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Louisiana Parishes and Parish Seats
Louisiana Parishes and Parish Seats

When you think of Louisiana do you think of New Orleans? Mardi Gras? Hurricane Katrina? Or do you think of your ancestors? Louisiana has a rich and colorful past. The Spanish, French and British fought over it for more than 300 years until the United States obtained most of the state as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Louisiana is the only state in the nation that is made up of parishes and not counties. The entity parish is from the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, although counties and parishes function the same way in the modern day U.S. Another influence from the French and Spanish is that Louisiana state law is based more on the Napoleonic Code and Spanish code while all other states are based on English law.

But if your ancestors are from Louisiana, I bet you already knew that they danced to a different set of drums, didn’t you?

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    A couple of the best resources for LA are successions, tutorships, and other legal actions, transfers of property, etc.

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