Posted by Jim Mosher on December 12, 2013 in Inside our Offices

At, our development teams work hard. We also take time to celebrate success and play hard. For example, last year, the entire development team was invited to go zip lining and fly fishing in Provo Canyon. Individual teams also have opportunities to reward their team members and do some out-of-the-office team bonding.

Recently, after hitting some important milestones, one of our teams went out for lunch and an afternoon of racing at FASTKART. We strapped into some low-slung, high-speed Go Karts for a series of races, running groups of five at a time around the slick track.

  On Pit Row
On Pit Row – Getting Ready to Start

Thrill Of The Chase
The Thrill of the Chase

Sliding Around The Corners
Sliding Around the Corners

After The Race 
After the Race…Sweaty but Smiling

Everyone raced three times – once to get used to the karts, once as a “qualifying” race for final seeding, and then once for all the marbles. Trophies and bragging rights (or shaming rights) for fastest lap and slowest lap were awarded at the end.

Great times, celebrating great success. Just another part of the awesome experience.

What are ways that your teams celebrate and blow off a little steam?

Jim Mosher

Jim Mosher is a Sr. Product Manager at, focusing on the platform and service layers, with occasional forays into the user experience. Previously, Jim has worked for Microsoft, FAST, NextPage, MSTAR, and Folio in various product management, development, and technical writing roles. When not herding cats at, he enjoys outdoor activities, wood working, and spending time with his family. Jim is distantly related to John Batterson Stetson, maker of the Stetson Hat, but has yet to receive any royalty payments.