Posted by Ancestry Team on November 17, 2014 in In The Community

We sat down with Enoch “Kelly” Haney, a full blooded Seminole Creek Indian and former chief of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma as well as a former Oklahoma State Senator. Kelly has dedicated his life to advocating on behalf of Seminole Nation and expanding awareness of Native American culture through art.

Kelly shares the importance of storytelling to tribal culture and the priceless knowledge handed down to younger generations through oral history.

Learn how Kelly’s art has been influenced by his family history and Native American traditions in the video interview below:


  1. Deborah Martin

    I’m waiting for my DNA to come back. My grandmother always told me that we are part Seminole, but I can’t find any proof. My great grandfather was born in Indian Territory, but not sure if that means anything. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

  2. I have found 11 families that have recorded erroneous info about the same family member. Their records all show the mother of the family giving birth to the nine children from her 43rd – 67th birthdays. Sounds like a missing generation to me. Any suggestions as to how I can connect with these folks to let them know we all need to dig a bit deeper on this woman’s history?

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