Posted by Paul Rawlins on November 27, 2013 in Website

It’s been a good week for new content, a little something to be thankful for as you get ready for the holiday.

Pennsylvania offered veterans bonus compensation claimed by men in the Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Applications, WWII, 1950, database.

You’ll find more than 1,100 sketches of immigrants or immigrant families in New England, The Great Migration and The Great Migration Begins, 1620–1635.

U.S., Album of Criminals, 1906, includes mug shots, aliases, and criminal records of more than 200 men and women.



You can find Gene Roddenberry, Mary Kay Ash or Ben Hogan in Texas, Birth Certificates, 1903–1932.

ben hogan tx birth


JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby are a few of the historic names in Texas, Death Certificates, 1903–1982.

UK, Civil Engineer Lists, 1818–1930, features admission and member lists from the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK.

You’ll find plenty of updates, too. Look for 1.6 million new records for the years 1930–1941 in Sweden, Indexed Birth Records, 1880–1941.

New South Wales, Australia, Certificates of Freedom, 1810–1814, 1827–1867, has almost 13,000 new records, with another 3,000 added to New South Wales, Australia, Certificates of Naturalization, 1849-1903.

 freedom cert

Finally, the important Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934, added 291,000 new people getting on the boat.