With the new season of Long Lost Family now in full swing and tissue sales at an all-time high, Davina McCall & Nicky Campbell continue to give us front row seats at some beautiful family reunions.


In episode three we hear the stories of Richard Cue and Tania Bartlett. While both stories are different they shared a common desire to find their loved ones.

Richard Cue
After the loss of their two young children, Florence and William Cue adopted Richard in 1957. Richard grew up in a house filled with love and happiness. He longed to meet his birth mother to tell her that he is grateful for the decision she made and to let her know he has had a good life.

After the loss of his adoptive mother in in 1997, Richard’s desire to find his birth mother intensified. Having searched for more than a decade without success, Richard turned to Long Lost Family for help. Nicky found Richard’s birth mother, Pat, who revealed that she had been searching for Richard also, but had held back because she wasn’t sure how their reunion would impact his life. She explained to Nicky that she had tried to keep Richard and raise him herself, but after six months she simply had no other options. With no support and practically starving, she agreed to the adoption that placed Richard with Florence and William.

Richard was brought to tears at the news that his mother had been found and Davina revealed the circumstances of his adoption and the difficulties his birth mother endured in an attempt to keep him. Richard couldn’t wait to meet her and just two days after finding out his birth mother was found, Richard traveled to West Sussex to be reunited with her.

Tania Bartlett

Growing up Tania had no contact from her father. Ahmed Kazem, an Iranian student studying in the UK met Tania’s mother Julie in 1961. They fell in love, and by the time Tania was born Ahmed was in the U.S making arrangements for their future together. However, after Tania’s birth Julie felt unable to leave the UK and the relationship ended.

When Tania was fifteen, she answered a knock at the door and found herself face to face with her father, Ahmed, now called Edward. It turned her world upside down and over the next five years he showered her with love and attention, despite his busy lifestyle. Tania recalled how he would contact her from different countries around the world. In 1981 a letter she had sent to her father in Tehran was returned unopened and from that day forward she has had no contact with her father.

Nicky and the Long Lost Family team found Edward living on the east coast of the United States. When Nicky asks why he stopped all contact, Edward explained that due to the nature of his work with the U.S government he was not allowed to contact anyone, even his own daughter. Edward traveled to London to meet his daughter and the reunion was as emotional as any we have seen on Long Lost Family. Tania is overcome as she embraces the father she never thought she would see again.

Long Lost Family is broadcast on ITV this Monday July 28th at 9pm. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts on Richard & Tania’s unbelievable stories.

Brian Gallagher

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  1. Scott Bowen

    Does anyone here know where I can watch previous seasons of this show here in the US? I did not see it on Netflicks nor ITunes.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Just want to say love to see happy endings but not everyone is a happy ending my story began 1945 my mum lived in Hereford my dad seemingly was a Canadian Air Pilot stationed there when my mum fell pregnant she was sent up to Manchester to a convent for mothers and babies in Salford after I was born Feb 1945 she went back to Hereford and I was adopted by a couple and grew up in Wythenshawe, not knowing anything about my birth to cut a long story short my children asked me to trace my real mum in the 90s. She wouldnt meet me so realy she rejected me twice and would give no info on my dad a brother of hers said about my dad but didnt know his name. I believe I have two half brothers but cant find them so I still have no contact with anyone except the uncle whom I have phoned how can I trace them thank you very much Maria

  3. Brian Nakatani

    By accident, I found all 4 seasons of “Long Lost Family” on You Tube. Last night, my wife and I watched the latest episode dated August 18, 2014. Episode 2 from Season 1 is missing. You can them by searching on You Tube for that great show. Maybe better then Troy Dunn’s “The Locator” and “APB.”

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