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The updated Facts view lets you add facts, family members, sources, and more. To get you started, take a look at these common tasks and how you can perform them with the new site.

Guide to Facts View

(1) Find a person in your tree—While this feature works the same, you’ll find it on the top-left side of the page. Click the person/search icon to open the search field.

(2) Use the Tools menu.

– View in Tree—Opens the family tree with this individual as the focus.
– View Notes—Lets you view notes you’ve entered for a person. For more information on this feature click here.
– View Comments—Lets you view comments you’ve made (or others have made). For more information on this feature click here.
– Merge with Duplicate—Lets you merge the person with someone else in your tree. For more information on this feature click here.

(3) Use the Edit menu.

– Save to Tree—Lets you save the person to another family tree.
– Edit Relationships—Lets you change relationship types. For example, you can change a child from biological to adopted or vice versa. For more information on this feature click here.
– Delete Person—Lets you delete an individual from your tree permanently.

(4) Add a fact—You can add a fact for a person using the Add drop-down above the Facts list. For more information on this feature click here.

(5) View your relationship to the individual—Relationships are calculated automatically in the new Ancestry. Click the relationship link to view. For more information on this feature click here.

(6) View the number of available hints—At the top of the page you’ll see the current number of hints for a person next to the Hints tab.

(7) Add a source—It’s easier than ever to add a new source, simply click the Add drop-down above the Sources list.

(8) Add a family member—Like the classic site, you can add a family member using the Add drop-down on the right side of the page.

(9) See how sources and facts are connected together—Click a fact to see connecting lines indicating which sources support the fact; click a source to see which facts it supports.

(10) View and add web links—At the bottom of the sources list, you can view, add and edit your web links.


The instructions in this article pertain to our New Ancestry experience. If you are not yet using this experience and would like to switch, please click here for instructions.


  1. pat gibson

    i appreciate this article. it will help everyone learn the new system. i read the information regarding comments. how do i know when someone has added a comment to my tree? thanks

  2. moose

    Should 6 be view hints as click on it opens another page. Also it would be nice if ‘Quick Add’ would return. The ‘Quick Add’ was nice when a spouse and parents were found, now you have to enter the spouse and open into another page to add parents, just a thought 🙂

  3. Carolyn

    Not sure I like the new Ancestry, the old page was easier to read and see! It was brighter, much easier to look at for me anyway.

  4. Steve

    No printer friendly way to print from the facts page, If I do print, it only prints the left one third page.
    After I go to hints, there is no way to see all the family members, to compare info.
    Also if I open another member’s tree, I can’t contact them except from the Pedigree page,

  5. Shirley York Anderson

    I don’t see a replacement for Member Connect. It was a quick way to look at all similar trees. Using Family Trees in Search is too cumbersome.
    Also, how do I get to Family Group Sheet. It is a much easier way to add people, particularly a large family.

  6. MelbourneaP

    Is there a help available that compares the layout and function of the classic Ancestry with the New version? That would be helpful.

  7. Irene

    Where is the Family Group Sheet? Please don’t say it has been eliminated. That feature was perfect for making comparisons and writing notes. What was wrong with the old version of Ancestry? You have made too many changes, and they are not better. The new version is not eye-friendly. And, I agree with Steve about printing. This is not good.

  8. Cheryl

    I must say that whomever came up with these idiot changes must like to just click and click and click and on and on. If there was a double posting it was sooooo much easier to edit the profile rather than search through the garbage on the page to merge two individuals. I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss the Family Group Sheet. And when my subscription expires in a couple of days…I will not be back!

  9. Allen

    I must say Ancestry has made another mistake with this NEW format. Your system has been regularly SLOW and now I must click two three times before I get to the function I want to perform. This multiple clicking will only slow down your site. My membership may not be renewed because of this clumsy NEW version. It is NEW but definitely not improved. But I do like the colors for male and female. And what idiot decided to make adding a spouse via marriage to a man and unknown? Dumb!

  10. Debi

    I am very disappointed with the new Ancestry format. The overview sheet does not print properly and I can’t even find the Family Group Sheet to view or print. Since my family tended to use the same names from generation to generation and among siblings, the Family Group Sheets are essential to keeping everyone organized in my thoughts while reviewing records, i.e. is this record for Leonard my great grandfather or his brother’s son Leonard?

  11. Todd

    Anyone know where to look up actual newspaper obituaries, without having to join another site. Thank you for any input

  12. Ida Pruitt

    This new layout is really hard to use and very time consuming. I can’t figure out how to move from the profile view to the tree view. the thumb nail picture are odd and you cannot print them. I cannot figure out how to print the profile page. Give us back the old layout.

  13. I am beginning to understand and use the new version. However, the capacity to print is not available. I routinely used the Family Group sheet and would print it out when doing research. I also would routinely print out things found on other people’s trees in the gallery to research it to find if it related to my own research. We all must have the capacity to print this program.

  14. Jade

    The information page about “Comments” is not about the new tree format. It was dated 11/2014.

  15. BEE

    Why in the world do I have to practically stand on my head to add a spouse, error messages, “phantom hints” for years! PLEASE stop this nonsense and pay attention to the “classic” site and get it working properly instead of all this “fancy-dancy” stuff!

  16. BEE

    I hate to tell you how many “trees” I find with 2, 4, 6 names entered “over a year” from people with ethnic names, probably thinking they could type in Grandma and Grampa’s name and find documents. Unfortunately, those ethnic names were badly spelled from the minute they boarded that boat, until their dying day, and the transcribing of those names made it even worse.
    Some census records had surnames written that bore no resemblance to the actual name, so it is next to impossible to find, unless you are a persistent person and know a few “tricks”. FORGET those stupid sliders. I’ve hated them since the last “improvement”. I refuse to look at the “new and improved” site, and I dread the day I have to use it. I don’t need “STORIES” – I need documents! STOP THIS MADNESS!

  17. Bev

    I wish that I could be positive about the new Facts page, but I can’t. It is terribly cluttered, with no way to print a concise worksheet of any sort, a worksheet that is VERY important to me. It requires endless scrolling and extra clicks, and the design itself is an eyesore. When I add a Fact such as a census record or marriage record that doesn’t conform to Ancestry’s city, county, state, USA format, and then go to Life Story page, I find my ancestors on map view located half a world away. So, it’s back to the Fact page to edit the record location so that the right location appears on map view. I’m having to proofread every single profile in my tree, which is terribly time consuming and frustrating. I’ve made my trees private. My apologies to my DNA relatives for being forced to do so while I do the endless proofreading.

  18. Kristie

    Thank you for the guide. I also want to be positive about this change, but I can’t. I get how to use it – I just don’t like it. So much clicking and scrolling! Here’s one little item that can be fixed TODAY, and show that ACOM is listening to paying customers. Make the profile shot rectangle – even your example has silly white space since it’s trying to fit a square into a porthole. I get it, all the ‘hot’ sites are using round photos in their new Material Design – Instagram, Tinder, Pinterest, etc. – but they use circles for avatars! Please note on those sites the photos of people and things are still rectangles. Then there’s the issue of the spread-out layout and ugly colors…sigh. And yes, another customer who has taken all trees private, waiting to see if substantial functionality is made…or if it’s time to move on.

  19. Patti

    The new changes are terrible. Seriously considering not renewing. Why is there no printer friendly option?

  20. Pam

    The New Profile ‘Facts’ page is driving me nuts I have over 5,000 people in my tree Are we expected to check every profile for the Excess Facts and Sources that have appeared .I have a James Guy b 1835 on the Old Profile as follows 1 Birth ,1 Baptism , 1 each of the census 1841 to 1901 , 1 marriage ,1 death . But On the New profile ‘Facts page on the left hand side Facts I have 7 name Alternate , 8 Birth Alternate ,1 baptism [yay] , i each of the census 1841 to 1901 ,1 marriage , 3 death indexes also some other facts such as children born died and wifes death . Now on the right hand Source side I have 2 1841 census ,2 1851 census ,1 each of 1861 & 1871 , 3 1881 ,2 1891,2 1901 , 1 marriage & 2 death indexes ……………….. So on the Old I have in total 10 Ancestry Sources on the New I have 17 ? . On the New timeline I have 37 Facts ? and on the Old Timeline I have 11 Facts .On the Old Media gallery I have 2 items a marriage and a birth attached to the Timeline of course these do not show on the New Ancestry they are elsewhere. Spelling mistakes are many as are places randomly change in the Lifestory View and which are correct in my Classic Tree ,Example I have a few ancestors living in Wales ,UK but the algorithm is having trouble with the correct spellings ,Barry has become Barri . Ystrad has an extra letter … Y Ystrad then there is the problem of the full place names missing or others added .My dad was in WW2 and had a spell in Military Hopsital but where the place Chile came from is boggling as I have written 1943 Hospital ……. I reckon that an hour per profile is needed to Tidy up and remove /delete the hogwash added and to re add items /place names So 5,635 people in my ONE TREE alone times one hour equals 235 days but of course I can not work 24 / 7 I have to sleep ,eat and do other important things .So an average of 5 per day leaving out weekends so working on a 5 day week that would mean 47 days ………that is going to take me 10 weeks at least for this one tree, where as I should be looking for and adding New relations not going to get much done in that research project am I ……………And this is just what I have noticed on a brief Visit to New Ancestry this day or so but why should I be responsible putting my tree to rights when there is nothing wrong with it in the Classic View

  21. Bev

    I agree with Kristie and Pattie. I am now trying to clean up my trees and exit out when my membership is up in Aug. New site is NOT as good as classic. Did find a way to print profiles; however, it became NINE pages–what a waste. Seems like this is just a copy of the free Family Search. I don’t use them because I don’t like their format. Some information from sources is incorrect such as Social Security death records. I now have information for Earl (my dad’s middle name). Wasn’t there before. Would be nice if we had a choice of which version to use-Classic or Not User Friendly.

  22. Just logged on to the NEW pages. FACTS page a mess.Not set out for ease of printing, or reading.Why do the SOURCES have to be smack in the middle? I cannot find print/printer friendly option. FAMILY TREE pages were easier to read on the WHITE background. Not happy Jan!

  23. Mary Nodulman

    I found a church death record from a hint, but it belonged to the daughter of the person that had the hint. I find no way to “add to a different person in your tree”

  24. Diana

    Why aren’t the relationships showing up? ie: 4th grandfather, 1st cousin ect. these were listed under your ancestors name. Some show up, others not. And how would you update or correct these after finding more info or if you have multiple ancestors in the same family?

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