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We are pleased to announce the launch of new online services that will help Mexicans and the estimated 34 million Mexican Americans* research their family history.

More than 220 million searchable historical records from Mexico, including new birth, marriage, and death records dating back to the 1500s are now available on the Ancestry site, many of them important historical records never before available online.

Sample of the Puebla, Mexico, Civil Registration Births, 1861-1930.
Sample of the Puebla, Mexico, Civil Registration Births, 1861-1930.

In another first, the new Ancestry Mexico site will provide a Spanish language experience tailored specifically to Mexicans and Mexican Americans.

With such a culturally diverse population, nearly every citizen in the United States has ancestral connections to regions outside of America.

  • Ancestry has been working hard over the past few years to help people of Hispanic and Latino origins discover, preserve and share their family history by making important collections from Mexico searchable online to get them started.
  • These new records launching today were made available in part through Ancestry’s collaboration with the Mexican Academy of Genealogy and Heraldry based in Mexico City, Mexico, who originally created microfilm of these records with the assistance of FamilySearch International.
  • These records will help Mexican Americans build and explore their family tree and unveil key events, places, and relationships in the lives of their ancestors, including the names of family and friends involved as witnesses or godparents.

The people of Mexico have a diverse culture that comes from a variety of regions, including the indigenous peoples of Central and South America, and early immigration from Europe. With a deep sense of pride in this rich heritage, they are passionate about family and have been celebrating their ancestors for hundreds of years.


FREE ACCESS TO RECORDS: October 28th through November 2nd

In celebration of Dia de los Muertos, Ancestry will provide FREE access to these new records from October 28th through November 2. After the FREE access period ends, Ancestry Mexico will be available through two subscription packages:

  • On the Ancestry Mexico site, the Mexico + US Package ($10-$12 USD per month) will include access to all Mexican records plus US records relevant to Mexican Americans including, census, immigration, border crossings, BMDs, and relevant regional records.
  • All records from Mexico are also being made available as part of the World Subscription on the website.

The Ancestry Mexico site is designed to meet the unique needs of people in Mexico, as well as Mexican-Americans with plans to enhance the service early next year.


Sample of a death record
Sample of a death record

Quotes from Todd Godfrey, Vice President of Global Content at Ancestry:

  • “The new service really unlocks for the first time online, family history research for Mexicans and Mexican Americans, whether you prefer to speak English or Spanish. It is fulfilling a huge need for a large and growing population group in the United States by helping them find their own unique stories and place in American and Mexican history.”
  • “Mexican Americans have honored their ancestral traditions, but have been largely unable to discover online who those people were and learn more about their lives. Ancestry is now opening that door and helping them not just celebrate their ancestors, but be able to tell their stories and connect on a more personal level than ever before. We believe there couldn’t be a better time to make these new discoveries available than during Dia de los Muertos, a time of year when celebrating the lives of those who came before is most special.”

* Census Bureau data by Pew Research Center


  1. Diana

    I am incredibly grateful for this! I was so sad that I could find everyone else’s family history but never nothing about mine. Thank you for restoring hope!

  2. Maria del carmen Beltran Canseco

    Mi comentario en español. Gracias por darnos la oportunidad de poder buscar a nuestros ancestros.

  3. Anthony Ray

    I have been researching my Mexican ancestry for the past twelve years. I can’t even begin to figure out how many hours I’ve poured into researching these records on microfilm, and how many hundreds of records I’ve copied from them. However, with this new collection, I’ve found records for which I’ve been searching for years. I’ve also found records for which I never would have thought to look. This is an incredible resource, and will revolutionize the way we do Mexican research. Thank you, Ancestry, for providing this incredible resource. Let’s see what else you all can provide to help further Mexican research.

  4. Dottie

    Mil gracias! Thank you so much for doing this important work. There are many of us who have struggled to find information about our Mexican ancestors, so this site is most welcome, and offering it free of charge to celebrate Dia de los Muertos is a most fitting and appreciated gift!

  5. Thanks for the records add!! I’ve been browsing these records page by page for a few years now. This is a great help. Love the format and the indexing in the record. Keep up the good work. Love the New Ancestry site too. I see improvements every week.

  6. cindy

    Thank you for this service! I am happy to hear you collaborated with the best to provide the utmost information for us:)))

  7. cindy medina

    We must continue embracing and having pride of our diverse Mexican backgrounds. Seguimos Adelante!

  8. Susie Moreno

    Good News! My son and I have been looking endlessly, this will surely help. Yes, thank you for thinking about the Mexican audience.

  9. Debora Gutierrez

    Thank you, For my Familias this is going to be the answers that I was looking for. And journey to look forward.

  10. Suzanne Mendoza

    My Grandmother was born in Mexico and lived and died in the U.S., however, I’m not finding any Mexican documents on this site for her. I’m only finding U.S. documents that I can already access on my regular account. Seems misleading to me.

  11. Stephanie

    Any chance there is a service available to translate the documents from Spanish to English? I would love to be able to understand the information that is now available. Thank you

  12. Richard Andrade

    The names we are interested in are Valdevino, Morales and Moreno (and Andrade, of course). Good luck to all!

  13. Casas y Herrera

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Ancestry has just become far more useful to me in researching the Mexican side of my family. The new collections contain a number of records for relatives that I had come to a dead end with a year ago. One record in particular has enabled me to break a little further through the brick wall on my paternal 2x great-grandfather’s side by confirming the names of his parents. Again, many thanks.

    • Kristie Wells

      Excellent news John! Did it provide you with more information than you already knew or just a nice to have?

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