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At Comic Con in Salt Lake City this past September, one of our ProGenealogists, Paul K. Graham, CG, AG, got a special treat when he met comics genius, Stan Lee.

24 hours before that lucky moment took place….

Paul had heard Stan was making an appearance at Comic Con and would be signing memorabilia from his fans. When you combine the love of comics and the fact you work at a family history company, one quickly realizes how cool it would be to build a tree for Stan and have him sign that as your keepsake. So Paul and fellow ProGenealogists Kellie Scherbel Hale and Chloe Bailey did just that.


Paul headed to Comic Con with Stan’s family tree in tow, stood in line for a bit and when the time came for the autograph, he handed the paper with the family tree over for signature. Surprised at what he was looking at, Stan looked up and then Paul explained he worked for and presented a second, framed, copy for Stan to keep for his collection. Stan gave a hearty ‘thank you’ and then handed the framed copy over to his handler and said “don’t lose that”.

We think he liked it.

And we know Paul likes his autographed copy of Stan’s family tree.


Kristie Wells

Kristie is Ancestry's former Head of Global Social Media and Online Customer Engagement.


  1. Connie

    So in doing my husband genealogy we clicked on his Mothers side when we get to Laura Ann McCutchen 1869-1934 All of a sudden it goes back to ADAM ???BC in there is listed a lot of kings and queens and then it comes to Balder Beldeg Odinsson who was the son of Odin 215-300 AD….???WHAT?? thought these were mythological characters. So whats up with that? Can anyone else prove this out? If not how do I?? WOW!!

  2. KJ

    This is so cool. I love it! I’m a huge Stan Lee fan. I’ve been reading comic books since I was a kid. I just started doing genealogy research last year. But what fun to see my two worlds collide!

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