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We just launched a new Upload and Transcribe beta at Find A Grave. With this new feature, you can upload a whole trips worth of cemetery headstone photos and transcribe them in either new memorials, or attach the photos easily to existing memorials.

Upload Multiple Photos At Once

Add a group of headstone photos to Find A Grave using a new upload tool available on the cemetery page. Preview, rotate, and delete images from the photos you upload.

Quick Tip: Make sure “Location Services” is turned on in your smartphone camera when you take pictures, and when you upload photos through the beta, they’ll appear correctly on the photo map after uploaded! This works for both Android and iOS phones.

Easily Transcribe Uploaded Photos

You can turn your uploaded photos in to new memorials, or quickly attach them to preexisting memorials, using our new transcription tool. Find your photos to transcribe on your Contributor Tools page or on the cemetery page.

Get Help, Help Others

Photos that have been uploaded through this new feature, but haven’t yet been transcribed, will be opened to the community after 7 days. The photographer will still manage any new memorials created, and special attribution will be given to the transcriber. You can find community photos to transcribe at your friends profile page, any cemetery page, or on our home page.

Provide Feedback

We are constantly trying to improve Find A Grave, so please consider giving us your feedback. You can reach out to us through our online feedback form, and don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page.


Find A Grave Community Day on Saturday, October 18th

Has it been a while since you visited a cemetery? Well, let’s change that. Immediately! Join us tomorrow for our first official Community Day at a cemetery near you. While we are looking to fulfill the thousands of photo requests that are pending on our website, ultimately we want to use this as a way for our community to come together and meet one another. You know what they say, communities that grave together, stay together.

We have several events taking place around the world – check out the Meetup page and if you find one in your local area, make sure to RSVP to let the local organizer know you are coming! Don’t see your cemetery or your town listed? That’s ok. Add it!

Now, can you help us get the word out today? The idea was to try to get volunteers in your local community to join you, so post a link to your specific Meetup page on your Facebook account, on Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. Let’s see if we can rally a few more folks before this event starts. And add the hashtag #FGDay to your post as we would love to see all the excitement spread across the web.

And please remember to take a photo of yourself at the cemetery on Saturday, then share it online using the #FGDay hashtag. We want to honor everyone who participated in this event and think what better way to do so than with a photo collage of all of you incredible people!!

Thank you all for participating and we hope you get a chance to meet some new people and can fulfill thousands of photo requests.




  1. watks4me2

    I hope it goes, well. But there are rules on Find A Grave and they are one photo for a gravestone in a cemetery. If you do a duplicate, it can either be deleted or taken over by another member. I myself have had this done to me recently on at least 10 gravestone, that I myself took a picture of and posted with my data. So before you upload photos you have to know the Find A Grave’s rules. So you don’t have your memorial taken over by a stranger.

  2. There is no rule for one photo for a gravestone and you can add up to 5 photos for a regular memorial and 15 for a sponsored memorial. The rules are one memorial per grave, with exceptions for cenotaphs or if a person has headstones in more than one cemetery. The beta has provisions to address duplicates resulting from the upload process.

    When you transcribe a photo and it creates a new memorial, management of the memorial goes to the person who uploaded the photo, not the transcriber.

    The goal may be 7 days before a photo enters the transcription queue, but they enter the queue as soon as you upload them.

  3. Toni

    And now that ancestry owns findagrave, do those rules still apply? I have had my memorials reindexed by ancestry and their source given as cemetery lists. One cemetery in particular is a family buried in a farm field. How my memorials were indexed in a cemetery location is beyond me. I am no longer uploading photos or creating memorials. When it was findagrave I felt useful. Now that it’s ancestryfindagrave I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. I’m to go to the cemetery, take the photo, upload it to findagrave, create a memorial and ancestry will be happy to have it show up as a hint of a cemetery index. Gee! Thanks! And I get to pay for my subscription to ancestry! Can you beat that? Just like facts I put on my individual’s page in my family tree. Before you know it I get a green leaf with my very own (documented) fact as a hint courtesy of ancestry. Do I get credit for it? No. There is a difference between plagiarism and sharing. At least ancestry doesn’t offer my original document to me, only a transcript of the fact as I wrote it.

  4. Monika

    I have the same experience with some of the tombstones I took pictures of. But ancestry does that on many levels. E.g., the “Death Index” I can see that some of my data was taken (even though I make the point on the profile page of that individual that this portion of the family history is “fictional”) and the ancestry death index mentions it as a fact. That is why I keep my trees private. The moment I share some information and it turns up on a public tree, someone comes along and turns my well researched data into junkology.

  5. Julia

    Toni, you are so right, we do all the work for FAG and now Ancestry sells our photos and documentation to the junkologists. We just found on two “Trees” a cut and paste of our documentation, with no link, that specifically said “Do not take this”, as it is ongoing research updated weekly. Just ask us to share. We don’t mind sharing research, but we don’t have time to do your research for you while you sit at home in your Pj’s and cut and paste.
    I guess our Check is in the mail.

  6. Deb

    It’s one memorial per cemetery not one picture per cemetery stone. Yet they asked you not to post more than one. As long as your memorial is not a duplicate you’re okay if it’s a duplicate there is a possibility that it can be deleted or can be taken by another member which mine has been done unauthorized. After experiencing this I will not be posting any more photos or any more information to that website I’ll go out and get my own for my own research. Also be aware that there is members that post obituaries within a day or two after the death which takes the right from you to go on and do your own memorial for your family member. You will need to go to that person that has made that memorial and ask for an edit to add your information or to have it transferred to you. it’d be much easier for Ancestry to open up a free section where we can post gravestones for members to have. this would eliminate the copyright of images.

  7. Patricia

    I do quite a bit of research of the people buried in my local cemeteries. Information that decedents of the people in the cemeteries tell me was very useful to them. My information is usually parentage/grandparents/marriage dates etc. Could there not be a “note” tab to put these notes instead of having to add them via the “memorial” section?

  8. JT

    I’m new to this However, I was astonished when a site posted “Look what (my name) pubished, etc. I saw my name credited with putting a memorial and a headstone on ancestry that I had nothing to do with! I had looked at that headstone and put it in my shoebox as it was the adoptive mother of my great grandmother and I want to research her more.
    First of all, my ancestry account settings are all set to private for a reason. I don’t want my name out there without my permission. I didn’t publish the write up and photo they attached my name to! If I didn’t research it, I have no way of knowing how accurate or inaccurate it may be. PLEASE don’t attache my name to something I had nothing to do with! I have no idea who really wrote it or why all of a sudden it was published to a facebook I have that doesn’t have my real name on it. I was in a hurry to get to an appointment when I saw it but I quickly looked for a place to contact in order to get them to take my name off. How do I get them to take my name off of it? Why did they publish it to look like I put it out when I have my account set to private in every way possible? It actually felt and feels a little creepy and at best disconcerting.
    I didn’t know who to email or ask about this so I hope you can help me.
    Her name was Sara Stafford. I was puzzling over the possibility that a photo of her with a little girl could be my great grandmother whom she adopted. I had emailed several people, asking if they knew who the little girl was. In that search I looked at the headstone and the little write up they have now attached my name to. Ironically, I hadn’t been on the site for about a week when it was posted, saying I had just published it.
    PS I just spent 45 minutes searching through my Facebook history for it so I could post it here and since it’s been over a week ago I wasn’t able to find it.
    I actually considered deleting my account because I have no idea how they attached my name to something I was simply researching. I know I’m new. However, just putting something in my shoebox surely isn’t enough to have caused this to happen.

  9. Amy Johnson Crow

    JT — Thank you for contacting us. We are looking into what could have happened. Just saving a record to “My Shoebox” does not post something on Facebook.

  10. Judy

    I may be wrong, but I don’t think people take over your memorial if you accidentally create a duplicate. The way I understand it, FAG will merge them & the person who created the 1st one keeps theirs, but info from the 2nd was added to it by FAG. But isn’t policy that you should be notified that you’ve created a duplicate first, so you have a chance to delete it? I’ve had some people inform me that I’ve created a duplicate with a very rude & angry message like they’re accusing me of something. I try to be careful, but sometimes it happens & I am happy to delete mine. I also think it’s wrong that some of them will “demand” (instead of ask) that I delete my memorial, but they steal info from mine without giving me credit, before they tell me to delete mine.

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