Posted by Ancestry Team on November 20, 2015 in Find A Grave

The second annual Find a Grave Community Weekend took place on October 16th through October 20th. Hundreds of volunteers from around the world gathered in 71* cemeteries and: 

  • Added 320,935 new photos
  • Fulfilled 10,899 photos requests
  • Added 242,793 new memorials
  • Community grew with 3,308 new members signing up

Here are just a couple of photos from the weekend activities:

Photo credit: Kevin Fitzpatrick,
Photo credit: Kevin Fitzpatrick,
Photo credit: Elizabeth Thomsen,
Photo credit: Elizabeth Thomsen,
Photo credit: Jeremy Abbott,
Photo credit: Ali Cecil,
Photo credit: Ali Cecil,
Photo credit: Kristie Wells,


We love these opportunities where the community can come together to share your love of cemeteries, photography and family history. We will plan more events in the coming year, but please – do not wait for us. If you have connected with local community members or would like to host your own event, feel free to request another event page to be set up by filling out this form with a date and place and we would be happy to promote the activities.

The Ancestry and Find a Grave teams would like to thank everyone who participated in the weekend events and also to every single volunteer who has added a memorial, added a photo or fulfilled a photo request over the last two decades. It is your individual contributions that make this community so strong. Thank you.

* We had over 90 cemeteries registered for this event. Volunteers are still uploading photos taken during that weekend from those specific cemeteries and we know volunteers were also in cemeteries that were not registered, so we expect these numbers to continue to grow over the coming weeks and months.






  1. Kay

    The pictures that the find a grave volunteers provide are invaluable to us family history researchers and I for one appreciate their hard work. I was unable to contribute this year due to ill health but next year I will endeavour to do my bit.

  2. Jane Schwerdtfeger

    Hi, I would be happy to help take photos any time. How does one find out which cemeteries or graves are requested to be photographed? Thanks–

    • Kristie Wells

      @Pamela: This is an issue with EXIF meta data stored in the photo and various browsers and how they treat or do not treat that information. The base code for Find A Grave is 15 years old, and this issue cannot be fixed until the complete code rewrite is completed (date TBD). GPS tagging were not the norm back then so the new code has to take into account eight different possible orientations for each photo as well as which browser is being used in order to determine how to display the photo. This is exceedingly complex and beyond the capability of the current code structure. We understand this is frustrating and other members have found a workaround for now, which you might try until the new website is available. You can read that here:

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