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It’s June which means another cycle of our Branch Out Contest! Enter for a chance to win some great prizes!ACOM_BranchOut250x250_badge

The Grand Prize winner, upon confirmation of eligibility, will receive the following prize package:

The Grand Prize package has an Approximate Retail Value of $3,348.

So far we have named four lucky winners – Cheryle WarnbergHeidi Hall, Stacey Woodley and Cindy Hillman – each with unique family history stories that received some expert help from our ProGenealogists team. Read all about Heidi Hall and some of the mysteries she was able to solve about her great-grandmother by clicking here.

Want to be among the winners? Enter our June cycle of the Branch Out contest by clicking here. After entering some basic information, tell us about your family history story! Share what you have discovered so far and what you would hope to discover with the help of our expert research team. Then, let us know what type of program suits your needs best – maybe you need help getting started, or perhaps you have a brick wall you just can’t break down and need some expert help getting around it.

Remember, the deadline for this cycle is June 30th, so sign up now!  The winner will be selected and announced in early July so stay tuned for more updates and good luck!

*This contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States (or the District of Columbia) and you can read all the Official Rules here.



  1. mrs davies

    It really does rather insult your world membership when yet again those who do not live in the United States can NOT enter any contests. I too have a brick wall and would certainly love to win this prize as do many others who live in Canada, U.K., Australia etc. I will continue to say that this is a simple problem to solve and if anyone could it should be Ancestry. I, and all non-U.S. Members are paying for these prizes. Yes I could not renew my membership but that is defeatist. I have had some lovely finds and wish to continue. We deserve to be treated as equal. Thank you. Mrs. Davies.

  2. klk is a U.S. company and has to abide by U.S. regulations. I’m sure they wish they could open the contest world-wide but that is probably impossible due to the laws regulating contests. I don’t understand why people cannot understand this very simple concept.

  3. The people who are NOT in the USA yet have Ancestry Membership SHOULD be allowed to enter this competition or Ancestry should make it possible for the other Ancestry country websites to have their own competition to make it fairer!
    Come on Ancestry it’s time to front up and get real! Give the rest of us a fair go!

  4. Jan Tivey

    IF the competition can only be open to the USA because of rules then the answer is simple – run a similar competition in each country. There are plenty of American companies that run foreign competitions with their products – you only need to look at your breakfast cereal packet, soft drinks can or parcel delivery service to see promotional competitions on a regular basis. Poor excuse, bad customer relations. COME ON ANCESTRY.CO.UK – Be Fair !

  5. Steve White

    You make a very good point, Jan Tivey.

    And klk (if those are your initials, I’m SO glad your middle name isn’t “Kirk”… sure you are too), you make a valid observation, but as Jan points out, it’s very easy to include, for example, the other country on the N.A. continent that shares population origin (ancestry!) with the U.S. — Canada.

    It’s done all the time. Our regulations in both countries are usually so close as to be nearly harmonized. It’s because we have such similar origins, overlapping cultures, and often standards and regulations deliberately harmonized for convenience, for the simple reasons that we’re so close, and share thousands of miles of unprotected, osmotic border. Why is that? Because most of us don’t consider each other “foreign”, as such. Just adjacent, culturally, legislatively, and idealogically similar enough to resemble siblings.

    All that seems to be lacking is the will.

    Best regards,


  6. Catkinson54

    If you read the complete list of instructions and conditions, it states that they are working on putting together a contest for outside the US. Don’t be so quick to complain.

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