Posted by Pam Velazquez on December 16, 2013 in Contest

Whether it’s green bean casserole, snickerdoodle cookies or something so unique only your family makes it – most families have a recipe that has been passed around – some for generations.

Some recipes you’ll see at the dinner table often, others are favorites that only come out on special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Either way, family recipes make you feel at home and are a delicious part of your family’s story.

What kinds of family recipes do you have in your family? We want to know! Share your recipe by sending a message to – let us know your recipe and what makes it special to your family. 


At the end of the week, we’ll share some of our favorite recipes and stories from what you’ve shared!




  1. Joan Gaudet

    Please urge people to share their ancestral photos. Pictures should be shared with all descendants. I have been trying to track down descendants with the hopes of locating missing family photos. Thanks!

  2. Adriana

    My grandmother was the daughter of Sicilian immigrants. She was the third of SIX daughters and her father knew that they would all have to learn to cook in order to find husbands. And they must find husbands!

    He would wake each daughter up early before work – the only time he had free – and instruct them on how to cook. My grandmother wasn’t much for “American” recipes, like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, but she was known for her Italian dishes. Her tomato sauce (“gravy”) was a 15-hour-long process.

    I really wish someone had written them down because she never did. She was truly a natural. Fortunately, my mother watched her cook so many times that she can remember many of her recipes, but some are just lost to history. Interview your loved ones while you still have them!

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