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Was there a doctor—or midwife—in the family?

The New Zealand, Registers of Medical Practitioners and Nurses, 1873, 1882–1933, database lists all sorts of state-approved medical practitioners.

NZ med


Meanwhile, back in England, the West Yorkshire, England, Tax Valuation, 1910, itemized (as it were) more than half a million residents for tax purposes.  Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, 1636–1899, features almost three centuries of birth, marriage, and death details.

RI extracts


Plus we’ve added another 2.3 million records to the California, Railroad Employment Records, 1862–1950, database of payrolls, seniority lists, and blacklists.

cali rr

And we all know which list we’re hoping to find a relative on.



  1. Brad

    What in the world is that last line supposed to mean? “And we all know which list we’re hoping to find a relative on.”

    Are you saying that medical practitioners and nurses are more important than railroaders? I’m assuming that’s not what you meant, but it seems like such a random line, that I really don’t know what your point was.

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