Posted by Anne Gillespie Mitchell on October 22, 2015 in Ask Ancestry Anne

Question: How can I tell how people are related to others in my tree?

Answer: Knowing who was related to whom can help you solve mysteries in your tree. First, let me show you how to see how everyone is related to you and then how to adjust for anyone in your tree.

When you are in the tree viewer, select Tree Settings from the Tree Pages menu.



You should then find yourself on the Tree Info tab of Tree Settings. Focus on the section on the right side. Setting yourself as the home person allows you to click on the home symbol in tree view and find yourself. Identifying Who you are in this tree tells Ancestry to show you your relationship to others in the tree.


If you don’t see your relationship to others on a profile view, make sure Who you are in this tree has been checked. Once that’s done, when I get to James Moore Hamrick’s profile page, I can see that he is my 4th-great-grandfather:


Sometimes when I am working on a specific ancestor, I may want to see how he or she is related to other people in my tree. I can do this by changing Who you are in this tree:


Choose whom you would like to see relationships for:


Now when I look at other people in my tree, I see their relationship to James Moore Hamrick:


Just don’t forget to change back to yourself so you don’t get confused!

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Happy searching!


Anne Gillespie Mitchell

Anne Gillespie Mitchell is a Senior Product Manager at She is an active blogger on and writes the Ancestry Anne column. She has been chasing her ancestors through Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina for many years. Anne holds a certificate from Boston University's Online Genealogical Research Program. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and Finding Forgotten Stories.


  1. douggrf

    There is a marked difference between the operation of the New Ancestry calculator described in this article and the performance and value of the original calculator in Classic.
    Some of the differences but by no mean inclusive of all changes..
    1) Speed of calculation in New site can sometimes be slow – Classic was always instantaneous.
    2) There is a difference in the interpretation of the language of grand versus great in the two sites. No one has explained why this should happen. In fact for most members the interpretation by Classic is generally preferred.
    3)The calculator display in New is supposedly always turned-on but sometimes does not calculate.
    In Classic the display can be turned on/off at the discretion of the tree owner and always performs immediately upon being turned-on. Hence Classic site is preferable operation for most.
    4)The interpretation of siblings who may be half-brother or sister can not only be confusing in the New site, but sometimes absolutely incorrect. More detailed work is needed on this programming before ready for primetime.

  2. Crystal

    I’m also wondering about the “grand” vs. “great” usage. I wrote to Ask Ancestry Anne a few months ago when I noticed the great/grand difference between designations in vs. Family Tree Maker, and was told that, at least in the case of aunts and uncles, “grand” and “great” are interchangeable. Who decided that? How can you determine generational relationships? I hope that the interchangeable status doesn’t start applying to grandparents. Our trees will really be in trouble.

    A second relationship question is about divorced couples’ status in profiles and trees. Maybe I’m missing something (and if I am, please point me in the right direction), but why is the couple still listed as “married” after I update their status to divorced, as and add divorce dates in the fact section of the tree? It makes for a very confusing situation, especially in cases of remarriage. Thanks.

  3. Doug

    Why do you insist on “fixing” things that are not broken? Today, all of a sudden, when viewing a record image, the arrows to move to the previous or next image are no longer on the bottom of the screen next to the image counter. They now appear IN THE IMAGE on the left and right sides, blocking the view of the image. How is this better than before? Now I have to continually move the image back and forth to see what’s under the arrows. Put the arrows back where they were, please. And would you please ASK genealogists whether feature changes are necessary or not? I’m sure we’d all be happy to help you create a site that actually works for the user, rather than just fiddle with things and make using the site more difficult. C’mon Ancestry. Show us that you’re listening to your users!

  4. BEE

    Did “Ask Annie” ever answer the question about getting rid of “phantom hints” that have been with us for YEARS? I wonder how relevant those 10 “hints” are for Elijah?

  5. Kristie

    So many things wrong here….First, the relationship calculator works only sporadically. Sometimes it’s there…sometimes it’s not. Get it working! Second, in Classic/Old Ancestry you didn’t have to keep going back to rearrange ‘who you are’ in this tree. You could just click on ‘Not You?’ and see in a jiffy how different people were related. No worries about “Just don’t forget to change back to yourself so you don’t get confused!” as Annie says now about New Ancestry. Much less convenient or intuitive. Third, the relationships still are ‘wonky’ if a person has more than one relationship. So, for example, it may say ‘1st cousin twice removed’, but when you click on how that relationship is derived, it shows ‘stepson of great-grandmother’. It’s just a mess. Fourth, everything about this relationship calculator just moves much slower. Sad, this is a step backward. This has been going on since New Ancestry was introduced. Why put out a blog entry like this just to remind us of what STILL doesn’t work? Sigh.

  6. Thameslass

    I see that Kristie has written what I came here to say, but I think that Ancestry might need to hear it yet again as I’ve been been asking about this for months.
    Firstly, please bring back the ‘Not You?’ option – it was a quick and easy way to determine relationships from one person to different people. The process in New is far too long-winded – there should really be no need to go into ‘Tree Info’ each time.
    Then please sort out the calculator algorithm in New so that the relationship-analysis is the same as the relationship displayed on the profile.
    And, finally, please just make the relationship calculator in New *work* as reliably and as well as it still does in Classic.

    • Kristie Wells

      Hi Janice, thanks for your feedback. Please note the team plans to fix the issue with the relationship calculator. It needs to work. Period. I will pass the other feedback you and others have provided in these comments.

  7. Monika

    I too have had problems with the relationship calculator, but in the Classic Ancestry. I wrote ACOM in January 2015 for the following reason: My husband had a great-grand-aunt who had a daughter and two sons. These two sons show correctly in the relationship calculator as “1st cousins 2x removed”. The daughter should, therefore, also show as “1st cousin 2x removed”. However, this daughter (1st cousin 2x removed of my husband) had a son who married my husband’s aunt (he married his cousin, the sister of my mother-in-law). I know that is a bit convoluted but not all that unusual in the old days. My husband is the home person in this tree which has about 3,400 people in it. The fact that he is the home person is firm, established, and does not change. When I press the “View relationship to me” button, I get the correct response for everyone else in my husband’s tree, agreeing that my husband is the home person and that “to me” means to my husband “the home person”. However, when I press the “View Relationship to Me” button for this female first cousin 2x removed, the relationship calculator says “Mother-in-Law of Aunt”. While it is correct that she is the mother-in-law of my husband’s aunt, that is not the correct answer to the “relationship to ME” question. Since the relationship indicator tells me correctly that her two brothers are my husband’s first cousins 2x removed, it should indicate that for her as well. I had EXTENSIVE correspondence with customer support about that situation ten months ago. Of course, they insisted that I must be at fault, implying that it was I who was changing the “relationship to me” button to produce such an answer. It could not possibly be ACOM’s fault could it? If it is not the browser or the cookies it had to be me. And, the implication was that I picked this person out of the 3,400 people to check the relationship status incorrectly. Be real! Why in the world would I want to change the home person in this one specific instance? So, to this day she still shows as the “mother-in-law of the aunt” and her children (who are 2nd cousins 1x removed of my husband) show as “sister-in-law of aunt” and “brother-in-law of aunt” instead of showing as my husband’s 2nd cousins 1x removed. The children of the two brothers of this “mother-in-law of aunt” show correctly as “2nd cousins 1x removed.”

  8. douggrf

    Monika, you stated inquiry date of Jan 2015 must be with the Classic Ancestry site.
    It should be explained to you that the basis of a calculation is always driven in the programming by finding the shortest route of relation. Hence in the given case of a “convoluted” connection for a selected individual in a tree – you have to be very carefull how you set the “who are you” point – as this will distort any derived relationships in the calc.

    From another perspective realize that everyone in your tree has multiple relationships going on concurrently – so the calc has limitations in setting what route you want and expect, and what route it may find.
    Finally note that as your tree grows in horizontal direction (that is including more siblings at every level) these relationships that are so-called possibly convoluted are going to appear exponentially. So a large in depth tree has many advantages, but the calc becomes a more critical business.
    Hope this helps frame a perspective for you.

  9. Monika

    @douggrf – You are most kind and your input is far more helpful than that which I have been able to receive from support in January of this year. Yes, I indicated in my first sentence that this took place in Classic Ancestry. While I understand the intricacies of a “convoluted” connection, the “who are you” point CLEARLY indicates my husband asking what the relationship of that person is to HIM. Just like an Ahnentafel should not be flexible neither should the relationship calculator. If I ask specifically “what is her relationship to ME” it should not indicate her relationship to my aunt. And, let’s not forget that cousins marrying cousins was not that uncommon in the olden days, particularly in small communities. My argument is that “if her brothers show correctly so should she.”
    P.S.: As an aside, would it not have been nice if had invested their time and money into integrating an Ahnentafel into their New Ancestry program instead of dreaming up the LifeStories and Hysterical Facts”.

  10. Scald

    To be really a tool, there needs to be a better way to select how two people are related on-the fly. The current method requires too many keystrokes and assumes you only want to compare the same person all the time.

  11. Barbara

    When it comes to relationship calculators, it would be great to see how a person in any tree is related to the home person or the person named “who am I in this tree.” I’ve come across numerous trees where I can’t figure out how the tree owner/home person is related to my ancestor.

  12. pammil

    It is much more difficult to add pictures to multi people in my tree. With the classic it was easy to do but with this new one I can’t find out how to do it.

  13. Ruth Grau

    Ever since Ancestry bought FTM it seems that they have been making everything more complicated. That was the saddest day in my genealogical life. I have almost quit doing any more research–every hint is something that I have put on the site and you are profiting from my research.

  14. Josh Restivo

    Does Ancestry require a warrant in every circumstance before they hand DNA info over to law enforcement or is it theirs for the asking?

  15. Craig Morrison

    Please go back to the old relationship calculator. Your new method adds too much time to change, along with too many clicks to get there. I have mad respect for your records collections and sharing of info, the team’s software programming skills or horribly out of line with how your users need to navigate around the site and the information on it

  16. Wayne

    The big reasons for quitting Ancestry are all displayed
    above.After four generations are you really related any way?

  17. MMFNP

    When will the next version of Family Tree be released?
    I’ve already done DNA with ancestry and NATGEO. Neither helped fill in blanks on my Montgomery, Brown, Gillespie, Simpson, Blackburn, Coleman or other relations. I know my 1st arrival to this country was James Montgomery, arrived 1733 in Philly. Moved with sons to VA. He was shown born at 1690 possible a Hugh Montgomery was father. Probable was in N. Ireland where several Montgomery are shown mustered, “Men and Arms, the Ulster settlers, c. 1630”. Yet I’ve struck out connecting any of them further back with zero green leafs helping. Nor did Clan Montgomery database assist.
    Any help appreciated.

  18. I agree totally with the above comments. So I will not repeat their complaints. But I have two additional complaints. While I am working on my tree, something will not come up, such as a hint. I get a message saying sorry, try again later. This happens over and over. Downloading photos to gallery is a complete pain. I find almost everything difficult or repetitive with the newer version. Maybe I am just not smart enough to figure it out. I just know with the older version I zipped right along with no issues.

  19. Kathleen

    How can I create a list of people in my tree with “No known relationship. “? I would like to clean up a series of entry errors

  20. Norman Walters

    After paying for the DNA testing, I find that according to your site that I don’t even know my own parents, grandparents and great grandparents. I should know more about that than you since I saw them all the time. How could you supposed DNA testing be so correct if it provides such inept information concerning whom is related to you. I can only imagine what your DNA will eventually some day show who is my 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc great grandfathers were. I know for a fact all of my 4th great grandfathers and their military history. But, for just the past 200 years you are so incorrect so many times. My family came to the New World in 1620, so what is your DNA test going to dream up who my relatives were from 1620 to 1750? What do you claim to be your accuracy rate? Or was this a fraud just to earn money? I want straight up, truthful answers to my questions or I will contact proper officials.

  21. Patricia

    I think I’m having something of the same problem as another commenter on this post regarding cousins marrying one another. My grandmother and grandfather were cousins. He was 14 years older than her. His first wife died and he moved to the state where she lived. Problem, they had the same last name. Poor Ancestry! They want to believe every other person coming down the pike instead of me that those two people could have produced my mother. We have never known who his father was, my mother never knew. (French Jewish ) But many other family trees have given him a father and that’s part of the problem. There should be a way I could write NO across these updates.

  22. Donna

    My relationships are really messed up. A grandmother shows up as a great aunt. And tht’s just the beginning. I’d love to be able to contct a real live person to ask about thngs tht I can’t figure out — like how to get rid of erroneous information but ll I can find is a phone number and sitting on a hone line for eons is not my idea of help.

  23. Tony

    I am disappointed to learn from the comments above that there are more problems with the New version than I realized. I prefer Classic version. I hope that I will not be forced to use the New version, because I don’t like the fluff that accompanies the life story which I prefer to write myself.

  24. If you are using Family Tree Maker, you can fix them individually when you find them by clicking on ‘Person’ tab, then click on ‘Relationship’, then on the right side of the screen is a Relationship window, select the correct relationship ‘biological, adopted, step, etc’ then put a check in the box for ‘Preferred parent’.

  25. Why is there not a tree pages icon on all pages, so you can go to tree hints or others from any page. The old version had this, now with the new version, you have to go back to the tree page to get the “tree pages” icon. Lots of other items that are not as handy as the old version. Just takes longer and is more frustrating.

  26. RMau

    I appreciate the tutorial on how to display relationships. I usually do that sort of thing in FTM, so being able to do it online will save some back-and-forth.

    I would like to respond to Doug’s comments on the placement of the ‘spot’ to use to advance from image to the next. In my estimation, that change is primarily due to the intent of the Ancestry web design. Which I think is to accommodate users whose primary interaction with the web site is via a tablet or a smartphone.

    The old placement of ‘the spot’ to click was too small for people who use a touch interface to use. Especially on those small screens. So ‘the spot’ was placed where tablet/smartphone users are used to poking and swiping in order to change their screen.

    This is just one way that the new web site was changed to (in my opinion) assume that a touch interface is the primary interface that users will, well, use, when working with

    I think that keyboard/mouse users have been relegated to the end of the line when it comes to current and future Ancestry development.

    All in all, I am not thrilled with the new web site. But I have too much invested here to walk away. Which might be what Ancestry was counting on when they put the new web site online.

  27. jwstrike802

    I also have find problems with relationships. I will see a relationship on the screen, but when I click on it to see how the connection is arrived at, sometimes the relationship at the top of the of display with names will be different. It does not happen often, but I have seen it happen at least three times.

  28. Lori Samuelson

    Agree with all of the above comments regarding New Ancestry. Here’s another minor complaint but this shows from the home page at the top since JUNE:
    We are currently undergoing maintenance, so this widget is temporarily unavailable. It should be functioning shortly.
    I don’t consider 5 months temporary, especially when I’m paying for your product.
    I’m also annoyed with your newsletter stating:
    The new Ancestry is here and it’s better than ever.
    To introduce the new site, we’ve added articles, how-to videos, and more. We hope you’re enjoying the new experience. We’d love to hear your feedback at
    Clearly, we all agree New Ancestry is NOT BETTER. I have stopped sending feedback because everything I’ve voiced my concerns about (from the hideous color scheme to the numerous clicks now needed to maneuver, not synching with FTM and I could go on and on…) never gets corrected. I’m also sick of hearing that Ancestry staff thinks customers are having a difficult time adapting to change. NO WE AREN’T. I’ve lived through I don’t know how many Ancestry updates over the years along with numerous other genealogical software from TI99 cartridges, PAF, FTM and Legacy. We aren’t ignorant or opposed to change. We are vocal due to our frustration about paying for a product that doesn’t work as well as it once did. PLEASE hire IT people that understand genealogy. If they were using what they designed they would understand why there are complaints.

  29. Hope

    Wow. Tthanks everyone. I was actually thinking about using the DNA feature AND signing up again. Now I wont. With my original subscription, I too had problems w/relationships. In one place, I thought I had found a great grandmother because of her info and relationship to my grandfather, but on another screen, it appears there’s no relationship at all. Which one is wrong? The main issue is that I dont know her first name so I was trying to find her.

    I also wish orphanages would be included. I know enough info about my Dad that I would be able to recognize him, but orphanages are not sourced. Its difficult to complete my tree.

    Last, ancestry shows two birthdates for my Mom. Fortunately, I know the correct one. The incorrect date was not from someone changing, although I tried correcting the wron one. There are just too many inconsistencies that I find I cant rely on ancestry.

  30. Mary Wright

    In 1954 my hubby Wm.E Wright & Helen V.Nelson were married, can you tell me if they were ever divorced1956or7.I am trying to get my hubbys Ins and pension, so is she. she said she got a divorce, I have no Div. papers, she will get everything even though it has been 56 years.

  31. Sherie

    Agree with above c/o. The “old” way was easier, faster, more interesting to use. I don’t need all the repeating of info on the “profile page” nor the thousands of “hints” that keep coming.Some of the hints are repeats, some are in the wrong tree, the relationships are confusing and wrong! Please, please, go back to the simpler and more interesting
    “classic” version!

  32. Dianne Miller

    Was the comment/note section deleted from the new ancestry update? I do not see it. If eliminated, how can I access the information previously entered into this section in the prior ancestry program.

  33. Jeannie Havel

    I agree with the above comments and appreciate not feeling isolated with my complaints. As a long-time subscriber, itbis disheartening to be subjected to changes that serve some sort of story logic rather than concentrate on facts. I am here to do research, not write a story. A story option should be exactly that – an option. I am not interested in new bells and whistles unless the foundation is solid. And this foundation is solid no more. Good thing, Ancestry, that I do not want to walk away from years of time and money invested. But maybe that is what you are banking on. Literally.

  34. I haven’t tried the New Ancestry ,and from what I read here I don’t want to. I’m happy with the old Ancestry.It took time to learn and I don’t want to start over. PLEASE LEAVE THE OPTION TO USE THE OLD ANCESTRY PERMANENTLY

  35. Loretta Harris

    Jeannie Havel summarizes my disdain for the new site quite well. Each time I flip between the two versions, I leave survey feedback on specific issues. Seems a waste of my time. Basically, K.I.S.S. Crazy colors, connecting lines and source boxes in the middle of the screen are distracting, not helpful. I’ll write my own story and crop my own photos. The timeline shows the birth of only two of my five siblings. It shows residence info for me in 1935 (before I was born) based on directory info which often has timespans (1935-1993). Earlier version had WWI or WWII in the middle of my timeline. I rarely post to blogs, but this is a mess!

  36. Carol McAfee

    Before you changed the Ancestry site I had all of my relationships calculated and am very upset that you took them away. I’ve tried to use the new way to calculate and cannot figure it out. You are making this site more difficult to use and I will not renew my subscription if this continues. It used to be relaxing searching on Ancestry. It is now just frustrating. This is not what I am paying for!

  37. Elizabeth

    I don’t know if I like the new Ancestry, yet.I was shocked to see my pictures taken from my Family Tree Maker program and an icon in their place. There are pictures I’d rather use than some of the ones you chose. Can you put my pictures back on Family Tree Maker? I am still working putting pictures into FTM.

  38. Joneta Burke

    I see that all of you have the same complaints as I do. I use to be on this site 18 hours a day doing research, but because of the changes I can’t find anything, so why bother. The comments I use to write on a page with corrections,are no longer there, and the box to leave the comment is not there either. When I saw that Ancestry had my Grandfather as my second uncle, I knew there were going to be problems. We have invested a lot of money, and time, adding our family information to this site, but with all of these needless changes it has made it too hard to maneuver around, and personally not worth my time any more. I am not interested in seeing the pictures Ancestry adds to family members pages, saying what war, or other tragedy happen the year they were born. Over the years I have saved different census to a family members page, then the same census will appears as hint, asking if I want to save it again to the same family member. Where did the first saved census go? I agree with Doug, if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it. Has any one of you heard back from Ancestry as to why all of these needless changes are taking place? Yes Loretta Harris this site is a mess.

  39. kgracej

    Anne, can you please tell me what happened within the last month with DNA matches. It seems like someone has literally put the brakes on my 4th cousin and higher matches. I would hardly go a day without at least getting a match or two. Now, I will go days without a match. What has changed? A formula? Or people not subscribing to Ancestry DNA and testing due to these problems? Also, it would be nice to have a way to show that you are an adoptee. I keep my tree locked because of that. I know who my birth mother is but she refuses to meet me or tell me who my birth father is. I know it frustrates people that look at my tree and see the lock, but if they message me and tell me what they are needing I always respond and share. I keep it private for the general masses for now just out of respect for my birth mother and her family. I don’t know that I always will.

  40. Barbara Lois Barnette

    I Havre sent in DNA sample. I was told my information was available but not how to access the information. Where do I get this information?

  41. Terry

    I did exactly as directed above and still am not seeing how a person is related to me. Does it matter that I am working on an Apple computer? Please help. Thanks.

  42. Kim Johnson

    I’ve submitted DNA test for over a dozen of my relatives, including parents, siblings, children and cousins. When I see a potential match to me, I’d like to be able to see if and where that person appears in my relatives’ matches. Can you offer a way to search by the unique identifier rather than have to scroll through page after page in search for the match?

  43. Rose Brown Churchill

    I do not believe that you do appreciate our feed back. You made a mess of the site. Keep the Classic site. No more lines going here and there. Have another box to go into if you would like. Add things but keep the Classic. It works well. You do you think you are?

  44. Pam Bruzan

    I’ll echo those who can’t get your directions to work. I loved the earlier relationship calculator. There are some changes I’ll accept whether I like them or not – this is NOT one of them.

  45. I agree with all of the comments above. How can I go back to the old version. Will you read any of these. Will you do anything. How was long will it take. Not worth the 19.90 month I pay.

  46. also a couple years ago some wome took over my family. Said my ggrandmother was hers and that she was buried in calif. My ggmother is buried in cincinnati,was from kentucky, she said she was from the east coast. but SHE TOOK ALL MY CLOSE RELATIVES, MY G-AUNTS AND UNCLES AND EVEN MY MOTHER AND G-FATHER AND PUT THEM ON HER TREE. HOW IS THIS ALLOWED . WASNT REAL HAPPY WHEN i FOUND THIS . i SENT THE A MESSAGE THAT MY FAMILY WASNT HERS AND SHE SAID i WAS NASTY AND SHE WAS GLAD SHE WASNT RELATED TO ME.. b UT SHE STILL HAS THE INFORMATION ON HER TREE….I know my family, how can I get her to take mt family from her tree. thank you

  47. Sharon Lewis

    Please leave the original ancestry alone, I have tried the new ancestry & it has too many extra steps to get to the same information as the original. Also, if you want to print out a persons info, there’s several unnecessary pages that print out. I don’t want all that mess. Just keep it nice & simple with the original! I don’t know how well I can continue with my trees if I HAVE TO CHANGE OVER TO THE NEW ANCESTRY. Please consider our comments.

  48. John R

    WOW. I was in the process of signing up again (I left some time back) and decided to read the comments for Ancestry. What a mess. After what I’ve read, there is no way I’m getting into this mess. I’m certain I would end up with the new version and then spend money for the site that would provide me with bogus information. I’m better of doing my own research with out Thanks to everyone for steering me clear of I’m so sorry you are having so much trouble with this site.

  49. jane

    Please categorize and Alphabetize the card catalog. Takes so much time to find the correct report. 70 Plus pages REALLY! I purchased years ago but. keep my tree under Family Tree Maker. I feel much safer with it there. I vote for the return of Old

  50. Kimberly Suteu

    Once you go to the new (try) the new Ancestry Calculator is there anyway to go back to the Classic version? I don’t like the new calculator and loved the classic. I’m not happy with the way the new calculator works (or doesn’t work) the classic was much better and faster and more accurate. I’d like to return to the classic if possible.

  51. Thoomas Kolbe

    While I understand that much effort has been put into the new site layout, I simply cannot use it for the following reasons:

    – I am protanomaly color blind (cannot see yellow/red well) and these new colors are hard to focus on, particularly females with no image.
    – The dark color contrasts in both the main black header and gray tree view give me a headache
    – The layout, while I could get used to it, still lacks several features that the old layout had

    I simply cannot use it and if forced to do such, will result in the cancellation of my account.

    Can we switch back?

  52. Blueroadhunter

    I have read several of these and I agree that the old ancestry was better! This is not better. And until they fix my account I can’t be to happy with it…so I am trying to look up some other side of my family…I don’t know any thing about we will see what happens. Oh and the link they gave me to download my raw data did not work either

  53. Dna,my relative has called twice with no resolution,she has a public tree,and a paid membership,her regular leafs show up,but when she goes to her dna matches,her dna leafs,by the filter buttom,there is none,we have plenty of shared ancestors,but no leafs for her.why is that????? please give us a answer

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  55. You people at are crazy to go ahead with your mandatory conversion to the New Version on December 15th, with all of these issues still outstanding. Do the people building the site actually use the product, it does not appear so.

  56. Lynne

    I can’t seem to get any relationships to show up anymore on my trees even though I believe all my settings are correct. Help!

  57. Penny

    My relationship to family members keeps coming and going. Sometimes it says one relationship and then it comes up with another. No settings have been changed. Really getting tired of things changing on their own.

  58. Tom

    Relationship calculator is worse that before and the overall look and feel is burdensome and cluttered. I would like to go back to the classic view.

  59. Carlos

    I just reconnected with a daughter after a long time and wanted to share highlights of our ancestry. Because I can’t see relationships to me anymore (at all), I can’t tell her how someone is related to her.

    This has been like this for a few months apparently…Why can’t this be fixed by now?

  60. Karen

    I have many issues with the new ancestry and I sincerely believe that Ancestry should take it down and only release individual updated improved features once they are working fully functionally and properly. The most basic of issues – the relationship issue. So many Ancestry members have been very loyal to Ancestry and have been paying continually increasing fees for YEARS and YEARS, even into our 2nd decade of paying membership fees. Yet, at this point we are forced into using a product that just simply is far inferior to the Classic Ancestry. I would like to see Ancestry revert back to running the Classic and I think members should be given at the very least an extra month free on our current membership for the constant interruptions during the past several months trying to get us to move into the new version and using us as free testers. Correction – not free testers – we have been paying to test for Ancestry! The problem is that Ancestry has become a one company industry and we as consumers have been backed into a virtual corner. It is such a shame that this has happened to the millions of members who are trying to document familial histories and be able to pass them on to our descendants as never could be done before. Ancestry – please make the decision to do the right thing for your loyal customers – we have been loyal to you – now it is your turn to show us your loyalty to us. Listen to us please – we are the users. It is much much different to be a user than it is to be behind the scenes in the IT coding world. Come out from behind the coding and try to build your own family tree, maybe then you will understand the user side of things. The relaitonship issue is such a KEY issue as are so many of the features but go back to the basics and stop worrying about fancy color schemes and branding or rolling out overhauls of something that was working and didn’t need changed. As users many of us spend just as much time on this site if not more every week then your employees do in a full work week. We aren’t complaining just to complain – we are passionate about this industry and we have as much to offer educationally to Ancestry as Ancestry does to us. We like things to be done right and we fully understand that the most important thing about documenting history is accuracy. I want my hard-earned money that I spend on membership fees to give me the best available tool that works accurately so that I can pass down accurate familial history. I will say that when I recently went back to ready the Ancestry mission statement it doesn’t speak to this at all. I am sorry to read that your mission is only to gather users and build information. My mission to put together the pieces of the familial historical puzzle accurately. I come to Ancestry with expectations that this tool will provide me the best possible opportunity to do that and that is why I pay the membership fees. It is only when Ancestry started this NEW Ancestry rollout that I questioned I might be coming from a different mission than Ancestry. All these years I was thinking and feeling our goals were similar and I have led many people to become Ancestry members and family history researchers. I hope to soon see that Ancestry rolls out good news about righting this effort gone bad and that when my renewal comes due, I am able to come to the decision to continue as a still loyal member.

  61. Patrik Hjelt

    I have the same problem, Can’t see the connection as I could before. And I use it frequently and its needed.

  62. Michelle

    Having the same problem. Followed the instructions to see the relationship thinking maybe something changed and even though I had it set correctly I still can’t see the relationship. This is very frustrating!!! This is an important feature for all of us!!! Please fix it!!!

  63. Franklin

    I am getting more used to the “new” (improved is a stretch) ancestry site. I agree with previous users that have said it’s gone from hours of enjoyment to work. PLEASE fix the relationship view calculation! People have been asking for this fix for a couple of months now. Why hasn’t this been corrected?

  64. sm

    I’m going to reiterate Karen’s comment.

    ‘We like things to be done right and we fully understand that the most important thing about documenting history is accuracy. I want my hard-earned money that I spend on membership fees to give me the best available tool that works accurately so that I can pass down accurate familial history. I will say that when I recently went back to read the Ancestry mission statement it doesn’t speak to this at all. I am sorry to read that your mission is only to gather users and build information. My mission is to put together the pieces of the familial historical puzzle accurately. I come to Ancestry with expectations that this tool will provide me the best possible opportunity to do that and that is why I pay the membership fees. It is only when Ancestry started this NEW Ancestry rollout that I questioned I might be coming from a different mission than Ancestry.’

    I have been a subscriber since 2002. I tried the “new” ancestry months back and hated it…nothing worked, searches were horrible so I went back to the classic version. Then one day I tried to do a wills and probate search and was told it could only be accessed at the new site, so here I am, irritated, aggravated and ready to call it quits. I pay for research dammit…research.

  65. Shirley Smith

    The relationship feature is missing for any new family members or any that I hadn’t already done on the old site. I’ve followed the instructions from “Ancestry Anne” and, no, the relationship is not working. I use this feature a lot and really miss it. I dislike the new Ancestry so much that I am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere.

  66. Shirley Smith

    Sorry, I was wrong. After following Anne’s instructions, it seems that all relationships to me have disappeared. I am so frustrated. Ancestry, are you listening?

  67. Rae Benedetto

    My relationships also do not show up past the 3rd level. I’d like to at least be able to see them, it helps me check the accuracy of my tree. If some distant relative is not showing a relationship, I have a clue that something may be wrong somewhere (i.e., duplicate ancestors). I’m finding that the relationship to me feature only goes back 3 generations, which is disappointing.

  68. Ralph Mills

    WOW! 79 comments / complaints over a 2 month period, all concerning new version of Ancestry, and only one mediocre reply from the folks who are collecting our money! Looks like a prime opportunity for a new player.

  69. Don Barnes

    I am happy to know that I am not alone with my problems at I would appreciate the option to return to the old system.

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