Posted by Paul Rawlins on August 6, 2015 in AncestryDNA

Kristie Hughes was sold as a baby. Now AncestryDNA has helped her find the family she was taken from 51 years ago.

The story of the “Hicks Babies” broke about 20 years ago when a researcher discovered that a Dr. Thomas Hicks of McCaysville, Georgia, sold babies he delivered in his clinic to couples looking to adopt children in the 1950s and ’60s. Some were children of women he convinced not to have abortions. Others may have been from mothers who didn’t want another child or whom Hicks told their child had died. There may have been more than 200 of these children—including Kristie Hughes.

AncestryDNA got involved when ABC’s Nightline asked for help tracking down relatives of eight Hicks Babies. Because forged birth certificates identified the Hicks Babies adoptive parents as their biological parents, DNA offered the best—and in many cases the only—chance to find family.

Nightline captured Kristie’s reunion in an episode that aired last night (August 5). If you missed it—and it’s one you won’t want to miss—you can view it online.




  1. Ed Yeutson

    Hi I would like to see the rest of the story, the other people that had taken the DNA test that were looking for their family. I bet their would be alot of other people would like to see it to.

  2. john vitale

    I found a similar family situation in Buffalo, NY where 6 babies were sold on the black market. We are rediscovering family via DNA

  3. Pam Decker

    How do I find out more information about the Hicks Babies ? In 1965 My Mom was told her baby was still born ,she believed to the day she died that her daughter was still alive & that the Doctor lied to her! She was never aloud to see the baby & the doctor even arranged the burial . So if we would like to find out the truth Do we have a older sister out there somewhere?

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