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Give your family the gift of genealogy! The holidays are a perfect time for you to consider publishing your family history research. As most genealogists will tell you, your research is never really finished, so consider publishing what you already have. Using MyCanvas, it’s quick and easy to create amazing custom bound books filled with all of your great family history finds.

A MyCanvas book makes for a great gift not only for your loved ones, but for yourself as well. It can be tough, especially during the holidays, to get your family to huddle around your laptop or tablet to take a look at your tree and try to make sense of all of your great work. If your family is genealogically challenged, a MyCanvas book might be your best bet at showing off your research and getting the rest of your family excited about genealogy.

If you’re ready to have your work published, simply go to MyCanvas and start your project – best part of all, there is still time to order your book in time for Christmas delivery!

And don’t forget you can get a 20% discount on ALL MyCanvas orders placed by December 12th by using the code MCHOLIDAY2013 at checkout!

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  1. Lacemaker427

    Failing to give the price and a link to the company is an obvious glitch. Is it really so expensive that you feel you must keep all the particulars a secret? Shame on you, Ancestry!

  2. Rebekah Mendoza

    Come on people – use your common sense here. There is no “set price” for a book created on My Canvas. It would depend on several things such as size of book, type of cover, how many pages, etc. The prices are clearly listed on the publish page on Ancestry. I have done several books this way – both small picture books and 2 family history books of 100+ pages each. They are certainly too pricey to do a large print run, but for just a few copies and in full color throughout I can assure you they are worth it. Nothing like a family history “coffee table book” for family and friends to look through. Besides, after you are gone and your grand children or their grand children start asking questions what better way to start their interest in genealogy.

  3. Rebekah Mendoza

    Come on people – use your common sense here. If you go to the publish page on Ancestry you can clearly see the price list. There is no “set price” for a book, it depends on the type of cover, number of pages, size of book, etc. I have done several books through Ancestry, including smaller picture books and 2 family history books with 100+ pages each and the quality is outstanding and the color excellent. I’ve also done several family tree posters as presents and they are very reasonably priced. The books are a little pricey if you are looking to do a larger print run, but for the smaller quantities you can’t beat the price for full color books. Check it out.

  4. lorilee

    Desa and Lacemaker 427 – When on, click on the Publish tab on the toolbar to access MyCanvas. Once in MyCanvas, click on the link for Pricing and Shipping details in the upper right section of the page. Here you will see a complete price list for all of our products. Also, you can click on Get Help in the upper right section of the page, just above the toolbar. This is the Help section, and you can type in key words to find Help articles for MyCanvas that will help you learn how to use the program.

  5. Charlet grace

    I have published two books using My Canvas. It’s easy,but way too expensive. I would not use it again. Cost is outrageous and there are few choices such as size cover type, etc.

  6. Waiting on the 5 generation family history book I created with MyCanvas to arrive. It will likely show up just before Christmas and I am like a 5 year old little girl all over again. It’s 250 pages, hinge binding and nubuck leather… It’s a Christmas present to myself this year, but I hope that it will last for generations to come. 🙂

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