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It has been quite the emotional rollercoaster this season. We have had front row seats to some beautiful reunions. We have smiled and cried in equal measure as we shared the journeys of this season’s participants. Join Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell as they help people find their absent family members in the final episode of Long Lost Family.


Sandra Macdonald

Sandra Macdonald grew up in Edinburgh as the only child of her adoptive parents. From a young age she felt as though she didn’t belong, despite doing everything she could to gain their acceptance. As a teenager these feelings became stronger. When she was 15, Sandra decided that she needed to find her birth mother.

All Sandra knew was that her mother had been in the care of a church organization when she gave birth. Hoping that they could help, Sandra approached them but was met with cruel and cold words. Being told that her mother had sinned and didn’t want to be reminded of those sins was a painful thing to be told.

It was two years before she could access the adoption records. The paperwork gave Sandra some clues to work with in her search. She discovered that her mother’s name was Elizabeth Blair, and that she was married and already had one child. But those details did not prove to be enough to find her mother.

Now 53, Sandra has spent almost forty years searching. She is hoping that the Long Lost Family team can complete the task and reunite her with the family she longs to be a part of. Join us for the final episode of the series and see if Sandra gets her wish.

Long Lost Family will air on ITV this Monday September 1st at  9pm. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts on this episode.

Brian Gallagher

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  1. Laurie

    I don’t like your site due to I gave it a complete birth and death dates and locations and it brings up other people’s names and shows no record of my dad or his family

  2. Judy

    I’ve just discovered “Long Lost Family” as a result of this blog, and have been watching episodes on YouTube. I love it! I am fortunate to have been brought up with my birth family, but I can identify with the instant feeling of “family” these people have felt when I discover and learn about my ancestors. Thank you for another great program to watch.

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