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Did you know that you can share your AncestryDNA ethnicity results?

You can simply do this by clicking the share button in your ethnicity estimate view. That share button is on the top right side on the page, just above the map (see the red box below). This will allow you to send these results by email to family and friends. You can personalize a message to them, and they will only be able to see the ethnicity portion of the results.

share button ethnicity

After you send the email, a confirmation will pop-up and let you know the invitation was sent and where you can go to manage all the shared links (under manage test settings).

use the share feature

You can share your ethnicity results as many times as you want and if you need to remove a shared link, remember you can do that under manage test settings and scroll to the bottom of that page. See below an example of what that section looks like under the manage test settings:

manage test settings

Quick Discovery From Ancestry Day Philadelphia

Now that we are sharing, last weekend a few of us attended Ancestry Day Philadelphia. We spent the whole day talking about all things Ancestry including AncestryDNA. I mentioned my Swayne connection in the area-my first Swayne’s came to Pennsylvania and lived in Chester County for many years. And as luck would have it (after all this was St. Patrick’s Day weekend), one the attendee’s, John approached me to establish a connection. We figured out that we both descended from Francis Swayne who was born in 1665 in England. My direct ancestor was the son of Francis, who carried his same name Francis born in 1697 and John descends from Sarah, Francis’s younger sister. I was really excited to meet a cousin and get our picture taken to share with the family!


Here we were meeting for the first time, very close to where our shared ancestors lived in the early 1700s-making a connection 10 generations back. That is the magic of Ancestry, now all we need to do is wait and see how much DNA we share.

Anna Swayne

Anna Swayne has 9 years of experience in the DNA genealogy world. At Ancestry, she leads efforts in developing education to help our community maximize their experience with AncestryDNA. She believes there is real power behind DNA and the story it can unlock for each of us. When she is not talking DNA you can find her hiking or cycling in the mountains or cooking at home.


  1. I wanted to share my ethnicity map in my blog, so I sent a share link to myself at another email address. I was then able to use that link to use on the entry. I also included a screen shot of the map to make the post look pretty. If you click on my name, you’ll go straight to that blog entry!

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