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Long-lost sisters, Connie and Delores were separated at a young age with Delores being adopted by their birth mother’s parents and Connie being adopted by an unknown family.

Delores was introduced to the truth of a sister existing at a young age when she discovered a baby photo and birth certificate. After years, Delores thought it would be impossible to find Connie because she didn’t know anything of the adopted family.

The two sisters both turned to AncestryDNA this year to finally find the missing piece to their family history puzzle and they reconnected immediately over the phone. Connie, who now lives in Michigan, quickly reserved plane tickets to visit Delores in Ontario just weeks after their first call.

Photographer Stephanie Ann Overstreet had the opportunity to capture the first moments of Delores and Connie meeting at the Ontario Airport last month, which was a very emotional for the sisters. “At one moment during their reunion, Connie told Delores, ‘It’s like you’ve always been around me somehow.’”

Connie and Delores, Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Ann Overstreet Photography.
Connie and Delores, Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Ann Overstreet Photography.

To see more photographs of the sisters’ reuniting, visit Stephanie Ann Overstreet Photography.


  1. Pat

    I wanted to learn more about the touching story of Connie & Delores and see more photos, but can’t get to Stephanie Ann Overstreet’s website. Anyone else having htis problem?

  2. Jessica Murray

    @Linda, The AncestryDNA test provides much more than an ethnicity breakdown. We compared each DNA test to every DNA test in our database (more than one million customers so far) and match you with possible cousins. Some of the matches can go as far back as 5th-8th cousins and others may match a 3rd cousin or greater. For people seeking their birth siblings or family, like Delores and Connie, it was successful!

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