Posted by Pam Velazquez on December 3, 2013 in Entertainment, Website digitizes millions of records to make them available online, and we find some really amazing records in the process. The Ancestry team goes through thousands of pieces of paper – turning pages, flipping and scanning, and sometimes, one of our team members will spot someone famous, a historical figure or an important historical date. Here are a few of the amazing finds:


Abraham Lincoln’s Burial Record

U.S. Burial Registers, Military Posts and National Cemeteries from 1862-1960

This particular collection contains burial records for U.S. Veteran’s burial sites such as national cemeteries and army posts. Here you can see Abraham Lincoln’s record in this collection after his assassination at the hands of John Wilkes Booth. See the record here. More information is contained in the next page of the record as well.

Abraham Lincoln Burial

Abraham Lincoln Burial 2



Gregory Peck’s Passenger Record

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

Found in the New York Passenger Lists database, which contains records of passengers arriving at the port of New York between 1820-1957. Here you can see Peck arriving in May 1950 from Southampton, England and he is carrying with him a whopping 28 pieces of baggage.

Gregory Peck List



Theodore Roosevelt’s College Lists Record

U.S. College Student Lists, 1763-1924

The U.S. College Student Lists from 1763-1924 are filled with all kinds of content – lists of students, faculty, alumni, etc. and includes catalogs, board proceedings, annual reports, commencement exercises, and much more. In this particular collection, we found Theodore Roosevelt in the Alumni Catalogue of George Washington University, as an honorary alumni after receiving the honorary doctor of laws degree in 1909. View the record here.

Roosevelt GWU



John Steinbeck’s Census Record

1940 United States Federal Census

Although finding famous names in the census is fairly common, it’s still fun to see what notable people were doing when the census taker came a knocking. You can see here that John Steinbeck is living in Santa Clara County in California with his then wife Carol and his groundkeeper Joe Higashi. The following year he would divorce his wife, remarry and move to New York.

John Steinbeck


These are a few of our favorite finds that we have uncovered over the course of digitizing countless pages of records. We hope you find them as fun as we do!



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    I was browsing through one of Ancestry’s new databases, “South Carolina Death Records: 1821-1849” and found an entry for a woman named Peggy who was 126 when she died in 1832 (image 8 of 79).

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