Posted by Anne Gillespie Mitchell on November 18, 2013 in Research, Website
Anne Gillespie Mitchell

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  1. Gregg Looker

    Can someone explain to me how my DNA results showing went from 54% “British Isles” to 8% Ireland and 7% Britain? In the two years since I got the Version 1 results, I had to rethink my entire lineage (I thought I was 85% German) to 54% “British Isles” and then to 15% in Versioin 2 of the DNA results. Surely there is a story there as the DNA results definitely changed.

  2. Pat Burns

    Hi Gregg: I’m just another customer but maybe I can help. As I understand it, your DNA hasn’t changed, they are simply comparing it to a different data base. The first data base estimated where similar clusters of DNA were located about 500 years ago. The new data base is a lot more detailed with more samples from more regions and, I believe, may date back more than 500 years. There is a white paper on it at . Hope that helps. Pat.

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