Last Monday saw the return of the BAFTA award winning show Long Lost Family. Davina McCall & Nicky Campbell reunited families who had been separated for most of their lives, in what was a very emotional first episode of the new season.




Episode two features more emotional stories of heartbreak, separation and the search for long lost family members. Airing on Monday 21st July this episode features Sara Price-Parker & Pauline Wood’s search for meaning.



Having been given up for adoption at birth, Sara Price-Parker had a happy childhood with her adoptive parents. Sadly it was not to last. Her mother fell ill with Cancer when Sara was just nine years old and a few years later she died. Over the next few years Sara began to wonder about her birth mother. She discovers that her birth mother also lost her own mother at a young age and that she had emigrated to Jamaica in the 1970’s. It was here that the trail went cold until Long Lost Family began their search. They discover that Sara’s birth mother is now on the west coast of the United States and Nicky travels to meet her. The subsequent reunion between mother and daughter is full of beauty, joy and overwhelming emotion.



Brought up on the Isle of Wight, Pauline had never felt accepted by her adoptive parents and spent her childhood yearning for a sibling. In 1965, when Pauline was 28 years old she discovered that her birth parents were married and may have had a son. The thought that she may have a brother out there somewhere gave her enormous hope. Now 77 years old and having spent more than forty years searching without success, Pauline turns to Long Lost Family for help. When they track her brother down in London, Pauline is overjoyed but the biggest surprise is yet to come – she doesn’t just have a brother, she has two sisters as well!


Long Lost Family is broadcast on ITV this Monday July 21stat 9pm. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts on Sara & Pauline’s unbelievable stories.


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