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Dick Eastman, author of Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter, began recording his family history research in the 1970’s on a mainframe computer he built. Needless to say, he knows a lot about technology and the positive impacts it has made on family history research.

Dick shares the newest evolutions in family history technology with the availability of apps on your mobile and tablet devices. He recalls his exhaustive research days at archives and then spending hours later on verifying the research he collected. Now he can verify his research while at the archives and saves countless hours because the quality of software has improved and made searching indexes much easier.

Dick goes on to share why he believes blogging technology has revolutionized genealogy, which now gives experts across the industry with specialized knowledge an opportunity to share their research.  Having these niche experts so easily accessible may help us overcome that brick wall we’ve been trying to climb.

See Dick Eastman’s entire interview here:


  1. thomas

    Dick Eastman keeps saying he did genealogy on a mainframe but never substantiates that with any proof.
    Everyone knows his story is a lie. But his story is POSSIBLE, and your claim that he built his own mainframe is RUBBISH.

  2. Frederick C. Buss Jr

    maybe this is not where to go but I am trying to prove my Ancestors was Thomas Rogers and his son Joseph on the May Flower 1640.

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