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Our Between the Leaves hangout is an informal, and hopefully educational, conversation hosted by professional genealogists Amy Johnson Crow, Anne Gillespie Mitchell, Crista Cowan, and Juliana Szucs Smith. We ask them questions and they share their personal experience with us all.

This week we asked the the ladies: “If you could speak to one ancestor, who would it be, and what would you ask?”

Who hasn’t wished they could reach out to a distant ancestor and ask that one question that would help them overcome their brick wall? As the ladies note, it’s hard to settle on just one ancestor but why they would connect with one ancestor over another was interesting to hear.

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    Ireceived my DNA results … It leaves nme with many questions… ieg…Africa 4%.=I knoe the Arabs conquered my families country of Sicily.. Is that the reason of 4%.???
    Also It shows Europe73%Italy/Greece 59% is that %age for my families home in Sicily ???.. ALSO it shows Iberian 9%(Spain???) and Jewish 3%(in Spain???)Spain… (My Grandfather’s wfe’s”brother had children with Hebrew names)…I was told by an Uncle that perhaps a Norman was in Sicily during that invasion and the European West 2% may be part of my DNA… Am I correct in my analysis ???…
    I am charlieo2759

  2. What a great question to ask! This is precisely why it’s so important to preserve family stories for future generations. There are several different ways family can go about preserving their stories including memoirs, scrapbooking, or a guided approach like StoryCall.

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  3. Anna

    @Charles Ognibene, great questions about your ethnicity results. Sounds like you didn’t expect all of those regions to show up? Its fun to learn a little more about ourselves. Remember, your ethnicity results can go back 500+ years ago to tell which regions your ancestors came. Depending on what DNA you inherited from your ancestors will determine your genetic makeup. Read other blog posts under AncestryDNA to learn even more about genetic inheritance and why this can happen.

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