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Father’s Day is this Sunday! Are you still looking for the perfect gift? Try an AncestryDNA test. Buy today (June 11th) and choose expedited shipping to ensure it arrives on time.

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Have you already taken the test? Use your DNA results to combine the power of DNA to search for the surnames in your tree by using the filters on your match page.

Last week I talked quickly about how I was doing more research on my maternal grandfather. I got a lot of questions on how to do this so we put together this Step-by-Step Guide to help you use the search filters to understand more of your DNA matches.

This will take you through the process of getting more from your matches and how you can search for those fathers in your tree, or learn more about certain surnames you have come across.

Have you had some success with finding cousins or solving a mystery through the AncestryDNA test? Share your story with us in the comments below or online at our community.

Happy matching!

Anna Swayne

Anna Swayne has 9 years of experience in the DNA genealogy world. At Ancestry, she leads efforts in developing education to help our community maximize their experience with AncestryDNA. She believes there is real power behind DNA and the story it can unlock for each of us. When she is not talking DNA you can find her hiking or cycling in the mountains or cooking at home.


  1. Madelyn Bader

    It seems a bit counterproductive to be advertising the DNA site when its not accessible to those of us who’ve paid for it. I’m disappointed that it’s been weeks since I could access it, and no notice on any page that it is down.

    M. Bader

  2. Toni

    It’s FATHERS!! No apostrophe! Two or more fathers does not require an apostrophe s. Father’s Day requires an S because the Day is owned by fathers.

  3. Carlene Emry

    In reply to Madelyn:
    The only way I can access the DNA is to go in through internet explorer. Internet Explorer is not my default browser but I use it to go to and the DNA results. Hope this helps.

  4. Barbara Walters

    Thanks for the help. I just got my DNA tests back and spent some time with the results. Some are very promising. I got some new information and also verification on other info I already had.

    My question is does the DNA results transfer to Family Tree Maker? Is there something I need to do to get it there or does synching do what is necessary?

    Barbara Walters

  5. Adriana


    As Carlene explained, try a different browser first. I use Firefox and Chrome and they both work fairly well. Sometimes there’s a glitch, but that’s the nature of the website.

    If neither works, clear your cache/cookies, and re-open the browser. Try in the other browsers.

    If none of those work, please call tech support. It’s unacceptable that you can’t access your DNA results.

  6. Carol Lee VIckery

    Please do not destroy the DNA you have collected; please do not destroy any of the records you have collected.

  7. jezbel

    I found out today that intends to stop the DNA service and destroy all the data. I read it on a reliable genealogy site. Apparently someone is offering a transfer deal ($) with both FamilyTreeDNA or So you can either transfer your current data for about $69 or for 10 dollars more retest. Something like that. I’m bothered by the fact that I didn’t hear it directly from Also that they took our money – and may be continuing to take money and plan to end the service soon.

    • Juliana Smith

      The AncestryDNA (autosomal) test is not affected by the recently announced changes and will continue to be available as we continue to invest in this new technology. Only the y-DNA and mtDNA tests will be retired. The changes were announced in this blog post.

  8. My AncestryDNA data would be so much more useful if I had the actual match data. I don’t need a chromosome browser, just the data. Where do I match my matches, on what chromosome, and start and stop points? Then I could compare and triangulate among the –over 5000– matches Ancestry has found for me.

    I hear rumors that there is a special tool “in the works” some day, but we could use this data right now.

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