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Developed by a team of genetic scientists, bioinformaticists and data scientists, the AncestryDNA test provides users with a personalized genetic ethnicity estimate from 26 global regions and also connects them to a growing network of genetic cousins and their family histories.

AncestryDNA kitThe test analyzes a person’s genome at over 700,000 marker locations and provides customers with an easy and affordable way to help explore their ancestral background and discover their family’s past. AncestryDNA also cross-references an extensive worldwide database of DNA samples with documented family histories. This reference collection, acquired by the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, includes samples from more than 100 countries on six continents, which enables new levels of discovery about people’s family backgrounds.

The growing database and network effect has enabled AncestryDNA to begin constructing a genetic graph of the US population. To date, the Company has identified more than 15 million cousin relationships across the 400,000 members. This includes 3 million relationships where a distant shared ancestor has been identified.

For example, the grandfather of Senator Henry Clay who ran for President twice and negotiated the treaty of Ghent, is the shared common ancestor of more than 280 AncestryDNA members. This genetic graph is expected to be a unique and valuable resource that will become the cornerstone of future product developments and differentiation for AncestryDNA in the market.


  • Tim Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of “We’re excited with the growth of AncestryDNA. In less than two years we have built a database of 400,000 customer samples, and with that scale and growing network effect, we’ve created a product that is really valuable to our existing subscribers while also providing new users a fast and easy way to start learning about their family history. AncestryDNA is emerging as an essential part of our core value proposition and an incredibly engaging new way for us to deliver on our mission to help everyone discover, preserve, and share their family history.”
  • Tim Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of “While we’re thrilled with our early success with AncestryDNA, we’re even more excited about how we anticipate advancing and improving this service going forward. We’re at the very beginning of a revolution in personal genomics, and we think that AncestryDNA can become one of the more interesting consumer genomics applications worldwide.”

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  1. Edward

    When will this be available to us in Canada? A reply would be appreciated, thank you.

  2. Richard Dale

    By having this product only available in USA, the utility of this product for people with recent migrants is very limited.

    Ancestry, please consider allowing your paying subscribers to import DNA data from other testing autosomal testing companies if you are unable to offer this product outside of USA.

  3. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if AncestryDNA provided the DNA segment information as well. Adoptees, in particular are very handicapped in using this information without it as they do not usually have existing family trees. With that information we could solve many more identity cases. As it is if you test here, please upload your raw data file from your tests to so that we can determine if that is really a 2nd cousin, or a 3rd twice removed, or someone with so much endogamy in their family that it has skewed your interpretation. We have even found one 3rd to 4th cousin predicted by Ancestry DNA as an actual 10th cousin due to repeated endogamy in the family. We have been asking for this since the product was released.

  4. Amber Decker

    I agree that Ancestry DNA would be exponentially more interesting and useful if the DNA segments were available. Without DNA segments or any way to show which of my matches are also related to each other, AncestryDNA is really limiting my ability to fill in gaps in my tree, instead I am limited to confirming those I already have identified. The reason I did a DNA test was to try to identify my missing ancestors that I can not locate with a paper trail.

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