Posted by Ancestry Team on January 14, 2015 in Mobile

Have you installed the latest 6.3 update for the Ancestry iOS app? At first glance after updating it may not look like much has changed, but try saving a record toAncestry Mobile Screen Shot your tree and you’ll discover that saving the record is a lot better now. Here’s what’s new…

Smart Matching

The app is a lot smarter about matching information and people from the record to that in your tree. It’s now using the same logic as the website—this means you can expect the same high quality handling of your information whether saving from your phone, tablet, or desktop. If a person in the record is already in your tree, the app will make the match so you can save the record to them without creating a duplicate person. If it can’t find a match, you’ll see a NEW badge next to their name.

It may be helpful to understand how/when facts are preselected for you—the app will preselect new facts from the record for people already in your tree, but will never edit facts already in your tree unless you select the fact. Additionally, it will never preselect new people to be added to your tree.

More Tools

Ever find yourself needing to edit the spelling of a name when saving a record? Or wanting to save the fact as an alternate to what’s already in your tree? Editing and alternate tools are now available in the app when saving a record. Select the information you’d like to save from the record, and then tap on the pencil icon to access the editing tools.

Ancestry Mobile Screen Shot_2

Easier to Compare

We hope the visual updates help you more easily compare the information from your tree to the record. Information from the record is placed side-by-side next to information from your tree. The app will bold differences and flag new information or people. Plus, from any screen you can view the record image by tapping the record thumbnail or review information about the person and their family by tapping on their name (in blue).Ancestry Mobile Screen Shot_3

We hope these improvements make the app an even more powerful tool for your family history research. Your feedback has been a significant driver for this update, please continue to let us know where we can improve, and what not to change in the comments below.


  1. Billy D. Caldwell

    Great News, long awaited, THANK YOU ALL! Using the mobile site is now surprisingly easy, definitely user friendly now!

  2. PhyllisAustin

    The improvements sound great. Hoping that at some point you will improve the window’s app and give it some functionality.

  3. Marjorie Cutting

    Is there any way I can print off an index of a specific enumeration district? I am working on a project in my family history in a very small village, Barrow in Suffolk UK. I am writing about how different family members interact with their neighbors. It would help me if I could print out the index of family names on all of the censuses, and make the research a lot more efficient. Can you give me any ideas on how I can do this? Thank you. Marjorie

  4. Sue McCurdy

    I just discovered it on my iPad! Already saved lots to my Tree! Amazingly user friendly. Love it! Thank you!

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