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Many of us remember sitting on Santa’s lap, giving him the long list of toys and other items we wished he’d deliver to us on Christmas morning. We imagine your lists have changed as your wants and needs have over the years, and wondered …

If Santa could bring you anything genealogy-related, what would you ask him to bring you? 

This could be anything – software, a record, even an elusive ancestor whose information you can’t seem to track down. Whatever it is, we want to know what you’d hope to find under your Christmas tree – comment below and share!


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  1. Ann R.

    I would love to find out who my Grandfather is. I don’t know his name, where he was born, or his nationality. I have tried to narrow it down by DNA testing. However, I have had no luck. It is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. This would be the ultimate gift.

  2. SarahLynnSullivan

    I would ask for the new ancestry DNA test kits for my parents and i and a 6 mo world subscription. My family couldn’t afford to buy gifts this year, so any break-thru would be a gift, and some way to show the whole tree to my parents would be neat! well a girl can wish. xxx merry holidays to all.

  3. A direct male descendant of my my great great grandfather to take a Y-DNA test so that we/I can find out where in Ireland we may have come from.

  4. dinsdale5

    I would love to find a lifetime world membership from Ancestry-or real leads as to where in England my parternal Great Grandfather was born and who his family was.

  5. Barbara

    1) To know who all those folks are who match us on DNA, and who their relatives are. We have so many people and so few real answers.
    2) For the Family Tree Maker program to be able to sync my family tree reliably and consistently, without errors.

  6. Barbara P

    I would love to have a world membership to & know where my 4th great grandfather, George Smith was born.

  7. Lois G

    I have already received a wonderful gift. I gave my daughter a five generation tree from My Canvas. When she opened it she was amazed and then we both hugged and cried together. Thank you My Canvas for making that moment possible!

  8. La Vera

    I would like proof about WHICH Archibald B. James is the father of my
    great grandmother, Sarah M. James who married Robert Brasuell.
    Other researchers have said Archibald Buchanan James who married
    Anna Tackett is the one, BUT in 1850 Madison County, Alabama census
    Anna is 24 and Sarah is 13. I don’t think Anna was a Mother at 11 years of age. Any help or thoughts will be appreciated.

  9. Pam Geyer

    Wish I would find a subscription to Ancestry World under my tree. Unfortunately, I cannot afford the price, but sure enjoy researching my family tree. It has been my passion since my father turned 85. Sadly, he has since passed away, but I would love to find our ancestors in Germany, mostly in honor of Dad.

  10. Sandra Pulham

    If I could wish for anything, genetically, I would wish for all those out there who are unsure of who their biological father or mother is, to find the answers they seek so that the empty place in their hearts may be filled and much-needed closure will be obtained. God Bless all those who feel sadness in their hearts and emptiness in their spirits, may you find peace and comfort and know how much you are truly loved and what a beautiful and unique contribution you are to this world!

  11. Judy Mills

    I would like to find my Gr Gr Grandfather’s parents and more information. He came from Prussia around 1819 and I know nothing besides that.

  12. Linda Crookshank

    I would love to have a world membership to, to find out about my great grandparents.

  13. Jayvin Alonzo (frm the Philippines)

    I would like to know anything above my great grandparents. I am running out of resources. I been searching online for records from the Philippines and no results. And I would also like a copy of Family Tree Maker 2014 but we don’t have the money and a World Explorer Membership but also don’t have the money.

  14. Susan Spaulding

    I would love to talk with my maternal grandparents whose past is full of mystery and inconsistency. There is only so much you can learn from records and I wish I had the opportunity to ralk with them face to face and have them answer my many questions.

  15. susan blair

    i would love to find my great grandfather who immigrated to america in ? 1840 married mary frances hanks, had 4 children and died in the civil war

  16. Janie

    I would love to find out when and where Jacob Klotz, father of John and Casper, in Lowhill, Pa died – sometime between 1769-1778, hopefully the latter date. That is my only holdup in hopefully getting him recognized as a Revolutionary War Patriot in the DAR.

  17. I would like to find out about my 2nd great grandfather Richard Hicks who was born in 1796 in Loch Erne, Ireland. I would also like to find out about his wife Eliza Dorothy (Elliott) born in Ireland about 1806. It is very frustrating when gives so many unrelated answers during a search.

  18. Cindy Day

    I would like to prove my Native American Ancestry . My grandmother was Cherokee by family tradition and she even spoke it , But my DNA shows no native and there is a block beyond her father John Bradbury , so my cousins have gotten discouraged and stopped working with me . I would like to offer encouragement to my family and prove something in our Day/Bradbury history is true .I guess I’d like to have a genealogist who specializes in Native American to offer me my history revealed .

  19. Mildrilyn Davis

    I would like to know the complete stories of my original enslaved African ancestors– the countries and circumstances from whence they came; their original and enslaved names; the slaveholder(s) by whom they were held, and their locations; and the identities and vital statistics of all their descendants (but in particular, my direct line) from the time of arrival in North America until freedom was obtained. (And for my ancestors who were free and of mixed race in the 1700s and late 1600s, the stories of how that came to be, and the lineage from arrival in North America until the point where I have records.) Finally, a specific request: where did my great grandmother’s sister Amy Alston end up after being sold away from her family, and where are her descendants (if any)now? But if these answers don’t land under my tree next year (I missed out on 2013!), I’m determined to keep pursuing them on my own.

  20. Sue McNeil

    I would love to find information on my husband’s mother’s birth family (Rothschild) in Offenbach, Germany. We sadly found out that several of his relatives died in concentration camps and he never even knew he had Jewish heritage until recently.

  21. Judy Ragan

    I would love to get information about my great grandfather, William Carter. All I know about him is his name as it is on their wedding certificate. He married Lizzie (Mary Elizabeth Duncan) in 1886 in Shelby, KY. After ten years of actively searching for him I was able to speak with a 3-4 generation descendant of his daughter, my great aunt, who said, “Lizzie married a much older man who was married to Sally and they had 3 children. Sally was a friend of Lizzie’s and Sally died. Then her husband William married Lizzie and they had five children before he died about 1898-1900. Now you know as much as I do. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift from Santa to get!!!!? Judy Ragan

  22. Loetta Blair

    To find my husbands grandparents and the family information.I have their wedding picture,found them in the 1920 census,know that they once lived in St. Louis. What was the correct spelling of their names?How did they manage to arrive in the United States? Where is their family in the old country? So many questions!

  23. Paula

    I would love to know more about my great great grandmother, Kate. She was from Ontario, but I have no birth record and no idea who her parents were. Census records indicate she was of Irish descent. She came to Maine and married my English great great grandfather, and that is all I know about her. No real marriage record and her death record is full of errors as apparently my great great grandfather didn’t even know how old she really was!

  24. M. K. Hawes

    What I want for Christmas from Ancestry, is a change to the Shoebox feature, that tells me on *one* page what is saved, downloaded and printed, instead lf having to switch to another tab to see what is downloaded/printed. Because for me the lists shown under each tab are different, i.e. not everything saved has been downloaded or printed, and switching between tabs to compare the lists is a pain.

  25. See: George Foster & Mary Singleton Tree on
    George Foster & wife “Betty” ” ” ” ”

    Twentysix (26) blogs requesting help in tracing ancestors
    and NOT A SINGLE ONE GIVING THE LAST NAME OF THE ANCESTOR. If you are doing research the same way as my late father-in-law did, that is by “inspiration” you will never make it…!…A few months before he died he wrote to my now late husband, his son Glenn and me, asking to help him because, after fifty years of research he was no longer sure of who his real ancestors were. He was Howard Cornish Foster, well known by most FOSTER researchers of the 1900s. His records were temporarily given to one of his daughters with the understand that she would return them to her brother Glenn when he would retire. She never intended to return the records. They all believed that her father had done all of the research on the Fosters and was going to split the records among her children. My husband had a heart attack over the big mess. Their father had spent years doing research, spent a lot of Glenn’s money and even the house that Glenn had bought when still a bachelor and where his parents lived
    until they died was completely emptied by this sister and her brood. They even took an old hoe to which Glenn had just changed the handle and would have used to pull weeds in the garden. I saw him cry over it. A pink bowl that I had bought for the house and was intended for the younger sister was displayed in…the…taker’s house. An every day item that Inza received in 1914 from her Grandmother Sarah Malinda Alexander was taken to the dump…NEVER LEND ANY OF YOUR GENEALOGY RECORDS TO ANYONE…copies yes, ORIGINALS NO…they never come back. As to our Foster Line it is documented to the George Foster who died in 1789 in Charlotte County, Virginia, and his wife “Betty”. Mary Singleton, daughter of Robert Singleton of Gloucester County, VA, was married to another George Foster !!! Gloucester County, VA., lost most of its records. I have a surveyor map with the drawing of the house of Henry Singleton and a John Foster (first page was torn an I misplaced it somewhere).
    I have several documents that I need to scan, I will do as soon as possible, but still a lot to do to get sorted.
    I assure you that the George Foster son of Robert Foster was a son of George Foster and his wife “Betty”. DNA should prove these relationships of tests are done and compared. My son Robert is #112 in Foster Group 7 of Family Tree. Hope that the Fosters descendants of George Foster b.1743 can match their tests.
    At later,
    Lucia Foster

  26. christine hinton

    I wish i could find out more info on my great grandparents on my mothers side, i cant find records after 1920 its like they disappeared of the earth. we have illness in the family and i know people died young but we dont know of what. I have 4 children and would really like to know more about the health issues that run in the family.My daughter has been sick on and off her whole life and it would be great to know if she has something that our ancestors had and died from at a early age. I think of this all the time and just want some answers . it would also be nice to know any living relatives , we have no pictures of our family either and it would be nice to see who we look like.



  28. What I would like for Christmas is NEW LEADERSHIP at Ancestry, especially a replacement for Scott Sorensen. I’ve been a member of Ancestry for 8 years and I will not be renewing my subscription this year because Scott Sorensen is a total IDIOT. He can’t keep the site up and running properly. I can’t access my tree when I want to and when I can access it, I can’t add new information without having to do it over and over. When you open Ancestry to all the free non-subscribers the site is incapable of taking care of the PAID SUBSCRIBERS. WE SHOULD COME FIRST!!! If Scott can’t keep the site up and running properly he should be REPLACED. Please SANTA, can you help me??? After all, I’m your 3rd cousin once removed according to Ancestry’s joke of matches for my DNA. What a rip-off that was! I’ve had it with Ancestry….you’re not the only game in town.

  29. I live in the UK and would dearly love the latest version of mac FTM3 but alas I fear I will have to bide my time and wait expectantly and hope santa will do a special trip in March when I believe it will be released over here.

  30. Nancy Ryan

    I would ask for a professional genealogist to help me find some of my missing ancestors or a year long World Membership.

  31. Wishing I could locate records of my maternal grandfather Harvey William Bowman, before 1900 (I have him after), born between 1863 & 1877), my maternal ancestors before 1777, my paternal grandmother & father ?James Whittington, 1884, & ?Martha Thompson, late 1800’s, plus their ancestors. Also my father George Whittington’s birth records (1899-1905, MD,PA). I know I have more to learn re I thank Ancestry for all the hint that were so helpful. Please keep them coming because I’ve learned so much from them. Here’s hoping all other members can connect with their ancestors also. Have a great year of giving your discovery gifts to all.

  32. Also, to other members, and non-members, Don’t be afraid of what you might find within your family tree. You were not there and could not control anything, good or bad. Embrace your ancestors no matter what. Realize, if they were not there, you would not be here. The Human Race is FAMILY!!!

  33. Victoria B. Mavis

    I adore! It has unlocked a whole new passion for me, aided by research conducted by my late father and his mother which they painstakingly documented in the 1960s and 70s via correspondence, visits to cemeteries and the old-fashioned method of pounding the pavement and talking to older relatives. As I continue their work and enlarge the family tree (close to 5,000) as of this writing, I have learned so much about historical documentation, U.S. and UK history, immigration, Italian and Danish language translation, European geography, period photography, and U.S. platte maps, and what the amazing world of genealogy now affords to us in the age of Google, Find a grave and the internet…I’ve even recovered archival family photographs from the turn of the century that are now in my possession thanks to information I found via ancestry! I receive my Christmas gift every year I renew my World membership: truly the gift that keeps giving. My only additional wish would be to apply what I’ve learned to help others…could ancestry consider setting up an East coast office in Fairfield County, CT?!

  34. Mary Jackson

    My wish is that the “Famous Relatives” feature would be revived. I got in on just the tail of that when there was still access to the One World Tree. It was fun and I do think the technology exists to have accurate information.

    I must say that I am thrilled to have access to SO many more English records just recently and I am looking forward to still more. (The last email I received from you said in this coming year over 900 million records will be added!!! Way-hey!!!) I really am hoping for some Swiss records soon!

    While I’m wishing, I might as well wish clear outside the box and say that my biggest dream would be for an programmer to come to my house and sit beside me as I work on for a day. That way I could point out all of my frustrations and wishes and that said programmer would make all of the changes I request! Yeah!


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