Posted by Ancestry Team on August 19, 2014 in MyCanvas

This past June, we announced that we were retiring the MyCanvas website and service in September 2014.

We’ve heard from many people who love MyCanvas and hate the idea of it going away. Well, we have some good news for you: It’s not going away after all! We were successful in finding a new home for the service at Alexander’s.


Founded 35 years ago, Alexander’s is a Utah-based printing production company that has been the long-term printer of MyCanvas products including its genealogy books, calendars, and other printed products. This makes the transition of MyCanvas to Alexander’s a natural fit.

It’s our hope that this agreement will not change the experience for MyCanvas customers. In fact, Alexander’s plans to make some exciting improvements we think you’ll love. Additionally, MyCanvas will continue to be available from the website as we believe in the importance of sharing family history discoveries and see MyCanvas as a way to deliver this ability to our customers.

The transition of MyCanvas will take about six months. But in the meantime, all MyCanvas projects will remain accessible on until it moves over to Alexander’s next year. We will continue to communicate details as the transition moves forward.

We want to thank our loyal MyCanvas customers for all the projects you have built and printed with us over the years. We’re excited about this new owner of MyCanvas—and we think you will be too.


Have more questions? Please check out the FAQs.


  1. Karen

    Thank you! MyCanvas is a fantastic tool, and I’m glad to be able to finish my other projects now. I’m thrilled with the quality of the books. Thanks again.

  2. Cathy Whittington

    THANK YOU! This is indeed great news. I am so very happy you have found a great solution.

  3. Carol

    this is great news thank you for saving MyCanvas
    when you switch over will we be able to order books from Canada, like we did before.

  4. Shannon A

    Wonderful News!! I hated for so much work to be lost. I know I have future grandchildren to add and receive their own family tree book!!

  5. Carolyn

    Thank you! Your canvases are more flexible and your books many more pages than others. And I now have a chance to finish My Ancestry research and print the books I want for my family.

  6. Bessie Grahmann

    Thank you for this GREAT news. Nothing compares to website for creating albums. Thank you for listening to your customers and reversing your decision.

  7. Ashley

    Woohoo!! I’m so thankful for this! I was frantic to get everything finished on time and will be so glad that I have more time to complete these and make them correct. Thank you so much for listening to us and keeping this around.

  8. Barbara Liese

    Thank you so much! I have been trying to carve out time to complete one more book, but with new family members being born, others moving, etc, it’ s been nearly impossible. This is great news.

  9. Therese

    Great news! I was dreading the loss of 6 years of work. I am looking forward to keeping our 250 page book available to our growing family and to years of new projects.

  10. Helen G

    EXCELLENT!!! Couldn’t understand why you would get rid of such a unique selling point and not sell mycanvas to another company. So glad this is what you have done. Have already purchased one book which looked so good I’m currently rushing (or maybe not rush so much now!) to finish the rest of my tree off and get another one done plus a family tree poster.

  11. Brookelea

    So happy! However, the “bad” news that it was going away just spurred me to finish up my personal story and will continue with my plans to order my copies in Sept. This is such great news. Thank you, Ancestry! Now I can continue writing my other stories.

  12. Jessi

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Creating my books on MyCanvas has been WHY I stay an member. I can’t tell you how happy and relieved this makes me!!

  13. Mary

    Thank you! Just getting to the point of wanting to create a book for our children and grand-children. Was so disappointed, but now so excited that the option will remain open. Great news!

  14. Nicole

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I cannot wait to continue working on projects through MyCanvas. Thank you for listening to us Ancestry!

  15. Muriel

    Thank you for listening to the feedback from all of us who have been faithful users of MyCanvas!! I had finished three projects and was rushing to complete a fourth, but thanks to your decision to outsource this product I can now take my time and do it right. FYI, more Ancestry members might have made use of this wonderful resource if it had been featured on some of your television ads.

  16. Laurie

    WOW this is great news. I have been putting in hours and hours trying to finish up books for other family members. I completed one with my sister a couple years ago and absolutely love it. The quality is 1st rate, and I have had many people very interested in pursuing something like this for their family. Yea Yea Yea! Thank you for keeping this product available!!!

  17. Pam

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the best news & you just made my day. I have been rushing to get all my books done. These books are fantastic & every one that I’ve done a book for has absolutely loved them. Thanks again

  18. Karen

    My life is my own again!! I am so pleased that you have been able to make this decision… I thank you, my family thanks you and my ancestors thank you!!

  19. Jeff

    Thank you for listening to feedback. I have not been able to find anything like the opportunities this publish function provides, and thought I was going to lose a project I was in the middle of. Thank you!

  20. Barb

    Oh I am just so very pleased!!!! I was rushing to complete my 18th book but now can take more time to get it just perfect as the others were. Great product, beautiful printing and covers- the perfect compliment to any family history project – thank you for keeping My Canvas going for all of us!! YEA!!

  21. Cheryl

    I am so excited. This is the BEST news. I have been working many late nights over the past few weeks trying to wrap up projects and feeling sad each time I logged on thinking all my hard work on some would be lost. Thank you so much for listening to your customers! You guys are the best!!!!!

  22. Lorilee

    Sharon – from what I understand, Alexander’s is hoping to be able to ship to Canada, but no idea how soon that will happen

  23. Susan

    Very excited to learn that MyCanvas has found a new home! I have ordered books from MyCanvas in the past and have always been very impressed with the quality of the work. Now I’ll be able to complete my current books as well as start new ones! Thank you Ancestry!

  24. Julie

    Thank you so much Ancestry for listening to all your customers who voiced our objections to losing mycanvas and all the many hours/years of work on our books.
    I’m especially happy to learn that as a Canadian customer I will once again be able to order my books for delivery in Canada not have to rely on just printing them out.
    Good news all around!!

  25. Terre

    Thank you so much and may God Bless all your future work with My Canvas. I look forwards to the improvements and can’t wait to start my next book.

  26. Arnell Daniels

    Thank you. I’ve been stressing trying to revise my family history book so I could purchase it for the last time. I love the products on the purchasing site.

  27. Tracy

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am at this news. I have been dedicating all of my hobby time – and quite a bit housework time – to finishing up my projects before Sept. Besides the carpel tunnel I was developing, I was regretting the whole time not having the time to finish the books the way I wanted. Thanks for listening to us.

  28. Jean

    Thank you so much for saving My Canvas. I have been trying to figure out how to print my family history going forward.

  29. Thank you. What wonderful news. I have been burning the candle trying to finish my project and have also had family members helping me to try and complete my projects. Now I can slow down and do a much better job.

  30. Gillian

    Thank you! This is great news. I still have a lot of work to do before I can have a poster printed. 🙂

  31. Patti Mars

    AMEN!!! Like others I’ve been cramming to finish my first book. Thrilled that you’ve listened to your customer base and transition to new company but keep on Ancestry. A Million thanks!!!

  32. Ruth Ann Mertens

    Am so glad to hear this news! MyCanvas is a wonderful service and I am so glad that you responded to many of your loyal customers by keeping it!

  33. Becky Foreman

    omg. I am so happy at this news, I am crying. Thank you for listening!! Thank you! Thank you! I just got my posters yesterday but have so many other projects I want to do, including more posters, books, calendars. YES!!

  34. Karen St.Amour

    I can’t say thank you enough for this terrific news! I’ve had books published for my husband’s side of the family and was rushing to finish them for my side of the family. I was so impressed with the quality of the books themselves. The joy they brought to other family members was immeasurable. I’m so happy that I can take my time now and get everything right instead of just getting everything done. Thank you!!

  35. Denise Perez

    You have no idea how thrilled I am! Though I have to almost thank you for announcing the impending retirement of this service: It lit the fire that I needed. I have now completely fallen in love with MyCanvas as I struggled to finish all my projects, and I now definitively know that there is nothing this comprehensive and class on the market. THANK YOU SO MUCH for finding a new home for it. Hope it generates tons of business for you. I’ll definitely do my part, making my first order tonight. Forever grateful. –Denise Perez

  36. Gail Vogel

    Praise the Lord. MyCanvas is a wonderful application and its continuation provides an incredible public service. Thank you for responding to cries around the world.

  37. Aliza Giammatteo

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

    Best news I’ve heard in a long time. I have so many projects in the works (and more planned after those are done) so this is a huge relief.

    Excellent news!!!!

  38. Joe

    I have been consumed with trying to finish all of the projects I have going. My wife’s family, my father-in law, my sisters’ families, my uncle, my cousins and my own children, all at crunch time with work Thank you for the opportunity to continue my projects! There is nothing like MyCanvas to put it all together so beautifully.

  39. Aliza Giammatteo

    PS — When you go with your new partner can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE discuss this following:

    1. A way for document images that WE attached to a person’s profile (from our own original research, outside of to be automatically pulled into a MyCanvas book, just like the records from do (census, ship, etc.)

    2. Font: Sometimes the font is small and needs to be adjusted but the way it is now *each and every data point* for *each person in the pedigree needs to be adjust individually — which is ridiculous.

    There has to be a way to do a “select all” option and to adjust the font for the entire pedigree at once.

    And THANK YOU again for keeping this!!!!!!

  40. Karen T

    I am so happy and relieved to hear this! I love your design program and am so excited to continue using it for years to come. Thank you for finding a solution. I hope also that this means that all your wonderful staff will continue to be working with us …

  41. Padget`

    Thank you thank you thank you. I have been working night and day to get the books done by the deadline. I really do appreciate this decision . THANK YOU

  42. Edward

    That is great. Won’t stop me finishing my current projects. It will allow me to proof and make changes. It will also allow me to continue the format for my future projects. Finally great news.

  43. Tom Shaw

    This is wonderful news for users of MyCanvas, but I am still concerned about the planned destruction of your Y-DNA and mtDNA databases. We have collected well over a thousand signatures in an online petition protesting this decision, and sent a letter, signed by some of the country’s leading genetic genealogists, asking that this decision be reconsidered and an alternative be sought out. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING, ANCESTRY.COM, the people that trusted you are waiting!

  44. Sue

    BLESS YOU!!!!!!! I have been working so hard to get my book done before the deadline. Even taking vacation days to have more time. You just do not know how HAPPY I am. THANK YOU!!!!

  45. Mark

    Just bloody fantastic news Ancestry, I just knew some canny print provider would jump at the opportunity. Or was this all just a clever way to help put more value into the deal? No matter, just great to hear it will still be available.

  46. Karin

    You had me scared all summer! I’ve been catching up on things. Thrilled to hear this will continue! More projects to come.

  47. Shaun

    I am very happy to hear the news. I just have one thing I hope they can fix. I have had 2 books were the bindings failed and pages fell out. Mycanvas has been great about replacing them but I hope they can fix the problem so it doesnt happen anymore. I love this site and I am very excited about finishing my projects that I had planned.

  48. Jennifer

    This is wonderful news! I was so stressed knowing that I had put off getting my projects done and then thinking I only had a month to get all of them finished! THANK YOU!!!!

  49. Dudley

    Thank goodness!! I was in a panic to get multiple projects done, knowing that I wasn’t going to get them all completed. I have published several books before as I have multiple trees. There really is nothing out there that could rival this service so I am very grateful and look forward to the upgrades from Alexanders. Thank you so much!

  50. M Russell

    Thank you so very much!, you have made a loyal customer of me for life by listening to our heartfelt pleas to save MyCanvas books. Thank you for finding a solution and for permitting us to continue to work from our trees even after the transition to Alexander’s. As others have said, there’s no comparable product out there. I’ve ordered over a dozen books so far, and every one has been of the highest quality. I’ve put literally hundreds of hours into my books and was devastated at the thought of all that effort being destroyed with no way to ever access it again. Plus, I have several other books in process that I would never have been able to finish. This is absolutely fantastic news!

  51. Deb Bowen

    Yay! Whooohooo! My dreams and prayers were answered! You can’t imagine how much this means to me! Based on the last update giving us until Sept 29 to finish our books, I called my daughter to see if she was still on target to deliver my new granddaughter on her due date of Sept. 28th because that would give me one day to add pictures of new baby to her ancestry book I then had to order by Sept. 29th. I am sooooooo relieved and happy that now I have even more time to add new pix of the baby to the ancestry book to make it even more special! THANK YOU SO MUCH ANCESTRY FOR LISTENING TO ALL OF US and doing your best to keep MyCanvas going . . . . It is so very much appreciated! Thank you again. . . .

  52. Arturo

    “Very good news” that Canvas will continue to be available from ancestry web page, and the idea that Alexander’s do some improvements are better news, I was looking for a new editor and printer but there isn’t nothing available that compare to canvas.

  53. Patrizia

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I’ve been working like a crazy woman trying to finish up my current book before MyCanvas closed. I LOVE this product and have been using it for years to print all my projects. I’m thrilled that you are continuing to provide your customers with a new publishing service. Thanks for listening. (Guess I can quit sweating now!)

  54. Tricia Thompson

    Cannot say THANK YOU loudly enough and often enough. The retirement news was devastating. Like others, I’ve been pouring unbelievable numbers of hours into dealing with an end-of-September deadline. And sad that future projects would never be born. But now they will, and I can exhale! THANK YOU!


    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am one VERY happy camper. I can now abandon my resolve to leave Ancestry. Great News.
    I was staying up late every night to try and get my projects done. I had rush ordered birth/death/marriage certificates and now I can slow down and enjoy.

  56. Shannon U

    Prayers have been answered. I have been trying to find a book printing Co. for several weeks now and nothing comes close to the Wonderful program of my Canvas. I was so stressed finishing up my books and having to print them quickly, I didn’t have time to use all the tools to make a really great book. The books were printed and to my surprise they are wonderful and family are just in aw over them. I didn’t want to get on any more I was just to sad. But here I am and I want to bless your wonderful hearts for changing your minds and finding wonderful people to take it over and keep this special special program going. It is a one of a kind and lets you be as creative as you want. I could just give all of you a great big hug. You all are special people, thank you. I now can relax and take my time getting my next book ready for printing. I need to do a little gardening in between. Love you all for saving My Canvas. Shannon U. from Idaho

  57. Brian Boustead

    Having just completed a very moving and emotional story of the fate of Liberator AL587 in poster form in which my father perished my children will be thrilled to bits to capture this part of our family history. It really bought it to life. My next project is going to be a family history book which thanks to Alexander’s I can now look forward to working on. Chichester, UK

  58. Margie Lester

    I was steady working to finish my project but I soon realize I would not meet the deadline it is relief that I can finish my books. I was researching family and was not finish. I keep finding information about them I needed to add but sadly realize I would not be able to. I am so glad that if I continue finding information regarding family I can add it that is a relief.

  59. Keiran Williams

    So happy to hear this! Will all of our projects still remain accessible with the new owners? After using MyCanvas for so long I can easily navigate exactly what I want to do and was fretting at the thought of having to learn a new product that would probably not have the ability to personalise exactly how I wanted it.
    I make travel books on my adventures and I am so happy that I will be able to continue and that the look will remain uniform! 🙂 One very happy Australian! 🙂

  60. Laurene

    So thankful that we will continue to have a place to print quality family charts. I’ve used this service a number of times and have been very happy with the service.

  61. Barbara

    Hallelujah! This gives much-needed time to fill in some big holes in my ancestry projects before publication. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  62. Kari

    This is fantastic news!! I was scrambling to finish all of our photo album projects by the deadline and also struggling to budget enough funds to publish them all by the end date. I’m am relieved and thrilled at this news!!!

  63. Carrie

    Fantastic! Thank you so much, I was totally devastated by the news you would be dropping this feature. I’ve been working double time to put photo albums together, now I can relax a bit. It really takes months to put a 5 gen ancestry book together, I was going to have to leave those out. Hallelujah!! This is the 2nd best feature of Ancestry, it doesn’t get any better then this. Thank you again, Sincerely, Carrie~

  64. Pete

    Great news :O) One big improvement would be to be able to have a lot more generations automatically generated into books, its too few right now as even just going back to late 1500s its a lot of generations.

  65. Mary

    Thank you from the bottom of heat heart, this means so much to me. I t thought all the work I had don would be gone forever, years of work! Fant

  66. Mary

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this means so much to me. I t thought all the work I had done would be gone forever, years of work! Fantastic decision!

  67. Becky Lynne

    Wonderful decision! I have been working like mad to finish books for both my husband’s and my families. The printing is such a helpful service, thank you for finding a way to keep it available.

  68. Cathy

    Fantastic! This is an awesome service, and I only recently discovered it. So glad it’s not going away.

  69. Bonnie

    I cannot begin to tell you how much this means to me. I could cry I’m so happy to hear you’ve found a new owner for this product. I’ve been in a panic thinking I had only weeks left to get everything done. And feeling extremely sad knowing a family reunion was coming after the deadline and knowing there would be no way to update any information that was in my book. THANK YOU ANCESTRY!!! You’ve made my day.

  70. I can’t tell you how elated I feel! I was devastated when I found out you were eliminating MyCanvas. It’s a wonderful program and made the experience of working on worthwhile – because I had a wonderful format in which to present my findings to my family. Thanks!!!!!!

  71. Phyllis Ericson

    Thank you…thank you.!!!
    I’m so happy I’m doing the Snoopy dance today!
    Your announcement to discontinue MyCanvas got me in high gear to finish two books that I had been limping along with completing. As I worked into the nights to finish my books in time I realized how much I loved this book program. I am already creating more books in my head for the future now.
    Best wishes to Alexander’s Publishing … may you share our success!!!

  72. Alison

    This is fantastic news!! Thanks for working to find a solution. Please pass along to Alexander’s that it would be wonderful if a spell check program could be added. In my haste to finish some of my projects some typo mistakes were made that I didn’t catch. A simple spell check program would have made all the difference.

  73. LouJane Adams Wills

    It has already been said and I can’t say it any better! Was devastated when I found out that all my work would be lost…. prayers answered!

  74. Chrystal

    Thank you so much for keeping this. I have been fast at work getting all of my projects finished, but I am so happy to continue making photo books with such an amazing too.

  75. Lesley Green

    Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am glad to see that I was not the only one who was devastated to hear of the removal of My Canvas. Thank you again.

  76. Daryl

    This is great news! Like many others, I was frantically trying to complete my latest ancestry book and also dismayed that it would be the last one (in this format), and not knowing what format I could do my future ancestry books gave me great anxiety. I am very thankful for this news and look forward to many years of producing more books of my family!

  77. MargaretGreenNichols

    I am so thrilled to hear that MyCanvas is switching over! What great news, thank you Ancestry!!!

  78. Rose

    Thank you so very much. I was so upset when I heard all my work was to be deleted. I have done my family history and my husband’s in separate beautiful books and had planned to update as I found new information. Family and friends who have seen completed copies are amazed at the product. I have inspired many to do research after they have seen my books. You can not imagine how much this means to me to continue this service.

  79. Valerie

    This is the BEST news!!!! What a relief. I have been SOOO stressed out trying to finally finish my book before 5 Sept. Thank you! This is such an amazing application losing it would be a real set back!!

  80. So relieved to hear that my Canvas will continue…do hope the new owners have the same quality ( or better;)
    so we can continue to order a great, well built product!

  81. BHorne

    Thank You! This is the best news of the summer. I have so many projects and now I can complete each one and purchase my books. May God bless your company.

  82. Ellen

    Great news! I’m so glad I’ll be able to take my time finishing my current project and to continue making books synced to for more branches of my family. Thank you!

  83. Woody

    Fantastic, My Canvas is such a powerful and easy to use publishing tool. And the quality of the book printing services have really been so beautiful . Thank you.

  84. Lglawe

    Thank you for listening to your customers and finding a great partner to host MyCanvas! Your efforts and consideration to ensure the Ancestry community members don’t experience an interruption of a wonderful service are greatly appreciated!

  85. Craig

    Thank you. I was very angry with when you announced that you were shutting MyCanvas down. I wrote to your CEO and didn’t even get a form letter back. As a 7 year paying member, I felt that I deserved better. I am so grateful that you found someone who understood how important your MyCanvas customers are.

  86. Rebecca

    Thank you so much! I’ve been using mycanvas for years, and was devastated to hear it would be shut down. I’m so excited I’ll be able to continue documenting memories with this platform!

  87. Marian

    Thank you Ancestry, and thank you to Alexanders as well. I am quite pleased that MyCanvas will be sticking around. As you know, we may print a book of our history, but it is truely never completed as we will always search for more information.

  88. Jamie

    I am delighted that Ancestry will still offer a way to put my research in book form. It is my hope to pass my research onto my family for every surname that I’ve researched! Thank you.

  89. Sam

    I was scrambling to get my book done before 9/30. Thank you for such good news. I hope that my projects can be transferred to the new owner. I would hate to start over on several of the books. I have been adding and reprinting them for several years.

  90. Lois

    Thank you so much for making the decision to continue offering this service! My experience with MyCanvas has been wonderful. It has given me the opportunity to chronicle, publish and share ancestry information with my family. Thanks again for retaining this invaluable tool!

  91. Jeanne

    Great news from New Zealand. I am so very pleased that this facility is going to remain. I have just recently put my Tree onto Ancestry, not only for further research (which incidentally has been fantastic), but with the intention of using MyCanvas. Because of the tight time frame until it closed, sadly it wasn’t going to happen for me. So indeed, very very happy, that it’s going to continue. Thank you VERY sincerely!

  92. Dahlila Hampton

    I am so glad ancestry is not getting rid of the Canvas. I have been rushing my family to send me pictures so I can order one.
    That gives me more time to collect as more pictures.

    Thank all that save the Canvas.

  93. Tessa

    Thank you, so much! You have no idea! This is wonderful. I was so sad that all my wok would be lost forever, but now it won’t. Yay!

  94. kjohnson

    I am thrilled, I have been working like crazy, to try and finish, my family book and was disappointed with what I was going to have to leave out because of time constraints. Thank you

  95. Jeff Lovitt

    I was so excited to learn of this yesterday!!!!! I am working on three major branches of my family tree, and am now on the second of the three. I was huffing and puffing trying to get everything done and done right in time, but now, I can take it slower and make more sure I’m getting my research done right as I put it down in my project before printing! Thank you Alexander’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. prallums

    This is the best news we have had in the 12 years I have been doing this. Ancestry research is my man hobby and it is great to know that this service will still be available..Thank you for keeping myCanvas around. Also, it looks like this option is the best you could do.

  97. Sharon

    Thank you for listening to those of us who bring our research to fruition by publishing our findings and sharing our family history stories. My Canvas’ unique focus on historical images and great selection of graphics has been a major reason why many choose it to present their family research.

  98. Judy

    Such good news. Glad to be able to continue creating a book for my grandchildren. Losing Canvas was depressing.

  99. Kevin

    This is great news, I found out that my father is a direct descendent from a couple of passengers on the mayflower so I am trying to get information together to get it published

  100. Wendy Wood

    That is such good news! I was so bummed. I have tried a couple of other sites since learning of the closure of this site. I really missed the mycanvas site. (learning curve etc but also quality.) thank you

  101. Kathy Doddridge

    This is fabulous news and I really appreciate this continuing. I have been stressing out trying to get my next book finished before the September deadline. Now I can take a breath!

  102. Caroline

    OMG! I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear this!!!! I’m so glad to know that this service will continue! THANK YOU!!!

  103. Alf

    That is fantastic news I’m glad we will still be able to get our family tree books published. Now the next step is to make it fully accesable to Canada instead of us making a PDF version

  104. Lynda

    Thank YOU so much, Alexander’s!!! I was also one that was bummed out I have invested countless hours on books that I continue to work on and order. And I am not young, so it was very traumatic when I learned MyCanvas planned to close down. God Bless YOU and your future endeavor!!!

  105. Sherrie

    This is good news (are you planning to send emails to customers, because I only discovered by accident).

  106. James

    It is nice to see all the accolades for My Canvas, but since I live in Canada, I never got to use the service ( I tried….) because Ancestry refuses to deliver their products to my country (except for my World Membership fees). I see that Alexanders plans to deliver their products to Ancestry customers in Canada–Great move!

  107. Chris

    The books I have produced using My Canvas, have become the foundation document for our family’s history. Great to know it can continue to be a Living document.

  108. Mary

    I Cried when I saw the GOOD news. Thank you, this is such a relief. So many of my family members have been touched by what your site has allowed me to share through these books. Thank you, again.

  109. Carrie

    Yay!!! It has become my lifework to document my family histories using My Canvas — and I was devastated when I thought it would evaporate, because no other book service comes close to it. I am SOOO happy to be able to keep working on the long-term projects I’ve begun! Thanks to Alexander’s for continuing the service!



  111. Antonio RS

    This is fantastic news, I was about you use a new source but now I can keep this one.
    I’m a happy camper now 🙂

  112. Martie

    Fantastic news! I can now complete my project for the 2014 calendar! And, can continue for years to come.

  113. Roger Engelken

    This is the result of speaking out loud and clear. You can indeed get results and overturn decisions. Never sit in a corner and accept the “inevitable” and instead fight for what you want.

  114. Dara

    Thank You, Thank you, thank you, I love being able to publish my family books and could not figure out how I was going to be able to continue…..although the news did get me off my duff. Thank you again Ancestry…I love you

  115. Craig

    As I stated in an earlier post, I am grateful that My Canvas will not abandon all of their customers and that I have time to finish my projects. I am concerned about’s initial announcement about the “retirement” of My Canvas. Maybe it was just me, but I understood from the announcement that ha devoted a great deal of resources to My Canvas…and that actually owned the company that printed our books. Their announcement implied that all these My Canvas resources would be devoted to their “core” business”. Now it turns out that didn’t own the printer thus didn’t really devote a great deal of resources to My Canvas…I feel that the announcement was misleading and even more difficult to understand…what are we talking about…My Canvas was primarily an on line business…we didn’t really talk to employees or use up any resources except maybe memory on your computers…what would you really have saved or accomplished by shutting My Canvas down? It baffles me. Thank you for the change of heart but I still think you owe us a better explanation.

  116. John

    Thank you for keeping this service. The 30 books I had published are excellent and treasured by my family.

  117. Carmen

    Thank you so much!! I was in such a hurry to finish three projects. I was thinking that they were not going to be to my standards because of the rush!!!!!! Thank you again.

  118. Carol Norman

    I spent all summer working my fingers to the bone to make the four books I had been planning to do “one day”. Even though they were not quite all that I wanted them to be, I was going to print them, as “something” was better than “nothing”. Thank goodness I had not hit the print button yet. Now I can step back, take a deep breath, and do a better job. At least your threat to shut down got me moving. Thank you so very much for listening to us and continuing the service!!

  119. Diane

    That is awesome news!!! Although I haven’t taken advantage of MyCanvas as of yet, I am glad to hear it’s staying put so that I can use it anytime. I look forward to putting together my book.

  120. DebS

    As with the other commenters, Thank You. Both for the push to get working and the relief of finding Alexanders. I have been frantic trying to create and complete on-going projects for my 2 sons. One son just married in April and it may seem a bit awkward to say “Welcome to the Family dear, do you have a Family Tree?” (admit it, that is what we in the hobby are thinking~and those not in the hobby do not understand). Fortunately, she is an ancestry member so we were able to share the HORROR! of the announcement in June, haha. The Sept 30 deadline has persuaded my other son’s In-laws to attend an upcoming family reunion with their (mostly) blank pedigree charts in hand. Win-Win.

  121. RJBarnes

    Relief is an understatement. It took ten years to develop our BARNES Family history book and to find that it would no longer be available for publication was devastating. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  122. Jennie Polyblank

    Thank you Ancestry – life now has been enhanced again. Have given up my Summer holiday in order to work on my project – only taken 5.5 years – Brilliant news.

  123. Heather

    Hallelujah!!! Best news I’ve heard in a long time!! No other online book creator comes close in my opinion!!! Very happy and excited!! Thank you!!!

  124. brigitte

    Thank you so much, I was going nuts trying to get everything done in a short time, after years of research.

  125. Kay chapman

    Thank you so much. It’s so great that a large Corporation actually listened to its users. This move can do your company nothing but good.

  126. Patti Salvaggio

    Oh thank heavens! This means I don’t have to “rush” to finish this project. I can also work on my husband’s side too. Or maybe he can work on it 😉

  127. Rose

    What a relief! I just used this service recently and was soooooo pleased with the result. Then I saw that it was being terminated. I was in a rush to make a few more family pedigree charts before mycanvas ended, and I was under a lot of pressure. Now I have time to work on the projects the way I want and enjoy them! Thanks for hearing us.

  128. Colleen

    Thank you! I love being able to make posters and books on the same website that I use to store my family tree.

  129. Carol Udart

    I am SO HAPPY about this. Thank you for listening to us, and figuring out this solution.
    I also was so discouraged that the book I had created, as well as the time spent learning this product (not that its that hard) was all going away. I did order 4 more of my books to have in case I needed more, but thats ok because now I have them if needed.
    I Thank You, as countless others have said here too. Such a feeling of relief not to try to find another resource

  130. Carol Udart

    Was an email sent out announcing this news, as it was in June for the news of the product going away? I just found this news by accident.
    Please send out an email announcing this great news, too, so even more of your customers will breathe a sigh of relief.

  131. I too am So very happy to hear the news. Having a family history book printed is a natural progression to gathering all that research and what better than to have a hard copy on the coffee table. For me it was having something tangible for 14 years of hard work. I am working on others now. Once again thank you its great news.

  132. Natalya

    Oh, what great news!!!!!! I’m thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):) This is just wonderful! I was stressing out and so disappointed at the prospect of losing MyCanvas! What great news!!! Thank you!

  133. Karen

    Thank goodness!!! Thanks … this would have been a huge loss to all of us with finished, in flight and planned projects using this fantastic software.

  134. Mary Lou

    I am so relieved. I have been working every spare minute to work on my projects. I do hope we can keep our projects, but for now, we do have more time to keep working on the ones we have started. Yeah!

  135. Anna Marie

    I can’t begin to thank all who were involved in keeping this wonderful extension of Ancestry. I have printed one beautiful book but sill have five more to go. Thank you Ancestry for listening to all of us who wrote in.

  136. Angela & David Williams

    Thank you, thank you, thank you….I am so happy you are making provisions for us…this is a sure sign of a company with great integrity and consideration for its customers.

  137. Jeanne

    I know that I am just one of so many who are so grateful that you are keeping the MyCanvas feature. We all want to share with our own families the hours of research we have been able to accomplish through and the books are so appreciated by everyone. Thank you!

  138. Katrena

    What a relief, I am so happy that MyCanvas has found a new home with Alexander’s. I have been working so hard to complete my project, thanks a billion.

  139. Linda

    Horray!! I’m so happy to read this! I’ve wanted to create a book ever since Rootstech. So happy to know this will still be a possibility! I’ve been able to save so many pictures to Ancestry that I thought I would have to transfer to another program. Now I won’t have to.

  140. Kim

    Yes!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

    I put so much work into my projects, but I couldn’t have finished them by the deadline. I’m so excited!

  141. Barbara

    Great news. Even though I worked feverishly to finish some projects, I am glad to have an opportunity to complete some others. 😉

  142. Denise

    I made a book for my mother a few years ago and it came out fantastic. I am now in the process of an update. Thanks for removing the September deadline. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  143. Mike

    Great News,, doing the research is fun for me, but the real value to my family is the ability to share that research in a tangible way. Without Mycanvas my work would have died with me, I now can pass on this work to future generations, which is why I started the research to begin with.

  144. Debbie

    It is such a relief to know that MyCanvas will continue to be supported. There is just nothing out there that compares it it! After many years of research I was finally putting it all together in a book for my family and was so stressed to know that if I didn’t meet the deadline all was going to be lost,. Thank you so much, Ancestry, for taking all of our comments to heart!!

  145. Stephen

    While this appears to be good news, I think that Ancestry missed the boat here. The issue was not the backend printing but the capabilities within the book design tool. There are “tons” of digital printing firms that can print books in the US.

  146. Ella R. Erickson

    Thank you for keeping MyCanvas in operation! I am sure the work will continue to be first class…..

  147. Scott

    Thanks!!!….our project is 187 pages…..currently the limit is 120 pages….don’t like the 2 volume book idea….please bring back the 250 page printing option….would like to order a few more books!!!!

  148. Tracey C

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I was very disappointed in this news and was trying to rush my books before the September 30th deadline. I was going to have to do a sloppy job in publishing them just to have a book to keep! I used this as a gift last year for my in-laws and was able to take my time and they came out beautiful! I was hoping for the same type of books for my side of the family! This is great news!!!!!

  149. Barbara Brown

    Yay!!! I have been frantically working to complete all of my current projects and had been disappointed that I would not be able to start future projects. Now, I can rest assured that the quality I have come to expect will continue and that the service which is so convenient will remain. Thank you My Canvas and good luck to Alexander’s!

  150. Bill

    What wonderful news. I guess I’m coming late to the party, but I wholeheartedly agree with the comments already posted regarding this development. I was starting to tear out what hair I have left out when I read the original intention. I would like to add my thanks to Alexander’s for continuing this tremendous service.

  151. Cherri

    I am sooooo excited that My Canvas is remaining. I took 4 days off this week to finish projects. I might actually be able to save some vacation days. This is my favorite feature. Thank you for finding the new home it shows’s dedication and responsefullness to it’s users.



  153. Debra Conn

    Thank you for listening to your customers! At least I got motivated to work on my current book again. Am looking forward to seeing the new features on Alexander.

  154. Ken Saling

    This is great news. I have used Mycanvas for a few years and had plans for more books, so I am thrilled it will continue. Thank you, Ken Saling

  155. Joanne B

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been trying to get my tree up to date so I could have it printed before “my canvas” was no longer available. Glad I have more time to get this done! 🙂

  156. Ann

    Thank you! MyCanvas is a wonderful tool and I am thrilled that Alexander plans to offer even more features.

  157. I appreciate that you considered your customers feelings on this issue. Seriously contemplated leaving you because of it. I am a long term customer with countless projects I have purchased and working on. I can finally relax. Thank you!

  158. P Jam,

    I am SO glad to hear this! I was following a reminder in my calendar to get in here and spend the next two days furiously putting together information to at least get a rudimentary chart printed. Thank you. Thank you!

  159. Bonnie

    Thank goodness. I just downloaded BookSmart yesterday to make a change but now I will stick with MyCanvas. I hope they add some different graphics and backgrounds. I feel like Pharrell Williams…. Happy! Happy! Happy!

  160. Kendra

    I’m so happy! I have hundreds of hours into a project and have been scrambling to get it completed. I’ve been worried that the end result would not be as perfect as I wanted but now I can take the time I need to get it completed perfectly! THANK YOU!

  161. Nancy

    THANK YOU so much! I work on my genealogy in the fall-early spring. Summer if filled with gardening and other activities. I was so afraid I would not get my project finished in time. This is wonderful news!

  162. Fran Smith

    Ditto, ditto , ditto. It didn’t make sense that the whole publishing enterprise would be discontinued. i hope some arrangements will be made to keep the books already completed available in perpetuity. They represent a great deal of time and work and can be meaningful to generations to come. Thanks for these new arrangements.

  163. What a relief. I have been desperately trying to update and print out valuable trees kept here on your website as all the photos were lost on an old computer. Now I can relax and continue assembling the family trees I have done for myself and friends.
    A huge thank you and yes I think its just brilliant.

  164. Mini

    Thanks so much. I knew Ancestry would not let us down. I too love the layouts and options that MyCanvas has to offer. Thanks for keeping our projects alive. Yet, I must admit that knowing I had to finish the book, made me do it. Thanks again.

  165. Chris

    This is such great news! I was rushing to wrap up my latest project and now I can focus on quality again. I made a book on my paternal ancestors a few years ago and my relatives absolutely loved it. I am thrilled to hear that others will have the opportunity to put all of their hard work into something that non-genealogists in the famly can enjoy as well. A huge thanks to Alexander’s!

  166. Pam

    Thank you, Ancestry, for saving MyCanvas! What a relief. It is a wonderful tool, so convenient, and it is very much appreciated that you’ve found a way to save it for your members.

  167. John T. Babcock

    I’m so glad to hear that we will still be able to publish our family history book thru My Canvas. I was in the process of redoing my book by typing everything over in Word and then recopying the pictures that I was putting in the book as well. Thank god you were able to find a company to pick up after My Canvas is finished. Go Ancestry.

  168. Irene

    Couldnt be more thank full and reliefed to read you are staying, it has been quiet a journey looking for My Ancestors a lot of time and effort has gone into my books so so pleased.
    thank you.

  169. Judith Monte

    I am very happy to hear that My Canvas is not going away. Also, I would like to request that Alexanders will be able to supply electronic copy products (E-book or DVD or some electronic form of any books we create) as well as hard copy books.

  170. Cheryl

    Awesome! I am so grateful! Thank you so much for finding another way to keep this option available for us.

  171. Susan

    So happy My Canvas is staying!!! Now I can continue to work on my family book. Thank you so much for keeping it on. 🙂

  172. Thom Paul Brandtzæg

    That is wonderful News, I love it. I have two book projects going, and many relatives of mine are buying books now and then. Thanks for making the site available in the future.

  173. Lorna

    This is wonderful news, I was so upset when my canvas was stopping, having the albums of my research added to the whole experience, without it they were nothing more than sheets of paper in a folder. A great tool, and certainly a great thing that this is being kept in operation

  174. Michelle

    Awesome! I am so relieved I will not be losing 5 years worth of work. The threat of MyCanvas closing made me finally order a poster tree (one that was completed) and I was very impressed with the high quality of the print, as was my entire family. I hope for the same quality with the new printer and look forward to finishing more projects!

  175. Tamra

    Thank Goodness!! I love this site! I have several more books to make and had no idea how I was going to get it done without MYCANVAS! The program is unmatched in quality and ease of use! Thanks again, Tamra

  176. June

    I can’t have better news than to know that the canvas program will be continued. It is such a wonderful way to help preserve history. Thank you very much.

  177. Mary Petite

    This is excellent news. I personally called last week to express my appreciation. Thank you

  178. Charlotte

    This is fantastic news! Thank you so so much! I know a lot of questions were raised about Alexander’s shipping to Canada which they have confirmed they will, will they ship to the UK also? HUGE thanks again!

  179. Ginger

    So pleased to hear this! I had so many more projects planned and was searching for other resources where I could make them. Now I can stick with the one I know best. Thank you for working this out!

  180. Karen

    Thank you so much !! My family loves the poster I made for my Dads side of the family and I was scrambling to complete Moms side. They make great Xmas gifts.

  181. Lucian Hughes

    That’s great, one improvement I would like to see is being able to add more generations for a calander or other project, and another would be the ability to add more then three dates to a giving day on a calander.

  182. Brett Clark

    Up until now, MyCanvas was not available to us here in Canada. From what I hear Alexanders will now sell to Canadians. Finally no more feeling like a second-class customer, very excited indeed!!

  183. William Pritchard

    Brilliant news. I’ve had four books printed by this service and want to do another one. Thanks.

  184. Lisa Serrano

    Words can’t express how glad I am that this software will still be available. It is easy to use and provided everything I needed in one place.

  185. Sueski

    YAY!! I am sooo happy! I hope the quality remains the same. The ease-to-use program is a blessing for those of us no computer literate. Thanks for keeping MyCanvas on Ancestry.Com

  186. Dianne

    THANK YOU! I was panicking and glad to see I can make this work. I checked other sites and nothing compares to this one for design, style, and connectivity to what we already have on ancestry.

  187. Alice Newberry

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was so upset that you were dropping this service. I was panicking because I had books in process that I had to do and had been away on leave. The service has been top notch and no one else connects to Ancestry to publish and integrate genealogy, stories, pictures, etc. like My Canvas does This is a great relief.

  188. mouna mounayer

    This is great news. I printed my family history books with you and my projects took five years of research, so I was devastated when I hear the news. This reprieve is fantastic.

  189. kimiandale

    This is the BEST NEWS EVER! I have a BIG project in the works and was feeling a lot of pressure to get it finished. Under the old timeline, it would have been less than what I wanted it to be. Thank you for caring about your customers. Alexander…you WILL get my business!

  190. Julie

    I am over the moon with gratitude to you for finding a new outlet for us to print our genealogy books, and keep the ones we’ve already printed for posterity!

  191. Tonya

    Thank you so much! I was devastated when I heard MyCanvas was going away. Now I can update the book I created for my grandmother which she loved. She has now departed and I wanted to make sure to update the project one final time in her honor. So glad I can do this and not worry about trying to rush things before the service went away.

  192. Nancy Shephard

    SO relieved our FH project will not be removed as my daughter and I spent10 years on the research and we want to make the book available to other relatives around the world, Thank You !.

  193. Sandra

    Very happy and relieved to have this option! I’m fed up with syncing problems on Family Treemaker and just uninstalled it!

  194. Margaret

    So excited to hear this news!!!!!! Thank you so much for listening to us and continuing to make the site available! I loved my first book and was furiously rushing to make the next one. Now I can relax and do more research and make the book even better!

  195. Kathy

    Soooo thankful to just learn today that you are continuing the service. I can now do so many more books with more time to do them right. It would be great if you could have Alexander give us the choice of fonts before the book is created from our tree. If anyone can tell me how this is already done, I would be most appreciative. Amen to our continued printing of our histories!!! Thanks!

  196. Renata

    It is awesome news. Thank you for your effort to make it work. I’m really relieved to not loose my hours of work putting books together. Thank you!!!

  197. Patricia

    ****OH. THANK YOU!!!****
    I was scrambling to try to meet the Sept 30th deadline to print books for the kids as keepsakes. WHEU now I can take that off my shoulders and just enjoy the process again! This will allow me to make them the way I really want them.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. Thelma

    OH Thank you so much. I am so relieved to know I will not lose all those hours of work I have done on my book. Thanks again.

  199. Latrice

    I am so happy to hear you will be continuing the MyCanvas service. I was concerned I was not going to get all of my updates in before the Sept 30th deadline. Thanks for thinking of all of us who use your service.

  200. F. Jepsen

    Thank you so much!!!!! I was ENRAGED that you were discontinuing the service and thinking about canceling my subscription. Thankfully someone came to their senses, and more calmer minds prevailed. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

  201. peepseeker

    Best news ever! I’m scrambling to get my tree done for my father soon to be 94. This has been the best experience for us both because he has LOTS of family history to share. This has given him a real purpose in life and we talk for hours. He has identified many distant relatives from family photos. What a Birthday present! Thanks for listening to your members. So grateful.

  202. Dawn Bohannon

    What have you don to this site?? It is not usable. Only the top 1/3 of the screen is visable. If you click FULL SCREEN, all options appear but the message says: You cannot add text or edit in full screen mode. Whatever you have done, this program no longer works.

  203. Edy Garrison

    Thank you so very much! I’ve been crazy trying to tie up loose ends! Now, if the ‘experts’ could work for a little less, I’d be able to find some ‘lost’ folks.

  204. Think goodness. I thought 7 years wirk was all for naught. Now I hope Alexander’s will be able to deal with Canadian subscribers as setting up a U.S, address doesn’t make sense. We’s rather pay the duties,

  205. Missie

    Very good business,! Way to listen to your customers and take action. You’re a good role model for others. THANK YOU!

  206. I am soooooooooo pleased. I was hoping to write another book this winter–the season I have long nights & time to work on my tree–about 0ne of my tree’s branches. Now I will actually get to do it. My own Family is vastly more interesting to me than some ‘celebrity’ & I can’t imagine why you-all would put your time & money into “Finding Your Roots’ rather than the ancillary apps & programs we could use to fine & illustrate our own roots.

  207. Julie

    Thank you for staying on. I am nearly able to afford my two projects to be produced by your professional staff. I have worked so hard but had little money to be able to get them both printed. Thank you for giving us all more time. Have had previous projects done up with you and they were perfect.

  208. Eileen Manza

    This is such exciting news!!! My family and I were devastated to hear that MyCanvas was retiring. Thrilled that it will be around for a long time. Thanks again.

  209. Beth Dreves

    I am so so so so happy that MyCanvas will remain operational! My family tree book means so much me and our family. We love to update it…. we are now on our 4 edition of this evolving history! This was the best decision Ancestry ever made…..Thank you!

  210. RonSpoerl

    What great news. I have looked all the things I was able to create via MyCanvas. I’ll be looking for some new “winter projects” and looking forward to the same great quality.

  211. RonSpoerl

    What great news. I have loved all the things I was able to create via MyCanvas. I’ll be looking for some new “winter projects” and looking forward to the same great quality.

  212. Viola Boykin

    Thanks a million! I have worked long and hard on my family history book and want to continue adding the newest generations.

  213. Raymond Le Clair

    Keeping MyCanvas, whoever owns it, is a very good decision!!! It’s a great program (although the price for ordering the final product that people create seems very expensive to me, considering that customers do all the work).
    My biggest hope is that Alexander’s will find a way for customers to offer part of their work to other customers who wish to make their own book. What I mean is this: I have distant cousins who would like to have the first 6 or 7 genereations now in my book (i.e., our common ancesters), but they want to develop a book for their line by continuing at the point where our family trees diverge. It seems to me that allowing such sharing between me and my cousins will be profitable for Alexander’s and Ancestry. Essentially, my book becomes a good means for both Alelander’s and Ancestry’s gaining new customers because my cousins from a different line would be required to get membership in Ancestry to make a book for their own line and then order it from Alexanders. My cousins would be very happy, too, to get a book that is tailor made for their line, not mine. It’s a win-win-win situation. Has such a thing been discussed? Anyone else out there interested in such a feature?

  214. Thank goodness! This is an excellent program and really easy to use. Thank you to all the Ancestry personnel for your hard work and dedication in making Ancestry the best family research tool available! It has been an invaluable asset for me. Again, thank you…:-)

    Respectfully….Randy Benton, Rockingham, N.C.

  215. Tami

    This is the best news ever!!! Thank God, if preserving family heritage is important, My Canvas is one of the best ways to do it. Whew … we dodge a bullet there.

  216. Pat Brenchley

    Wonderful news.The family tree posters are the very best. I can now keep doing what I love doing for family and friends. Thank you

  217. Wendi

    Thank you so much for sticking around. You have the best online scrapbooking tool out there. The posters are fantastic. I have been wondering what I was going to do this year for my annual Christmas gifts. THANK YOU Alexander for taking mycanvas over.

  218. Bill Anderson

    I’m so happy! I had completed one album and ordered two copies, and wanted to complete a total of five other albums by Sep 30 and finally gave up due to time constraints. Now I can continue my projects using software with which I am familiar and using the greater than 2000 pics I have entered on my site. Thank you so much for continuing to make this available.

  219. veronica B Vale

    Thank you for listening to users of mycanvas. I have just received my family poster and am thrilled with the quality of it! I like, Aliza above hope that the pictures can be transferred like the data is to mycanvas and later to Alexanders. Also, it is a chore to enlaarge the text to all the names. Is there a shortcut that will allow me to increase to 14 pt faster?


    As I am a older person and not that good on computers
    is there anyway that I can get HELP from
    MY CANVAS so that I can a printed made of my family;s history. Thank You

  221. Pat Meadows

    I need to add my belated thanks for keeping MyCanvas. I have two more projects in the works. Great tool.

  222. Lorna

    Thank you so much for keeping My Canvas l was in the middle of Two books and was in a hurry to finish before the deadline but all is “”Great “” thank you for keeping it l simple love it.

  223. Vivian Bekele

    Whew!!! I am glad for the reprieve since I never understood the decision to eliminate “My Canvas” unless is was not financially productive…but I am very happy for the decision to keep it since I use it constantly publishing at least 13 books with 2 on the back burner.

  224. Sarah

    Thank you so much! Such a relief. I have been making our family calendars for the past five years using My Canvas, and I didn’t know what I was going to do this year. I’m so happy!

  225. Juliett

    Thank You So MUCH. I have been working on one for a long time but only on and off as I have so many other things taking up time. Now I can go back and forth and not loose what I have been working on.

  226. Val

    Alexanders..THANK YOU! This is such a unique and quality product that allows us all to publish books to leave as a legacy. I hope the quality will remain the same – as you are the publishers, I guess so. I can’t tell you what a relief this is – 100’s of hours of my life has gone into my books that are treasures for my family.

  227. Anna

    Elated to say the least.Thank you Ancestry for listening to your subscribers. My Canvas is the best app I have used for the purpose for which it was designed

  228. Dianna

    Thank you!! I have order books & calendar’s for years, they are such awesome quality and my family looks so forward to the calendar’s each Christmas! I do hope the quality is just as good!

  229. Douglas

    Thank you! I have enjoyed the quality of the projects and I didn’t want to learn how to use someone else’s software. I guess I’ll now start on a second book since my issue with a new program is no longer valid. This is just simply great news to me.

  230. Donella Thompson

    Thanks you! i have enjoy working my family tree and it was a big hit. we had our first family reunion and everyone love it and want one to..

  231. Ros Milton

    This has frustrated me as I was paniced into buying all my projects only to find out they wont be lost. I feel ive been tricked being a loyal customer for 13years this is disappointing

  232. Joanne

    Excellent news! I’ve given a couple of gifts using this service that were much loved by everyone who saw them.

  233. Denise

    I am so happy you decided not to let go of this wonderful service, I’m still building my photo book for my granddaughter and would’ve hated to lose all my data and photos, thank you for not leaving us.

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