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WDYTYA Star Contest
WDYTYA Star Contest

Have you watched Who Do You Think You Are? and wished you could travel the world to discover more about your own ancestors’ past? Then we have a giveaway for you!

We are picking one lucky winner for the ultimate Who Do You Think You Are? experience, which includes a trip to your family’s homeland plus time with a professional genealogist to help research your family history, just like the stars on the show.

Watch the Who Do You Think You Are? episode airing tonight on TLC at 9p|8c that features Jesse Tyler Ferguson, then visit the Be A Who Do You Think You Are? Star contest page where you will be asked to answer a question about the episode you just saw and enter for a chance to win this family history prize.

The Grand Prize Winner receives

  • Accommodations for two to the land of your ancestors
  • Access to a personal historian just like the celebrities on the show
  • $2,000 in spending cash!
  • Additional prizes will be awarded each week

This Grand Prize package has an approximate retail value of $15,488.

Final entry period ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on August 29, 2014 and you must be 21 years or older and agree to the official rules here.

Enter to win here and good luck!


  1. Jessica Murray

    Lynn, Just take a wild guess on the question and you’ll still be able to enter. Answering incorrectly does not prevent you from being able to enter the contest. Good luck!

  2. Deb Brunt

    Thank for allowing non-correct answers to be entered. I do not get TLC so cannot watch the show to get the correct answer. Last year, episodes were available the next day on the TLC website but they are not this year. They finally put the first episode on YouTube but it is too late to enter the contest for last week.

    As the major sponsor of WDYTYA, can’t Ancestry pressure TLC into putting the episodes online the next day? I don’t understand why they are not doing that this year.

  3. Vanessa Miller

    This wonderful, I’m glad you folks are giving us non celebrities the opportunity to try and win this. My tree is pretty extensive, but I’d love to find out more, and I’d like to work on my husband’s side of the family. Especially his mother’s side, she didn’t know much about her father’s side at all. I’ve found a little but I’m at a brick wall. I’d love to be able to tell my mother in law all about her father’s side of the family. I only have a little bit of her grandparent’s info, and just their names and birth and death dates, that’s it.
    Thanks again.

  4. Mary Hallock

    Thank you for doing this. I would much rather see more regular people have this advantage. I really am not interested in celebrities’ ancestry.

  5. Reading the title it’s no wonder so many people are under the mistaken impression that the winner gets their own episode.

  6. Cathey Thomas

    I found out watching tonight’s episode that I’m yet another of Valerie Bertinelli’s bazillion new-found cousins! A LOT of us are descended from Edward I….:)

  7. I was watching Vanessa Williams and she was searching for her great grand father she discovered that he was a silver was ad. and He served time in the War they gave showed her a picture of him. & they also gave her a picture of him. and showed her where he say

  8. C Clayton

    At dead end with my dad’s 2nd great grandfather. All I want is to find his family and find who they are, where they came from, and where they first touched US soil. If I could just find only that, I would be so happy to tell him. I have a distant cousin who has hand searched (no computer) for this information for 15 yrs. I have recently found she has something wrong with her that will shorten her life, it would probably be fast, so she is in pretty good health, and she has already gone beyond what they expected her too. If I were to win this thing, I’d give it to her. She deserves it. I wish she could have this info before anything were to happen to her……God willing, we will find the info one way or another. I love the show and think it is amazing how these people find this info. I’m so glad they have been able to find out so much about their ancestors. Truly interesting and inspiring!!!

  9. Melanie matheus

    Have so many questions about my own family history. Would love to be a part of this opportunity. Thank you

  10. Michael Makaron

    I would love to know about my paternal grandfathers side… I have absolutey information about him…I know his family was from Galitzia, a small Kingdom that was divided during the Austria/Hungarian war back in 1912..

  11. Victoria

    I don’t have any idea on how I could be helped even if I entered. I have done the DNA test. But both my Mother and Father are adopted with both have Fathers that are unknown to them. And one birth mother passed with a family that turned my father down as knowing him and a birth Mother that slammed the door in my Mother’s face. And she will not say who she is. So I am kind stuck in a rut.

  12. Dennis

    Neat! Big fan of the show! The show made me sign up for the website- started research on my family tree- already found some neat info but would love to see how far back I can go- so far on one side I went back to the American Revolution; have German ancestors that came over on both sides and English heritage as well. Discovered a son of a relative that only lived 20 years- youngest of 7 children- wondering what happened to him- this would be a chance in a lifetime!

  13. My great great grandfather came to Australia as a young boy, on the ship Mary E ray, from England. He changed his name after arriving. He was known as David Neil, but ships records show him as Edward Neil, I have found this name on several ships records, but would like to know where in Ireland he was born and his parents, I’m writing a book on my family history and this would put the final pages to the puzzle

  14. Barbara

    My husband’s great grandfather & his parents were all from Paris, France. I discovered this while researching his family; it was never before known. We would love to follow his lineage to discover more about the family & their roots! Working with a pro would be a dream come true.

  15. I would really like to find out more about my 3rd great-grandfather. I believe his name to be Joseph Guy, but none of my 3rd and 4th cousins haven’t had any luck either. I have been trying for almost 3years now.

  16. Anne Higgins

    I watched the Jesse Tyler Ferguson episode several weeks ago. I just clicked the link that was supposed to ask a question related to that show, but the question was about Minnie Driver’s episode. Help please, as I’d at least like to get the answer correct if possible! Thank you.

  17. Barbara Morgan

    My maternal and paternal grandparents came from Scotland, My great grandfather, was adopted, I would love to find his birth parents.

  18. Ellen

    I have been working on my family tree since 1999 and have belonged to I have exhausted all info that I can possibly find. I am at a stand still for finding any information on my paternal grandparents.

  19. Marie B. Harrison

    I love the show. It shows me that I have a lot to learn and share with My Grandchildren. By doing the I know that it will give them a solid foundation to build their future on.

  20. I would like information on myself to be honest.I think every thing will fall in place then. There are so many unanswered questions, Main one is why is my birth certificate written in pencil. And I can not find myself on Ancestry .com So many secrets about me while I was growing up ,, my brothers an sisters still say my parents were really my Aunt an Uncle, but they do not really know much because they were to young,

  21. Lee W.

    This free weekend is killing me. I can’t get any original documents to load and if they do load, they won’t print.

  22. Lorraine Howard

    I have already learned so much and am enthralled by some of the people in my tree. I have seen a settee and 7 chairs done by one of my great grandmothers and now in Marble Hill House, been to Westminster Abbey to see a great grandfather, found a statue of another in Islington, found a farmhouse in North Wales where he was born, flew to Sydney to see where another grandfather lived with his second wife and was then cremated, been to a museum in South Africa to see another great uncle…… and there is so much more too. Would love expert help now to document properly.

  23. Lesle T.

    My family tree on my mother’s side is a mess. Italian civil records indicate that my 2G Grandfather’s mother was a woman who was 9 years old when he was born and the next child born to this couple was 17 years younger. There were 2 men with his father’s name living in the same village at the same time. My 2 Gr Grandfather would definely fill in the gap in the other man’s family. The other strange thing is that the man who is supposed to be my 2Gr Grandfather’s father died at the same address that the majority of the other man’s grandchildren were born. Like I said a very confusing mess I would love to untangle.

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