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  1. Jeff Record

    I’m really trying to see the full episode of this program – for some reason Direct TV didn’t show it in my area. Every link I bring up only sends me to smal videol “clips” of the program. I know it says one can view the whole program on TLC – but I sure can’t find it any place on their site.

    Ms. Kudrow – if you see this – PLEASE could you have someone send me the link to the FULL EPISODE – and maybe make them easier to find???
    Some of us out here are older and not so much the wiser.

    Much oblidged for these great programs!!!

    Jeff Record

  2. Andrew McHatton

    Yes, I wasn’t able to watch it in my area on Direct TV. Where can I see the entire episode?

  3. Sherri Paxon

    My wife, Vickie Nixon Paxon, and I watched the Cynthia Nixon episode on DVR a few nights ago. As we watched, the names and locations seemed to be very familiar! I got out the genealogy info we have on the Nixon family and discovered Mary Curnutt and Samuel Nixon. Turns out that Vickie is Cynthia’s third cousin! All the info on Martha Curnutt and Noah Casto was new, though – what a shock to us. Martha is Vickie’s three times great-grandmother too. We are humbled at all the trouble and pain in her life. We would very much like to make contact with Cynthia Nixon. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

  4. Jessica Murray

    What an incredible story! Unfortunately, we cannot share Cynthia’s contact information but I would recommend contacting Cynthia’s publicist which you can easily find via Google search.Good luck!

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