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Last week I was working at the RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. I was fortunate to be a presenter at the conference on MyCanvas and used my own tree and my own projects to demonstrate how MyCanvas works. At the end of my class, a woman approached me and said that she was related to several of the people in my tree! What a pleasant and unexpected surprise to connect with a “cousin” in my class. As we talked, we realized that we have pictures that the other didn’t, so we exchanged email addresses so we can share these with each other.

Later that day, as I was working in the booth, I repeated this experience two more times, all through different lines in my tree. One of my new “cousins” even wants to order a copy of one of the books I have made and had on display. created a self-publishing program you can use, free of charge, called MyCanvas. MyCanvas provides a way for you to create a beautiful family history book or family tree posters which can make sharing fun and enjoyable for everyone. However, did you also know that you can easily share your project with them online? Simply click on the Share this project link, enter someone’s email address, write a personal message, and send them an invitation to view your project!

The invitee will get an email saying that you have invited them to view your project, and provide a link they can click on to open and view your project. They will not be able to make any changes to your project, but they can view and order it from this link if they choose.

When they receive the invitation, and click on the link to view the project, this is how it looks:

MyCanvas 1

If you click in the lower right or left hand corners of the pages, the page will turn, and you can view this as though you were looking thru a book.

In the upper right corner is the Order button.

To share a project, click on the Share this project link on the My Projects page, found under the name of the project you want to share. Then click on “Email to a friend” in the drop down menu.

MyCanvas 2

Or, you can click on the Share this project link at the top of the page when your project is open.

MyCanvas 3


This is the box that opens where you can enter their email address, and a personal message.

MyCanvas 4

You may also check the box that will allow them to save a copy of the project to their own account. If they save a copy, they will be able to edit their copy, but their edits will not affect the original project in your account.  You may want allow them to save a copy in some circumstances. For example, they might not be interested in everything in the book, and may want to remove some pages that don’t directly relate to their family, and add others that would relate more to their branch of the family.

MyCanvas is a wonderful way to preserve and share your family history, photos, and stories. This Share feature enables you to easily share your work with others, even when they don’t live close by.

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  1. Bridget Swahlen

    I created several MyCanvas projects last year and have them saved in Ancestry. Is there anyway to copy these projects to my computer or is there a feature in Family Tree Maker that can download the project?

  2. Rebekah Mendoza

    This works very well and is fun to do a book. I did my first one on Mother’s family and printed enough for several descendants as a memorial to her. My second one was on my husband’s large family. I gave them access to the book and they ordered the book if they chose to. I didn’t have to worry about collecting money and shipping, etc.

  3. lorilee

    Bridget – there is no way to save a project to your computer. However, the project will remain in your account until you choose to delete it, so you will always have access to it. You may also print the pages yourself as well.

  4. Carol U

    I completed my first book on MyCanvas in November 2013. I am fairly new to family history, but I wanted to publish something to get my feet wet. I did a short photo book on my parents, their parents and grandparents. It turned out great. I gave a copy to twelve people in my family, plus I have shared it with two cousins, one of which ordered her own book.
    This is an awesome feature and a great tool.
    I think the books are the best!

  5. Judy

    I’m working on a large poster, seven generations, but need to add at least 2 more generations somewhere on the poster.
    Any creative ideas on how to include the earliest ancestors, 1725 and 1744? This will be a wedding present for my daughter in May.
    Thanks, Judy

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