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This is a picture of my great grandfather, Gwillym Vaughan. Handsome…right? In honoring him this Father’s Day I want to do more research on him and those who came before him. Since I have had a DNA test done I can use AncestryDNA matching and search to find others who may share a common ancestor and extend my knowledge of that side of the family. DNA testing is just another tool in my bag to do research and discover more about my family.

How does it work?

Your DNA has been passed down from generation to generation to create you. Your DNA contains a unique record that has been passed down to you. We extract your DNA from the saliva and test over 700,000 markers. The DNA we are testing is called autosomal DNA and is inherited from your two parents (50% from Mom and 50% from Dad). To read more about inheritances of this type of DNA click here.

Using AncestryDNA has help me discover more about the Dads in my tree. I have connected to cousin, shared stories, pictures and have added more to my own story. It has changed the way I view my own history. Click here to read about one of my DNA stories.

Because you have inherited DNA from your ancestors, we can test your DNA and find something out about the ancestors who came before you. DNA is a record inside you that we can test so you can leave your legacy. Have yourself tested and other members of your family tested to find out more about your story. If you can have as many individuals in your family tested-the more you will find out.

Learn how to use DNA to search for the different surnames in your tree.

Buy a test for yourself or another family member.

Want the kit in time for Father’s Day? Buy before June 11th and choose expedited shipping.



Anna Swayne

Anna Swayne has 9 years of experience in the DNA genealogy world. At Ancestry, she leads efforts in developing education to help our community maximize their experience with AncestryDNA. She believes there is real power behind DNA and the story it can unlock for each of us. When she is not talking DNA you can find her hiking or cycling in the mountains or cooking at home.


  1. Kathy Porter Snow

    Hi There,

    I did the Y-DNA and the mtDNA test on my brother and I just recently took the new Ethnicity DNA test. I think it’s great. The only drawback I see in it is that I can not find an easy way to print my results like the old one. I loved sharing my new found information you provided me with family members that do not have access to computers or I sincerely hope that you remedy this soon.

    Thank You,
    Your Faithful Customer

  2. Jeffrey M. Bernard


    I tried to follow the instructions on the PDF and my screens just don’t have the same fields that your PDF shows. For example, when I get to my DNA matches page, there is no filter or search fields.


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