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Do you have ancestors from Great Britain, Ireland, Iberia or Scandinavia? Want to know more about your heritage? Your DNA will not only pinpoint your place in history, but now it can tell you even more of the story.  With rich historical information now available for each of the genetic regions in your results, you can now go on a historical adventure along with your DNA results.

To do this we’ve worked with anthropologists, historians and the experts at ProGenealogists to develop rich content which is now included with your DNA results. You’ll now get some of the stories behind each of the regions to give you a better understanding of what life might have been like for your ancestors and how your DNA may have gotten from where they were then to where you are now.

We’ve added maps, illustrations, and photos to help put your family’s past into context:

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How were we able to do this? We turned to the experts at ProGenealogists to provide more information for each of the 26 regions. From this we were able to build an in-depth description of each region’s history, people, and culture.

We use historical records, known migrations, an understanding of various groups and the areas they moved to, along with reasons they moved and routes they took, to help bring their ancient journeys to life for modern-day AncestryDNA members.

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Learn more about each of your own ethnic regions as well as the other regions in the database. Get access to this information by clicking the region of interest on the ethnicity results page and discovering each unique story.

Also, we’ve included some data from the AncestryDNA science team about the genetics of the regions. Check out how you compare to a typical native person of the region.

Additionally, see what neighboring regions appear in the population, since DNA doesn’t always map to political borders.

Remember, your ethnicity results include more than just the mix of percentages for each region. So make sure to dig deeper into your own regions—and your own past—with the new descriptions.


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And if you need a little expert help yourself, you can do what we did, and hire ProGenealogists®. Just go to, click on Hire an Expert, and get them started on your family tree.





  1. Russ

    The new Ethnicity Estimator is fantastic. It certainly has provided new search clues for my tree. Thank you Ancestry for this new tool.

  2. Araanna

    This test is amazing! And is a big help in connecting missing links and proving and or disproving long held assumptions of family members. This could also be an amazing world wide family project in bringing families, clans, tribes, etc. back together. There have been many reasons throughout history for great numbers of peoples migrating, being forced out of their homelands, and enslaved and taken to foreign lands. This DNA project could truly be a HUGE blessing and healing to people all over the world in so many ways!
    Thank you Ancestry! And keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!!

  3. Rich

    I just got the results of my DNA test. While I find it interesting and understand it is only an estimate, I do have to question its accuracy. I am third-generation off both Sweden and yet it only shows 10% Scandinavian.
    I know for a fact that both my grandparents were born in Sweden and their parents and their parents parents. So, to only come up with 10% makes me question as to why.
    I see that ancestry offers another DNA test for another hundred dollars in claims it will dig even deeper into the DNA fingerprint. However given the results of the 1st one I am less inclined to do it again.
    If I am to trust with the DNA results is, my only surprise would be that I have 1% South Asian heritage.
    In working through my research of my tree, the fact of my other heritages comes as no surprise.
    Needless to say I am a little this point it in the results, as they seem to only cover general areas and not country by country. I understand the mixing from different regions, but I already knew from my own research of the regions they have come up with.
    Also find it interesting that I have 0 percentage of Native American and you can trace part of my ancestry to native tribes of North America.

  4. Steve Ebling

    The new ethnicity estimator is far different from my original DNA results. With the exception of my paternal grandfather, whose identity is unknown, all of my ancestors are German, traceable back for a few hundred years. Even given the migration of people over the centuries, how this changed from 91% Central European to now virtually excluding German is a mystery to me. Makes we wonder if the records got mixed up and causes me pretty much lose all confidence in this test.

  5. Andy Siouville

    I just got my results and i was very surprised. From my research I have French, Norman heritage on both sides of my family. The results say 47% Ireland! As far as I know I have no Irish ancestry. I have traced one side back to 1600s and they are all of French origin. Hard to comprehend this. I know tracing French DNA is very hard but I thought I would have a larger percentage of other areas. The Ireland part baffles me.
    I am questioning how accurate this test is.

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