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IACOM_BranchOut250x250_badget’s August 1st, which marks the next cycle of our Branch Out contest.

We launched the Branch Out program as a way to give Ancestry fans the opportunity to work one-on-one with family history experts on our ProGenealogists team.

Over the last year, we have had great success helping winners including Cheryle WarnbergHeidi HallStacey Woodley, and Cindy Hillman discover important family history they can share with generations for years to come.

So, what do you win?

The Grand Prize winner, upon confirmation of eligibility, will receive the following prize package:

The Grand Prize package has an Approximate Retail Value of $2,496.

So, if you’ve always wanted to receive expert help from our ProGenealogists team, enter the Branch Out contest by clicking here. After entering some basic information, share your family history story! We want to know what you’ve discovered and what you would hope to learn with the help of our expert research team.

The deadline for entries is Sunday, August 31st at 11:59:59 P.M. PT, so sign up today!  The winner will be selected and announced in early September so stay tuned for updates!

Good luck!

*This contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States (or the District of Columbia) and you can read all the Official Rules here.

Jessica Latinović

Jessica serves as U.S. Social Media Manager for Ancestry.


  1. Excellent contest Jessica! Good luck to all the applicants. I’m not sure if has all county clerk info contact, info, but I just updated my database over at – you, and others might find it useful in digging up physical documents on your genealogy hunt. I made the site because I saw there was no easy one-stop-shop for all of these contact details 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Fred (in Canada)

    Ancestry should restrict solicitations to enter a contest to eligible entrants – otherwise your sending spam.

  3. Jessica Murray

    We will be hosting similar contests outside the United States in the coming months, stay tuned for details!

  4. Cherlyn Bruns

    Thank you for this great contest. Not only great for winners, but I love to read about others success. It sometimes gives me ideas for my own research. Thanks also to Adam Murphy for the resource.

  5. Mary Ann Dunwoody

    I would so love to win! I seem to be so spread out these days in my research, I wouldn’t have a clue what to work on with a “Pro.” But I’d find something!

  6. Ingo ter Meulen

    Hopefully it will become available for Germany one day. Got interested in the DNA kits a while ago, but it’s only available for American residents. In some areas ancestry doesn’t seem to be an internationally working company.

  7. Dianne

    Never had the opportunity to research my “roots”. Old Yankee stock with Dan’l Boone in the mix somewhere.

  8. Patricia Saville

    I have researched and researched…I still keep going. Each day I find something new about someone already in my tree. To win this would mean finishing at least 1 part of my zillions of ancestors…and that would bring me great joy. Thanks for opportunity..

  9. Ann Davis

    Would love to find out more. I Love Ancestry and have found some real interesting facts about our families.

  10. Lee W.

    This free weekend is killing me. I can’t get any original documents to load and if they do load, they won’t print.

  11. GayLynn

    Every day I browse through the hints, do quick searches and look for the loose ends. I am stuck right now, but I know I will find my way around the brick wall in good time! Love the research and the history!

  12. I never knew my dad i believe i found out the truth for 54. Years didn’t know my race .my son’s would me all the time now happy tears know.still looking for family mom was adopted arms she now suffers memory lost.til you ancestry for those few pieces of diamonds we find.


    Love Ancestry, have used it for 10 yrs and would love to win!!! Its been a connection for our family and have hooked up many on FB now!!! Research is such a “Treasure Hunt”!!!

  14. Elaine T. Cole

    It would be spectacular for me to win this prize. So many of my hours are spent tracing my ancestry.

  15. Lois Rotella

    Having trouble finding information on my dad’s side. His parents were norn in italy but they both died before I was born. Would love the help finding the information.

  16. Mary Morrisroe

    I would love to trace our Jewish and possibly Romanian ancestry. Total surprise on our DNA test!!

  17. Lynn Pinkstaff

    Awesome sweetstakes! Having a lot of trouble with the Armstrong family, as well as the Stoltz family. Would love, love, love to win!

  18. Shelley

    I would love this more than anything. I love it’s helped me while being on the transplant list at Mayo. Thanks again

  19. Tina King Miller

    I would love to win this! My Dad was sold for a $100.00 when he was 2 yes old. I would love to find out if I am a true King.

  20. Cindi (Moon) Burgette

    I started doing the family genealogy when I was 20 years old, 31 years later. Every new piece of information is like Christmas!

  21. Mary Wilson

    I would love help to find out more about my maternal lines. I am at a very tall brick wall on these families. NO ONE knows anything, those who might have are no longer with us.

  22. Richard Nash

    I Love, But even with 8 gigs of ram the program will not handle the amout of names I have entered over the years… I would be a member now, but cannot separate or divide the indiviguals.. When I do the program marries me off to some womanfrom the 1600’s.. If I ever fing a time to re-enter all the information I will most definatly sign up once again!!

  23. Teresa Higginbotham

    This would be a dream to win this cause I have so many unanswered questions when it comes to my ancestors. Just can’t afford to buy the packages I need cause I am a little slow when looking for my kinfolks.

    Thank you so much.

  24. Sharon McKee

    I would live to find out more about my husbands family. I can’t get past his grandparents on his mothers side !

  25. Julia Sendelbach Michael

    I would love to win this and get the opportunity for some help is find what happened to my great grandfather and go back beyond him to trace my heritage. He has disappeared into thin air!

  26. Josephine Guild

    My father’s family came here just after the Mayflower. I would love to learn about them.

  27. Pam Latham

    I started my family tree several years ago. Hubby and I went thru some rough health problems but doing much better so I can start again.

  28. Candace Millsop

    I absolutely love the help Ancestry has given me since I started my tree. I still have a wall or two but all it takes is patience. I have connected with more cousins on here too. You have made my search a little easier…Thank You!!

  29. Katharine A Brooks

    I would love a chance to win to find out about my family history on my mom side I found out he have Native American Indian on he side but have no clue on where to begian thank-you

  30. Sherrii Heisel Williams

    Thank you for the opportunity! Would love to find out about my great great grandfather for my mother before she passes!

  31. Sandra

    I have been using Ancestry for several years now and have reached a dead end on several areas due to the fact that I can’t afford the global membership and also lack of information due to limited family contact, I would absolutely love to win this, especially the DNA. Thank you for the opportunity!

  32. Lori Lindsey

    I Love this I wish I could find some more info on my grandparents on my mom side she never new them her mom was raised in a children home

  33. Sandra Henderson

    I love to win the DNA kit. I would like to do my grandmother and great grandaunt. Which one is 96 and 104, the two oldest living relative.

  34. Lynn Calloway

    Would love to have this done for my husband family they are from the south and they didn’t keep very good records

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