarely use the website for research, preferring to use FTM. I own both Windows and Mac versions, so I will now need to look for a replacement product. I keep my backups in the Cloud, not my actual working data, so I will also be looking for another genealogy website that will integrate with whatever new software I find. Even if there isn’t one I will move from Ancestry as a protest. I really am not happen with this announcement and looking at all the similar comments above, I am not the only one. Ancestry are shooting themselves in the foot with this very poor decision.

  617. Laura

    I’ve spent 15 years working on getting my family organised through FTM- hundreds of thousands of names and facts. I don’t do it online for a lot of reasons, and have no desire to do so. This is really distressing as I certainly don’t have time to try to feed all that information longhand into another programme; and, as a student I simply can’t afford to maintain an ongoing subscription to any site. Will there be any feature which allow us to make our FTM files transferable to some other system, or must we consider decades of work just… lost? This seems tremendously antithetical to what researching one’s history and genealogy are all about.

  618. Mike

    This is disappointing news. I suspect ancestry is going the way of 23andMe – DNA product with not much else save a few bells and whistles. The Dear Customer letter indicates that the all features of the software including TreeSync will continue working through 1 Jan 2017; that tells me they won’t be – or at least some of them won’t be post 1 Jan 2017. The software is the mainstay of genealogical research – and you’ve decided to take that away? And since nearly every person who uses the software loads their trees to via the TreeSync function, I suspect will expect manual entry to it’s website, which they must know most customers are not willing to do; that leaves me to believe will also be ending it’s family tree research function altogether. I also wonder whether Ancestry has been “bought out” by another genealogical research organization. At any rate, if is getting out of the family tree business, I suspect to see more “downtime” with server issues due to a reduction in manpower/expertise. Yeah, everybody wants loyal customers, until they don’t need than any longer.

  619. April

    Actually it makes sense, the program is unable to run anything but a very basic reports, and clearly your programmers are not to industry standard. I do not have any online trees, but have in excess of 25,000 people in my program. The website aside from accessing records is no where near the quality of the program and the more you update it the worse it becomes.

  620. Robert W

    While I wouldn’t go as far as to call the Web interface childlike it certainly is visually inferior and more cumbersome than the Family Tree interface. It slso lacked some FTM functionality when gave it a go. I went quicky back to FTM. In addition I am not enamored with yet another database of my personal information being solely cloud based.
    Because you asked 🙂

  621. Karen Nighswander

    I did the DNA a few years ago and you later said that was no longer available and I would have to do it again. And now this. You can’t be trusted! That’s bad!

  622. Shelene

    The main question and concern everyone has, including me, IS WHAT WILL REPLACE IT? If the internet goes down, or there is a “bug” what happens to all the information?

  623. Marlee

    FTM was the primary reason for joining ancestry. Since you are considering dropping it, which I believe is a huge business mistake, will you now offer all it’s functions online?

  624. Joanne

    I feel like I’m being abandoned. FTM is so much better than the online trees for keeping my thousands of attached documents and photos securely organized on my own computer, and because sync doesn’t work with such large trees I don’t use the online version for my trees. Plus FTM has better reporting and other features not available online. I don’t know what I going to do. I’ve been using FTM since it’s first DOS version. Unbelievable! Sounds like laziness on the part of management who have decided to spend millions on TV ads rather than updating and maintaining the software.

  625. DeVane

    I just paid paid more money to subscribe and now you are doing away with how I keep my family history. How can I synch between the two? I there is another program, tell us or send us a refund of the extra cost.

  626. Bill G

    Goodbye Ancestry, no renewal tomorrow when my subscription expires! this will kill ancestry very quickly!

  627. Kim

    All I can say is Ancestry has gotten to big for it’s britches. First it was MyCanvas, now FTM. What’s next? And giving people such short notice is totally pathetic. I have spent a lot of money each year on Ancestry, but I’m going to have to decide if it’s worth it or not.

  628. Frank Savard

    All my questions and corcerns are fairly well asked in the 205 above comments. Where are the answers?
    Looks like a money making corporate decision to me without regard to customers such as I. I have purchased upgraded softwhere everytime It was available. Hate to think the thousands of hours loyal customers have put into their family trees, that have helped Ancestry grow and profit, are going to be screwed.

  629. Brian

    Maybe we should all stop paying for Ancestry and find out how long the company and their web-site will last.

  630. Kristine

    DECADES of using Family Tree Maker & now you’re making all the hours upon hours of work obsolete.

    You are doing such a HUGE disservice to your client base.

    Your obvious attempt at creating more revenue at the detriment to your loyal customers is pretty sick.

    You quite obviously didn’t share any info on an alternative, which means you don’t have one, OR, you didn’t want to add worse news to the bad.

    I know you think everyone will just get over it and forget about what happened–you’re counting on it. But I’m willing to bet you have completely misread your customer base and demographic target.

  631. Judy S.

    I hope you will reconsider. This is really terrible news. I depend on FTM for hard copy, books, etc. Now I wonder if you are going to eliminate in the future and then I will loose all of my research and hard work. Please let us know if you are going to coordinate and sync with other genealogy software. Those of us hard core researchers depend on hard copies. Thank you.

  632. Donna

    I am extremely disappointed. I only purchased FTM about 6 months ago and have so much to do, haven’t even begun my husband’s family tree. Even if you don’t continue to release upgrades, you CAN’T let the sync feature go away. It was the main selling point in my choice to go with FTM over other software. You are holding us hostage to paid subscriptions and that is not something I can always do. What next, will you take away the Ancestry for libraries version?

  633. Ginny

    This is very, very disappointing to hear. So many questions now…..So what software do we use now to build our family tree and keep our information together??? Legacy program does not have a mac version. Will you be coming out with a new software program??? Is going to still allow a family tree on their site and also to link to the dna results??? How will we be able to save document information from into our tree without the family tree program and the tree sync option??? What are we to do now!!! I would like a lot more information about what is going to happen with the software and the site regarding the family tree. I like the others think this decision is a very BIG mistake on Ancestry’s part. A very BAD decision!!

  634. Vicky Blaze

    I don’t mind this being done, but there has to be a way to download our trees to our PC or iPads as a backup or if we discontinue membership. I understand the business position you’ve taken, but it seems you’re shooting you self in the foot. From all the comments, it seems that it would have been better to have given us a way to continue to be able to down load the fed file and media even if it is without maintenance. Just my thoughts. I’ve been with Ancestry for 13 years. Please rethink this, or give us some idea of what other desktop programs will be compatible with our data and graphics. I rarely use the desktop, but periodically I sync it as a readable searchable backup.

  635. Joan Huot

    I keep my old 2002 Family treemaker separate from Ancestry. Thank God. I will be looking a new off-line program. It is bad enough we will be stuck with your “new” and really bad new format in a few days. Do you have any real genealogists working for you or just a bunch of yahoos that know squat about research. No one in their right mind would tie their offline tree to an on-line tree

  636. John G

    Looks like Roots Web will get my business very soon. I have been a premium member since the start and feel betrayed now. Will certainly NOT renew my membership and would like a refund of my fees that you charged me this year. I will also be removing my data from your site. My tree is still mine and you will no longer have it without PAYING for it!!!!!!!!

  637. Melanie

    Looking at the tons of comments rolling in, Ancestry has missed the mark with the decision to put FTM out to pasture. You are hearing from loyal customers that they use off-line software ON PURPOSE. Yes, I share family trees with others online, but data breaches being commonplace nowadays, it’s not smart to put sensitive information and all pictures and documents online. As a FTM user with over 15,000 people, FTM allows me to view information in a way that does not even come close to replicating. As another user said in a comment above, it’s a kick in the teeth to all your loyal and FTM users. Please rethink your plan going forward. It’s a decision that will highly impact the genealogy community.

  638. Raymond H

    Let me see if I understand this correctly, you are discontinuing FTM as of 12/15 and customer support as of 1/1, However, you continue to offer it for salmon your website as of 12/8/15. First you force us to use the new silly looking Ancestry interface, and now you’re taking away FTM. I’ve had enough, I’m canceling my yearly subscription. It’s time to start the Class Action law suit.

  639. Perhaps you will consider donating the source code of your now useless software to the Internet community to maintain as an open source solution. I have never uploaded my research, because of concerns about loss of integrity. While your message seems like it is sincere, it appears to be a money grab. Consumers don’t like to feel abused. Work with us, not against us. It will help your reputation. Long time user, first time caller….

  640. I have to make a second comment.

    In addition to the deplorable inability to print what I need from, I would like to point out that in FTM I can print on ONE SHEET OF PAPER, what it takes THREE SHEETS to print from for the most minimal printing out of one person with the wife and kids. My notebooks (which currently fill a 3-shelf bookcaes) would TRIPLE IN SIZE if I am unable to use FTM to print desired reports such as Pedigree reports and Individual Pages, Ancestry report, Descendant reports (some of these cannot even BE printed from I use FTM and as a “married couple”–without the one, the other one would be about 1/10th as useful and certainly worth the problems.

    I have already submitted a 4 page letter to shortly after the new interface was introduced. Some of the issues have been corrected (although in the last few weeks it suddenly appears as though Gender has become meaningless to you), most have not. There are some good things, but as I have repeatedly stated–I want FUNCTION–I could careless about the APPEARANCE.

    I used FTM ONLY for years until the sync was introduced in 2012. That was a god-send, even with it’s foibles. Now what???

  641. Susan Malcolm

    I am very shocked by this news. I have two trees on FTM with over 3000 individuals, together with photos, notes, sources etc. I find it invaluble.
    Goodness knows how many hours I have spent entering all the data.
    I agree with a previous comment that it is hard work to look around the trees in Ancestry and I don’t like the new display for individuals.
    Does anyone know of any other Family Tree software that is available that is of similar quality to FTM? Would it be possible to transfer ALL of the information on FTM to another product?
    I am definitely NOT happy.

  642. RogerH

    I do not like the new online *experience* and without a way to save my work locally, I will have to look at other vendors for a solution. I do not like this decision.

  643. Donna Stewart

    I am very disappointed with your decision to end-of-life Family Tree Maker. Will there be some new application to provide its functions? You obviously do not want FTM users to make their trees available to other users. Where are we supposed to keep and track the records and information we find on This is not a well-thought-out strategy.

  644. Ron Carey

    This is poor and only considers ur profitability rather than your users. What happens to the family tree info if people cannot pay for your annual fees in their tetirement. It is all about your profits and to force people to stay and pay through the nose for use and access to their trees. By the way the trees aren’t yours they belong to people. Also the current format of your trees is complicated and confusing

  645. Irene

    Utterly appalled by this decision. I have used you for years and have over 25 years research on FTM but this is the end. I won’t be renewing my membership when it runs out and am actively going to look for other family tree software where I can keep a local copy away from the web. Not everyone has constant access to the internet nor do they wish to keep their precious data on your servers – this decision is mad!

  646. William Prendergast

    Like all the many commentators before me, I find this to be a VERY BIG and probably fatal (for my business) mistake for Ancestry. I will spend the next year doing my best to develop non-Ancestry alternatives because I find the web-based/iPad App interface to be simplistic, inflexible and inadequate. If you wish to target your products to the lowest common denominator to maximize your market share, good luck with that. But I won’t be on board if I can find an alternative!

  647. Melinda

    I have invested years into Family Tree Maker. This news is horrible. I am someone who spends half the year away from internet access. I need a tool on my computer to work on my genealogy wherever I am. If my data is in the cloud, I cannot do that. It takes hours and hours to fill in all the blanks with the facts I have discovered. I have years invested in this software. I have done regular upgrades. Perhaps you should reconsider this regrettable decision.

  648. Donna Mosier

    You have lived due to people that have donated information and shared with others. Be careful Ancestry your making a big mistake in discontinuing a software program that has made all of it possible. I for one have been here due to the sharing of such. But as of today Im gone. My money will do better with other companies that stand by their customers.

  649. Susan

    I guess it really is all about the money!
    I don’t want all of my information on line.
    So this is how you thank the people that helped to build your business. Shame on you!!!!!!

  650. Maggie Gammon

    So are you saying that after 2017, the software FTM will no longer work independently of I don’t use TreeSync; I prefer to maintain control of what information, such as naming conventions, place names, etc., is filled in on FTM. I also use it to record research results that I find outside of I understand you won’t be updating the software, which is fine because I’m tired of “improvements” for no discernible reason, but I certainly hope I can continue to use FTM off-line as a stand-alone database and report generator.

  651. Dave Werts

    This is horribly wrong! What are we supposed to do with the thousands of hours we have committed to you and your product? What’s the new software? Where do we go? You’re more worried about the money than providing a great product and service. If this is true you have lost me and my family. Shame on you all.

  652. Phillip

    I have seen nothing from you about upgrading the online tree to the standard of the FTM tree. Having duplicate people in the online tree because they are related and have married is annoying leading me to go FTM for a clearer view of the tree. Will I be able to go into the online tree and correct place names or will I have to check EACH person’s facts individually? What about printing out ancestor or descendant reports? So many questions so little information provided!

  653. Colin

    I have just renewed my annual membership of Ancestry, as the only reason I had it was for TreeSync. I therefore want a refund of my annual membership as you are not fullfilling what I ordered!

  654. Les Meissel

    Lots of good questions already posted. Why is no one at Ancestry responding? I am especially miffed by the very short notice. It would have been responsible to announce that in X years the product will no longer be supported. But less than a month from now? That is criminal!

  655. Catherine

    So we have one year to figure out what is going to happen with all our genealogical research using FTM–a great product by the way. I will be looking for ongoing response from ANCESTRY to assist us. Sorry for your decision.

  656. Jim

    Many S/w companies come and go, but the better ones at least offer an alternative. Ancestry might want to re-think their plan, at least until an alternative software is available for its customers.
    While I like the information of my tree available for others to see, I very much want to be in control of the information I have gathered and cleaned up.
    Again I hope Ancestry reconsiders or offers an alternative method.

  657. Jim Montague

    Ditto on all the above. I’ll be looking for a FTM desktop replacement and canceling subscription. I’ll wait until Christmas before doing so.

  658. Ed McLaughlin

    I have been a loyal user for many years. I enjoy your online services but rely heavily on the Family tree maker desktop version for backups, security and story a considerable amount of information I do not want on my family tree for various reasons. It may not have occurred to you that online is not always available, nor is it always reliable. Between home wireless issues and purely bad connections I and many others do not “fully” trust online applications. My genealogy information is vast and takes up a full 20% of my computer. I do not feel comfortable relying on remote storage for it. I guess what I am trying to say is, assuming you go through with this plan, I will start looking for a new provider soon. I appreciate you informing me now so I can give consideration to dropping my long membership before the new year. Thanks

    Ed McLaughlin

  659. Deborah

    Very bad decision on your part. The only reason to continue membership with is to be able to work on my Family Tree program that I have put years into developing!

  660. Ken Heiferman

    This is a horrible decision. I’ve been using FTM for years. I use Ancestry, but keep my primary information on my desktop. I plan to not renew my Ancestry subscription and find another desktop software program.

  661. Brian

    I’ve only used the FTM software for a little over a year and now feel like I’m being ripped off for investing in a product I was expecting would be around for many years to come. I don’t particularly like the new web site and was relying on using the software instead. From all the comments it would appear this decision isn’t going over well with most of your customers. Have a feeling who ever decided to make this decision didn’t think in through.

  662. Jim Cochran

    Judging from the comments it is obvious your decision is well received. I have been reluctant to Subscribe to Ancestry and you have certainly confirmed my decision. No good for your “Customer Satisfaction” score.

  663. Marcel Jusaume

    An other thought! If we choose to keep FTM will we still be able to Sync to Ancestry after 1 Jan 2017 or is Ancestry going to sever that ability too! Time to start yanking trees off of Ancestry! If I can not use the tools I have paid for and invested many years worth of dollars in the order of $300 per year for the past 10 years as a World Membership person. This is just very bad business acumen! At least allow another software company to Buy the rights to FTM and let them maintain it and allow the API into Ancestry.

  664. Barry Conn

    I am very concerned about your plans. I need a PC based version of my family tree as a backup to the web version I have spent many many years working on my family tree and now you are taking away from me the tool that I use to many my information. Please reconsider. I need the PC based version.

  665. Liz

    I am furious. We have purchased 5 versions over the last 12 years and just a few months ago got the FTM for Mac working and syncing properly after months of frustration. I rationalized the cost and effort by getting it all working for that point forward only to find out that FTM’s future ends in 12 months! I like having the ability to work on FTM offline AND I need my family history stored on my own computer and not solely reliant on ancestry’s storage. I almost switched to a competitor last upgrade because of glitches in the software, now I really feel I wasted my time and money sticking with Ancestry’s product.

  666. Susan Mersereau

    I am pissed.Switching from my previous software to Family Treemaker was based on the Sync feature.

  667. Susan Lukesh

    How will I be able to do reports, charts and all the features of the software program that are not available on line? Where will be able to access these features so that we can correct problems, check for anomalies, and as critically create useful reports which can be downloaded into stories and published material? This may well mean that I move the tree to some other software although I had not planned on such an effort now that I am beginning another book.

  668. Jane

    This is a terrible decision. I do not have my tree online and have used FTM for years to store my tree and other notes. I shall certainly not upload my tree, I wNt constant access to my own information. Shall be looking for other software and doubt that I shall renew my subscription once the support has finished. You are letting down the genuine genealogists who really care about accurate research.

  669. Chris Flaat

    This news makes me physically ill. The website UI is a toy. The Family Tree Maker software is where real work gets done. Looking forward to seeing what other company will offer a real desktop genealogy program, and they will be getting my business (including my subscription $$).

  670. Bonnie Miller

    Heart breaking, I have Ancestry because of “Family Tree Maker.” Family Tree Maker is (in my opinion) your best genealogy tool. Question: This may sound lame but, without Family Tree Maker to sort and record my family findings, why would I pay a $189.00 annual subscription fee for Ancestry? Will you be replacing Family Tree Maker with other software?

  671. Amy Ackerson

    I understand, a little, the financial motivation behind this. It will force us all to have a subscription, pay for additional services like reports that are currently a regular part of FTM, and nickel and dime us. What a shame.

  672. John S.

    I can understand the reasons for this, but for all its warts, FTM offers many important reporting and management functions. For me, these integrated tools were one of the big reasons to build my tree at Ancestry. One can dream that Ancestry will launch an open API that developers can build on, or somehow build new tools for power users… will it happen?

  673. Bill J

    I am agreeing with others, no more Family Treemaker no more Ancestry!!! I want a little control over my tree at home on my computer and hard drives.

  674. Jeffrey Barkley

    This decision makes no sense to me unless new and more expensive and profitable software has been lined up to replace FTM. I have used many versions of FTM over the years and will now be looking at pastures new with other providers.

  675. Teri

    It was family tree maker that made big. I have used FTM since the 90’s then later Sorry to hear this financial decision. Unfortunately it will be very unlikely that I will renew due to your decision. You had a great product and the software program is far easier to use than your online program. For me, online use is good only for research. I have used the software in so many other ways. Time to look for another program and research site.

  676. F Mitchell

    Great news! FTM is absolutely the most buggy supposedly commercial software that I have ever tried to use. I have it on my MacBook Pro, and it scrambled my trees during an ‘update’, and I can’t unscramble them. Multiple complaints to the developer went unanswered. Absolutely no competent support. Good riddance!

    Hopefully FTM will be replaced by a good program that actually works and protects your data.

  677. Kate

    I, too, am planning to ask for a refund. About two months ago, I purchased the software and companion manual at full price. Since that time, I encountered many problems with the transition and was dead in the water for weeks. Ancestry support took over one month to fix my database. I’m not a happy customer at this moment.

  678. Katherine

    This is terrible! I have never uploaded my tree to and never will. I keep it secure, private, and backed up on my computer. I don’t understand how I will be able to work on it efficiently any more if FTM goes away. Will the merging function disappear?

  679. Mind boggling. Are you that clueless or is it really all
    about the bottom line? Do you even listen to your customers? It would really serve you to answer some of these issues.

  680. Mary

    I just rebought FTM 2014 today to get my new computer updated and back onto working on the Ancestry web site… but do not want to lose FTM!!! Now what? I like that I can work offline on my FTM and then sync with my Ancestry tre3es. This really SUCKS!!! 🙁 Not a happy camper!

  681. BCF

    While disappointed, I certainly understand Ancestry’s motive. Their current owner is a “turn-around” company and routinely purchases companies and then takes action to inflate their user base or sales and reduce costs in order to increase its valuation. They then resell the company for a profit. For them, it doesn’t matter if provides genealogical products/services, or makes shoes or make boats. It’s all about the sale. Sad, but since FTM costs money to produce, an expected move.

  682. Isabelle

    No more “Family tree Maker” then I will not renew my membership of Ancestry. I would be interested in how many other members feel the same and if any membership survey was conducted before this decision was made. I will be leaving as soon as my subscription is up as the synch feature and a programme that works on MAC were main selling point.

  683. Richard Holt

    Hey Ancestry, I haven’t seen a backlash reaction like this since Coke introduced New Coke, and you see what a brilliant idea that was. Sounds like this is New Coke all over again.

  684. Tom

    So much negative feedback and I have nothing good to say either. Please provide us with more information and guidance as to what our options are going to be.

  685. john

    I don’t see the point in doing this. People can not be forced into complying to using your cloud interface. We will just move to another DB.

  686. Aled

    This is a ridiculous idea. I’m happy to spend my money with you to do my research, but I expect to be able to keep that stuff safe somewhere offline. FTM does that well. What you are doing is trying to keep people paying large annual subscriptions year in, year out, even after ending the bulk of their family history research. I really don’t like your new Ancestry interface. It simply doesn’t work as well for older users with large screens. It looks horrible: insufficient contrast.

  687. Chayward

    FTM works better than the Ancestry site. I don’t trust the ‘cloud’; the desktop software is more useful to me. You have just decided for me- I won’t be renewing my subscription; it’s far too pricey to begin with – retiring FTM tips the scale.

  688. Patti Krier

    Pls don’t get rid of FamilyTree maker that is why I have for Sync. You can keep selling the FTM on site. Big mistake if don’t keep it.

  689. Monifa Marrero Brathwaite

    I will be cancelling my subscription as well. Rather spend my money with companies that care about their customers’s needs.

  690. Carolyn Whatley

    I am very sorry to hear this. I love Family Tree Software and don’t want it to be retired! Will another software program be offered?

  691. James J. Dugan

    This is incredible. What a mistake. I want all the money back that I spent on multiple updates over the years. Additionally, I want you to compensate me for the thousands of hours working on my family tree. This is totally irresponsible. This smacks of the potential for a class-action suit. Hopefully someone will initiate one soon.

  692. Mary S

    Dropping Family Tree Maker is a serious mistake. I do research when I do not have access to the Internet. I refuse to save all my private family information in the Cloud. I am not putting all my research on your website where I will have to pay a fee to access it and then allow you to repackage it and sell it. I have been using Family Tree Maker a very long time. I guess it is time for me to find something else.

  693. Marcel Jusaume

    I think we all need to speak with our wallets! Do not renew in 2016. there are others ways to get data. I they loose a big chunk of revenue it will get their attention!

  694. Debbie

    I am extremely disappointed in this announcement. While I find the searching within the Ancestry website useful; problem solving, printing reports and other tools found within Family Tree Maker are extremely useful in maintaining an accurate tree to share with my relatives. As with your announcement regarding MyCanvas I would hope you would find someone to support the software and continue to interface with I manage a rather large genealogy club in my retirement community and have been a big advocate of your website and software. I feel very foolish at this point. I am going to have a rather large group of members looking to me for a solution.

  695. Michael O'Sullivan

    Bad idea. The new interface is balky and cumbersome. Now to lose the ability to sych? I will have to explore using some other type of software package.

  696. Michael

    Whoops! Looks like Tim and Kendall just made a very expensive decision. But maybe Ancestry can afford to lose a couple of hundred thousand customers……..

  697. Well guess I will not be continuing with Ancestry due to this bad decision. Will be doing a genealogy do over from Family Tree Maker to Legacy and at least the citations match ESM in Legacy unlike or Family Tree Maker. If they reverse this decision I will remain a loyal customer to Ancestry. If they don’t, Good Bye

  698. Suzanne

    I am very unhappy with your decision. The desktop version and sync is very valuable to me. Sorry, When FTM compatibility ends, so will my relationship with Ancestry.

  699. Andrew P

    My inbox right now:
    22:54 Ancestry to Retire Family Tree Maker Software
    23:28 Legacy Family Tree Online Store Order Confirmation

  700. Tim

    What happens to those of us that will be retired on a fixed income? I do not support subsciption, pay you forever model of Software, by Ancestry, Adobe or Microsoft.

    I have been a loyal supporter back to when Borderbund owned it. When you are done with FTM, I am done with Ancestry.

  701. Lev

    Online experience doesn’t come close to FTM.
    You are not the only software maker in this space.
    But the only reason I payed subs is because of FTM
    If I have to migrate to another software – you won’t get a penny from my subs.

  702. Steve

    Extremely disappointed by this decision. I’ve been a FTM user since the beginning and a World subscriber since Ancestry began. Serious researchers want the software on their desktop and not the childish interface on Ancestry. The main attraction for me was the syncing of the trees. I will have to think hard about renewing in Feb.

  703. Graeme

    You clearly don’t have a clue about your customers requirements, I can’t see many positive comments about your plans. Could it be you have got this completely wrong?

  704. Really? This really does stink – I do a lot of my genealogy work offline, especially when travelling…where there is no internet connection….this is a short sided decision on your part. Please reconsider…..I have not read one comment here that supports your doing this. Maybe you should ask Mr. Hulet to move on – he does not have your customers best interest at heart.

  705. Ian McDonald

    Findmypast allows gedcoms to be uploaded to it from databases on PCs, to create online trees, but it doesn’t allow the uploading of images, which makes that facility useless to me. That’s a great shame because otherwise it would be the ideal alternative to Ancestry trees.

  706. Robert

    My tree is too big for an iPad (after you hit 15,000 people, the performance is so bad it is unusable). The web site is terrible and sync corrupted my ftm tree so many times I stopped using it. FTM is the best product ancestry sells. Not happy.

  707. S Mitchem

    This is totally unacceptable. You ask that we be respectful, but not supporting a software that you are still selling is not respectful to your customers. Even Windows and other software companies continue to support their software years after the new version comes out. You are disenfranchising everyone who have been faithful FTM customers all these years. I just upgraded to the latest version earlier this year and you are retiring it! I am not a happy customer and will tell everyone I know and my DAR friends to never buy another of your products!

  708. Ken

    Since Family Tree has gobbled up all of its competition, I am hoping that you will be associating with some other software maker and make Family Tree compatable with their software. Now that I see this move it is no wonder your Ancestry membership has gotton so over priced. I assume you will still make available.

  709. Andy Styles

    I think you have just isolated many of your customers and forgotten your own roots but in doing so you have passed the ball to your competition. I think you have just made a big mistake. FTM wasn’t the best and people stopped updating to the latest versions due to the problems the newer versions had and so that part of your business naturally slowed down. It is a shame as I did like your product. I think this approach to customer service will shake the leaf.

  710. Mary

    I am so disappointed over your decision to do away with FTM!!! What now? So much easier to work with on FTM! Please reconsider this! It affects so many of us who have worked with this for many years!

  711. Donna

    My ancestry tree crashed three years ago and ancestry was not able to build it back up. It took me over 18 months to repair. I now use Family Tree maker as my ogf the web backup. What am I supposed to do now?

  712. Lauren M Petit

    I purchased my first version of Family Tree Maker soon after it came on the market. At that time, the Internet was in its infancy, and there were few off-the-shelf programs for genealogists. Over the years … many years now … I have continued to support FTM and by purchasing upgrades and sharing my family information on line with others. I’ve also helped countless others connect with living family members and locate information about deceased family members.

    In the beginning, the FTM developers geared their products to those serious about family history research. Many of the early “customers” were contributors to Rootsweb and other free websites and organizations. Customer service was conducted person to person via phone calls or emails or listservs. There was a real sense of community and camaraderie, a willingness to help one another.

    In recent years, FTM and have forgotten their origins, their initial purpose, their basic core values of helping the serious researcher. Instead, they have pushed to introduce new gee-whiz technologies and techniques created by computer programmers who have little understanding and not appreciation for the needs and abilities of those researchers they serve.

    To me, the worst part of this decision to abandon FTM is that it limits … rather than broadens … the ability of family history researchers to do what they love best … research according to our own personal interests and abilities. I don’t like being forced to store all of my data and conduct all of my research via one web-based-only site. Talk about Big Brother!

    In the end, has shown itself to be more interested in bringing in new, short-term customers then supporting and sustaining long-term customers like myself. That’s just a pitiful way to do business.

  713. Raymond Lewandowski

    Not a good move on your part. Give us more detail on how this is going to work for us users. What and how are you going to make it better for us your customers. Not sure if I will extend my membership.

  714. Mary

    It is quite clear that there is no one at Ancestry who gives a flip about anyone’s family tree unless you pay them for it. I think ya’ll just shot yourself in the foot. Do you really think that everyone has transitioned to tablets and phones exclusively? Especially people who are serious about their research and records. Bad move.

  715. Sandy Follmer

    I predict that in the future you will look back and decide this is the biggest mistake you made. Everyone was happy with the old before you changed it to this new online version this year. The old online Ancestry worked well with Family Tree Maker. I understand it has been difficult to link the desktop version with the online version. I have had several errors when linking. However, just go back to your old software and combine it with the FTM software.
    I agree with the person who said what will be the point of DNA, online trees etc. I won’t update my tree on If Family Tree Maker doesn’t sync with Ancestry – there is no point in There might not even be a point to FTM. There are several other desktop version of genealogy trees for sale.

  716. MIchael Golden

    Just sold my Ancestry stock. Will discontinue my World Membership which I have had (or the equivalent) since well before Ancestry acquired FTM. This is the result of a series of misrepresentations, the last of which was when I called to order several new FTM installations and Customer Service had no idea you were contemplating this, or, worse, that they were instructed to not disclose it in order to make last minute sales. They did indicate that you would be doubling the upgrade price with or without a new version. You have just entered the world of Valeant, and your Hedge Funds will suffer the same consequence. It’s what happens when marketers don’t know their customers (and are not, themselves, genealogists). Look at the Blog reaction! Sorry, but I’m shocked, and upset with this decision.

  717. Frank Matticola

    They will Force us to put everything on-line..thats how they keep growing. My input Puts a Shaking leave on the next guy..I will Take my 58,000 member tree down..And go somewhere else with my obsession..There are other Choices that are Cheaper and some that are FREE

  718. Pam Mastin

    “These changes are never easy.” I am really upset about this change. You can be assured that the change will be easier for you than for your customers. FAMILY TREE MAKER

    From your website: “The #1–selling family history software now has TreeSync™. ” Shaking my head!

  719. Richard

    I only began using FTM so I could print out trees and family group sheets. If this will not be available I’ll return to Rootsmagic where this is possible. I’ll likely leave Ancestry all together. I feel I’ve wasted my money earlier this year when I purchased FTM… Not a proper way to keep satisfied customers!!!

  720. Kathy williams

    I am yet another long time member expressing my discontent at the way you have left us all hanging. I have been so satisfied with Ancestry and have sung your praises, but this leaves a bitter taste. Please try to work with your loyal many admirers and loyal members. This could be the end of Ancestry.

  721. William Strait

    I have just read your message about discontinuing FTM and the many messages that decision is generating. I concur with the concerns of most of your FTM customers who have commented on this decision. You should have waited with this decision until you were able to delineate any alternatives that FTM customers will have, unless you don’t plan on offering any. I, for one, have been extolling the virtues of FTM to my family and friends. Now what?

  722. Mary

    Ancestry–please pay close attention to these comments. Also, if people quit subscribing, they should take their trees, photos, etc. with them. Ancestry uses US to provide a lot of their content.

  723. Denise

    I am always suggesting to my friends to by tree maker – much better than ancestry online. Should have realized when some of the features have been disappearing. Combined residence inforamation, the ability to correct records, etc.

  724. Kayla

    This makes absolutely no sense. The reason buy Family Tree Maker is because it sync’s with Ancestry! We need more of an explanation. Please reconsider this poor decision.

  725. gerlad

    I too have supported FTM for many years. I was just online to sign up for another subscription, but now I will rethink that option. So Sad!!

  726. Elizabeth Metcalfe

    I am devastated. As a Mac user, I was really hoping to be able to continue using FTMforMac 3 with the new El Capitan software. Ancestry’s decision means no more genealogy searches for me.

  727. Harry

    Astonishing!! Flabbergasted!! Baffled. The comments on here show how badly this decision has been thought through and how little the market is known. The web version is rigid and dreadful and lacks power and utility. The absence of export facility is such an astonishing weakness that serious users will never use it for their research. Please think again.

  728. Mark

    Terrible decision by Ancestry. Sofware like FTM is essential for all serious family historians. I want to be sure all my data is backed up and available when and where I need it. If you won’t support FTM we won’t support you.

  729. This is the worst thing you could do to get rid of the FTM. The new Ancestry site is horrible to use and should be revised to look like the FTM software – perhaps then people would be more affable to the change. The idea of having to subscribe continually to Ancestry will be the only way of looking at my family tree. I do not always do research each month so take a break from my subscription – looks as though this will be impossible if I just want to look at my tree once in a while.

  730. Carolyn Keller

    Seems to me that someone at the top listened to the wrong people in making the decisions and honestly doesn’t know real genealogists. It seems to me a wiser move would have been to listen to your consumers. I tried to share my feedback and obviously it was not heard nor did you care. Just read all these blog posts I am not alone in my feelings that you have doomed Ancestry. Good grief! Sad day

  731. Russ Brady

    Looks like the LDS have had a vision of where the cash is and want to be at the trough when it rolls in. Next move will be making Family Search cash only. Now if we need to take several trees and consolidate them and make a new one in FTM we won’t be able to. We all should have seen this when Ancestry foisted the “new look – less functionality” of on us. You people looking for a refund are funny. Refunds aren’t where the money is.

  732. Dan

    So all that’s left of Ancestry is the ‘way too many mouse clicks’ website. I’m so glad I moved all my records to Roots Magic. Now that FTM is no longer, perhaps you will let Roots Magic have a copy of your API and I will consider renewing my Ancestry account. Otherwise, goodbye for good.

  733. Cindy

    This is sad. I have used FTM since the floppy disks and I still have all of them. Ancestry is not 100%, FTM is not 100%, use both just in case one fails then I have a backup. Can’t always afford to have ancestry.

  734. Katharine

    DON’T DO THIS. I hate the “new” online Ancestry — the only good thing about it is the Sync feature. You take that away, and I, along with many others, are gone. I won’t spend money on a company that cares so little for its long-time, serious customers — all Ancestry seems to care about now are newbies and those who like dumbed-down garish online crap.

  735. Marguerite

    What will be do without FTM. I have been using FTM for years. What will happen to our files and info we have on FTM.? What Desktop software will replace FTM to preserve our files? I’ m sure everyone has a lot of time and money invested in Ancestry and FTM not fair to be left out in the cold.

  736. David Hammond

    A total shock and the stupidest marketing decision since “New Coke”. The true objectives of Ancestry’s UK private equity owners (Permira Advisors) are fully evident–show me the money! My database of over 10k individuals is completely formatted in FTM and no, very little of it is synced to Ancestry for privacy purposes. I just renewed my Ancestry subscription but clear now that I have to begin researching alternative service and software providers. Please, please re-think this awful decision; you are alienating millions of Ancestry customers!

  737. Steve

    I have used ftm for a long time after paf discontinued their software. I also use ancestry heavily. However I do like to keep the data secure on the desktop and use the ftm features. I only put up a skeleton version on ancestry via gedcom files. I think you need to modify ancestry to be able to hide a lot of the personal info in ftm before i switch. Ie, I’d want the option of not showing notes and media. I realise I can put up a private tree but I’m happy for people to view the tree – just not all the detail. You should also run a workshop to ensure everyone gets their issues listed so you can upgrade

  738. Eileen

    This is such a mind boggling stupid decision, that I can only conclude that there is some hidden agenda here. The link between and FTM was so important. All subscribers will now have to find new software, and reconsider their allegiance to

  739. John Okerson

    I venture that your ‘loyal Ancestry community’ will disappear on or before that date! Can you see the writing on the wall for your company?

  740. Joyce Reece

    I have used both the online trees as well as FTM. The decision to remove some of our most valuable tools is, to say the least, in very poor taste. ONE BIG thing you folks are doing wrong is the constant changes in the system and usage. About the time we get accustomed to all the ins and outs you change it again and don’t give we users any choice about the changes. The decision to stop, eventually, giving support for and selling FTM is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen you folks make. I’ve been a loyal ancestry user for almost 20 years. Just look at all these comments….almost every one of them is telling you ‘Don’t do this”. Will you listen or will you, once again, force crap down your customer’s throat that we don’t want. You force us to spend more time learning new ways to do thing rather than doing what we want to do…..research genealogy. I recently lost 12-15 client’s tree because of a computer failure. I had trees on ancestry that were duplicates. If it weren’t for the online backup and the ability to re-download the trees using FTM I would have been up that famous creek without a paddle. It really looks like you folks are really going to mess up big time if you stop FTM without a very similar replacement that allows the same actions. I am appalled at what a poor business decision this is….who’s running that place now? Have they ever done any genealogy research? Sheesh

  741. Diane Hesse

    Looks like it’s back to Reunion and a ton more work for me. Ancestry has not, in my opinion, offered much useful information about this change. What a horrible decision.

  742. Ann Cullen

    I have to add my voice to this — I am also very disappointed and upset. I recently purchased FTM and find it hard to believe this move hasn’t been in the works for some time, yet you let people purchase FTM knowing it was about to become obsolete. I bought it with the understanding that I could sync my trees and then enjoy all the features that FTM has and ancestry does not. I hope you will reconsider and not try to make more money off your users by coming up with a new software package that requires a purchase from you.

  743. Stephen Taylor

    Reading most of these comments from users I think you are making a very big mistake you are going to lose a lot of customers, this mean lose of money this is not a good way to conduct business , a rethink is in order. I think I pay just over £107 a year for the membership

  744. Pamela

    You have just lost a customer. I will not resubscribe. May you lose many more. Money grabbing bastards.

  745. Dolores Kauffman

    Well now, looks like you’re going to leave all of us up that “**** creek without paddle” as the old saying goes. So, what now without FTM? This is about like sending your kid off to school one morning, without lunch and telling him “oh by the way, don’t come home today after school”!

  746. Deb

    I cannot tell you how sad this makes me! I read all the previous comments and agree with many of them. I have used FTM and Ancestry for many years, maybe as long as the person who said they have for 2 decades. When I start my computer, one of the first programs I open is my FTM. I do have my tree private on Ancestry, but this is mainly to make it easier for those “leaves”. But I do about 99% of my work thru FTM, and THEN sync it to Ancestry for back-up. As many have said, sometimes, we just don’t have access to the internet but still want to work on our tree.
    I Love my FTM! If you must discontinue it, I am really hoping that you have something to replace it that is not internet dependent, but that will work with Ancestry.
    Listen to your customers and maybe re-think this, or come up with something new for us.

  747. Donna

    I think what your doing is wrong, didn’t give anyone much time to take their information off ancestry. I am just going to print my tree and close out Ancestry. I have friends that have DNA with you also, are you getting rid of it also????

  748. John

    If and when support for treesync is ever not supported is the day that my submission is cancelled. There is simply no improvements that could possibly be made to the website that could convince me to maintain an online copy, let alone the decrease in usability from the “upgrade”. It won’t be my local copy that gets deleted, but the online copy. More to the point, FTM is now stable enough I foresee being able to use it for a decade to come… A decade where you will get not payments for updates or subscription. That said, I am glad you are focusing on your core business, whatever the hell you think it might be, since it’s not making money.

  749. Betty

    How will I backup my research????? I have spent a lot of time and money with Ancestry. At some point I will die or not be able to subscribe any more. I need to save this for my grandchildren. Please don’t eliminate FTM.

  750. Kurt

    Wow! First we loose Old Search, then we get New Ancestry forced upon us. Now FTM is going away. What is next? I used FTM to keep a local back up. It was buggy, but worked – Now we have nothing but this cloud storage that I frankly do not trust.

  751. Gwen Dade

    I forgot to mention. I’ve been using FTM since version 1.0. Improvements to the reports and software have what kept me upgrading year-after-year in addition to paying for the interface. Shame, Shame, Shame on you.

  752. Frank M Abbott

    I have used Family Tree Maker for so many years. I am disappointed with Ancestry’s decision.

    My Family Tree Maker Program will still run on my desktop. I have several files with over 80,000 people in them. I DO NOT load any of my work to Ancestry, because, as I understand it they then own all of my research. I refuse to donate my hard work and research at mt expense. I have recorded records that can not be found on Ancestry. The southern states records are not well covered there.

  753. Alex Mc

    I’m stunned that my expensive FTM software is suddenly rendered obsolete for an incredibly shorted sighted business decision. As a member of the FTM community, I don’t recall seeing survey or any such thing that would produce the objective data associated with Ancestry’s decisions. Instead, I see a subjective decision based on goodness-knows-what … a dash-for-cash decision with no basis other than greed. The truth is, FTM is far more functional than the website. What is ANcestry’s intention regarding a replacement for FTM??

  754. Jeanine

    I guess I’ll do like most of my family friends, use MyHeritage, Geni or Geneanet. Very few of them use Ancestry.

  755. Peter

    Just what am I supposed to use instead of FTM? Surely you don’t expect everyone to switch to some sort of web based service with all its problems of potential identity theft?
    Coupling FTM with Charting Companion was just about the best combination I could find. Well I suppose I can always just live with my current version of FTM (which I was about to upgrade).
    I’m most disappointed since I’ve been using FTM since it was published by Bruderbond back in 1997.

  756. Bobby

    I have an older computer and using FTM2008. So now when I replace my computer, probably this year, I will not have a program that will work with it. :(. I don’t like the new ancestry and find it hard to find things on it and now this. Don’t you know that people are creatures of habit and do not like change?

  757. Barbara

    So what are we supposed to use instead? I have been using FTM since 1988 – back when we used to look things up on CD’s that you sold. I have over 15,000 people in my tree, and over 4,000 in my husband’s tree – what am I supposed to do with this info now? I use the Ancestry DNA and it just doesn’t have enough info and it is difficult to maneuver through the tree – are you going to improve this? Or should we just go to another company? I notice there are some others that are looking pretty good.

  758. Barbara

    Really disappointed! I’ve used FTM for years along with Ancestry. Won’t be renewing next year now, no point.

  759. Wendy

    I agree with everyone above. This must be an error. How can you no longer support the software so many people have used for years. I have paid for an annual membership for years because of the interface with FTM. I will be cancelling my subscription like so many others.

  760. Joan

    I am disappointed that Ancestry is taking away Family Tree. Don’t know what to say, other than I hope you can find a way to keep the software somehow.

  761. Gail

    It has been the fear of Ancestry doing this very thing that has kept me from putting all but a very small part of my work of over 50 years on your website. I was right and my decision was right except I did the upgrade this year and that I sincerely regret! Once again Ancestry has proven unreliable. It also has been my deciding factor all these years not to trust you with my DNA. Right again! Bottom line for profit only, customer be damdd!

  762. Terry

    not happy with this move, ancestry. you must, MUST, transfer the reporting capabilities of the desktop to the web based software. at LEAST do that. grrr!!

  763. K W

    This is a good example of horrible change management and creating even more work for yourselves. has nowhere near the capabilities that FTM has, yet you just blithely say “we’re doing away with FTM” without any indication of how the people who are using it will be able to have those capabilities. Maybe if you spent some of your marketing money on FTM development, you could be even more profitable.

  764. Gene

    Very disappointing news. There is no comparing what I do with FTM vs how maintains my records. Over 20 years of using this program and now what? Cloud storage in not for me. I will not be renewing my subscription, Very poor decision.

  765. Rita Mahar

    This is a tragedy. I renew my subscription to Ancestry every year, and have been a loyal subscriber for many years. I also purchase and upgrade FTM so as to be able to work without Internet at times, but also so as to be able to organize and publish the family trees I develop! I am so disappointed in this decision, especially as I have been working on learning the new aspects of Ancestry. However publishing and presenting are the most important aspects of FTM and it would be a disaster to most of us if it goes!! Please reconsider, or at least incorporate FTM into Ancestry.

  766. Karen

    BIG Mistake! I am totally bummed! And blowing smoke about the improved product for customers isn’t fooling anyone. It about your revenue, period. While documenting my ancestry, I rely HEAVILY on printed reports and charts from FTM. Are you adding this feature to Some how I doubt it. Then you wouldn’t sell your high priced bound books. Sincerely, An extremely unhappy former customer.

  767. Sharon

    Unbelievable, just so they can force everyone to put their data online and get ownership of it. Bah humbug Ancestry! I have been using the software since 2001 and updating to the latest version every time, I use it everyday. Is Legacy the next best bet?

  768. Laura

    I ditto the 500+ comments before mine. You are in business only because we have been willing to share our years of research with your company, not all of which came from hopping onto Asp it is you then take our work and pass it along to others for a subscription fee. I for one will just use Legacy software and share it through other means. You cannot keep us over a barrel. Your members are trying to tell you something, Ancestry. Please listen…..

  769. WilsonHistorian

    I agree with everybody especially Marge. There are plenty of alternatives. FTM is the only reason that I use so it will be easy to switch to another site.

  770. Nichole

    For many other things, going to the cloud may be whats best…but genealogy has always been and will always be a combination of internet and hard copy. True researchers DO NOT only retain electronic information. We have hoards and hoards of paper copies of research, documents, etc. Just because the “new generation” is currently hooked on iPads and tablets…what does that matter? They are not avid researchers as a rule. The website is nice…but fails to provide ways to search by location, date, etc. The website fails to search for potential duplicates. The website fails to easily add duplicate sources & citations across multiple people. The website fails to allow for place name corrections. The ability to merge multiple trees into a single tree is not available on the website. There are SO MANY fails with the website when comparing its services with FTM.

  771. john

    I understand why you would discontinue the software as you do not have a staff trained to support the software. They cannot answer even the most basic questions about how the software works. However, I chose Ancestry because of FTM and the way it handled source citations. Much better than anything else in 2010 when I purchased FTM. I maintain in FTM much information, private documents and photos which I would “NEVER” put online. I worked in the Information Technology area since 1968, and I would never be so foolish as to keep my information in the “cloud”. I will be canceling my subscription.

  772. Dan Dubbs

    I started with Ancestry and FTM over 12 years ago and have been a loyal customer both of your research site and Family Tree Makery Software. By far the best improvement over the years has been the ability to sync my FTM tree with the Ancestry On Line Tree and to share with my family. I for one will not pay for without the link to a software tool. Important Questions that you expect me to research somehow: 1) will the on-line tree continue to be part of Ancestry,com including an export function? 2) Will the content currently uploaded to be available when FTM goes away? 3) Do you have a recommended software replacement or solution? 4) Are you planning to provide strictly an on line tree/research/report/printing service with equivalent FTM capabilities (exclusively on-line similar to a Shutterfly Service)? 5) Will this increase the cost of 6) will another provider purchase the SW FTM and continue to market it?….. In closure, I consistently market your product for you giving you high marks and quality…. THAT ENDS TODAY. Your business plan as stated in your letter to your loyal customers is far from clear. It appears you are having financial problems, but lack the integrity to really tell us what is going on. Can you imagine a power company informing it’s customers “your power will be turned off on Friday, Good Luck and have a nice day!” Oh and…. “Remember, We have provided you such good service over the years!”

  773. Cynthia

    Since the 1990s I have carefully documented my research in FamilyTreemaker as well as subscribed to full freight (i.e., thousands of dollars) to help with that research. This is VERY disappointing and I strongly recommend that Ancestry reconsider this very bad decision.

  774. Neil

    BAD decision. The desktop software is a key component of my overall genealogical environment. Without it, I will be forced to look elsewhere.

    Please send me a full refund for my purchase.

  775. Elyse

    I have been using FTM since mid-90s. Have never used Ancestry to store data and upload trees and never will. Now will have to search for other desktop software to preserve data. Use FTM for creating and sharing charts, trees, reports, books, Gedcoms, etc. How can Gedcoms be created from the site? I have over 5,000 individuals in my tree. I don’t even find the website easy to navigate! FTM started going downhill when Ancestry bought it and they removed many of the best features, some which took years to come back – like creating books, and some which never did.. FTM ver 15 was the last good version anyway. Charts didn’t create enormous photo files like the current software. Fortunately still have those discs. Bad move, Ancestry. I will be cutting back on as many subscription services as I can now.

  776. Kristina

    I stopped using FTM a year ago and moved to Roots Magic. I find it easier to use. I do still use FTM for the reports. I would suggest that Ancestry incorporate the reports as they are visually more appealing than the RM reports. I just started using Ancestry and I really like a lot of the features. I plan on using gedcom files between Ancestry and RM to work on my trees. It’s not as easy as synching, but do-able.

  777. Sally S

    … another reason to switch to MyHeritage. And all of the information can be saved in a gedcom file and uploaded there. They have online syncing with their desktop software for a comparably reduced price. I certainly prefer that company’s motive (their profits go toward helping holocaust survivors’ families connect). Ancestry is shouting out that they are TOTALLY profit driven.

  778. R Smth

    I can’t really add anything that hasn’t been said. Disappointment is an understatement. Internet access is not always practical and when visiting relatives in rural areas no always available at all. I maintain my primary data file on my computer even though I do research on line. I want control and availability that only comes with my laptop and hard copies. For what I have spent I would expect that FTM be continued.

  779. Cris

    Wow just read thru about 30 other comments. This is horrible. So all 16,000+ people in my tree will only be available if I keep paying my monthly ancestry subscription? Great money maker for ancestry but very POOR customer service. Sure hope that all the features available in FTM will be available in some way. Need to start backing up my FTM now. Shame on you for discontinuing this product and giving us a very short time to find a way to get all we have paid for online.

  780. Jim

    Typically when a company stops supporting a product, they offer their users a transition to an alternate product. What I don’t in the original post nor in this thread is what Ancestry is suggesting users use instead of the desktop version – and how to migrate their data to that new solution. What is the path forward for FTM users?

  781. Martin Slater

    I will be forced to transfer to a “competitor” site. Oh yes, they are out there!
    If you don’t want my business after 25 years that’s fine but it’s your decission!

  782. Susan Puryear

    I was not happy when you changed the interface as it is not nearly as user friendly as when I joined ancestry. Also, I prefer the 2008 version of Family Tree Maker over the current one. I had to temporarily drop my paid membership due to a shortfall in my finances. With the dropping of FTM completely I sincerely doubt I will ever return as a paid member. There are other avenues to do my research and I will be looking into them.

  783. Brad Arnold

    FTM is/was one of the very best tools you have. You don’t have to be online to work on your tree, and the nice level of detail is great. Without FTM I’m not sure I will continue to be a member – even after 14+ years of doing so. Please reconsider. The website approach just isn’t as user friendly or pack the desired details that most folks desire. I want my trees on my computer – and if I choose to share then great. This seems a very poor decision – although it does sound as though it was a tough one. Many of my family have no internet access, but with FTM and a laptop we could view everything.

  784. Logan Henderson

    What a slap in the face to the people who have supported Ancestry from the start. Thanks to all of US who have made your website great. I hope it’s over as it is for us.

  785. Jan

    VERY inconsiderate decision to abandon FTM and corresponding Tree Sync function. Can’t stand doing any significant work using mobile app and even working online through PC is cumbersome with reduce functionality mediocre GUI. My subscription is up in January and will not be renewed You’ve lost another loyal customer! I wonder if any of the bean counters did an actual ROI as to the cost of supporting FTM when compared to loss in revenue for cancelled subscriptions.

  786. Don

    Another example of corporate profit decisions being made over the top of consumer desires. Ancestory is dollar driven and customer satisfaction does not enter into the equation. Extremely disappointed in this commercial decision to drive users to the obviously more profitable web based program. Been using the Ancestory desktop software for about 10 years and tried the web based option for six months and dropped my subscription as the ongoing cost did not suit my part time user needs. But owning the desktop software is the best option for ME, the customer! I will be looking for an alternative software program.

  787. David Robertson

    This is a disappointing decision by Ancestry. I have used FTM since its first version. I have too much invested in my tree in the form of data, notes, digital content to trust it all to a website. I’ve tried FTM alternatives and found them not nearly as nice as FTM. Guess I need to begin researching into what alternative program to move to. It will be a pain to move everything and learn a new interface.

  788. Melabee Miller

    I agree with all the numerous comments above. I believe it is your duty and, frankly, a courtesy to your loyal customers to offer an alternative to this once valuable software. The website is NOT an alternative.

  789. Gene

    Again, Ancestry only looks at their bottom line–to H–l with the costumer! First MyFamily with very little notice and now FTM. Guess I’ll just not use Ancestry. I’ll go back to the old fashioned letter writing and visiting courthouses.

  790. Fletcher

    Just adding my vote of disapproval. However, it is now easier to decide whether to use Ancestry or not.

  791. Janette

    Not Happy at all and I will spread the word. You have taken my information and sold it on. You have lost the spirit of our agreement. Not happy Jan!!

  792. Ladora

    You’ve made a terrible decision to discontinue the FTM software! I don’t want to have to always work online in the clouds. And the new format takes up too much room. It looks juvenile and unprofessional. Why aren’t you responding to all this feedback? Why have you decided on such a radical change and downgrade of service by discontinuing the software? Don’t the people who have used your products for years matter to you? It appears that answer is no. I’ve always recommended FTM and to others. I won’t do that anymore!

  793. George

    I dont know what’s gone wrong with ancestry, recently its just been 1 brainless decision after the other. I’m a software developer FTM is not a massive application, the cost of developing it must be trivially low, relative to ancestries overall income. I think what’s going on here is they are trying to find new ways to force people into paying a annual subscription, maybe that will generate extra income in the short term, i’m not sure , but becoming a company that’s hated and despised by all its users is surely asking for trouble in the future. Just ask microsoft..

  794. Steve

    If there is anything positive from this very poor business decision, it is that out of the 500+ comments above, I have not seen one that is in favor! Get a clue – this is a BAD decision and should be rescinded. You are alienating thousands of faithful followers of FTM.

  795. Andy

    Disappointing, Disappointing, Disappointing – you will see from all the negative comments posted in such a short space of time just how important FTM is to your customers….Take it away (and there’s not much point in staying with you) without offering solutions is not the greatest communications exercise you could have undertaken – someone ‘high up’ in Ancestry has a lot of answering to do…..

  796. Patrick G.

    Somebody needs to take the steering wheel away from the children! Perhaps the worst corporate decision ever made. What you’re doing is sealing your own fate. Not too late to reconsider. It would be better for you to pay to have an internal entity assigned to keep FTM going. Had you not done research before you made such a dumb move? Did you not expect the outrage?

  797. Barbara Jean

    Sadness and apology NOT accepted. This is truly terrible idea. While the software is buggy and crash-prone, it has excellent tools that are not available through the website. If you are going to retire this you are going to need a lot of things to help serious researchers manage databases. Here is what I will lose/miss:

    (1) The ability to locate unrelated persons. I run regular reports to find these. It helps me eliminate errors either by re-linking or deleting.

    (2) Finding/removing duplicates. Right now the online de-duping feature is only available if you are on a specific page. As you are well-aware, many trees are a nightmare of duplicate names. I have a large tree so it’s not like I will be able to visit/re-visit pages regularly.

    (3) FTM gives me a way to look at my family groups in a way that is more clear than the online software so I can evaluate facts.

    (4) Finding data errors. I am in the process of doing a major clean-up of duplicate facts, errors in DOBs persons born after mothers’s death).

    These tools are not available online in a way that is easy to use. While I find other trees valuable, they are rife with errors that are not easily seen. I fear I will no longer be able to keep my tree in good shape.

    Who is running the place? Are there new owners who don’t give a care about their customers? You have managed to infuriate an awful lot of folks in a very short period of time. Most don’t follow the blog. Expect an awful lot of screaming!

  798. Keith Johnson

    Very short notice, no options put forward, lack of consideration of users, bad decision and generally bad business.

  799. Sharon

    I don’t like the new Ancestry. I agree that it is too cluttered. Now this. I think you are going to lose many of your loyal customers, including me.

  800. Camilla Camburn

    I would like a side-by-side comparison of what FTM users are losing and what we stand to gain with the change. HOW do we make the transition? Help please!!

  801. Richard Holmes

    If you continue to pursue the announced plan (which is very disturbing and upsetting) the most important thing you can do is allow trees resident on Ancestry to be downloaded onto other types of desktop software!!! Otherwise, how can we prepare reports, charts, etc. that we now use to analyze, plan, etc. PLEASE TAKE THIS CONCERN SERIOUSLY!! Either that or come up with a gedcom replacement that is ubiquitous!!

  802. Kenny Behan

    Add me to this growing list of upset Ancestry customers. I also have been a user of FTM since 1997 and an Ancestry subscriber for over 10 years. It’s absurd to drop FTM this way and create such animosity in the user base. Foolish decision by someone there.

  803. Cindy

    very disappointed with this decision. So it’s really just all about the money… If you want to cut costs continue the software & remove the expense TV commercials from your budget!

  804. Annie Larson

    I agree with others on here that this is about greed, not customer service. I would never be comfortable not having a downloaded backup of my data and software to support it. Not only is it subject to the whims of management but subject to whatever fee structure and increases they suddenly decide to impose. No thank you.

  805. Leslie

    Your announcement is confusing and incomplete, I’m afraid that is on purpose. All of these people have spent years researching their families and using FTM to document everything and store their records. The new Ancestry is terrible – it is condescending to serious researchers and irritating to scroll through. I don’t need that much “help.” Perhaps you have a lot of people in the wings who do this for a lark – the rest of us are serious researchers. I think these comments reflect that fact that you will lose the serious researchers and therefore become a fad. Too bad after all of the work that has been done over the years. But of course I realize it is all about the money! It always is. I’m assuming your shareholders are thrilled.

  806. Diane Packer

    I am REALLY, REALLY disappointed and upset. Please reconsider. I like the format in FTM. I like having it on my own computer. I appreciate being able to link Ancestry and FTM. I actually chose FTM in the first place when my first Family Tree program became redundant, because I believed that it would be on-going. There are so many of us who like, use and want to keep our family trees in this way, who will be severely disadvantaged. As a genealogist, I also undertake research for others. These have always appreciated receiving Family Group Sheets as part of my report.

  807. Sue Restell

    Like everyone else I am bitterly disappointed by this. I need to be able to work on my tree offline and I like to have a copy on my own machine that is not dependent on an Internet signal and your website working. I have paid a lot of money to Ancestry over the years and invested loads of man hours into my tree. Is this a way of forcing people to stay with Ancestry year in year out so they can access records they have already attached to their tree? If so it won’t work as I will investigate a way of moving my tree to other software not dependent on a massive company who seem to be putting profit before people yet again. Bad decision Ancestry – please reconsider.

  808. Peggy McClintock

    Hmm, I actually got started with FTM as a way to organize all my personal documents and have it available offline. This decision basically means that I either have to eternally pay for a subscription to Ancestry or else stop doing research. I have really enjoyed doing my family research these past few years but may stop after 2017 if I no longer have a way to do an offline backup and reporting. I seriously hope you reconsider this – we don’t need new FTM features as much as we need to keep what we have right now.

  809. Suzanne

    I truly feel very sorry for all the loyal f t m customers. Maybe it will spur software developers to make a better genealogy software program.
    Now that f t m is to be retired I wish that Ancestry would go back to the program it purchased and then sold on (what happened?) namely the wonderful word version of Reunion which was a magnificent Genealogy Software program. If no better Windows based genealogy software program (than word version of Reunion) is created then I intend to purchase an Apple computer just so that I can purchase the Apple version of Reunion. I have suffered so many other windows based genealogy programs over a 20 year period (Trust me I have tried them all) but nothing has surpassed Windows version of Reunion (no longer available). The word version of Reunion was intuitive and fast and efficient and a joy to use.

  810. Lou A Vogler

    Even with a years notice, this is ridiculous. Why don’t you sell the product to another developer or allow other programs to sync with ancestry. The answer is so flipping obvious! You just want subscription $$ and don’t care about your customers. If nothing else, do as Microsoft and Adobe have done and offer the desktop product as a subscription so you have a stream of $$ to support the product. You will lose subscribers to by the droves if you don’t…including me!

  811. Michael G.

    It’s obvious from the many, many happy comments above that ditching FTM will retain many old friends for you and make many more new ones. I know that in my business – for every one negative letter/note/comment I receive, many, many more feel the same but just quietly go someplace else. Excuse me – I have to be going.

  812. Rebecca DeSilva

    You have got to be kidding me. I’ve finally found something that works, that gets me away from the easy-peasy, shaking-leaf Ancestry website and allows me to compile serious outside research into my tree but remain interfaced with my connections on Ancestry and you are discontinuing it? What a horrible decision. I will take every opportunity from now until it is officially discontinued to get myself weaned off the website. Poor poor customer relations move.

  813. LIsa Lindsey

    I am really disappointed to hear this. My mother-in-law is the keeper of the family history. She uses FTM only! She does not have an Ancestry account, nor does she like to store anything on the internet. What is she supposed to do now? Did you think of people like her when you made this rather greedy decision?!

  814. Maggie

    This is dreadful news. I have been using this software for many years and will now have to adapt to a new software. There is no way I will put my tree on ancestry.

  815. Stacy

    I have been a Family TreeMaker customer through the changes of ownership (and, in my opinion, the subsequent decline of the product with the change of interface following Version 6).

    The number of protests re: discontinuing the product should reflect both the need to return to a decent interface, while incorporating the newer technology, as well as the need to sell the product to a company that appreciates the need for it as much as we users do.

  816. Tommy J. Waldrop

    I feel a deep, aching pain in my gut right now and cannot believe this is happening. I wish there were something that could be said that would persuade you to change your mind but it is apparent your mind is made up and your plans will not be changed. You have deeply hurt and disappointed your website subscribers and purchasers of FTM. I thought better of you than this.

  817. Gillian

    The ability to sync with FTM was the only reason I stuck with Ancestry. If FTM support goes, I will pay my money to a UK-based solution like FindMyPast or TheGeneaologist.

  818. Debby

    I am sorry that you are making this decision. I would prefer to work in FTM than ancestry. I have been a member since the 1980’s and have over 29,000 individuals in my tree. I also have paid between $200 and $500 a year for this service that you sell or give away to non-members. I don’t like working in and sync my information there. I will definitely be cancelling my subscription and removing my data. THIS IS A REALLY BAD MISTAKE ON YOUR PART!!!!!!!

  819. Steve

    Very disappointing news. I have used the link between and FTM for years and don’t see how I’ll replace the connection. I’m certain an entrepreneurial database software company will come up with something to replace it. The online tree capabilities of won’t be enough for my needs. Again, very disappointing news. My international membership is in jeopardy.

  820. Maureen

    This is enough for me. I’m going to Gedcom, print and start somewhere else, but I’ve had it with Ancestry. You’ve gotten way to big for your britches as my mom used to say and you don’t give a rat’s butt about the people that support you. I’m due for renewal in March and it’s not going to happen. I’m not spending money on you anymore, first you go to a format which 99% of your users hate, and now you do this. Money hungry anyone at Ancestry? You’re going to end up bankrupting the business.

  821. Kristina

    To continue from above: Roots Magic is really easy to use and they have a lot of detailed tutorial videos

  822. Ann

    What a terrible, short sighted decision. As both a FTM and Ancestry (World Explorer) for over 20 years with my subscription price sky rocketing year after year, come 2017 I will not be renewing! I believe you are trying force us to load our tree/trees onto your platform and I will not do that. I have used Ancestry less and less because I find your new format abysmal, it takes for ever to find the information I am looking for. It is there one week and not there the next! Please, please reconsider your decision. I have noticed more and more free dates available but members do not get a credit for those dates which has always upset me, but I let it go. This decision is just not going to sit well with me and it would appear I am not alone!

  823. Donna Sud

    This is so very wrong. I have recommended this software to so many people and spent a small fortune with Ancestry and its affiliates. In fact I recently took down my online tree to fix some data issues that had crept in during syncs. Then I was going to reload the corrected tree. Why would I ever do that now? The software in my opinion was augmented by the online features, not he other way around. I am canceling my membership in Ancestry and all its affiliated sites and going back to the scholarship methods that I originally used.

  824. Sandy

    This is a big mistake and I believe you will hurt your subscriptions. I like the sync idea and the various ways to publish the information. You will lose customers and someone will come up with something similar. You at least need to continue the support beyond the given date.

  825. Robert

    Considering the shear volume of negative response it can only be gleaned that your decision was not based on your commitment to customer support and good will. I assume that your decision is based purely on profit motive (which isn’t always a bad thing) but your profits are going to dry up when everyone cancels their subscriptions.

    Good luck with that.

  826. Anna Sakcriska

    WOW!! Cannot believe the mistake that is being made here. I will be deleting my tree and leaving.

  827. Barbara

    This is a terrible and disappointing decision. I will be looking for another genealogy service provider. Please rethink this.

  828. judyolson29

    I can’t believe it!!! Sure glad I didn’t submit my file online. I was considering that recently. It’s staying on my computer for sure now.

  829. Pete

    Sorry to see that corporate greed has gotten the best of you. I love treemaker because I didn’t need to have access to the internet. You charge too much!

  830. Foy Mueller

    Please, please don’t do this. I’ve spent so much money over the years with Family Tree Maker and Ancestry. This is simply terrible. Can you recommend another program that will provide the service that we have learned to expect from you. This is SO disappointing. Please reconsider.

  831. Of course.
    I just purchased FTM thru the Apple App store less than 30 days ago (Nov 18,2015). I hope you intend for huge upgrade in functionality for the website to make up for the loss in functionality by ditching FTM. A refund would also be in order so that I can at least invest in MacFamilyTree7 or other solution which can work locally. Publishing an API to allow other desktop solutions to sync content with Ancestry would be good step toward helping those users who feel abandoned.

  832. Sandy

    Once again has made another bad decision to make it harder for anyone to research their family. So so sad that you remain clueless to what it takes add new customers to your site. You have it spot on to losing loyal followers.

  833. Edward

    This is a very short-sighted decision, as the many comments attest. I don’t want all my research on the web for everyone else to copy. FTM has capabilities (especially documentation) that is not available on And I want to publish books from FTM. I’m not at all happy with this decision and urge you to reconsider.

  834. Barbara

    I am NOT happy with this decision. I have used this program for about 30 years. I can’t always access internet o won’t be able to use it all the time. Guess I won’t be using ANY of your site after this is done. Also I just upgraded and I also purchased the program for my daughter for Christmas so what good was that. I think I should be refunded for both!

  835. Trish White

    Why on earth made you think this was a good idea? I don’t trust that the website will not lose or remove my data. I want it on my personal computer with copies of all documents. The amount of money I have spent on FTM and Ancestry over years and years! Bad idea. What do we use instead of FTM that will Synch with Ancestry trees???

  836. Bill

    Perhaps you should look at Keurig Green Mountains disasterous financial results following their decision to restrict how their customers could use their offerings. You’re heading for a rude awakening that will cost you your job!

  837. Elyse

    Please consider spinning off and selling FTM to another genealogy company should one make an offer. It’s the least you can do.

  838. Steve Mitchell

    I agree that FTM has a much better Man-Machine-Interface than the online pages. I am in for the data, not the pretty colors and wide open spaces. I can see a LOT more data on my FTM pages. I have a desktop, laptops and pads, and I much prefer using the desktop to the other devices, except for maybe the touch-screen features. Well, I guess you have until 2017 to show that your new interface was written by folks that actually use the software and are not trying to get by on glitter. I don’t want to pay for glitter.

  839. Chuzzlewit

    I have rarely seen such a company so out of touch with it’s clientele. Do any of you actually use your product? After subscribing for a number of years and recently investing in the DNA package as well, I now find I need to find another site and another software tool. If you think that we wish to use your hopeless web interface and lose our own local records then you must be deluded. Treesync is the fundamental reason that I have stayed with Ancestry and you appear to have completely lost the plot. I will now start to consider my options for when my subscription runs out and will not be considered.

  840. Joyce

    Seems like there are so many questions and NO answers, Greed on the part of Ancestry may prove to be their downfall. Now would be the perfect time for another better genealogy company to come forward and take all of the customers you will definitely lose.

  841. John Yocum

    I urge you not to cease support of your Family Tree S/W for the PC. I cherish having my own copy of the online tree. and it is the only reason I have not switched over to the Family Search online software developed by the Mormon Church. If I am forced to use only online SW I wll switch to Family Search which is free and coming on strong.

  842. Greg M

    I am a FTM user first and only use for research, the online tree format is rubbish,. I will be looking for an alternative to FTM and won’t be renewing my subscription !

  843. TomB

    I’ve been using FTM for many years. I’ve got over 2000 names on my database. I have not uploaded it to Ancestry because I’ve seen too many errors on other peoples trees. I’ll have to find a replacement for FTM. I just wanted to add my comments to the fray, I see you’ve received over 500 comments in less then an hour, I hope this will change your mind. but knowing the almighty dollar is more important, all us end users are out of luck.

  844. Brenda

    Here is your statement, “we’ve taken a hard look at the declining desktop software market and the impact this has on being able to continue to provide new content, product enhancements and support that our users need” My questions are: Is this decision based on desktop sales? Do you sell desktops? Are you thinking most users are on mobile devices? Are those users the ones who walk aimlessly with their heads down staring at their device? Because those useres are not the ones who research their genealogy and appreciate a backup, home version of their trees and a place to enter their data, using ALL ten fingers. I have the mobile ancestry app in my kindle, and frankly it is very awkward to use. If that is the direction you intend to go, you will lose more income from memberships, than you would by maintaining FTM. Please, reconsider. I love Ancestry, but I’m old school, I can afford to pay the monthly subscription. But only if I have a use for it. Which you are planning to discontinue support for. I’d hate to have you lose me, too.

  845. Carol Ellis-Jones

    I am sorry to hear you will not be supporting FTM. I have been using it for years, since the beginning! I certainly find it easier to use then going on your website, which I also have used for a number of years. I am devastated as I love my FTM and have stuck with it.

  846. Keith

    Boycott for a few weeks, and see if that helps them see the idiocy of this decision. If you don’t, you’ll have to live with this stupidity. Anyone have enough guts to do that? You’re too busy with the Holidays anyway, right?

  847. Elizabeth Dotchel

    I bought the 2014 version about 6 mos ago now you’re saying it won’t be any good come 2017. I want to save my research not just keep it on the website ! I think this is just telling your customers they wasted their money and got ripped off

  848. Donna Meldgaard

    Really bad decision on your part. I’ve been using this software for years. Now what??? Will not be renewing my subscription when it expires.

  849. Mandy

    How do we go about requesting refunds? I just purchased the software in October. So frustrated to have invested time and money in a soon-to-be-obsolete software.

  850. Ronda

    After JUST purchasing this AND asking all the right questions (i.e., “This isn’t going to be upgraded or negated any time soon if I spend all this money, right?) and was assured, ASSURED it was staying as is and I wouldn’t. Now this? Seriously?! If trees will not sync or pull in documents to review/save after 01/01/2017 I never, NEVER would have purchased FTM and would have just gone to another vendor for ALL of my research! It didn’t help that customer service hung up on me when I called to reiterate that if I didn’t have FULL, useable AS IS access after 01/01/2017 then I wanted a refund or a guarantee in writing that is all still going to be there and available, too. Absolutely ROTTEN, Ancestry. ROTTEN! I wasted my Christmas gift wish on Family Tree Maker … THANKS!

  851. Ever heard of the New Coke? Well, IMHO, this decision will rank right up there with that bomb. If was going to release an API, this might make some sense. They say they have no plans for that. If that be the case, I predict one of two things will happen: 1. They reverse this decision after their membership numbers drop perspicaciously. 2. They release an API. Actually, there’s a third option: Bankruptcy.

  852. Christine

    You’ll need to provide a way to save tree information including attachments such as photos and stories. GEDCom files are inadequate as they lose all the extras. When folks put 20’years of work into their family trees like I have done, they should be able to save a lot more than name date place, name date place. This will be the primary problem I see with eliminating your software. You must give people a way to “own” their work still.

  853. B. Long

    FTM is the program I always use. I like to have it as a backup when I sync the two. Living out in the foothills my internet is very expensive. I can work on FTM off line then sync it up with my online tree at a later date. We try to be careful using our allotted GB’s each month. I also like the interface of working on FTM. It does have some problems , but those could be fixed with a good IT team. Please reconsider. I have been a long time paying customer. It seems that the CEO’s need to get in touch more with the actual users of Ancestry. This may be the change that makes me drop my subscription.

  854. Jennifer Drake

    I only use 1 feature on FTM: Relationship Calculator for tracking multiple relationships. It has not worked since the “new Ancestry” rolled out. I really need to know how I can find these multiple relationships without FTM and Ancestry showing only the closest relationship on the paternal side. Paper and pencil charts? There has to be a better way.

  855. Brenda

    I can’t believe that you are stopping Family Tree Maker. I have used this program since it was first introduced and now you are stopping it. What are we suppose to do when we cannot access anything. Just throw away all of our hard work and money to the wind. I thought that Ancestry was a company that believed in saving history of families and also was a reputable company but then I guess I was wrong. Take into account everyone else that has used your products and paid for them and all your records for many years. You have made money off of all of use.

  856. Genevieve Netz

    Add me to the list of people who are very upset about this decision. I absolutely loved the Tree Sync feature. And it makes your website a lot less attractive to me, if you discontinue the desktop software that goes with it. I spend too much time on genealogy, anyhow. When FTM stops syncing, I’m going to let my Ancestry subscription expire.

  857. Russ Gripp

    I have used FTM from almost the beginning. Literally decades of research are in there. I do sync to, but don’t enter anything there. I guess you mean for us to start entering everything directly into You really didn’t give any guidance, such as what options people have. What a poorly written message, basically leaving everyone in the lurch as to what to do now.

  858. David Harper

    If this was April, then I’d say it your announcement was a bad April Fools Day prank, but it’s December–a time of giving with Hanukkah and Christmas upon us… Your announcement is anything, but a spirit of giving! Your timing is poor. I recall the backlash Netflix experienced a few years ago when they made an absurd decision without getting the feedback of longtime loyal customers first. You say that you took a “hard look,” but did that include getting feedback from you customer base? Don’t make a regrettable decision that could backfire on revenue and loss of loyal customers.

  859. Ron

    I agree with everybody, this was a bad decision. FTM and the sync function is the best part of Ancestry, plus I do not like the new online format.

  860. Jill

    I have been a member of Ancestry since 2003. It is quite obvious that they no longer care what their members want. First they force us to use the new interface that is rote with problems and user complaints and now, they are forcing us to put ALL of our information on their website instead of letting the user control what goes on Ancestry. Not to mention all of the data that is not transferable from FTM to If you do not replace FTM with a comparable software, I will have no choice but to cancel my subscription as I will not support such blatant attempts to high-jack my personal trees.

  861. Lou Thompson

    This was published 4/6/15 in the HuffingtonPost: Ancestry.Com Is Quietly Transforming Itself Into A Medical Research Juggernaut. This article may shed some light on today’s announcement.

  862. judyolson29

    I can’t believe that!! Sure glad I didn’t submit my info online. I had been considering that recently. It’s going to stay on my computer for sure now.

  863. Wolfgang Wittenburg

    I called them on their support line to find out more. They assured me that ‘Family Tree Worker’ will continue to be available, but only on line, which is a problem for those of us who like things close to the chest.
    A decision from on ‘High’ in Provo obviously, which is not exactly a confidence builder for the future. The worst ‘product enhancement’ and PR blunder I have seen for a long time. Maybe time to look for other Genealogy software?

  864. Rob

    What a great idea – let the punters buy your not inexpensive software on the assumption it will be supported, then pull the rug out from under them. Anyone who purchased FTM in the last 2 years should get a full refund. This shows your total lack of respect for your client base and I suspect many, like me, will respond accordingly by moving elsewhere.

  865. Marilee Hird

    I’m very unhappy with the idea of discontinuing FTM. I use the software often, even if I don’t always access the website, and I find the software easier to use and move through than the new website layout.I also know that if I ever stop my subscription to Ancestry, I will lose all the saved content. This is totally unfair to your longtime customers. I will now be stuck with an expensive subscription pretty much forever.

  866. Mark Paul

    I have just bought Family Tree Maker & now you are stopping support now that I have set up my tree? I want my tree on my own computer -NOT on the Cloud. What are you going to do to help the many, MANY customers who have paid for this ability? Disgusting. There needs to be a response that provides more details than a flippant Press Release with very little information for your (previously) loyal customers.

  867. Elhura

    One last nail in the coffin. I suppose this is Ancestry’s way of getting back at those who were reverting to FTM as an alternative to using the web site. I knew Ancestry cared little for the original subscribers whose work helped build their reputation. I guess they don’t care much for the company either. The 714 comments here don’t matter because no one at cares.

  868. Andrea Nowlin

    I’ve been working on our family trees for the past 30 years. First wrote down everything on paper then switched to the first FTM program and now using FTM 2014. I saw where Ancestry was taking everyone over which was no big deal – but getting rid of FTM is the worst mistake that ancestry can do. Now what are we suppose to use????? Will you be coming out with a new program???? Think of what you are doing before you make your final decision

  869. Joe

    I can’t tell you how utterly disappointed I am that you would consider discontinuing Family Treemaker. It is the best part of your product. Your website offers service, but the product you offer online is HORRIBLE. I predict this will be a devastating decision if you follow through with it. It is the combination of the FTM product you offer and the online services you provide that make you outstanding in genealogy research. Without FTM, I’ll be looking for someone else who offers what you no longer will. Please reconsider, for your sake and ours.

  870. Bob Stevens

    Like most of the comments before me, I am appalled at the decision by Ancestry, and like many others will be cancelling my subscription. I have been using FTM for over 10 years. Maybe the management of Ancestry should have looked at other business models such as offering an annual subscription that included FTM. Forward thinking companies such as Microsoft and Adobe have successfully moved to provide software on an annual subscription basis. You will find out in a few years just how damaging this decision has been, but then it will be too late. I administer a family history group with 600 members. I have always promoted Ancestry and FTM, but no more. You can guess what will be in the next email to this 600 members.

  871. Mike

    I didn’t interpret the Dear Customer letter as FTM will no longer work offline – Ancestry just won’t support the program with any interface to a website, at least as we know of it now. Perhaps a cloud based FTM is in the works – hope so. BTW – I wouldn’t brag about how many millions of this and how many billions of that have accumulated over the years if it was all for naught. I just today received 3 new ancestry DNA test kits – regret buying those.

  872. Kay

    I want to add my voice to those who are confused, angry, and disappointed. It appears that you want to make us dependent on Ancestry and I will not want to continue my subscription.

  873. Diana

    I will not renew my ancestry subscribtion if you discontinue FTM. I have been using it and Ancestry for years and am very unhappy about this decision.

  874. Mary

    Very disappointed to hear this. How do we produce reports and charts now? Is there another software product we can export our trees to? I guess there isn’t much point in continuing after next year if we can’t sync our trees.

  875. Heidi

    Using the website as the only means of maintaining a family tree is cumbersome and frustrating. The whole point of having the software is for the features that are not available or viable on the website. Like so many others who have vented their frustration on this blog, I too shall be discontinuing my Ancestry membership – I don’t have time for the clunky navigation of the website. To any IT specialists out there – if you can come up with a way to migrate the FamilyTree database to something like Microsoft Access then I’, sure that there are many disgruntled Ancestry members who would like to hear from you.

  876. Andrew

    Sorry but this is NOT the way forward. Every researcher appreciates a hard copy. It’s actually the reason that I chose Ancestry in the first place. I suppose I’ll have to reconsider my options when my subscription is up. VERY disappointed!

  877. Brian

    The web search interface is not professional, and wastes a ton of time. I’d say the software is for the serious researchers, the website for dabblers. If you must drop the software, then you really must do FAR better with your search tools! Right now, they generally suck.

    As family gets better, maybe that’s the place to be…

  878. CCC

    This is truly a bad decision. The online ancestry trees are not very good. Have you forgotten that has previously published this statement about the print options on your online trees:
    “The output from these print options is very basic and not presentation quality. It is best suited for those who prefer to review and verify a family tree on paper.”
    I guess you stated that to get use to buy the software, but now you have changed your tune! Do you think those of us who do a LOT more that simply post things on line will be happy with the poor quality and limited options for the online trees? I, too, will probably drop my ancestry subscription and just use the one at the library. You are showing little regard for serious researchers who have published, printed, etc. through the software. PLEASE reconsider!

  879. My family research is my property, not yours! My family research belongs on my computer. I share my tree with others to help them with their research as I have been helped by them. Your website is a valuable aid to obtain records I would never have found otherwise. However, the information you provide belongs in my computer & I do not enjoy looking at your tree formats at all. Nor do I intend to have the only records of my family solely online! I have had full subscriptions to Ancestry since you went online, many, many years. But I am not your property! And I will not be so stupid as to pay your fees to only have access to my family online! This will make no difference to your decisions I realize, but this is my opinion. I really hate this.

  880. Richard

    I cannot bear the website it is so slow and sluggish to use (especially on my laptop) compared to the desktop version. As of now I’m looking into alternatives. Goodbye,

  881. Chris

    So disappointed!! I am a new user of FTM. Only downloaded it a week ago and feel cheated and ripped off. Will be looking at the opposition.

  882. David

    Whoever made this decision should be fired. If you are currently losing money on FTM, then you should change the way you charge for it, not terminate the product. You are going to lose a lot of loyal customers, including me.

  883. Mardi

    I’m hoping that you will allow a third-party software to sync our family trees. You don’t address this in your announcement, so I’m assuming that you are not considering it at this point? That’s why I’ve chosen to use Ancestry, so I can keep my family tree current there as well as on my computer. If you don’t have that feature, doing double the work isn’t an option for me, so I’ll update on my computer only, so you will lose people maintaining their family trees on Ancestry, which is one of your great selling points for your DNA and research services. I feel that you are betraying your customers. I hope you will rethink this since I’m sure you’ll be losing a considerable customer base once we don’t have this option. People who spend the money on your subscription services are dedicated genealogists for the most part and want their files on your computers as well and don’t have the time to enter twice. I’ve been a member for years and I would expect that services should get better, not worse. I realize that companies need to rethink how they do business, but believe you’ve made a bad decision and not considering your long time customers. If you want loyal customers, you have to be loyal to your customers.

  884. Daniel Roach

    If the SYNC will not work aft 2017, then Ancestry is a useless product. I feel your decision will come to bite you in your ass. I’ve used FTM since the mid 90’s. and this move is like a slap in our faces!

  885. Ed McLaughlin

    Having been a Director of IT in a fortune 100 company, for many years, I’ve seen these centralize, decentralize systems arguments over and over again. NEITHER is the ultimate solution. The only good solution is the one you have now. You will loose the serious genealogists. Even now your online system encourages matches that duplicate errors, because people are not careful. All this will do is make that worse. Keeping my information on my computer where I know it is safe and I can work on it anytime of the day or night is important. I don’t know the technology you use but it works well to synchronize the two. l. And frankly it didn’t always. Looking into the future is fine but our imaginations are not Star Wars compatible yet. You are dreaming. This is a major blunder.

  886. I am really disappointed in the road that Ancestry is taking. First the changes to the information hard to follow and often “freezes” so you can’t move on without going out of the program. I have used the information and photos to prepare individual records…not possible now to continue the records that I have spent a lot of time on as well as the money. I was looking at purchasing Family Tree Maker for organizing my information. How long until ancestry just folds and our info is lost? Definitely don’t like the road this is taking, as it seems many others feel the same. Do your loyal customers not mean anything???

  887. Rena

    This just confirms to me that I need to restart my efforts to move my family research to Family Search. At least you won’t lose your attached research whenever you don’t have an active subscription. We’ve got one-year move on or your entire family history will be dependent on your ability to maintain an membership.

  888. John Roberts

    Really, really disappointed about this decision. I’ve used FTM for about 4 years now and love it – but I generally avoid the web version as it is nowhere as nice to use. I feel safe having all my research on BOTH my own PC and in the cloud, and take the added precaution of having my own PC backed up to a third party supplier every night. But the main issue is the ease of use of FTM compared to the web version. Does anyone know of other alternatives for a desktop system?

  889. Jeanne

    I agree, without FTM, I’m going to start looking for a program and website. I mostly use offline and I print report. is becoming more difficult to use not easier.

  890. David Ross

    I have used Family Tree Maker longer than I can recall. As you can see from previous comments, no one is happy with your decision. I will attempt to locate another program. I want my data on my computer. I want access even when the internet is not accessible. I will discontinue my ancestry membership, also, at the earliest possible opportunity.

  891. I can only echo the many comments above; the ONLY reason I just bought FTM is the synch function with; the software that I had been using for many years has gone out of business, and I assumed (wrongly, as it turns out) that that would never happen with FT! This is a disaster for me. Very poor decision.

  892. Michael Olah

    Well, that seals it. I was debating whether or not to renew, and this means NO! I too am not always connected to the internet, and often used FTM to “show” people our tree. I HATE using a browser for such things as a COMPUTER is ideally suited for – data organization and retrieval. Bye Bye! I’ll miss you – but not as much as you’ll miss me.

  893. charles

    This is crazy and your explanation of what will occur doesn’t explain anything. Turning your back on loyal customers of many years.

  894. Lori

    Well, this tells me I need to get my act together and get everything done before Jan 2017, because I will not renew my ancestry account after next year. And whatever am I going to do with these few hundred FTM CDs that I have on my shelves. Use as target pigeons I guess.

  895. Martin

    This is probably the most ridiculous business decision ever made by Ancestry. We won’t be renewing our membership.

  896. Tim

    Follow-up comment –
    All those making comments here, make your comments known to social media, tell your friends, family and community (Church or School).

    Kendall Huet should resign, or be replaced by the Board.

    Vote with your dollars and voice.
    Don’t be held hostage by Ancestry, Adobe or Microsoft.

  897. Ron

    If a company has ever made a worse business decision I don’t know what it was. You are abandoning the functionality your core users want, use, and need. I sincerely doubt the people who made this decision are users of the product. If I can’t use FTM on my PC, I’m not interested in paying a dime for services in the future.

  898. Eleanor

    I have used FTM for many years and it is a far superior product to any on the market. This news is a backwards step for your company, and ill-considered. You have a loyal customer base, but we are still reeling from the multitude of changes that have been made to the Ancestry interface, why do this now? Please do not discontinue Family Treemaker!

  899. Giselle Jakobs

    If this is a ploy to get more people to subscribe to Ancestry… forget it. Very, very, very POOR customer service.

  900. PeterPiper

    I pay 30$ a month for I will no longer be a customer if you eliminate FTM. I will find another solution.

  901. Andrew

    Well done Ancestry, you have certainly managed to cause a stir in the usually sedate genealogy community. A couple of things you quickly need to consider if you want to regain some credibility following your poorly worded and mis-judged communication: 1) what are your plans to recreate the functions that have been a key part of your advertising strategy for ftm, the reason we bought it in the first place 2) be specific about timescales 3) thank us for our loyalty and then remove our key tool – mixed message indeed 4) you should consider an appropriate refund policy for those people seriously affected by this 5) perhaps post a link to to make it easy for your soon to be ex customers to take their business elsewhere.
    Merry Christmas to you all as well.

  902. Carol

    I am 75 yr old and don’t understand what happened to my FTM data base and my connection. What am I suppose to learn or do next to stay relevant?

  903. Ian

    Decision stinks! Other software providers will be rubbing their hands with glee . . . Your loss – their gain

  904. Pam Cooper

    My first reaction was that this had to be a very bad joke. I use Ancestry ONLY as an adjunct to Family Tree Maker. I like the variety and tailoring of the reports that I can prepare in FTM. My search for a replacement desk top software system starts today! I will not reply on having my tree on a commercial website – outside my control I hope that the torrent of comments you are getting is going to cause you to reconsider this. The is absolutely unbelievable – we have been FTM users, upgrading each time, since the 1990s.

  905. Carole

    I really hope you listen to all the feedback from your CUSTOMERS and change this very bad decision. You are going to lose a lot of members (myself included) over this.

  906. Marilyn Nathanson

    Very disappointed at this news! I don’t want my family info on line…will therefore not be able to keep my own family tree separate from your on line sync?????

  907. Barry Anderson

    Ancestry should be ashamed of itself for this despicable move and I suspect this move will cost you dearly in lost customers once implemented in 2017, which BTW is only one year’s notice and you have the hide to keep selling FTM. How long have you had this move on the table and why was I not made aware of this when I bought FTM earlier this year???

  908. Jay2203

    Very disappointed about this decision. I, like others above, have used this software for years and have just purchased the 2014 edition! I hope after seeing the amount of comments about this that you will reconsider your decision! To say I am pretty annoyed is an understatement!

  909. Tina Kasiske

    I too am extremely distressed by this news. We have been loyal to you… where is your loyalty to us? We have paid, in good faith, for services that include an interface between Ancestry and FTM. Where and when may FTM users expect to find answers to fears, concerns, and outrage reflected in this blog?

  910. Cathy Oss

    Ive used FTM for years and just purchased the newest version. What program am I supposed to use now. I have very extensive records on FTM so this is really really disappointing. I am a long time subscriber to Ancestry but was taking a few months off. Looks like it might be for a long long time. I also dont like the newest version of Ancestry.

  911. Susan Rush

    This is very sad! Being able to sync to Family Tree Maker and print reports was one of the best selling features. Will you be adding report printing capabilities to Ancestry? If not, shame on you. It will be extremely cumbersome to have to download to gedcom files and use some other software. Did you think to ask your Ancestry/Family Tree Maker users before you made this decision? I spend a lot of money using Ancestry, Fold 3 and and this behind the back attitude doesn’t sit well. Please either add reporting capabilities to Ancestry or keep Family Tree Maker. Ancestry is a wonderful genealogical tool, but I think you are getting to big for your own britches! I hope you reconsider, otherwise shame on you.

  912. Ty Peterson

    This from your website…did you change your mind?
    Why do I need Family Tree Maker for Mac, considering all I can do on
    Family Tree Maker for Mac gives you an easy way to save and organize your family tree conveniently on your Mac. It also gives you a variety of helpful tools that can help you share your tree in charts, reports and other creative formats. Just like previous versions of Family Tree Maker, the Mac version is made to work with to help you learn more about your ancestors in billions of historical records — and the software comes with a trial membership. However, you can also just as easily use the software without

  913. Tom Chunis

    Absolutely floored me with announcement. I have used FTM for many years. What are the options for maintaining my record Set?

  914. Anthony Lehtola

    Wow! What a bombshell! I’ve used FTM for almost 20 years. Love the search and organization tools that aren’t available on line. Printing books and reports not available. Don’t think I’m happy about this! No! I’m sure I’m not happy!

  915. Keith

    Brenda is exactly on-target. I’ll bet you could count anyone who does genealogy searching on their iPhone or equivalent on a a hand or two. Of course, serious users are going to use a REAL PC – laptop or desktop!

  916. Gina Anderson

    I just hate the new site design SO FREAKING MUCH – FTM was my beacon in the darkness. I feel abandoned and betrayed….been with FTM since Broderbund days. This is just too much….just too much… Twist the knife a little deeper….don’t forget the salt and vinegar either.

  917. Liz

    What’s all the fuss about? Your software will continue to work or you can transfer everything to someone else’s software. I have been a constant user of for years but I would NEVER put my tree on their web site as I knew something like this would be likely to happen. There are plenty of other sites and plenty of other software companies who would appreciate our business. Of course it’s about money, they are not interested in us…that is until we all change to Generations of FMP or other up and coming web sites. Just remember, they will all do this to us eventually. My main concern is, when will they stop FreeBMD, FreeCen and FreeReg which we volunteers have all contributed to!

  918. David Shaw

    Unbelievable! To me it looks like you are attempting to require an annual subscription or the information will be held hostage. SHAMEFUL. FTM is a great program which I have recommended time and time again and it is MUCH easier to use than your web site. Unless you agree that FTM will always have the ability to sync with then I too will seek another venue. You had a great system that worked well, now you want to pitch it and torque off a lot of loyal customers and subscribers. Shame, shame, shame!

  919. Digger

    I am disappointed that ancestry believes the desktop computing market is dead and being replaced by tablets. However statics show that the market has leveled out. Having used your app on my tablet it is piece of junk. It is hard difficult to maneuver in and worse you can view a document and the profile of the person you are search for at the same time to verify related information. The best part of ancestry is the sync with FTM so those who have spent years gathering information are secure having a back up if their and when their PC dies. FTM has many great report features not offered online or does ancestry want everyone to pay for these through their published photo books and posters. This makes me very disgruntled and I will need to reconsider my membership due to getting less value for the same amount or more money. Seems pretty greedy on ancestry’s part.

  920. Mike

    This should come as no surprise – once Permira bought Ancestry,the die was cast.
    They know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.
    So that’s my World Subscription finishing next September.

  921. Karen

    The ONLY reason that I pay for my Ancestry subscription — when so much of your data is available for free on and other sites — is because of the integration with FTM, which I have been faithfully using and upgrading for well over 20 years. Please reconsider your decision or count me as an ex-subscriber when it’s time for me to renew!

  922. Carol

    What a disappointment! Received this for my birthday last December. Long time subscriber to Ancestry but may cancel if this doesn’t get rectified. Ancestry connects to FTM, DNA and online trees making it perfect. Please don’t do this!

  923. Yvette Moo


    I depend FTM to update all my computer files. And so I can attach photos and files that I may not want to post online.


    What am I to do after 2017? I will have a useless outdated program that will collect dust and wil, eventually not work properly so I will have to transfer the files-THEN transfer EVERY SINGLE ATTACHMENT ONE AT A TIME!! I can see losing things seriously NOT BOTHERING,!! That is a huge waste.

    Please let me know if you are replacing it.

  924. John

    Big mistake Ancestry. You’ve just shot yourself in the foot. You’re already incurring major reputational damage for the way you you’ve announced you’re going to impose this. Customers will be quitting in large numbers. Huge tactical opportunity for your competitors to gain market share. Guess what, future world is not just about cellphones, tablets, apps, cloud and web. In the family history community there is great affinity with software programs and the sync facility was one of your great usp’s that you’ve just thrown away. You clearly don’t know or understand your customers and you don’t seem to care either. So goodbye Ancestry. You will regret your decision.

  925. Cheryl Dingwrll-Keckritz

    If I put together a couple of investors could we purchase FTM part of your business. Price should be low since you consider it worthless!

  926. Kathie

    I am not a bit surprised. With all the changes they’ve made the last couple of yrs. you could see this coming. I hate the new format that we are being forced to use as of Dec. 15. Now, the elimination of FTM. I have the 2006 FTM and I love it, even though I can’t sync. Been getting all my information and making hard copies of documents. When my subscription is up, I WILL be cancelling. If you cancel, you can still get to your tree. But, they screwed us again. Per my phone call, I was told that I would only be able to be a guest and won’t be able to add anything to my tree. What good is that. So, when my time comes, GOOD BY ANCESTRY.COM. This is not a threat, but, a PROMISE. You have hurt us in more ways that one.

  927. Tom Z

    Really, really poor decision. I have been using FTM since it was the old DOS version and have poured countless thousands of dollars in upgrades over the years. I, for one, do NOT want my tree on the internet for security purposes…plus often update while researching somewhere that is miles from an internet connection. You guys need to re-think this as I expect you’re going to lose not only thousands of faithful users of FTM but also a fair number of subscribers to Ancestry. Pity the corporate greed on display here.

  928. Ronald

    So not one blog entry I read is happy with this turn of events. Unless he company wants to lose everyone to Family Ties they will have to provide some option. is virtually a useless data repository without software to turn it into information.
    What users really have to worry about right now is what will happen if the company requires storage of your data on some cloud server in order to uses whatever they come up with, because of privacy. You must understand one simple fact about the “cloud” If the DOD servers can be hacked, anything that Ancestry can come up with is hackable.

  929. Claudia Eaton

    I can’t believe you’re abandoning your faithful followers. I’ve been using your software from the mid 90’s upgrading along the way because your software was better than anything else I saw out there. It encouraged me to diligently record my findings and to source all my information. The last five years or so I’ve splurged to have your full access membership and have made great strides. I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach…that this was a bad dream or something. Please reconsider.

  930. Petrene Weeks

    85,000 family members related by blood or marriage with notes from church, government and other family trees will be frozen in time. How sad for future generations. We counted on Ancestry, paying more each year to maintain and add to our records. I’m close to 70 years old now. How will I ever be able to explain your decision to my grandchildren? So very sad and disappointing for us all loyal Ancestry customers.

  931. Rowland Hackett

    What appalling news I have used FTM since the days of Broederband? for years of research. I do not like your online tree and do not want to be bound to years of subscribing to Ancestry and I need to add data from other genealogy sources I subscribe to. Ancestry needs to rethink this major blow to those of dedicated to FTM.

  932. Lisa

    I’ve been a loyal FTM and Ancestry user. If this decision is not reversed I want my money back for the 2014 version I bought for myself and my mother in law. I will no longer subscribe to Ancestry and as a librarian at my city library I will no longer promote I will encourage patrons to use the other avenues for research. Selfish money driven decision. Your loss, the cyber sphere will work around you.

  933. It is a good thing that over the years I have been making up books of my families histories, and printing them out. I welcome all that you have made available to us. I found out so much just in the last few months. But also have run across many entries that have been misread and copied. I know DNA is a big thing now, but the old records are the best, when we find them. Why was so much time spent on the records of Mexico?? We still have states in the US that it is very hard to get records from them. Sorry to hear this, but Family Tree Maker was only a stepping stone for me. To keep changing the way we work in Ancestry has been very confusing and time consuming for us all. What ever happend to the December 15th dateline for changes in Ancestry??????

  934. Kristen

    Another disappointed customer chiming in. One year’s notice seems insufficient. In the past year alone I’ve paid Ancestry over $400 for subscription services and FTM (purchased this time last year). That amount does not include the $150 I paid this past Saturday to renew my subscription for the next 6 months. I am sure that I am not alone.

    Before I renewed, I compared Ancestry’s services to both Geni and My Heritage, to which I also have subscriptions. I made the decision to stick with Ancestry at this time because of the convenience of both the online and desktop software. I use both regularly. The features are not identical by any means. Moving forward, I anticipate that I will maintain my desktop tree with FTM, even if unsupported, and seek a data only subscription from you or a competitor.

  935. Marj Nickell

    I agree with all the comments and would like to add that obviously there is going to be a way for ancestry to get deeper into our pockets. My best guess is an online platform for which we will have to pay a monthlyfee FOREVER. Some of us do not want our trees all over the internet. I know there are errors in mine which I am trying to investigate and allowing online access will only propagate those errors. The choice should be mine where I want to store my hard work. I also dislike the new ancestry. Lost a lot of features under the trees. Ancestry folks–you do more to shoot yourself in the foot than any organization I have ever seen. .

  936. mb

    This is INSANE. First, you drop a bomb last week that the OLD Ancestry site will not be available after December 15 and now you announce the death of FTM??? Because of the ‘declining desktop software market”??? Do you really think most serious people do genealogy on iPads and iphones???? And, if you’re really focusing your efforts on this market I can tell you right now it is impossible to do any serious work using the Ancestry app on the iPhone. Also, how are we supposed to create reports and summarize descendants etc without a utility like FTM? Or, is the idea that its enough for genealogists to view the little blue and orange icons our iphones and summarize everything in our heads? I don’t know who is running Ancestry these days but obviously not anyone who cares about its customers, or, in fact, knows anything about what the customers need. It’s insane. I’ve written to Ancestry support and everytime I get a response just like the beginning of this announcement eg. “Ancestry is proud…” or “Ancestry is excited…” that then goes on to say why anything you have found useful or functional is now disappearing. Well, glad you folks are happy because your customers definitely are not. If you’re hoping that mobile device users are going to come running to do genealogy with you, you’re quite mistaken. It’s serious research and it requires a DESKTOP computer, like any serious research does.

  937. Margaret O'Brien

    I am too very disappointed and will not be using Ancestry once I loose FTM. Sounds like you guys need to rethink this after reading all the comments above!

  938. Terry Bava

    I have been browsing my own and others’ trees online lately because of my DNA research, and I have concluded that the online version is slow, clumsy, inefficient and hard to manage compared to FTM. Online might work for those who have a hundred people in their trees, but not for serious researchers. I don’t need your folksy online chit chat about how long a life great grandpa Fields lived; I need a single screen with pedigree chart, spouse and info, children and their birth and date dates and places, plus the side column with the data fields that I can modify so that I also see great grandpa’s death, burial, marriage, census info plus a note. That is how I pull the threads of my 6,000 people together and weave them into a family tree. Plus in FTM I have a responsive index on the left that is vastly superior to the sluggish online version that doesn’t let me change the search format. I understand the trend and was recently forced to go to subscription for Adobe products, but those online products are even better than the last desktop versions. Your online version is only a pale imitation of FTM. You should not ditch FTM until your online tree service gets a clue. Truly.

  939. Robert Clark

    This decision is predicated upon the understanding of the separation of the subscription for looking up info and the business of proving a desk-top platform. This is an invalid business model as the existing subscripting clients did so on the basis of the product bought (FTM) AND the ability to store and manage that info locally on their desk-tops. The reality ids tablets and iphones do not have functionality required to appreciate the magnitude of lasrge family tress they are fine as quick presentation layer but that’s it.

    Plus a look at the demographics of your clients may reveal that genealogy tends to be practised by baby-boomers who are more comfortable with desk tops/ laptops and the current features of FTM.

    Please reconsider you decision as you will, I believe, lose your core customer base.

  940. Jan

    Terrible move! What ARE you thinking? I will re-think renewing my subscription! I want FTM (or other software trees) on MY computer … not subject to a subscription w/Ancestry!

  941. JoAnne

    An absolute dissappointment! The ability to print reports, make trees, etc. is a valuable tool for sharing ones love for genealogy. Your service may fail to add new subscribers at the current rate once you implement this change. Will I have to continue to subscribe to Ancestry to gain access to all the work I have on your site? How can I pass down my work to the next generation without my own copy of my work?

  942. What a horrible decision. I do NOT wish to use only online services without the capability of adding notes and photos that only my family will see. My FTM friends and I are pretty darned upset by such a thoughtless business decision. I do not want to get used to a different desktop software for my 15 years of data. PLEASE reconsider.

  943. Schalene Dagutis

    I only use Family Tree Maker for its synching features so my media is backed up and to run custom reports I can’t run online. Will those enhancements be added to the web?

  944. Tammy

    I too am very upset I moved all of my data to FTM so I could sync with It is important to me that I have a copy of data on my computer. This is a huge disappointment which will cause me to look into alternate options. Bad move.

  945. Les Gapay

    Bad mistake. Ancestry recent changes are poor. FTM a good product. I was hoping for an upgrade for it in 2016.

  946. Larry Nerge

    I bought my first version of FTM in 1998. Because of the size of my file (now over 104,000 people in my family tree) I’m still on version 16, which is no longer supported nor able to directly link to Version 16 works fine. I’m able to export GEDCOM files and create a variety of reports. I continue to use daily as a research tool, not as a repository for my data. My file is much too large to load and share online. Instead, I share small exports with selected individuals via emails. Your decision really doesn’t impact me since all FTM versions since 2010 have been useless for my needs. It does break my heart to read the comments that have been posted and agree that there needs to be a better transition plan for those who have invested so much time and money.

  947. Mary

    WOW!! Still cannot believe this. What are you thinking?? I shall cancel my membership to Ancestry and all your affiliate sites.

  948. John Meredith

    I sincerely hope you will consider this decision. I use my Family Tree Maker to research Sons of the American and The Sons of the Republic of Texas ancestors for interested parties as the chapter registrar. I must keep their information private and can not use the online version for this reason. I use your database continually and feel betrayed especially with such short notice and no input from your users.

  949. Kathy

    I’m not at all happy with this business decision. I have used FTM for many years, and have stayed with FTM 2009 because of all the glitches I heard about when using the online trees with later versions. It seemed that the tech support at FTM could not keep up with the changes, and their “solution” to having 2 family tree platforms is to force us to use their online system. I do not want to leave my tree vulnerable to a crash at ancestry or my unwillingness to pay so much every year. It may be time to go to RootsMagic or something else.

  950. Pat

    What an unsettling announcement! FTM has many more valuable features than the Ancestry on-line family tree. I use both FTM and Ancestry – and Family Search – in my efforts. The Ancestry on-line tree has the appearance of what is wrong with our society today “give me a snippet and make it pretty” without regard for the diligent efforts of those who want to delve more deeply into their origins. I would like to think this is about something more than money, but obviously it is not. I do hope you will reconsider.

  951. Sharon

    I will no longer subscribe to Ancestry in any way if this goes ahead. Not everyone can afford a yearly membership with Ancestry. I definitely cannot and subscribe a few months a year to work on my home computer copy of Family Treemaker. I upgrade this software every year and prefer a program on my own computer. There are numerous genealogy software companies who will allow us to keep our own data on our computers to back up safely vs trusting websites and the cloud.

  952. Ron

    Poor corporate decision. I am an original FTM user from the 1990s and I am very disappointed and will now reconsider whether I renew my Ancestry membership when it comes due next time.

  953. Jan

    I am so very, very sorry that you feel you have to do this. I have used FamilyTree Maker since I started doing genealogy, and it has been such a blessing. I love the ease that I could do my research and I looked forward to your updates. I highly recommend it to others that are just starting their research.Can someone tell me just how I’m going to be able to continue that especially if you stop the support of Family Tree users? I am so disappointed, please give us some alternatives!

  954. Steven

    In my option this is a very bad decision by Ancestry which is based on corporate greed instead of being in the best interest of your customers! It appears to me that this company has gotten so big that it has forgotten the people who have made Ancestry what is today! Myself and many other Ancestry/FTM customers live in rural areas with very slow internet service and many times I am unable to access My Ancestry tree because my internet service is too slow to load my Ancestry Family Tree. At these time I rely on FTM to access and update my genealogy information which I upload to my Ancestry tree when my service is good enough to do so. If you follow through with this decision to discontinue FTM I will have no choice but to move to another genealogy software and rethink my decision to subscribe to (which I have been a member of for several years) and the other related Ancestry websites that I am also subscribed to! I am very disappointed that is trying to force their Ancestry Family Tree on people that can not access it when they need to!

  955. Robin

    Very disappointing news. For those of us who use FTM to share trees and info with relatives at reunions where there’s no internet, what will we do now?

  956. Linda

    I am really upset about this. I do not want my tree to be on an online only program. In fact, I don’t want my tree to be online at all. I will be looking to transfer my FTM data to one of the other software programs if this goes ahead.

  957. Mary Mettler

    Like so many others, I am shocked and angry at your discontinuance of Family Tree Maker, which I and my family members have been using since 1997! I use an online tree at ancestry, treesync and the iPad app – all of which is run by my FTM as the “Captain of the Ship!” I can’t get what I need by and the iPad app, so I have no other choice than to convert to Legacy or RootsMagic and lose the treesync capability. As a former executive, this decision looks like suicide for you and one of the classic worst business decisions. Sigh…and everything worked so well together….

  958. Carl

    I just received my DNA analysis back and was preparing to update FTM to the latest version and to pay for access to Ancestry. But cancel all that now. I’m not interested in lifetime payments just to access my family tree.

  959. Roseann

    Everyone has said it all. Ancestry changes are more disruptive and not useful to FTM fans. All your decisions, as of late, including your “new” tree format must be made by people who do not do genealogy themselves. Just wondering – who did the research and made this recommendation? Clearly, your users were not polled for opinions or included in the decision-making process.

  960. Hallam

    Fifteen years of research is on my FTM software. How can you expect me to jettison it? Please reconsider this short-sighted bean counter decision! Remember that you are providing a service and without the service you will not have profits!

  961. Rena

    The ability to sync was the only reason to get an subscription; as it is the only way to save all your attached research. If that goes away, so does’s advantage. I question if the decision makers at Ancestry actually do any research or understand how their products are use and what makes them unique / useful.

  962. Brian Smitherman

    Terrible idea! Is this your way of trying to get more money out of people by making people have to subscribe to As you can tell by the many comments this is a bad idea that should be reconsidered.

  963. Stuary Haley

    This makes me extremly ANGRY. Sell the rights to another company. But dont scuttle the program! And I will be ****ed if I trust my trees to your online program. My tolerance for is thinning. Not happy.

  964. Peggy McClintock

    I’m a bit shocked by this decision. While I understand that you prefer to place your development budget into the website over the software, I don’t see why you will stop offering support for the tree sync to FTM. I started with FTM and rely on that as my offline copy. I am not going to invest a lot of money over the years in something that is out of my control – and having my research only available on your website means that it is no longer under my control. I most likely will stop my subscription when the tree sync ability goes away. Too bad, because I have really enjoyed doing the research – but you are making it too difficult to continue, so I will likely turn to my other hobbies instead of genealogy.

  965. Joshua W.

    I am disappointed with this design to retire FTM. It has many features that just aren’t available on the website and allows me to make an offline backup of my tree (not just a GEDCOM export).

    If Ancestry is determined to retire FTM, then all the features need to be migrated to the website. Otherwise Ancestry just lost its usefulness to me.

  966. Bruce Herman

    It is too early to be upset or happy. I believe Ancestry will be like Dropbox where you can work at home and will automatically sync online when you are connected.

  967. Kel

    I’ve used FTM in the past and was looking forward to purchasing a new version after the beginning of the new year. I LOVED a lot of the features on FTM that are not available elsewhere. I don’t think you realize how important the FTM software and features are to everyone!

  968. Steve Rottler

    I use and family tree maker now, now but prefer family tree maker for data entry. Discontinuation of the desktop program feels like a money grab: you’re trying to force people into paying more (both now and forever) for an on line subscription service. If this decision stands, I will aggressively search for a different way to search, save, organize, and share my genealogy records.

  969. Steve Kopp

    I’m planning to retire in January 2018. I always take my computer into the cemeteries (no internet access) so I can look up missing family members. And when I visit family members I’ll have to ask for internet access so we can share/update information. I guess I have 2 years to find another vendor and get my tree transferred. This is a BAD IDEA. I refuse to pay Microsoft or Adobe monthly fees but purchase their package and load it onto my laptop. It appears that everyone wants my money for their pockets. Please rethink this decision. What part of FAMILY don’t you understand? It looks like FAMILY TREE is going to lose a lot of branches in the near future. Also, in a few years when Microsoft replaces Windows 10, what do I do when my current version of FTM won’t work on that platform? I’m not only FRUSTRATED, I’m DEVISTATED.

  970. Drew

    I’m disappointed to hear this because there are options only available through the program. Will these be added to the website?

    Changing type and merging facts

    Adding titles online is broken, shows as a full event

    Full backup of photos and documents given by FTM

    Mass data ie location and such changes

    And so much more

  971. Tina

    This is very disappointing news. I have been using FTM since the early 1990’s and wonder how all the family genealogists are supposed to do accurate and complete research without some sort of record keeping software. People can not do all their research on only. It offers a lot but not everything. I would also request your company reconsider discontinuing the support and update to Family Tree Maker.

  972. Bill

    Well if this is true, you just lost our organization of over 600 family members. We use FTM and have for many years.

  973. Peter John Oswald

    The only way I can see to continue, is to keep downloading the gedcom from the website, merge it with the desktop tree and then replace the website tree with my merged tree from my desktop.
    UNLESS Ancestry is going to take away that feature too.

  974. Jack

    Are you going to provide your database structure to other family history programs so that they can directly inport our data or are we going to have to use GEDCOM to convert to another family history program

  975. Roger Neilson

    This is atrocious behaviour. The functionality that the desktop software give sis not duplicated on the web version. This is ridiculous. Based on this I may well cancel my subscription and move elsewhere.

  976. Anna jackson

    I am not happy with this! I don’t have access to internet very often and this makes me have to find something new now next year because FTM won’t be continued.

  977. sue

    I have never trusted a cloud site to be my primary or only storage for my data but I will miss the easy download of Ancestry results into my database. I wonder if Ancestry understand that is a big reason for using Ancestry. Perhaps it is time to turn this into a discussion about our options. What software can anyone recommend as a replacement. Keeping in mind that we need software that won’t disappear it is a pity there isn’t one based on MS Access.

  978. DeWayne

    Very disappointed to hear this. I’ve used FTM since almost the very beginning. I have everything in FTM. So not smart.

  979. Tricia

    What you are doing is holding our family trees to ransom! With FTM gone we have no options but to pay Ancestry fees to access 20yrs worth of my geneology research. Definitely not one of your best business decisions.

  980. Greg McCooeye

    I just finished deleting several branches off Ancestry (although I figure that you have already taken them and stored or copied them). Once my subscription is up I’ll be taking what I have left here and taking my business elsewhere!

  981. caz

    I think best to start the process of searching for new software now… I’m certainly not going to leave it until the last minute and I definately will never trust ‘Ancestry’ again. Having been a loyal customer of Ancestry and user of FTM for well over 7/8 years everything just appears to be falling apart. So much love and hard work gone into my various trees with Ancestry/synched to FTM and all such a labour of love, proud of the research I have done, the searches, the adding of photo’s/documents, etc. I WILL NOT let Ancestry ruin all…. my faith has gone, disppointment and let down can’t begin to describe how I feel. Only others who have spent yers of putting in so much can understand. Years of trawling through old registers, microfilm, microfiche, documents, photographing churches where baptisms, marriages & burials took place – I’m going back to the years well before the days of computers and the internet. Yes I have many A4 files – one for each named family, with a family group sheet for all direct ancestors and many more for all sorts of interesting ‘branches’ , lots of photo’s and pictures, …….. So many years of lovingly researched family members. Maybe, just maybe, I should leave my hobby of nearly 30 years to rest – some family members have questioned over the years my need to trudge through graveyards…. family hstorians will know why…. maybe time to leave them to rest, those I can’t find perhaps don’t need to be found, those I have found may have reasons why they wanted me to find them – to bring alive memories, to seek out their descendants. Maybe now time to switch off the computer a bit more often, to take longer walks and watch life going on now, to stop picturing how they must have lived in the past. Perhaps time to let the past be past, to leave all behind and to start a new hobby or do overtime at work? Who knows, but I just have a feeling I should now realise it is my time to now leave the company ‘Ancestry’ and FTM as they are making it obvious they don’t need us ‘oldies’ anymore. Sorry if this is muddled, just needed to write…..

  982. Vicki

    I am very sorry to hear this. While I use, I find FTM to be a much more user friendly, serious tool.

  983. Susan Pryce

    This is a very bad idea. FTM is not great but is all I can afford. I have a very old version. Been doing research since the days of RootsM, yes I’m that old, and a member of Ancestry for decades. Every comment above I agree with. New look Ancestry is bad too, I’m losing my eyesight and I can’t read to new version. So what the hell am I to do now? It is my life work, a legacy to my family in the future. Good job, guys, good job.

  984. Connie


  985. Bill Lindsay

    Am I dreaming ? Is this April Fools Day ? Surely you can’t be serious. This is the best way to RUIN your business. You are getting rid of your prime asset. Whoever made this decision is wrong. Everyone involved in Family History is appalled. We need to lobby to change this decision! Come on, change your mind before it’s too late!

  986. Shirley Fabel

    After harvesting all the information from subscribers who sent their trees to you, it looks like you will not be getting their new inputs. Or can you still sync from our FMT’s that we try to keep updated with new births, marriages, deaths and such?

  987. Matt Hall

    Thanks for giving me 1 year to figure out the best new software to use and if I can upload my current FTM file into the new software and getting a subscription with the new company that still supports their software and cancelling yours and deleting my online trees at

  988. Toni

    Just purchased a new copy so that FTM would work on Windows 10! Not Happy. Also noticed that my new version didn’t come with the small green leaf icons. I found that they were only available if I up loaded my whole tree to the site! I think this may be a bit of a clue as to what the company wants to happen. I believe every one will more than likely still be able to maintain their trees online. Which gives Ancestry a better product to sell. I will not up load my tree to any site again. I had shared my information with distant cousins on another site giving them access to living relatives because they were related too only to find that they put my children’s details online! Yes it was a mistake on their part but it will never happen again. I’m happy to share info but I now only send information relevant only to the persons direct family. I know there may be features available to prevent information on living individuals being accessed but I’m not willing to take any chances again. I’m also not happy with some