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When it comes to family, we all reserve a special place in our hearts for our grandparents. The bond between grandparent and grandchild is unique – in us they see the future and in them we can learn about the past. 

How can we share the wisdom and experience they have to impart? What can we do to record their stories? What questions would you ask if you had the chance? 

Paul Griffin took this task to hand and decided to interview his grandfather. The result is a short film called “Francis B. Griffin,” which has a beauty and depth that moved all of us here at Ancestry and we wanted to share it with you: 


Francis B. Griffin from Griffin Productions on Vimeo.

Brian Gallagher

Brian is the International Social Media Specialist for Ancestry, working closely with our United Kingdom, Sweden, German and Australian teams.


  1. Ann-Marie Coleman

    A wonderfully poignant and loving film. I am moved beyond words. Brian and his grandfather deserve high praise.

  2. Carol

    Thank you so, so much for sharing this wonderful film. What a wonderful guy you are Mr Francis B Griffin, but what a very special family you have.

    Absolutely inspirational and has meant so much.

  3. Joanne Russell

    How wonderful, what a truly lovely film to have, wish I had been able to record my grandparents who passed away many many years ago, if you can, do it

  4. Judy Freer

    I really enjoyed watching this lovely man and listening to his life stories. His grandson is so wise to have made this video.
    I didn’t know either of my grandads but I would have loved them to be like Mr. Griffin.

  5. Jackie

    Lovely video, just wish I had been old enough to have sat down with my grandparents when they were alive to ask a few questions about their lives and those of their parents.

  6. Kim

    I never knew any of my Grandparents! My Mother had a falling out with her father just after I was born so I missed out on knowing him and the others had passed away before I was born…. I would give anything to have just 5 mins to listen to what they could have told me. Paul was so lucky to have been able to do this recording with his lovely grandfather

  7. Annette Crawford

    Supreme video. Maternal grandparents came from Finland, but both were dead by 1936. Due to family circumstances, I did not even see a photo of them until I was in my 30s. Being from Finland too meant that I could not easily contact family. My dad’s parents were very standoffish, and my dad left home at 18 to join the Army; he remained in it for 22 years. Again, we were everywhere and did not go back to visit. When we did go, it was not pleasant.

  8. Felix Arenas

    Beautiful in its simplicity. This is what it takes to get it down. Some people are not as articulate as Francis or as comfortable in front of the camera. But there’s always a way. Maybe it’s just their words, their voice. Maybe it’ll just be pictures, the old ones, and then take new ones. Whatever it takes, they deserve to have their story told, and we’ll be the better for it.

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