Actress Julie Walters kicks off the new season of  Who Do You Think You Are  tonight. She is hoping to find some skeletons in her closet and the show does not disappoint.


In researching her Irish ancestry she makes several discoveries. Her great grandfather Anthony Clarke was one of the early founders of The Land League. It was formed to protect farmers from being thrown off their land in the 19th century. The Land League eventually went on to win the right to buy land for the tenant farmers and in later years, many had their own plots of land. However, she is shocked to hear that he was accused of murder after attacking a man with a knife.

But while her great grandfather Clarke fought for the land rights of farmers, Ms Walters discovers another relative –  great great great grandfather Cummins Buchanan, stole land from others for his employer when they fell behind their rent and also voted against any reforms which would have helped the poorest in Ireland.


Julie goes through a range of emotions as she is confronted with the good and the bad in her family history.


Who Do You Think You Are? Returns to BBC1 this Thursday at 9pm. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts or questions.

Brian Gallagher

Brian is the International Social Media Specialist for Ancestry, working closely with our United Kingdom, Sweden, German and Australian teams.


  1. Gina

    Is there a way for a U.S. resident to watch these episodes? It doesn’t have to be online or the current series, I just don’t want to necessarily buy imported DVDs, the only way I found so far. I like many British actors/celebrities and would also enjoy seeing genealogy stories not like the typical American one.

  2. Judi

    I wish NZers also could watch this series. We are forced to wait for imported DVDs as they are released.

  3. John James

    I have seen several BBC episodes here in the US on YouTube (Patrick Stewart and J. K. Rowling etc., etc.). However, Julie Walters is not available yet. And at the BBC website, it blocks you out this video if you are not in the UK.

    Does anyone know how long before the BBC will allow YouTube to pick this episode up for those of us outside the UK?

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