Posted by Ancestry Team on March 3, 2014 in Find A Grave

Find A Grave HomeWhen I started with Ancestry nearly three years ago, I quickly discovered Find A Grave and have been a devoted user ever since.  It’s an amazing resource for family historians, and the culture of volunteerism and helping fellow gravers is amazing.  I will never forget the first astonishing act of requesting a photo for the grave of my 2nd Great Grandfather, Robert Euin Jr., and having that fulfilled by a very generous Find A Grave photo volunteer (thanks again Glenn!).


Last fall, Ancestry acquired Find A Grave and I was brought in to work alongside the founder, Jim Tipton, to see how Ancestry could lend its resources to ensure the continued growth and value of Find A Grave to the community.  Jim is still with us, and we’ve been able to add a dedicated development team to Find A Grave.  The first thing we wanted to do was put Find A Grave in the pocket of every genealogist, family historian, preservationist, or graver.  Almost no other aspect of genealogy that I can think of could benefit more from having a mobile app than documenting cemeteries and graves.


Today we’re announcing the release of the Find A Grave app for iOS7.  This app is just the first step for mobile Find A Grave, but I think it’s a pretty good one.


First of all, it’s free – just like Find A Grave. With the app, you’ll be able to bring the most important aspects of Find A Grave with you. You can see cemeteries near you or around the world, search for loved ones by name, take photos for existing memorials, or add new ones right from the app.


The app is beautiful and contains rich photos, and all of the memorial details that the website has, but with a modern view of the Find A Grave brand. One aspect of Find A Grave that I’ve always loved, is the ability to request photos and take photos for others. Not strictly required, I think this aspect of Find A Grave captures some of the best community spirit, and so we made sure to get this in our first release. As a logged in user, you can request photos for memorials, just like on the website, and the network of volunteers can see those requests and fulfill them directly, or claim them, in order to help plan their next cemetery outing.


FaG3For a list of features, I’d direct you to our glossy product page, but I did want to point out a few things before I go.  First, this release is just the beginning and we have a road map of features for our users which will keep the Find A Grave mobile app improving over time. Second, we’re linking the Find A Grave mobile app to Ancestry’s peerless support team to make sure our users get the help they need in a timely fashion. Finally, we are planning our Android App as well, and though I don’t have a release date, Android is certainly not forgotten.


If you don’t have a smartphone, or want to just learn more about Find A Grave in general, you can still use as always, we’re just adding some new tools to this great web resource.


I do hope you’ll give our app a try, please download it at the Apple App Store, and feel free to send your feedback to mobilefeedback [at] findagrave [dot] com

PS, I’d love to give a shout out to our outstanding new core team of developers who were able to swarm in and start running with Find A Grave.  Lead by Robert Schultz, our developer team is John Mead, Shengzhe Chen, and Prasanna Ramanujam.  The beautiful designs are a product of Jonathan Remulla.


  1. Donna Bickel

    I was very excited to see this, and then very disappointed to see I can’t use it yet. Please hurry with the andriod app! I have often wished there were a quick way to locate cemeteries and requests as I am traveling. Thanks and can’t wait.

  2. Michael Lawless

    Hi. I don’t have a release date for Android yet. Since this is our first release, we had to focus on one platform before the other and are going iOS first. We are however committed to Android. I myself am primarily an Android user with a Galaxy S4. When we have the Android version, you’ll definitely hear it from us.

  3. Lenore Gerhart

    I am so bummed. Just got this great smart phone with super camera, and the app is for apple. sheesh.

  4. Michael Lawless

    Hi Ed. It’s definitely there, but since it just launched this morning, it may not be propagated through all the search indexes. If you use the download link at the bottom of the blog post, it should take you right there.

  5. Kathleen Parker

    This sounds great! I am just wondering if this will eventually allow users to use the gps to map graves so that you can look at nearby graves (like the billiongraves app does now). It’s one feature I think has been sorely missing on FindAGrave!

  6. Michael Lawless

    Right now we do let you mark a memorial with GPS location, and we are keeping GPS location of the photos, however we don’t have an interface yet to see those points. The literal ability to ‘find a grave’, is very important to us too and will come out in an update. 🙂

  7. Donna

    Just curious, does it have the GPS pinpointing feature like that “other” big grave locator? 🙂 I’m so very happy that Find A Grave has rolled this out! I’m downloading to my iPhone right now!!

  8. Steve Cooper

    You chose the wrong platform to start with. Please hurry with the Android version, and leave the Apple stuff for the kids.

  9. Suzi Emig

    I use this site frequently and try to contribute to it on a regular basis. Just downloaded the app to my mini iPad. So far I’m pleased with the format and maneuverability through the site. Such a plus to be able to take a pic on the app!

  10. Michael Lawless

    Hi Suzi and Madeline! The app is designed for iPhone, but will work on iPad. It’s basically a scaled up version of the phone. One trick is that if you don’t have cell service on your iPad, it’s not going to work in the cemetery because you need to be online to use it. One trick around this would be to take the photos you want to at the cemetery, and then use the Find A Grave app when you get home and then upload photos from your gallery, rather than directly from the camera.

  11. Bob Shalvoy

    With so many carriers having limited monthly data plans, the app should be designed to be fully functional when used “offline”. I’m thinking here of capturing new information to be uploaded once the user is back where WiFi service is available. Is that feature already built into the app? If not, please add that as soon as possible.

    I think this is a really great idea for an app.

  12. Michael McCormick

    Any future plans to partner with BillionGraves? Neither site seems to be out to make money, so I’m not sure why a partnership would hurt either one, and it would help both to have more content. I’m talking about content sharing, because that is the most desirable thing for users. Having different websites and interfaces is nice so users can use what they like, but as a volunteer, I would love my photos from one app to automatically go to both sites. That would be heavenly.

    I realize this might seem like an unfair question this early, but I trust some on your team have already thought about this and it is just pending agreement.

  13. Franz Bruyere


    I also am putting in my vote for the Android version. I have a nook HD+.

    Thank you 🙂

  14. Heather Evans-Bocan

    I have a Galaxy Note please ..would like this app. Please let me know when I can get it.

  15. Peter

    This is impressive, next step after Android is to modernize the web site, which looks like it hasn’t had a redesign in a decade.

  16. Rebecca Mickelsen

    Just downloaded the app to my IPad. Great picture display for memorials; but still trying to find my way around. Would be helpful for those of us who are used to accessing findagrave through the website to have a tutorial or other help to find things…..example; I don’t see a way to access all my own memorials as I do when I am logged on online.
    In fact, I don’t see an account page at all yet……
    Perhaps I just haven’t found it….but again, that would bolster my thoughts of a locate or help link for the app.

  17. Michael Lawless

    OK, a few more specific responses. Offline use, WiFi uploads and the like are definitely something we’re working on. Right now, you need to be online, and it will upload over your data connection. Each photo you upload is about 1MB. We thought this first version as it is would be good to get in to your hands ASAP, but will be working on more good stuff quickly.

  18. Michael Lawless

    Right now, there is no User Profile Page in the app, this is something that is also really important, but for now it’s only on the web site. We’ll be working on your lists (my memorials, my photos, my requests, etc.) as well as your Profile, so look for that in the coming months if not weeks.

  19. Michael Lawless

    Hi Peter. We definitely need different skills to work on the site vs iOS vs Android, but I’m happy to have now filled out a lot of the web site engineering for Find A Grave. You can see the design direction we’re heading with the product page and iOS app. Mostly don’t want to fix things that arn’t broken, but updating the style, and making the home page easier to read and use are definitely high priorities.

  20. C&J

    I will be waiting the droid version. I had quit using findagrave to list pictures but would post the data because I found it a pain to upload pictures to the computer, resize them before I could ever upload them to the findagrave website……instead people would have to find our pictures through billiongraves. Both websites are very much needed and the GPS coordinates are a must. What I dislike about Billiongraves is if they don’t have a headstone then you cannot add them to their database. We have several family members without grave markers and know exactly where they are buried.

  21. Michael Lawless

    In a slightly pre-emptive note, your Ancestry login will not work for Find A Grave. That has it’s own login/password system. I don’t know when we’ll try to merge or link those, maybe never, so please create your Find A Grave credentials when prompted.

  22. Michael Lawless

    Hi C&J. I agree that uploading to the website is a PAIN, and I look forward to you loving our Android app when it’s available. 🙂

    One note though. Once we acquired Find A Grave, we almost immediately raised the upload cap of a photo to pretty much anything sane, so all your photos can be uploaded without resizing. That may not make a difference to you, but just thought you’d like to know.

  23. C&J

    Michael Lawless believe it or not I still have to resize our pictures taken with my Galaxy Note 2 & 3 for us to upload them to findagrave website. Just thought I’d let you know 😉

  24. Michael Lawless

    Thank you! Hey C&J, could you email or dropbox a photo to mobilefeedback at findagrave dot com? I can definitely boost the limit. The intent is to allow most ‘normal’ digitial cameras to deliver direct upload without problem.

  25. JB BERRY (#47068852)

    I was a beta tester for this app. The only limitation is the battery of your phone. Recommend charging your battery, and bring a battery pack if you plan an extended stay in a cemetery for there will be lots of available documenting during your expedition. Love the automatic GPS recording while taking a photo.

  26. Kim Kissel

    Excited about the app! Wish it were optimized for the iPad also – perhaps in a update down the road. Again, thanks.

  27. Michael Lawless

    Don’t let me dissuade you from trying it on your iPad, it still looks pretty good, but we can still do lots more with that much screen real-estate.

    I can’t wait to put all that GPS data to good use in the app.

  28. Linda Ward

    Mr Lawless, I’m just wondering WHO I can contact in re to find a grave & correcting a cemetery that is misnamed – I have for 2 yrs sent in notes to FAG about this and have never even gotten a response one way or the other. And the new app for cell phones or iPads I can wait to try it!! Thanks

  29. Thank you very much! I’ve been waiting for an app for Find A Grave for ages! This will make it so much easier to know what photo requests are out there when I’m wandering a cemetery!

  30. Kathi Murray

    Looking forward to the Android release! Wonderful idea! I knew it was just a matter of time before Find-a-Grave caught up with Ancestry! ;o)

  31. George Bragg

    Have been a Find A Grave volunteer for a little over a year and welcome the new app. I too have a Galaxy 4 as does my wife. We also both have iPads. One easy way to use the iPad app and upload is to turn on the G4’s wifi hot spot. Can’t wait to try it! I have one request “Please do something to cut down on the time it takes to add memorials.” My wife and I took near 500 photos, some duplicates, and I spent about 16 hours getting them online. There were 100 new memorials with photos added to that cemetery and probably as as many photos added to memorials with no photos. Yes, we should plan ahead next time! Hopefully the new app will help. How about a feature that would allow me to take a list of memorials without photos to the cemetery with me? Sorry going on so long! Thanks for Find A Grave app and also for iPad (love it)!

  32. John Evans

    It says it’s free, but the App Store keeps asking for my credit card. I’m a member on Ancestry until next Feb. Am I doing something wrong?

  33. Mike Bandor

    Are you updating the existing Android version or releasing a completely new version separately? I’ve used the current version for the Android and it was a reasonable start but has not had any updates in years.

  34. Michael Lawless

    Hi Mike. That Android program ‘Find Grave’ was not something that Jim or Find A Grave created, but rather a clever fan-created program. You can expect the Android version to look and work much like the iPhone version, except properly tuned for Android (like using the back button and menu button correctly).

  35. Karen

    Looking forward to the Android app, but hope you will make a downloadable apk file available on Ancestry and/or FAG as Google Play doesn’t support my media player (don’t have a smart phone).

  36. Liz

    I was very excited to download this, until I saw it would require me to update to iOS7. Not happening.

  37. Donna

    Fantastic app! As an active photo contributor, I’m THRILLED to give it a go in the field. It’s rather time consuming to transfer files from iPhone and then upload through the site. Seems like the ads take a while to load which holds up the process. Also, been getting a number of errors lately. Regardless, snow is prohibiting me from shooting photos but I’ve been experimenting with uploading a number for photos I already have in my iPhone but have not been able to upload yet. It’s fast! Came across one error, though. After uploading about 20 photos (from existing), the files began to only upload as thumb nails, not full resolution. Are you aware of this problem? And if so, when do you think it might be resolved?

    Thanks for a GREAT app! The gps functionality is fantastic!

  38. Sandi Loomis

    Downloaded to iPad but wish it had more functionality. Hope fully functional will happen quickly since almost same format as iPhone. Could not see how to transfer info or share so I am thinking that is not working yet but hope soon.

  39. George Bragg

    Stopped at 2 cemeteries on my way today that I would normally have just driven by. Just stopped to check out the app. I added a photo and GPS coordinates at both cemeteries using my iPad. No problems! It worked great except that on one of the photos the photo is rotated 90 degrees. I have had this problem before with photos taken with a camera and transferred to iPad then to FAG. Could the app sense the IPad position and correct the photo rotation?

  40. Bill

    Very glad to see the GPS app update to findagrave. This will add creditability to the memorials. I’m wondering if the GPS photos will replace or take priority over the other photos without GPS tracking.

  41. Anonymous

    iOS App not recognizing “” credentials to sign-in. Is there any kind of SSO integration between the two services since you are the same company now? I would love to see something similar to what Ancestry had done with the Shoebox App.

    Because of the above, unfortunately, for the time being I have to pass on this app. Even though I live in a metropolitan area, close to several cemeteries – I could have been that creepy guy, roaming throughout cemeteries, taking pictures of gravestones (pun intended). I suppose it is more of a backend database implementation and compatibility type of an issue.

    Point being, I do not want to create unnecessary, duplicate user profiles, which is a sure precursor to profile merging problems afterwards, forfeiture of credits, loosing pictures and etc. It is harsh to criticize you since it is your first release, but again, it would be nice to see a seamless, unified experience not a “half-baked” one. So far, you are doing great with the UI aspect, I am nearly hopeful that you could make improvements and build upon my minor constructive feedback.

    P.S. Unfortunately, I did not get the beta tester invite 🙂

  42. Waiting for the Android version. A nice addition would be the ability to photograph a cemetery, or part of a cemetery, and upload the GPS tagged photos without having to worry about if the memorial has been created. Based on what i-Users have been saying, it’s going to drain the battery fast trying to check and see if a memorial is in place which is going to limit your time and usefulness in a cemetery. Better to let me take photos, upload them to my account, then either attach them to an existing memorial or create a new memorial if there isn’t an existing memorial.

    Here’s a somewhat common occurrence:

    Notice the last name on the headstone doesn’t match the memorial. She remarried after her husband’s death, but the headstone was never updated to reflect her later married name. In this case, the first married name was incorrectly added as a maiden name. There are other ladies in this cemetery where the headstones have the same issue and most aren’t recorded with the name on the headstone or are recorded with the new name with no reference to the name on the headstone so if someone searched for them, they wouldn’t find them.

  43. Mike Bosworth

    Clicking on the download link from my iPad returned a blank square. I tried the Apple store with no result. Is this only available in USA?

  44. Rosemary kilpatrick-brown

    I await the android version too, this find a grave ap. is a great idea.
    Do hurry up.
    I already photo memorials for a site, so I will use it once it’s launched.

  45. Jean lord

    Although I have found graves on other websites ie deceasedonline I cannot seem to find anything in Lancashire on this app

  46. Jean lord

    Although I can find my ancestors’ graves on other websites I can find nothing for Lancashire with this app.

  47. Sue

    Excellent app. Can I contribute information I have to your database? I have some photographs I have taken of some of my ancestors memorials which are currently absent, and I have memorial books , transcribed by others, off graves in. Scotland, also not included. Great resource though, well done.

  48. Buddy

    I do want to point out that just because you have an subscription, you have NO legal right to use the photos in your family tree UNLESS you have permission from the original photographer. Just because you can download a grave marker photo onto your device with this app does it make it legal or acceptable to repost on without permission.

    Per the Findagrave Terms or Service, all photographs are the property of the photographer and they alone hold the copyright to them. Ancestry nor F.A.G. hold any ownership WHATSOEVER to those photos.

    Additionally, the TOS requires that the subscriber who posts information – or in this case photos – have permission from the copyright holder prior to adding the content to the site. Violators can have their subscriptions suspended.

    I am disappointed as a contributor, with the number of my photos that have been stolen by subscribers and posted without my permission. The fact that this app makes no mention of these copyright issues is at a minimum, a gross oversight in the protection of the creator of media under federal law.

    Please, as a favor to those who went to the effort to take the original photos and posted them on, DO NOT post them on without prior written permission. Many Findagrave contributors freely give permission, others require acknowledgement, while some prohibit publication in all cases. Please respect each Findagrave contributors decisions as they are within their legal rights to restrict unauthorized use of their photos.

  49. Janet Hickey

    Can not wait for the Android version, I have been a findagrave contributor and photo volunteer for over 5 years now. Very Rewarding!

  50. Michael

    I will be going on a family history trip next month and this should be super helpful. Thank you so much for getting something useful out ASAP rather than waiting for all the features! Having access to my virtual cemeteries would be #1 on my list for my upcoming trip, even more so than my other lists like managed or sponsored memorials. The ability to easily photo volunteer for others while on my own visit looks awesome.

  51. Anonymous

    @Buddy (comment no. 76) – what are you talking about (especially in CAPS)?

    Since you are the legal expert (yes, I am being sarcastic) – welcome to crowdsourcing, creative commons and public domain concepts. Also, let’s not forget “The Internet.” Ask yourself, why do you think a service such as Find a Grave even exists? Is it a fetish, hobbyist gravesite photographer gig type of a deal?

    Seriously? Are you going to be bickering about the ownership (emphasis) of a relative’s trivial gravestone picture? What if I have the same picture as you do? What’s next? Citing you as the content owner of a census or some other volunteer based (emphasis) historical document just because you helped to transcribe or arbitrated a page?

    In my opinion, going forward with Find a Grave becoming a part of, one should probably think of the new service in terms of The World Archives Project.

    Your quoted terms of service (TOS) are favorably outlined in spirit (emphasis) to protect you, the contributor and have no legal force (emphasis) whatsoever. Nearly an acknowledgment courtesy of sorts! Obviously, you should have realized that and predicted the aftermath of contributing to an “open medium” such as this from the beginning.

    So why do it (contribute to Find a Grave)? Glad you and I asked myself: for the intrinsic reward (emphasis) of the greater good, volunteering, global (emphasis) commemorative communal benefit, expanding a free (emphasis) and extensible (emphasis) service that we all use and value (Wikipedia is a comparable example).

    If you do it (contribute) for the sole purpose of glory, than you time should probably be best spent doing something else. Simply put, don’t like it – don’t do it – don’t use it! ‘Nuff Said!

    P.S. Devil’s Advocate – if personal glorification is so important to you, how about watermarking your pictures in the feature!

  52. Anonymous

    Addendum to my own comment (no. 80)

    * Point being, lets not forget the overall objective for this (service).

    * Joke of the moment: Two graves show up at a gravesite. One is genuinely visiting a deceased descendant with intentions of photographing a gravesite, the other is an avid Find a Grave aficionado, both equipped with a given mobile app. An argument ensues as to who could claim and capture the picture. Graver one has a legitimate reason for being there; grave two is nearly an overly enthusiastic and notoriously committed graver who takes his benevolence too closely to heart. We all know where this is heading! There could be only one winner – out of spite, graver one will inevitably have his picture taken for the entire world to see next to the gravestone “posing as an irked, surviving kin of the deceased.” 🙂

  53. Buddy

    Anonymous – apparently the lawyers at Ancestry do think I have the legal right to control my copyrighted photos, as they have removed several hundred of them from their website in the past few years.

    On to a larger point though. I share my photos on Findagrave because anyone can see them for FREE. That is not the case on In fact, when someone unwittingly or purposely copies my photos onto Ancestry, the general population has to then PAY to see them. That doesn’t seem very fair to the “common man” now does it?

    In fact, where is the “the intrinsic reward (emphasis) of the greater good, volunteering, global (emphasis) commemorative communal benefit, expanding a free (emphasis) and extensible (emphasis) service that we all use and value” if some are locked out of seeing my photos because they lack the funds to buy an subscription? Am I being sarcastic, now?

    So how does all this fit into your utopian vision of “crowdsourcing, creative commons and public domain concepts” when you realize that a huge corporation is making significant profits by utilizing stolen media originally posted by individual volunteers at another site where everyone could enjoy it for free?

    The only point to my #76 post was just because it is possible, and now very easy to download Findagrave photos, it may not be legal and you are required to ask permission if it is in fact copyrighted, as all Findagrave photos are. That’s it.

    P.S. All my photos are watermarked, which just makes it that much easier to force Ancestry to take them off their servers.

  54. Sara

    I just got it on my iPad. I am DISAPPOINTED that it seems to be locked into the portrait orientation and won’t go into the landscape on my iPad. I use a logitech keyboard with my iPad (I am a 10 finger typist and don’t type on a screen) which makes landscape my preferred orientation. Is there some way to correct this?

  55. Dennis Stackley

    Congratulations on getting an iOS version mobile app released for Find A Grave. Developing mobile apps for multiple mobile devices (Android, iOS, and Windows) can be challenging. I’ve been test driving a development tool called Xamarin Studio recently. It gives developers the ability to create apps for all three mobile platforms with 85% to 95% code reuse. It also allows developers to create apps for iPad and iPhone using the same code but with different sized layouts that are appropriate for the device. NOTE: I am in no way associated with Xamarin – just a professional software developer who is also a Find A Grave volunteer.


  56. Mac

    Hope the Android version will be available as soon as possible. Having a mobile app is a great step forward. I really enjoy being part of the Find A Grave community, so I look forward to all the advancements that lie ahead.

  57. Francis

    @Anonymous (post #80) said “Citing you as the content owner of a census or some other volunteer based (emphasis) historical document just because you helped to transcribe or arbitrated a page?” Anonymous obviously has no understanding of copyright whatsoever else he/she would know copyright protects ‘original creative expression’. Facts (including the census) are not eligible for copyright protection nor are transcriptions of those because they are not original creative expression.
    Anonymous also demonstrated his/her lack of understanding of contract law with “Your quoted terms of service (TOS) are favorably outlined in spirit (emphasis) to protect you, the contributor and have no legal force (emphasis) whatsoever.” Terms of Service are legal agreements (contracts) between the website and the user detailing what the user is allowed to do for the protection of the website from liability of the users’ actions. Violating these contracts typically result in the user being removed from the site without recourse. By using a website, each user is agreeing to, and bound by, the TOS even if the user failed to read it. Needless to say, it is not in any way merely “an acknowledgment courtesy of sorts!”
    Anonymous is correct that such things as transcribing census’ is ‘crowdsourcing’. However, adding photos to Find A Grave is not an example of ‘crowdsourcing’, else the photo would not be attributed to the contributor who added it. Nor would the site policies include the portion about the copyright of the photograph remaining with the photographer.

  58. This is really a amazing app by which we can find a grave and it will be helpful for many people. It was really challenging to develop such a different app.

  59. I’m pleased that this app is now available for many reasons. But I have a concern about the quality of the photos submitted via camera phones. Camera phones usually do a fine job, but for some of the older or more difficult tombstones, there is a better way, which is unfortunately not an option with camera phones: off-camera flash. So, folks, use this app and your phone for the easy ones, but when the going gets tough, check out this technique:

  60. John Evans (comment #55): The App store requires you have a credit card on file to purchase all apps, even free ones. If this is the first time you have used the App Store, you will have to give it a credit card number. I don’t approve of this — I think it is a significant usability hurdle for first-time users, but that’s Apple’s rule. They won’t charge the card for a free app, though.

  61. Eric Powell

    This is another vote to say that I’m disappointed that the Android App was not launched simultaneously.

    Android has a larger installed base than iphones now and you’re cutting out a large number of your users.

    When you “dis” one group of the user base continuously (not the first time ancestry has released an app for iphone first) then that user base tends to get an opinion of ancestry. There are lots of other choices out there now for family history research; Ancestry is not the only game anymore.


  62. Sarah

    LOVE findagrave!! Use it weekly sometimes daily. Can’t wait for the android version!!! And I know a friend that feels the same way so 2 votes for Android version! Hurry Hurry Hurry!! Spring is here and we will be hitting the cemeteries!

  63. Sue Muller

    Hi…I’m trying to use your app for the first time. First, I can’t get “help” because FAQ won’t load.

    When I try a Memorial Search so that I can attach pics, I can input the name of the cemetery (in this case, Grand View Cemetery) and the country (USA). It won’t let me load a state (which is CA)…I can’t get beyond that (county would be L. A. Co.). The only choice on my screen is “dismiss.”

    When I do a cemetery search, the same thing happens.

    I happen to live close to several cemeteries, but the only thing I’m receiving is a photo request for one of these cemeteries.

    How can I upload photos to memorials?

  64. Dennis York

    Find A Grave Green Leaf hints in FTM have provided excellent information about families found no where else. I especially enjoy the hyper linking of family members to other pages of Find A Grave for even more information.

    Two questions:
    1. How does one correct the contents of a Find a Grave website that is in error when the creator is either dead or does not respond to any emails?
    2. Why have the Maps and Latitude and Longitude coordinates been removed from Find A Grave. The GPS Latitude & Longitude) coordinates are very important to enable locating and visiting a cemetery and grave site of a relative or person in ones FTM file they are searching.

    Thanks, Dennis York

  65. Lauren

    Another Android user here. Please don’t forget us. There are as many of us as there are Iphone people. 🙁

  66. Lisa

    I am so dissapointed that this was finally released and now I have to sit and wait longer because I am an Android user……As much as I love some of the Apple products I will not get an Iphone.

  67. Andre Luiz

    Hello, I am an ios user but since the app was released i cant find it on apple store…the link drives me to nothing, and the search engine is unable to find it too…would you help me?

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