Posted by Jessica Latinović on July 30, 2014 in AncestryDNA

Long-lost sisters Carol and Amy went most of their lives never knowing of one another until their passion for genealogy brought them together in 2013.

Veteran genealogist Carol Moss was adopted 60 years ago and only last year decided to research her birth mother’s history. In doing so, Carol discovered an abundance of photos attached to Amy Woodrick’s family tree and she immediately believed Amy to be a possible half-sister. Since Carol wasn’t certain if Amy knew of her existence, she was hesitant to reach out but continued her research by saving shared tree and image information to her birth mother.

Amy began receiving notifications that her images were being shared with Carol. Interestingly enough, Amy had just learned a few years prior that her mother had another daughter before Amy was born, but she knew nothing about her. This had to be her. Well, she at least had to find out. Several messages and phone calls later, it was confirmed. They were half-sisters.

Only a month after finding each other online, they decided to meet at the Rootstech conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have developed a great bond over their shared love of family history and will continue to build on their relationship for years to come.

We are pleased to have been the instrument they used to find each other and thought it would be great to have Amy and Carol share their story with you here:

Jessica Latinović

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