Posted by Mitchell Harris on March 20, 2014 in Development, Events

Utah Code Camp 2014 came and went this weekend. More than 850 people attended and with more than 70 sessions, it was the largest code camp in Utah history. Thanks to Pat, Craig, Nate, and Kerry  of Utah Geek Events for putting it all on. participated in a pretty big way. In addition to the many employees in attendance, we had three speak.  Bressain Dinkelman presented a session titled, “Yes, You Belong Here,” about the Imposter Syndrome in the tech world, and how to overcome it. Craig Peterson presented a session titled, “High Performance Web Services with Apache Thrift.” I presented a session called, “Making Your Own Domain Specific Language,” and also was called in last minute pinch to  hit speak on RavenDB for a presenter that got pneumonia.



In addition to employees attending and speaking at the event, also sponsored the event. Did you find our spot next to the elevators on the first floor? We were handing out T-Shirts, hand sanitizer, pens, candy, and evangelizing how great it is to work here.  We’re proud to be a sponsors to of Utah Code Camp, and hope for another great camp next year.

Mitchell Harris

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