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We are excited to announce the launch of Ancestry Academy, a new educational website that offers exclusive, high-quality video courses taught by genealogy and family history experts. Ancestry Academy courses cover a wide range of relevant family history topics and offer something for genealogists of all levels. 2015-04-10 11_54_36-You Found What in the 1940 Census_ - Ancestry Academy

Here are a few things we think you’ll love about Ancestry Academy:

Learn at your own pace – Ancestry Academy’s in-depth courses are broken into a series of short lessons that let you learn when you want and how you want. Watch a course all the way through or pick and choose the lessons most interesting to you.

Test your know-how – Try out your skills and take optional tests to make sure you’re getting the most out of every course.

Learn on-the-go (coming soon!) – Learn at home or on-the-go with the free Ancestry Academy app, available for iOS and Android devices later this spring.

New courses added monthly – Continue strengthening your family history expertise with new courses added every month.

Free courses – Courses about Ancestry products and websites (AncestryDNA, Fold3, Family Tree Maker, etc.) are offered for free. Simply log in with your Ancestry account or create a new account to start learning.

And much more – Ancestry Academy courses are loaded with other helpful tools like closed captions, digital handouts, course placeholders, and more.

In addition to Ancestry Academy we will continue to provide our weekly livestreams hosted by Crista Cowan, as well as other educational content in our robust Learning Center, all in an effort to provide quality family history education and help every person discover, preserve and share their family history.

Get unlimited access to all Ancestry Academy courses for just $11.99 a month, $99.99 a year, or as part of your World Explorer Plus subscription. Click here to see all the courses you can take today.

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  1. Annette Santos

    I have World Explorer Plus, paying at the annual rate, will I get unlimited access to the Ancestry Academy or does an additional cost still apply?

  2. marcia hentzler

    I am getting annoy every time I go on ancestry and try and find something about my family the site jumps up to pay for membership I am not ready for membership just trying to find some in g o on family

  3. Kendall Lovett

    Hi Annette – Unlimited access to Ancestry Academy is included with your World Explorer Plus membership. Just login to Ancestry Academy with your username and password.

  4. I have found many things about my ancestors on, and each day (because of the green leaf) I have to go back to the beginnings to put in something on the ancestor.

  5. Brian Hansen

    Don – There are two parts to the answer for your question: 1) Courses about Ancestry products are free to all registered users, regardless of Ancestry membership; and many of the courses in the initial launch set fall into this category. 2) Other courses are included in the Ancestry Academy subscription which we are trying to keep very affordable at $11.99 per month (or $99.99 per year) which we believe is a good value relative to the price of other family history educational offerings in the market currently.

  6. Pat Kruger

    Wonder how this differs from the wonderful and diverse tutorials that were on Rootsweb for free? Don’t know if they still are since the acquisition by ancestry.

  7. Ellen

    I think all the classes should be free to those of us who already have an Ancestry membership, even though we don’t have the World Explorer. Why should I pay an additional $119 a year when there are lots of free webinars out there that are no doubt as good. Good idea, way too expensive.

  8. Reginald Day

    You would think that the US discover membership $200 would include any cources that have to do with the US????

  9. Gerald Lomas

    I have World explorer Plus membership, yet I am still being asked to obtain this in order to continue with the courses I wish to follow on Ancestry Academy.
    Does the right hand not know what the left hand is doing? PLEASE, sort this out for me. I have sent a
    number of other messages, and am beginning to despair of a solution! [User Name: gerald7980lomas]

    • Jessica Murray

      Gerald, It appears you have a World Explorer membership, not a World Explorer Plus membership which would extend free access to Ancestry Academy videos. To confirm your subscription type, log into your account > click on his username > then “My account” > and at the top you’ll see what your current subscription is.

  10. Gerald Lomas

    Oops! I DON’T have World Explorer Plus. I have World Explorer.
    mea culpa, I’m afraid.

  11. Suzanne

    I have World Explorer Plus, paying at the annual rate, will I get unlimited access to the Ancestry Academy or does an additional cost still apply?

    • Kristie Wells

      Yes Suzanne, if you have World Explorer Plus the Academy is included in your membership. If you are logged in, you should be able to click ‘watch’ and the webinars will play automatically.

  12. Cheryl

    I have World Explorer and am paying $300 per year. No way am I going to spend another $100 per year for this.

  13. Lynn Hansen

    It looks like this company has found another way to waste our money. I would like it if this company would just add records, that were searchable. Most of the records added lately have turned into a joke.

  14. Lynn Hansen

    Maybe some of that thousands of dollars we pay for this site could be used to translate foreign records.

  15. Evelyn

    It looks like a new way for Mormons to get access to your family ancestry for their baptism of the dead ceremony

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